The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia on February 26, 1922 · Page 7
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The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 7

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 26, 1922
Page 7
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Telluric Current to Open Vast Realm, Say# Scientist. IT HAS UNCANNY FORCE Harnessing of Earth's Elements Now in Bounds of ? Possibility. By F. A. WRAY. ? International New* Service. LONDON, Feb. 25.?An invention that will revolutionize the world! This is the claim of a younsc, almost unknown, Italian scientist, Professor L. V. Rota, who claims to have discovered the secret of telluric currents. "My invention," states the professor, "can cause battleships, submarines, aeroplanes and (runs to crumble to dust at any moment that any government gives the order to move them. Speed I'p Travel. "It can be harnessed up for the ?ervice of man and can immensely speed up travel, transport and communication, whether by land, water or air. It can cheapen-*very sort of manufacture and enhance every domestic and social immunity. "For instance, a cargo of mails or goods could be sent across the Atlantic through the upper air, without a human being aboard the craft, at a speed of ten to 400 miles an hour. The vessel would rise vertically the prescribed height, travel horizontally in a predetermined direction and drop gently and punctually upon tis dstinatlon. "Travel Any Distance." "Wireless messages, despatched from no costly or elaborate stations, would travel to any distance free from all danger of dissipation or confusion and with absolute privacy as between sender and receiver. "The nature of all mineral and oil deposits in any part of the world and their depth and volume will be accurately determined without so much as sinking a shaft. "Currents rushing through the air will provide the householder wltn cheaper, safer and more brilliant lighting than he has ever ventured to desire. "A new power for every Industry will first make coal, steam, oil and electricity more efficient and afterward will dispense with them altogether. "When our company Is formed? within eighteen months ? we will give spectacular demonstrations that all these things?and more?can be accomplished." Currents Long Suspected. The existence of these currents, which emanate from the earth (hence their name) have been suspected by other scientists. Lord Kelv.n before his death declared their reality. Professor Rota claims to be the first to discover and record them. They may also be described as "molecular force," and they must not be confused, says the professor, With Ampere's thermo-electric currents or with Foucault currents. It is the study of thse telluric currents, in their nature, intensity and direction, that is believed to open up such possibilities of tremendous Importance for the future of humanity. Professor Rota has recently given a preliminary demonstration at Marseilles. With a cigar-shaped apparatus, seventeen feet long, thirty Inches In diameter and weighing 200 pounds, he convinced a number of press correspondents that this apparatus could remain suspended motionless In the air for twenty-four hours, carrying a considerable we.ght, and be propelled or stopped without the use of any mechanical motor. be ?il hi sii th an lot to to th ra Ti al P< ar Fair Girls with Bare Ears Come Into Vogue Now F? PARIS, Fab. 25. R the first time in ten years, three beautiful blondes have been elected queens of the carnival to be held in mid-Lent. The announcement was hailed with great Joy by prominent dressmakers, who declare the election foretells a new wave of peroxide popularity and definitely dooms the somber colors which have been the rule durtn* the long reign of the brunettes. Fashion desires the hair shall be drawn back so as to expose the ears, with a knob high up on the bftck of the head. Irst American Corn Reaches Volga Valley LONDON, Feb. 25.?The first corn tlight with the American Congrea onal appropriation of (20,000,000 l? reached the Volga valley in Ruaaccording to a report received by e American Relief Administration ithorltiea in London. Eleven trains Bided with corn are on their way Ufa. Orenburg, Samara and Sarav. Loading of corn at Novoroasiak, on >e Black Hea, is proceeding at the .te of sixty cars, or 900 tone, dally. Sua far the Soviet government has located only 700 cars for the transirtatlon of corn, and many more e needed. Dr. WALDO DENTIST No Pain No High Prices Ptrst-Claaa Work Guaranteed 20 Years Phone Franklin 6545 309 7th St. N. W. r 11 Rheumatism A Remarkable Hoot Treatment Given by One Who Had It In the year of lit! I was attacked by Muscular and Hub-acute Rheumatlim. I suffered aa only those who are thus afflicted know, for ovsr three years. I tried remedy after remedy, but such relief as I obtained was only temporary. Finally I found a treatment that cured me completely, and such a pitiful condition hss never returned. I have given It to a number who were terribly afflicted. even bedridden, some of th?m seventy to eighty years old. and tha results wsre the same aa Id my own case. I want every sufferer from any form of muscular and aub-acuta (swelling at the Joints) rheumatism to try the (treat value of my Improved "Hume Treatment" for Its remtrlcabla healing power. Don't send a '-anti simply mall your name and addreaa and 1 will send It free to try. After you have used It and It has proven Itself to be that long-looked-fot means of rettlnc rld of such forms of rheumatism, you may aend tha price of It. one dollar, but understand. I do not want your money unless you are perfectly eatlsfted to send It. Isn't that fair? Why suffer any longer when relief is thus offered you free? Don't delay. Write today. Mark H. Jackson. No. 611 H. Durston Bid*. Syracuse. N. V. Mr. Jackson Is responsible Above atalement true. Announcing the Opening Tomorrow of Washington's Newest Optical Department 918 F Street N. W. Which is thoroughly fitted with the most up-to-the-minute scientific equipment for the proper examination of the eyes, and under the personal direction of Washington's Well-Known Eyesight Specialist, DR. L. BERMAN Formerly of the Herman Optlral Co. Dr. Berman has relieved hundreds of people of eye troubles in and around Washington and enjoys a high reputation as an eyesight specialist through his many years of careful, conscientious eye examinations and prescribing proper B^ynan" glasses (if needed) that are accurate, comfortable and becoming. Dr. Berman's many patients will be glad to know that he is again practicing in Washington at FISCHER'S Jewelers and Opticians 918 F Street N.W. "To flee We// THOUSANDS SAVED BY HIO SYSTEM Coast Guard Wireless Chain Safeguards Many Ships and Lives. Radio system*, strung along the coast* In a vsrltabls network, saved untold lives last year. Commander W. E. Reynolds, chief of the Coast Guard Service, says perfection of the radio in life saving and In preventing ship disasters at sea Is one of the wonders of the age. Strung along the coast for this service there are 2,240 miles of telephone lines, made up of 1,800 miles of overhead line and 440 miles of cable. Over these wires Information of marine disasters is transmitted and quick summons is conveyed that bring revenue cutters and other rescue ships to distressed vessels. Though the Coast Ouard is maintained by the Government at small cost th? service render>><1 asslstanoe last year to vessels valued at more than (66,000,000. These vessels assisted bad on l>oard at the time of mishaps 14.01S persons. Resides there were 1,121 persons rescued by Coast Guard officers or enlisted men from peril In water disaster. GROWNUPS FAIL IN INTELLIGENCE TEST Capt. John Smith's Life Was Saved by Hiawatha, One Person Beiieves. CHICAGO. Feb. 26.?Captain Miles Ktandlsh vaa a Spanish adventurer, magazine writer and a Quaker. America was discovered In the sixteenth century. And good old I'lymouth Rock Is In New Hampshire or somewhere along the coast of Maine That's what a reporter found out when he attempted to refute tho claim of a university professor here that the average Intelligence of Americans was about that of a pupil in the sixth grade. The questions prepared by Dr. Daniel Bruner, of the Chicago public schools, were asked of policemen. elevated conductors, chauffeurs, footmen, and others. Thirty-eight answered the queries ' and a dozen erred in the date of! America's discovery. James Watts | was said to be watchmaker, a professor. the discoverer of electricity j and the inventor of the tea kettle. I Several high school graduates and j university students made a creditable , showing In the test, but when grammar school pupils were asked to answer the quest'ons their answers were all given correctly and In short j order. ToHelp Put onGood Firm Flesh and Round Out Your Face and Figure Genuine Yeast Vitamine Tablets Often Produce Most Surpris ing Results. Get a FREE $1.00 Package Today as Explainet Below ?Try Them for Ten Days and Watch the Result-. Science ha* at last shown how we sometimes grow weak, thin, and emaciated on an abundance of food (lacking in vitatnlnes) while with a much smaller amount of food, rich in vitamincs, we may quickly take on good Arm flesh, increase In weight, and make a remarkable gain in strength, energy and endurance, provided your blood contains sufficient quantity of oxygenated organic Iron to enable your body to assimilate your food properly. Without organic Iron both food aod vita mines are absolutely useless as your cannot change lifeless Inert food body i 'alter into Uvlug cells stid tlsaus unlit5 ou have plenty of organic Iron in you blood. I or centuries scientists tried in vain t make organic iron. At Isst the probln was solved so tbat you may now obtaii pure organic iron like tbe iron In youi blood frtttij any druggist under the nsnu of "Nusstsd Iron." II baa been arranged to give ever purchaser of Nuxated Iron, who wlshr something to help put on flesh or 111 crease weight, s large regular fl.G> package of Qenulns Yeast Vltamlnr Tablets absolutely fres. Be sure to take only N'uxated Ursnd Yeast Vltsmlne Tablets with Nuxsted Iron. Do not be mislead by Imitations which often contain drugs. FREE $1.00 Coupon ThU caapaa. antlriaa you la aaa raralar SI .00 packare of mm Caauina Ye.V Vita aaiaa Tablet*. * lulalf fraa with battU of NuaataJ that ye vita.ts ?dlron For sale by (I'Donncll'it I)rue Store*, People's Drug Stores, F. A. Tsrhlffply, and all other druggists. QUALITY FIXTURES ONLY HERE At Ordinary Fixture Prices ?tony many itUaflrd rwtovnfri to oar already larao llrt. r prkf#. An liivMtl|?tloa will convince jom that we of the lH>at (jiuilliy and latest ilfnifiu In Kim daj Milo? m? a coin pie to lino _ flxturee. Hay direct from manufacturer and'aavr tho difference. Include InaUllatloa or parklM and ?blpplnf, If oat of town. f3. A Small ??posit All prie?? S12.S# ?epotit Will HoM Fixturm Bntil Wanted THE GOODMAN LIGHT SUPPLY CO. uiS&t Cor. 12th and H Sts. K.W. 88U Lansburgh & Brother Barg ain I 8 First Anniversary Sale One year ago Lansburgh & Brother established a Bargain Floor, devoted to the selling of reliable merchandise at Bargain Prices. The volume of business has reached tremendous proportions, because of the saving of thousands of dollars to the women of Washington?and tomorrow We Start Our Second Year With Great Money-Saving Events 600 Spring Dresses Featured at a Price Far Less Than Such Styles and Qualities Are Usually Offered During- the past year we have bought untold numbers of Dresses from dependable makers who now co-operate with us in this celebration sale, and supply even better values to make the event one of the greatest ever held in Washington. All Popular Spring Materials Including Taffeta, Charmeuse, Canton Crepe, Tricotine, Poiret Twill and Combinations, many with beautiful lace trimming. STYLE FEATURES embrace the tinsel thread or braid trimming, scalloped bottom skirts, and stunning beaded effects. BRIGHT SPRING COLORS?navy, brown, tan in various shades. Sizes Range from 16 to 44?at $10 A Wonderful Anniversary Offering That Meets All Requirements for Spring Coats A Silk or satin-lined models; others double-faced materials, which require no lining. Cape effects and Swagger Sport Coats of Tweed, Homespun, and Springweight Sport Cloths. High shades or cross-bar Plaids. Sizes for both women and misses. Unrestricted choice at n Band Aprons Gingham or neatly patterned percale. Plain styles or with ruffles. A great bargain at Anniversary Sale price..... Extra-Size Gowns Good quality muslin with V neck and long sleeves. Tucked yokes or embroidery. Sale price. 25c $1.19 Bungalow Aprons Stout quality percale In neat striped and figured patterns. Cut extremely full. Priced extremely close 74c Tots' Sweaters All-wool Slip-over and styles. Mostly white, little models for the kiddles. Sale price Coat Cute $1.00 1,000 Esf-sf Petticoats Webster Loom 5th Ave., Taffeta, Sateen Pretty fif?ured patterns; black and plain colors. Elastic waist. 79c Plain flounce or deep ruffles. Quality and value unsurpassed. ;* \.-$A , X* Bandeaux Children's Drawers Fancy Brocade and durable materials All sizes. Anni versary Price Other" lots up to 89c other 39c Plain or bloomer styles of | good serviceable quality mus j lin. Sizes for 4 to [ 12-year-olds. Sale price Corsets Brocaded material of durability; some with elastic back. 20 to 30. Wonderful, values at . r idfi n. rm ? $1.00 23c Silk Hosiery First quality; lisle garter top. Sizes 8 to 10. Colors black, I sand and gray. j Anniversary Sale I price i oiors macs, $100 Extraordinary Values in This Anniversary Sale of All-Wool Novelty and Prunella Sport Skirts Pleated or plain models in every new and effective combination of white with black, or mingled colors. The golf type checks, plaids, stripes, cross b; ridiculously low at? ars. of skirt in All priced Dimity and Voile Blouses $ Tailored or trimmed, beautifully embroidered colli lars Sizes 3R ?o 40. Sale price.... 1

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