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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 7

The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 7

The Wichita Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:

'-WWww v.O.JvjnHMIBHnHnHHnHHiH ssT ffee tHRiefciia ailq gaglc: atnrtlitg ptffrtting, jTepterauet- 17, 1892. 7 Sj; MANHOOD RESTORED. "SANAT1VO." the Wonderful Spanish Reined ii sold TltL a Written Guarantee to cure a'l 2ti vous Ills-easr-s. such as 'Weak Aleaiory, Ixjss of Brain i Power, Headache, Lost Man-tioou. Xerousnesi. Las situde, ull drmiis and josv of power of tli Generathe Orpaiis in either ex. causd by CTer-eiertion, youthful indiscretions, or the excessive use oj loDscco, opium, or BUinuianis, wnicn lead to Infiruiitr, Consumption and Inraniti- Put up in cooveiiieat form to carry in the -st jiocket. nee (I a package, or 6 for Si. With err So order we Five a written guarantee to cure or refund tho noney. feeut by mail to aav address. Circular tree in plain envelope. Mention this paper. Address, MADRID CHEMICAL CO. Branch Office for U.S. A. 358 Dearborn Street, CHICAGO. ILL. FOR SALE IN WICHITA. KANS BV teeltinger Druggists, 216 East Douglas At, Xjw VDaflrl7y IfiZMl 0Of 1 Before After Use.l Fhotograrhed from life. THE FAIRIES' WEDDING. All About Admiral Dot and Hia Dainty Bride. How Little Mrs. Dot Renonncad the Faith of Mer Fathers The Bridal Tarties Costumes The Ceremony. FOR THE FAIR SEX. Aix that I am my mother made mo. Great women belong' to history and to Bolf-sacriflce. Three is a woman at the beginning-of all gTeat things. Bur one thing on earth is better than tho -wife that is the mother. Wojies aro a new race, ro-created since tho world received Christianity. Womak is the Stmday of man; not hia Tcpose only, but hia joy, tho salt of his life. "TVomax" must ever bo a woman's highest name, and honors more than "lady, if I know right. There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire which beams and blazes in tho dark hours of adversity. woma! In ordinary cases sd mcro a mortal, how in the great and rare events of life dost thou swell into the angels! Prhje in a woman destroys all symmetry and grace; and affectation is a more terrible enemy to a fine face than the smallpox. Banner of Gold. PERSONAL MENTION. jKS3 The present holder of the title, Baron "Fairfax, lives in Virginia. He is a physician and practices his profession. Stepetx- Maybee, who calls himself a general, is organizing' a rival salvation army in California and will invado tho eastern states with it The only surviving child of Roberb Fulton, inventor of tho steamboat, is said to bo living1 in Poughkeepsie, mother of Rev. Hubert Fulton Cray, of that city. Gen. Graft's mother, father and maiden bihter are buried in a Cincinnati cemetery, their last resting place marked by a modest granite monument designed by Gen. Grant himself. Mn. He-set M. Stanley has become so angered at tho flippant allusions in tho American newspapers to h's late canvass that he dcclaros he will never set foot in tho United States again. Rosn L. Clemexs, of El Reno, 0. though only eighteen years of age, is blowly dying of ossification. There is now scarccty any flesh on her bones and 6ho weighs only twenty-eight pounds. IN- EUROPEAN CAPITALS. (COPTRIGHT, 1892, BYBACUELLER ft JOHNSON'). ATE you forgotten 'the fairy books of your childhood and the fascinating pic- "i.tures where the Queen of the Fairies married the Prince of Wonderland Don't you remember how the tiny queen was arrayed for the wedding by two maids of honor in the perfumed heart of a lily bud, and how she was supposed to poise trem blingly for an instant on the swaying blossom before intrusting herself to the golden chnriot drawn by white butterflies, which was to take her to her princely lover And how you crept out and lay in the grass on starlight nights, pretending to be asleep, hoping to see another maiden radiant in bridal white of satiny petals, her vail of mist and her jewels of dew-drops moro resplendent than any fine lady's diamonds I There are no fairies for the astute infants of this day and generation, more's the pity I How I should have liked to gather them together the other Sunday yes, and the big people too and revived their faith by showing them a real faiiy wedding Tho dear little bride was only forty-nine inches high, and her ivory silk gown had train at least a half yard longer than herself. Her pretty pink and white face gleamed like a flower through the tullo vail, and fiom tho orange blossoms crowning her chestnut hair to the pearl buckles on the tiny slippers, she was a sure enough fairy and very proud of her was her huband to bo. "When it became known that Admiral Dot and Lottie Smartwood were to bo made man and wife nn enterprising theatrical man offered them $1,000 if they would have the ceremony performed in his theater, and a museum manager, with an eye to business, promised them a fabulous sum if they would spend their honeymoon with him. But no! their romance was dearer to them than the dol-lats. They wanted a truly wedding in grown-up style, with only a few friends to share their happiness, and so a hundred wee cards were issued, a half-dozen being sent to other little people who came to bring fairy gifts and magic for tho coming years. log, and the Admiral and his newwif wii-e to go to a quiet place at the seaside for two weeks to themselves, before starting on a business tour of six months. I forgot to say that Rhine wine was used in the service. Nothing very Biblical about that! And that there were absolutely no decorations except red and white paper flowers on the dinner table. Leopold Kahn, or "Admiral Dot," has been before the public twenty years. He owns to being 28 years old and ought to be a voter, ho is so bright and well informed. He wears a 5 8-8 hat, 5 1-2 glove and 11 shoe, children's He told me slightly different numbers at first, but when his wife confessed to the same, he increased the size of his glove3 and boots like the little gentleman that he is. He was all business with the reporters, but he had a perfectly killing way with the ladies. Wichita Wholesale Manufacturing Houses. i ffhe houses giren below are representatire ones in their line, and thoroughly reliable. They are famished thns for ready refer ence for the South generally, as well a for city and imboiban buyers, Dealtrt and inquirers, should correspond direct with names given. turner A. s. Jfarcuia ESTABLISHED 1SS6 CORNER FARNUM -ROYAL COEFEE AM SPICE MILLS- The ouly Coffee Uoasteis Spice Grinders in the state Of Kansas. Carry a lull line. Low est prices. Teas, Coflee, Spices, Herbs, Bating Powders, Extracts, Ciais, spray Yeast, Etc. 112 114 South Emporia Avenue. CHAS. LAWRENCE, DLAL. X. Photogralicis Supplies! 102 DouqI a Avenue, Wichita, Kan. Telephone Connection About? a quarter of the people in Paris live in apartments. There are ninety-nine different banking companies in London. The authorities of Berlin have de cided to incorporate tho suburbs in tho I civic boundary, thus Increasing its radius to ten miles and bringing up its I population to three millions Pupils in an English technical school rowed across tho channel from Folke- I Htono to Boulogne recently in an ordi- guests formed an aisle down the loug nary four-oarcd galley, covering tho room through which the wedding party distance in five and one-half hours and passed on its way to tho altar. First beating tho record. came portly Papa Kahn and matronly At the beginning of the current year Mamma Kahn, parents of the groom. COL. ANU MRS. STEER AXD BAr.Y MINNIE STEER When the wedding march soun ded tho tho police forco of London numbered 15,0.13 men. Sixty per cent, of tho forco is required for night duty. The "Metropolitan police district embraces an area of about CSS square miles. The increase in tho number of regular annual American visitors to London is attributed in that city to the fact that tho London hotels of the better class are trying with some success to bo like good American hotels. INVENTIVE GENIUS. CnATT shot were the invention of De Witt, tho great Dutch admiraL They were first used in 106G. A boy near Grand Rapids, is raising crickets by thousands and sella them to anglers for bait. Tyre art of stereotyping was invented hf a Frenchman, Didot, in 1793. and was first brought to America in 1S13. It is proposed to rear insects for ornamental purposes the same as foreign flowers and plants aro acclimatized in hothouses and garden. M. Paule, who recently died in was tho inventor of the "peg top" trousers which were so much worn by American volunteer firemen and village sports about a quarter of a century ago. Osr. of the greatest novelties in weaving machinery recently invented is that designed by an Englishman, in which tho pUe in plush fabrics is gained in an expeditious manner during weaving. The nicks or wefts aro actually cut before being driven in Theu tho fairy party of seven small people, not ono of whom was over four feet high. They wero Col. and Mrs. Steer, and Miss Belton, with the stunning little fellows, Major Atom and Col. Huebler, on either side, and flnnlly the bride and groom. Tho groom was in immaculate dress suit, white gloves and tie, diamond studs, a whit bud in his buttonhole, and a silk hat covering his head, according to a religious Jewish custom for it was to be a Jewish wedding ceremony. The Admiral has an intelligent, kindly face, and looked every inch a man, which is more man i can sav oi an onuegrooras j. nae seen So handsome is he that one of tho girls present, looking down on him from the superior height of five feet six, remarked audibly that he was too dear for anything, and she was in love with him heiself. which sentiment was evidently universal, juding fiom the way the girls grabbed and kissed both bride and groom after the ceremony. I Poor little bride! Pale and tiemblinji ADMIRAL AND MRS. DOT BEFORE THE RABBI. At one time the Admiral was the smallest known midget, except Lucia Zarato, but he has grown four inches since he was 18. By that time he was so proud of his mustache he could afford to bear with patience the increase in inches. A peculiarity about the Admiral's family is that there has been ono midget in every generation as far back as they can remember. His father is taller than the average man, and broad in proportion, weighing nearly 800 pounds. His mother weighs 200. His only brother is six feet high, but ha has an uncle and a nephew to keep him fiom being lonesome. His nephew, Major Atom, is one of the prettiest boys 1 ever saw, with his round cheeks, luminous eyes and wonderfully long lashes. Mrs. Admiral Dot is like a dainty French doll, with the manners of a society lady, e.cept that nothing seems to bore or tire her. Her complexion is almost transparent, her petite figure perfect 'in" its miniature womanliness and she has a delicious little laugh and confiding manner. There is nothing stunted, nothing pitiful about either her husband or herself, although she has had some experiences not quite in keeping with her diminutive size. Mrs. Dot was an only daughter and she had a brother as big as most folks, but she had a stepmother, and traveling was preferable to horns life. She was only on the stage a few months, and it was while acting as leading lady in the ill-fated Gulliver's Travels she met and loved the Admiral who was commedian in tho same company. But again the conrso of true love got tangled up in the first chapter; not even this pocket edition could be spared. The Admiral is an orthodox Jew, while his lady love was a Presbyterian. After long deliberation, he took her to his mother and his rabbi, and for eight weeks the loving little woman went daily to the rabbi and learned her catechism, then went out with Mother Kahn to look after her trousseau. Mother Kahn considers her small son as much of a man as her big one, and she is ery proud of his so-cuinig so beautiful and docilo a wife of hife own size. On tho Thursday before her marriage Mrs. Dot went to the temple to formally renounce the faith of her fathers. Only the women of the congregation were 'assembled; no unbelievers are ever admitted to Jso sacred a rite. Attended by two elderly women, shewent into a private bath to undergo thorough purification from previous unrighteousness, even to the cleansing of the hair and nails and the cleansing of the insides of ears and nostrils. The women dried the small body and, wrapping a sheet around her, they walked in solemn silence to the pool where the rabbi waited to immerse her. As one of the women told me, she must be put under the water so that not even a hair of her head could be seen. The rabbi must have found her as light and tinv one of his WICHITA BOTTLING OITO ZlilJIEKMANN'. Pro Bottlers of Ginger Ale. Champaguu Cider, Sada Water, Standard Nerva Food, also General Western Agents for Win. J.Leiup'&Extra Pale. Cor. First and Wichita. Geo. H. Lloyd Co Harness and Saddlery, burt'ery HHrdwaie Leather, Up Roii, JtU. Blankets, Brushes. Whiid. ComUs. EU. i'ly 401 E. Douglas Ave. Wichita, Kan, J. A. BISHOP, Wholesale and Retail WALL PAPER Paints, Oila and Glass. 150 market Wichita, Kan F. r. MARTIX, Wholesale and Retasl Artists Materials. Pictures. Frames ion Cfrtpi. Fir usr( iUscLv Screens. Etc Hretqual tr French China for dtcomtloc. Frenthliicin the in of AtUtls JJatenal LeuIsorChicaso price. Jn enly excloslr Art turclu rl.f-ia:e. Order promptlr Attended tattfioxie TeianUosse 2i JJde 3 OIITIT 2TAXKIZT ST. THEWICHITAEAGLE LITHOGRAPHERS, PRINTERS, PUBLISHERS, ARO BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURERS. Ill East Douglas Arenne. R. PXfcurdock, Business Manager J. P. ALLE3T, DRUGGIST, Kept in a Rrstelass Drug Store 10S EAST DOUGLAS ATS. VICTTTTA. KAX. FAMES MACHINE WORKS. Builds and Repairs ENGINES, BOILERS and MACHINERY. 124 S. Washington Ave Wichita. ft 0YAL WORCESTER CUTLERY BEST IN THE WORLD. A WKITTJKS WAllBAiSTX glTen wit coca KBtfe, JZaxor or Shear. THE C. E. POTTS DRUG CO. (Formerly Charles 13. Potts Jk Cincinnati O.l WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS. Goods Sold at St. l.onls and Kansas City Prices. 33 nnd 235 South Main Street, Wichita, Kansas. WICHITA TRUNK FACTORY. Manufacturers and Dealers of Trunks, Valises, Medical Cases, Shawl Straps and Sample cases. A complete line of traveling goodc. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 125 West Douglas Aye. Wichita, Kan. EAGLE CORNICE WORKS. 324 NORTH MAIN STREET. Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron, and Copper Cornice: Tin, Copper, Iron, and Slate Rooting Work done in any part of tho country. Estimate furnished on application. dlC5.imo Caswell Buckley. ormrRicrs ON KMViS. Ftnrle blaile. Mit. jS3cU. Double Made, Ttn Knlres. to $1 W. Cattle tuivtn, to I2.S0. A rtlltttle dealer winted In T.rr tewn to naudle onr cut lery. Write at oi.cb oc sucure actner before It Is toe Uta. liberal OIKGUOl to tt Trade. Our cntlery Is all band ottt of razor atel, and mads by tba most txuieu iaar unuer enr sp.cisi mttrticuoss, c.uxala eery retprct, and tupjrlor la mny, to Uw twit EoglUh cranes, ami ut lets cost. TIic ceslrlnjr a r.llaile itufe shonM tit tfcelr doaler for tbo ROYAL WORCESTER gRAND aad Uko ro otl er, as they ARE juliabi.e. it canaot ai'P'i' yon, Km! to tu advertiKM prlca and ire Trill send article pott paid (10 rents extra for register- In), by miu." MCKNIGHT 352 NORTH MAIN STHEET. WICHITA. KANS: For Bale by the Leading Hardware Dealers in the city. DISTRICT AGENT FOR SANTA FE COALS, ANl) J0BBEE OP BUILDING MATEKIALS. 1 1 2 S. 4th Ave. Wichita, Kan. WICHITA WHOUESALE GBOCEItY Wholesale Grocers, US TO 223 SOUTH A mu r-'HcKE Keep eYerythlnir-in the irrocery line, show onses, hcnles and irrocers nxtures. OI Uie JiOyaiiy" aim -U mnocecia urnuua ui jijiMiot as tJH(E AM 1VAREBOD61! also sole piourielors AYLESBUKY-NOREIS MERCANTILE CO Wholesale Grocers, 138-140 1ST. Fourth Ave. Wrny full llr" Ff ar, Ccfferi, fcjiurn. Ta.f Clfarr: Tolrc, ard all grcti omllr T'rA riy 11 1 trude. We 1 ne JMitr.y ji ittarfdt tr ttccV lnntOr. icr tM care of curtrndr anil it. 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Electrical Supply Construction Company Dealers in electrical supplies of every description. We install or repair all kinds of electrical machinery or appliances. Satisfaction Guaranteed. J.btimateb furnished tree of charge. $. 250 North Main Street thoughts will be as she reaches girlhood and looks down on the little freaks Nature has given her for parents; it will certainly be a unique experience for a young lady. They say, ho'. ever, that Tom Thumb's son is nearly fent high and that he is very proud of his little mother. Mis Belton, the other mldgefc present at the wedding, looked like a faded and wrinkled rose leaf. She wore a lavender silk made en train and a prolusion of old lace and diamonds, probably relics of the days when she held a continual reception. She has been off the stage for some time lifted her, as naked as the day was born, into the t-heet the women held. There was no music, only the renunciation of a belief in tho Trinity, and the vow of believing henceforth in the Unity now, living comfortably on the mor.ey own 'babies as he made in various tours. as a waxen lily, she reached the altar. Surely something more than the solemn- and of living consistently, but the still-ity of tho occasion had driven the roses ne" the temple must have been awful fiom her cheeks! Every mother in the to a g'rl from tho natnre of the loom thought of Minnie' Warren, and felt i training of her childhood, mut have felt tiirnh of tour at tho riOc this lift'n that Judas-like, she denying her woman in white was taking. Bravely Christ. she btood bv her heart's choice, under tho Jewish informant, sympathetically; she crimson and gold canopy supported by no other girl could take it if she had four young men. On a level with the top nv kind of fallh in her hora0 Hfe- of her head wa tho Holy Table, with its wonder if little people have as large souls i covering of white s.ilk, supporting the I big people." There are only two tem- two elsssr-s of wine and t'np stfiiirbirri of i pies in New York where a rite of this I dmiral Dot and his wife say they will return to New York some time to live in a flat. Most New York flats are constructed with especial reference to small people and furnishings, so they will doubtless have a cozy home. They have wedding presents enough to more than half furnish one, including a golden chair from M. Quad that will hold both husband and wife at once, and the promia "It is a terrible tep," said my ot a jaT crib and carriage on demand. rBANCIS AIRPLAY. It is sincerely to be hoped that the theory which has recently been started will not be the means of the introduction of a race of long-haired men. Wallenstein Cohn Importers and Jobbers of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. 103, 105, 107, 100, East Douglas Ave. THE JOHNSTON LARIMER DRY GOODS WHOLESALE Dry Goods, Notions rand Furnishing Goods. Complete Stock tn all the Department. 119, 121 123 Topeka Ave. "Wichita. Kansas. SCIENCE OF MANY KINDS. A Wedding Blag. Dnring the time of George I. and II. England, tho wedding ring, though placed upon the usual linger at tho time of marriage, was sometimes worn on the thumb, in which position it is often seen on the portraits of the titled ladies in those days. It is now absolutely necessary to use a ring at the Lnghs-h mar riage scrvicts. The placing of the ring on the book is a remnant of the ancient custom of bloslng the ring by sprinkling holy water In a form of a cross. This is still done by tho Eoinan Catholic priest. The Puritans attempted the abolition of the ring. The Quakers don't us a ring at the service because of its heathenish origin; but many wear them afterward. The Swiss Protestants do not ue a ring either at the vervice or afterwards. TnouoH tho next total solar eclipse 'docs not take place until April 15, 1893, astronomers aro already astir in making' plans for observing it. SAOHnnosu, hitherto supposed to useless, and which covers million of acres of the western plains, can be converted into a. superior grade of coar paper. As anti-cancer league has been orjran-ized in Paris, it purpose bdny to eek means of rclierrin humanity from one of its most dreadful scourges. ExcLisn medical authorities are coming to the conclusion that tho Ernoking of pure opinra it, not nearly injurious to Chinamen as ban been supposed. Recent improvements in photo-frraphic plates have been eo great that accurate photographs can now be taken Children Cry for Pitcher's M. W. Lett, Vtob. A W. Oliver, V. Pre. STATEMENT Of the Condition ofllie Wichita National Bank Made to the Comptroller of turrcn- cv nl Hie of Kuyueis, 31 a 1 7th, IS-J2. RESOURCES. Loana and Disconts. .583,50.01 Bonds p.nd Stocks 17,20 J.71 of a rifle ball traveling at a speed of TJ. j. J3onda LONG HAIR AND GENMUS. ELECTR PARAGRAPHS. Of tho fires of 1SS1, 64 per cent, were duo to lamps and only 4 per cent, to electricity. l.v Philadelphia there aro J.S17 arc lights, including fifty owned by the Girard trust. Drnrxo eighteen months oi operation of the electrical underground railways of London the locomotives ran miles and hauled over 7,000,000 passengers. The Proridcnce (R. Telephone Company has perfected a plan for put- ting its wires under ground on the conduit plan at a cost of from C200.000 tc $300,000. Louis of France, caused an electric shock from a battery of Leyden i jars to bo administered to 700 Barthti- sian monies, joined hand in hand, with prodigious effect. i five lighted candles. Back of the table, facinc the people, the two rabbis loomed up like giants in the golden and whito stole nnd silk haU. Rabbi Kahn sang the firt portion of the service in Hebrew, in a rich vibiating voice. It mu5t hae boon somo such weird, powerful air which the children of Israel followed from ctptivity. Rabbi Wi-e then expounded the Hebrew law on the duties and responsibilities of wedded life as though those midgets had shoulder and upon kind can be performed, or where thej orthodox Jewish woman can go for pari- fication at stated intervals, according to the practice oi tsioie times, in tni3 sombrero and ciiurch. as an otner, tne xorms ana nltcether JHasiclarjf Abont the Only One Who Affect Luxuriant Locks. Long hair was in vogue amonc mnl-cinns and artists long after it ceased to be worn by the rest of mankind. The long-hawVd artist, with his elvet coat, his his my-terious cloak, has disappeared, and lengthy And the IfuraorUt TTa Trobbly Klcht, A lady, ho, though the autumn of life had not lost all dreams of its spring, 3,000 feet a second. Masks are of very ancient origin. In a tomb 3,000 yeara old at Mycenae, Dr. Schliemann found two Lodie vith faces covered bv maskn of trold. One ceremonies have been greatly modified or locks onlj hnge. nowadays with a few done away with. exception, on the head of the musician. The other little people at the weddinc I Indeed, this luxuriant thatch would ap-deservo tome notice. They were in full pear to exercise a potent influence on au-evening drtss and wore as manv diamonds dlences, for it is said that in the agree- and were as gravely important as the big ment of a notable pianist about to go on i people who unintentionally cut off their a foreign tonr there a special clause that broad enough to bear them view on all occassions. be shall not have his hair cut- repeating certain vows after Col. Steer with his wife and baby at- i Tliis possibly is an invention, bu baiu to jerrtjiu. -u Qf mase? iny usur tutu H4rtJ- -1 auiw-nuica i ft Jjaa, fancy it must be the of rosemary with" which my maid is In the habit of' A rroniilaf Bt flair. brushing it. VvTiat think you i The father came in with, hix ton and "I should be afraid, madam." said the asked the editor to give the younjf xnaa humorist dryly, "that it is the essence a rcportorial posiUoa-of "Can ho do anythingr asked th I editor. ivot.ctins th. Sim. "0f replied the father with "Have you a boos called 'Panny (supreme confidence; "he'd be Just tho Pccms man to interview conrresroien. Ileal Estate Dae from U. Overdraft Cafch and Exchange. 50,000.00 (J5.000.00 2,250.00 2,920.40 282,870.00 "Has he had cay experience in that liner The father hesitated a moment. LIABILITIES. Capital $250,000.00 Surplus 50,000.00 Undivided 5,410.77 Gircul atioc 4 5.000.00 Deposits it is him, tha groom in iteorew autt tne bride tracttd nearly as much attention as the I an extraordinary thing tnat musicians in English, he piouounced them man bride and groom. The Colonel looks like Rre well nigh the only people left who "Ye. ir." "Gimme all you have." "Certainly, sir. Yon mint haTe a great admiration for the book "Well, no, not exactly," he acsT-reretL "No, I haven't. It was written by mr "o-1 fcc used to pump the bellows la a mo. find I am protecting the family I blacksmith thoj.M Detroit Free Pre, name." Correct, 958f 791.00 C. A. IValsxs Caabr. and wife under the laws of the Lord God. a taylor's dummy viewed through the I reater of heaven and earth, and of the wrong end oi aa opera glass. He has a When s5 sfcfc, gaT8 her Castorbv S-'he-i was a Child. bHo eried for Catorii. Vhca sho became Miss, she ciuns to Castoria. When sJichai Children, s-he gave then Castor'a. rights of the State of New York There was Munething heavily impressive about it all, and I imagined that the fragne little bride drew a igh of relief as Rabbi Kahn lifted up his voice in -ong once, presumably in exultation, while the contracting parties drank of the two glasses of wine and exchanged rings and xis-es. And then everybody made a rush for everybody el-e. nnd even hugged and kissed Papa nnd Mamma Kahn in the ex- citoment. After the reception ic the red parlor. came the banquet in the basement, with quart uoitie oi wine at eacu plcte as a wixen face, heavy beard, hair and eyebrows of light brown and a squeaky voice-Mrs. Steer is shorter than he. if any- thing, and is quite rollins in tle-h Ths b-tby is really the curiosity of the three, i She is 3 years old and as large as any healthy child ot her age. being nearly as tall as the mother she cnddles against so give but limited employment to the shears of the barber It is also a fact that their hair nourishes better than most people 1 have recently heard a theory tha; th great prevalence of baldness in the present day is entirely due to the constant cloe cropping which ha existed for the last five and twenty years. If you loot at the portraits of celebri ties of thirty or forty years ao you wili Got 5earL "Your is aa agnostic, I believe He ued to be. bat he came near dyiag two weeks ago and he's a ilethodist no-. Ii, LoxrASc Jr rit'a- Vice ines4eit. DAVIDSON CASE L. D. fentf. I urn At.tfitt;b$cr. I Jolin Davidson, foiaer Lumbtrmea confidinslv. Xfinnia was verr much afraid of tha bic folks, evidentiv consid-l be perfectly at the carefully ering them giants, and she cried bitterly arranged coiffures that meandered over when seperated from the little mother their coat cellars, and you feci inclined during the msrriasre ceremony. Mr. -egin ringing "Get your "air cut" Steer says that she is amply able to spftnk I without further dvlay. Yon will also be Jtj; UU)jUtCr liCU UVMUIUU iCVjUl.CS, u.u. uvu iv- wmm tjirrpr mirl huvf nf hm. thousih her bits of hands don look verv tainea tci extraordinary crewto to tne And then thev ere to dance until mora- formidable. I wonder what baoj Monme's I tfreir cara. Johnnie of UUmondi, Teacher iia mlneraJocy clts Joans give me lbs name of the largest laowa diamond, Johnny The aoa. Kcrions. Led. "This Is nc laughmg the scthor ween the editor Laaded hun baci hii State National Bank. OF trJCMITA, HAS. CAPITAL. I 1 1 00.00 90.9& V1UECTOKS: of Sedgwick Conotj. ISTAUUSIiKD 1670 co-spiel Htoek cr Pl Laaarxr cVCm AivajtT OB liAUd. Oftce ad yard on Moiy ti braxch yanJ at UuUrn Ofty. Okfcu E. Car-r. w. r.Ornra. P. yanJ at Utiia Ofty. Otfcu 1 Cry ritchef1! GastcHa. ftojy. ii, UsWi Jr. V.Uz homa CUy. KI aaa ilu-tw, Otf ir3l uUg.L. Ii. mu XtsiiUurr. 2-ja i-g-i rf aJx---tiI

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