The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1898 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1898
Page 4
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t* print*, to Subscribers. One copy, one year gi 50 One copy, six months .'..Kg -Onecopy, three inonths "." 40 £7 ^a* 688 ^ above tates. ffloney oWle *' or e *Press or- Rates of advertising sent on application. CARDS OF CANDIDATES. THE PPMH PBg MQINBSi ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3, 1898. +i. candidate for « c °*?S? otoler ,l t ,°f courts, subject to the action of the republican county convention. _ T. J. JULIAN. 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for «««&££ orney V 8Ul5Jectt 5 the ac «on of the republican county convention. E. V. SWETTINO. thereby announce myself a candidate for county auditor, subject *to the action of the republican county convention. M. P. WEAVER. a " n °unce myself a candidate for .order, subject *?. the actlon of <*e republican county convention. FRANK E. „,? h -f teby announce myself a candidate for £°uuty recorder, subject to the action of the republican county convention. W. J. CRAMMOND. „„„„*.. % announce myself a candidate for ™*?$L cletk| tBUb J eot to the action of the republican county convention. j. B. CARR. *J- kereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of county attorney. Subject to the action of the republican county convention. FREDERICK M. CDBTISB. I hereby announce myself a candidate for tbe office of county auditor, subject to the action of the republican county convention. H. M. SCOVEM/. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of clerk of courts, subject to the action of the republican county convention. .. Jos. M. DYE. The Bar Resolutions Again. The Courier still insists that J. W. Sullivan circulated the testimonial to Mr. Crose for the sole purpose of making him clerk a fourth time and of shutting out other candidates, and that City Attorney Bonar and S. E. MoMahon, along with THE UPPER DES MOINES, signed it for the same purpose. Under some circumstances THE UPPER DES MOINES would accept the Courier's view and assist in spreading it as widely as possible. We certainly could afford to have this entire judicial district believe that the democratic candidate for judge and the democratic city attorney of Algona had endorsed a republican official for a fourth term for the purpose of shutting out a democratic candidate. But the facts 'are that promote. The ease is not so aggravated when the Swir wards of Algona are substitute*} for the ftfur northwest townships, fcwasss* the proportion of population Is greater, and because there seems to be x pppatar consent to the idea thai bwaBse p^Scials have to come to the county seat say way they might as well be chosen at or near it. But it is aggravated enough to make suicidal politics of It. Theoretically considered it makes no difference where candidates come from if they are qualified. But politically considered It makes a great difference, and conventions are held and delegates are chosen for political purposes. The mere fact that the Herald suggests an organization of the outside townships against Algona as the proper remedy, is a sufficient hint to the county seat that its delegates haye other duties in the county convention than to die In the ditch for every nomination that Is to be made on the theory that they have the abstract right to vote for whom they please. Hold the Philippines. It is very doubtful if public sentiment will sustain the return of the Philippine islands to Spain. This Is a war for the spread of good government, and the Philippines offer fully as desirable an opportunity as Cuba or Porto Rico. Tho insurgents have risked everything to escape Spanish misrule, and ought to win. An independent government, a protectorate by leading powers, transfer to England or even Germany, or annexation are either of them preferable to any dealings with Spain. Tama Jim Wilson, Iowa's member of the cabinet, favors annexation. Tama Jim, we believe, voices the sentiment of the state. Bismarck is Dead. The man who made the German empire has passed away. This is his one magnificent achievement. He was not far sighted in many things, but he saw the destiny of the fatherland with an undimmed vision and he had a will of iron. He was Europe's most powerful personality since Napoleon. last ( week »and held under bonds to await the action of the grand jury because he refused to dfath his cellar. He is charged with maintaining a nuisance. B Britt News: The thanks of a larger portion of the Britt delegation to the circus at Algona last Tuesday are due to the Hon. Geo. C. Call, of that place, w , no , k l ndl y Placed the upper story of his building at the disposal of the visitors during the parade. Jas. Gallion tells the Armstrong Journal that the proposed road from Hayfleld to Buffalo Forks In Kossuth county is being surveyed, and that a depot will he erected at Crystal Lake next month. The Spencer school board at a recent meeting voted to make vocal music a part of the regular course. While music has been taught heretofore to some extent in the schools, it had not CASE TAKEN INTO COURT. HBLSELL AFTEE HIS StANDEBEEl. Causes the Arrest of 3. J. Bruce for Criminal Wbel—Press Opinion on the Situation. this all belongs to the small peanuts of politics which the Courier munches every fall, while it maintains its apparently deliberate purpose of making everything cheap and nasty that it touches. The testimonial to Mr. Grose was gotten up by the bar in entire good faith, was non-partisan, was wholly deserved, and was creditable alike to the county clerk whose good work is known all over this part of the state, and to the lawyers who suggested and who signed it, both democrats and republicans. . THE UPPER DES MOINES has no doubt that the Courier is anxious to have Mr, Sullivan honored by the judicial district, although it has not said as much io his behalf as papers in other counties, nor as much as his merits warrant. It is, of course, singular that in the second issue after his name had been proposed it should make no comment on the remarkable endorsement he has received,-but should devote its leading editorial to putting a false and misleading construction upon a series of resolutions he was mainly instru- Pcace Prospects. Sagasta has given no intimation as to what Spain will do with President McKinley's ultimatim. The president . mental in having endorsed. Whether the Courier is acting in good faith, however, or is trying to hit Mr. Sullivan over THE UPPER DES MOINES' shoulders, will make no difference so far as he is concerned in the district. He is known as honest, independent, and able, and he will be tendered the democratic nomination for judge by acclamation, and he will make a fitronger run than any other democratic lawyer in northern Iowa. His action in giving full expression of his appreciation of the good work of a republican official is characteristic, and serves to add a dignity and decency to local politics which the Courier seems to be unable to understand or appreciate. demands Cuba, Porto Rico, and some smaller Islands, the Philippines to be disposed of later by joint commission. NEWS AND COMMENT. Lafe Young lectured in Des Moines Saturday evening on his experiences in Cuba. He is well over his fever. Mayor-Quick of Swea City is talked of as Lot Thomas' opponent on the fusion tinket. Mr. Quick, a few years aj?o, was a school teacher in Kossuth. His family lives at Lu Verne. It would look as though CyrenusCole had won the first round at Cedar Rapids. He has driven Fred Faulkes off to a summer resort to recruit. Cyrenus is fighting- for honest paving in Cedar Rapids, and if there is any righteous war in these days, it is war on dishonest municipal contract work. Mr. Faulkes will find that the Dutch blood is fighting blood. Zachary Taylor said his Pennsylvania soldiers were whipped six times at Palo Alto, but didn't find it out, and kept right on. been incorporated as a part of the regular course. Webster City Freeman: Will F. Smith went to Sioux City last night with a view of accepting a position on the daily Journal. The Freeman hopes Will may be fortunate enough to get a place that will pay liberally for his time and work, and feels sure he will be equal to the holding down of a good position. Esthervllle Democrat: An old lady over in Algona has a hen which laid an egg with the letters G. S. H. Inscribed upon It. She took the egg to prayer meeting to have the meaning explained, and after much discussion a pious old lady jumped and said it meant, "Give Spain H 1" The mealing closed with three cheers for Dewey. Fred Gilbert has two Important shooting events booked for August. The Beacon says Rolla Helkes of 'Dayton, Ohio, has challenged Fred for the American E. C. nnd Shultz Powder Go's, trophy, which carries with it tho championship of America on targets. The contest will occur in Chicago on the ]3th. In return Fred has challenged Helkos for the cast iron medal, one of the liye bird champion trophies of America. The time and place for the last event has not yet been fixed. THE MONTH'S MAGAZINES. The Midland Monthly for August is replete with finely illustrated descriptive papers, personal sketches of noted persons, excellent sketches and pictures from Camp Merritt, good fiction, an interesting report of the Denver convention of Federated Clubs, and the usual high grade matter in its Women's Club Department, Homo Themes and Editorial Comment. -*- -f- -f- The August number of the Century has a number of features of special timeliness. Mrs. Mary Bradford Crowninshield writes a striking romance of a Spanish- American dictator, the title of her story being "Sangre do Cristo." Frederick A. Ober, late commissioner in Porto Rico for the Columbian Exposition, contributes a paper on " The Island of Porto Rico." good Welsh, an American sugar-gi\,v, DI , brings put new facts in "Cuba as Seen from the Inside." Walter Russell gives the impressions of "An Artist with Admiral Sampson's Fleet," with sketches from nat- Judge Helsell has had J. J. Bruce of Pocahontas arrested for criminal libel. Bruce is the Pocahontas man who has charged that an official bond was changed in the Pocahontas court house and that Helsell was the man who did it. Hoskins published Bruce's charges in the Sioux Rapids Republican, and he also is under arrest. Bruce waived examination and will meet the grand jury Aug. 15. Hoskins resisted but was bound over under $2,000 bonds. From the reports of the hearing in the Hoskin's case it seems evident that both Bruce and Hoskins are likely to reach jail. Below we give an opinion of Bruce from the Pocahontas Record, which is published at the county seat where the alleged transfer- ing was done. We also give Senator Funk's opinion of Hoskins, who is doing the dirty work in his Sioux Rapids Republican. BRUCE AT HOME. Pocahontas Record: For the past 25 years the county has been afflicted with the sour Tribune, now that it is in possession of the facts, Should ask the pardon of its readers for permitting such an assault to be made in its columns upon an honorable man. Since the above was written Mr. Helsell has had Bruce arrested for criminal libel. Local political Notes. Hurt Monitor: The petition circulated by members of the bar to have B. F. Grose make the run again for clerk of courts is certainly a high compliment to an efficient and popular officer. Wesley Reporter: A.D.Clarke and E. M««£ ettln S were down from Algona last Monday, incidentally oh business matters, 01 a7erse to discus9in ' AN IKTERES1TO LETTER, PINE TEIP UP LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, i) V f?!?£ I l e P orter: The Swea City Herald, if it had its way, would hand the plums around to all classes without respect toper- sons or location, but brother, the millenium as otawned y et > and until then the Some Beautiful sights to fce Seen from Point Lookout—Hair-raising Experience Going Up. rilous articles would consent to f T? BUoleB ' appearing in such papers as insult their readers by the vituperative Bruce ' like ttl1 Oth er8 of character a Wh ° W0uld it « , to °' ln the ed - itor of the Republican who has been running that paper for several years for the purposl of injuring his townsman, Mr. Helsell. His reputation in Buena Vista county appears to be like that of Mr. Bruce in this county Mr. Bruce published in said article that he desired the immediate investigation by court competent to hear it; and inside of a week and one day he is furnished theoppor tumty; and, like everything else he ever did, when it comes to toe the mark he waived examination and was bound over to the grona jury of next August term. For 30 HhpH 8 n J" ' \ 8 f° mik . y Mr " Bruce has bee " libeling somebody, pitching onto one man t^ r;nT theri M ai Y? U is rort ™ate that in this nstance his lies can be nailed in court. Bn l t a vP pe!arslh ? thoi8nofc 80 anxi °us to have the investigation as he thought he , n , , -- 0 « —-•« «M iivj uuuugiib llv3 ™ «,.,.£ * ? dltor of tho Republican was also arrested and appeared in court and eomn v, ex j tn ' nat '' ori an( * vvas also Put under fm-tL f D r'- al iu the ovi dence was taken foi the state m that case and it showed every auditor who has ever had in his possession or under his control that bond, testified that it was m exact! v the same condition as crowd with the strongest pull will continue to do business in the same old way. Emmetsburg Tribune: The attorneys of Algona have circulated a petition request- Ing B. F. Crose to be a candidate for reelection to the office of clerk of courts—democratic and republican lawyers alike signed the petition. He must be a more than an usually competent official and by the way he is a brother of our 'Squire T. L. Crose. Ledyard Leader: Listen to the Algona papers, the Republican, Upper Moines and courier boom Algona men for office. «*»E v -5 we t fcl ngof Algona, comes out with a card in the Leader this week announcing himself as a candidate for the office of county attorney. Mr. Swelling is a good attorney and if elected will make the county a good officer. The Montlcello Express says of $3 and $4 a day at Dubuque for convention: This is the Julien's regular rate, and the superior character of the hotel makes it the most popular and best patronized hostelry in uTf There are plenty of $1. a day hotels in Dubuque for the fellows who kick on paying regular rates at the Julien Du- ?n?h Q CB i n r tal JF oare y the convention, and to the satisfaction of the delegates. Ledyard Leader: Look up the card of C. j-j ? n S leton announcing himself as a candidate for county supervisor. Mr. Pendleton is one of Kossuth's most prosperous farmers. He has been a resident of Hebron township for about thirteen years and his neighbors and all who know him speak very flattering of his ability te fill the office to which he aspires. His township is for him to a man and ho will getstrongsupport all through this part of the county. ,., TT Six persons testified that they saw Mr Helsell sign the bond for $10,000 in '?L'n.> i' 8t Natlonal bank at Laurons Dec 27 18H& the same bond now on file. The other parties where changes were claimed to have been made were all present and each and every one testified that not a single change had been made in that bond from the time novels ' andth °y 8i eneditjustasit The story is as flimsy and as untrue as » » man y others of the lunacies that Mr. Bruce Os- " as Perpetrated since he has lived in this —- county, and been repudiated by his neighbors. Mr. Helsell went as a candidate for office into court and asked the immediate fullest and completes! examination of Congressman S. M. Clark has become - ure of bombardments and the capture of prizes. Surgeon-General George M. Stern- ^BiOJ the united States army, discusses "The Sanitary Regeneration of Havana" Hon. Frank A. Vanderlip, assistant secre- ^ ry T^ f .,* e t reaaui< y. presents " Facts about the Philippines, with aDiscussion of Pend ing Problems." Wallace Gumming, an American business man, pictures " Life in Manilla," and there is reprinted from one of the flrst numbers of the Century an amusing, article called "A Middy in Manila," written by Frederick H. Paine. The destruction of the Spanish fleet in Manila bay is described by three eye-witnesses, there being narratives by Col. George A Loud, Dr. Charles P. Kindleberger, junior surgeon of the "Olympia," and Joel C Evans, gunner of the "Boston." There is also given Col. Loud's diary written during the battle. ° plain Sam Clark again, and the Gate City is again carried home for Sunday perusal. Following the defeat of Congressman Perkins has come a fight on Thos. Updegraff on our east. Jas. E. Blythe of Mason City and G. N. Haugen of Forest City are avowed candidates. It is not thought now that Updegraff will be beaten, but he will have a hot contest. Congressman Hull is nominated by acclamation. In this connection the Cedar Rapids Republican incidentally refers to him as a coming senatorial aspirant. That was the rumor at Cedar Rapids last year. All it means, probably, is that Hull wili try issues with A. B, Cummins in Polk county, and defeat him if he can It is hardly^llkely that Hull will be seriously con- the state in connection with Algoua Should Be Fair. The Swea City Her&ld says: t DES.MOINES announces that contend for only one nominee sidered by the senate. Congressman J. A. T. Hull, questioned by a reporter for the Des Moines Register in the coming republican'county'convenUop" I as to what he thought of Admiral Sampson, while the Republican claims the Algona | re Plied as follows:. I do not regard Samp- or a dash&%. VXlS*^ STCff lDff flehter ' ma Wh ° le ~ ^P-sses me "linon T-#.*Virt A>i4-niJ n i. **. T, i .a _ . • i. *• . I fin r.nn lino n-P o v>\m •£<->»_ _ u _i. • - vr • — lican. If the outside townships don't want Algona to get all the nominations let their delegates vote for the other fellows." on the line of a professorship. He is a finely educated, fine appearing man,, but the dash which won for Dewey his And in another place it adds to the Manila and made Schley's name familiar to """" evei> y intelligent person in the United States. Of course his scholarly attainments The midsummer number of St. Nicholas is full of seasonable and timely articles. It opens with a story of the navy, " Marg ery and the Captain," by Anna A. Rogers. Mr E. B. Rogers^ U. S. N., contributes an article on-'Big duns and Armor of Our Navy," telling about the weapons of offense and the means of defense which are so much in evidence these days. Mr. Rogers describes m brief the manner of maldntr and testing guns and armor, and gives an account of the first time that a monster 18- inch cannon was fired in America, -i- -*- -f- The war has necessarily crowded out some of the illustrated short stories for Scribner's. Richard Harding Davis continues his brilliant " Chapters of the War, With an amusing description of the life at Tampa just before the sailing of Gen. Shatter's expedition. He aptly calls it "The Rocking Chair Period of the War" Mi- Davis also sends a brilliant account' of the "Landing of Shatter's Army." an d th« , I - - - - — —*£.».« vuuu UAdLLJlU ilLlUll UJ. the records and the testimony of witnesses and neither one of the accusers dared meet it; ana if m the further prosecution o£ the case Mr. Bruce is convicted, he will only meet the merited reward that all good men in this county know he deserves, but we are willing to risk our reputation as a prophet m the statement that he will prolong the case by some means or other as long as possible in order to have the matter hang over tho coming election, and no attention or belief should be put upon his statement what- Seimtor Funk's Opinion. Spirit Lake Beacon: While he is at it Judge Helsell proposes to include in his legal proceedings one Hoskins, who has for some time been running a paper of the gutter-snipe variety at Sioux Rapids. When Helsell came to the then little town in north Buena Vista Hoskins had a good deal of prominence. But he soon lost his grip on local office and settled back into a position insignificance. Meanwhile Frank Hel- SEMI-LOOAL NEWS NOTES. Bailey of Britt stood meditatively before the bird cage in Ringling's at Forest City. After a few moments he turned to the crowd, and according to the Summit reporter, he asked: " Can any of you people tell me what the difference is bet ween Uncle Sam, a Shanghai rooster and an old maid?" Now when Mr. Bailey propounds anything in the conundrum line it is quite useless to try and guess it. After a few vain endeavors from his listeners he explained to the crowd that Uncle Sam said, 'Yankee-doodle-do," the Shanghai rooster said, " Cock-a-doodle-dof" and^the old maid said, "Any dude'll' -s- -s- H- The Emmetsburg Tribune is authority for the following: An Algona belle writes an Emmetsburg bosom friend about her dearly beloved, now of the Fifty-second at Chickamauga. She says- L nave had a length v lettpf fmm _ and he is making a name for himself He was assigned to the guardhouse for five days. 'It's pretty hot,' he says, but then you know he never shirks a duty. Ma and I are bis promotion." proud to hear of H H. Bush writes of Dr. Sheetz in the Garner Signal, and says: He had been a soldier in the Union army in one of Illinois most gallant regiments, the 8th Illinois, a reginient that went under brave old Dick Ogl^by, who afterwards governor of the state the out the state. Dur- Of _ *.. t »,,n.noi sell grew in his profession" "mudVmone"?as a banker and acquired large influence at home and abroad. This was gall and wormwood to the disgruntled Hosldns, who in vested in type and ink and forthwith proceeded to do up this young man for the intolerable crime of being a success. He indulged in a running fire of scurrility against Helsell and his friends. Every sten of progress on the part of the lawyer made this blatherskite editor furious. He will now answer in court for his jealous fury Having no influence at home and a circula- tipu from which a man could escape in a leisurely walk of 30 minutes, Helsell had Th±^ >'9 th ing to fear from this source Thesei editorial vultures never accomplish their dirty purposes. They succeed only making themselves infamous and in ul- in timately having themselves. the filthy gutter all to - - Army.' raising of the American flag. F-fi l ' tll °mu th ^v. tlm0 ' Ilelsoll Is All Bight. Odebolt Chronicle: Several years ago, while publishing a newspaper at Rolf e one written, under the ton a P l ' oml nent physician of that 1?lftc81 The m °dical man finally got tired ^ was arrested sailing of the battleships Iowa and Indian! from Key West on May 4, to the trapping and Fra P k Helse11 defended him, securing Va B fleet by Hol >son's darin - bis acuittl K Spears is an war has produced. Mr. I Annapolis man and a born Of above: and long years of service in the navy de- commander. I think that his long service at Washington has unfitted him for command. vote for Algona men for every nomination except supervisor, should the people find / n __ fm _ n x , ., „. fault if the county seat goto all the offices 1" P ar «nent led the secretary of the navy to In theory the Herald is correct. But thlnk that he P° 88e88 ed the qualities of a it very often happens that things most ' great naval philosophical in themselves do not adjust readily to the exigencies of prpeti- cal politics. For instance there is no reason whatever why four county officials should not copje from Harrison, Swea, Eagle and Grant townships. But what would the Herald say of $o II THIS s fleet by Hobson's daring ex- bis acquittal description of the San Juan I Since this episode Bruce has been camping on Frank's trail, and recently has taken ,.._.„ „„„ nilu advantage.of the opportunity afforded by 8ai . lo , r ' a8 well as the historian of our navy, 5 r> Helsell's candidacy for Judge to assail qn that MC ,„„ i_i_. —. . "wfi I him in the columns of the Sioux Citv Trib une. It appears that Mr. Helsell was and is one of the bondsmen of C. A Charlton Professor Benjamin Tde WheoW nf I tl ' ea8ure11 °j[ Pocahontas county. Mr. Bruce »—!«.•.*«^l e .J,!!ra°.' N^SSMJ^IrfSSSS far-seeing article in which he shows that a oan didate for re-election in 1897 Bruce the conquests of the great Alexander prac t , rg u d ^ U u in A the cam P ai & n that Char ticallv limitBrt thn to....!t n »; i t fw ton's bond had been altered: that, h« i«,oa ucaiiy limited the territorial extension of defaulter, and all all the succeeding great historical powers " ' " and the extreme East became politically, and all interests Mediterranean as the Ing the seige and capture O f Mobile" Ala., the writer of this served in ''' same brigade with the Eighth knows whereof he speaks when' that no better regiment served „ Union army than the 8th Illinois. -S- -»- -5_The sixteenth semi-annual meeti of the Upper Des Moines Editorial as sociation will occur at Iowa Falls tomorrow and Friday. There are 15 counties embraced in the territory of this association, and it is claimed to be the most successful association in the state. Meetings are held semi-annual- I.V for the consideration of topics of mutual interest. At the next meeting Hon. Henry Watterson of Louisville, (Ky.) Courier is one of the speakers Senator A. B. Funk is another. Hon. J. P. Dolliver will be present and it is likely he will speak. Miss Minnie Murray, the famous "Woman in White" who so nearly stampeded the Chicago democratic convention, is among the after-dinner speakers. An exceptionally good program has been prepared and the convention will close with a boat ride up the river and a banquet tendered the association by the business men of Iowa Falls. Folio wing are some paragraphs from a very interesting letter written by Will Salisbury to his parents, which they kindly permit THE UPPER DES MOINES to publish. Will and Leslie Tillotson visited Lookout Mountain and he tells about the trip: We bear rumors this morning that we are to he among the number to go to Porto Rico, but will not believe it till we get on the train. I hope it Is so for nothing Is so tiresome as sitting around in camp the way we have done for three months. I think the war Is nearly over, but even if it is there is no telling when we will get home. Last Monday Leslie Tillotson and myself secured a pass and went to Chattanooga. WeleftLytle station at 8 o'clock and reached the city about 8-30 After wandering around awhile 'we' took the car for Sherman Heights and Missionary Ridge. We expected to ride clear up on the ridge but in this we were disappointed as the train simply wound around the foot of the hill for several miles and then returned to the city. As It vvas getting late we did not get off, but saw what we could from the car window. We had a very good ride for 10 cents even if we didn't see much. After returning to the city we went to the Rossmore hotel for dinner The dinner seemed the best part of the day to us after subsisting on camp fare for three months. When we went in we gave the darkey waiter a small "tip" and he fell all over himself in his anxiety to please. I can't remember when I have eaten so much atone meal, but like all good things It finally had its end. After dinner we took the car for the foot of Lookout Mountain On arriving there we went to the top over incline No. 2. The trip up the mountain is a hair-raising experience. The road works on the principal of a draw well. There are two cars fastened together with cables and running on tracks side by side. When one goes up the other comes down. The whole road IB very steep, but the last quarter of a mile seems to go straight up. It makes a person grit his teeth and hang on with both hands. On arriving at the top we were surprised to see a comparatively level plain with a large number of houses and hotels. After a few minutes walk we arrived at Point Lookout, Here one of the grandest scenes in the world presented itself to our view. Just below us was the Tennessee river, 1700 feet wide but looking like a small creek. To our right was Chattanooga, and away in the distance were the mountains. A short distance from the point is where the Unions scaled the cliff and drove the rebels back. They lashed long poles together and one man went up hauling a rope ladder with him on which the others afterwards came up. It gave me a very queer feeling to stand on the historical old mountain where the "Battle above the Clouds" took place. After seeing all there was to be seen at this place we took the car and went down the mountain about two miles where we saw the Natural Bridge, the Camel's Back, Old Man of the Mountain, Fat Man's Squeeze Telephone Rock and many other interesting things too numerous to mention. It was now getting late, so we started back to the city, going down the incline and experiencing much the same sensation as when we went up. After reaching the city we made some purchases and after a lunch took the train for the park where we arrived about 8 o'clock Ured but satisfied that we had seen more in one day than we ever saw before in our lives in the same length of time. I took several views during the trip a\d hope they will be good. * Th voters elected dharlton nd defeated ruce Charlton running ahead of his ticket an Bruce away behind. Mr. Oharlton'a M counts were found to be correct at the Jan « Jan Brdewyk and Prof. Brown visited the Hancock teachers' last week. ehould county convention the whojetiokej? I oall !& *? AberdeenT S."D.' " HQ'^^ | candidate for tbe Algona pulpit;. Emmet |h,e county should organize and defeat them, but tb»t does not change the fact that the feur townships would be an absurd disregard of the the political organization wer§ pe. t ipge, tbe»< to, circulated. "'—•""' "" belo £ Armstrong Journal: A Kossuth woman has completed a orazy •^ 143,781 pieces in it. Her said to butt " i An wan wae arrested .oof.,,1 strlfe to tae "Yellow I the board of supervisors~put a quietus uu ,fth d a i new world-centre of h 'm by incorporating resolutions in thei ;?± e ma ^^^,.. w hjph we I f^ords_unaer date of May 3,1898, and hav pap unexpectedly plunged .,a war and Admiral Dew-1 er8 ' ey'saohivements. He believes the nnltS ^ be tbetma8tQ r race of the future, a nd that our nation, true to its past and holding fast to that which is gotf, will The reports referred to by the board are tne same that Bruce has recently been cir m $*S. B though the Sioux City Tribune WltU ^ ft nVvinnFrt-P arr,t«^.l,4«™ T...1. mi.'. v *** v the and ana faced. % ury ' ' a wbioh h e tli e weat movements .f? 60 * 8 ' an< * ' tloa were r e P u a* late a: by the voters of the . In the judicial district where Mr v« * • , , .' ls 8 candidate no attention is paid to yQt to be lpo?sed fewwd'to the charges, and bets are freely offered that he will r W n 9 head of his ticket iu Pooahon t- i as county. Fwnk Helsel! was formerly a resident of ° e °lt ; a ? d 'w,that reason the Chroaicle , 1 ??? fo }' e 8 oln ? explanation. We have hlj ? wtoately for years, aud it W8 P iea8uve , *° B W that we never w a more upright man. Tlie Sioux City . . ANNUAL convention Society of i«W5*?»^2tfFfe' Om * ha ' Neo - Awg! I !6 to 19, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail way wJU ee] tiokete oa Aue • 15 for |8.90 for the round *' w ? v iw» tug i ounq H. A. CLOCK INJURED. Former Algoiitan Gets a Bad Gua Shot Wound, H. A. Clock, a former Algonian who built the Clark Peck home on north Thorington, is in a bad way at Hampton. The Recorder tells about it: Henry A. Clock, after earring a" gun three years in the army and hunting all sorts of game with all kinds of firearms for nearly forty years, was the victim of a gun accident yesterday morning that will leave his right hand crippled for life. It was a double bar- reled shot gun, supposed of course not ? iV 8 1( ? a , de( ?> and stood in the bedroom at Mr. Clock's home. He took the gun by the muzzle with the breech standing 1 on the floor, his hand over the muzzle and his little boy three or four years old in playing with a long stick struck the trigger and exploded the cartridge which tore a ragged hole through the palm of his hand and blew off a portion of the door casing over his head. The wound bled profusely of course, and medical aid was at once summoned, but not before Mr. Clock had commenced to weaken from loss of blood. After an examination Dr. Haeoker assisted by Drs. Hutohins and Melerian amputat- 3d the two middle fingers cutting clear !HE TENTH DISTBIOT. E. A. Stevenson of Rockwell, a silver republican, is figuring for the opposition nomination for congress or iudee he does not seem to know which. The Carroll Herald says since " Steve's" connection with the Pomeroy cyclone misappropriation killed him off as a political possibility in the republican party he has been a thoroughly devoted reformer. He has seen new light become a fighting silverite. the fault of the republican the good .brother at Rockwell yielded to temptation. City y The Fort Dodge Chronicle says Ed Anderson of Ruthven can be the democratic congressional candidate. " There w one thing mighty sure, that if Ed. will become a candidate he will receive the nomination, and the opposition will earn that Ed. is the liveliest candidate l( The Einmetsburg Democrat says: We have never consulted Mr. Anderson as to his inclinations in this matter inatioi" 16 heai ' tily in favor of his n °m- A BIG TIME FOB K OF PS. The Knights Will En joy the Cooling Breezes of Oljoboji Next Wednes- The Knights of Pythias of this dig. trict are making elaborate arrangements for a grand picnic on Wednesday, Aug. 10, the scene of action to h« Arnold's Park. Special tralnswil lie run for the accommodation of those who wish to attend and the schedule will be S*wf «W d as , to g L ve aU the time Poe- the park. Several good bands will be in attendance and with nearly to the rist, and it is hoped save his forefinger, little finger and thumb, bub it will be a long time be- ore i th . e , remnant of his good right land will be of any use to him. Mr. Clock is by HO means a strong man and •his accident will be a serious tax on his health and strength. nB- worth's orchestra will furnish the raus- 0> T1 »e excellen f ? - t , excellent faoilitiesoffered for boating, fishing, bathing, etc., attffi ffavo "te resort furnish ample assurance for »> ?ne days outing and everytC possible will be done 6 to give air theft Wl measure of , enjoyment. The mittees are making their a to include the following their friends: Algona, Ruthven, Hull, Sheldon, Sunb Lake, Milforl i H

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