The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1898
Page 7
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MOJOSTMH: ALGQKA IOWA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 3898. i nocks the Itont, Perkins—When I knew ITm-ry he-ttsea to paddle'his own canoe; taut "mow ,he seems toibe a perfect wreck. .Tor-kins—.Yes. but since that-time he pot miiteiccl and his wife is-one of those creatures.that likes to rock ithe boat to Help Bntfincm. Street vender (irritable through :lnck of trade)—rBny a box of cong"h lozenges? Bystander—I havn't g-ot a.couph. ' s ^-~Well, fight me; nndibay some stuff for-black syes. The'Climate of Cubs.. Because.of frequent rains 'in <rnba. malarial levers are a common ailment; there, asinnnany sections of the limited States. Ailments of this kind, no matter where ithey occur, are cured with Hostctterfi:Stomach Bitters. Besides being a specific for malarial troubles, it has no equal for ctyspepsia tuid,con- stipation. A OonAldcrablc Similarity. Starboanil Bill—This report ,sft the naval fight says that the engao-cment became general. Landlubber .Tack—A good deal like a. summer gii'l's.engagement. An Appropriate Melody. Summer Hotel Proprietor — We an orchestra ito play during meals Prospective!! nest — The favorite should be "Hail to the Chef." have ;rtir iDdiTt Tekncfo Spit ind Smoke Yonr UTt To quit tobacco onsily ami forever, be tinagnetie, full of Jife unrve and vigor, take No-'J'o-Bnc, the wonder worker, that makes 'weak men strong. All druggists, oUc or 81. • Cure guaranteed. JBooklet and sample £roe .Address Sterling Hemerly Co., Chicago .or .New York. The greatest force .known to science iis that produced .by tb'e contraction .•and expansion ,of ,mctals, resulting- Ifrom the action o£ l\e»t and cold. SPECIAL DAYS 'At the Otnnhn: August 15. DCS Moines day: August .20, Minnesota day; August 4.. Stenog- • raphers' day; August 10. Red Men's day; August 11, Tennessee J7od Men's ctay; August 15, Business and Fraternal .Association day; August 18. Texas dnv.; August 37. Bohemian day: August nil. Missouri day; September 3. Kansas • dav: September 3, Editors' day.; September .0. Labor day; September a. Druggists', day: September H. Woodmen of the World day: September 13. Chicago -day; .September 14, National Shriners' -doy:-.Septpinber 15. New England dnv: September 10, Oklahoma- day:: September 18 and id. Modern Woodmen days; September 20 and 21.. Iowa days; September 24, Commercial Travelers' day: October T. Knox College day; October 17. I. O. O. F. day; October 18, TcniiGsscc dav. PROVIDING •PBISQN QUARTERS. A«-.a.rule, a six months' cruise decreases the speed of a ship fifteen per cent. This is caused by the barnacles which .form on a ship's'hull. lloiinly In lllnncl Depp, •Clean ililood makes a clean skin. T?o beauty wjthoutit. Cascarets Caudy Cathartic eleans.your blood nnd keeps it.cleau, by stirring'.uj.1 the lossy liver mid driving all impurities from the body. Begin todiuy to banish piniples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that-sickly bilious complexion bv taking Cnsodi-ets,—benuty for leu cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed. 10, 'Jo, .50c. ' The sun .was once very tar,dy in rising, if we.cuii believe the yarn of a veteran .of the civil war. "Boys," lie enthusiastically exclaimed, addressing some reer.ui.ts in Ottawa, Kan., "thirty- seven years iago tonight I laid -on niy stomach kiioe-ideep in water and waited twenty-four hours for the sun to rise, and. by ginger, I kin do it again! Hurrah for old glory." A TRAVELLER'S ITESTIMONY. i What He Carried on the Cars To \Takefwhen Travelling. traveller knows -that .continuous Journeying oil the railroad is -very apt to <l£raue»thc system in some <waa'. In spite of springs and soft seats there'.is a continuous ja-r and vibration, which acts upon ihe oetroous system, and produces results varying somewhat, according to the strength of the traveller or his predisposition to some specific ailment. T.he most common, .consequence of continuous car i ridintf IB,constipation. And this condition • invariably produces headache, and tends to biliousness. J. J. Converse, 6t. T,ouis, Mo., found.a way to avoid the evil effects of constipation, to -which he was subject when t-raweUinK. He carried with Bim " the pill tha-t -will" cure constipatioju arid all its sequent sufferings. This is what ha jajsi "Travelling--cm the cars tends to constipation with Hie, but by using Dr. J. C, Ayer's Pills moderately, my bowels are keptin healthy action. They also prevent headache."—J. IT- CONVERSE, St. Louis, Mo. ^'Dr. Ayer's Pil' good for constipation under all circumstances and conditions. They have cured long standing cases after every other medicine had failed. Rev. fur. Francis B. llarlowe, of Atlanta, Ga., ulslicsa-case in point, lie writes; "For eomc years past, I was subject to constipation, from which I suffered increasing inconvenience, in spite of the use ojf medicines of various kinds, until some raontlis ago, when I began taking Dr. J. C.'s Pills. They have entirely corrected Ihe costive habit, and vastly improved any general health." — (REV.) FRANCIS B.. HAIILOWE, Atlanta, Ga.. Constipation is, perhaps, the most serious physical «vil of to-day. It is like the Octopus, that grapples its victim and fastens its tentacles on trunk and limbs one after another, until at last, incapable of longer resistance, the helpless being succumbs to his frightful foe. Constipation is the beginning of many of the most murderous maladies, the clogged system becoming charged with poisons that affect the liver and kidneys, and prostrate the entire being mentally, morally, and physically. Dr. Ayer's Pills will cure constipation. If you doubt it send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook, free, containing the testimony of those cured by this remedy. Address J. c. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. REOIHRESNOCOOKINO. MAKES CWWIIS OKI CUFFS STIFF AND NICE • .-.AS ONE POUND OF- THIS STARCH WILL 00 AS FAR AS A POUND AND A HALF OF ANV OTHER STARCH. "a.C. KEOKUK.IOWA, IRONING MADE EASY. HAS MANY tJWITATORS, BUT NO EQUAL. TfllC Qf-flivll is P re P al- ed on I IIIO O lal III scientific principles, by men who have had years of experience in fancy laundering. It restores old linen and summer dresses to their natural whiteness and imparts a beautiful and lasting- finish. The only starch that is perfectly harmless. . Contains no arsenic, alum or other injurious substance. Can be used even for a baby powder. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT AND TAKE NO OTHER. DES MOINES MARBLE & MANTEL CO. Granite Monuments uu(l Wood Muutels. 8p<;uiulUes. Den Molnes, Iowa- *f DON'T BORROW TROUBLE." BUY SAPOLIO 'TIS CHEAPER IN THE END. What You Don't Know Isn't that so? Of course it is. Every sensible person admits it, But Why Book. $ tt> Not Get That Book? $ We have it, It is full of THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW but OUGHT TO KNOW, It does'nt matter on what subject you need information, this book will supply it, The Standard Dictionary Is the latest end best work published. It is just what its nameindicates-THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD, To educate the people, we have arranged to send this work to anyone sending us Si.OO cash and $1.00 per month thereafter for eleven months, In this way you will never miss the money and your library will be enriched by the addition of the greatest work of the century, STANDARD DICTIONARY AGENCY, • 409*413 Fourth Street, LET us HEAR FROM YOU. DBS MOINES, IOWA. ~Vf r ^ t ^ Vil xl/ Spanish «np1tve* Wit He i 1'ortsmotitli, X. H.. : WAsnraorox, .Ttily 11. Captain •Orowninshiel-d, chief of the navigation ban-can, has prepn.ned quarters at Portsmouth, N. II., for the enlisted men and non-commissioned officers of ttlie Spanish prisoners of war. The officer has succeeded in having ^erected eight 'buildings 100 feet long by JS feet broad, .each for the accommodation of •prisoners. The site is at Seavey's islamcl in Portsmouth harbor, where it •will be easy to confine them within 'bounds. There is a hospital, marine barracks for guards, a 'Complete system of sewerage and water works, including piping for a, -reservoir, cooks' quarters nnd all tilings Unit-go to make np-a complete military prison ground. The St. Louis landed the-enl-'sted men tit Portsmouth and they were conveyed across ithe liarbor to Scavcy'-s island. The Spanish officers will remain-aboard the -St. 'Louis and will be taken to Annapolis. On the St. Louis there were forty 'Spanish, officers and 800 men. PoiiTSMourir. .Inly 11.—Tm addition to the prisoners brought by the St. Louis, the Harvard 1ms arrrnxd with 4(10 Spaniards. A STARTLED MOTHER. From the Frceport {111.) Bulletin. While busy «t work in b«r faotne Mrs. William Shay, corner of Taylor and Hancock Avenues, Freeport, 111., wag startled by bearing & noise just behind her. I Turning 5 quickly she — saw creeping toward horherfour- y ear- old •daughter, Beatrice. Tim child moved over the floor with nn ef- but eeemed filled •with joy at REFUSEDSHAFTER'S DEMANDS. General Toru'l Would Surrender If Allowed to Cit-pll.ulato "With Honor." WASHINGTON, .July 31.—Advices from the headquarters of the army in Cuba •say that the Kiuvrender of Santiago was formally offence! toy the Spanish com mander, General Toral, Saturday, but rthe contlitioHsatt-aehed caused a prompt refusal of the offer by General Shaftcr. The negotiations, however, resulted in the extension of T.he armistice until 110011 Sunday. General Toral's proposal contemplated the immediate surrender of the city, but he insisted that his army be permitted to march away under arms and with flying colors, and declared that he would fight to the last .ditch unless the conditions were accepted. General Shaftev replied that nothing but unconditional surrender would be considered by him, but he consented to cable the Spanish offer tc Washington, iu the meantime extending the armistice. Washington declined to consider the proposition. LIGHTERS FOUNDER. In n Eleven Lost Oft tlie Coast of Cuba Hurricane. WASHINGTON, July 10.—The vrar department is advised. that during a severe storm off the coast of Cuba eleven lightei-s, etu'outc to Santiago in tow of tug-s, were swamped and lost. So far as known, no lives were lost. The lighters were from Mobile, New Orleans and Charleston, and were intended for the use of General Shaftcr in transferriiic' supplies and ordnance from the transports to shore. Their need was essential to the prompt forwarding of all military necessaries to the front before Santiago. The war department, upon receipt of this information, immediately put into operation efforts to replace the lost lighters at once. Cubans Kcfuso to Work. July 8.— Advices from Siboney state that General Young has placed the Cubans in his command in a separate camp under police regulations and refused to issue any more. rations to them because they refused to assist in hospital or commissary departments, claiming they were not laborers, but soldiers. The same dispatch says that General Young has gone to Key West, on ad vice of doctors, as he was suffering from fever. Ainorlcun IJOHSOB nt PI.A.YA. DEI< ESTK, July 9. — Complete report received to-day of loss July 1 and 2. Killed — Twenty-two officers, 208 enlisted men. Wounded — Eighty- one officers, l.SOil enlisted men. Missing — Seventy-nine enlisted men. Reports giving names of killed and wounded are being rapidly prepared and hope to get them off to-morrow. (Signed) Hawaiian ConimiHaloi). WASHINGTON, July 11.—Senator John T. Morgan, Alabama; Senator Shelby M. Cullom, Illinois; Representative Robert It. Ifitt, Illinois; President Dole, Hawaii, and Chief Justice Judd, of the Hawaiian supreme court, have been appointed by President McKinley for the Hawaiian commission under the annexation resolution. Dying In Streets of Havana. KINGSTON, Jamaica, ."Inly S).—Sir Alexander Gollan, Itritish consul general at Havana, has arrived here, on a leave of absence. He says the well- to-do inhabitants of Tlavuna are existing tolerably well, but the, poor are dying in the streets and the barracks are filled with starving women. The blockade is maintained. Miles Goes In Santiago. WASHINGTON, July 8.-—Maj. Ueneral Miles, commanding'tlie army, accompanied by tho entire staff oi: array headquarters, ]eft for Charleston, S. C!., where the party will embark for Santiago. At the University of Jlerlin female students are not permitted to wear their hair in braids down the back Two young ladies who persisted in doing so were dismissed, Queen Victoria, since her coronation, has received almost $,'),000,000 a year from the government. The other members of the royal family receive annuities amounting' to $805,000. A Jfontreal burglar broke into a bakery and found only thirty-two cents. He was so disgusted that he took a, bite.out of every pie and cake in th,o store, thus render" ug fche:n uu* rest of the happening Is best told in tiis mother's own words. She said: "On tho 28th of Kept. 1SHO, while in the bloom of health, Beatrice -wan suddenly and severely aniicted with spinal meningitis. Strong and vigorous before, in five weeks Bhe became feeble and suffered from a paralytic stroke which twisted her bend back to the side and made i.tiinpoBsiblo for her >to<nn>T«« limb. Her speech, however, was not affected. We called in our family doctor, one of the most experienced and successful practitioners iu the city. He considered tlie-case a very grave-one. Before Joti-g little Beatriee'wus compelled to wear -n. plaster paris jacket. Prominent ph; -IciftUR -were consulted, electric batteries were applied, but no benefit wns noticed until -we tried l)r. Williams' 1'ink Pills for Pnle People. "Busy in my kitcbco one afternoon I w«s startled by the cry of 'Mamma' from little Beatrice, who was creeping toward mo. I hnd pliiced her on an improvised bod in the purlor comfortably close to the fireside aud given her some books and playthings. 8ho became tired of waiting for mo to couio bock and mnde up her mind to go to me, BO her story, 'My Pink PillN made nie walk,' which she tells to everyone who comes to our house, was then for th« first timo verified. Bhe hn« walked ever since. Bhe has now taken about nine hoxosof thepillsaud her pale nnd pinched face has boon growing rosy, and her limbs gained strength day by day. She sleeps nil night long now, while before taking the pills she cotild rest but a few hours at a timo." Dr. Williams' Pink PillB for Pale People are sold by all druggists. CUKHKNT EVENTS. Gloves made from frog ski us arc pop* viUir in Paris. Eggs command ten cents each in Havana,.and the hens are beginning to strut proudly, as if the price would advance to fifteen cents next week. Only eleven popes have reigned mora than twenty years, and tho- present pope has already reigned twcnty-ono years. Altogether there have been 253 popes. Boring a hole hnff-way through tho sole of a shoe is said to prevent ita squeaking. The reason assigned in that the air between the layers oi leather is released by tho boring. The largest check ever drawn on tho Bank of England was recently cashed by that institution. It was drawn by China, in favor of Japan, and was in settlement of the Japanese indemnity. The amount was £11,008,857, 10 shilling- and 0 pence. A New Haven photographer took a picture of a young lady. He then, without her knowledge, contrived to so arrange the photograph that sha appeared riding on an ostrich. He sold some of these to her acquaintances, and she has begun suit for damages., A subterranean city exists in Galicia, Austrian Poland, which contains a population of 1,000 men, women and children, many of whom have never .seen the light of day. It is called the city of the salt, mines, and has a town hall, a church, a theatre, etc. The f.'hiu-ch linn several stdtuts, all curved from from rock salt. Seven firemen in Williainsburg, N. Y., became strangely overcome at n fire they were endeavoring to subdue. The fire was in a paint factory, and in the course of their work they upset and bursted some barrels containing paris green. The dry powder entered their lungs and caused alarming oymptoms of arsenical poisoning. After three days' service In the U. S. army. Private Wm. H. Hook, of Company P., Second Wisconsin Volunteers, died of stomach trouble. His widow, a-resident of Oshkosh, is the first person to apply for a pension since the beginning of the present war. She will receive $13 per month. Tho was mustered in on Friday, became ill the next day, and Sunday May 15. husband May 13, died on Try Allen'H Foot-Kasc. A powder to be shaken into the shoes. At, this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walk ing eas3 r . Cures swollen and sweating feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 35c. Trial package free. Address Allen S. Olinsted, T,e Roy, N. Y. Before a lire brigade can start for n lire in Berlin the members must all fall in line in military fashion and salute their captain. This proceeding 1 wastes at least five minutes. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, Tuc. The Sixty-ninth N. Y. Regiment has four brothers in Company D — John N. Joseph, Charles and Thomas J. Phillips. . nrsl day'e use of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. Komi lor FUEK 83.00 trial bottle nnd treutise, Pit. U. 11. Ki.iNt:, Ltd. .D31 Aroli St., Philudolphiu, l'(* A petrified oak has lately been dug up in Cheshire. It is said to be at least 10.000 years old. Piso's Cure, for Consumption has been n family medicine with us since 1805.—J. 1{, Mudison, 2-109 -ISd Ave., Chicago, Ills. Gladstone had the honor of being* the only man who was four times Primo Minister of England. COSMO BUTTERMILK TOILET SOAP makes the skin «ioft, white and healthy, Bold everywhere. Artificial limbs are usually made ot willow wood, ou account of its lightness. To Caru Coiutlpatlou Forever, TftVe Kuu-urei'y c»uflr CattacUo, Wo or > i/ C. C C. t»H to cure dru^ists i«/uu<l - FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS* Washington, July (5.— The annexation of Hawaii is now accomplished so far as the legislative branch of the government is concerned. Quite unexpectedly the resolutions providing.for the nnnoxfttion of tho islands worn brought to n, vote in tho son- ato Into this afternoon and thoy were passed by the decisive vote of 42 to 21. Several important amendments wore offered, but. all were quickly voted down. A resolution by Pettigrcxv tendering tho thanks of congress to Commodore Sohlev for destroying Cevvera's squadron was referred to tho naval committee. ttOITSR. The house concurred in the aenato amendment to tlie general deficiency bill, authorizing the secretary of tlie interior, tho at torney general and the secretary of th treasury to settle, with the approval of th prosident, the indebtedness of tho Centra and Pacific roads to the government. A amendment was adopted providing tha •unless settlement was renchcd within on year, the president should begin foreclos ure proceedings to collect all tnouoy div the SENATE Washington, July 7.—Bill conferring oi Adjutant (General Corbtti tho rank, paj and allowance of a major general passes A resolution appropriating $200,000 enable secretary of war to transport their homes remains of soldiers who die ii military ennips or wlm are killed in action passed. Another measure to reiinburs the governors of states and territories fo expenses incurred by tlu-ni in aiding th United States to raise anil equip tho pros cut volunteer army was passed, noitsrc. The day in tho house wns given to tho consideration of measures by unanimou consent. Pew of importance were passed Tho house adopted a concurrent resolution providing for llnal adjournment at!! o'clocl to-morrow. Senate measure providing for transporting remains of dead soldiers to tholr homos passed. SENATE. Washington, July II.—The sonato'agrecc to tho house resolution for adjournment a S p. in., and without tnimiaet'lng business of importance adjourned sine die. HOUSE. The only measure of importance passed w-nsn bill to reimburse states for expenses incurred in aiding tho organization of tho volunteer army. Tlie session was adjourn ed amid tho singing of patriotic SOUKS and the waving of 200 small Hags. Ccirvorti Ilcporls <o Illnnco. WARIMNOTON, July 8.—The war department has received a. report from Cervera to Blanco on the unsueccssfu: attempt to escape from Santiago liar bor, us follows; To tlie Ocneral-in-chief, Havana.— In compliance with your orders 1 went out yesterday from Santiago do Cuba with all my squadron nnd after an un equal combat against forces more than triple mine, had all my squadron destroyed by fire. Teresa, Oquendo. am Vizcaya beached, Colon fleeing. I accordingly informed Americans, went ashore, gave myself up. Torpedo chasers foundered. I do not know how many were tost, but the number will reach 000 dead and many wounded, although not in such great numbers, living as prisoners of Americans. Conduct of crews rose to height that won most enthusiastic plaudits of enemy Commander of Vincaya surrendered his vessel. His crew are very grateful for noble generosity wit'li which they are treated. Among the dead is, and, 1 believe. Lax.aga; among wounded Concas and TOulnte. We lost all and are necessarily depressed (Signed) " ' CKIIVKHA. CAMARA HASTENING BACK. His r.ovcriiinciit Orilnrs Hln Jirimoclhite llutiirn. ('MHO, Egypt, July P.—Admiral Cn- marii, the commander of the Spanish licet which was bound for the Philippines and which recently passed through the Sue/, canal, has informed the Egyptian government that lie lias been ordered to return to Spirin. Therefore, his ships will go through the canal immediately and will proceed westward. Tho Spanish warships will now be allowed to coiU, as they are returning home. Why IfobKou l-'u;ii)(l. NKW YOIIK, July !).—Tlie Herald's official correspondent at Santiago sends an interview with Naval Constructor Ilobson. Tie says the only reason why he did not succeed in sinking the Mer- rimuo directly across the channel was that the rudder was shot away nnd she was unmanageable. SpHiiliii'tlH Dt'HCirt to Aiiicrlt'tiiitt* WASHINGTON, July S.—Advices from Shaftcr announce that a number of high Spanish oflicera are deserting across tlie lines at Santiago into the American camp. This is regarded here as highly significant of an earlv surrender. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. July H.— By the war tax that went into effect July 1, a :.'5- ccnt stamp is required on each power of attorney given by an inventor and he must cancel it by writing the initials of his name and the date on tho stamp. An inventor cannot delegate authority to any person to sign his application for a patent. As lot'g as he is alive he must sign hisnuino to the papers, or make his mark, if he cannot write his name. After his death his executor or administrator mill sign the papers required to constitute an application for a patent for an invention made by an inventor prior to his death, provided the invention has not been in public use for two years. Assignments of patents or any interest in a patent need not have a war tax or revenue .stamp thereon. Twelve patents were issued to Iowa inventors hist week, to Nebraska 2, Miiinecota 7, Illinois 4:i, New York 74. Valuable information about obtaining, valuing and selling patents sent free to any address, THOMAS G. OKWIG & Co., __ Solicitors^)!: Patents. A Texas merchant was tardy in his payments to a Boston house. He sent a letter pleading hard times in excuse of his tardiness, and closed it thus: "Confirming what I have written above, I enclose a letter from the president of the bank in which for several years I have kept my overdraft." At the sunset hour in Seoul, Corea, a town bell proclaims the fact when the sun has vanished beneath the horizon. No inau is allowed in the street after that hour, under penalty of a, flogging; but, strange to say, the women are permitted, to go around as usual, visiting- their friends, pr strolling tor pleasure. A Iro-Bthlnl Admlror. .Tohnny—Papa, I don't think Admiral Deifrey is being-honored enough. Papa—What do you think ought iO be done? Johnny—I think his birtMny ought to be a legal holiday, and so ought the date, of the battle of Manila. Doing Wpll. "There's no use talking." said the broker enthusiastically, "that yoring man has a. genius for finance." "Has he closed his deal?"' "Yes. He started in with a. million dollars, and he'll have over $,~>00,000 of it left," Mrs. TyinsloTO'BSooHnii/f ffrrtp FcrcnlUlt-entcct)iinn,!=nftenatlio gums. I ''(luces Inftdr* motion. nllnys imln, ctire« wlml r;o(jn v.r, ctmts a bottlfc Almost as important as news from the war, among the farmers near Kcnne- bec. Me., is the question, "Who owns the hen that has hatched the most chickens' 1 " Coc's IR the olrtpntnml best. H v til lirenlc i».p a flolcl thmi anything else. Jt Is always reliable, try It, In Milwaukee there is a full brass band composed exclusively of policemen. For n perfect complexion and a clear, healthy skin, use COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP. Sold everywhere. Kacing pig-eons were first trained in Belgium. Xo-To-Hnc for Fifty Cent** Guiirnntci'd totmcco huliil euro, makes tvcnk men stronit, bluud pure. MJc. II. All cmmtslsts. Beggars are seldom seen in Melbourne. OPEN LETTERS FROM Jennie B. Green and Mra. Harry Hardy. I JKNNIK E. GUKEN, Denmark, Iowa, •writes to Mrs. Pinkham: "I had been sick at my monthly periods for seven years, and tried' almost everything-1 ever heard of, but without any benefit. Wns troubled with backache, headache, pains in the shoulders and dizziness. Through my mother I was induced to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and it has done me so much. good. I am now sound and well." Mrs. HAIUIY HABDY, Riverside, Iowa, writes to Mrs. Pinkham tho story of her struggle with serious ovarian trouble, and tlie benefit sho received from the use of Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. This is her letter: ' " How thankful I am that I took your medicine. I was troubled for two years with inflammation of the womb and ovaries, womb wns also very low. I was in constant misery. Iliad' heart trouble, was short of breath and could not walk five blocks to save my life. ' Suffered very much with my back, had headache all tho time, was nervous, menstruations were irregular and painful, had a bad discharge and was troubled with bloating 1 . I was a perfect wreck. Had doctored and taken local treatments, but still was no better. I was advised by one of my neighbors to write to you. I have now finished the second bottle of Mrs. Pink-' ham's Vegetable Compound, and am better in every way. I am able to do nil my own work andean walk nearly a mile without fatigue; something I had not been able to do for over two years. Your medicine has done me more j?ood than all the doctors." 'I nuffbred tlio tortures of the damned with protruding piles brought on by constipation with whloli I was afllicted for twenty ireurs. I ran across your CASCAHETS in the sown o! Newell, la., and never found anything to equal them. To-day I am entirely free from piles nnd feel like a new imui." H.KEITZ, 1411'Jones St., 31oui City, la. Pleasant, Palatable, I'otent, Taste Good, Do flood. Mover Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe, lOo, Ko, We. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... Sterling Itemed; Company, l'lil»|o, Hogtretl, tie* York. 313 .TfKRAP Bold and aimrunteed by . I U*DAU (ilsts to CUKE Tobacco (Inn eurn $IOTO$2O A MONTH nnd valuable iinmiiuinsfnrn zewliom-H of thfir Brtu-e tiiuu. Ilorri'tt J'uljlMilna Co, oiioii JJldi;.. Oliit-uao. IU. LIGHT, COOL, CUAIYLV, '.'un lie Used Iu Jlaijilng. Improved 1'attcrm. No Stuja. RUJM'UKK u «|)ei',lttliy. Over WO.noo CUSPS suci'.ecs- •Ully treated. Advuui-udinethoilH. Unequaletluxiierl. rlouca. Butlsfuctlun uuurantecd. .a*. I'ompblet free. Kut, TRUSSES Vestcrn Jirnnc/i, 7o;-7(xi PBB6B.UV1S Tlllli I'OK FUTt'njS IIXriiUIEKOE. CURE YOURSELF? Vug Dig e for uun»tui(4 dlgnhargoa, Inflammations,, irritations or ulceration* of iiiucoviu membra&M. I'amleua, and not a«trtlk< or gent In plain wra by • ejprw, prepaid, »!.«>, or 3 bottle*' |2.T.1. Circular ucut cu PENSIONS Geiypur Pension DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPf, Q'PARRgLi, Pension Ag«pt, H25 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON, 0,9, <fv<a Quick rellei»mlour«Vwv>nt for look of ItMimoululs mill JO ' Ur.ii. Ir Kail's Renovator II « Mil 9 neilV'fllwIi U(>«tlou, Hvev wuit , etc. At to cure Whee iDsyscriDg A4vertlseiRenta Kiudly N«e(ioo

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