The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1898
Page 7
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President McKinley was receiving important dispatches up to a late hour from Gen. Shatter, who Is now iu direct communication with the capital. The first of these messages was received about 11 o'clock last night and they continued at frequent intervals. No details were given out, but it is understood an important engagement occurred yesterday afternoon, the fighting beginning about 4 o'clock. Madrid, July 2.—It is rumored here that a great battle has been fought at Santiago, resulting favorably for the Spaniards. The report is unconfirmed. New York, July 2.—Gen. William R. Shatter has accomplished great results in the seven days his men have been on Cuban soil. He has driven the Spaniards into their last trench, the City of Santiago, and has placed his men in such position that he can, as he notified Washington yesterday, take the beleaguered city in forty-eight hours. Our forces will advance against the city In four directions, moving from northwest, northeast, east and southeast at the same time. It Is Gen. Shatter's plan not only to take the city, but he intends not to allow Gen. Linares to escape with his army. He has formed plans by which he is confident of capturing the largest Spanish force in eastern Cuba, and which will enable Admiral Sampson to capture the best vessels of the Spanish navy. There were developments of the greatest importance at the east of Santiago Tuesday. Gen. Shatter, after careful consideration, ordered Gen. Kent to move with his troops to the north. This order was carried out successfully, and Gen. Kent is now encamped at 151 Cancy. With Gen. Garcia's Cuban forces he will press on to the north and west, while Gen. Wheeler and Gen. Lawton will fill the gap which the advance of these forces will make. Their places in lurn will be taken by detachments of the army now at Gen. Wheeler's headquarters at Sevilla, while the rough riders and some of the regulars will press to the east, in the direction of Morro castle. Escape for Gen. Linares thus will become impossible. He will be hemmed In on all sides, completely at Gen. Shatter's mercy. This movement of troops to the positions assigned has been in progress since the flrst day of landing. With the single exception of the fight at La Quasinas, in which sixteen of our men fell, the Spaniards have ottered no serious resistance. The American forces have been marching to surround the city since Monday, but at none of the strategic points in the vicinity have they encountered the enemy. Less than half a mile now separates the outposts of the .two armies, Gen. Linares seems to have abandoned entirely the aggressive policy ho formed just prior to the debarkation of the American troops. Stolid and hopeless, he awaits Gen. Shatter's onslaught, determined to sell his military honor dearly. There is certain to be fighting of the most desperate character before the city can be taken. Gen. Shatter has deferred the assault in order to get all of the artillery and plenty of ammunition to the front. He desires the battle to be decisive, so it may end the campaign in that part of the island. Men and women, panic-stricken, are fleeing from Santiago to avoid the storm of war which is about to break. They are Cubans for the most part. Gen. Linares, glad to be rid of them, furnishes passes, which enable the refugees to go through the Spanish lines. Many of these refugees have entered the American lines. They estimate the strength of the Spanish army in Santiago at from 8,000 to 12,000 men. They report a great scarcity of food in the city, and assert that widespread terror exists among the noncombatants, who dread the horrors of a prolonged siege. Fully half of the population of Santiago will celebrate the day on which the Americans enter the city. They long for the attack to be made and the battle finished in the belief that after it is over better conditions than at present will prevail in that last citadel of the Spanish in the province of Santiago de Cuba. Admiral Cervera and Gen. Linares, according to the general belief in Santiago, will allow the Americans to reap as few benefits as possible from the capture of the city. It is Admiral Cervera's plan, according' to the reports brought by refugees, to blow up his warships the moment the Spanish flag is replaced by the stars and stripes on Morro castle. Gen. Linares, it is added, has his plan laid to blow up the arsenal and destroy all of the military stores. Gen. Linares on Monday issued a proclamation to hie soldiers, declaring that a powerful fleet was on its way with re-enforcements and exhorting his men to defend the city tenaciously until ,tbe re-enforcements arrive. TMs proclamation, Jipwever, is ye merely as Gen. Linares' method of trying to keep up the courage of hi» men. Privately the Spanish officers are complaining bitterly because Gfin. Blanco, who as yet is threatened by no foe on land, has left them to their fate. They have hopes that Gen. Pando, with 8,000 to 10,000. will come to their aid, but G«n. Shatter's course in sending his men to surround '.hs city lea- sens the chances of succor from that source. Sixteen thousand American tind Cuban troops now hold all of tho desirable positions between Peluca and El Caney, a distance of five miles. Gen. Garcia's men, barefoot but game, follow Gen. Kent to the north. Gen. Wheeler's division, consisting of two brigades of mounted cavalry, forms the left, while Gen. Lawton's division and Ihe rough riders are in the center. Ten Thousand on ttie Way. Washington, July 2.—The secretary of war has received a telegram from Mnj.-Gen. Otis at San Francisco saying that the three military expeditions which have already started for Manila were made up as follows: First, May 25—One hundred and fifteen officers and 2,386 men, Gen. Anderson commanding. Second, June IB—One hundred and fifty-eight officers and 3,428 men, under command of Gen. Greene. Third, June 27—One hundred and ninety-seven officers and 4,650 men, in command of Gen. McArthur, making a total of 470 officers and 10,404 men. Great Britain's Position. London, July 2.—Though on a casual reading the marquis ot Salisbury's speech at the United club Wednesday night seems to have been an attempt to carry water on both shoulders, the diplomatic body here construes it as a pronouncement of Great Britain's partiality. There is no doubt that the premier intended his remarks as a hint to the powers that Great Britain was in sympathy with the United States, and the intimation to that effect was called forth by Germany's alleged attitude as to the Philippine islands. Garcia Blny Head Oft I'nndo. x-laya del Este, June 28 (delayed In transmission).—It is believed that Gen. Calixto Garcia, whose forces were taken to the east in order to co-operate with the United States army in the capture of Santiago, will be sent with 8,000 of his men to stop the advance of Gen. Pando, the Spanish commander, who with 7,400 troops, many pack horses and a quantity of cattle on hoof has arrived at a point seventy-one miles from Manzanillo, going east toward Santiago de Cuba. Indiana Troops Mobilizing. Indianapolis, Ind., July 2.—Tho twelve companies that will make up the IGlst Indiana regiment, furnished under the second call, will all be in camp here by Saturday evening. Wiliam T. Durbin was commissioned as ;olonel of the regiment. After all the effort that was put forth to make places for two independent colored companies from this state, ollicered by colored men, only 100 men have responded out of the 212 wanted. To Ho lirigitdlors. Washington, July 2.—The suggestion is made in high military quarters that ol. Wood and Lieut.-Col. Roosevelt of the rough riders may be raised to the rank o£ brigadier-general in recognition of recent daring exploits of this body of men in the advance on Santiago. Thus far the matter of promotion is not known to have advanced beyond the stage of comment, although, as stated, it is the belief in military quarters that this promotion is likely to result. Spanish Agents Vuuglit. Portsmouth, N. H., July 2.—Two strange nien were arrested in the Portsmouth navy yard shortly before noon Thursday, in the vicinity of the magazine. The men were flrst seen by a sentry in a clump of bushes on a hill, back of the marine barracks, and as soon as 'he challenged them they walked toward him and gave themselves up. The men would give no information about themselves. They are now confined In the guardhouse. l*orto Rlcana Ask I/jberty, London, July 2.—The Paris cgrre- spondent of the Daily Mail says: "Dr. Betances, in the course of an interview, declared that the Porto Ricans would resist American invasion. He said Premier Sagasta favored granting independence, but feared popular opinion in Spain. If America were to issue a proclamation, said Dr. Betances, to the effect that she had no intention of seizing the country, it would have a good effect." Iowa Men Are Gathered. Des Molnes, Iowa, July 2.—Iowa's two light batteries, apportioned under the second call, arrived here Thursday from Cedar Rapids and Burlington, where provisional organizations were accepted. They are quartered at Camp McKinley and will be kept here until fully equipped. The batteries have had considerable drill. They will be mustered in next week. Change Mude Iu Flans. Camp Eaton, Island Lake, Mich., July 2.—The plan of examining the companies for the Thirty-fifth regi- iment in their home towns has been given up, as Col. Irish, fln,ds it both slow and expensive. Surgeons and companies have therefore been ordered to report at Camp Baton at once, where the examinations will be continued. EuBtls for Governor. St. Pauli Minn., July 2.—William Henry Eustis, of Hennepin county, was nominated for governor ol Minnesota by the republican state conyenUpn. |ij session here. A Giorlotis Dlflti. "Well," said the star boarder, as the landlady passed him his dish of strawberries. "I see you're patriotic." "Mow so?'' she. asked. "You give us the national colors at our meals. Those strawberries are red, the sugar you put on them is white, and it is almost needless for mo to add that the milk is blue." SINGULAR STATEMENT From Mrs. Bank to Mrs. Pinkhani. Reduction In Ulryolo I'rlcog. 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' " 1 continued this way until tho last of February, when I saw in a paper a testimonial of a lady whose case was similar to mine, and who had been cured by Lydia E. 1'inkham's Vegetable Compound. 1 determined to try it, and felt better after the first dose. I continued taking it, and to-day am a well woman, and can say from my heart, ' Thank Uod for such a modi- cine.'" Mrs. Pinkham invites all suffering' women to write to her at Lynn, Mass., for advice. All such letters are scon and answered by women only, Maria Christina, regent of Spain, has a pale, stern face, cold and changeless as marble. She possesses a grace* ful figure and patrician hands, 'wrists and feet. No man has a right to do as he pleases, except when he pleases to do right.—C. Simmons. \V. N. U. DCS Moines.No. 28—i8p8.~~~ When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This i'tipcr. 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