The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1898
Page 7
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THE UPPEK BBS MOINBSi ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 1808. ^ i^J-.-.Vj...-•---.. j.....-.^ ., .. . . , „ ..... . . * Great Sample Sale HOW ON". Samples of embroidered and hemstitched handkerchiefs, fringed and bath towels, men's women's and children's hose, fans, belts, fancy goods, men's and boys' suspenders, ladies' and gent's ties, We have just bought the entire line of samples of the above goods which are now on sale, and the entire lot will be sold at ACTUAL MANUFACTURERS' COST PRICE. First come, first served. Yours for trade, JNO. OOEDERS. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL LOOAI, TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 10:45 pm • No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 05 departs at 8:30 pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 0:28 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 irtsat 10:10pm '.'.'.-•. 04 •' irts at 2:20pm R. F. HEDHICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:30 a m. Pass 7:05 am North- Mixed Mixed 12:15pm Freight 12:15 pm Pass 2:40 pm . ^ i Mixed 10:50 p m Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 0:15 p. m;, and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. Mixed.. 7:51 p m \ THE LOCAL FIELD. Will it never let up? Walter Ward is painting H. W. Walslon's residence. Mr. and Mrs. Al. Falkenhainer on heir return will occupy one of the Me- ntyre houses. A bouncing 12-pound boy carne at the (Villey residence Sunday evening, and all are doing well. New paint adorns the Rutherford hotel building. E. C. Tultle was the artist who did the job. The A. D. Clarke and Horan residences are among those that 'look brighter for new paint. Albert Rahm has been sent to the poor farm, where he vvill work out his ientetiee at $20 a month. H. E. Rist sports a new calcium car- jide bike lamp of the Solar pattern. Acetylene is the coming light for nany purposes. ' The Kossuth District Court of Honor , aeets next-Monday evening in regular 3ssion. Last Monday night's meeting id not materialize. It is reported that the Ringling cir- us is to be in Algona July 4. This in- ormation was given out by one of the vVallace bill posters. Regular meeting of the Rebekah lodge Friday evening. Members are urged to be present, as important busi- iness is to be transacted. The wet weather has given the festive mosquito an inning. It has been years since they were so numerous and they were never more "sassy." j Dr. Morse says if this war continues to the extent of Iowa's sending a fifth jregiment, he will have a hand in the ifracas. He expects to go as surgeon. The county fair premium list is near- .y completed. Tt will be a book of j,bout 40 pages, alive with good ad ver- ^sing, and 2,000 copies will be put out. kinds of weather. The frame has iron posts made fast to the sidewalk and the awning rolls up instead of being hauled up with ropes. It is an improvement in the awning lino. Next Sunday will be quarterly meeting at the Methodist church. Holy communion after the morning sermon. Preaching will bo by the pastor. Morning thome, "Applied Christianity." Evening, "The Woe and Blessing of War." All are invited. J. R. Dutton, over in Cresco, is making extensive improvements in his home. He is having his house raised to two stories, and when completed the 7:05 am house will be 26x34 feet on the ground and 17 feet high. Ho is one of the county's successful farmers. The bee for fixing up the fair ground buildings last Wednesday was not as much of a success as it ought to have been. About a dozen were there, and some good work was done, but there is still more to do, and another bee is being arranged to complete the job. The new well at the Northwestern depot is completed and is clown 220 feet. A pump is now in and a windmill is erected, with which an abundance of water will hereafter be furnished for the stock yards, this being the object for which the improvement was made. O. Ingallsbee, in Riverdale, last week sold 34 fat steers that weighed up an average of 1800 pounds each. It was his intention to ship them, but a buyer offered him $4.20 and he took it. It requires only a small knowledge of mathematics to prove the wisdom of raising that kind of steers. Thos. W. Keene, whose death occurred in the east last week, is pleasantly remembered in Algona, where he played Richard the Third only a few months ago to a delighted audience. The opera house company was endeavoring to make another date for his appearance here the coming winter. C. A. Weaver, the gentleman who organized the Court of Honor lodge in Algona this spring, went to Des Moines and enlisted in the Webster City company, and is now at Chickamauga with the Fifty-second regiment. He was preparing for the ministry, but the war, as has been the case with many another good man, changed his entire plans. we shall be glad to hear and chronicle the fact. The Adventist state camp meeting at Des Moines closed Sunday evening. Those from this county who were in attendance during ten days were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cleary and Mrs. Wright from Algona, Mrs. La Plant from Hobart, Marshall Chapin from Wesley, and M. M. Martinson from Bancroft. They all returned Monday night and report a most successful meeting. The attendance reached about 1,000 daily, and among other noteworthy items were baptisms to tho number of about 80. The place for the next annual meeting is not yet decided upon. No circus ever billed for Algona was ever so thoroughly advertised as is the Wallace^ show, which comes Friday. In addition to the liberal use of newspaper space their bill posters last week plastered every show window in town where they could get in, besides nailing up advertising flags on the roof of every business building and on telegraph poles, etc., the latter being a new feature in the advertising line. It costs them more to advertise one town than some business men spend for like purposes during a lifetime, but they know it pays, and that is why they do it. An agent of tho Sioux City Journal was in town a couple of days last week, distributing sample copies and taking orders for tho daily. He said that paper had perfected arrangements by which they would hereafter get their paper into Algona on the 10:45 morning train from the west the same day it is printed. Tho train service has heretofore made this a difficult matter, and has been the chief reason for tho small number of Journals taken here. The Journal lacks nothing of being first-class, and under tho now order of things ought to have a big list in Algona. Frank Nicoulin has a novel scheme on foot, which is nothing less than an excursion from the northwest to Chickamauga Park to see tho 75,000 soldiers in camp there. He Is in correspondence with the various railroads and already has the matter well under way, with good prospects of success. The contemplated trip would consume about ton days, and ho hopes to get the tickets for railway faro alone down to $15. It would be a trip that thousands would tako, and tho sight would be one not witnessed every day. Added to this a visit to Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, and the battle fields about Chattanooga is worth all that it usually costs. The band picnic last Saturday, held in' the grove two miles east of Burt, was largely attended and a successful and delightful affair throughout. A largo delegation accompanied the band from Algona, and the surrounding country was well represented. Rev. Whitlield delivered an able address, and they had amusements which included a tub race, greased pig chase, etc., beside a ball game between tho Burt and Ledyard clubs, in which Burt carried oil the honors by a score of 8 to 2. All present report an enjoyable gathering. The annual band picnic has become a regular feature, and the success which has attended them thus far prompts the belief that they will be continued in future. BIS MIND UNBALANCED. Rufus Walston Said to Have Beconn Insane— No Cause Known for His Misfortune. Friends of Rufus Walston, who HVG at Rolfe, will learn with surprise and regret that his mind has given away and that his removal to the insane asy lum has become a necessity. The word came by telephone last week and while no dangerous symptoms were apparent, yet it was deemed wise that measures be taken for his proper care, and the commissioners of insanity made an examination. They said his case was serious, but advised delay for a couple of days in the hope that more favorable results would follow. Later, however, It was found necessary to remove him to Independence, which was done Monday. His brother, H. W. Walston of this place, went over to see him Thursday, but finding that he could bo of no service returned Sunday night. His case presents some peculiar phases. Only a short time ngo a reporter for this paper met and talked with him in Algona, and ho gave evidence of n sound mental condition and seemed well pleased with his surroundings. Ho said he had rented his farm and was taking life easy; that his wants were few and easily supplied, and that ho was in shape to enjoy his declining years. His friends vvill hope that his aberration of mind is but temporary, and that his complete restoration will soon be brought about. PORTLAND GOPHER PIONIO. It Comes Off Saturday, Juno 18— Will Ho a I»K Tlmo. The Portland annual gopher picnic is scheduled to come olT Saturday, Juno 18, at J. H. G rover's grove, one mile south and five milos o:ist of Burt. If the weather gets on its good behavior by that time there will bo a big crowd and everybody vvill have a good time. Following is the program for the day: 10:30 a. m.— -Music by Wesley band. 11:30 a. m.— Address.' Basket dinner. Music. At 1 p. m. tho horse racing program vvill bo: Pony race, fnrm race, and a free-for-all race, best two in throe. 4 p. m. — Ball giirne, Wesley vs. Burt. Evening — Music and bowery dance. A cordial invitation is extended to all to come and enjoy tho day. Everybody Come AND SEE AT - —• "•James Patterson's. SEE those seed potatoes for i.oo per bushel. You will send off and pay two dollars. SEE that soap, ten bars for 250. SEE that soap, four bars of toilet for zoc. SEE those garden seeds. SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee. SEE that so-cent tea. SEE those egg cases—no eggs broken if you have one. SEE that so-cent syrup. SEE that five-gallon can of syrup for 1.50. SEE those five-cent prunes, SEE those five-cent raisins. SEE those five-cent cigars. SEE those fine apples. fn a mu? n °n °f lr ° S ° mm ir v thi , nTB ? to seo thp ij vvoul(1 tako d(i y 9 to mention thorn all. sati8flcd that my pinoe is James Patterson. 5PECIAL SALE OF It is not definitely decided where the jjirous will pitch its tents. There is a phance that it will be located on the vacant lots near the Northwestern de- (>ot. T. H. Conner recently sold two carp ds of fat steers from his Seneca farm. ' ay averaged about 1,300 each in ght and were shipped from Ban- ft. his paper finds a ten-page issue 4 'n this week barely adequate to '7 <t the requirements of the case. I eteen columns of live, red-hot ad- A large gang of men has been at work for several days surfacing the Milwaukee track. The work in hand is between Sexton and Spencer, and already several thousand loads of gravel have been dumped and spread along- the line. One of the noticeable improvements in connection with the work is at the Algona depot, where the grounds have been covered to a good depth with nice, clean gravel. GIRL wanted for general housework. Call on Mrs. E. G. Bovvyer. TAKE a look at those challies at Galbraith's. ALL women should strive to be beautiful. Beauty rules mankind. Rocky Mountain Tea brings a creamy-rich, blooming complexion. Ask your druggist. IF you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something, Interest paid on time deposits 45 GEO. C. CALL. tising is responsible for it. !tfhan"now. The mass of foliage on ri Algora was never more handsome every hand is a never-ending beauty, -nd is in striking contrast* with our •ondition of only a few years ago. A bright girl baby came to make lappy the Otto Falkenhainer home ast Friday. Mother and child are dong nicely, and Otto's proud step be- 'cokens the joy attending the advent of 'their first born. r The C. Byson property, in the west oart of town, has been sold to Isaac 'Jroye on the monthly installment ')lan. Extensive improvements about •he place have already been made. •>« Grose is the present tennant. ^jy Taylor and Harry Moore shot a 'oh of 25 targets each Wednesday ling, the score being 23 'to 22 in jr of Taylor. Algona has some trap ooters that are going to crowd the •.•ofessionals if they keep on improv- ig. Landlord. MoMurray is having the 'horingtoa house touched up with lew paint inside and out, and the improvement is manifest. Before long he will put in a gasoline lighting plant Vjdbe rid of the hot and dirty oil Street Commissioner Carlon has done i powerful lot of street scraping this prlng, but be says he has become very .early discouraged in trying to keep ,10 streets in good shape, for invaria- iy after a good job of scraping " the jjxt day it rained." Walker Bros.' plan for an awning ma to meet the requirements for all Uncle Joe Tennant and wife are pro- paring for a summer's outing. He will coyer his four-seated light wagon with rainproof canvas and go by team to northern Minnesota, taking gun, dog, and fishing tackle, fully prepared to bag the various kinds of game abundant in that region. The start will be made about July 15 and the trip will consume a couple of months. No one could enjoy a trip of this kind more than Uncle Joe. People who guess at the amount of rainfall for a given period are very likely to hit wide of the mark. The only correct way to get at it is with the rain guage. Weather Observer Pettibone's record shows that the precipitation for May was six and 9-100 inches, more than double the amount for the corresponding pe.riod a year ago. The rainfall since June 1 has been about two and a half inches. A meeting of the camp meeting board of the Algona district was held here yesterday for the purpose of deciding on the place for holding tho next camp meeting. It was finally determined that either Goldfield or Forest City would be the point. The board consists of Rev. J. W. Walker of Emmetsburg, Rev. C. E. Anderson of West Bend, Rev. J. W. Southwell of Ea°-le Grove, and I. B. Kilburn of Goldfield. Burglars entered the Northwestern freight depot and baggage room Monday night. In the former they broke open several boxes of shoes belonging to the Wesenberg brothers, and took probably a dozen pairs. At the baggage room they ransacked three trunks and took a suit of clothes and some small articles. They broke a window to get into ; ,e freight room, and gained access to the baggage room through the transom. Suspicion points towards some tramps that were here that evening, and one was arrested last night. Blanche Slade, at Burt, breaks the record. She took the school 13 miles northeast of Burt thrown up by Glen Davison when he went to the war, and has since driven from her home in Burt to soLool and back each day without a skip. She also goes half a mile beyond the school house to put out her horse, and has figured out that by the close of her term she will have traveled a distance of 1,300 miles. If any teacher in the county beats this record THE maiden hung her shapely head and whispered in my ear, "Yours 'till death I'll always be. Just promise me Rocky Mountain Tea." Thirty-five cents. Ask your druggist. Your AVeddlii{j'Rliuy. Buy your wedding ring of'us, we always make the bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. Now is the time to get a carpet before the stock is broken. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. CANNON CHOP tea is the best. Sold only by M. Z. GROVE & SON. Tho Ijocnl JMnrltot. Local prices for grain are: Wheat, 90@95c; corn, 23u; oats, 20c. Receipts are light. G. A. H. Encampment. Excursion tickets to tho G. A. R. encampment to bo held at Sioux City, June 13, 15, and 16, vvill be sold fbr $4.30 for the round trip over tho C., M. & St. P. Ry. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. THE EOMANOE OF EEAL LIFE. David Cady and Mrs. Diwld Cndy Soon to Wed—Tho Divorce Court UrouKht Them Together. The law softened Shylock of old and the law has softened David Cady of Lu- Verne. Mrs. Cady admitted all through her divorce suit that she still "loyed her man," but Cady said love in his bosom was extinct. After Judge Quarton awarded Mrs. Cady $2,600 of Cady's farm, Cady found out that instead of being extinguished his affections hud in fact only been smothered a little, and in a few weeks it had brightened into a genial glow, eogenial that a marriage license is promised and a wedding ceremony. All's well that ends well. Mr. and Mrs. Cady have done the sensible thing. .30 ^ best knife we sales for this have price. CL FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY for an American-made, razor steel fully warranted heavy knife— the ever offered at any of our special HARDWARE. Summer Footwear. Soft, easy, and cool. We have just what you want in this line Ladies Slippers and Oxfords—nice ones— at $100 Prettier and better ones at $1.50 to' $2.50. Men's Fine Lace Shoes, tans Brownell & Allred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Boots and shoes Boston Block, ALGONA IOWA repaired and made to order. ^vv.n. DON'T Nor place your order for PASTURE for horses. W. L. JOSLYN. ASK to see Chase& Sanborn's 35-cent tea, equal to ordinary 50-cent. 46 FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. GRACE A. OWENS, teacher of artistic piano playing, (Mason system of tech- nic.) Residence at Matthew Riley's, near the Catholic church.-12t4 WE have the finest ladies' oxfords shoe in the city for $1.25. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. USE Chase & Sanborn's coffee— tho cheapest coffee on the market. 46 OUR line of coffees cannot be excelled, M. Z. GROVE & SON. E. S. JONES would like to do your house painting and paper hanging. THERE'S scarcely a disease that constipation will not bring. Kills you little by little. Rocky Mountain Tea positively cures. Ask .your druggist. AN elegant line of surreys and buggies just received by G. M. Johnson, of J. L. Clark, Oshkosh, Wis. A bargain in price and quality for anyone in need of afinejob.-2 Minnesota Lands, We have some special bargains in Minnesota lands, improved and unimproved. Now is the time to get a good farm for a little money. We pay car fare to all actual purchasers. Just now we can make real estate loans at very low rates. Come and see us. & COOK, DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, ined clues, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Bootes Statloaaery. A THRESHING MACHINE Until you see the MINNEAPOLIS. They have the greatest invention in the threshing machine line ever known, and you make a mistake if you buy before seeing this. SEE US. Bradley & Nicoulin, McCormick Binders s^ Mowers SHEET music— all the 3i off. latest songe-- M'OQRMIPK NJ3W 4«.RQi,W5R «©ARINQ MOWBR. Be sure and call at THE WIGWAM, Algona or Quit, before placing your order for a binder or mower. •'' P, Jones,

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