The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 27, 1898
Page 8
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THE ALL OVER BIG IOSSUTH, I i? L °«« Creek Tuesday ting it on fire. The barn therein was burned but we SOSSffTH MAN WOtffiDfci) Itf otJBA «f. »i GrAtne* a ttecent Resident of Ramsey Severity Wounded at Santiago de Cuba. set- add hay «. . , . ••- understand no stock Was lost.. John Simpson washed his flock of sheep Saturday morning with the usual tobacco dip. Orren Fairburn was helping and as he does not use the weed was overcome by the fumes of it and was very sick for the balance of the day. Lcdyard Leader. Olllver Marquis has invented a four horse evener that is a dandy. You cannot afford to set the dog on him when he comes around AL&OKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 2ff, 1898. NNOI At POINT The Managers At. Spite of the ObSta.. to Work Have Reports have been received that John 'H. Gratnetj formerly a native of Norway, but more recently a resident of Ramsey township, Kbssuth county, well | them.' Jfflf ^p?" atld Vldnlty ' {S H A n«d Hot Law Suit. atPortMcPherson, Georgia, from Hurt Monitor: We had a lawsuit in the effects of Spanish bullets which hit Burt Wednesday. J. M. Cowan, whois mm at the battle before Santiago de putting up tha new brick bank, missed Cub a- ' a five-dollar bill from his vest Tuesday A Ramsey correspondent in the Ger< u « e ? noOD ;. His vest was hung in the mania Standard says: John eniiste* in 5S?f .^WbSSfinT W.1- the U. S. infantry, subsequently in the fer among them, who was accused of first call for volunteers and was sent to the theft » and arrested. County Attor- Tampa among the earliest shipments of °HT ym ° n m, appeared f ,°£, the Btate The Trans-Mississippi may be considered a success, „ to show you one of J from every but a financial poinid? It was a great enterprise for a s « ,S one of the fifoest things the exposition wilt attract to the city. Among inustc- lans taking part Were Bernhard, Listemann, Ernst Kroeger^ William H. Sherwood, Albert Ross Parsons and others of equal rank. Programs and recitals were given daily in one of the large churches of the city, and every evening for the five days they were in session a concert was given in conjunction with Thomas'Orchestra. One day Was devoted to Wagner, the concert in the evening being followed by a series of stereopticon views illustrating the " ° ARB Mu8ICIANS . a Spanish bullet shattered his rll and thence entered into Gertannin Stnndnrd. W. T. Hall was at Wesley Wednesday and purchased a hardware store. He will take possession, Aug. I. We are-sorry to learn that Mr. Hall is to leave Germania, but trust that he will The plaintiff, upon the testified that he met Shaeffer _ out of the vault, and upoo looking immediately for the bill, found that it was gone. Cowan said it was a new, Call bill, and as Shaeffer account of 45 cents at the meat with a similar bill at 6:30 that _, it WHS thought he was the guilty party. Shaeffer, on the other hand, testified that he did not meet Cowan as stated and swore he got the bill at Bancroft July 2. The jury found the evidence insufficient to pronounce him guilty, and he was acquitted. rpTjtjj __ city to undertake, and the war e*eite\notheV'day*was"devotedTo"the mus- ment has made it hard to get public I fcne American Indians, and was a attention. Notwithstanding the ob-11)!! 0 ", ^ "" *"" "' stacles the managers of the exposition have had to work against, however, they have achieved wonders. No one who missed tbe world's fair can afford to miss this, and indeed two or three days could not be spent by anyone more profitably than at the white city on the banks of the Missouri. -„. prosperous in his new lo- ITT i , We congratulate the p Wesley in their good fortune iL oa , &u a good oltiz en as Mr. Hall. ihe Sunday school and church at Uerman Valley are doing good work and have been trying to get a library started. To lighten the burdens the Congregationalists of Algona kindly donated the use of theirs. It was very kind of them. It was like casting bread upon the waters—it will soon return to them. Bancroft Register. All , the farmers in one neigh•borhpod: near Bancroft have organized to arrest and prosecute anyone found hunting on their lands -before the open season. After it becomes lawful they say no objections mil be raised, but they won't allow a few select hogs to bag the crop before chickens or ducks become lawful game. K. E. Davison, living at this place, had a painful experience Wednesday! Me had in his wagon a table which he was returning from the hall, sitting on It in lieu of a seat. In turning the corner up toward the school house the table tipped carrying him out and under the wagon, the wheels of which passed over him. His hip was gashed so as to require a stitch, nose and.head badly scraped and bruised and several teeth knocked out; his arm and less were also struck and bruised in the • none of his injuries are serious. Wesley Reporter. The Sexton drug store is being moved to the lot north of the postofflce. Mr. Henderson, of Algona, has the contract. The Sexton Creamery Co. paid its patrons for the month of June thn sum of $1,975. me sum Jim Corey has an acre of land on -which is growing five thousand heads of cabbage. They are ready for market, and are good ones too, • as we have sampled them. Last Monday morning lightning ftbruck and set fire to a large stack of clover in Prairie township belonging to Frank Studer. A tennis tournament will be held at West Bend Aug. 9, 10 and 11. Swea City Herald. . Swea City will contribute little if any hay to the foreign market this year as there is going to be a lively home market for the crop. ' ;J.'A. Cronholm has resigned his pos- ,'itipn in the creamery, and the board will take action thereon when it meets. Mr. Cronholm's store demands his whole attention and he concluded to get out if .the board will release him frpm his contract, which does not ex, : pire until spring;; John Bloomster died at his residence . northwest of town, on Friday morning July 15th, aged about, 50 years, of cancer of the stomach. The deceased was torn in Sweden, came to this country . in 1872, and remained in New York for four years, He was married in that state and in 1876 went back to Sweden, where he stayed about four years before conpjuding to return to America. WcBJey Jfows. A curious specimen of what they eat in Cuba was sent by one of tho boys in Camp Underwood to a lady friend of his in our city this week. The sample of diet was nothing more than an unusual large cracker, that was baked hard enough to require a sledge hammer to break it. The address was written on the cracker and on the same side was a two cent stamp and the words "Cuba Life." DUE POKTBAIT OPFEE. It Is Good Thine, and Only Needs to Be Pushed Along. Inside of a few days a corps of courteous young men will start on a canvass of this county to introduce our premium portrait offer, which is explained in the advertisement in another column. This is an offer of real merit, and by it THE UPPER DES MOINES expects to add a large number of new names to its subscription list, and it is safe to bespeak for our solicitors the kindest consideration of the people of Kossuth county. OUR premium portrait offer is the best thing that ever happened. At Way Down Prices. Best Eldorado Castor machine oil at 30 cents a gallon. Also harness, fly nets, dustepsf and all kinds of horse clothing at correspondingly low prices At my harness shop, opposite Tennant house.—13 W. J. CRAMMOND. TRY Maple City soap. ,..'.'•/; i M. Z. GROVE & SON-. MONEY—On first mortgages, r / • Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time.,.,: . •'.- ; Money—At lowest ratesl Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. emphasis placed upon packing house exhibits and Midway attractions. The buildings are of white staff after the same general plan as those of '93, but they are smaller and the exterior decorations are neither so lavish nor so painstakingly done. As one enters the grounds from the Sherman avenue entrance, he looks engthways down the one lagoon whose long stretch of eight blocks is broken once by an arched bridge beneath which glide gondolas and steam launches. Facing him at the far end is the Government building, and along er buildings. Between these are long double rows of Corinthian columns supporting a roof, making delightful walks where one passing from building to building can be at least partially sheltered from sun, wind and rain. In the evening these walks with their classic shadows are beautiful beyond description, and are favorite resting places, for the board bases of the columns make good seats to which the never ceasing Omaha breezes bring the fresh sound and odor of the fountains and the distant music of bands. The managers of the exposition are deserving of credit for the good music they have secured. Any afternoon or evening while the writer was there, one could hear music which would mean a good sized admittance in any of our opera houses. BEAUTIFUL AT NIGHT. The view down the Court of Honor is splendid at any time but especially so at night when the illuminations are on to those who like most of us the Indians guiltless of splrations. The Investigation lathis day's session is of so *«>ance that an outline of It ?i " 1TW v,«", est - Ml89 Alice Fletch- M™, w ^ D. C., assisted by Mrs. Francis' of California and ?fl i »' f, h *3che of Washing- of the last chief • he way is the B g a been studying for j.™ Otnahae has the Indians, living &, s the music of fying and verifying so^hem, classi- ing what she has found.^nd report- over a hundred songs ret has now cation, which are as sweet tor publl- any Scotch or Irish airs, anu-ue as semble them in their quaint tuft re- intervals. . , n The Indian has no conception of quality of tone as we value it. He sin LE&AL NOTICES. ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT. STATE OF IO- wa, In and for Kossuth county.—September term, A. D. 1898,—Austin P. Lowery. plaintiff, vs. Nancy Cramer and Amelia Twlford, defendants. . _.,,.» To Nancy Cramer and Amelia Twlford, defendants. You are hereby notified, that on or before the 21st day of .Tnly A. D. 1898, the petition of plaintiff In the above entitled cause will bo filed In the office of the cleric of the District Court of the State of Iowa, In and for Kossuth County, claiming of you the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-five dollars, us money justly due from you and Interest thereon at 6 per cent, from the flrst day of May A. D. 1898, for services rendered and labor performed as your attorney In the matter of the contest against the homestead entry of Samuel I. Plumley on the West Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section Thirty-four, Township Ninety-five, Range Twenty-seven, West 5th P. M. In Kossuth county, Iowa, and for services The Wetmore Truss attachment has been Issued against your lands, tenements, goods and chattels, rights and credits. And that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the September term, A. 13. 1898, of the said conrt, which will commence at Algontv on the 6th day of September A, D. 1898, default will be entered against you and judgmentrendered thereon. AUSTIN P. LOWERY. 10t4 Plaintiff. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. State of Iowa, Kossuth county; as—District court In and for Kossuth county; To all whom It may concern: Whereas, On the 21th day of July, 1898, a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Leander A. Sheetz, late of said county, deceased, was THIS TRUSS MURDBRS Mel t WEAR T«K WETUOKE TKUSI irovby the same should not be admit- %t day of July, 1808. 10t3 \ B.JF. CRO_SE, JOlerk of the District Court. _ , -* -~— .«. <-*>-ui»*i«uiisijo <*1 tj \JLi, In some respects it surpasses any one view at the world's fair for the possibilities of illuminating by electricity are better understood now than they were five years ago. The buildings ace entirely outlined by electric lights in such a way as to give the court the appearance of a jeweled city. SOME OF THE EXHIBITS. Of the exhibits, those of the war and navy in the Government building are especially interesting at this time, ihe models of our war ships and the various Implements of war, torpedoes for mining harbors, big guns, etc. are surrounded by eager crowds all dav long. J The Pine Arts exhibit is better than has been expected. The pictures are nearly.all the work of American artists ^hence .ultra artistic people have feigned dissatisfaction, but they represent good ar.t and are well worth studying. The fact that the exhibit is so much smaller than that of the world's fair is rather an advantage to the average Individ- t UC\>Dt*OCUj IT WD l"n veins nr Hrnn In ITS whlnli oX«^."r"i't (llea inmy offlce, and was by" me opened and in yeips or aronings wnicn conceal thbMbllcly read; and the 6th day of September, air to civilized ears and strange tosay-ps, appointed and fixed as the time when our method of singing conceals melnrlv I b< <ame will come before the court, at the tn him Wnr fnatnnnf ..^ T~1! .'""'""J dumber term thereof then to be held, as the to min. 1' or instance an Indian's song sald-ecuted last will and testameni of the as ne sings has no melody to us, but if (time mder A. Sheetz, deceased, at which taken down note by note on the piano I ? h ? w oaersons Interested may appear and or other instrument, the air is made evident to the white man. The Indian does not like it so, although If played with full harmonic accompaniment or by an orchestra he considers it fairly enjoyable. A song of the Omaha tribe which was taken down from a number of Indians at different times so as to bo absolutely accurate was sung with translated words by one of the vocalists from New York. It was one of the most beautiful melodies I ever heard, expressing as plainly as the words the lament of a bereaved Indian mother. This is one characteristic of Indian music; the melody is one with the thought and inseparable from it. An Indian never sings two sets of words to the same tune, nor uses more than one tune for the same set of words. THE CELEBRATION ON THE FOURTH. Monday the glorious Fourth was celebrated on the grounds by a Midway procession and fireworks. It was rumored that there would be some special illumination in honor of the great victory at Santiago and every one was ADMINISK T|QM NOT , CEi Notice Is hereby elve^ has been appointed and^ a t the undersigned lal administratrix of the 9 qualified as spec Sheetz, late of Kossuth co\if e ot Leander A. ed. All persons In any mak Iowa » deceas- said estate will malre Immedtii? indebted to the undersigned; and those hP. a y ment to against the said estate will flie th't lng , olal P 8 cleric of the district court of Kossu wlth 1 ? e Iowa, as provided by law, duly autht?, oun ty for allowance. ""-tlcated, Dated^thls 83rd day of Juty DONA L. iota A. D. 180, REMNANTS of all kinds of wash goods at prices that will surprise you. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. SEE last page of this paper for our premium portrait announcement. No. 1 RED STAB harvester whips at harvester oil and D. B. AVEY'S. Geo. A New Firm. Campbell and Nels Grenwell V- ' LuVerue News. The ladles aid society of Irvlngton with Mrs. Mann last week and was largely attended. The following officers were elected; President, Mrs, Campbell; vice president, Mrs. Paxon; secretary, Miss Hodges; treasurer, Mrs. Hodges. Last Friday' night thirty of the Good Templars from Livermore came up and gave our lodge a treat, Six. cap.didates were initiated and then theguests were escorted to the rooms below where they vereeerved with ice cream and cake. . After refreshments all repaired to the hall where the visitors gave one of the • finest amateur programs ever given in town. John Hall then gave a short tplk on his recent trip in Minnesota have formed a partnership in the general blacksmithing business, and can be found at the old Warner stand on State street, prepared to take care of all who may want work in their line. Do all kinds of blacksmithing, wagon repairing, painting, etc.—16t4 A PINE life-size portrait is easily obtained through our liberal offer. WILL BE IN OOT. 20. Tl»e Call New Steel Bridge at tlie Crossing to Go in at Once. J. H. Killmer gets tbe contract for the. new. steel bridge, He put in the Blackford bridge, and knew what he could do the work for. His bid was much the lowest made, and much lower than was expected. The bidders were as follows: Western Bridge Co B, F, Parks Huff Bros. Bridge Co.!.'!"".',"! Wisconsin and treated the crowd to spme Swedish bread. A very pleas- .ajit tjoxe reported by ajl. For tbe BurtMouUor. month of June the Burt • creamery tpok in 705,805 poundsof milk i fro« vhlob 29,728 pounds Pf butter were made. The total amount of money • checked out.foote m> to $3,954.57. The age test w#e 8.68 average price 58c. ou notice that Joe Elvldge fs un» lly happy these (Jays you can attribute it to tbe arrival of an attractive i&Je girl &t hie homo. . ........... .... JohnE. Quackenbuslj ....... '.'.'.'.'. ........ I'QB? J.B.Marsh&Co ......... ............... I'Soi Clinton Bridge Co ........ .............. I'gfJ J. H. Kllluie? ......... ... ' ............. t J'°53 The work is to be done 'by '6ct ~20 20 The bridge will be 130 feet long and n. v feet wider Blackford bridge. COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS. ;Ed. KUBZ was appointed a committee on bridge on 1 aa d 6, Portland and Buf. falo townships; on grade on 18 and 19, Buffalo. e passed, through Aus- ajjornjng I flattered hjg shocked barley in all -'", teut n,Q other 49$jA£0 was done, ftpfcf Jtwwk mmmU'e feai-a •• V ' . Weiebrod appointed oommitte to report on grade OD I and 2 and on bridge on 1 and 36, Feoton and Seneca. e Burton appointed a committee to report on grade on eowth line 83, 100-29. Barton appointed a committee to report pn grade on 26 and 35 Irvington. Personal tax. of Paul HaoUl ia Bancroft for 1898 abated, en-onions assessment. Grading bills of $16$ and $270,76 ap- ViVAfl ^" proved. C. M. Sago allowed until September, $15 per m,0n,tjh Other exhibits have features which the discoveries and inventions of the last five years make interesting to all Half way down the Court of Honor to the right stands the Administration Arch, which is of especial interest both on account of its architecture and because it marks the entrance to the alluring mysteries of the Midway. THE SAME OLD MIDWAY. Guard well your purses here. Tbe manner in which you are urged to part with their contents is characteristic of Omaha. Your are not only invited by the stentorian tones of the ticket sellers In front of each attraction, but most of these places have men out among the crowd who shout in your ear that you are losing the chance of your life if you fail to see "the Parisian lady who flies about through the air like a grasshop- Er e - r '*i °.l li(luita ' "i 6 Living Doll, the MisticMaze, the Devil's Dance, the Temple of Palmistry, etc., etc. There is a Streets of Cairo of course, a street of ail nations, a number of oyoloramas of battles of the present war which are said to be good, while from all sorts of plaster caves, castles and retreats comes a combination of squeaks, rattles and groans which serves just the purpose intended of making one curious to know what is happening inside. At least every four doors one is besought to " come in and have a drink of the beverage that makes Milwaukee famous." CHECK THE BABIES, There is excellent police, hospital and ambulance service, and good cafes Xf n th i? M 8 ?P ond fl ° 01 ' of the B °y s> and Girl's building one can get a good dinner for 35 cents and supper for 25. In one of the lower rooms of this building there is a nursery where mothers may A ?7 e *?u ir "I 118 onee In e° od hands. Altogether the exposition seems to be well managed although there are features of it which some of us don't like to have represented as characteristic of the west. TWO INTERESTING CONVENTIONS. In connection with the exposition there has been a series of congresses and conventions. During the week that the writer was in Omaha there were two, the Trans-Mississippi Educational convention and a congress of music Omaha gave the teachers a royal welcome, decorating and illuminating public buildings in their honor and throwing open a dozen or tnore large audience rooms for their use besides the auditorium on the grounds. On the evening of the second day a large reception was tendered by the citizens in tbe city hall, where f oc several hours several hundred teachers wandered about beneath fresh flowers apd bunt- lug, getting acquainfed, listening to good music and praising Omaha, which was just what was intended they should %e opngresp O f anxious to see in what way the Omaha managers would express the national pride and thanksgiving. It was a time when the sacred fires of patriotism were supposed to burn with a high fine light, and many hearts on the grounds that night were with the boys in Cuba. As evening came down on f w , h l te elty ' thei:e bla zed out in electric lights upon the great arch before which people were listening to the music and waiting for the fireworks, these inspiring words, "Ask McGintv about the Spanish fleet," a truly noble sentiment for such a time. Too bad they could not have done better, for they say the exposition expresses the spirit of the west. On second thought perhaps it does and some of our faults and crudities will more quickly vanish as a result of such conspicious violations of taste. The musicians were the most patriot- of all for they banished their loved classics and devoted the entire day. to the study of American music, and the concert in the evening was from the music of American composers. At the close the audience was asked to join in singing "America." The announcement was like touching an electric button. Every one was on his feet in a minute; most of us had been wanting a chance to shout ever since the morning papers came out. The wearied orchestra sat up with new energy, the little man at the piano gave his stool an extra whirl and his coat tails a warlike flourish, while the vocalists who had just finished a chorus stood waiting. Then the baton was waved and away we went—a fair field and no favors. When it was over my feelings were expressed by a little old lady at my side who caught her breath with a half sob as she said, ."Jest give me that and you can hev all the rest." JESSAMINE L. JONES. THE SIOUX CITY JOURNAL, Twice a week, four pages Tuesday, eight pages Friday. The best and cheapest. A delightful visitor anticipated with pleasure by its thousands of readers. Two papers every week. The Journal's popularity is certainly evidenced! by its large and ever-increasing circulation. Bright, clean, and entertaining. It pleases all. Once a subscriber, always a subscriber. Features of the Journal: Tbe news of the world able editorials, scientific miscellany, reliable market reports, short stories humorous illustrations, the latest fashion gossip. Terms of subscription: One dollar per year, 50' cents for six months, 25 cents for three months. A trial order solicited. Sample copies free on application. Address, Perkins Bros. Co., Sioux City, Iowa. Publishers the Daily Journal, $6 per year; the Sunday Journal, 82; tbe Twice a Week Journal, $1; the Dally Evening Times, NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. State of Iowa, Kossuth County— ss — Court In and for Kossuth County? To all whom It may concern • W the 13th day of Julyf 1898, a paper pu Ing to be the last wfli and testament ofee- man Ash Sr., late of said county, deceasld and was by ine opened time ber 8B8. n ,.SF' ?£ ' appointed and fixed as the me when the same will come before the court at the September term thereof then to be held as the duly executed held of A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles— no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays Just where It Is placed. The cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It Is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other trus? before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J. Studley,/ PHARMACIST, Dated 18t3 ls 13th day of July, 1808. Clerk of the District Court. Don't take any chance on Abstracts of Title. My books are thoroughly complete None ^•SN&P"* abstracfer/have eTer 'written My work is done by compe Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. One Hundred Dollars tentlon. persons and Is guaranteed. Anything en,ed to me will have prompt and careful at- RiAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. C. C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. WATER OR NO PAY. Artesian wen contractor, I have the onlv Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE. PROFESSIONAL. " S ^*»*" 1 S.'"'»^^Srf-x^^^^ rf -^^^ > ^ w ^_ CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la, lley, Algona, Iowa. A. F. SHELLY & PETTIBONE, MARBLE Head Stones, Monuments, K5F~See us before you contract. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections » specialty. Office over Galbralth's, gallon of PUBE LINSEED OIL mixed with a gallon of SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Perguson bl Jck. E. V. SWETTINq, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. makes a gallons ot the VEBTt BEST PAINT In the WORLD for $2, 10 c* 50 YEARS' EXPERIENCE S(J£ u '? alntblUl ., 18 >A5 MORE DOTA8U5 than Warm LKAD and Is ABSOLUTBLTC MOT roisouou HAMMAB PAINT la made ot the BRBT OF SSre «£ KEBiALS-fluch as all good painters use, and U ground THIOK, VBBT THICK. No trouble to mli J.C. RAYMOND. B.P.BEBD. B, C . BAYMOND Raymond, Reed & Raymond; ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Durdall's store, Algona. Iowa, FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS &c. n ,A?J!2 M = 8en . dl P8 * Bketohwuj description jn»y 8?J2 k « as ? erta '8 our opinion free whether an invention Jsprob&Dly pateutable. Communtca- ttiKlliitkii! tents, receive Nor to OIUOK, Bwsxsui, PBEI, or CHIP . F,HAMMAR PAINT CO., 8t. LoulB, Mo, Sold tmd guaranteed by Dealer in Lumber, Grain, Co»l, Paints, Oils, etc., IBVJNOTON, IOWA. wgeWjr, twaest elr- gentleman to ourVe ------ -- to , easily made, Aadres* to 850 Austin avenue,'" L. TRIBON, M. D., • Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Office and rdenc^ in «„ Block . H. C. MCCOY, M. p., PHYSICIAN AND 8UR&EON. OMce at residence, McGregor street. BLANKS- THE STANDARD FORMS TOWNSHIP PLATS SIX INCHES SQUARE You 4ud these at The UppeFDes offlce. Prices are right. T &GAL BLANKS- a tl £?¥&*?*' $ the U PBF D »s Woines offlo *B« get the most approved forme. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. ~ •• • M. J. KENSFICK, PffYSICIAN AND 8UR&EON. Office and residence over Taylor's. PR. MARGARET E. COJ,E S , ' " io Physician and Vurffeon, Office and residence la Boston Block,' IOWA. — i, DENTIST. 4. 1. RIST. D. D, 8. Local anaesthetic fo

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