The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1898
Page 5
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THE UPPEK DES M01NJCS: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1898* RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CH1CAWO, MILWAUKEE A St. PAtL. IX>OAt. TRAINS TTEST. No. 1 departs at n :05 a m No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m , Freights that carry passengers- No. 83 departs at 10:4Bpm No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 85 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST, Ho. 2 departs at 10:45 am No.4 departs at 8:28pm .Ft eights that carry passengers- No. 7e departs at 10:10 p m No. 94 departs at 2:20pm B. F. HBDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- freight 11:30 a m Mixed 7:30 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed 12:15pm Mixed 7:54pm North- Freight 12:15 pm Pass 2:40 pm Mixed 10:60 p m Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VE9PKR, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Remember the races next week. The frame is up for A. Hutchison's home. W. C. T. U. at Mrs. Ester Hudson's next Wednesday. An elopement with a married woman in it IB rumored at Ledyard. Dr. Tribon expects to move into his handsome new homo this month. Corn looks better than it ever did before in the history of the county. Frank Rannoy has sold 160 acres in Fenton to Herman Krause for §7,230. Make your headquarters at James Patterson's while attending the big show. Every stall at the fair grounds is occupied by a running horse for the races. Mrs. E. G. Seymour of Germaniti had a brother killed in the battle at Santiago. . D. Rice has 100 acres of corn in Plum Creek that equals anything north of Algona. Chas. Laage has sold his blacksmith shop. He says he has not decided what he will do yet. The Baptist ladies will serve dinner in the rink, July 26, the day of Ringling's show in Algona. C. A. McAdams and L. M. Whitcomb, T. H. Meeker and Lizzie Gaude- rian are licensed to wed. i Guy Mantor is down from Morris, Minn., where he has been with John Grove. He will stay some weeks. Art Allen is out photographing these days. The West Bend Advance says "he takes good pictures and does good work." Mrs. W. H. Reed learns that her cousin, Robt. Rand of Oshkosh, Wis., died at Chickamauga of typhoid fever July 5. W. J. Brunson went to Ledyard yesterday morning to begin hay operations. He and Earl Stephens will be in company. Mrs. Eliza May was thrown from her buggy and killed at Germania on tha Fourth. The horse was frightened by firecrackers. Rumors of candidates for county office are numerous. The republican convention comes on the second Friday in September. Contractor Gross is pushing the church work. The brown stone is going up. He lays the brown stone himself, and is an expert. Miss Jessamine Jones read a paper before the national educational meeting in Omaha last week. She was highly complimented on it. Prof. Spencer has rented the Wartman home. Frank Ranney and family will occupy the Dr. Pride home this fall, which he bought a year ago. Dr. Kenoflck was in attendance at the doctors' meeting at Bancroft yesterday and reports a pleasant time. The next meeting will be held at Burt. The ladies who got up the war concert sold more tickets than there were Beats in the opera house. Over 200 tickets were bought in the outside towns. Frank Nicoulin has a party of 10 from western Pennsylvania who will go to the north with him July 28. He is selling northern lands to people from all over the country. Messrs. S. Benjamin, Guy Taylor, B. F. Grose and. G. H. Lamson went to Emmetsburg Saturday to attend a Royal Arch Masonic session. They report an enjoyable evening. Union Sunday school meeting at the Congregational church Sunday evening. E. B. Stevenson, assistant superintendent of the American Sunday School union, will speak. The attendance at the summer school is about 50 this week. Profs. Spencer, Brown and Byers are doing good work. Miss Stephens comes from Chicago this week to take up some classes. Joel Taylor has been in Algona a couple of weeks at his sister's, Mrs. Jas. Cronan's. He and Mrs. Taylor were going to Curlew to visit their son Saturday, but he was unable to stand the trip. Misses Durant, Colton and Mclntyre are attending the national teachers' meeting at Washington, D. C. Mrs. L. M. Horton is still in Chicago. Miss Maggie Haggard has returned to Algona. The Milwaukee makes a round trip rate of $1.90 to Spirit Lake July 16, 19, and 22 for special days at the Chautauqua. This includes tickets to the grounds also. It will pay to watch these dates. Guy Taylor is a member of the Marshaltown gun club, and shot there last Thursday in a match between Marshalltown and Waterloo, helping to win the prize. The Times-Republican praises Guy's shooting. The trustees of the Algona public library met last evening and elected officers. Thos. F. Cooke was chosen president; Dr. McCoy, vice president; E. P. McElroy, secretary. The city treasurer handles the money. The Algona Deposit & Loan association has matured its first share of stock. The lucky owner of it is a Cedar Falls man, and is able now to draw $1,000. This early maturing is due to bis having paid in advance. The company will soon he maturing a great many shares in the regular course of business. Its July dividend shows earnings at the rate of nearly 13 per cent, for the first half of 1898. "Uncle Jo" and Mrs. Tennant start today or tomorrow for a two months' wagon trip north. They have one of the finest outing wagons that has ever seen made and will enjoy life in it. They will go about 150 miles north. Michael Riebhoff has been in very poor health for a week past. He is low past 92 and very feeble. But his nind is bright and he does not suffer. He has a host of friends who hope that he may still reach his 100th birthday. The Methodist building committee contracted for pews last Thursday with i Grand Rapids, Mich., agent who was n Algona. They got curved back, jurved seat, quarter sawed oak, with our-inch wide arm rests. The pews will cost In the neighborhood of $700. A Whittemore running pony on its way home from the Bancroft races stopped in Algona Wednesday to have "un with the boys. In the end W. J. >abtree matched SherifFChristensen's >ony with it and a quarter mile dash vns the upshot. The Christensen )ony ran away from it. Supt. Van Erdewyk has arranged to lave Father Nugent of Des Moines ^Ive the opening address at the teachers' institute. Father Nugent isabril- iant orator and will be well worth learlng, Ira Kllng will lecture on chool laws, and F. J. Sessions of Waterloo is booked for alocture. Geo. E. Clarke, W. L. Joslyn and B. <\ Crose were at Fort Dodge hist week, dr. Joslyn represented M. O'Rourke ind got a new trial for him in that old L'ama furniture company cnse. Mr. Jliirke had Clerk Grose as a witness to correct the record in the suit of Harry iValkley's estate against A. D. Clurku or the 40 acres east of the Milwaukee depot. Both matters will be settled In he supreme court. The school board hns posted notices or a second election on the school louse bonds. A legal technicality has )een raised by the bidders on the last bonds, and while there is a difference »f opinion about the merits of the con- .roversy, the board has thought the quickest as well as best way to be to /ote over. The election will be held next Tuesday, July 19, and will doubt- ess be a ratification of the former one. T. J. Julian of Union township announces himself this week as candidate 'or the republican nomination for county clerk. Mr. Julian is one of the lounty's most successful dairymen, and amply qualified in business experience ind training for the duties of .any coun- .y office. He is well acquainted >hrough the county and will be a strong man in the convention. No nistake will be made if he is tendered the nomination. E, O. Fitz has sold his banking inter- eats in Germania to Mr. Finn, his partner, and has bought F. D. Calkins' bank and lumber yard at Callendar. He will move at once. The yard has boen in harge of Mr. Eastman, who married Vtiss Wartman in Algona, and who will probably be retained by Mr. Fitz. Vtr. Fitz has been a prominent young susiness man and a republican politician in Germania and his removal from he county will be regretted. Rev. Suckow of Hawarden upon 'urther consideration decided still to come to Algona and so notified the committee. The Congregationalists met Sunday, and by unanimous vote iccepted his second proposal, and he will now begin as before announced, with August. No services will be held n the church in the meantime. Rev. Suckow is a scholarly and forcible preacher, and his coining will be a narked addition to Algona. Algona is to have some horse races. The meeting will be held at the fair u rounds July 19-20, next Tuesday and Wednesday. The program includes a half mile run, $100; one mile novelty, $100; three quarter mile run, $100; all on Tuesday. On Wednesday there will be a half mile run, $100; mile run, $100; consolation race, $60; and half mile green race, $60. A bicycle race and pony race will also occur. A big string of horses will be here, some of them are now on the grounds. Fred Corey of Wesley is manager, and F. D, Calkins secretary. The Goeders store enlargement is going on rapidly. The fronts in the t-ear are taken out, the roof is raised, and a steel girder is in to hold the wall on the main building. The west wall will be of brick, with a row of glass at the ceiling. This glass transom will continue across the south end, making bhe room as light as day, and one of the largest and finest store rooms in Iowa. The stairway in the main room will be at the east side, and a big door will open on Dodge street at the southwest corner. The addition does not entail a big expense, but it doubles Mr. Goeders' store room. W. P. Jones had an exciting runaway Monday. He and a traveling man were driving down the hill by M. Rahm's in Prairie, when the neckyoke broke and let the buggy tongue down. The ponies broke into a lively run and at the bottom of the hill the buggy made a pole vault that heat the Workmen's record. The {traveling man's clothes were torn past mending, but neither occupants were seriously injured. The buggy was smashed into kindling wood. After extricating themselves a new buggy was borrowed, the team caught, and they went on anc sold the threshing machine they set out to sell. WANTED: A good solicitor for coun try work. Good rig furnished. .Salary and expenses paid weekly. Call at THE UPPER DES MOINES office next Monday GOOD table tumblers at 25c a dozen at Grove & Son's, WE will make a big out in prices on silk for waists this week. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. SHEET music—all the latest songs— 38i Off. DINGLEY & PUGH. A SMALL quantity of binding twin just in. Standard, 13 cents; Manila, 1 oents.-16t2 G. M. JOHNSON. FOR sale cheap: House and ten lot near the Milwaukee depot. Inquire a this o«ce.~16t3 DEATH OP E. L. DAT. Father of Algona's Popular Methodist Pastor Passed Away Monday Afternoon. E. L. Day, father of the Methodist pastor, died Monday afternoon after a ong illness. The funeral was held at the Methodist church afc 8:00 o'clock esterday and the remains were taken ,o Cedar Rapids for burial at 6:30 o'clock. Thefollowlng affectionate testimonial to his life and character is written by his son: Died: At the home of his son, Rev. Frank E. Day, July 11, 1898, Edward L. 3ay, aged 60 years, seven months, and five days. These lineschroniclean event fraught with sorrow to the writer, who often H'omised to pen concerning his parent vhatever might appear in print regarding him. He will not be chided Jhen if he ventures to express his esti- nate of him who personified in practical realism his ideal of honest man- iood. Born in Postorin, Ohio, in 1837, Edvard L. Day came to Iowa with his ather's family in 1840, and settlement vas made in Linn county, on tho first arm entered between what is now Mt. Vernon and Lisbon. Hero ho spent his •outh, and in 1857 was married to Susan J. Culbcrtson, with whom in 1800 he noved to California, whore ho was engaged eight years in mining and lura- wr milling, a part of the time being pent in Idaho. In 1868 he returned to owa, and in 1869 removed from Mt. Vernon to Cedar Rapids, whore he iiade his homo for 20 years engaged as a locomotive engineer on the B., C. R. & N. Ry. In 188S ho removed to Sioux Jity, engaged in tho grocery business, rom which he retired in 1892 to seek lealth for his wife. ' In 1893, on the )ereavement of his son's home of companion and mother, he and his devoted vife forsook all personal interest to sc- jure to the parsonage homo tho com- orts that most nearly supplied the loss. Since then ho has made the parsonage we occupied his homo. Since coming o Algona his health hits failed, until an. 24, when a stroke of heart failure •omoved him from active service, and ince which time he has declined constantly, suffering greatly, until Monday, when he sank peacefully to rest n'tlio faith lie so devoutly held and o consistently professed. He had a arge acquaintance over the state, hay- ng served in various positionsof prominence in the Brotherhood of Loco- notive Engineers and Firemen, to which he ever grave his loyal support. In tho great Q strike of engineers, though himself opposed to strikes, he was a cheerful contributor to the support of the striking laborers. He became a Christian in 1877, and devoutly lived his religion in the rail- •oad calling, which then was sup- losed to present insurmountable obsta- ;les to such professions and efforts. 3e lived to see many engage in the same life through his influence. He •Missed through many dangers in rail- •oad disaster, and had the honorable record of never having left his post of duty, though oftentimes opportunity or escape by that method presented itself. He was modest and unassuming, ,'et withal, the possessor of the deep •ospect of all who over knew him slightly or intimately. In his last sickness he has painstakingly arranged all his affairs and at the end his loved ones knew his wishes as well as his own heart. His was not a thornless journey in life, but rather n tempest and trial his faith grew great. His creed was as wide in scope ind liberality as the love of God, and his toleration for others was in keep- ng with his creed. He has passed away the last of a dozen children whose parents departed in ripe old age, though he lived 20 years onger than any of his brothers or sis- tors. Ho did not over-estimate himself, but he often times shrunk from demanding what he might justly have required for himself. When he died :ie know of no enemies and could count lis friends by scores. His son may be pardoned in saying he has not known a manlier or more honest man. The last rites were conducted as definitely planned by him, by tho Methodist Episcopal church and the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of which two institutions he was a member. In Memory of Mrs. Clirlsteiiseii. The Rebekah lodge has adopted resolutions of respect in memory of Sheriff Ihristensen's wife, who was an honored member. Two of them are as follows, Mrs. Ella A. Clarke, Mrs. A. D. Bradley, and Mrs. Eva L. Samson, committee: Resolved, That in tho death of our sister our order has lost a most worthy member, tho community a true woman, our Brother Christenson a faithful helpmate and loving wife, and although we can meet with our loved sister in our lodge on earth no more, yet we shall meet her in that better land where want has no cares to relieve and sorrow no tears to dry. Resolved, That that this lodge extend its loving sympathy to the bereaved husband and family, and that the charter be draped in mourning for UO days. The boys at Camp Thomas will be njoying thomsolves thin week, thanks o good works of tho Algona ladies. Besides all tho supplies forwarded,$151 n cash has been sent as tho proceeds if the concert last Friday evening, ['ho committee having matters in barge has made a full report, which makes u flattering showing. Tlio con- ert itself was highly onjoynblo, and u good audience was out. The cominit- ee's report is as follows: Tho war concert committee desire to hank the directors of tins opera house, nembcrs of tho grand army, all who took mrt in tho program, the county papers, hose who sold tickets in Algona and in the adjacent towns, and any who helped to make the concert u griiml success. A statement of all funds received and dis- )ursed by the ladies for the benefit of Com miiy F follows: Ugona, receipts from tickets $ (18 10 Bancroft, receipts from tickets iiS 50 jcdyard, receipts from tickets 1050 Whittomorc, receipts from tickets... 10 50 3urt, receipts from tickets 5 'Jf> Wesley, receipts from tickets ii 50 TO BE LAID BY BI8HQP M'OABE. The Corner Stoue of the New Metli- odlst Church to be Placed with Due Ceremony July 30—A Great Occasion, Chaplain McCabe, bishop of the Methodist Episcopal church, will officiate ut the laying of tho corner stone of tho new church. Tho service wil! occur at 2 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon, July 20. Dr. Day has issued invitations to all the clergy of the Algona district and it is expected that a large delegation of visiting ministers will he present to assist. Dr. Yetter the presiding elder of the district wil also have part in the service. The cor ner stone laying is an elaborate one in the Methodist church and is well worth travelling many miles to witness, The address of Bishop McCabe will be a notable one and no one can affwd tt miss It, as he is one of the most gifted orators on the American plarform The corner stone laying is free to everybody. In the evening the bishop will lecture on "The Bright Side o Life in Libby Prison,"at the Congre gational church, which has been kind fy tendered for use on this occasion. A email admission fee will be charged of 25 cents. This lecture is one of the most famous which has ever been delivered on this theme and is a gem of wit, pathos and high patriotism. Hundreds will go to Chautauqua to hear it, but this occasion brings it right to our doors. A full program will appear next week. WASH goods will have to move now, and they will at our prices. G. L. GALBKAITH & Co. MAPLE CITY, the best white laundry soap. M. Z. GROVE & SON. SEE those dimities that we are clos- ng out at 6c u yard. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. CONSTIPATION and piles are twins. They kill people inch by inch. Sap ife away every day: Rocky Mou;i'.-'n Tea will surely cure you—35 cts. Ask our druggist. A FINE life-size portrait is easily ob- .ained through our liberal offer. NATURE intended man to be strong, love and be loved. Can't expect nuch from a sickly, nerveless man— taint in him. Rocky Mountain Tea irings strength, nerve. As your drug- ist. OUR premium portrait offer is the )est thing that ever happened. THE WAR CONCERT BENEFIT. A Handsome Sum of Money Realized and Sent to Company F— A Fine Program. Total 8106.95 Ixpensos of concert for programs, tickets and flags 3 80 Net proceeds $10ii 55 ihock from W. H. Inghain 10 00 Shock from G. A. R 10 00 Total for Company F 8181! 55 Two hundred and sixteen flannel band- iges, SS pillow cases aud (15 furnished lousevvives, have been made and sent to Company F from tho following: material: Thirty-six yards flannel, $17.10; VI >£ yards hinncl, $5. ',:<• I'd yards gingham, f'2.52; \ l ,4 lozeu tapes, i:>o cents; iJ8 spools of thread, 11.12; 23 papers of needles, pi.10; !l papers )ins, ,'iO cents; (> boxes pants buttons, 00 ierits: :•!;>,' gross safely pins, $1.85; 8 r ards' black oil cloth, 45 cents; binding mild, 00 cents; making u total of &tl.81). Druyage on sowing tuueliiims, 50conts; ~<eaving a balance of $151.Hi to be sent to lompany F. WE have arranged to accommodate 10,000 people July 20—show day. 17t2 JAMES PATTERSON. No. 1 RED STAB harvester oil and harvester whips at D. B. AVEY'S. TRY Maple City soap. M. Z. GROVE & SON. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow Building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. At "Way Down 1'rlcos, Best Eldorado Castor machine oil at 30 cents a gallon. Also harness, fly nets, dusters, and all kinds of horse clothing at correspondingly low prices. At my harness shop, opposite Tennunl house.—13 W. J. CRAMMOND. Minnesota We have some special bargains in Minnesota lands, improved and unimproved. Now is the time to get a good farm for a little money. We pay cai fare to all actual purchasers. Just now we can make real estate loans at very low rates. Come and see us. DINGLEY & COOK. SEE last page of this paper for our premium portrait announcement. CAN a strong, healthy girl love a sickly, puny man? That's a question To be sure, young man, take Rocky Mountain Tea. Brings strength. Ask your druggist. A New Firm. Geo. Campbell and Nels Grenwel have formed a partnership in the gen oral blaoksmithing business, and can be found at the old Warner stand on State street, prepared to take care o all who may want work in their line Do all kinds of blaoksmithing, wagon repairing, painting, etc.—1614 Sewing by the Day. Miss Irene Ward. Residence wit! Mrs. A. E. Williamson, across from A A. Call residence.—16t3 IP you have idle money why no have it where it will earn you some thing. Interest paid on time deposits 45 GEO. C. CALL. Your Wedding Him;. Buy your wedding ring of us, we a! ways make the bride a present. 5tf DINGLEY & PUGH. FOR time loans on real estate appl at Kos3uth County State Bank. Now is the time, Our store the place for Fruit :or Canning. f you want to do some canning see us before you buy. We will make you very close prices on anything you want. Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. Fruit Cans 45c per dozen. Eight-quart granite preserving kettle 35c this week at Doxsee's Hardware, lines of Boots and Shoes contain many points of strength. We are strong in having the largest store nd largest stock. Our strength lies in having the best and newest goods made. And one strong point over all compe- ition is that our prices are the lowest, quality considered. Brownell & Alfred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. 'ine repairing and custom work. Until Aug. 1st I will sell all kinds of Harness Goods at surprisingly LOW PRICES. 9 Hand-made narness, and machine-made harness, made by good mechanics—no boys' -work—and always give a perfect fit. PADS are away down. So are my collars, the best on the market. BIG- OUT PRICE. Come and see me and be convinced. Opposite Boston Block. M. P. HAQOAHD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.! Abstracts, Real Estate,-^££_ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. Bicycles Repaired, Lawn Mowers REPAIRED AND Saws Filed 2 Sharpened J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. office. The undersigned has opened a repository for Flour and Feed, in the Wilson building, opposite U. D. M. office, and asks a share of the public's patronage. Free delivery to any part'of the city, My terms will _be cash, and J shall aim to the best possible servi$ Feus. Qrr, Painter, Paper Hanger KALSOMJNER, SJQN AND CARRIAGE

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