The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia on January 6, 1918 · Page 22
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The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 22

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 6, 1918
Page 22
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$"" EDITORIAL PAGE OF THE WM JANUARY 6, 1918 WASHINGTON SHJOffBNyBHvE.S h L WteWMhMtmmms THE NATIONAL DAILY AKTIII'R nhlPBAK, Kditor and Owner KDUAK II. SHAW. I'ubllther Entered a second class matter at th- PostofTlce at 'Washington. I. C Published Every Kvenln (Including Sundays) by the Washington Times Company, Munsey Building, Pennsylvania Ayc Mali Subscriptions: 1 Tear line. Sundays). $7.00. 3 Months. J1.75. 1 Month. iOc SUNDAY. JANUARY . 1118, The Superman He's Here No Eagle-Serpent-Hohenzollern Ruler The Ruling Superman Is Scientific Knowledge Built Up by the Millions and Controlled by Them. This picture shows the superman of Nietzsche's world- ruliner dream an abnormal creature, broodinp" on the abvss. his friends, and only friends, an eagle and a snake. Excellent companions, typical of the superman's creator, Nietzsche, whose thought sometimes soars like the eagle to noblest heights and more often crawls like a serpent tempting to baseness. "I teach you beyond-man. Man is something that shall be surpassed," said Nietzsche. "God is dead," said Nietzsche. The will of the superman Was to rule. He presents the body of the people ignorant, stupid, hating wisdom, delighting in a rope dancer. The rope dancer falls; is crushed, and, dying, exclaims: "I knew it long ago that the devil would play me a trick. Now he draggeth me unto hell; art thou going to hinder him?" "On my honor, friend," Zarathustra answered, "what thou speakest of doth not exist; there is no devil or hell. Thy soul will be dead even sooner than thy body; henceforward fear nothing." There is the doctrine of Nietzsche that went down to insanity, and there the doctrine of Prussia that will go down to defeat. lAWS'ifflHMT I 'I til mimimlMimiMAi I I Hi far MMrraaliuyii iyMJffifflK lliSf toU$Ik wivHHl HEARD AND SEEN By EARL GODWIN. Washington ought to hare the finest traffic police system In the world becainj It Is the finest city la the warld. Aside from that, traffic here is harder to manage than In many cities because of the wide spaces, the broad Streets which curve around Darks. and the possibility of cars and pedestrians coming In half a doxen different directions. taken up by Christian Endeavor So cieties. "I Nietzsche, no superman, but one brutally disregarding right and morality, died a maniac, when he hoped to live and dominate the world of thought. Prussia, dreamine of world conquest, of super-rule on earth,' will end as miserably as her son Nietzsche, the prophet of Prussianism. The superman that Nietzsche painted, the beyond-man ruling as an individual, will never be. The human rac? will be held down forever to that equality of power that makes for brotherhood. But on earth the superman dwells and rules already. He is made up of all the good, all the power, science, benevolence, contained in the combined brains of the human race. Nietzsche dreamed of beyond-man with an eagle for his slave. What would he have said of today's super-race, controlling great flocks of flying machines, every one flying higher, faster and farther than any eagle? What would this oracle of super-selfishness' have said could he see the United States today building a fleet of ten thousand super-eagles that will take dynamite to Prussia and prove that the superman is named JUSTICE, not Nietzsche, Zarathustra, or Hohenzollern? Every one of us little human beings, working together on the earth, making it and ourselves better, century after century, has a right to rejoice in the existence of a superman. To show a giant pulling a tree up by the roots, tearing open the jaws of a lion, carrying five thousand pounds on his back, hewing his way through an army, such were the utmost thoughts of those that planned the superman of old Greek days, or of modern Prussia. The real superman is the intelligent, ordinary human being, plus science. A child two years old can pull a switch and with an electric magnet, using power invisible, lift a hundred thousand pounds of steel rails. Man can build a derrick that will lift a battleship. He uses in his forges steel, electric and hydraulic hammers with which he can delicately and accurately crack a nut or hammer a great sheet of steel into any shape desired. Nietzsche's beyond-man was to send his eagle flying through the air at about fifty miles an hour. Super-science sends its messages by telegraph without ( wires at a speed seven times round the earth in one second, i Zarathustra called to his eagle in the air Man Bpeaks ' to a ship three thousand miles out on the Pacific and instantaneously receives his answer. The superman of science does more, and does better than all childish imagining could plan. It builds palaces of steel and glass over night city destroyed is rebuilt in a year. Super-science constructs a machine with a million fingers to make cloth of cotton, linen, silk, and wool. It creates the machine for sewing, with a needle that flies faster than eyesight and frees millions of women from slavery. almost human he left me and i From oil in the ground science extracts the exnlosive 'h'n he ought to pay me for my force that enables man to fly through the air, rush over the ground in a machine moved by millions of explosions, plow his fields and cut down the forests with that same explosive power. The real beyond-man is the gas engine, electric sweeping machine, wireless telegraph, submarine, flying machine, DYNAMITE. You know Nietzsche, the German thinker. He worked with the mentalpower of a dozen men, and died in the madhouse, having done moro than a thousand to start Prussia on its present vicious campaign of world conquest. He taught selfishness and brutal use of power, he preached in his "Thus Spake Zarathustra" of tho super man or beyond-man that should rule ill others, a giant bending the little people to his will. The individual Prussian liked to think of himself as superman and of Prussia as an all-ruling super-race. Nietzsche, marvelous in power, died in the madhouse, and Prussia will end her disastrous effort at super-conquest in miserable failure and defeat THE BLACK SHEEP (CoprrilSt, MIT, Star CWnpany.) "Block sheep, black sheep, have you any wool?" "Yes, sir; yes, sir; three bags full." DON'T want any New Thought," said he, Or any Theosophy; for, you see, The faith I learned at my mother's knee Is good enough Tor me. Of course, I'm a wee bit broader than she, Hearing one sermon where she heard three, And I read my paper on Sunday, instead Of the Bible only. My mother said I was a black sheep, when she saw I strayed a trifle away from the law, And didn't think every one left in the lurch Who happened to go to a different church; But still, in the main, her creed is mine, And I don't want anything more divine." Yet his mother's mother was more austere; She taught her children a creed of fear, And she called them "black sheep" when, with a shock, She saw them straying away from the flock, Just far enough To get around places they thought too rough, Like infant damnation and endless hell. POEM BY ELLA WHEELER WILCOX But his mother's mother's mother would tell How her mother thought it was God's sweet will To punish and torture a heretic till They drove out the devil that made him dare Think for himself in the matter of prayer And faith and salvation. So, we see how it is If we look back over the centuries The creeds men learned at their mother's knee When Salem witches were hanged to a tree, And the pious dames flocked thither to see, Are not deemed Christian or holy today, And the bold black sheep who went straying away . From rut-worn paths in their search for God, And leaped over the fence into pastures broad, Are the great Trail Makers for mortal souls, Leading the race up to higher goals And a larger religion; where man must find God dwelling ever within his mind, Christ in his conduct, and heaven in his thought. And hell but the places where love is not, A mighty religion, that makes this earth But the cradle that fits us for death's new birth And the life beyond it, that is so near Its echoes may reach to the listening ear. "Black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool?" "Yes, sir; yes, sir; a whole world full." Regenerate Adams and Eves Are Human ' By Winifred Black. "J UDGE," said the woman, when she was asked to tell her side of the story. "Judge, I've made that man I just took him and made him over that's all. "When 1 first saw hlra he ate with his knife, and he told me himrelf he'd never even heard of a finger bowl. "I bought him his first manicure set, and be never knew what a bathrobe was till Christmas came and I made him a present of one. "I got hlra to reading the continued Morles In the evening paper. and we read the funnies together, A great ' and y lhe tlme ' E0t through with I him he could talk about something how much in the last besides his job and money he had saved month. "And just when I got him to be Eternal justice decrees that men shall be made eaual. like grains of sand on the shore; with the friction of time they become more and more alike in their possessions, so in power. Instead of the mighty ruling the little, the little rule all. Each, in a world properly ordered, will have as much as his brother all will have enough. For the power of super-science will work to give enough to the many instead of giving too much to the one, or to tho few, as in the Nietzsche beyond-man dream. "Yo have made your way from worm to man, and much wjthin you is still worm. Onco ye wcro apca, even now l nnt rtUKl tn Lal Column, i J lessons, anyhow." What JInnnrr of Man! The Judge laughed and then he sighed, and the man laughed and then he turned very red. And tho case was held over for decision. I do wonder what that decision will be. Thero's another woman in the case, I bear. What sort of a woman do you suppose she 17 Han she ever heard nf finger bowls and does she like to eat lth hr fork, or Is the Made-ovr Man going to have the fun of teaching her Will shp he as good a pupil as ho was. I wonder, or will h gt tired of being taught and lectured, and improved and undo over Msrbp he liken lir JiiiU hi shn U and Intends to l-t lirr hi I'ttrlisim h tired of flnn-r lx and dolllr and Imthrohrs and nmnoKratiimnl guest turU and fare tnasssKrs Marl ha wants to gu bark lo nature and act the way he acted when he was little and thought the bathtub and the use of It was a great national outrage upon liberty. Time Only Will Tell. Maybe he's the kind of man who likes to come in the back door, and wash his hands at tho sink and dry them on the roller towel, and sniff what's for dinner, and fipd out how many biscuits are in the oven. Perhaps that's the way he did when he was at home in his own home with his mother, and not in his wife's home with his wife. Maybe he likes to be himself and have his own way and eat ham and eggs for dinner and fried steak and onions for breakfast, and drink his coffee with his meals Instead of after them, and have Sally Lunns In the summer and buckwheat cakes in the winter. Perhaps he's tired of making believe he Is something that he IbU't Maybe he's tired of pretending to like things that he hates, and to enjoy things that he detests. Perhaps he's sick or being bossed and Improved and made oer to suit his wife. Maybe he wants to marry some one who will think he's perfect, no matter what he does, and who will listen to every word that falls fro mthe lips as If It were spoken by an orator even If he does forget and put too many negatives Into some of bis sentences. Perhaps he wants to say "halnt" and "them frllera" and not be ror-rTted. Maybe he's tired of going tn nrhnol and wants to be teacher himself a while I ve nntlrnl that these roadr-nvnr tiiiKhanilM and these madr-lit-nrili-r whri may suit the ones win, do the making nrr, but they set itom 'mi tn Ihi fr.tntlrall) pleated llirliliMlvrii l-l;rltit IHT hr Hrlf IN" -t "' It Iim urMl UiluiB IUMa 1 1. .! Consuming Energy Is Keeping Well By Mabel Dodge. WB have different ways of throwinjr off the poi?ons . in our system. One way is by the vapors of the body. When you find a man who has smoked too much or drunk too much or absorbed other poisons, you can't help knowinR it because he is oxidating throwing off his poisons. ... t. It is a simple physical mechanism. There is another process that goes on in us that resembles it, but that works on the psychic plane. , , , The psychic plane is the plane of the spirit or "j;host" that is in every man. When our never-ending cnercy or "geiJt" or "ghost" is not smothered in us, but is able to How freely in work of some kind, thn we are oxidatinn on the psychic plane. When our hands and minds are tied fast when our mental-phy-si-cal energy is frozen in us and cannot flow outward we become poisoned. Energy of Klocr. If you do not use your energy it turns bad in you. Hut when the frozen energy melts and evaporates, when you are turninj: out every bit of energy that you have, in some form, externalizing it in home way, then you are at your best. At your happiest ami healthiest. The perfume of the flower is its energy: It is oxidating or i-vnp-ora'injr. It is fulfilling iUelf. This energy used to 1k railed lv other names. "Grace of Ceil" va one. And thu amc "tJrarp of dod" that WIIH M prcMlurtie ttirm'd into what was rnlliil "ril pirltit" in thtxe dnyi. whrn oni" oliteielt prevented Its oxnlatinn or tran formation into cxlrriml uurkn ami forms. It h.H nlm lMpn riillnl "llir dlvlnr piinrk " It ' I'"1 ' -tilled lie "ilrmnn " I' ' 'lie "m -i-i II n " thul I'miiK'lht'u Uilu from lieuvi'ii In the Bible David called it his "glory." "Awake up, my gloryP he shouted. And -"Awake thou that slcepest," cried Paul to his own soul. And many times in the New Testament it is called the "Holy Ghost." The Hindus have called it "ora." The Chinese have called it "tao." Age after age it has been recognized and called by different names. But it is always the same thing the human dynamo. Today we call it "energy" and it lies dormant, or bursts forth free, in every living thing as well as in all inanimate things. It is of dynamic power. j It is the great explosive. 1 In man, the transformer, it is a convertible force. Applied To Men. Very often when some one you know t-eems to be in a perfect frenzy of irritability bad temper and acid poisoning perhaps the poor thing is just suffering because I his energy has no outlet. Perhaps there is something preventing him from carrying out the thing he is meant to do in the world. This energy in us is a tyrant over us until we die. Kach man is his own tyrant. One may overthrow every authority, yet every one must come bark to that last authority himself and the law of his being. If your energy is flowing out in external forms you are a happy, healthy person. If your energy is blocked b- inside or outside obstacles you grow ill. vim grow nervou-. you grow mirrnbte. And under thm law earh eron if. nuiilf to low to do that thing that he ran do Itent that he Is bint fittml In do. Hint ix hi outlet. 'I hi- happiest pcrmui i dmnr whiit In' llkr lxt tu do. rspr 'iillx hIicii it m what he hni ! I ip Iih n't like hiN job he doesn't .1 uill l nut lliu outlet for hiD purtkuliir neriry I hare In mind just now places like Fifteenth street and New York avenue, where half a dozen different kinds of street car traffic Jams In with half a dozen kinds of pedestrian traffic and the tooting of impatient motorists homing and going in half a dozen different ways. We will have a perfect system here when wa get It worked out. 8trangers who have said to me that "Washington Is the wont place to drive In t ever saw" might like to know that It li only recently that the Congress of the United States gave Its National Capital enough money to operate even a skeletonized traffic department. Even now, when LIEUTENAJT HEADLET. In charge of the traffic work, wants to place a yellow and black sign on some block where parking is not permitted he has to beg for the money; and it hag to- be pinched out of some police appropriation already too small for lta purpose. But we should be thankful that We have in our mid SI ohe of the world's greatest experts on street traffic. I refer to WILLIAM P. ENO, who has mads street navigation aa scientific as travel by sea. I happen to know he Is working out a system of signs, lights, and gnldeposts which will appeal to the most fastidious. And speaking of. traffic, here's something I would like to call to the attention of our prominent men. Traffic policemen stationed at busy corners would like It exceedingly if Senators, Congressmen, judges, millionaires, dollar-a-year men, and the general run of citizens would retrain from rushing up to the traffic policeman to talk, on subjects of general interest Traffic men don't want to be rude to the great galaxy of prominent citizens which our city walls shelter, but how can they direct traffic, which la a man's size job, and carry on an aimless conversation with a well-meaning hut unthinking Prom. at. Take a corner Ilka Fourteenth and G streets, worse in my humble judgment than many of thej so-called "Dead Man's Curves' In some other cities. That crossing can accumulate more trouble than a ten acre lot with a wild ball and a hive of mad bees. It Is quite frequently presided over by a handsome officer named LAMB, and again by another handsome sergeant named STANLEY BUELL. With cars coming east, west, north, south oh three separate lines of tracks, with thousands of people crossing on foot and thousands of motor cars a day rushing by WHY IS IT that talkative half-wits will suddenly leap Into the air with a loud outcry, crash through the traffic and run chances of instant death simply to go out and bother Officer Lamb or Sergeant fiuell with a question as to what he thinks of the price of country sausage this week. I mention country sausage because It's the first thing that came to my mind, but 111 bet a pound of It that someone has or will ask that question of one of these two otflreis just at the moment when he Is busy trying to keep street cars and motor cars and pedestrians from tangling themselves one with another. Not long ago there appeared in this column a little story about children fainting at school before noon because they were undernourished. Some of them had gone to school without breakfast. Some of you will remember that this paragraph was Aftjr rnncMroVi1 niw4nl.fnv fftA BOCletlen hsTfl PSfahftlhlul thnmnvh- j going milk fund and if anyone d- w tamuiDuic, no may sena nia check to W. T. GALLIHEB, presl. dent of the American National Bank. What I wanted to say is this: The milk (or hot cocoa) is being doled out to children at three of the P'sygrounds. Mrs. SUSIE feOOT; RHODES, director of Playgrounds, Is having considerable to do with this little voluntary charity. Within the past few days storiea have reached me to the effect that the milk ahd cocoa la being served in dirty cupa or glasses. That Is not so. Mrs. RHODES ban as much sense as many people and more than most When the .matter i glTlng ml,k na cocoa on her playgrounds came up she saw to it that the health officer chould send ah expert to the spot The expert happens to be Dr. R. R. ASHWORTH. food inspector for the District of Columbia. He says the milkrand cocoa is served CLEAN and that's enough for me. I know Dr. ASHWORTH and I know Dr. WOODWARD, health officer. Be doesn't pick food Inspectors that let anything ret by them. Not only that Dr. Ashworth has become an enthusiastic worker in the cause outside of his Officii! connection. He has done a ldt 61 hard work that ought to be recorded publicly and I am glad to start the week with this recognition. A long letter from HUGH DEXTER too long to print Just now takes exception to the statement of MISS CUSTER that Women seeking rooms are taken advantage of by people with rooms to rent and that high prices are not the rule. FRED BEROER is sending out requests to some of his writing friends to contribute sketches, burlesque, and other forms of wit and humor to Poll's stock company. D. R BARKLEY suggests that coffee is Injurious, and that we might have a constitutional amendment prohibiting the use of coffee. "Also mustard pickles containing coloring matter. Cannot the Constitution be amended to prohibit mustard pickles?" It may some day If we keep on. Seeing (1EN. E. W. WHITAKEB, of 76 Rock Creek Church road, on the street reminds me that a bill for hlft retirement In the; regular army Is pending In Congress. This bill ought not to lag. General Whlt-aker is a veteran of the civil war with a string of battles to his credit that would make many a world-conqueror proud. MAJOR LESTER JONES, chief ot the Coast and Geodetic Survey, has a new word meaning "concentrated essence of pep." It Is SPIZZERING-TUM! HENRY LANSBURGH, LESTER LANSBURGH. ana MARK KAHN are responsible for comforting a poor family I found recently. Never mind how It was done but it was done, and several people got through the worst of the cold weather very nicely with the aid of these three. The Tightwad's Chance. The poor alley family exploited briefly under this heading several days ago is now amply provided for, thanks to my tightwad and other friends. Half the people who contributed asked that they remain unadvertised, so, for that reason, I have mentioned no names. The five children have shoes and underwear: the mother has warm clothes. They have half a ton of coal, which is riches unbounded, as ANYONE will tell you. and we're giving them just enough money a week to fill the larder. Everybody ought to be thankful for the opportunity they had In this case, and I know they are. No Eagle-Serpent-Holienzollern Ruler. (Continued from First Column.) r man is ape in a higher degree than any ape." Thus spake Zarathustra. He spoke truly, often, but did not see the full truth. Man han tmnrlrnrl hin WAV frOTTI Worm to man thTOUSrh all the stans, and he is going to become more and more a real ' man and REMAIN a man. The primitive savage uniting his forces, using brands of ( fire, could frighten the tiger thirsting for his blood, or keep j away the great gorilla, more powerful but less wise. 1 Civilisation today, imperfect but united, will find in jus-; tice and courage the burning brand that will keep back and 1 destroy the combination of tiger and gorilla that in Berlin imagines itself earth's chosen beyond-man. Zarathustra sent his eagle flying through the air with the serpent entwined about its neck. I 4 'And lo, an eagle swept through the air in wide circles, a serpent hanging From it not like a prey, but like a friend; coiling round its neck. ' ' "They are my animals," said Zarathustra, and rejoiced heartily. .,.,, 1 "The proudest animal under the sun and the wisest ani-' mal under the sun have set out to reconnoiter." A good description of a recent expedition undertaken by the proudest animal under the sun, the Prussian Xair, . accompanied as he believed bv the wisest animal under the sun, the system of Prussian selfishness. A poworful pair, but not powerful enough to overcome and rulo earth's real superman, JUSTICE and KMOWL-, EDOK.

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