The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1898
Page 7
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PPM MOINE& Fnlly Qttnttne.-?. ttptaln-—Why do j'ou consider your: a yellow fevfer immune? Soldier—I was a reporter on a yellow Srnal for over a year. t Wheat 40 Cents a Bnghel. r ""' mow to grow wheat with big profit at 40 ants ftnd samples of Baker's Red Cross (80 Bushels per acre) Winter Wheat, Rye, Oats, Clovers, etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue ffiL* cents postage. JOHN A, SAL.KER SEED CO., La Crosse, Wis. w.n.u. The first envelope ever made is in There are 125 bishops of the Church phe possession of the British Mxiseum. i of England distribtited over the world. TIi« Itenl Cnnse. "Did his warm love melt her?" "No; I think it was his cold cash." A bath with COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP, exquisitely scented, is soothing and beneficial. Bold everywhere. A pint of milk produces about an ounce of butter. Artaoate Tonr Howpln Wltli OftRcaret* Cnndy Cnthnrltc. cure constipation forever, IDo, 3t>c. It C C. C. fail druwrlstg refund monor. CAUSE FOR ALARM. How baldness begins. How to prevent it. Bvery person, male or female, shrinks from baldness. It adds to the appearance of age and i« a serious discomfort. The cases are rare when the falling out of the hair may not be stopped, and a new and healthy growth 6f the hair promoted. The hair grows In the scalp like a plant In the Boll. If a plant flourishes, it must hare constant attention: it must be watered regularly and find its food in the soil where it Is rooted. It's so with the hair. Neglect is usually the beginning of baldness. Dandruff is allowed to thicken on the scalp. The hair begins to looteu. The Scalp loses Its vitality. The hair, insuf- f ficiently nourished, begins to fade and to fall. The instant need in such a case is some practical preparation which, supplying the needed nourishment to the scalp, will feed the hair, give it strength, and so produce a strong and healthy growth. All this is clone by Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor, the most practical and valuable preparation for the hair tlmt can be obtained. H tones up the sculp, docs away with dandruff, stops the hair from falling, restores the original color to gray or faded hair, and elves an abundant and elossy growth. Those who are threatened with approaching baldness will be interested in the following voluntary statement, made by Alderman S. J. Green, of Spencer, Iowa. He writes: "About four months ago, my hair commenced falling out so rapidly that I became alarmed, and being recommended Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor by a druggist, I resolved to try this preparation. I have been now Using it for three months, and am much gratihed to find that my hair has ceased falling out and also that hair which had been turning gray for the past five years has been restored to its original color, dork brown. It gives me much pleasure to recommend Oils dressing."— S. J. GREEN, Alderman, Spencer, Iowa. Those who are interested in preserving and beautifying the hair will do well to send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook, A story of cures told by the cured. This book of 100 pages is sent free, on requeut, by the J. C. Aycr Co., Itowell, Masa. IOWA WEDNESDAY AUGUST 3. 1898, REMARKABLE DISCOVER FOR FINE LAUNJW VfORX. REOUBIES No COOKING. FAIRLY JUMPED INtO SUCCESS KEITH'S ENAMEL STAR0H. RIGHT FROM THE VERY START Notwithstanding all the other starches on the market. Now, why was it, why is it, that millions of packages of KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH have been used in the tew years since this starch was invented? Just do vour ironing 1 one month with KEITH'S ENAMEL ST/iRCH and you will see. It makes ironing- so easy, it puts on that beatiful enamel finish, that it puts it at the. head of every known aid for ironing 1 . Manufactured by KEITH ENAMEL STARCH CO., CHICAGO, ILL, '••DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN 88 GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF. SWEET, WALLACH & CO., 84 Wabash Ave., Chicago. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES. BPtul for Free Catalogue. Smoothing; tl>« Wn> "My lawyer told ine he thought I tronld hare a hard time establishing' my claims under the will." "What did you say?" "I asked him how nmchmore money he wanted.^ Important to ftlotne**. The manufacturers of Cnstortft hftve been compelled to spend hundreds of thousands ot dollars to familiarize the public with the signature of Ch«s H. Fletcher. This h»s been necessitated by reason of pirates counterfeit- Ing the Castorla trade mark. This counterfeiting Is a crime not only against the proprietors ot Castorla, but against the growing generation. All persons should be careful to see that Castorln bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher, If they would guard the health of their children. Parents and mothers. In particular, ought to carefully examine the Castoria advertisements which have been appearing In this paper, and to remember that the wrapper of every bottle of irenuioe Cnstorla bears the fnc-slmlle signature ot Chas. H. Fletcher, under whose supervision it has been manufactured continuously for over thirty rears. The Frunco-Geraian war cost over $3,000,000,000. Gross earnings of the Chicago Groat Western Railway for the second week of July were $86,410.07, an increase 1 , compared with $73,502.16 for the sam-i week last year, of $12,847.91. The twelve Atlantic cables now use represent an agfrregHte capital about 885,000,000. llciuit.v In Illond Uonp. Clean blood makes B clean skin. No beauty without it. CuscaretB Candy Cathartic cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by stirring tiptbolnKj- liver ami driving all Impurities from t.ha body. Begin to-day to banish rn'iunlos. boils, blotches, blackheads nnd that sickly blliouscomploxion by taking Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed. 10, iiD, 5()o. A chasm thirty miles in length has bi>cn excavated by the waters of the Grand Falls of Labrador. Coal is dearer in South Africa than ill any other part of the world; it is the cheapest in China. Hull's Catarrh Cure Is token internally. Price, 75c. In Japan men sell .cug-ed locusts, singing- crickets and other noisy ' insects in the streets of cities. COSMO BUTTERMILK TOILET ROAP makos tbo skin soft, white and heulthy. Bold everywhere. Australians breed and raise kangaroos for the leather made out of their skins. Js'o-To-Uuo for Flf tyCoutfi. GvmramuoJ lobuuco hnb.i euro, imikcs woiil; men BlrunK, blood \>ure. Me. tl. A.11 uruu'liialb. The army of Germany boasts of eight women colonels. ,icwo Parma tor silo. 82 per nc« crop until paid. J. Mufhall, Sloi Jfen who know the. same things are not long the best company for each other. Of Bnr6 Originality. "I do so admire Mr. Steddygate," said the young woman. ''He is' so original." "Really, Miss Phlippers," said the bright young man, "you should not be so sarcastic.' 1 "I'm not. He is the only yottng man I know who is not always trying to say something bright and new." The Oldest Volunteer. A New York State doctor aged 109, volunteered his services to the President recently as an army surgeon. At his advanced years he can read without glasses, and walk 10 miles a day. The oldest standard medicine is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which lias no equal for indigestion, dyspepsia nnd constipation. One bottle does much good. A little girl in Boston paused beside and ice wngon, and the driver let a cake of ice drop on her foot, crushing the member. Suit was brought against the company, and the court awarded the sufferer a verdict of S18.00 11 - Mrs. Forohltdrou TutUou.alla7» pain, cures wl"c> I'.-iiio. 26 cents n bottle It is calculated that the capital value of the British navy at the present time exceeds £04,000,000. Coe'a C'ovgh nnlnatn IK Ihe olilwtand licnt. It will bvenk mi *. cold qnteker tlian anything elsu. It IsahYixye rcllnlilc. Try It. An apple tree brought from Holland in the seventeenth century is said to be still bearing fruit at Mnnhcim, N. V. Plli't Tekdffo Jplt mil Muot« ^tiir MFe Away To quit tolincco easily and forover, be Magnetic, full of life imrve and vigor, take No-To-Unc, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists. Bile or ?l. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and saniiilo froo Address Sterling KemC'ly Co., Chicago or New York. A machine lias just been completed that will count and bind in packages 500,000 postal cards in ten hours. Sweet, Wallaeh & Co., whose ad. appears in this issue, have the largest and most complete Photographic Supply house in the west. They are thoroughly reliable, and our readers will do well to got their catalogue. The forests of Cuba, occupy auout 13,000,000 acres, and many of them are so dense as to bo almost impenetrable. I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Consumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mnlliiaui, Plumsteud; Kent, England, Nov. 8, 18!). r >. The preparation of human hair for the market gives employment to 7,000 Parisians. For a perfect complexion and a clear, healthy skin, UKO COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP. Sold everywhere. The occupants of the Philippines represent such a variety of inccfi that thirty-one languages arc spoken there. To Curo ConxMputlon For«v«r, '.I'ftko (.'Hsuirol'e UmOv (.',. l(|o or "5o If C. C. C. lull to euro druL'RlHl.s refund monuy. Afrii'H et rever is both in Asia and AT SIXTY. Serene comfort and happiness in advanced years are realized by comparatively few Women . Their hard lives, their liability to serious troubles on account of their peculiar organism and their profound ignorance concerning themselves, all combine to shorten the period of usefulness and fill their later years with suffering. Mrs. Pinkham has done much to mnke Women sti-ong. She has given advice to many that has shown them how to guard against disease and retain vigorous health in old ag-e. From every corner of the earth there is constantly coming the most convincing statement*) from women, showing the. efficacy of Lydia B. Finlchara's Vegetable Compound in overcoming female ills. Here is a letter from Mrs. J. C. Owns, of 220 Homer St., Johnstown, Pa., which is earnest and straight to the point: /DEAR MBS. PINKHAM: — I feel it my duty to tell all suffering women that I think your remedies are wonderful. I had trouble with my head, dizzy spells and hot flashes. Feet and hands were cold, was very nervous, could not sleep well, had kidney trouble, pain in ovaries and congestion of the womb. Since taking your remedies I am butter every way My head trouble is all gone, have no pain in ovaries, and am cured of womb trouble. I can eat and sleep well and am gaining in flesh. I consider your medicine the best to be had for female troubles." The present Mrs. Pinkham 's experience in treating female ills is nn paral- lelled, for years sho worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia, E. Piukliam, and for sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of her great business, treating by letter as muny as a hundred thousand ailing women during 1 a single year. LOCAL and Traveling Saleimen Wanted. »5 i>tir ii n y i, n ,i expem'c'H.HiiKwiimniu'lllnntZiliicrclny B4- per Uny mitl VXPLMIHOK, Miu^mim milling *HI pcrdny Wit par cliiyiiii(|pxpriiRon,«nli!BinnnHulling(13l>urday Nn liive»tii»'ni required. Previous experience not DOKOMtry. Send r«fari<iu'GU with 2» ntntnn to SfAUM>IN» CO., SrAUMMNW, Jl.t. HOU,(X)U.iX) Capital. Forty-lint Veur. PENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. 'JOHN W. MORRIS, WASHINGTON.D.0. Lato Principal Exunlntr If. 8. Pemlon Buroan. .iu msl war,loiuijumuulnn uiaiiun,,itt> oaiuu. NOTRE DAnfi, INDIANA. FULL COUR5ES IN Classics, Letters, ScUflW, Law, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Blt(rl« fleering. Thorough Preparatory and Commercial Courses. Rooms Free to all Students who hare com-* tiletetl thb studies required for admission into the Junior or Senior Year, of any of the Col' leglnte Courses. A llml ted number ot Candidates for the Boole* stnsUeiU state will bo reoelved at special rates, St. Edward's H«ll, for boys under 18 years, !• unique In completcnORS of Its equipments. . The lopth Term will open September AtfcJ 1898, Catalogue nent Free on application to , REV. A. HORRISSEY. C. S. C., PrMfdttt. FAULTLESS STARCH, *J THE BEST FOR Shirt Waists, Shirt Fronts, Collars, 'Cuffs ui Delicate Clothes. Read out BookletsJ Laugh and Learn* AT-H NEWDISCOVERYiKivos " I have lieon U*|OB CASCAKKT* and n» a mild nnd effective luxutivo tliey are atmply won- ilorrul. .My tiuuKhtor ami t wore bothered with siuk stonmuh «nd our breath won very bad. After takhiK a low (losoa of CasuurctB vie l.ave Improved wonderfully. They arc a great help In the family." WlI.MF.l.MlNA NAOlil,, t., Cincinnati, Ofclo. _ „ _ _ _ . canon. Komi fr.r book of IcxUmnnlnlH uni treatment ii'roo. 11. I.UUK.V Dr Kau'e. Ronnufltnr CUIAit \NTIOKO Ul, MJ b nBIIUValUI, tocuro <l-s|.i-i>sin. win- sll|jnlli)ii. liver anil kidney dlsi>nM>H. billdiis) hcaduvlics. etc. AL drugKlais,'.Vc innl M.U). AVANTKD-Cuiio of linil liraltli Unit IM-l'-.A-'i-s; will nut beuelll. Scuil ,'i CCIIIM 10 KIpnnH CJicuik'iU Co.. Now York, for HI umiplos mill l.(XH) KisUiiioiilnlK. It nflllrtoil with aoro eyes, ^Thompson's Eye Wator W..N. U. DCS MoJnes. No. 32—1898. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This I'apcr. Pleasant. Palatable. Potent, Taste Goofl. '„_ Good, Never Sinltcn, Weaken. or Gripo, 10(1,250,600. .. CURE CONSTIPATION. ... Sterling Hrmr ilj Coruprmr, Cl.lrnjn, Montr-col, New York, tit IIO-TO-BAC sa RrTKay's Lung' if you are dissatisfied with the size of piece of the chewing tobacco you are using— OP with the quality et and you '11 get your money's worth. The 10-cent piece of Battle Asg is larger than the 10-cent piece of any other brand of the same high quality, and is the largest piece of really good chewing tobacco that is sold for 10 cents. ^•^i^Bii^W ^SB/lr •BHKim^MTQviapnpRwMBI! ^BBlr you

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