The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1898 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1898
Page 3
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She carelessly the paper turned T1H "Latest War News" she discerned, "Our loss was' small," the dispatches sald- "A skirmish and one soldier dead. They troubled not to give his name Or e'en the troop from which he came; For who, rejoicing in success, Cares If there be one private less? Only a soldier lying there, With blood upon his sunny hair, With no kind friend to raise his head Or treasure the last words he said. O, happy mother, do you know That not so many years ag;o That soldier was a baby, too, With face as sweet and eyes as blue As those withjn yon cradle there; And knew a mother's tender care, Who now must sit alone and weep Because he wakes not from his sleep? And other thousands also said "Only a private soldier dead," Without a passing thought that he Might one of nature's nobles be, Or that the words that line contained Would wreck a life that yet remained. His mother watts for him In vain, For lie, her only child, Is slain. —Jean Paul Wayne, In Chicago News. 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I believe Piso's Cure is tho only medicine that will cuiro consumption.—Annio M. Hoss, Williamsport, Pa., Nov. 13, "J5. "Willie, tell Mr. Whiteband the «« of Noah's sons." "Not much i won't—this is vacation." Coe's Congli nulaum ,s the oldestand best. It will break up ft cold fluloker Imu worthing else. It In always reliable. 1 ry it. Reduction of Spanish 4s—Manila, Havana, Santiago and Porto Rico. The world is better off without your uttered ignorance aud morbid doubt. The Fighting Seventh. From the Detroit Free Press: When a retired army officer opens right up and says what he thinks of the government In any of its relations or actions, It may be put down that he is in deadly earnest; for his whole training has been to silence or the most discreet utterances. This fact adds force to the language recently used by one of these gentlemen In Detroit. "I want this country to know one thing," he said, indignantly, "and I'd like to see an explanation demanded from the war authorities. Everybody knows the famous old Seventh Cavalry, the regiment of Ouster and of Forsyth, of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee. There is a body of the toughest, hardiest troops in existence. They have done more hard service in the field and had more members killed since the civil war, than has all the rest of the regular army put together. That sounds like an exaggerated statement, but It is absolutely true and verified in the records. "Do you know where the Seventh is in this time of the war when they could do more to hunt down and exterminate the skulking Spaniards in Cuba than could any other like organization In the service of the nation, who know most about their style of fighting and how to meet it? They are scattered through the southwest in little army garrisons of one and two companies, keeping their eyes on the Indians to see that they behave themselves on issue day and the brief period of exuberance that follows. They faithfully carry out the daily routine of military life, go through the usual evolutions on the sun-baked parade grounds every day, mount guard and attend with prompt precision to every other duty. Not a man among them utters a complaint, b,ut their bronzed faces bear the marks of disappointment as they read and discuss the war news which reaches them through belated newspapers. Every soldier knows how thay feel, how their blood warms and their nerves tingle. Yet they, the tried and seasoned fighters of the army, the men who have followed the most daring leaders, are out there doing police duty while raw recruits are sent to the front to combat a foe that employs the same tactics with which the Seventh Is BO familiar and has so successfully met. no reason t.o entertain this notion, trot that experience may even be said to point in the opposite direction. He calls attention to the fact that one of the "luckiest" of American ships —doubtless luck because, as a rule, she was navigated with skill—was the Constitution, or "Old Ironsides," which was launched in 1797, and has Just celebrated her centennial anniversary afloat. The Constitution was "christened" with water taken from a spring on Copp's Hill, in Boston, and another bottle, of salt water, was broken over her figurehead as she left the ways. 'Next to the Constitution, the most brilliant record of any United States ship now afloat is probably that of the Hartford, which was built at the Charlestown navy-yard, and launched November 22, 1858. She was the flagship of Farragut, and in the battles below New Orleans was hit over one hundred and forty times by shot and shell from the confederate works. Notwithstanding, she was in good trim for the great Battle of Mobile Bay, where Farragut was lashed to her mast. The Hartford never had an accident, and is called by the sailors the "luckiest ship that floats." She was named by a young lady, who broke over her a bottle of water from the Connecticut river, near Hartford, and Admiral Preble, then a lieutenant, broke a bottle of salt water over her bows. In contrast to these two cases, a list of nine government vessels is given, all of which had wine spilled upon their bows at their launching, and all of which have been deemed especially "unlucky." Among them were the President, blown up on the Potomac river; the Maine, destroyed by a mine in Havana harbor, and the Texas, a new. ship, which has already had so many accidents that sho is known to the sailors as the "hoodoo." The Constitution and the Hartford would have been just as fortunate, and the others just as unfortunate, If the ancient custom of breaking a bottle of liquid at their launching had been omitted altogether. And we might, with some reason, adopt the ceremony which is employed by the Japanese, and which conslrts in the liberating of three white doves at the vessel's bows as she leaves the ways. With the Japanese, as with us, the white dove is the emblem of peace; and this pretty ceremony is a poetic expression of the hope that the vessel may never have to be used in war. TO MM From Mrs. Walter if. Budd, of fcat* ohoguo, Natlr York. Mrs. Btn>iJ, In the following 1 letter, tells a familiar story of weakness nnd suffering 1 , and thanks Mrs. Pinkham for complete relief: " DEAB MRS. PINKHAM: — I think it 5s my duty to \vrite to you and tell you what Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. I feel like another woman. I h ad su ch d r e ad- ful headaches "Any wAr spirit out your asked the grocer. "You bet," answered Farmer "On'y las' week the wimmern got together at the schoolhouse and passed a, resolution to not wear no Patis-maaft gownds." ... Lost Hid life Saving Ottiirt. 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PIG SYKUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Pigs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the u»me of the Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN F1UNOI8CO, Col. LOUWVILLE. Ky. KEW VOJiK, N. V. My own opinion is, nnd it is shared by other disinterested military men of the country, that the Seventh has taken up too-much apace In tho army history of the country for the last thirty years, that there are certain men and cliques of influence that are jealous of Its record, and that it is being ruthlessly (suppressed. More than once its dashing officers have been brought upon the carpet after some brilliant victory over the Utes, Apaches or Sioux, only to be exonerated and complimented from the war department. There is some unworthy animus behind such harassment of brave men, and I believe that it is still operative against the Seventh. Public sentiment should bo aroused, at least to the extent of demanding an explanation. It would have been just as foolish and inexcusable during the civil war to have placed the worthy followers of such men as Ouster and Sheridan on post duty in some peaceable section of the country." The Chinese Nuvy. There can be no sort of doubt, Lord Salisbury intimated in his reply last night to Lord Connemara, that China is capable of becoming a strong naval power. It is equally beyond question that she cannot become such without external guidance and help. The emperor's government has recognized the condition, and is willing to accept tho needed guidance and help at our hands. Negotiations on the subject are going on, and the prime minister is hopeful of their issue. But he could not forget the difficulties that have to be surmounted. The question is, whether the emperor and his immediate advisors are strong enough to overcome the tremendous opposition which will be forthcoming to any serious effort to place the navy under effective English control. In any event, Lord Salisbury Is right In declining the task unless the officer who may be selected for it is allowed a perfectly free hand. We shall only be preparing disappointment for China and for ourselves if we permit the work of naval reorganization to be undertaken by any Englishman whose action is liable to be overruled, aa.Capt. Long's was. No doubt, as Lord Salisbury says, we must make the difficult duty of the Peking government as easy as it can be made, but whatever concession we may make in form, care must be taken that there is none in substance. The reconstructor of the Chinese navy must be a despot or he will be nothing, and worse than nothing. Granted that proviso, however—an officer as powerful because as free as Sir Robert Hart bus been in the control of the maritime customs—the task, her- culean as it is, can be achieved. The raw material for a sufficient and efficient navy is abundant. Chinese sailors are intelligent, obedient to orders brave almost to a fault. They Remember the name when you buy again THE UNIVERSITY OF 1TO DAME, NOTRE DAHB, INDIANA. FUU.COUR5ESINClassics, Letters, Science, Lnw. 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S T M\KV'S '.CADKMY for yotinc Indies, now en- t'erli'm upon Us forty-fourth your of iu-,ttvo eduoa-- tloiiftl work, In" earned tho ro|.utallon of boliur <inn of the most Uiiirom.'hly oijulpped mid Biiccemrtil Institution* In tho tJntled States. Tho Academy, liiillrtliiB« arc bfMitlfully Kltuiued on nu eminence- ovnr-luuklnic HID jih;tiir«i;(|ilo bunks of tho t>t. Joiepb Ulvur. All tho brunches of A Thorough English and Classical Education, including (irock, Lntln, French nnd German are •mivln liy n Kui-ulty of tMiinpulcnt tunoherB. On com- ).l"tlni! the full course or .tudlos utudents recelvo Regular Collegiate Degree of Litt. B., A. B. or A, M. Tho ConHorvratory of Miuln !• conducted on, tho plan of tho boit Cl.-unlcal Couucrvatorleii of Europe. Three Insiruinentnl tdssona, and one In theory,! weakly, uro tnuludod In the rngulur tuition; oxtrft ''The Art lie'jpartmont Is modelled after tho best I'ropBratory-n.'iiel Minim Departmonts.— Pupils who need primary training, aud thono of ten- 1 der nuo, are here carefully prepared tor the Aca- douilo Cour«e and Advanced Course. llouk-kiM-piuK. I'lionii^rnphy and Typewriting extra, livery variety of Kmioy Needlework taught. l' - or catalogue containing full Infurnmlluu, address DIRECTRESS OF THE ACA3EMX, St, Mary's Academy. RE DAME P. 0.. INDIANA. MUSICAL COLLEGE, (Incoruoratod 1888.) DR. H. L. BflRTLBTT, President and Director. Kail torm begins Mon- «luy, Koptombor Ijtth. Catalogs sent froo on upnlluatlon. AddreBS tli" Dlrei-tor, 8«vi'iit;li Street and Grand Avinius l>i'n JWolnou. lown. ' COSMO UUTTKRM1LK TOILET SOAP makes tho nldu Boft, white and healthy. Bold everywhere. ]Torses sleep with one oar pointed to the front, but why, no man can tell. No-To-lliie for FlftyCcnts. 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KayS nUllUVfllUli 10 euro dyupcpHlu, i hii|iulioh, jlvur nnU kluney (llsciiKoi;, WUpusi houdnchos. etc. At druggists, »S neMomuo eel >" ) " i ' Fen6to " PEWSIyNSwB^ QI.ICK Vrit»SAPT.O'FARREH- P*n»«oe *9 9t ^i Ml New Yprfc Av««iue, WAJHINqTQN, P, <?, uuoouB^roembron.M. and not Not a "Hoodoo." Among the unworthy' superstitions of the sea is one to the effect, that if, at the launching of a sjilp, a bottle of water instead of a bottle of wiae is broken over her bows at the ceremony of naming, this will make her unlucky herself, and capable of bringing ill luck to other ships with which she is associated. To use the current expression of the mariners, the vessel will bo "hoodooed." Such a superstition seems incredible, yet it was actually urged as a reason why the battleship Kentucky, which was recently launched, should be named with wine. The governor of Kentucky, to whom the ceremony was committed, properly insisted on the use of water, and his daughter broke over the vessel's bow a flask of the purest water, brought from a spring qn the farm on which President Wu^olu was born. A gentleman who was lately a naval officer furnishes the Union Signal with facts wUlch show tnat not only is {here JuBtloo to the Enemy. In this time of national exulting, let us not fall to do justice to the stubborn courage of the enemy. Fighting and downing a coward ia poor business at best There's email satisfaction in it and'no glory at all. We are not in any enterprise of that sort at present. Whatever else they may be, WILL KEEP YOU DRY. LOCAL and Traveling Salesmen Wanted. Itf5 for day anil expenHCB, milesinansoilIngcZOper day St4 per (lay mill uxpenseB, imlestiiaii selling *!(> per day H>:i per day nndi'xpoiiBos, suleBniiineelIln(S»13 per day No Investment ru'jnlrod. Previous oxperleiu-o not nei'flKfiiry. Hcml references with 2u stamp to 81'AUL.niNa CO., HPAULDINU, Ii,t. tlOO,OOO.UO Capital. Forty-ifttt Vow. Don't be fooled with a mackintosh or rubt-er coat. If you wantacoat that will l<e=p you dry In the hardest storm buy the Hsh Brand Slicker. If not for tale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Muss. "Shave boon using CASCAWE'JTS for Insomnlu, with which 1 have been uftticied for over twenty years, nnd I can Kay that Cuscareta have given me more relief thnn any oilier remedy 1 have ever tried. 1 shull certainly venom-. mead them to my friends us being all they are represented." Tuos. GILLAHD, Elgin, 111. the Spanish officers and men are not cowardly. Whatever other qualities that go to the planning and winning of n light they may lack, they are not lacking in tho primitive quality of courage Santiago do Cuba has demon- straffcl that anew. They have lived up to the character given them by history as stubborn fighters behind entrenchments, and they have done more. They have shown themselves, in at least one instance, fierce and persistent in attack. If an equal force of ill-fed Pleasant. Palatable. Potent, Tasto Good. Do Good, Mover Slckeu, Weaken, or (Jrljn-, lllc.SStt, (69. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. .,. Stirling Itemed; Company, Chicago, &l«iitn>ul, Nen Yorlf. 819 . Americans, so formidably beset, with oo little hope of ultimate victory or escape, had fought as obstinately we'd have been proud of them. Qen Wnares, personally directing operations at the front and uuder fire until he drops from Ws horse with a bullet through him, is as brave a$<3 soldierly a figure as one of our own fighting generals.— Hartford Qourant t I Tfl RAI 1 Sold nnd I U*DHU aranteed by alldruir- E Tobacco Remember the name when you buy Remember the name when you buy PMJG

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