The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1898
Page 7
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THE tJi»JMJft BUS ALG0KA IOWA, WlDHlSDAY, .JtJNB- 29 V 1898, Her Aversion. "1 otiljr wish there were something I <?Onld give up for your sake," he exclaimed. ""Well, She answered, "there's/one bad habit I'd like to see you get rid of.'' "And what is that? 1 ' "Proposing to me.'' isn't Tottrro tf\l tind ftnoke tour life Sw.vr To qnit tobflcco easily and forever, be magnetic, foil of life nerve and vigor, tnke NovTo-Bac, the vrotitler worker, that makes Weak men strong. All druggists. 50o or $1. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and snmple free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. '" 111 Sweden there arc floating ranncr- ics, They nre small vessels, which follow fishing fleets, and men on them can the fish while they are fresh. Mrs. \VlrJ8loWsSoptMnfirsyrup • OT.elltlren teethinfr,sof tens the pruniH.reduces Inrttiro MAlion.all&ys p&In, cures \viml colic. 25 cents a bottlfit Attached to the army of Norway is a corps of skaters armed with rifles. They can be maneuvered on the ice or over the snowflelds of the mountains with a rapidity equal to that of the best trained cavalrv. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, "uc. The best houses in the city of Manila are of stouc, and arc handsome residences. Glass is not ii^cd for the win. dows. which are glnzctt with translucent oyster shells. FITS PormnnontlyCureu. Wonts ornervoti-messnrtoi first dfty'fl use of Dr. Kline's (ironl Ncrro Restorer. Bond for FIIKE Sa.OO trial bottlo iiml treatise. DR. R. 11. KI.INK, Ltd..931 Arch St., Philadelphia, Va. The longest word in the English language is "proimtitransubstantia- tionist," a joint word ot twenty-eight letters; "transubstantia-tionablcncss" is the next longest. Coe'H Couch Bitlsam is the oldeRtaml best. It will break up a coM quicker than anything else. It is always reliable. Try It. It is customary, on the birth of a Japanese baby, to plant a tree. This is carefully tended until the child is grown and about to be married, when it is cut down and made into furniture for the home of the young 1 couple. Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a God-send to me.—Wm. B. McClellan, Chester, Florida, Sept. 17, 18UD. "My wife," said Tangle, "is a mind reader." "Pity my lot," said Jangle, "my wife is a mind speaker." To Cure Constipation Forever, Take Cascuret's c'undr C'athanlc. lUo or 25o II C. C. 0. lull to euro druggists refund money. Flour is now being pressed into bricks for use on the march and in camp Discretion the Better Putt. Mnuriec and Johnnie have been rude to mnmmn. Mamma has complained to papa, who is heard coming upstairs. Johnnie—-I sny. Maurice, here comes papn. I shall pretend to be asleep. Maurice—I shan't. 1 shall get up and put something on. Proposed Alllnnre With England. If the United States and England should form an alliance there would be little chnnce for enemies to overcome us. When men and women keep up their health with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, there is little chance of attacks from disease, as it steadies the nerves and increases the appetite. Try it. To a Certain K.ttent, "You don't mean to say." protested the young woman, ''that you would be in favor of depriving .Spain of all her colonies?" "Well," answered the young man, eagerly seizing his opportunity. "I'm iii favor of annexing one of the Carolines." /•And an amicable treaty to that cffcc* was shortly afterward concluded. AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. We arc asserting in the courts our right to the exclusive use of tho word "CASTOHIA." and "PITCHER'S CASTOKIA," as ourTrndeMark. 1, Dr..Samuel Pitcher, of Hy.innis, Massachusetts, was tho originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," tho same that has borne and docs now bear tho fac-slmlle signature of CHAS. II. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is tho original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which has been used In tho homes of ihc mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and see that It Is "the kind you have ahvuys bought," and has the signature ol CHAS. H. PLETCHEK on tho Wrapper. No one has authority from mo to use iny name except Tho Centaur Company, of which Chas IL Fletcher is President. March 8, 1887. SAMUEL PITCHER. M. D. A law recently enacted in Norway makes girls ineligible for matrimony until they are skilled hi sewing, knitting and cooking. ICtliicato Your Uoivols With CiiRcnreta CunUy Cftthnrtlc. euro constipation forever. lOo, 25c. 11 C. C. C. tail (irUKK.slb rotund money. Soldiers, sailors, domestic servants and women are not allowed to vote hi Finland. For a perfect complexion nml a clear, healthy skin, use COSMO BUTTERMILK HOAP. Bold everywhere. The ink plant of New Granada is a curiosity. The juice of it can be used, as ink without any preparation. At first the writing is red, but after a few hours it changes to black. A regiment of 1,000 men could readily find shelter under a single banyan tree. In India there is one of these trees which has 400 main trunks and over 8,000 smaller ones. COULDSCARCELYRAISE HIS HAND, Yet took care of seventy head of stock. \The farmer who ifound a friend. r Beripua results often follow n strain, especially when it affects the back, aud few people are so liable to strain as those Who are lifting heavy loads of various kinds, from day to day. The teamster rarely ever overtaxes his strength. Familiarity with the class of wares he handles, enables him to entirely gage the load he lifts so as not to put an excessive burden on himself. But with the farmer it is different. He is lifting loads of such varying weights and under such varying conditions that he is very liable to lift a little too much some day, with injurious results. Many serious affections of the great organs of the body originate in a strain. It was so in the case of H. R. W. Beutley, of Towner, North Dakota, A •train resulted in serious trouble with the liver. How he recovered and was enabled to feed seventy head of stock during the winter, let him tell himself: "About a year ago, I sustained an injury Jn my back and shoulders by lifting a heavyweight. After a time, a liver trouble came on, which so weakened me that I could scarcely lift my hand to my head. •While in this condition, I began the use of Dr. T. C. Ayer's Pills, and finding almost Immediate benefit, continued until I was eured of my complaint, to that I was able to take care of seventy head of stock all through the winter, which shows that the cure was not temporary but permanent." —H. K. W. BENTLEV, Towner, N. D . The action of Dr. Ayer's rills on the liver makes them invaluable for those living in malarial climates. C. V. Alston, Quitmau, Texas, writes: " I have found in Dr, J. C. Ayer's Pills an invaluable remedy for constipation, biliousness, and kiuared disorders, peculiar to miasmatic localities. Taken in small and frequent doses, these pills act well on the liver, aiding it in throwing off malarial poisons, aud restoring its natural powers. 1 could not dispense with the use of Dr. Ayer's Pills."—C. F. ALSTON, Quitumu.Tex. Dr. Ayer's rills are a specific for all dis. eases of the liver, stomach, aud bowels, they promote digestion, cure constipation aud its consequences, and promote the general health of the entire system. They should always be used with Dr. J. C. Ayer's Sarsaparilla when a cathartic is required. More about the pills in Dr. Aycr's Curebook. Sent free. Address the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. SEARCH REQUIRES NO COOKINB. MAKES COLURS AND CUFFS STIFF AHO NICE ^ AS WHEN FIRST BOUBHT HEW. ONE POUND OF THIS STARQH WILL 60 AS FAR AS A POUND AND A HALF OF ANY OTHER STARCH. «J.C.HUBINQER BROS K.EOKUK.10WA. IRONING MADE EASY. HAS MANY IMITATORS, BUT NO EQUAL. Tfiic Qffltvli ls P re P ared on 1 1S13 Ollllvll scientific principles, by men who have had years of experience in fancy laundering. It restores old linen and summer dresses to their natural whiteness and imparts a beautiful and lasting finish. The only starch that is perfectly harmless. Contains no arsenic, alum or other injurious substance. Can be used even for a baby powder. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT AND TAKE NO OTHER. "HE THAT WORKS EASILY, WORKS SUCCESSFULLY." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO DES MOINES MARBLE & MANTEL GO. Graulto Monuments nnd Wood Muntels. Specialties. DOS Slolnes, Iowa. ittRt^f^^&^i^f ^* WABASH NEW FAST TRAIN l.v. CHICAGO AR. NEW AH, BOSTON I?;PO NOON . CRANg, C. P. | T- IN CUBA, fHE INSURGENT ARMY DIVIDED INTO SMALL PANDS. ; p Forces of Sr 'tniro tic Tithn Are Mostly trnedtio:u«<l but Intelligent l>e- m-endant* of Natlvfc African*—The Unv'C Itontlnc--Sleeplne In Hummocks Mr. Emory W. Fcnn, late major in ;he Cuban army, has written an article for the Century, entitled, "Ten Months With the Cuban Insurgents." Mr. Fenn says: Oux 1 operations were confined to the province of Santiago <1e Cuba, a large proportion of the inhabitants of which ore descendants of native Africans, imported in the days of slavery. Most of the men are of medium stntuve, with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. They are peaceful in disposition, seldom, if ever, quarreling among themselves, and are brave and fearless in battle. As no attention has been given by the Spanish authorities to their education, less than one-quarter of the country people in this province are able to read and write; but they are gifted by nature with a large amount of intelligence. Their homes are hardly moro than roofs. The families are large, often numbering from sixteen to eighteen. Children under five years seldom wear clothing. Lamps are almost unknown, candles being generally ustnl. Vegetables arc plentiful, and 'meat is now. furnished to the families by the prefect, an oflicei- of the civil government appointed for each township to protect and cnro for the families, also to furnish horses, vegetables and other articles necessary for the troops in his vicinity. As the Cuban soldier relics mainly upon vegetables, and, when the enemy »is not near at hand, often camps in tho same place for weeks at a time, it is necessary, in order not to exhaust tho supply, to divide the forces into small bands of from fifty to five hundred men, according to circumstances. The vegetables chiefly used are green plantains (a banana, but not the variety Kohl in this market), green bananas, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and the nutritions yucca. These vegetables are either boiled or roasted on the coals. The camp is usually chosen in an opening near a road, where fresh water may be had and grass found for the horses, the officers and assistants be-; ing, as a rule, mounted. If the camp: is for a short time only, no huts are) built; but if it is expected to remain! for several days, the soldiers erectj small shelters. A majority of the; officers are provided with a large piece! of canvas, which is stretched as ai roof over their hammocks. The hammocks are hung to trees, or to posts, driven into the ground. Each soldier, does his own cooking, but each officer ' is attended by an assistant. Fires] are started with flint and steel, 110' matches being used, except, perhaps,; for a short time after the capture of a • town. The principal firewood is' cedar. • As soon as a camp site has been se- i looted guards are planed, but only on' the roads, as the Spanish troops never, enter the woods. The horses are then unsaddled and taken to pasture,; hammocks are hung and fires are: built. Soldiers who are not supplied, with vegetables are allowed to look for them; and, while usually they are; to be found near at hand, it is sometimes necessary to go several miles before finding'jthem. At night staff officers are required to do guard duty near headquarters, to recieve any messages that may arrive, and to see that all is quiet in camp. Heveille is sounded on tho bugle at daylight, and everyone, officers included, is obliged to turn out. Coffee or sambnmbia (sweetened water) is then made, and about one hour later roll call is again sounded, lletreat in sounded at 8, when every man must be in camp, and at 9 "silence" is sounded, and all remove their clothing and retire for the night. The Cubans eat but two meals a day, one about 11 a. in. and the other about 6 p. in. They often march by moonlight, and. many of their attacks are made at night, while the Spanish forces never inarch or attack except by day. In a Spanish carnp thu horses are not unsaddled during thq day, and at night the men often do not remove their clothing, and the entire camp is well guarded. Medicine) is scarce and fever is common. First Steamship to CroBB the Atlantic, It was under the American flag that the first steamship crossed the Atlantic. The Savannah, built in New York by Francis Picket, was a vessel of 300 tons burden, and was still in the stocks when Wm. Scarborough, a wealthy merchant of Suvanuah, Ga., fconght her. He advertised extensively for passengers and freight to start the trans-Atlantic voyage. There were no responses; people every where were enthusiastic, but were not confident enough to risk either life or property in such an undertaking. On the 20th of May, 1819, the Savannah started; twenty-two days later she ran into the 1 River Mersey and came to anchor oft' Liverpool, "with not a screen, bolt or rope-yarn parted." — Detroit Free Press. An Electric Scurf Fin. Perhaps the smallest electric motor in the world is in the scarf pin of D. Goodwin, of McKinney, Texas. He is a skilled watchmaker, and recently he constructed the motor, which is so small that a ten-cent piece will cover it. It weighs only 9-100"ths of an ounce. The front of the motor is of highly-polished gold and the commu- tator and segments are of the same metal. Mr, Goodwin wears the ouri- osity in his necktie and it makes a very attractive decoration, the nature of which can only be discovered by olofte inspection.—Ohioapo Record, A NAVAL HERO'S (From the Tirncs-IInrald, Chicago, III) Late in ISGl, -when President Lincoln Issued a call for rolrtntcovs. L. J. Clark, o{ Warren, Tfumhull Co.. Ohio, -was among th& first to respond. Ho joined the rnortnt' fleet of Admiral Porter just before the memorable operations on tho Mississippi rirer began. It wns nt tlio terrific bombardment of the Vickslmrg forts, that the hero of this story foil with n shattered arru from a charge of schmpnel. After pfilutul months in the liospitrd lie recovered sufficiently 1o bo sent to his home at Wnrren, Ohio. Another mil for troops fired his pnt.riotic y.enl und Ulark,«oon enlisted in Company H. of tho 7th Ohio Volunteers. In the tinny of the Potomnc, ht wnsinmany engagements. Being wounded in a skirmish near Richmond, ho was sen) to the hospital nud thence homo. Boon afterward he began the study nml then the practice o) veterinary surgery. Seeking n wider field than t h n Ohio villagii afforded, hn •went to Chi. cngo, where he now has r, wide prnc- t i c o , is !> member ot A n onmlrrt Hatch Post G. A. R., and lives at4Pn5 Ashlnud Avo. Several yenrs ago Dr. Clnrk'a old woumU began to trouble him. He grow weak and emaciated, and his friends Jospaired of his life. He finally recovered sufficiently to be out, but was n nierashadow, wolfrhingouly 00 pounds. Tho best uiedicnl attendance fnilod to roBtoro his lost strength nud vigor. "A friend gnvo mo a box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pixlo People," snid Dr. Chirk, ''and they helped uiesomueh thntl bought a half dozen boxes nnd took them. 1 BOOH regained my strength, nov weigh I'JC pound B nnd, except for injuries thivt cun never bo remedied, am us well us over. "I consider Dr. Williams' Pink Pil!n for Pale .People tho best remedy to build uji n 'run down system, and heartily recommend them to everyone in ncod of simh nid." Kot-p Him on TrnterliooltB. She—"Why, she flirted outrageously with him nil winter." Noll—"Yes. 1 s;uv him kiss her one night," Jennie—''Oh, 'that is not Hirlin<r." She and Nell—"Not flirting? Then ive would like to know \vhat is?" .leniiie—"Why. milking him want to and not letting' him." COST OF A WEEK AT OMAHA. Koimi nml Hoiml Tor KvpoKltloit VlHllorn lit MoilfflltO I'l'lt'CB. Perhaps the first consideration with thrmc contemplating' a visit to the Trims-Mississippi Exposition this summer is that of cost. To the few, "money is no object;" to the many, it may be said that the cost of a visit to the exposition at Omaha is moderate and reasonable. Jn the first place, the railroads have granted exceedingly low rates, especially to the territory near by. Rooms can be obtained at moderate cost in any part of the city, in some cases including board, and those to whom time is money should remember that the compactness of the exposition buildings and the iii'ccssibSlity from the center of the city make it possible to "see the sights'' in much less time than was required at the Columbian exposition at Chicago. One day spent in each of the main buildings, with two or three days for the state buildings and other attractions, will occupy about two weeks, but a. good general idea of the fair can be obtained in half that time. Visitors should communicate immediately on their arrival in the city with the Official Information Ihircau. Jit 10 Farnain street. Ifaggago can be checked direct to this address nt a charge of ";"> fonts to cover the cost of hauling from the de-pot. Tho bureau is under contract with the exposition management to furnish free reliable information in regard to rooms, board, transportation, carriages, baggage, messenger service, etc. The bureau has on its books sonic Pi,000 rooms, mostly in private residences, to which visitors can be referred entirely without charge. Comfort able roomscan be obtained either near the exposition grounds or near the business part of tlio city for $1 a night or $'> a week for a singl'e person, uiidt'or Sl.PiO a night or $8 a week for Uvo. In some eases a light breakfast is included in these prices, Thoreare also rooms at higher or lower figures in all parts of the city. The hotels also furnish the usual accommodations at the usual prices. In some cases board can bo obtained in the same house, and in every case the Information Hnrenu will give information as to the distance from any one of the rooms on its list to the nearest restaurant or boarding house. CJood board can he had for $") a week for each persoi,, or at usual prices at restaiuants all over the city. Plenty of good dining halls and lunch counters are in operation in close proximity T.O the grounds at which visitors will be fairly and liberally treated. There are a restaurants on the exposition grounds, besides about two do/oii lunch counters, tea gardens, ice. ereain stands, etc.. at all of which prices arc reasonable. At most of these the usual charges are 5 cents for tea and coffee, pies, etc., 10 cents for sandwiches and other things at corresponding prices. Admission to the grounds is SO cents for each person above 1'i years of age. Children between ~> and P.J years, :.'5 cents. These tigm-os include everything within the fences, except the amusement features on the midway, which arc in the hands of individual concessionaires. Paying 1 85 a week for room, auothei S"> for board and 50 cents a day foi general admission to the grounds, makes the cost of a- weelc at tho ex position about $15. AVfll Kuiiitonecl. Teacher—What are microbe*? Pupil—They are animals that one never sees. Teacher—Very good. Now give me an example. Pupil—The elephant. Teacher—What! the elephant? How's that? Pupil—I never saw oue. Stockings were first used in tin eleventh century. Before that clotl bandages were used on the feet. COSMO BUTTEKMILK: TOILET SOAP makes the sldu soft, white aud healthy, Sold every where. _ _____ One of the Rothschilds is reported have paid $1,000 for a butterfly Not Wortdnft 1 . .Tack—"How did yoxir little lake with the old gentlemen?" Dick—"He said it wouldn't work.'* Jack—"Why not? What was the matter with it?" t)ick—"He said it was too much like me." From Ilnlvr In tho .High Clinlr .o grantlma in the rocker Grnin-O is rood for the whole family. It is the ong-desircd substitute for coffee. Never upsets the nerves or injures the ligcstion. Made from pure grains, it is n food in itself. Has the taste nnd ap- jcoranee of the best coffee at M the >rice. It is a genuine and scientific ar- "ricle nnd is come, to stay. It makes for icalth nnd strength. Ask your grocer "or Grnin-O. The Chinese government levies a •egulnr tax on beggars, and gives them n return the privilege of begging in scrtnin districts. Snid of the Stnmlnrd. F. H. Knowlton, M.S., professor of botany, Columbian University, Washington, D. C., curator of botany, U. S. National Museum, Washington: "The Standard Dictionary is far superior to any single-volume dictionary." See display advertisement of how to obtain the Standard Dictionary by making a small payment down, the remainder in installments. A passenger car on a sttinm railroad losts from $-1,000 to »5,000; a baggage .'tir, ft'.'.OOO to Sli.tiOO; a sleeping car, from $10,000 to $30,000. lloiinty In Hlooit U««)i. Clonn blood makes a clean skin. No lieiuity without it. Ciiscnrots Candy Cathartic clonus your blood nnd keeps it clean, by stirring upthe lazy liver nnddrlviiig nil impurities from '.ho body. liogln to-day to bullish pimples, boils, blotches, blnckhends nnd Unit sickly blltoiiR complexion by talcing Cnsenrots,—beauty for ton cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed. 10, '.'5, DOc. Warm meals arc supplied to al_ the pupils in the public schools of Paris. The cost of a meal is about two cents. Wo Pay Expenses nnd liberal commissions, refund the cash for till goods not f,:MiiK Uio consumer satisfaction. LOUR terms of credit. First-class schomo salesmen wanted. No bond required. Sal<.'S made from photographs Wo (juiiruntco 950.00 pel-month on mull orders. Address with stamp, Urcnurd Mfg. Co., lowu Ulty. lowu. Robert Taylor, the postmaster at Scarva, County Down, Ireland, is said to be KM years of age. A bath with COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP, exquisitely scentod, is soothing aiid beneficial. Sold everywhere. Both Mrs. Nellie Grant Sartoris nnd General Henry Kyd Douglass deny the story that they arc soon to be married. No-To-Um: for Fifty Cents. Gunrnntuml lulmcco linbli euro, niiikes wonli men iiuni;, liluod pure, 60c, (1. All urunulsls. One of the hospitals in Moscow is largo enough to accommodate 7,000 patients. jowa Parma for aal», S2 per acre cant ,crop umn paid.. J. Mulball, Sloiu en Fifty years ago tne population of Europe was about 1250,000,000. It is to:lay considerably over !!00,000,000. MM LtJCY GOODWIN ~........ . ,,-....._ , >. Buffeted four jreafa with fetnftte tw»«* blcs. She now writes to Mi-S. Pinkhaftl of he* complete recovery. Read her letter: DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:—I wish, you to publish what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, Sanative Wash and Lire* Pills have done for ine. I suffered ,for four yearn with womb trouble. My doctor said I had falling of the womb. I also suffered With nertona »... prostration, faint, * all-gone feelings, palplta* tton of the heart, bearing-down sensa* tion and pninful menstruation. I could not stand but a few minutes at a time. When I commenced taking your medicine I could not sit up half a day, but before I had used half a bottle I was up and helped about my work. I have taken three bottles of Lydia R Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and used one package of ^anativc Wash, and am cured of all my troubles. I feel like a new woman. I can do all kinds of housework and feel stronger than I ever did in my life. I now weigh 131 Jtf pounds. Before using your medicine I weighed only 108 pounds. Surely it is the grandest medicine fo< weak woman that ever was, and inf advice to all who are suffering fronr any female trouble is to try it at ones and bo well. Your 'medicine haa proven a blessing to me, and I cannot/ praise it enough.—Mrs. LucYGooujViHf Holly, W. Va. . , ,.., L , ..,„,., ^f Pr Kau'Q Rpnnvatnr UUAKANTEKD Uli IVOJ o neilUtdllll, to euro ilyHiiupKla, oon- MlputUin, liver anil kklnuy dlseiiscH, blllousnesr houclnchos, utc. Ai ilruKKlnlB, !K>o and tl.UU. iGctyourPonsior JDOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent, H25 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON, D.Ct \ If uoit Intend tO build amj hind of n building send 10 cents for our 18986kctchhooK. THE C. E. BflST- MflN CO., flrolil' toots. 604 Obi servatoru Bldg.i Des Mollies, "I hnvo gone 14 day* at a tlmo without i? Movement of tlio bowel*, not being able tl move thorn except by using bot water Injections. Chronic constipation for seven years placed mo In this torrlblo condition; durliis that tlmo I did every thing I hoard of but never found any relief i suou was my caoo until 1 began using CA8CAUKT8. I now have from one to three passages a day, and If I was rich 1 would give 1100.00 for each movement! It IB such a relief." AYLMKU L. HUNT, 1039 Itussell Bt., Detroit, Mlob. Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, TaEto Good. Do Good, Never Sicken, WoaUon, or Gripe, lOc, Wo, Wo. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... Sterling Itemedr Company. Clilcuo. Montreal, Nun Vortl. 3S THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to thO care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SVIIUP Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all tho importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFOHNIA Fia SVHUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. Tho high standing of tho CAW- JTOKNIA Fia Sritui- Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on tho kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the ijame of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FHANCI8CO, Cul. LOUISVILLE, Ky. N UW TOKK. N. V. CURE YOURSELF? UBB Dig O for unnatural discharges, luttauiuiallonB, irrltationo or ulceratioua of luncolib mombranee. I'ttinless, and not antrlli' gent or poleonouu. Sold by Drngslitj, or Bent In plain wrapper, by express, prepaid, fof (1 .on, or 3 hot {IKK, (2.76. Circular eeut ou MAKE HILL Columbia Chain Wheels. S75 Harlfords, • • 60 Vedettes, $40 & 35 Great Popular Offer! S --— --- — — - - THE FREIGHT. BEST SCALES, LEAST MONEY-JONES OF BINGHAMTON.N.Y NEW DISCOVERY selves k rollufttiHlctiruuworet ca»es. eouil for took of tuxtlmoniala and 1O tlays' treatt»eitt l f rvv. iir.u. 11. uums'b KONMUIUU.U*. r Ifau'c I nntf fi K3) 5 UyOg t<>T . w>ugu». turcnu uispueo, r single order, ot one liiiiidreii thouEiiml (1IK),UX)) copies of thla uclcuuivludged masterworli of the Contiirj". we are uov/iinalilcd to offer II- to the public ai fur lens thun tho publishers' prlveHi The Funk & Wagnalls STANDARD DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ™ oVrR FROM COVER TO OOVEK. revlslgii of upy otliur work, but Is tho result of (lie steady labor of tlvo yours of over twelve ncoro or the most eminent mid authoritative scholars and spociiiliala In the world. Nearly IDOof the luailliif vintvvrMtlus, uul- legos and scletititlo Institutions of the world were roiireEciitoil on tue editorial stulj : 21) UuUuit States (iovorument experts were also ou the editorial stuff. Over $900.000 were actually u.xpemlea in Its production before u single I'pmplbto copy was reiicty for tho murket. Tho regular Mitourlpllo'ii price of the Standard Wctlouury U $1S.UO. Wu » 111 now supply the complete work In oue rich, inusUye volume, elegantly bound lu full leather, prepaid to uuy address u t the ustonlshluKly low price of H'J.W, ou the following tevms to respouslblo people: $1,00 CASH WITH ORDER Anil 861 per moutU 011 the 1st of ericfc mouth until 1>»U1. The dictionary will lie tout express prepaid ou receipt of the $I.UU «utli payment, thereby giving puivhusers neudy a full year's use of Ibis great work Uetore tluut pay mow Is made. Full particulars by uiaU. Address, STAHDARD DICTIONARY AG»,

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