The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1898
Page 7
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tTFt*IOB M8 ALQONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY JUNE 22, 1398 A MC)t UNUSUAL .*«**• thef e fee, tt 8e«in«, Who Know the Worfl* of On* National Airs. the Washington Post: There & meeting of a certain Women's Society a night of two ago, and patriotic enthusiasm ran high. The spirit • 'ot music awoke In somebody's of east, |and that somebody began to sing that .most uneingable of national airs, the "Star Spangled Banner." It went bravely along for the first verse, with only a crack or two on the "rocket's red glare." The leading spirit began the .second verse. Soine of the Women •sang "tra-la-la-11," and some "dum- dee-dee-dee," but they all came out strong on the refrain. Then there was a pause. "Go on," said somebody. The leading spirit grew red In the face. "How does It begin?" she asked. Everybody looked at everybody else, and then everybody blushed, for nobody 'In all the gathering knew any more of the song. ttcffe We Ai*. "I understand the president is very happy over Hobson's daring feat." "Oh, yes; it has made him a very merry Mack." Bennty Ig iilood Deep. Clean blood rrmlces a clean skin. Ho beauty -without it. Cascnretg Candy Cathartic cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver and driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to Danish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious cbmplexion by taking Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents. AH druggists, satisfaction guaranteed. 10, 26, 60c. In the island of Minora, one of the Philippines, the humming- birds are pugnacious little creatures. An American hunting party had a novel experience with them. One of the huntsmen wandered off from his comrades, but soon his screams were heard. Thousands of the humming birds had attacked him and wounded him in hundreds of spots on his face and neck. "When rescued he was streaming with blood. 0 AN OLD BULLY. *** People who live in fear of his attacks. •<£• How to avoid him or beat him off, ^ If biliousness isn't tlie bully of the body then what is ? When once biliousness gets 'the upper hand you don't dnre say your Btomacn is your own. " Don't you dare eat that dish says biliousness, or you'll see what I'll do." You take the d»re and you do see or rather feel, the weight of the bully's revenge. The head acnes, not a regular ache, but an open and shut ache. The eyes ache, not with a dull, tired ache, but with an agressive ache, ns if they were being bored by a gimlet. The stomach , trembles with nausen. "The whole head issick and the whole Heart is fniut." There are scores of hundreds of people who live BO under the dominion of -this bnllv biliousness that they dou't dare ent or drink without his permission. There's no need of such slavery. Dr. J. C. Ayer's Pills effectually cure biliousness. "For fifteen years I have used Dr. T. 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Potent, Taste Good. Do Good, Never Slekeu, Weaken, or Gripe, lOc, 26c, We. CURE CONSTIPATION. ... I. :rl!n( Knurl); Company, Chicago, Uontrral, Neu York. 321 IOWA COLLEGE OF LAW, DES MOINES, IOWA, A Thorough Course of two years. Degree ..i very low. Next term opens August 31, 1.808. JTor catalogue writo r. 8. McNUTT, Secretary, Des Molnes, Iowa, IU l/.ulo I unn> Dalm 0r. Kay s lung oairo f or coughs, colds, Advertisements flia41y ENSIONS, PATENTS, ClAIMS, JOHN w. MORRIS, WASHINGTON, D. a Late Principal Exajaln^r U, 8. Feneioa Bureau. ayrti.iulttotwui-,lauajuaica.Uiiii clauua.auy biuce. NEWDISCOVERY;jrtve» quick relief andvurenwomt cases. tiouU for book of tvstimunlalu and 10 (lavs' treatment Jfreo. u. GHKKN' Or, Kay's Renovator, stlimilou, liver uud kidney dUouEos. biliousness headaches, eta. At drugglsii, 25u and $1.00. [f afflicted with Born eyts, [Thompson's Eye Water PISO'S CURE FOR c ., '- '" """ " —"---— • J^cWfe^yrup.^MtMGaol!," Peel In time. CONSUMPTION TOPICS OF TODAY. WORK OF THE MINTS. If all the plans relating to the colnftga of both silver and gold are adopted tha capacity of the mints of the country will be taxed, beyond their ordinary limits! and they will be obliged to Work overtime to make much headway in disposing of accumulated stocks of bullion. The secretary of the treasury has asked an appropriation of $260,000 to enable him to coin the gold bullion in the treasury, which on the 1st inst amounted to $96,998,864. Besides this the new revenue bill provides for th« coinage oj abouj $42,000,000 of silver at the rate of $l,5t)6,u06 a month. In addition to these demands upon the mints it is expected that from $12,000,000 to $15,000,000 of gold will shortly arrive from the Alaskan mines at the San Francisco mint for coinage. This will make a requisition upon the mints for the coinage of more than $160,000,000 of gold and silver bullion, for which there is an immediate demand. READING: THE PAPERS. There has not been a time for years when the people of the United States, already the greatest readers of newspapers in the world, have read the news of the day as carefully and at such length as at present. Conversation with one's friends all tends to show that, however literary their tastes and pursuits, the real life of the dally paper has irresistible charm against the temptations of fiction, history, poetry and all the rest. Every word in the news columns Is scrutinized lest some fact in the progress of the war with Spain should escape; and this is as true of those who have no direct personal Interest in the conflict as of those whose fathers, brothers, husbands and sweethearts have enlisted to fight the nation's battle for freedom and humanity. THE CAROLINES. It has been surmised, from a good many circumstances, that Capt. Glass, who left San Francisco on the 18th of May, ostensibly for Manila, with the cruiser Charleston, is not bound directly for that port, but has an Important mission to perform on his cruise to Luzon. It Is said, with a good deal of positiveness, that the Charleston haa gone to the Caroline islands, which belong to Spain, situated east of the Philippines and about two-thirds the distance fro Hawaii to Manila. There is on the island of Ponape one of the finest harbors in the Pacific, which is defended by a fort and a small garrison, supported by two puny wooden gunboats, and Capt. Glass has enough troops to take the fort and enough guns to sink the little boats. BLOOD ON CUBAN SOIL. To the navy must be acorded the Iionor of shedding the first American blood on land in the war for the independence of Cuba. Assistant Surgeoa loim Blair Gibbs, Sergeant Charles H. Smith and Privates William Dunphy and James McColgan, all of Colonel Huntingdon's battalion of marines, which landed at Guantanamo last Friday, died in a Spanish attack on the American position Saturday afternoon. Smith was the first victim, falling while relieving guard on an outpost at the opening of the engagement. Assistant Surgeon Gibbs was shot in front of hia tent before the Spanish force was repulsed in its most desperate assault REAL CONTEST. Presumably American troops will land in force on Cuban soil this week. Unless the strategy board is waiting to build a bridge or dig a tunnel, it is difficult to understand why there should be further delay. The navy has accomplished all that is to be expected of it at Santiago, and its achievements there will go for nothing unless they are supplemental within reasonable time by the co-operation of an army. With the landing of the army in Cuba; the second stage of the war will begin and in that stage results will be accomplished more slowly, nt greater cost and by far greater expenditures of effort and of life than in the first stage. FALL OF MANILA. Novr that Manila has fallen we are naturally interested in knowing what kind oC a Spanish victory it will be considered at Madrid. Will it be an-. nounr;ed that, with groat presence of mine) and unexampled bravery, tha Spanish general succeeded in compelling the hated Yankees to take the job of garrisoning the city off his hands, PO that the burden now falls on tha! United States, the expectation being that it will so cripple the government that the conquest of America will bo easy 1 WORK BY WAR DEPARTMENT. With the view, doubtless, of spiking 1 the guns of the newspapers which have been attacking the government, the secretary of war has issued a statement to the public on the work of the department up to date. Only a portion of the task of putting the army in condition for war is, however, indicated, but that is sufficient to show how inadequate the popular notion is of t'ho enormity of the undertaking thrown upon the department, ANNEXATION OF HAWAII. The promise that as soon as the war revenue measure was out of the way the house would take up the Newlands resolutions providing for the annexation of Hawaii and pass them seems likely to be kept. Since the pressure has been so strong on the speaker, W£Q has always been classed as an opponent of annexation, he has had to yield to the large majority and there IB IHtta doubt that the a*, 1 ion of the b&viie week will mult in the passage of resolutions aJt tyre apnojBtfifl * A FATALITY AVOIDED. (From the Democrat, ftosfcen, tnd.) When neuralgia is accompanied by A tll> heavy pain near the henrt,f frequently becoming intense, It generally terminates fatally. Mrs. Nancy Flynn, who lives near Goihen, Indiana, survived such an attack and her advice is Worth heeding. "In the fall of '93," she said, "I begin to to have troubl e with my heart. There was a sharp pain in my breast which became rapidly worse. The doctor was puzzled and put me under the influence of opiates. Thescsharp attacks followed one another At Intervals, and I became weak nnd had a haggard look. I was constantly in pain, seldom slept and had no appetite". -*^ lt . "At the end of two years I was confined to my couch most of the time and the jlwtpr? agreed that Jny death was only a matter of a short time, ••••«.. ..... "One day I noticed in a newspaper an item •— •'• about n woman having been cured of neuralgia of the heart by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People, nnd I concluded to try them. "When I had finished one box 1 noticed nnim- and when I hnd tnkeu twelve boxes I -was completely cured, 'Those pills have done for you what we could not do, 1 said ono of my physicians, 'they have saved your lilo.' "That was two years ago and my heart has not troubled mo since. I believe I owe my life to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills forPale People, and I take pleasure in telling others about them." Among tho many forms of neuralgia aro headache, nervousness, paralysis, apoplexy and lonomotor ntnxia. Some of those wore considered incurable until Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Polo People wore formulated, Today thousands testify to having been cured of puch diseases by these pills. Doctors frequently prescribe tbom and all druggists sell them. Uctraycci. Philyps (home from the temperance lecture) — It would have been a great success if our chairman hadn't been so absent-minded. Mrs. Philyps— Well, what did he do? Philyps — lie tried to blow the foam off a glass of water. All Wont Well. "You say the bride and bridegroom looked nice; what about the guests?" "Oh, they took the cake." Try Allen's Foot-Uuae. A powder to be shaken into tho shoes. At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools tho feet and makes walking easy. Cures swollen and sweating feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial package free. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. The most valuable eggs are those of the great auk. There are only fifty- one of them in England. In 181)4 one of these eggs sold for £315. null's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, 75c. To the naked eye not more than 0,000 stairs arc ordinarily visible. A powerful telescope will reveal 5,000,000 stars at once. Two bottles of Piso's Onro for Consumption cured mo of a bad lung trouble.—Mrs. J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., Mar. 20, lSltf>. According to a statistician, the area of the herring nets used in Scotland one year was no less fcluui 104,000,000 square yards. COSMO BUTTERMILK TOILET SOAP makes the skin soft, white and healthy. Sold everywhere. It is said that in some of the farming districts of China pigs nre harnessed to small wagons and made to draw them. Mrs. WinHlow'H Hootlnnff H.yrnp ForrhiUlron tec'tliin^ Bot'timB the t.'umK.rcdm'cainflftro uiaU')il.ulluyu imin. cures wind colic. Sb uciitu n UoUlo, More than a third of the Frencli crown jewels have been bought by Americans. Coe's C IB the olilcst uml liost. It will break up a cold quicker tliaii anything else. It Imilwuys reliable. Try it. Finger nails grow at the rate of rather more than 1 % inches in a year. To Cure CoiiHtI]mtlnn orovor, 'I'ftku cubuurui'K Lunar Cuilmriic. luo or Mo It t\ C'. C. lull 10 euro Univ-'Klsis refund uiuuuy, Signora Zurlo, of Foggia, Italy, presented her husband with four .sons, all born on the same day. A week later, when they were christened, the mayor of the town decreed that the day should be a holiday. Five is number. the great sacred Chinese SHEEP INDUSTRY* & century ago almost eve'ry farmer with any number of acres of pasturage at his disposal kept sheej) in greater or less numbers, as his means and convenience permitted. He found them profitable, and good to have about the place. ___ — • —' "".' it* There is nothing more desirable as a change from winter diet than spring lamb, and all through the summer these younglings came Into use, and the entire flock was a source of Income, sraall^ perhaps, but generally sure, to the owner. — — - —. . ' Now one may make a day's Journey through almost any thickly settled country without seeing sheep, and there are many children old enough to ask question^ who do not even know what they are. • —,..., The principal cause of the absence of this valuable auxiliary to the farm is the presence of Innumerable untrained dogs that scour the country and make the keeping of sheep next door to an Impossibility. These troublesome animals become very shrewd and crafty. They have been known to watch until quite certain that no one was within eyeshot or earshot, then suddenly spring upon a sheep or lamb and kill It almost instantly. A faint bleat from the victim and a rapid scurrying away of the remainder of tho flock are tho only alarm that these timid creatures can give. Efforts have been made in many of tho states to restrict the number of dogs so that fanners could keep sheop, but the law, when any exists, Is a dead letter, and one of the most Important industries in this country is practically abandoned on this account. The wealthy fanner who can keep . caretakers and dogs to guard his flocks may do well with them, hut the small farmer cannot afford such protection, and as it has come to that state of affairs when no guard no sheep is the rule, he has no choice but to pass by a branch of business that would yield him a certain, though perhaps not very large, revenue. A rolillciil Patriot. "Murse Tom, (ley tells rue you gwine in ilc army." "Yes. I've enlisted." "All right. Soon ez de polls open I want you ter lemiiie know." "The polls?" "Yes, suh—de votin' place." "I don't umlerstimd you." "Why, good Lawd, lUarse Tom! Ain't yon gwinc ter run ferknnnel?" Ciiii Our Const bo Blockaded? If confidence can be felt in the opinion of military and naval ollicers at the seat of government, such is the extent of our sea coast that to blockade it effectually seems impossible. When a blockade of the bowels exists, relieve it with Ilostetter's Stomach Hitters, which also cures indigestion, malaria, rheumatism and kidney trouble. A KovlHloii. "Of course, John, you would rather be. right tluin be president." After thinking the matter over for a few moments, John cautiously replied: "Well, I'd rather be right than be vice president." Wo I>ny Expenses uncl liberal commissions, refund tho wish for nil KOOCJS tiot.fc'lvintf the consumer ti!iti«f!ualon. Lion),' terms of credit. First-class scheme .salesmen wanted. No bond required. Sales made from photographs We KUimintoo H&o.OO perinontlinnmiiil orders. Address with stamp Uronurd Mfg. Co.. Iowa City. Iowa. One touch of loneliness makes John Hull wondrous kind. Kitucutn Your Howota \Villi C'liKC'iirnta Cumly Cutluirtlr. euro C'diistlputUjn luruvor. lUc, 25c. It U C. C. full OriiKUiKls refund money. Nearly all the. .stores in Manila are kept by Chinese merchants. For a perfect complexion ami a elenr healthy skin, use COSMO BUTTERMILK SOAP. Sold everywhere. Fifty years ago the population of Europe was about 350,000,000. It is today considerably over ,'!(iO,000,000. Color blindness is far more common among men than women. Not fced. "To hear you talk one would think 1 led yon to ma-rry me." "No. 1 was driven, not led. 4 Was hungry." THE ILLS Otf And BCow Mrs, PinkhaM Helps Overcome Them. Mrs. MART BoBt,moEH, 1101 Marianna fit., Chicago, 111., to Mrs. Pinkham: "I have been troubled for the past two years with falling of the womb, leucorrhosa, pains over my body, sick headaches, backache, nervousness and weakness. I tried doctors and various remedies without relief. After taking two bottles of your Vegetable Compound, the relief I obtained was truly wonderful. I have how taken several more bottles of your famous medicine, and can say that I am entirely cured." Mrs. HKNBYDonn, No. SOOFindleySt., Cincinnati, Ohio, to Mrs. Pinkham! ' "For a long time I suffered With chronic inflammation of the womb, pain in abdomen and bearing-down feeling. Was very nervous at times, and so weak I was hardly able to do any- ihing. "Was subject, to headaches, also troubled with leiuorrhccn. After doctoring for many months with different physicians, and getting no relief, I had given up all hope of being well again when I read of tho great good Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound was cloing. • I decided immediately to give it n trial. Tho result was simply past belief. After taking four bottles of Vegetable Compound and using three packages of Sanative Wash I can say I feel like a new woman. I deem it my duty to announce the fact to my fellow sufferers that Lydia E. Piukham's Vegetable remedies have entirely cured me of all iny pains and suffering. I have her alone to thank for my recovery, for which I am grateful. May heaven bless her for the good work she in doing for our sex." Try Grain»0! TryQrain=0! Ask you Grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN-O, tho new food drink that takes tho place of coffee. Tho children may drink it without injury as well as tho adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it ia made from pure grains, and tho most delicate stomach receives it without distress. % tho prico of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee Insist tlmt your grocer gives you GRAIN-O Accept no imitation. FAULTLESS STARCH, THE BEST FOR Shirt Waists, Shirt Fronts, Collars, 'Cuffs and Delicate Clothes. Read our Booklets, Laugh and Learn. W. N. L. Des Moines. No. 26—1896. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Paper. REMARKABLE DISCOVERY TOR FINE UUNtW WORK. REQUIRES No COOKING. SOME REASONS WHY IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER STARCH. It will not stick to the irons, will starch black, reel or other colored goods without the faintest trace of white, and it makes shirt waists, dresses, skirts, and shirts, collars and cuffs look like new. KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH contains no ingredients which can injure the finest fabric. If it docs not give you entire satisfaction your grocer will refund your money. Lurge package, lOc; BiBijll imckage, 5o. If your procer does not have it please send us hia name and address and we will send you an ENAMEL) STARCH RECEIPT BOOK for your trouble. Manufactured by KEITH ENAMEL STARCH CO., CHICAGO. ILL. REV. J. A. SHEPHERD, AN OLD SOLDIER AND PREACHER, SENDS HIS AFFIDAVIT. We Cured Him After 17 Doctors and a Score of Patent Medicines Had Failed, "Cincinnati, Iowa, April •><!, 1SIKS. —Honor to whom honor is duo. Without any solicitation on the part of the Dr. ]{. J. Kay Medical Co. or t any one else, I hereby certify that the Dr. Kay's Renovator and Kidney- \ cura, prepared by the Dr. U. J. Kay Medical Co., have done for mo what n doctors und a score of patent medicines have failed to do. I can't find v?ords to tell the condition of my stomach, liver and kidneys. Constipation, headache and paius in every joint in my body was an every day occurrence, and at times so severe that I could not walk T , t-n -,, -, -rr , -. or nordl y 6ee - Among the multitude of medicines advertised in the papers I read of Dr. 15. 3. Kay's and sent for it, and I can't say enough in its praise. If you have any of those old complicated ailments, do us I have done and you will thank me for t' advice and feel under everlasting obligations to the Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co. I am fifty-two years old a !£?"!??*" ? h ° r £ a £ I? the war; "taw the war I have preached thirty, years. 1 huye. no object in maki aud . bject in making this statement only to benefit my friends and brethren among- whom I have preached the gospel, and to help them to have the best system renovator in the world introduced among the pepple. Your friend, JAWW8 A. SHEPJJWP. It cures when amj 91.00. Subscribed and sworn to by Rev. J. ^. Shepherd, before me tuls 30th day of April, 1608. G. W. MO^BSUAN. I ^^~ » Justice of the Peace In »«a {or •j SBAL [• Pl( usual tovYusbip, *•*-,-*•> oouuty, Jow». else fails. Sold by druggists at 85 cents substitute, bu> ' '

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