The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1898
Page 5
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ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 10. 1808. THE OTPEU MS RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAtJL. LOCAL TBAIRS WEST. tto.i departs at ...................... No. 3 aeparts at ...................... 3:B8pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93* departs at .................... No. 71 departs at .................... No. 65 departs at ..................... TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at ...................... ^ lot 5 2 departs at ...................... 6:28pm arrest. The rumor this morning is that she has shaken Algona dust from her feet. The Milwaukee will run a big excursion to Okohoji and Spirit Lake Sunday. It will leave Algona at 7:50 a. m., and the round trip costs but $1.40. Judge Quarton Monday sent Arvilla Merriamran incorrigible girl of ™ tn engagement. They have to pay $100 war tax if they come into Iowa, and they say they haven't sufficient engagements to make it pay. The First National bank has put in a handsome new quarter-sawed oak out- M. . i _-.i'j nttAi*roei r*0RPH. QeHKS. fit, counter, rail drawers, etc., a "shelves, cases, desks, modern banking in- No. 94 departs at CHICAGO ft NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight ..11:30 a m Pass.:...".'.'.. 7-05 am Mixed 12:15pm Mixed. 7:54pm North- Mixed 7:30 a m Freight!;;.".12:15 pm Pass 2:*0 pm Mixed 10:50pm MLlxGCl ' 'O"± jj in iTiiji.o« •"•" •"Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:1B p. m., 0:1 , and 1:20 a. m. THE LOCAL FIELD. The poles for the electric light lamps are here. Presiding Elder Tetter's family is at Clear Lake for a week or more. Theo. Chrischilles Is building a coal house west of THE UPPER DES MOINES office. Work begins at once on the Presbyterian church. The stone is all on the ground. Mrs. J. B..Winkel is suffering from nervous prostration and is quite seriously ill. Heavy rains Friday added more water than was needed. No grain Is reported injured, however Our picture canvassers will be in the county but a few days. Don't delay ordering if you want an enlargement. Dr McCoy burned his hands quite severely while assisting in putting out the fire that burned Norman Robinson. " Uncle Steve" Pettlbone Is so as to he out in a wheel chair, and is getting along nicely. Hois as cheerful as a Ijov* E. W. Ivey of West Bend has bought a big farm near LaCrose, Wis.. and will move. That is reversing the usual order. Bancroft raised $100 for Mr. Barge to bring his son home from Chickamauga with, and $100 for Mrs. Stahl in a few minutes. The K. P. picnic at Okobojl Is postponed until Aug. 24. Guy L. Taylor was notified yesterday. It will be a big affair. Bro. McMullen of the Wesley Re- norter was elected vice president of the editorial association at Iowa Palls. W IH good looks did it. Alf Chapln will build a comfortable home'on the lots south of his fathers house. The contract is let and work will begin at once. After Sugar Molly was bound over for keeping a disorderly house, she was mad, and proceeded to chase J. L. but ton. one of the witnesses against her with an ax. This led to a second ivmi.ria.LUi »« AUW».- B ---- B ai.-.. the girls' home at Mitchelville. Sheriff Christensen took her yesterday. No one should fall to hear Father Nugent next Wednesday evening. It Is free to all, and Is one of the superior addresses given on the platform today. The city council last Thursday evening decided to gravel the diagonal, and ravel began to be unloaded Monday. Jhe Milwaukee delivers 100 car loads of gravel free. Wm. Kuhn is planning to put a street sprinkler on the streets next season. He has bargained for his ^chlne, which will be of the latest pattern with steel tank, etc. Dan. O'Connell, Chas. Devine, Billy Van Schaick, and Green were fined by 'Squire Clarke yesterday for beinr drunk. One Wm. Hooper was arrestei for selling them the liquor. W. P. Mulllca is home for a week's visit. He is traveling for the Webster City hot water heating company. He starts next week for Denver, Salt Lake City, and the west generally piSc EfTSt SranKd Ol The-picnic wm come Sept. 3, and the Woodmen are talking of joining. It is going to he a pleasant occasion if the sun shines. Ned L. Clock, who died at Chlcka- drawers, un;., a iu«—-••" —v; .r »_j terior. It is In the latest pattern and of the best workmanship. Everybody should take a look at It. THE UPPER DBS MOINES' picture canvassers have done a fine business the past week and are taking a lot of orders. They are a gentlemanly set of men and the house they represent Is wholly responsible. This is an excellent chance to secure a picture enlargement at a nominal cost. The Northwestern will run an excursion to Ames Aug. 17, next Wednes- 1N6U. iJ» V-/iuui\i »»nw «*«— — - mauga of typhoid fever, was a nephew of H. A. Clock, our former Algonian. He was buried at Hampton Monday. He was a member of Company D of out- regiment. The board of supervisors over in Hancock have decided that rianuuutt. uavo uuv/.v.~— remonstrance has 278 names more than Britt's petition, and Brltt has appealed to the courts. Brltt had 2,312 names but 020 of them were also on the re monstrance. The state report on crops is that rye, wheat, and barley are an average crop, oats variable but probably up to the average. Corn over the state is werage. on account of the drouth. In curslon to Ames AUK- *«» »OA» '•«-— day, for a visit at the state agricultural coil-go, rr-id trip ticket from Algona $1.60. TV is very cheap. It will pay everybody to go down and see what a handsome college the state has at Ames, and enjoy a day off. "Sugar Molly" was bound over by Mayor Chrisohilles Monday to the grand jury after a hard-fought lega contest. Her neighbors testified that she had been keeping a very disorderly place. She Is out on her own recognizance, the hope being that she will vamoose and stay vamoosed. The city council last evening vacated the lower two blocks of diagonal street. iy have made arrangements to sell ground to the adjacent owners for $400. There will probably be considerable discussion of this action. Ihis paper is of the opinion that It will Improve the loc'cs of that part of town. W P. Jonklnson of Union is out as a candidate for the office of olerk of courts. " Prank" is popular, a successful farmer and stock raiser, fully qualified as a penman to keep a handsome "'" l Viand accurate record, and with enough Garner's lonce i n c i e rical work to become trvi.n I l . -i i. n t nm.Mfa T-To V\n« n. an expert clerk of courts. He has a wide acquaintance and will have a strong support in the convention. Joel Taylor of Union township has finally decided to announce his candidacy for the office of recorder. Joel has lived in Kossuth many years, has friends everywhere, and enemies nowhere. If he is nominated ho will werage, on account of the drouth. In I ' a popu iar candidate and a faith- this slction corn promises much above j^ and Q ^^ e official. THE UPPER - -- - ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dlngley are 6ft on ft Visit. Mrs. C. J. Doxsee goes to Rolfe soon for a two weeks' visit, J. A. Brownell and family were at the Omaha show last week. Mrs. 3. T. Chrischilles and Mrs. Emma Borland go to Lansing today for a snort visit. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Butler are home from the north. They have enjoyed a very pleasant outing. The Danson, Norton, and A. L. Rist families are all at OUobojl occupying adjoining cottages. Mrs T. H. Wadsworth's sister, Mrs. Anderson of St. Paul, and her husband came this week for a visit. Leo. Peugnet left Monday evening for the K. of P. gathering at Council Bluffs and the exposition. Mrs. A. P. Call came from Sioux City with Mrs. Mary E. Perkins and has spent a few days with old Algona friends. Miss May Amos of Nora Springs is visiting at P. D. Calkins.' Also Mr Bonwell of Blue Earth City, Mrs. Calk ins' father. J. P. Sohaible was In town Monday on business. He is just home at Whit tomore from a two weeks' visit at his old home In Illinois. R. A. McChesney came from Iowa City Monday for n few days at the Ingham home. Ho is one of the early settlers In Johnson county. Prof. Colman, principal of the Lo Mars schools, spent Sunday in Algona and went west with Rov. Suckow. They are long time fi-ionds. W. L. Joslyn is home from Sycamore, III. He says crops are good in that section. His father and mother, who are well advanced in years, are in feeble health. Judge and Mrs. Quarton are home from their Illinois visit. The judge starts for Saratoga, N. Y., the last of the week. Ho Is a delegate to the meeting of the national bar association. Charley Wnlston was over from Son- born last week. His brother E. H. was here Monday. He is now traveling for the McVeigh grocery house of Chicago, and will be in Algona every Now is the time, Our store the place for If you want to do some canning see us before you buy. We will make you very close prices on anything you want. Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. J.LDonalioo&Co. Minnesota Cheap Lands Office over postofllce Write for circulars. Algona, la. the average crop. The stone cutters cannot keep enough stone cut for the new church and are working extra hours. Still the building is ahead of time. Contractor Gross says it will be done by Oct. 20, that is his part of it. It is to be completed and dedicated Dec. 11. County Chairman Warren calls the republican county convention this week, giving four weeks' notice as required in the resolutionsado^^^^ county convention last fall. ., ih . e °° m1 ing four weeks are the ones that count with the candidates. g four weeks are te ones . ^^ ^.^ ^ ^ fa ith the candidates. pervisor Burton Is on. Geo. E. Manager Wadsworth had the Wood- ' wm Doubtless represent Holston. DES MOINES "has known him over 30 years, and it can vouch for him as a man and as a republican. Sullivan & McMahon have begun a suit under a now provision of the new code. A Wisconsin bank claims that Mr Holston deeded his farm to Mrs. Holston up near Ledyard to defraud creditors. The new law allows it to attach the land direct Instead of waiting to got judgment and then begin proceed ings to set aside the transfer. A $20,000 bond was necessary but was raised in town. This is the farm Su- iii !• • Geo. E. Clarke AT THE GASH GROCERY of CovLrt ring 5c per pound ; White Fish, 7 c per J. C. ANDERSON. (We sell and deliver hay and grain to any part of the city. DIRECTORS: n Ji HUTOHINS, FRANK DEVINE, The Farmers' Milling Co, [INCORPORATED.] OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. fee Iowa. TTsTorls: a. Specialty. We can ana will do as well by you as any mill in /. B. HOFIUS, General Manager^ E. J. GILMORE, THB- Corner Grocer, Agent for the Farmers Milling CosFlour. Best Michigan Salt, per barrel, Madelia Fancy Patent Flour, Granulated sugar, per cwt, ^s^j WP W* v * - $1.10 - 1.25 ~ 5.90 Peter Winkel's ice wagon team played him an expensive trick Saturday. He had his ice wagon loaded at the ice house, and left the team standing a moment. While he was gone one horse pushed the other over the river bank and the whole outfit rolled into the water about eight feet below. The load of ice rolled over three times in going down and that landed the team with their heads up toward the bank and they were saved by promptefforts. llie ice, however, and the tools are still in the water. Rev Walter Walker preached Sunday evening to an overflowing congregation in the Baptist church. Monday he started for northern Wisconsin, where he joins a Chicago party for a few weeks' outing. Mrs. Walker and the threo-months-old baby thought best not to leave homo. Algona takes great pride in Rev. Walker's success He now occupies the largest Baptist pulpit in Illinois outside of Chicago. His brother Rome preaches in a suburb of Milwaukee and has a fine church. His brother Will Is on the road again, traveling for Chamberlain & Co. ot DesMoines. Rev W. J. Suckow preached his opening sermon in the Congregational church Sunday morning. He is now I back at Hawarden preparing to move. He expects to have his household goods ' here tomorrow and will put them into the Wartman home at once. Next Sunday morning he will preach in the Congregational church and Sunday evening he will address the union meeting at the Methodist church. Rev. Suckow has been long recognized as one oi the ablest men in the northwest part of I the state. His sermons in Algona fully sustain his reputation, SAILOR hats are the proper thing I just now. Matson & McCall desire to direct the ladies' attention to their I large stock. Prices are very low. GOOD organ for sale cheap. Ia $* lre I of R. A. Palmer. ^ ^ m HAVE you read " Rupert of Hent- zau?" This story has been run In McClure's during the past few months, and is now issued book form and is on sale at the Sheets drug store. A PINE life-size portrait is easily obtained through our liberal offer. TKY Maple City soap. M. Z. GROVE & SON. MANY men and women go about face to face with death. Bad liver, kid- nevs, constipated. Rocky Mountain Tea will bring back strength and health. 35 cents. Ask your druggist. OUR premium portrait offer is the best thing that ever happened. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, month. Don Morrison, son of Wm. E. Morrison the former Bancroft citizen, is to come down for a hunt with Samuel Mayno the last of this month. Mr. Morrison is In a loading law Arm in St. Paul, is wo 1 married, and has big prospects before him. Horace Mann spont a day at Iowa Palls with the editors and mot Miss Minnie Murray, another apostle of reform, the famous "woman in white." Ho wont to Chicago and Valparaiso, Ind., for a school reunion. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles came In Saturday from the west. They spent a week at Helena, went to Spokane, Tacoma, and Portland, took the Short Line to Omaha and saw the exposition. They had a most enjoyable trip except that It was very hot on the plains. A SPECIAL SALE OP MRS. POTTS' SAD IRONS on Saturday and Monday next, Aug. 13 and 15, those days only, for only 6!)c. This is not the cheap set that Is frequently placed on the market at a cheap price, but a smooth, highly polished, full nickel plated Iron. It Is not the best sad Iron in the market, (for we consider our asbestos- lined irons the best irons made), but it is the best iron of the kind sold, and the price = for these two days will be a temptation to ^ -=r___ discard the old Irons that have become un- i^fc. fit for use on fine clothes and get a good sot. Remember, two days only. C. M. DOXSEE, Miss Irene Ward, Sewing by the day or at home. Residence with Mrs. C. E. Williamson, opposite A. A. Call's. 2U8 SEE those nobby sailor hats at Matson & McCalPs. Prices are low. THK Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. P. O. B. any station. your Wedding Minn. Buy your wedding ring of us, we wavs'make the bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. al- TAKE a look at our remnant counter this week, first comes first served. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. Tust what you need for the hot weather. Blacks and Tans. J The Latest Styles. The Best Goods. Prices that are sure to suit you. You will always get full value for your money when you buy your footwear of Brownell & Allred, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. We use nothing but the best of Leather In our repair work. THE best books are none too good. Get "Rupert of Hentzau" at Sheetz. Minnesota We have some special bargains in Minnesota lands, Improved and unimproved. Now is the time to get a good farm for a little money. We pay cat- fare to all actual purchasers. Just now we can make real estate loans at vorv low rates. Come and see us. V y DINGLEY & COOK. THERE are soaps and soaps, but there are none better than the Maple City, Sold only by M. Z. GROVE & SON. MAPLE CITY, the best white laundry soap. M. Z. GROVE & SON. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. We have half a carload of flue lining, made of fire clay, for chimneys. Statistics show that three-fourths of the houses that burn are set on fire through defective chimneys. This flue lining makes them absolutely safe, and is cheaper than a chimney can be lined with any other material. GOOD table tumblers at 25c a dozen at Grove & Son's. _ ^ SHEET music — all the latest songs— 33t off. DINGLEY & PUGH. Iowa. REMNANTS of all kinds of wash goods at prices that will surprise you. v G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. JRVINGTON, IOWA. BUY sailor hats of Mateon & McCall. Their stock is large and prices are so low as to be no object. IP you have idle money why not have it where it will eavn you something. Interest paid on time deposits. 45 e GEO. C. CALL. READ "Rupert of Hentzau." Get it at Sheetz,^_ ._ ON Sunday, Ang. 14, a special excursion train will be run to Arnold's park and Spirit Lake. An entertainment will be furnished In the pavilion. See advertising later. Train leaves Algona at 7:60 a.m., returning leaves Spirit Lake at 7:30 p, m. Pare for the round trip $1.40. IF you want a pretty face, delightful air, Rosy cheeks and lovely hair, A wedding trip across the sea. Put hope and faith in Rooky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. i THE Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway have made the following reduced rate arrangements: St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 2-0, 18-25, Sept. 5-12, fall meeting inter state merchants association. Chicago, Aug. 10-17, Sept. 14-21, Nov. 2-9, fall meeting national association of merchants and Travelers. St. Paul and Minneapolis, Aug. 10-17, Sept. 28 Oct. 5, fall meeting twin city and Northwestern Merchants' association. dark red pressed brick for store fronts, sidewalks, and chimneys. A chimney top made from these brick costs only 50 cents more than one made from the cheapest mud brick you can buy, and it will last four times as long and be an ornament to your house. ^^'Sbe^Sried in your vest pocket or lengthened to 24 feet. They are used as two single ladders, one extension ladder one step ladder, or a trussel. One of these will take the place of five old-fashioned ladders and c::cel each one. ,t_WAGON BOXES. „ . , , * We sell the material for a double wagon box 26 mches deep, including all lumber, cleats, iron, rivets and nails, for only $5> Iron to bind top of both boxes is straightened, cut to length, and holes drilled 1 . The lumber is all clear, planed on both sides and free from all defects. Any farmer can put one of these boxes together and paint it in a day. ^-GENUINE RED CEDAR POSTS. 5 We also have a full supply of all the other goods we have ever handled in Algona. We have wood enough now on hand to supply every family in town till it is all gone. It is bone dry andwill remain sofas we have it under shelter It u. sawed any length you want, either split fine or in chunks ; delivered free There is nothing so cheerful as a wood fire on a damp* frosty morning, and for summer and fall it is cheaper than coal Wholesale Hardwood Lumber i Phone 44. I'VE found something the poor and the rich can have. Love can't take its place. Brings peace and happiness complete. Nothing can take its place. 'TisRooky Mountain Tea. Ask. your druggist. DE, L, A, SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines, Full! , jned SHEUY MARBLE • PETTIBOME, Head Stones, Monuments,

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