Richmond Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia on November 28, 1864 · Page 1
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Richmond Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia · Page 1

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1864
Page 1
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i BBBBBBBW4. ***■%♦ J V ■ gpwrog jtsgafrjr. _£■ " ' jflr-J, A." oowaM>in it co. iIJI l» (Sundays eaorptggPHtwr wuat, for ttrvsve taeathe; rw urrt - k* aavL.Au |»r ma months; rrrrasM aoLLaas fat rtT »>w**»»«w «>eanmth»faia4-*£?*■ i^!? rtt, * l Who make them. •Masses. .<M-^nn»*>C9Baß , MISCELLANEOUS. T\IkoLUTrON.-TKe firm of BOUIB 1 / * SANDERSON la this day dissolved by mv- "f- 1 "™ 1 - .*>• bu««neaa of tho concern will be wattled at No. 11 • Main street* STEPHEN ROUIS, J. w • JOHN F. SANDERSON November 17th, IH«4, no S2~eodKH* NEW CONCERN* ROUIS, SANDERSON * TABB, Arctic.-,, Commission aku G* *m %l Aaancr. TTvi undersigned have thi- diiv associated them-»lve* for the purpo-e of oarryimr on Uw AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS generally, under* t J? r ,*'> ,e ft,t<l finn of BOOTS, SANDERSON * TABB; and hsving taken thfct isnre and cm-Bodjoua house, William Ira BrattV* old stand, No. 11l Miin street, win ri* they have fiill room for storage and advaiitagvo-a display of Goods Wares and MerchaiKtise of every description, Furniture, ftc, *c., As , they * licit consignments. Plelgiiig their strict attention •*> every matter entrusted to thcny te be enetg, uc aad prompt, they hope to merit nnd reeeire the patrmage of their friends and the pwbiic. »*le*,,f REAL AND PERSONAL ESTATE will Vs. attended to la the city and adjoining counties. BTEPHSN BOUIS, J« , JOHN F. SANDERSON, THOMAS T. T. lAUB. Nflw-mher 17th. 1864. no 22—ecdlot* MASTERS' MATES, JAMES RIVKet SQUADRON.—I have ponnis .on, smd am anxious to exchange with a master's mate on the James River U*--t. I am attached to the Confederate Staton steamer SAMP.--OX, Savannah, Georgia; discipline and daty light, and station agreeable.— Change desired to get near family. Apply imm* duittiy. tin,.ugh city post-office, to M.i»tor's Mate, box 4/0, or can be seen at office of Richmond, Frederick►lmrg and Potomac Railroad Company, comer Bmsd and Eighth streets, from 12 to 1 o'cioafc. no 2C—ft' HARNESS, HARNESS. HARNESS, At MULLEN & LOUIS'S, I'bammin STar.tT, Binwuar* Fiftbknth STasar A.YD OLD MaRKKT. We have in -tore and for sale a large and wellas-o-tod-t... k -.1 CARRIAGE, BUGGY AND WA- I»ON HARNESS, made of the very bet* material Also, BRIDLES, H.ALTERS, CART BRITCH-1N".;, TRACE « HAINS, 11AMES, fee. Harness made to order in the best style, and all kinds oi repairing don.-, and warranted. no 25-»f (IHEAP LIGHT! J CHEAP LIGHT!! CHEAP LIGHT !!! For sale, at No. 172 Broad street, next door to the earner ol Sixth, a SUBSTITUTE FOR KEROSENE OIL, vhich burns in a kerosene lamp, giving <|inte sri ZjM. a light'-vcry brilliant and perfectly aafb, N. B.—Bring the burners of the lamps for Blight alteration. [no 20— 2t*j % P. T. EATON. iVTOnCE. —Partios whose claims for the _|_ ti ktee of slaves have been adjudicated and approved by the Board of Slave Claims, of which ClunelJ" D. WADDELL is president; and sl-o those having other claims against this department, are requested to praeent the same for payment JOHN B. STANARD, Captain Engineers, &c., Confederate Statm Engineer I'mv Department, No. H Law Building, Franklin afreet, Richmond, November 2."> th, IKB4. no 2(>—3t "VT OTIC E.—A gentleman proposes to i\ leave for Europe in about thirty days, and solicits orders for the puichase of supplies and the transaction ol bu»ine«s generally, having a htruc l;iire."an mercantile acquaintance. This is an ex< eOent opportunity for those who may have business to tnuisui | on the Continent, lie will return in four or five mouths. The best of references given. Adii.e "Ih.x li*», Salisbury, North Carolina," or •ililcC," care W. F. Price, Esq., Richmond, Virginia. no 9—3ot EB. COOK, Auctioneer, No. 70 Main . street, respectfully notifies his friends that he will continue tho AUCTION BUSINESS at the fame stand, No 70 Main street. He promises that "while air—nt ,in the held) the interest of those fawarina him with busim** shall be as promptly attended to hm if ho were present. He will give his personal attention to sales as far is compatible with his pie-ent duties, no 16—lm E. B. COOK. (1 EMS OP BONO : a choice collection j|~ of Hymns and Songs for Sunday Schools and Social Meetinirs, compiled by a corps of Sunday School officers; neatly printed and for sale ut the following prices: Single copy, $1; per dozen, $10 i post paid ; fifty eopiee, *sl".5o; one hundred colues, fctio. Orders promptly filled. WILLIAM 11. CLEMMITT, No. HO Main st-eot, Richmond. Virginia, no -tt-WAtMlit* _ SUPERIOR BLACK FLAX THREAD, ECU MACHINE USE —Ju«t received, a large supply of superior BLACK FLAX THREAD, Nos. •in, W, BO and 70, manufactured and wound, on spools ii.nlainiiig two ounces each, expressly for ■owing nmcliilie and family uses, at no l'J-Ltcod EZEKIEL'S, 11 Main street. fVTOTICE TO FARMERS AND MER!\ CHANTS—NEW MOLASSES BARRELS, FLOTJB BARRELS, LIQUOR BARRELS AND KEGS toK BALK.—I can furnish the above in any quantity, imd all of the best quility, and delivered in any part ol the city without cost of drayage. ' WILLIAM T. TRUKMAN, noil—lm No. 30 Main street. CITY SCAVENGER.—The subscriber, i ring been unpointed CITY SCAVENGER, ,pi d to out sinks, culverts, back yards, icliui ..1-ys and lots, and leinove all nuisances th -iifrom ttt the shortest notice and on reasonable teiins. Oriara latt at the Richmond post-office, box 1.5M1, will reieive piompt attention. .'nolH-lm R. H. ALLEN. ■JVT()TI< E.—WILLIAM J. GENTRY, of l\ the firm of DARBY, READ & GENTRY, Caring disposed of hi* interest, NORRIS MONGOMERY, formerly of Haltimoi-e, has purchased an mtere-t in the business, and the style of the firm Mill be h.i. itltcr DARBY, READ At CO., Belvin's Bt-tek shoo stoit-. no 18—lm mil THE FIRE BRIGADE.—A meeting 3 of tho FTBE IiEPARTMENT will be held at Engine House B, on MONDAY EVENING, the 28th instant, at 7i o'clock, for the assessment of E. C. HOWARD, mj II I*BI Clerk of the Fire Brigade. MATERIAL FOR LADIES' CLOAKS. On hand, ti large variety of CLOTH and other \iERIALS FOR LADIES- CLOAKS, anionc wLi.n are a lew piecs of the most fashionable cerf and dial-coloied MuHAIK PLUSH, at no li»—Ctood EZEKIEL'S, 41 Main street. WILL BE SOLD at >VILLIAMSON it CO 'S aucUon, on FRIDAY, 2d Decemoue FINE GOLD WATCH, huntsman case. ' F. W. DOGGETT, Administiator of A. C. Daiikbv, decoased. tn> 2S—7l* TjVOABD AND LODGING FOR A FEW I 1 GENTLEMEN can be had on Ist December by uppiicanonto Miss E. A. BIDtiOOD, Main rt.eet, next to the corner of Seventh. Also, a BASLMENT ROOM, suitable for an office or sleeping apartment. no 26—«f _____ 1 FERTILIZERS. —One hundred and fifty 4 buiTcls SUPER PHOSI'HATE LIME, a supei lor article, in fine -hipping order, for sale by It. S. MASSIE, 67 Gary street. no 83—2taw4w* I -SOB SALE, two SOWS and eighteen YOUNG I'HiS, by DENIS O'KEEFFE, foot oi Sevent.. nth iiuect, south side of the dock. no2o—Bt" MAPLE SU G A R.—One thousand pound* MAPLE SUGAR on consignment , ST I-OWERS * VALENTINE. no 24—e»J3f FOR SALE, two HORSES,-uitoblo for cavalry, and both work well in harness. Andy to Messrs. P. S. COLBY & CO., P ,,olft-12f No. 146 Main street. TV>TOMAC LINE.—AU porsona with I proper passes can find, at the stables ofJ. B. ifivi- on Krinkl.n street, a safe and comfortable IRAN*IT TO THE POTOMAC LINE. no 26-2P; J. L. BOWK. f |iO CLOSE CONSIGNMENT, I bartels Ai'i'LE BRANDY, A to hattals SPJJ-ITS TURPENTINE. HUFFARD & CO., no 24—lw Thirteenth and Governor stilts. THO CLOSE CONSIGNMENT- I 20 barrels AI'PLE BRAMDY. JL X) oarrus HUFIARD * CO., no 23—lw Thirteenth aud Oovemor streets. I" - Mm SALE, f>»ur first-clasi* WORK "< MUr ES WAGON AND HARNESS. Apply to K. T. IK* at 7m Exchange »Uhl^oMoJ./ Foe" NoTi PIANOfta pVrfect order. IjjJ. on Nuietoenth sweet, tifth door north of Brw^2»^-_ rTvvv r Ff.TY-FIVE BOXES TALLOW A YARN, « to 17 i w. sto« w at-«f 9+mtU* +•* received on Friday morning, little ALLIK, youngeat eon aad child of Mary K. and Dr. Alfred Hughe*. Of consumption, at her residence, on Third street* beyond Leigh street, at 1! o'clock on Saturday night, Miss RRIDOFT O'NEILL, in the twenty*econd year oi her age. . Thou art gone, dear water, I have no other; Calked from e.'.rth in youth's bright bloom ; Gone to join out sainted mother. Through death's awfuhaileut gloom.. In view of death, therefore, she was rain, fearing not its terrors. Her death.was as peaceful as her lift* was blameless. A truer Christian never lived. May she rest in peao* l'\e funeral will ujto place >otb her lain residence on THIS {Monday) MoRATNO at 10 o'clock. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invitod to attend. A Kmi.iii. Philadelphia and Wilmington (Delaware) papers please Copy. * On the 27th instant, at Robertson Hospital, from wounds received at an explosion at the Confederate States Laboratory, on the 23d, NICHOLAS B. INOERSOLL, aged twenty-seven years. Remember, brother, as you pass by, As you are now so once was I; My stay was short, as you may see, Therefore prepare to follow me. Good bye, good bye. His funeral will take place from St. Paul's Church on THIS (Monday) EVENING, the 2sth instant, at i o'clock. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend. Philadelphia papers please copy. * Died, from a wound received in battle below Richmond on the 25th of May, 1864, Private CHARLES TERRELL, company E. Fifteenth Virginia regiment, in the thirty-fifth year of his age. Thus, in the morning of life, he was matched away from an affectionate wife, three interesting children, and numerous relatives and friends. A martyr to the sacred cause of liberty, a sacrifice en the hallowed altar of freedom, on which the blood of so many patriots has been freely and purely shed, he has gone to join that baud and choir which never more shall be disturbed by the din of musketry or cannon, but to a peaceful home, where the wicked cease from troubling, and weary ones sweetly rest upon the bosom of that God, who calls us all to His paiental love and care, who says: " They who com? unto me I will in nowise cast off." In writing this brief tribute of affection to the dear lost one, our feelings are almost uncontrolable; but the' words of an eminent writer are forcibly brought to mind, as tho deceased was one among the first to* volunteer to the urgent call of our beloved country: "The life of the patriot soldier is never lost; it blooms again in perpetual vigor beyond the cheerless grave, in a land where winter never comes and suffering is unknown. Hanging around the throne of sapphire and gold, a rich garland awaits the coming of him who has died for his country; and when the Eternal hand has dropped it on his brow, Justice hand', the record of his life to Mercy, aud turns away till all that is black and all that is sinful is erased." We mourn not for the dear lost one without hope—he left unnitstakeable evidences of a changed life. His last moments were peaceful and happy! Ctilinly and quietly he met the King of Terrors; he fell into the Eternal Sleep of Ages, saying, "All's right—right." Thou art gone, my gentle brother; Thy rosy cheek is cold; . The wing of death is folded Above thy locks of gold. • Sister. TIT" ILL BE READY ON MONDAY. Novbmbtb 28, Miss BRADDOJTS LAST AND BEST NOVEL, " JOHN MARCHMONT'S LEGACY," BY THE AUTHOR O*' I "Lady Aculey's Skcbkt," "Aurora Floyd," j &C, &C. As the edition of this work is necessarily small, orders from individuals and the trade should be sent forward immediately. PRICE, FIVE DOLLARS. For which sum it will be pent free by mail to any part of the Confederate States. WEST & JOHNSTON, no 19—eod6t Publishers, 145 Main street. rpilE MAGNOLIA WEEKLY '. I THE lIAGNOLIA WEEKLY! The MAGNOLIA WEEKLY for this week will be ready THIS MORNING about 10 o'clock, and will contain a variety of interesting reading matter. The contents arc as follows : BLAZING A BUCK'S EYE. SONNET. WANT OF SUCCESS IN LIFE. RING EN ON THE RHINE (by Mrs. Norton). CRINOLINE IN OUR PARKS AND PROMENADES. THE MOOR OF VENICE. BIRDS OF PASSAGE, DKIFTINGS, &c , &c. N. B. —We hope to issue the paper regularly hereafter. _ [no 28—It] "PROPRIETORS." , BOyiS, SANDERSON & TABB, AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, «o. 114 Main struct, at private Bale; Bacon, Beeswax and Coffee, Tallow and Wax Candles, Codfish, j Cottan Yarns and Wool Cards, j Mason's Blacking and Gun Caps, Flour, Rice, Lye and Mustard, Molasses, Pepper and Pickles, Starch, Salt, Soda aud Socks, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Gin, Scotch and Rye WhisJxev. Consignments solicited. BOUIS, SANDERSON * TABB, no 28—eod5t» Auctioneers-. MASONIC NOTICE.—The member* j of METROPOLITAN LODGE, No. It, A. j 8. M., are requested la meet at their Lodge-Room, j on Marshall, between Bixth and Seventh streets, •THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON at 2 o'clock, to pay tho last tribute of respect to thoir deceased brother, N. B. I.NOKRSOLL. All Masons in good standing are invited to attend. By order of the W. M. JAMES E. RIDDICK, no 28—If Secretary. ONE HUNDRED BUSHELS IRISH | POTATOES. 5 barrels genuine New Orleans MOLASSES, 50 bushels ONIONS, DKIED APPLES, FLOUR, CORN MEAL. COUNTRY CHEESE, on consignment and for sale by WILLIAM S. MUN SON, no 28—3t 13 Poarl street. SUNDRIES AT PRIVATE SALE. 1 fine CHINA DINNER SET', 1 TOP-BUGGY, 30 pairs HEAVY BROGAN3, 50 do. LADIES' BOOTS, 80 gross LEAD PENCILS, 4 do. BLACKING, 49 boxes STEEL PENS, 12 dosen GOLD PENS. no 28—St SLAUGHTER & CO. PI COT'S VIRGINIA WORM KILLER, Leonard's Instant Relief, for coughs, &c. Washing Soda, Blueing, Solidified Lye, Chip Logwood, Pure Old Jamaica Rum, . Syrup lod. Iron, fee., for sale by POWER & McPHAIL, no 21—6t corner Main and Seventeenth .streets. — ■ riIOILET ARTICLES, &c, &c. I Fine COLOGNES, Fresh POMADES, HAIR TONICS and OILS, EGYPTIAN SHAMPOO (a delightful article), BROWN WTKDSOR and other SOAPS, COMBS, BRUSHES and many desirable TOILET ARTICLES, at POWER & McPHAIL'S no 21—fit Apothecary Store. LACK FLAX THREAD, WHITE POOL oorroN, BLACK SPOOL COTTON, 1,500 yards North Carolina PLAID HuMESPUN. Just Btceived a fine lot of GRAY CASSISIERES, Which I Will sell by the piece at factory prices. . W. R. FOLK, no 23—Ct No. 137 Main street. T EECHES, LEECHES, LEECHES.— Ij Mb. and Mas. DORAN, CUPPERS and LEECH EKS, solicit the patronage of the citizens of Richmond. From long experience in tl*e business, we are sure to give satisfaction. Oflhro and residence on Franklin street, opposite the Ballard House, ur at J. B. GALLAGHER'S drug store, Main street, between Seventh and Eighth. N. B—A supply of LEECHES ou hand. no i»— lt* , f\\A) RUM.—Twenty kegs, ten gallons I f each. PURE OLD RUM. eacn, ™ HUPFARD k CO., no 28—2w Thirteenth and Governor street*. t'OUND, a SUM OF MONEY. The 1 loser can obtain it by proyin;; ownew"aip on 'ft" wW*aOtW*WWV. MONDAY MORNING NOVEMBER *>, IM4. The Daily Dim»atch is furnished to Nrwa Dbalkk« and CAaaiKasat twkwty dollabs per omb ncn- DRRO COPIES. _' ScasraißEßs sending to the office for their papers will be rbarged Eiva Dollars per month. Si.nolb tonus of the Dispatch TwaaTT-rrvr CENTS. Carrier* are authorised to charge oaa doli.ab an sKvxNTT-rivx eaana rax wkxk to their sub- -a..- ■•■ ■>—,-; ■ ■ L.: I I ■: an I Nothing of importance has occurred !on the lines in front of Richmond and Our batteries have been shelling vigorously the two hundred unfortunate negroes that Butler has at work on hid canal, and there has been some cannonading on our right centre, off towards the Weldon road j with this exception, everything may be said to have been quiet The Petersburg Express of Saturday mentions some rfhifffr ** "saysLooTc place on our right on the previous day, but can learn nothing of this through aay other source. Persons who left Petersburg on Satun' vy evening report all quiet The paper just mentioned also says Grant is massing troops on our right Whatever may be his designs, the weather, from present appearances, seems likely to delay their execution indefinitely. There is every prospect of our having such a winter as will prove an effectual bar to military enterprises of any considerable magnitude. AFFAIRS IN GEORGIA. The Georgia papers publish a great deal about .Sherman's movements, and nearly as much about our own—all of which it would be very imprudent to copy. It was pretty well ascertained that the left wing of Sherman's army, when it reached Madison, numbered sixteen thousand men. They burnt the town when they left. General Beauregard has issued the following address to the people of Georgia : • ■ " People of Oeorgia! arise for the defence of your native soil. Rally around your patriotic Governor and gallant soldiers. Obstruct and destroy ili roads in Sherman's front, fl ink and rear, and 1 army will soon starve in your midst, lie confident and resolute. Trust in an over-ruling Providence, and success will crown your efforts. " I hasten to join you in the defence of your homes and firesides. .G. T. Beac&euaks." It is very evident from the following resolutions, adopted unanimously by the Georgia Senate on the 12th, that Governor Brown and other statesmen of that class do not represent the people of " IflieffCir, the war waged against us during the p*st ycarlias been marked by a fierceness and cruelty well calculated to try the courage of our people and test the wisdom and ability of our Government; and, whereas, under Oivino Providence, the conduct of our armies in the field, no less than the general management of our civil affairs, has given the countiy renewed confidence in the wisdom, patriotism and virtue of our Chief Executive, Jefferson x>— vi* ; ..tu±, rczi. easprenaitm at' the — ' our people on this subject is becoming and proper on the part of their representatives; be -it, therefore, "Resolved, That the thanks of the people of Oeorgia are due, and hereby tendered, to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, tor his a tearless and impartial conduct of our Governduririg the past year, and that our confidence , wisdom, purity and patriotism is unshaken rithout abatement." VA NKEE BA RBA MS AT. Some of our lately-returned prisoners state that, last May, the Confederate prisoners at Point Lookout and Fort Dela- Mwere vaccinated, by general order, 10 vaccine matter turned out to be poisonous. Many of our men had their arms amputated, and a number died within a week after vaccination. Two of the men belonging to a Virginia regiment, who-have lately returned as sick, are in a sad condition. The whole arm is inflamed and swollen, and the arm of one has lately broken out at the wrist in a terrible sore. There is a cankerous sore on the arm of the other, some four or five inches in diameter, and the flesh all around is perfectly black. The possibility is that both will lose their arms. This same tiendism act was perpetrated on our Camp Chase prisoners in Ohio some two years ago, when many of our men were inoculated with a disease too horrible to mention* and died a loathsome death or were rendered miserable for life. Is there no limit to Yankee inhumanity V _ am . ■HB CONFEDERATE CONGRESS. BENATE. Satcrday, November 20, 1864. The Senate was not in bession to-day, having adjourned over to Monday. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The House was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Huge. Mr. Lyon, of Alabama, from the Committee on Ways and Means, reported a bill to amend the ••Foreign Commerce" bill. Ordered to be printed. «, a bill exempting from taxation capital conof bonds and certificates i>,«ued by the Cone States. Ordered to be printed. , a bill to exempt from taxation loans mads of non-taxable bonds. Ordered Tinted. ■ House took up, resumed the considerauon of, aad passed, a bill to define and punish conspiracy against the Confederate States. The bill provides that if two or more persons within aixy State or territory of the Confederate states ahaUconspire, with intent to injure the Confederate Stafcw, to subvert, overturn or destroy by a the execution of any law of the Conlederate ,or to destroy any proporty of the Conlcdetates, or deltiy transportation of the army, ich like uthaices, the persons so offending shall ilty of a high crime, and upon conviction f ..hall be punished by line not exceeding live thousand dollsrs, and shall be imprisoned, with or without labor, not exceeding five years. Mr. Russell, fruiu tho Judiciary Committee, reported a bill to amend the act concerning the emoluments and t y of the clerk of the District Court ol the Confederate States of America for the Eastern District of Virginia. Pending the consideration of the bill, the House resolved itself into secret session; and having reopened, adjourned. FROM THE VALLEY. [Correspcndence of the Richmond Dispatch.] Camp, nrar Nrw Market, i November 23, 1H64. » This morning, for the first time for more than a week, tho-«suu rises clear; and after the loug rainy I, the soldiers enjoy the re-appearauoo of tin; is much as the sailor who ho*, for days, beeu deling in the storm. Night before last the rain -d down in torrents until about miduight, when bjbjjbbjbJ tv attow. Ry morning \u* ground I WB ?k L c ? V€ T ed Wlth ■*»> although so wet, and, on the whole, it was just such a morning as the I reteran would most hate to leave his tents -and I camp-fires. About 8 o'clock, whilst most of the men were busy I preparing breakfast, and when hot Mary few of therh I tiad eaten, orders came for us to mov.' at once This movement was necessary becauae ot the advance of the Yankee cavalry. They came as far as Meems's farm, this side of Mount Jackson. Rhode*'* division moved in front, and charged down Rudd's hilt— at the same time with the Fin* Virginia cavalry— upou them, now this side of Rudd's house just at the foot of the hill. They were at once driven back upon the bottom; and very soon our artillery, opening from the hill, drove them back toward Mount Jackson. It was a beautiful sight to witness the whole movement from the hill. The ground was covered I with snow, making all the troops distinctly visible 1 On the heights around and to the left of Mount j Jackson the Yankees, drawn up in line of battle I looked black in the distance. Betwhen Rudd's hill I and Mount Jackson is a level tract of bottom land I about a mile and a half long, and near the same I distance in width, surrounded on both sides by forks of the Shenandoah river. In, the flat were several regiments of Yankee cavalry? and advancing upon them, adr cavalry was seen on the left, and our skirmish line stretching across the bottom. Behind this was Rhodes's division ; next came a second line of battle, presenting so formidable an aspect that the Yankees left quite hurriedly. This was a movement of reconnoissance, and they succeeded in " finding Mr. Earl;*." We had large droves of cattle grazing upon Mccms's farm ; but our cavalry fought them at Hawkinstown and Mount Jackson long enough to give time for them to get away. They did not even capture one cow. We captured a few Yankees, killing several. We lost, so far as I oan learn, some ten or twelve men, killed and wounded: William Murphy, of Woodstock, company B ; and Joseph Stinespring, c. ni-sinyl, First, Viminia waanlrr -^uV-kuw--- THunter Harlan.L of Martinsburg, company C, First Virginia cavalry, was severely wounded in the body—supposed mortally; Frank Bayne, company E, First Virginia cavalry, in head ; Cline, company I, First Virginia cavalry, in head—mortally ; J. Reiser, company E, First Virginia cavalry, in leg; Silvers, of Augusta county, company B, First Virginia cavalry, in head. ) So soon as tho enemy retreated our troops started I back to their camp, and by 8 o'clock the men, who I had been suffering severely from the intens« cold, I were again gathered in groups around their camp- I fires, getting their breakfasts and suppers. A. T. LA TER FROM THE NORTH. Wo have received copies of New York papers of I the 2ith instant, and give a summary of their cou- i tents : SHERMAN IN OEOROIA—HIS ORDER PREPARING . FOR I THE MARCH —SLOCUM's ORDER T0 HIS WINO OF THE ARMT— THE fH'NTRY TO BE DEVASTATED IF THE ROADS ARE BLOCKADED. AU the news of Sherman's movements in Georgia published iv the Yankee papers is taken from the Richmond press. They assert that " Macon has fallen" because in our papers they sec ■ telegram that Sherman is within eighteen miles of it. The following is the order Sherman issued»to his troops before his march was commenced: Headucartfuh Military Division of the \ j Mississippi, in the Field, Kixosto.v, Ga., | November", IMO4. J 1 I. For the purpose of military operations, this I army is divided into two wings, viz: The right wing, I Major-General O. O. Howard commanding, the Fif- I teenth and Seventeenth corps; the left wing, Major- I General H. W. Slocum commanding, the Fourteenth I and Twentieth corps. 11. The habitual order of march will be, when- I ever practicable, by four roads, as nearly parallel I as possible, and converging at points hereafter to be I indicated in orders. The cavalry, Brigadier-Gene- I ral Kilpatrick commanding, will receive special or- I ders from the conunauder-m-chief. 111. There wUI be no general trains of supplies, I but each corps will have its ammunition and provi- I sion train distributed habitually as follows : Be- I hind each regiment should foUow one wagon and I one ambulance; behind each brigade should foUow I a due proportion of ammunition wagons, provision I wagons and ambulance-. In case of danger, each j army corps should change this order of march by I having his advance and roar brigade unencumbered I by wheels. The separate columns will start habitu- I ally at 7 A. M., and make about fifteen miles per I day, unless otherwise fixed in orders. i IV. The army will/or«ye liberally ea the vottnlrti I during the march. To this end, each brigade com- I I in.uider wiU organize a good and sufficient foraging I I party, under the command of one or more discreet I I officers, who wiU gather, near the route traveled, I I corn or forage of any kind, meat of any kind, vege- I tables, corn meal, or whatever is needed by the I command; aiming at all times to keep in the wagon I trains at least ten days' provisions for the turn- I mand and three, days' forag: Suldttrs must not \ _~.„ ,«. .... -ji...„ j Wv#m iii ajy 1 trespass; during the halt or a camp They may be I permitted to gather turnips, potatoes and other ye- I getables, and drive in stock in front of their camps. I To regular foraging parties must be entrusted the I gathering of provisions and forage at any distance 1 from the Toad travc eC • I V. To army corps cemmanders is entnis' d the I power to destroy mills, houses, cotton gins, el- and I for them this general principle is laid down : In dis- I triets and neighborhoods ohere ths army is unmo- I letted, no destruction of such property should bo I permitted; but shauld guei riUas or bushwhackers I molest our march, or should the inhabitants burn bridge-, obstruct roads, or otherwise manifest local hostility, then army corj.s commanders should order aud enforce a devastation more or less relent'iexs, according to the measure of such hostility. VI. As for horses, mules, wagons, etc., belonging to tho inhabitants, the cavalry ennd aitiUery may appropriate freely and without limit; discriminating, however, between the rich, who are usually hostile, and the poor or industriohs, usually neutral or friendly. Foraging parties may also take mules or horses to replace the jaded animals of their trains, or to serve as pack mules for the regiments or brigades. In aU foraging, of whatever kind, tho I parties engaged wiU rofrain 'in abusive or threatening language, and may,- . thy officer in command thinks proper, give written certificates of the facts, but no receipts; and they will endeavor to leave with each family a reasonable portion for their maintenance. VII. Negroes who are able-bodied, and cfin be of service to the several columns, may be take?) along ; but each army commander will bear in mind that the question of supplies is a very important one, and that his first duty is to see to those who bear arms. VIII. The organization at onoe of a good pioneer battalion for each corps, composed, if possible, at negroes, should be attended to.' This battalion should foUowthe advance guard, should repair roads and double them, if possible, so that the columns will not be delayed after reaching bad pi sees. Also, I army commanders should study the habit of giving the artillery and wagons the road, aud marching their troops on one side; and also instruct their troops to assist wagons at steep hiUs or bad crossings of streams. IX. Captain O. M. Poe, chief engineer, wul assign to each wing of the army a pontoon train, fully equipped and organized, and the cdmniandeis thereof wiU see to its being properly protected at all times. By order of Major-Gonerol W. T. Sherman. L. it. Dayton, Aid-de-Camp. The foUowing is the circular of General Slocum, commanding the left wing of the army: Headquarters, Twentieth Coups, \ Atlanta, Geoeoia, November 7, 1804. ) When the troops leave camp on the march about to commence they will carry in haversack two dsys' I rations salt meat, two days' hard bread, ten days' I coffee aud salt and five days' sugar. Each infantry I soldier will can y sixty rounds of ammunition on I his person. Eveiy effort should bo made by officers I and men to save rations and ammunition ; not a round of ammunition should bo lost or uunectwsarily expended. It is expected that the command will be supplied with subsistence and forage mainly from the country. All foraging wiU be supplied with subsistence, and forage mainly from the country.— All foisging will bu dono by parties detailed for the purpose by brigade commanders, under J such rules as may be prescribed by brigade 1 and division commanders. Pillaging, marauding I I and eciry act of cruelty or abuse of citizens will be I I severely punished. Each brigade commander will I I have a strong :• or guard on every march, and will I older the am st ot all stragglers. The danger ot I stragghng on ibis march should be impressed upon I the mind of every officer and man of the command. I I Not oidy the reputation of the corps, but the per- I soual safety of every man will be dependent, in a I great measure, upou the rigid enforcement of disci- I pline and the care token ot the rations and aiuinu■ By command of Major-General Slic • m I //. W. Perkins, Assistant Adjutant-Geneial I The Washington Republican of Wednesday has We aro poimitted to aimouuc* that the Richmond I papeta ot yesterday morning ;'i'ttesday, November I 1 l,j contain dispatches from Macon that on Suudsy . I last General Sheiinan was within eighteen miles ol I that place, marching upon the city. It is believed in high military quarters that be- I fore this time Macon has fallen. Information con- I sidered reliable has been received that the city was I only garrisoned by Georgia militia, composed chirdy I of old men aad boys, and that no »tt. mpt would lw I made to defend it, fearing its de»truu on would foli low. No reports from Richmond papeis of fc>-d»y I having been received, the intcieii..« at confirmatory I of the above probability ! A letter from New York, dated the 2Si, says: | Some of the city journals, in their articles on I Sherman to-day, either have a decided touch of the I " blues," or are doing their Dcst—unconsciously it may bo to play into the hands of the WaU street (cold gamblers. All at one- they have discovered [ Unit Lee has sent a formidable army to dispute his I progress, while a conspicuousness is given to idle I rumors of positive disaster that had bettor be left to suvh disloyal corrv»pundt:n's as the Baltunoni Druid** of the IForW. The writers of these meat-rim articles will fuel better, nity be, after their thmksgiving dinner to-morfow. The following is a specimen telegram of those published by the Yankees in the absence of aay news whatever. It i* dated at Philadelphia, the 24th instant : It is rumored here that information has been received at Washington that Sherman has been notified by Governor Brown that Oeorgia, Alabama and another State had determined to return to the Union, arid that Sherman hod halted in his movement; also, that Stephens desired to meet a commissioner from the United States in Canada. The Erening Bulletin, in an extra, announces that Sherman has captured Macon, with many urisoners. _ ' * THE WAX lit* KEXTUCkY AND TKNNBStEE— HOOII MARC HI No OS till 111 A dispatch from St. Louis, dated the 23d insiant. says: . A Padncah dispatch of yesterday says military affairs m this district are active. Every rebel more on this side of the Mississippi is now known. The whole, country has been thoroughly scouted, and parties bring in prisoners daily. The concentration of troops and the coming of General A. J. 9mith means something, but what it is not proper to state. A few days, however, will doubtless develop the plan of the contemplated campaign. Both the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers are in fine boating order, and will prove valuable auxiliaries to military operations in Tennessee and Kentucky. The guuboats Peoria and Pawpaw returned here on Sunday from a reconnoissanee up the Tennessee river. The bodies of Ensign Hare, of the gunboat Undine, and Captain Allen, of the transport Venus, killed when their vessels were capture**, by Forrest's gmi*H<Bl>i m— itmmi. - . The river is lined with rebel pickets from Pine bluff to Johnsonrille. The rebel General Lyon, in command of that district, has orders to watch the river closely and blockade it. Transports will begin running again soon. Forrest has a pontoon across the river at Chica- Deserters and scouts report Hood's army at thirtyfive thousand strong; with thirty-seven pieces ot artillery-. He intended to operate in Middle trnd Eastern Tennessee and Kentucky. He wss marchinir on Pulaski, Giles county,, und expected ultimately to seize Cumberland gap. His men were ti Bally in need of clothing, supplies of which they hope to obtain by plundering the towns through which they pass. A dispatch from Louisville, the 23d instant, After (lillem's recent defeat, Breckinridge advanced to Btrawberrv Plains and Blair's ci oss-roads, thrcKteiung Knoxviila and Cumberland gup. On the 21st, Breckinridge advanced to Powell's bridge, six miles from Cumberland gap, and there was heavy skirmishing nil day. Burbridge has moved out from Lexington with a strong. force to protect the Kentucky border from anticipated invasion by Breckinridge's forces. FROM RICHMOND —KARLY AT THE CAPITAL. A dispatch from Washington, ditted the 23d instant, says: There is informatieti from City Point, dated Jfe** t«rday morning, that but a short time will clap-e before tho Dutch Gap canal will be opened. AU hopes of the evacuation of Petersburg by the, until forced into it by General Great, have been iriveu up. The rebels, if attacked, could don the city without danger of serious molest itu.n on their retreat; and as this point is the key to Richmond, there is not the slightest probability that any mo/ements on the part of General Sherman will induce Lee to so weaken his force as to render necessary a greater contraction of his lines. AU information received from Richmond indicates that the rebels entertain no idea of abandoning their positions, but, on the contrary, are exerting themselves in an unprecedented manner to increase their depots of supplies-and ordnance. A letter from Butler's headquarters says : The most important news at this point is the intelligence, brought in by deserters who enter our lines, that Early, with a large force, has arrived at Richi OA.ud, and now lies between the city and General Butler's lines. Soma regard this fact as indicating a concentration of troops preparatory to an attack on our position by the enemy. Others, with more reaann, L'onsider it a purely precautionary measure on the [•art of the enemy, dictated by his apprehension pf I grand combiued attack by the " armies operating Richmond" in probable conjunction with a fleet in the James river. The Washington Rettub'.uan of Wednesday says; General Grant has been exceedingly busy during the day in consultation with the President, Secretary of War, General Halleck, aud Assistant Secretary Fox, and at 3 o'clock with his stall, on his special dispatch boat, down the river, en rout- to the front. He expressed himself highly pleased with his flying visit to the North, and goes back to this city, and other guests. THE CONFEDERATES AOAIN IN MISSOURI. A telegram from St. Louis says: Advices from Fayetteville, Arkinsas, say Colonel Brooks, with two thousand five hundred rebel-., attacked that place October 2sth, but was raj u' ivith considerable loss. From that time to November 3d the town.yWas pretty closely invested, when ieneral Eaj-an, with about six thousand of i'ri. .'s retreating forces, cume up aud bombarded the place Ir* hours with two pieces of artillery, but were heM it bay until the next day, when Qenerah" Curtis and Blunt arrived, and the rebels skedaddled. They lost ararly one thousand killed and wounded. Olir loss T~**~Tl*t*lll EARLY'S aVn IN" THE VALX.EV—II!S POSITION. A letter fioin Martinsburg, dated the 22d, says hat General Early's army now occupies a Une from Brock's gap, on the left, to the Shenandoah, on the •ight. The line is, in a measure, an imaginary one, is there are wide gaps between the respective camps if his several divisions. He has cavalry on both lanks. On his right ilank his cavalry is well advanced down the Luray Valley to an entrenched position near Milford. On his left flank, another brce of cavalry occupies a position in the Lost River Valley, nearly down to WardeusvUle. On his rutin Vont, in the Shenandoah V.iiley, the Confederate tickets are near EJenburg, on thu pike, and to the oft and right of it. The letter adds: From the position Early now occupies he ian ratch all Union movements in Weßt Viryinia ; front ,f him, in the Shenandoah and Lar.iy Valleys ; and :o the right of him, against tho ruilrossl lines cumnunicating with Charlottesville, Lynchburg, eh Karly may possibly attempt raids into West Virrinia and/the Union lines there, during the next orty or fifty days, but I think only with cavalry.— tie, evidently," would rather have a strong Yankee 'orce upon his left than his light. Early's army has lout its morale. Itliow repines he strictest orders and severest discipline to heat* joth otllcers and men in their proper places. Still, is a generality, I cannot say the nieai are discom - iged. If they are so in feeling, they very well con- Early has got a fresh «upply of aifillery, :md 1 ras yuateidsy told he expected oue vi two, if not hiee, aarv batteriaa. MISi'EI.I.ANEoCS. Accounts from Bermuda, ma Haliaax, state that he Chickamauga had completed her repau-. taad Ailed on the 15th instant on a cruise. The value >f her captures wss set down at half v million dol- Late New Orleans papers say that General t mir.v ras sufficiently recovered to resume charge of the lusiuess of his military division. The provincial government at Quebec has is.stie.l irders forbidding the transportation from Canada, ather by land or water, of arena or ammunition, in lonstquence of information having been reteittd tiat M*jutliviu rebel* itnd their co-olierator* in that ■olony are maiiufactimng una paUrv-sag «t ..v«,u-lle points, sliot, shell, cannon nnd other munitions, or the armies of the Confederacy. \ Captain WinsioW, of the he irsargo, tlie sinker ot he rebel privateer Alabama, bad a reception and lauquet given to him by the citueiis of Koxbury, Massachusetts, on Tuesday evniiiit.'. They also .resented to hiui an cletfant silver tea service. j How Lincoln put in the Votes is pietty well ■hown in the following : *• It is au i:itercting *het Jiat tho n cent Presidential vote is largely in excess if the popular vote of I*oo, Uotwith-ttuidlns the nimbi r absent in, and lost by, the war." i T ■ajailtj 7 la IfeW Yolk State tor Rcii. i. 1. I t'etitJH, who is elected GoViriur oVer Hoi aim Bet - uour, is nearly two tliousaiei greater than vi Sc.ieiiiy 1". Ksendrll is about to colilincT. •• '.I. {sue of three-cent cUI:-.-licy notes, IJV the purpose j ii facilitating taataa-e. Thi Kaafeaaga is BU exhibition at Boston. Twcli- ( ty-hve cents a head', proceed* go to "' Poor Jack." The Western paper* say that John 0. Fremont is to be Minister to France and Salui&u P. Chase Mi;.. -i. r to l-lii.-l.iiid. The LouisviUe Journal says slavery is dead in X- ntucky. Bradford was tlie only town in Vermont which rave McCleUan a majority. A monster Christian commission meeting is to "be held in Indianapolis on the 29th. The mansion m Portamouth, New Hampshire, oc- Mpaftl by Daniel Webuler during the nrst years of tvs practice, is vow an oyster saloon. The Fifty-fourth Massai.husetts volunteers (astro) would not take a cent less than was given to rhite troops. Thai* stood firm, and noinpucred, md the other day were paid off in full at white ;il:lll i ['1 I- •■•>. The peace men of Delaware refuse to participate in the services of Thanksgiving Day l.ectiu-.c itorernor Cannon, in his proclamation, instanced Daves of Maryland and the prospects of a speedy leclsration of universal freedom," Mrs. Joshua R. Giddings died at Jefferson, Ashtabula iounty, Ohio, on the l.",th instant. A St. Louis paper says: "There are not less than !(mi,ooo persons in Missouri this day who are little setter th«n paupers, not knowing where to get food x> maintain them through the winter." E. -n jam in Sillrrnan, Sr., of Howard olid Abolition agitator, died on the " WAL MATTERS, r or the hli ritbmsi Episcopal AcINIINTMI.NfS fob thk Ricmbjomd j •r an interesting session of seven days' j lethodist. Episcopal Conference, siturg. adjourned on Friday night last, of Bishop Early, who was confined dekness, the Rev. Dr. William A nt of Randolph Macon College, pndeliberations of the meetings. We awing appointments for the Richfor the current year, ending Novemistrict—James D. Couhng, Presiding lary.D. S. Doggett; African Mission, Oregon, to bo supphed; Clay Street, an, S. T. Moormsn, supernumerary; supplied ; Broad Street, J. A. Dun- J. E. Edwards, A. J. Beckwith, aa> Rocketts Mission, to be supplied; Lee. W. A. Robinson to B. Dey, supernumerary ; Gloucester, noud, J. W. Tucker, supernumerary; ies E Martin: Kin* William, to "be supplied ; King snd Queen, John G; ROwe; Middlesex, 11. P. Mitchell; Lancaster, W. F. Bain, Cyrus Doggett; Westmoreland, John M. Saundvs : Caro"nt, I». »*. *»S»—»»«» t Tr -*Vv TS'imni, A«i-..i o«l diers' Tract Association; Leonidas R.isser, Mission - sry at the Fortifications around Richmond; G H. Ray, Agent Richmond. Christian Advocate; John C. Cranberry, Superintendent of Missionaries in General Lee's army; P. F. August, W. E. Edwards and R. Hardee, Jr., Chaplains in the Army. Sent North. —Another instalment of Yankee dem-1 t-'i -, who came into our lines under " Order No. bj," wcic sent homeward yesterday morning. The evening before their departure the commandant of Castle Thunder retiurned the money and other valuables to those who had any when they first arrived here, aud placed them in it separate apartment of the prison from those who were ~. liless ; but during the night, the hitter party broke through the barriers which/ separated them, and made a raid upon the others for the purpose of robbing them.— Being nearly eqiml in numbers, a desperate fight eii-ued, during which brickbats were used pietty (rcely, and but for the interposition of the guard, serious conseuuene%s might have been the result. — Conspicuous among the raiders was the famous Yankee lieutenant whose recent exploit in cutting through to the female apartment of tlie Castle has been noticed in the local columns of the city press. This lieutenant is not very popular among the party who acre sent off yesterday, and his life is threatened by them as soon as fhev are beyond the jurisdiction of the guard who will accompany them. Dhowxed. —About one o'clock yesterday niorr.-iiij, a man named John O'Keefe, while drunk, hdl into the dock, at the loot of Eighteenth street, and was drowned. His bod}' was fished up a few hours after day and v jury of inquest was hold over it, their verdict being that his death was caused by "accidental drowmg." O'Keefe was formerly an enlisted soldier from this city, but was subsequently disabled in the service and detailed to work at the Laboratory, where he was employed up to the time of the occurrence which resulted in his death. About eleven o'clock on the same night, a stranger, whose name we could not learn, fell into the canal, near the Danville depot, and would have drowned but fur the close proximity of a sentinel standing Mayo's bridge, who, hearing his cues, hurried to the spot and hauled him out of the Reported Insurrection at Salisbury.—A tcport reached this city on yesterday, that, on Friday night last, an attempt was made by the prisoners confined ot Salisbury, North Carolina, to escape. At a late hour of the night the guard were set upon and a number were killed before the alarm was made ; but soon afterwards the affair became known and -tips wero token to supio-ess the outbreak. — Forty or fifty of the prisoners were killed before puet and order could be restored. At one time the demonstration assumed neiious proportions, and I lears were entertained that the ctncuU would prove successful; but one or two discharges from a brace I of cannon, which were mounted on a commanding I hill overlooking the prison, soon brought the out- I laws to terms. ] Mavob's Court, Satcbday.—Franklin Jones, of company O, Fifteenth Virginia battalion, was charged with robbing J. H. Dilke of six hundred dollars in CVuvleu. late moiici. toity oi t_"ty dollars I and a new suit of clothes. The robbery win ftei— 'j pctrated last Wednesday night at the house of Ann Thoma-, on Gary street. Ddks had gouo to bed, mid while asleep his room was euteied through the I window and tlie articles carried off. Suspicion pointed to Jones, as he had been for several days I loitering about the premises in company with an- j other man ; but before the robbery was discovered, I the aecased had left the house ill which he was I when Dill.-, retired for the leafing behind his I own clothes and putting ou those which he had I On Friday night, the Central train brought down I ii limn who had not the proper papers about him; I he was taken before Assi.starJt Provi si-Marshal Dos- I well, and upon investigation, i lurued out that I Jones was none other than the man who had com- I mitted the robbery alluded to above. When ar- I jested, the prisoner had on lwlks's lost suit of I clothes, as well as the gold watch and chain, aud I carried with him a well-packed hand-trunk besides. I Owing to the absence of important witnesses, the I case was continued till Monday. j Anthony, slave of James Fountain, charged with I having a ham of bacon in his possession supposed I to have been stolen, was ordered to be whipped.— I The bacon was recognised us some which hud been I stolen from the Engineer Department ul' the Con- I federate States, and Anthony turned out to be an I employee at one of the hospitals near by. | L. D. Lewis was fined %I'j for jjcincituiig his slave, I Junius, to go at large. | Andrew, bhave of Jane Jackson, charged with I stealing a carpet from the Virginia Cent ml Railroad I < oinpauy, was remanded for examination before the I Eftatfina-- Court. The carpet had b»-eu stowed away I at the lailroad depot by Air. W. W. McCreeiy, pre- I paratory to having it taken lrom the city, wheu I Andrew stole it and gave it to another negro to have I it sold lor him. Tho accused coiilessed his gudt I when accosted about it. James, slave of Samuel Fauntloroy, charged with being a runaway, was loimiutted to jail, there to iiiiiaiu till his status can be proven. Ca.veoKD wrru Br.ixo a Spy —Sidney 8. Groveuer, a citizen of Canada West, was committed to < astle Thunder yesterday as a spy. He had rei .-iitly been convicted of larceny and seutencwl to c jlitiueluelit ill the penltelitiaiy; but, upon asceititming his real character, he was turned over to the I miliary authorities lor punishment. raiaaWlßß Tumn on mi Linkv. -John J Williams, lieeuegro, and Elijah, slave of MMbßbm I Mu...:,. charged villi lunniug persons through the hue.-, were arrested on Saturday and couunilted to «. a-tle Thunder. "Not Guilty.''—lv the ias« or John P. fcledd, loinieily a butcher in the Second Market, tried in Judge Lyons's Court on Friday upou the charge of buying four cows from a free negro, named George Drew, knowing that they had been stolen tram Dr Fraud- 11. Dtiiiie, the jury brought in a verdict of •' not guUty," and the accused was discharged. Robiiccy. —On Saturday night, the store-room of Mr*. Pilcher, in Sidney, at the foot of Penitentiary tlill, was broken into and tubbed of one barrel ot ■ unit n«n ami m. tut* of laajt . This is the second time within the past two orlhree mourns iuai mn !-.«_,•---house hq-i beell folclbly entered by luldllll. t.t IhleVcS Jii.oi: Lvom.'s Cocrt was in session on Snturdsy ; but nolle other thaii civil was trans- Judge H.dyhuiton held a short meeting, but adjourned without taking up any cases." Fikk. - About half-past two o'clock Vunterday ji...-i ii'.ng a small Wooden building, ujkili the premuses of Mr. Thomas Yarbrough, near Veiiable •atieet, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, ■was set on tire and burnt to the ground. Loss, Doitoks' F».s.—At a meeting of the physiciaus of Richmond held at the .Mayor's office on Saturday niirht. we learn that their fees wore put up to thirty dollars per visit. Office Richmond andPkte&sbi'B** Raii.boahCo., I Richmond, Virginia, November 10, I&S4. S "VTOTICE.—-Tho annual meeting of the [\ Stockholders of this Company will !*• held at their office, in this city, on TUESDAY, the 2»th inataut, at 11 o'clock A. M, no 10—td M. W. YARRINOTON, Trea«urer. /"I ANAL BOAT FOR SALE.—I have \j for sale a CANAL BOAT. :n good running or«Wr, toffether with the FIXTURES, complete, and tl tree MULES—which I Wlil sell a bargain if early ai mhcation be mad*. OI'WA V AMI TH, n a :h -ide vi the Basin, JOB TXniTIXQ NEAXfit EXEOOTMoi *» _ M-Tii. ■- ' ' *' Adwrtwrmerrts wall be raaavted at the tat-ji-d *-» a . noLLaaa per square for eaah iti»ertkm —eight dan) (or leaf) constitute t tqaara, tete^^ |2 per square for every htaarrtieaw. Stati or ViaoiMi*, Extt viivb DerAßTMfnt, t Ri. iimuii, November t, lfH. < j\ t am y has w.urml to the Otrawrel Assembly of this Commonwealth by the resignation of fl. w. Thomas, the m*-mber of the II t Thiliaafjin from the u.uritv of Warren ; therefore, I. WILLIAM SMITH, Governor of ll*a**Ba-l a ionwealth of Virginia, do hereby proclaim and make known that an election will be held in said ec-en-tr, at the places nrestnbed by law. to supply thane - cancy aforesaid, on the FIRST THURwDAY «a December next. v.^ / ——-1 Given under my hand as Governor, audi 11 s. under the lesser seal of the Commonwealth, (— — )at ill. 11n.on t, Aistth dsy of Novmnber, IS«4, and in the eighty-ninth year of the Commonwealth. WILLIAh, SMITH. Te-ite : Oeorue W. Mimtih, no 7—Me Secretory of the Commonweal tbu. Orrica or thi Richmond, I' ««■■. r« i and Potomac Railroad company, Richmond, November 22, l*tC4. ) T MPORTANT NOTICE.-Stock«ioiU<H-a I of the RICHMOND, FREDERICKSBURG AND POTOMAC RAILROAD COMPANY who have, or shall have, dividends due to them, and uncollected, are hereby notified that all dividends will be payable only in the treasury notes of the Con*. federate States (in which alone," during tho existing war, those dividends have been earned) until the fir** day of February, 15t,.".; mid after that date, at the option of tliis company, in the said treasury notes or in the bonds of the Confederate States, .valued Bthe price (without interest; paid fee by this compauy. xof the Board'of Directors J. B. WiX-atto-i, Treasurer. ~ N*V** DxfTaTa»»T, \ Office Sprcial Service, J cmmomii, Va., September 1», ISfta. ) JE.—-From and after MONDAY 1H NEXT, the 2lith instant. th» STEAMER 9CHRAPNKL will leave the wharf at Rcckctta for the JaMEs KIVKR HyCADRoN daily at 7 o'cletk A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M., touching at aU the prinupal landings on the river. JOHN n. PARKER, at .u—ts Lieutenant in ajataaja, tin iimonii and Danville Railroad Company, ♦ November 12, MM, ' \ STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING. — The next annual nun-ting of the stockholder-* of tha Ku hiiiond and Danville Railroad Company will bheld in this city on WEDNESDAY, December M, l»Gt, at 12 o'clock M., at the office of the Old Dominion Insurance Company. no U—eodSdm J. P. BLAIR, Auditor. TN THE DISTRICT COURT UF TUX 1 CONFEDERATE rtTATES OF AMERICA FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA. NOVEMIILE 7rn, 18(11.-Ordeied. that Receiver* Thomas T. Oilcs, Henry L. Brook, Thomas H. Campbell, John M. 'Ineeu, Francis 1, Smith and WiUmui A. Maun", do each of them, on the 12tm DAY OF DECEMhER NEXT, render and stato and make before William F. Watson, a commissioner of this court, such an account and setUement of his transactions as receiver for the six months . next succeeding the dute of his last settlement aa required by the loth section of the Act of Congress entitled " au act for the sequestration of the estate, projiertT and effects of alien eiosaiies, slid for the indemnity of citizens of the Confederate States."— Approved Angnst 3D. (MI. But If anyone of said receiver's shall not have made and rendered suih account and settlement within the last twelve. months, then he shail render an account of hie transactions as aforesaid for twelve mouths next Succeeding his last setlleHi«nt. And it is further ordered, that the Marshal of this District Ban c to be published in the Examiner, Enquirer and Dispatch, of the city of Richmond, twice a week, for four weeks consecutively, before the said day of settlement, a copy of this order, and that the cleik ot this court deliver one< f said newspapers conuiiuing said publication to the Attorney of the Confederate; Btatcs for this District. A copy—Teste : LOFTTN N. ELLETT. no H—2awtw Cleik. Hr.ADO.UABI WIS VIKOINIA MILITARY I.NSTITtrK, ( LkxisuTON, Vihoinia, November 8, 1564. ) QPECIAL ORDERS No. 23. I. The regular Academic Exercises of the Institution will lie resumed at the Aims-House, Richmond, on the Ist OF DECEMBER. All Professors, Assistant Professors, Officers and Cadets, except such as may receive other orders,, will promptly report for duty lit theahue and placy" deririiatcd. 11. As unavoidable causes have delayed.the resumption of dutus. tho fjeposit eaJJoJEfor/ by lha quarterly i ircitlar will bti«4wedfo|LßM»<»''duniy I* placed to the credit uVfch*' ,Tr«*ft*tf«g|Phc Vii - trivia Military Institutu -arfli'J PHyH'uli of supplies arc deposited by a Citdet, the/Joaiy deposit will be diminished by the value of these suppnaa, estimated by schedule rates. Should the depotite now called for be inromdent t6 meet current ea« '■■ '■' "' 'wm&vw*-*-**-' Major-General F. 11. MaTTH, J. H. Morrison.. Acting Adjutant Virginia Military Institute. no 12—2awtDr>l VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE. The Board oi Visitors wilt, at their next regular meeting, fill vacancies in the list of State Cadets from the following Senatorial Districts : Fifth/ ninth, twelfth, thirteenth, fifteenth, twenty-second, Mr-fifth, twenty--eventh, twenty-eighth, thirthirty-seiond, thirty-fourth, thirty-seventh, -eighth, thirty-ninth, fortieth, forty-third, forty-seventh, forty-ninth and fiftieth. Applications will be submitted to tho undersigned, at Lexington, without delay, accompanied by written testimonials of fair moral character, that the applicant U able to read and write wcU and to perform with facility and accuracy the various operations of the tour grand rules of arithmetic and vulgar and decimal fractions, and that he is free from all bodily iefect and infirmity. FRANCIS H. SMITH, no 12—JawtDccl ♦ Superintendent. BY THE GOVERNOR- OF VIRGINIA—A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, a ya- WBCy has inclined in the General Assemble of this Commonwealth by tho resignation of I'aulus PowjU, Esq., late member of the House «1 Delegatus from the tounty of Amherst; therefor*. I, WILLIAM SMITH, Governor of Virginia, do lierel.y pro. laim and make known that, in exsrotsn jf authority vested m the Executive by law, I haw ordered an election in the s«id county of Amherst lar the puipoMJ of fllliiig said vncancy ; and that tho .heritf of that county will eatue such election to be tnuld on THURSDAY, the 16th day of December uext. *• Given under my hand as Ooveroor. and. 'l. s ■ under the • ul of the Cumtnonweallh, at —.-» ' Richmond, this 21st day of November, A. D. I "si; I, and in the eighty-uiuth year of the Couitnonirettlth WM. SMITH. Teste: G*o. W. Mcnforu, St -notary of the Commonwealth. no 22—Tu,F&Tuat _____ . T> OCX'S GOOD SAMARITAN, KHEUMATISM. NEURALGIA, STIFFNES*) OF i)OD TIDINGS FOR THE AFFUCrED! •:'. per bottle, and to be had of aU Jiuggurts. orders lor it in quantity must be addrvaeed to POWER & M.PIIAIL, Agents, coiner of Main and Seventeenth atrewta, *Mi — iteod Richmond. Virtnaia. t?ARM OF TWO HUNDRED AM» I 1 KIOHTY-FIVE ACRES IN NEW KENT. YEAR THE WINDSOR SHADES. ON THE KOAD FROM THE FORGE TO WU.LIAMSrtURG, FOR SALE.—Eighty aero' are cleaml; th« ~..Un. c in original growth, with a Urge quantity ot • The soil is good, with red clay suh-K/U The improvements are: two small, *>Ul comlortahh-, iwellings ;one used as a kitchen): laundry, eerr«-its*houses-all new and comfortable, navina urick liamuev-. I'hw property is offered low, atal .hould attract the attention of one wishing to iuk.-»i in a small farm.* For terms, *c., apply to no so—awatM Auctiouo-'is. S ITCH OINTMENT. l> WARRANTELrTOCURE WITHOUT FAIL. lUs Ouitment hasWeu fully tested, and. can be had at No. 13 Governor street, or addre** A. COLLSBERRY, lUchmond post-ofltos Orders will be pn.u.i.tly attended to. IOAUDING— Four goutlnuMMi can obtaia DAY BOARDING on Sixth street, Wa Clay aud Leigh,.second door froaa Leigh, «- -»t no Xl lianrt' HEORAND ANNUAL COMMUNICATION OF THE GRAND LODOE OF GINIA of Ancient Free aud AcvepUd Masons be held in the MASONS' HALL in this ciuuat 'DAY, the 12th of I>»ceml*r neat, at ti o'clock By order of M. W. Oraad Master. JOHN DOVE, Grand Secretary, iquirvr. and Whig please copy. rpUE ANNUAL MEETING QMlfe I STOCKUOU>ERB OF TUX JafCHMON D i:.uI.WA-' COMPANY trill ha bald aithr office ot the ciaupaiiv ou FRIDAY, the Ist djrv of Dtawmber, DMit, at 12 o'clock. JOSEPII JjJCKStiN, J a., f OST. CON FEDERATE FOUR PER | j CENT. CERTIFICATE*'*. 1.1B», for pgw, m th» uameot William M. Harriaa»i.»'tsu«>d by , a tv , duted »»t«aa>i m** The Bndct wdl vbrnaa ih»Ur. r it t<» Lancaater * On. or to ih-' -aibeertliaa. DAILY DISPATCH. VOL. XXVJI. RICHMOND, VA., MONDAyTiVOVEMBER 28. IBfi4. NO. 128.

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