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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 50

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 50

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

APRIL 26, 1914. GO SUNDAY MORNING. -OAKLAND TRIBUNE- 1 FER tram PP HEAVY -nrbmiTV Last week's business in A. C. Henry, a. local real and real estate transfers I tate; dealer, borrowed $90,000 ILUEIK 'trade JSCy Ta SN Til j.V-A:'!k5( Hi, UI IIUiLi i BUS! shows a large increase in the in4wn tneregems 01 tne univer-jriapuour a naveiwcuui. a- -a 1 sity. of California on three par- Addition by Wickham Havens dividual transactions. not ith-1 of property one locateil on; Inc. to E. J. Henderson, who will standing the fact that some north side of Ninth street add the tract to His Electric Loop the loans were for large amounts i between Broadway and Wash-i properties. Havens has bee Rapid yet painstaking progress in an imnortant work is be- ing made by the membersW the 'Oakland Real Estate tion in carrying on a complete appraisment of Oakland real estate, blocK by block. At three sessions during the Ttastrweek sixty blocksr-in-the various small business districts in the city, were covered by the armraisers. -M 'I iS( HtFl fe? there wereabout 35 brokers -present at the meetings. A A i i 'svw 1 1ll JwWJ VP! 1 small number, composed of deal-; ers who will give expert opinion on properties with which they are most familiar, will attend the coming sessions. After the entire city has been covered In this way by the appraisers, a Msar- ciipp h-PIIiW iwt. board made up of brokers and authorities outside of the realty association will go oyer the figures on evaluations. Discrepancies in appraisement in all parts of the city have been complained 1 AT 1 -An4-n-A ftf An important subdivision deal of last' week was the sale of TT i. 1 anxious for some time to devote the attention exclusively of his company to his immense Piedmont holdings. Henderson is one of the largest dealers in subdivisions in California. provement by these corporations are being planned and carried out." i. While none of the wharves provided for In the bond proposition of 1909, except the Livingston street pier, have been brought to the stage of usability, the Cltv of Oakland owns and operates or leases some other older wharves. these are the Franklin street wharf, the Clay street wharf and what is known as the Taylor wharf adjoining the Franklin street wharf on the west. These wharves with the street pier have berthing length of 2023 feet. There is attached hereto a statement showing that over these city wharves was handled in 1913 freight amounting to 1.794 tons. The city derived a gross revenue at these wharves last year from dockage, $3. from tolls J3.089.70, and from rents $1246.00, making a total of 515,189.00. See exhibit USED BY SMALL CRAFT. It has not been considered necessary to describe the older of these wharves in detail, but It may be said that except the Taylor wharf and the Livingston i street pier all-nowtiruse ar or siiob leoKin hno wunn or sups mat tne small bay and river boats alone can use them to advantage, or at least their use Is almost exclusively confined to this clas of vessels. -At Taylor whaSL which is equipped with coal hunkers, the iiuiouuB comers or large tonnage. There are other leaseholders who, with rosslbly two exceptions, were for som years, occupants of the waterfront with claims to title to the tldeiands. wharf-Ing and other rights which claims were contested bv the city. These contested lands are located on upper estuary the titles being based on the so-called Strat-ton Patent. In settlement of these titles, these claimants gave quit-claim deeds to the t'y. Oakland and took leases from with the amountsT they pay as rent Is given below and the extent of tho holdings of these lesses is shown oh the man attached. -t- In miHislnit n-i-t hundt; i 1 i The four corners of Broadway and Twenty-fourth street have been improved within the last two years. The First Methodist Church was recently dedicated. Oppsite are three modern auto agency buildings. if 1 1 T- Kington, anpther on the east side of Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth, and a third on the north side of. Eighth between Broadway and Franklin streets. A section probably about 100 feet In wlrith at the western end of the quay wall, is to be equipped for nan ling the. city sarhaire. and this will refrase for commercial use 10Q feet frontage now used for loading the garbage boat at the foot of Broadway. The construction work on the westerly front or Kev Route basin Is shown on the map end. ns heretofore stated, consists of tho lovee faced with rock. The tendency to sink In the soft bottom of the. bav and slide outward caused a considerable break in this levy about mld-wnv. There was reinforcement at that point hv filling, which seems To have accomplished the desired object. p. RAILROAD SHARES COST.t The city and the Sin Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railway Company sharing the expense, there has been constructed a trestle supported, planked driveway from the foot of Pourtenth street to a point near the northerly end of this levee. Here has been constructed No. 3 wooden apron wharf. The trestle is about 4000 feet long and the Jand approachis a jractlc able one. Over A nnit navnd street, In front of the apron wharf No. 3 is a narrow and shaJlow channel with a theoretical depth of 18 feet for a width of about 100 feet, as Is shown on the chart. As the natural depth of the water Is here only five fi et. the bottom of soft an'' the loyal conditions induclve of snoaling. It Ih to he expected this stated ilepth of water will not be of ma- ternu aid to the water traffic. The length and locttion of apron wharves No. 1 and No. 2 at the southerly end of the levee has hn herein, end Is shown "oh the chart. harf 0- 1 lB Parallel to and is hullt out from uie -wwenea soutnern taciric mole. Wharf No. 1 la parallel to and Is built out from the Junction thereof with tho widened Oakland mole. Each of these wharves No. 1 and No. 2 are approximately 1000 feet in length. There are no sheds on either and there Is no land approach provided for ream or car from the landward jttle. The work of tilling In behind the levee has made solid cmutid extended 'landward or easterly from thc3e two wharvea nnu mere is apparently a sufflc ent fl ing In to mnke rnnriwnv f-nw. resent. easterly end of Wharf No. 1. There Is rreal'ins flown nf th. nil that constitutes the northerly face Of the extension to the Oakland mole. The landward side of the Wharf No. 1 rests on or against the face. This inclination to Break down Is seen alone; practically the entire length of this Wharf No 1 CHANNEL DREDGED Ifjci nncnrn In front of both a harv. i there I-hs been dreoVed a channel lead, lug out to deep watr in tfsae-Yerba ten B'Btu, in Y. buena channel-. The chart tlimva ioi i 1 "a narr iso. a. 4UU teet along loe NOJfLBLE RECORD OF HARBOR DEVELOPMENT IS PRESENTED Committee of Chamber of Commerce Reports on Plans The rivers and harbor committee of the Chamber of Commerce, has prepared a report on Oakland waterfront history, development, and plana, which Is to be formally presented to the board of director of tlie organization next The report Is the most comprehensive Uiat lias ever been written, he most salient portions are as follows: one reaching I side" money, according to one broker, ias been noticeable in every department of business. lows behind It. The Oakland mole was widened sufficiently to provide for a street from the foot of Seventh stVeet as It terminated at the shore line, to a point one thousand feet beyond the Junction of the levee above described, and the Oakland mole. The waterfront work was commenced anl first payments from the fnn5 were marie In June, 1910. An Itemized statement of thene expenditures up to March 1. 1914, la appended marked A statement of the condition of the waterfront bond fund, as of March 1. 513, allowing the a mount-appropriated in tha nmonntn ntnril In iunrt and all expenditures from the fund to date named last above, and the pur- i pose for whlrh the expenditures were made as shown bv vouchers In i Cltv Auditor's office' Is appended marked 1 Vhls last compilation shows that there I mis neen expenaed trotn tne tuna tne gum or 12.322.217.61: that there was on March I a balance In the fund of $82,401.98, and due from unsold bonds $119,022.42, leaving a total available fund of $:01. 424.40. There Is on deposit in court in the Mer- "oi'i'Jl lanl condemnation $46,000, which may In the event thef' city's contention is sustained, revert to the fund and he available for use. There are certain sums which have come to th fund from sources not enumerated, there are charees aealnit the Curol now In the form of unpaid contracts dues hills ecr-rued for Pibor, or mi-terlal which have not yet reached the stage of demand and wan-ant. It is Relieved that these credits and debits will about offset each other. REPORT OF CITY ENGINEER. Attention Is called at this point to the report of City Engineer P. Brown, mad-to the Cltv Cpuncil in accordance wit(K a resolution of that bodv passed s.nd adopted Jlllv i. 11S. This nnnrt Is attached snd marked 'H" bound with the Heuer-Mlller-Von Oeldern reOftrt heretofore noted. It will he Kmrlneer Brown estimate that to comtllele the quav wall feet) so as to make this readv for use will require since that, report we made end adopted with the cltv engineer's detail nlans some of the dredging work has been done, and the total necessary to fit the quay wall wharf for use shopld be reduced. There has been nothing spent for west frnnt A Slno rinm i 1011 TVere h. been exnen-4 en in quay wan dredging eince that urn anproximaieiv ssv. This would, leave the amount neeesaHt-v in complete the existing saoflon of the oimv wan ror use, and there Is available for that' rurpose posslblv 4201 nno. Tn November 1913 the cltv rmrriiase redee at the 'cost of 2 47 4,1 The dredging on the ousy well section bas neen aon wnn tm municipal dredge, the work on the west front having been bv contract. Peports showing post of operating mu-nictpal dredge and work performed. ta attacT-ed to this, merked 'T In the ouav wall section th city found noe-" to nwiiin iii ek of the qoay wall, and In two Instance contests were msrfe lnst the nrlee et In the condemnation proceedings. The cltv hm exnendd for land slorrg the nnar wsll. The msn show. Ing th lands acquired bv the cltv along tbtguay wall is attached to this marked PRPS6NT CONDITIONS. The present physical condition of the waterfrontase where these works of Improvement have been carried on by the municipality Is thl: There Is a concrete pw-r at LMnfwton w1da; with reet or water. There Is a Paved wirn i reei or water. Tner Is a paved i Oakland's real estate market is showing marked TViorn! era mantr vnflnprifoa rnn. tribating to this marked condi-j tion. The demand for-choice business quarters is one of the most important factors in the i i mi downtown section, i ne coming Ui ucrv iaLLuiiii wig ovuigup increasing the middle-class pop- ulation of the city, is another 1 weighty influence, with particu- i lar. bearing on the subdivision market The growth of Oakland in; many lines of advancement serves in a general way to vitalize real estate trading. The -city's building record is also it; ii i -l ...4. wiau auiaco tiic uui- side investor favorably. The xising of thousand? of new homes and many fine business 'structures, public schools and tither municipal buildings causes the would-be purchaser of property to place his faith in the city which shows determin ation to acquire such improve ments. He is impressed by the confidence which citizens show 'in their own community, and 'finds himself easily convinced of the opportunities here, a That the 1915 conventions al: ready secured for Oakland guarantee 50,000 visitors, who aye to spend, it is estimated, a total of $1,500,000, at the rate of $3 a day per delegate, was the announcement made last week by Managing Director Joseph 7 E. Caine of the Oakland Commercial Club. Caine launched, about the time, a campaign for several more conventions, including the parks and play- grounds meeting, the vocational training, and the Association of a 1 1 -Agricultural uoiieges conventions. The director believes the alone will more than pay for the municipal auditorium now un-. der construction, and which the voters are to be sked to support by carrying bonds for its com- pietion. 000 Oakland's bank clearings for the week ending last Thursday showed an increase of almost half a million over the preceding the exact amount being $492,827. Los Angeles showed a gain of but $275332. San Francisco's gain was but $2228 more than Oakland's. All the other cities in California reporting to the State Development with the exception of Sacramento, with a gain of showed a decrease over the preceding week. LTY DEAL IS TED One of the btrgest and most Important real estate transactions in many dsys has Jvist been closed between Wickham Havens Company and R. J. Henderson, the Wsr real estnte operator, AU of the holdings of the former company, known as Havenscourt snd Havens- enurt Addition, hav lieen taken over by Henderson and added to hU Elect ro will be offered to the public soon. Until Mr. Henderson was approached there was no dealer, largs enough to en. tertaln the property as a whote. His uiHw tm lnr. anlra imsll nmflt thti. alvln? the purchasers an opportunity of msklnn a pjront should they care to resell. In the past two years Mr. Henderson has sold over five thussnd lots on tliis side of the bsy this Is the best ex-ahple of the magnitude of his organisation. 1 In an Interview today he said: "The Wickham Havens Company have been anxious for several months to devote their entire attention to their large holdings In piedmont and knowing that I have prac: tidily sold cut all the properties I had rhey made me an offer of their Havens-court properties. After several confer-' -nces they made me a proposition which I finally accepted. "My past methods and policies shall be adopted and the entire property will be offered to the public on a new basis. Uttle payment down and easy terms will prevail throughout the tract. "I look for a sronaenui arowin, uevw opment and prosperity In Oaklana irora now on. The past two rear are but a email Indication of what the Bert tww vears will be. The exposition ww un rfmihtedlv brlnr thousands of new famf lies to this side of the bay. In all my Travels throughout the East have found no citv that offers the hom-lo1ng fam. lly man the climate, transportation, low prices, easy terms and building co-opera-tion that he obtains here In Oakland. It 1m destined to be a gTeat city, and 1 am Koine -to do my share to waka it bigger, and If poasIWe, mm 01 Uy tile ICiU eo Laic men iui several years, and an effort will be made to prepare a complete 1 111 1 IJ illA ana aepenaaDie recoru iu tuu me agents in their dealings with outside and'other clients. I STRIKE ARTESIAN FLOW ON CHOWCHILLA RANCH CHOWCHILLA, April 2B. One of the strongest and most voluminous flows of artesian water ever struck in this district was tapped on the Peter K. Moore farm which Is a subdivision of the Chow-chilla ranch, this week. The vein, which supplies S0O. gallons a was found at a depth of 250 feet, la sufficient in quantity to Irrigate an 80 acre farm. Of the numerous artesian wells on the Chowchllla ranch, this one Is subjected to more subterranean' pressure than any ever struck up to thl time. Ths 13 inch casing stands 14 feet above the ground and notwithstanding this great hetghtrthe water flowed over' th top. To avoid waste, the casing has been capped and a tee and pipe put 1n at the fnnt level A valve In the hori zontal pipe leading from thef tee makes it possible to turn on the supply when heeded, and gauge the amount used. This Is the only well 'In the district equipped In Ihlsnriaimer try. The problem at Oakland Is a simple one oy- companeon wiui nv v. of these other cities. There 1 authority in thn rltv sufficient for all needs. It Is necessary, however, fo rthe city to use Us powers and privileges in order to get the benefits. There are governmental regulations over the wharves and docks; the city should provide for by ordinance and there are certain sovereign rights that the city should not surrender or farm out to any corporate, or Individual lessee. The Oakland waterfront can be brought to the best stage of development and service by the organization of a board of say three harbor directors. These should be selected for fltne by the Mayor and Council. One qualification should be residence In and prominent identification with the busineaa Interests of the City of Oakland. A nearly a can be all power and authority possessed by the city in relation to the water- frnnt ehnnU turned over to thlS board. The oblltfttion imposed, on that board should be to so use the powers con- sssr soddt. rne fiamcr ana aupui icnniiL.3 URGE ORGANIZATION. Thl hoard should organise by the appointment of a general manag or superintendent of the waterfront; Oil emDlovee should be responsible for conduot of th propertle and th marf. nort in general. io mm should be left the selection of ubordl- snouiq do the board "ates, subject to approv I by the board. lne Doara B0 organ wi wuu.u benefit of the experience of other cities which have, under far greater dlfficultle than Oakland, made success In ne same line- th oih.r have done Oak. land could do, and it is not extravagant to say that a nojv recora oi service and upbuilding of a commercial port couia am biuiibu I. nn hnrl-to beCK UCn a Oakland has In her waterfront, a civle ssset, which can be and should be made the past ten years and a large propor- tlnn of the Increase In the real estate values of Oakland during the same pe- rln.i hm been brought about by tne d- as follow." remuB paid by eachlvelop the commerce of the port. Lame V9 25 semiannually; Pacific Hteel ft wire near Livingston. dedication for street Eleventh ave- hue. $625 emi-annunllvr Lumber Shasta street, $37 60 eemi- annuany; hesslons for FrnV m.W semi-annually; Klectrlc Gen. Sixth aval (sixteenth avenue. $32.50 Seml-ann'lallv: jRock and Fifth avenue, r. "venue, llennlson I' V. i iiaii.r npcnrari Lreoger between Ninth anH 11th ov.n,,. tsT cn i nn.llir- ni. Collins, Hlr.t. .1. wharflnner rtv.n h4ru.Ki-I" the total revenue derived bv tM rttv Zm front of WTiarf-Nc 1 and 350 feet for J. 8. Kimball. SeventeenVlv.1 prediction an equipment In phyalcaj PTOP- the remaining distance to the Yreba nue. $74.69 seml-annuallv- iWoSe rty. financial credit, revenue posslbili-Buena channel. A copy of the chart, Scott. West of Linden street $100 yearlf and- bove 'or showing the Rees ptan for treating, this i The total yearly rental Appearing to facllltlea that would, if a private cor- portlon- of the waterfront Is attached K9l. 50, whlch sdded to r)5ek. poratlon was in possession, mak lta for reference. 1 tolls and rent. .5 stocks and bonds first Class securities. Tour rivers' and harbors committee submlta the following result of an Inquiry Into the. municipal waterfront development under the management and control of the Oakland city government. Tour committee presents a finding of facts, with a very full hlttory of the operations durinsr ths last eluht years and also submits some recommendations. The report herewith submitted. Includes quotations from city ordinances, from acts of the rJtate legislature transcripts from the records In the offices of the various departments o. the Oakland city government, which hear directly upon the waterfront work. The plan pursued has been ta make as complete a. showing of the ufftrlul acta and proceedings a possible, and to get the facts clrectly from the records. The provisions of many of. these acts of council end legislature quoted, define -the powers of the rtty government and extend or restrict the rtjrhta and 'privileges of transportation, corporations and other occupants and claimants to the waterfront These definitions of rights and powers, so far as they extend, are important in any consideration that may be given to the plans and the manner of execution of plans for the establishment of a municipal wharf and shipping sys tem and they are also of great importance to any body attempting to formulate a cnpltent waterfront improvement protect, or to do What Is of equal importance, formulate a plan for operation of I he. municipal wharf and shipping system. LIMIT TO INQUIRY. It has not been considered advisable to travel beyond the decision of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals rendered In the case between the Western Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads in 1W6. The franchise granted by the City of Oakland and the concession of yr MJ IIIO D. IT.r to lite Key rtoute Kallway Company, ante-date the waterfront decision re terred to, and these have been only cited as they may have a direct bearing on future arrangements in accordance alth the Rees Copies of the ordinances granting fran uhlaes to the Western Pacific railroad on which ths federal court decision turned, are appended to this report marked exhibit The memorandum of agreement between the City of Oakland, through Us officials on the one psrt snd the Southern Pacific Railroad Company on the other, ta also appended, marked exhibit The terms and conditions of this agreement are of prim Importance la considering the present plans for the western waterfront, and the grant mad to the rail transportation companies must very decidedly affect ths future trans portation of freight by water at this port. This Influence will be in proportion to the completeness with which the plana of the railroad comanles are carried out under the privileges and positions granted tnera by the agreement and franchises In accordance' therewith. STARTED BY ORDINANCE. In recounting the history of the present Oakland waterfront devslopment pro ject, under, tne management of the mu Blr1ptJ government. It is noted that the offi, machinery was started by the ordlnan-e providing for submitting the boni proposition. This ordtnance provide for submitting three propositions, on of whlch re-latee to bonds i the new City Hall, one for. bends for a police and fire alarm telegraph trtlon and the other designated No. In ths ordlnanc which read as follows: "Proposition No. Tb proportion to incur a fcooOM ebt of Mi City of Oakland ia the ma of U.tOl.Ooo vita to- teret thereon at four and one-half per cent per annum for the pin-pone of constructing the system of wharves and docKs on the estuary of San Antonio on the southerly waterfront of said city, to gether with appir.arhes to said wharves and docks and extensions thereof, and the atrjuisltlbn of certain land neces sary and appurtenant to said system of wharves and docks as set forth in ordt l.anc No. 2960, O. S. of the City of Oak land." This ordinance sets out In detail the proceedings, reports and estimates ie-lially required to. cases of voting bonds for municipal rttrposes. A copy of this ordinance Is attached, marked exhibit 1 The official records do not disclose the facta, but the current newspaper stories, sn.1 the memory of citizens confirming these make it cltar Umt there arose a MroiiR demand 'fur a definite apportion of tlio bond money between three i1i'nfU on the waterfront. These districts were first: The upper to the territory an nexed Just after the bond election; the section west of Broadway on the estuary, and the westerh front, or Kay Route baaln. These districts have coma to he designated for convenience, the eastern frontage, the central frontage and the western frontage. DIVISION PLEDGED. The bond ordinance having advanced to such a point thut it would be inconvenient to make a description therein of the manner of dividing the money, and It being the desire to conform to the public demand in this regard." the city council on October 11, 1809, adopted a resolution which pledged that body to division of the bond money and expenditure thereof as follows: "At least the sum of IS10.000 In Improving the western waterfront, the sum of 1175,000 tg be expended for the construction of a wharf St the foot of Livingston street, end the balance of said Wtal sum of $1, 788.000 to be expended in the improvement of the jeouthern waterfront." A (,, WS lo adooted by the Board of Publlo ks line old charter body.) and tne voters regarded these pledges as suffl clent to secure the apportionment slated. A copy of the council resolution No, b78 ailacnea Hereto marked ex-hlbitV'D." The bo-vl pronosltlon wss adorned by me neccasary iwo-miras vote oi in ciu tens at lb election called and held in November, lion. In point of time before the bond election to-wlt: On September 24. 1909 there was filed with the Cltv Council a renort by three engineers, Colonel W. H. neuer. u. n. retired: M. K. Ml ler, and Otto Von CJeldern, who had been appointed to examine plan nrnnoeed bv Assistant City Engineer P. F. Urown for the Imorovement vf the waterfront ex tending along the estuary between Boole's smpyarcs ana we inter street Drtag, and also to treat the plan oreoared by Mr. J. T. Flynn. for th Improvement of the same portion or the estuary. DEALS WITH TWO PLANS. The report, which I attached and Is a part of exhibit deals at length with tne two plans and finally gives tne engineers' reasons for recommending the plan which ia shown on tire map at tached, and marked exhibit The plans of both Kr.glneers Brown and Flynn provided for a quay wall, and this ha given the popular ham to this section of the waterfront The engineer' plan recommenaea a concrete nler at Uvlnrs ton street, and this haa been ronatrnotd The plan for the western frontage or Key Route basin required the solution of the problem presented by the shallow and natural tendency te the oeoosit oi gut Drought down by trie rivera. Th U. B. bulkhead line was move 200o feet outward and on the new line a levee composed of dirt dredged from alongside, wns constructed running In a northerly direction from the Southern Pacific' Oakland mol to a point nearly opposite Fifteenth street extended This levee wa faced with loo rock. Dredge pumped th mud from In front of thl wall aad poatta the ahal- This chart with th6 blue print marked exhlbit "lv shows the conditions on this i westerly front The bulkhead on the Key Route basin was completed January 80,.. 1912 Dredging on the Key Koute baaln was completed September 22, 1913. The Kby wall construction was completed July 7, 1918. The Fourteenth street trestle, extending from the shore line te apron wharf No. 8 on the Key noma, nasi was rinienea January 24 nr waterfront. $18,150 this however of great value as a proaucer oi dubi-does not Include the amounts paid bv th neM and from huslnes will come Western, Pacific, the Southern pL iflS; the of the rltlzen to, cttrry and the San Franciaco-Oakland TermlnaM sar' expenditures for schools, parks and Railroads, in accordance wfth the othr huildlng necessities. There nance, granting them franchises. 11 thar the city that I capable rri iva unr nnJm V' of being so quickly put to large use cap-, DELAYS NOT GONE INTO. I lble of producing such profitable results." The condition under which the water- Moat of the population Increase during 1913. Apron wharf No. i wa the delays that have attended the January 7. 1913. The wagon "annroach to m-burf iMn Is constructed to -bear safelv a weight of 400 pounds per square foot, with estl- report. 'clent waterfront on modern lines, mated capacity tinder strain of 600 pounds The experience of the commercial world To have this belief even disturbed, per square foot. alnce the day of the Phoenicians, has would bring a recession in those line The concrete street parallel to the TJ. taught the lesson that the best Interests along which Oakland has progressed. To 8. bulkhead line extending from Nine- of the Immediate community embraced destroy the prospect of uch municipal teenth avenue to Livingston street, was In the territory of the seaport, and the waterfront development would be an Uncompleted January 20. 1913. Livingston full development of th resource and resistable disaster to this city. street pier was completed April 24 busine of the whole trade are of suoh To make it certain that euch a harMrJ Apron wharves one and two -were com- Port, can only be secured by the local a this can be made, and etabilab.ea.l nletetl rMMmlu. 1 A 1Q1 mihlln fall It mnnlnlnol Iff nrl.V, I i ln nlan la In- rroni aevempmeri wors nas neen pur- on the central or quay wall e- tion. and what rart of thla delav has been avoidable has not been gone Into in this control and operation of the wharves and annurtenancea. A- score of seaport cities in America and In Europe have, during the last half Mnliirv rwliA4 thin nmhl.m many of them with brilliant success In building up the commerce of their conn lief that the citv would develoDan effl- augurated and brought to a finish, there tn nlianri an tncreasa in population and in proritanie Dusiness. Her future will be safelv founded on a nnn.l., An ih.M 14 not onlv unimpaired, but made greater by 'time. ijiji committee In conformity with a i-esolu-street approach from th landward side, tion passed by the board of direct? of There I. no shed or warehous. on or at-i the Oakland Oiamber of Commerce on Uched Jo this wharf. The Livingston February 10. 1M4. T), work wis taken i committee In eonformtf i. I Th's Investigation' wa rtarted by your up at and has been kln carried on, on several lines which it seemed advisable to have the 'inVeatig- tion pursue. INSPECTION IS PERSONAL. In making this Investigation it was deemed advisable that your committee make a personal Inspection of all the waterfront from the canal to the wbarve on th Key Route doing by launch along the waterfront landings were made for closer Inspection of the Livingston street wharf, the operation by the municipal dredger the work which has bpen carried on In the Key Route basin. The ataitement herein contained as to the physical conditions-which-exist at the several portions of the waterfront -Mated were verified by thl personal In i treat pier la bemg used and Is return- ing a revenue at present- of something more man iuu per month. There is a railway track on one ski of the pier, but no' connection with the Vntori Beit llr treeVs. t-kch within feet. The quay wall Itself has been built from Mvrtl to Clav street, a distance of approximately $200 feet. This wall is Inland from JM to more than 400 feet from the government channel, which Is at that part 500 'feet wide and 3 feet deep. It (Will be necessary to' dredge nd a channel from the government channel to and along th quav wall In order to provide the water- side o- r-roacn. Tne rtrv. Is hfwn bv th man berore referred to, his acquired wall and of. sufficient width to provide Dost Bargains in Richmond 10 minutes' walk, from the center of the city. Close-in property, fronting on the Municipal Tunnel, Highway and Ferry from which boat will run regularly to and from San Francisco. Work, is now unfler way on these Improvements. Lota 9150 and up and on Easy Terms. Bee or -write, Paul i 1411 SAX PABLO KVL, OAKLAND. a street approacn -ror teams, for a belt line railrosd and for sheds In which been copsudered advisable to. freight can be append to this finding of facts In rela- Tbee acres-oeles and itK-mnrr- ed- to the Oakland waterfront, charts' unct to a wharf In cgimmisslon are showing th Western Pacific and South-provided for in City Engineer P. F. holdings and Ulu-Brown' report heretofore quoted from. tratlnf th manner In which the tm-,

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