The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1898
Page 7
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DBS AMONA urn A* jtmrn i* isee ! . .,.. Sad, tint True. I Wibble—All the religion I have con- BistS in believing that my neighbor has & right to do as best suits him. ; . Wabble—There is no religion in such a belief as that. •. t»t»«» Spit mo Smoke >«nr tlf« w»y [ To quit tobacco easilv and forever, be magnetic, full of life nnrVe and rigor, take .HO-To-Bac, the -wonder worker, that makes weak men Strong. All druggists, 50c or $1. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free •Address Sterling Remedy Co., '.Chicago or 'New York. R He—It amounts to positive genius to be stupid on some occasions. Hhe—But don't you think it can be carried too far? Plso's Cure for Consumption is the only cough medicine used in my house.—D. C. Albright, Mifflingburg, Pa., Dec. 11 '95. The waters of the Grand Falls of Labrador have excavated a chasm thirty miles long. • When a man becomes thoroughly contented he has outlived his usefulness. • No fewer than 1,173 persons have been buried in Westminster Abbey. Taking No Chr. tides. Mrs. Wickwire—If you could stop drinking if you chose, why don't you choose? Weary Watkins—Missus, I had a second cotisin out west who had his eye shot out fer refusin' a drink, an' I don't want to take no chances of ineetin' his sad fate. Phbllc Clocks. Few cities are provided with public clocks of such a size and prominent location as to indicate time over metropolitan districts. But it is high time to check kidney and bladder complaint manifested to the sufferer by inactivity of the organs. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters remedies this, and cures dyspepsia and nervousness. A tank steamer with a capacity of 720.000 gallons will soon be launched from the Roach shipyard in Chester, Pa. It is for the .Standard Oil Co., and is said to be the largest in the world. To Cure Constlpntion orevcr, Take Cnscnrefs C'uurtv Ciitlmrtlo. lUo or 25o 11 C. C. (J. lull to euro druggists refund money. " The death rate of the sailors in the mercantile marine is only 13per 1,000— lower than on land. A GREAT REMEDY. Greatly Tested. ^Greatly Recommended." s . The loss of the hair is one of the most serious losses a woman can undergo. Beautiful hair gives many a woman a claim to beauty which would be utterly ; wanting if the locks were short and i scanty. It is almost as serious a loss when the natural hue of the hair begins to fade, ! and the shining tresses of chestnut and i a U i' rn Qr ,e changed to gray or to a faded shadow of their former brightness. Such a loss is no longer a necessity. There is one remedy which may well be called a t great remedy by reason of its great sue- cess in stopping- the falling of the hair, cleansing the scalp of dandruff, and restoring the lost color to gray or faded tresses. Dr. Aver's Hair Vigor is a stand- ara and reliable preparation, in use in tnousauds of homes, and recommended by everyone who has tested it and experienced the remarkable results that follow us use. _ It makes hair grow. It restores tHe original color to hair that has turned gray or faded out. It stops hair from falling, cleanses the scalp of dandruff, and gives the hair a thickness and gloss that no other preparation can produce. ""•'f"«n?nt>. of 356 Sast CSth St., New \ork City, writes: "A little more than a year ago, my hair began turning gray and falling out, and although I tried- ever so many things to prevent a continuance of these conditions I obtained no satisfaction until I tried Dr! Ayer's Hair Vigor. After using one bottle my hair was restored to its natural color, and ceased falling out."—Mrs. HERZMANN 356 East 68th St., New York City. "I have sold Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor for fifteen years, and I do not know of a case where it did not give entire satisfaction. I have been, and am now using it myself for dandruff and gray hail-, and am thoroughly convinced that it is the best on the market. Isothiug- that I ever tried can touch it. It affords me great pleasure to recommend it to the public."—FRANK M. GROVE, Faunsdale, Ala. There's more on this subject in Dr. Ayer's Curebook. A story of cures told by the cured. This book of 100 pages is scut free, on request, by the J. C. Ayer Co.. I*owell, Mass. ft IRONING W/\DE> EASY." iimniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniuiiiiMiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiii^ REQUIRES NO COOKING WES COLLffiS AND GUFFS 8TIFF AND NICE AS WHEN FIR5T BOUGHT NEW ^ ONE POUND OF THIS STARCH WILL CO AS FAR AS A POUND 'AND A HALF OF ANY OTHER STARCH. KEOKUKJOWA. NEWHAVEN.CONN, This starch Is prepared on sciontlflu principles by men who have had years of practical experience | n fancy ffin « ?',, i?! to . r ,, es °"J llneu 'J ud Sllll "nor dreesos to their natural whiteness and Imparts a beautiful imS lasting llnlsh. It Is the only starch manufactured that Is perfectly harmloss, containing neither arsenic, alum or any other substance Injurious to lluon and can be used even for a baby powder. " < -' u "' 1 «i w-uit, For Sale by All Wholesale and Retail Gvnr.c**. DES MOINES GARBLE & MANTEL. CO. Granite Monuments and Wood Muni els, Specialties. lies Mollies, Iowa, "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED,"~ TRY i I Calif ornia * Comfortably This is the way to go: Take one of the Burlington personally \ j conducted excursions. They leave Omaha every Thursday afternoon at 4.35, reaching San Francisco following- Sunday evening, kos Angeles Monday noou. Cheapest way there is. Comfortable, too. No change of cars. Finest scenery on earth. Full information, berths, etc., on application to local ticket agent, or by writing ll | J. Francis, General Passenger Agt., Qmaliu, Neb. $ Oj i tii \l> f ft * ••After I wae Induced to try CA8OA- SETS, I will cever pe without tlietn in the L juse. My liver was In a very bad shape, and my head ached and 1 had utoinaoh trouble. Now, since tak- Ints Oasourots, I feel fluo. My wife has also used them with beneficial results for sour stomach." JOS. ItKBUUKG, littl Congress St., Bt. Louis, Uo. Pleasant, PalataWe. Ppte,nt. Taste Uood, DC Good, Never SlcUeh, Weaken, or QrlpeTlOc, Mo,Mo. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... Blerllog R«nedjr Coapas;,, Uoilrttl, K»» York. 318 Farming Lands In Eastern Central Minnesota adapted to Koneral farming, stock nil sing uud dairying in the best portion _of Jlluncspia. 'I'hpse lauds are ollered uc The President Asks for 75,000 Additional Men, EXPLANATION OF THE MOVE, The Invasion ot Cnba, the Invasion of Porto Rico, And the Dispatch of a Large Army to the Fhlllpplnes—Will llave a Well Drilled force. The president has issued a call for 75,000 volunteers. This means the invasion of Cuba, the taking of Porto Rico, the dispatch of a larger army to the Philippines than has beiore been considered and a reserve army at home for the purposes of filling depleted regiments with seasoned and drilled soldiers Instead of raw recruits. This is the explanation given at the war department. Spanish Spy Captured. The naval officials at Key West have captured Lieut. Sobral, late at- tache of the Spanish legation in Washington. He is charged with being a spy. If his guilt is proven he will he shot. Michigan Troops Mustered In. Michigan has furnished to the army under the president's first call 4,062 men. The quota of the state was fix- ed by the -war department at 4,104. It is, therefore, forty-two men short. Spain Will Fight to the End. Replying to a question concerning the prospects of peace, Prime Minister Sagasta said Spain was only defending her right of national existence, which she would do until the end. Large Deficiency Appropriation, An estimate for a deficiency appropriation of $11,400,000 in the expenditures of the quartermaster's department for the current year was sent to the house. Will Try to Secure Peace. Senor Aunon, Spanish minister of marine, asserts that when a suitable opportunity offered the cabinet will do its best to secure an honorable peace. Illinois Troops Assigned. The last of tlie Illinois troops have left the state. The Seventh regiment went to Washington and the cavalry to Chickamauga. lilanco to Defend Seaport*, Capt.-Gen. Blanco has issued orders concentrating all his Spanish forces in the six provinces of Cuba at fortified seaports. France Is Worried. France Is worrying over the possibility of an alliance between Great Britalu and the United States. Must Soon Surrender. It la sorfd Cuba is able to resist only one month longer, owing to scarcity of provisions. OUR NAVAL MONSTER. THE BATTLESHIP OREGON, THE MOST POWERFUL ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION I N THE WORLD. Presbyterians Celebrate. May 26 was a day of speechmaking In the Presbyterian general assembly. The regular business of the assembly was postponed, and all three sessions of the day were devoted to the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniverary of the Westminster standards. Wisconsin W. C. T, U. One hundred and fifty prominent women from every portion of Wisconsin met at Chippewa Falls at the twenty-fifth convention of the Wisconsin Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Wisconsin G. A. K. Veterans Meet. The thirty-second annual encampment of the Wisconsin Grand Army of the Republic opened at Appleton May 24. The Woman's Relief corps. Sons of Veterans and Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic also held state meetings. To Pay for Frauce'K Aid. It is rumored that Spain and Russia have agreed to the cession of the northwest coast of Morocco to France, The consummation of this plan would insure the aid of France against the United States and ultimately against Great Britain. UNITED STATES MAJOR-GENERALS. A I. Wealey Merrltt. 2 W. R. Shatter, t. Elwell S. Otis. 4. John R. Brooke. Wheeler - 8 - Wllllam H - Alliance la Not Perfected, Nothing definite has transpired concerning the negotiations by Spain for an alliance with France. JtevleweU by the President. The president reviewed the Second army corps of the volunteer aray at Falls Church, W. Va. Heavy War Appropriation*, Thus far the amount of money appropriated by congress for the reaches $312,385,602. Illinois Epworth Leugue. The fifth annual convention of the Epworth League of Illinois assembled at Bloomington May 24. Klect '4'helr President. The state convention of the Michf- gan W. C. T. U. elected Mrs. A. S. Benjamin, Portland, president. Meet lu State Convention. The state convention of the Michigan W. C. T. U. was held at SagV- : Stow He Won tier. "If t were a man," she said, "you wouldn't find me here to-day. I'd be away, fighting for my country." "If you were a man," he replied, "you wouldn't find me here to-day, either. 1, too, would be away fighting for my country." After that all he had to do was gain papa's consent. AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS, We are inserting tn the eour ts our right to the Sm^i^P^^D 116 w r° ri1 "CASTOftlA " and "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our Trade 1, Or. Samuel Pitcher, of ftynfmis, Massachusetts, wns the originator of "PITCHEIl'S CASTORIA," the same that has borne and does now bear tho fac-slmllo signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTOUIA" which has been used in the homos of the mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and see that it la "the kind you have always bought," and has the signature of CHAS. II. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one has authority from me to use rrty name except The Centaur Company, of which Chas H, Fletcher is President. March 8, 1807. SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D. Time may be money, but somehow your friends always appreciate the money you spend with them more than the time. _ Shake Into Your S'.IOCR. Allen's FootrEase, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and Instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen a. Olmsted. Lfi Rov. N. Y. A gun which can lire 30,000 bullets a minute lias been invented by Jones Judge, an engineer, of .Newcastle, England. 18o. Wiir At Ins! 18c. Contains 10 pages of large colored maps of the West Indies, Cuba, the Vhil- ippinelsliimls, Spain and 1'ortugal, City and Harbor of Havana. Double page map of the world, etc. Published by the H., C. R. & N. Uy. and scut postage paid for 18 cts. Address J. Morton, G. P. & T. A., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Forty per cent of the export of American nails is taken by Japan. Japan is our largest buyer. It entity In Jllnml Clean blood makes a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascarots Uandy Cathartic cleans your Wood and keeps it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im- puritieo from the body. Begin to-day to banish pimples, boiln, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious i.'omplezioii by taking Casuarots,—beauty fortou cents. All druggists, (satisfaction guaranteed. 10, ii5, Bile. In Mexico tho family of a dead duelist can claim support from the person who shot him. Tho largest block of marble ever sent out. of East Tennessee was shipped by way of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to New England during the first week in March. It was consigned to Norcross Bros., at East Cambridge, Mass., and It weighed 45,000 pounds. T.t was quarried near Knoxville. The woman with a baby and the woman without one are always sorry for each other. Hall's Catarrh Curo Is a constitutional cure. Price, Too. General Fit/.hngli Leo was forty-fifth in a class of forty-nine tit West Point. FITS Fornrnnon tlyCurou. Wo fits or nervousness after first illly a. USD of Dr. Klino's Grail, IS'orvo Hcsloror fond fur FH1S13 $.'J.OO trial Imttlo anil tnmtiso. Bit. II. 1-1. KLINE, Arch St., 1'hiludolpliiu, 1'a. Men insiy i-ome and men may go, but the g-us meter goes on forever. Coo's l/'oiiRli Bnlgtim i« the nldcBtuml best. It will break up a cold quicker than anything olco. It is always reliable. Try It. The man who is entirely satisfied with himself is easily contented. Jv'o-To-lliH! for Fifty Outs, 'tuiirunikod lobiitco Imb.L euro timkos ivoak men M-«IDIJ, Wood jiuro. MJc, $1. All (iriiuulsts. ^ M uny of the elephants of Abyssinia re without tusks. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA. FJQ SYRUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CAMFOKNIA FIG SYIUTP Oo. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding- the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CALIFORNIA FIG SYKUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nqr nauseate. In order to get its beneficial. effects, please remember the name of the Company-— CALIFORNIA W SYHIJ? CO, N. V. 8AN FKANCIMCO, 0,1, f*U(!ieVII,U:, Ky, Dr. Kav's Renovator UJJAK Bit mj 9 ilpliuioim, tp cure dyspepsia, constipation, liver uud «d»iey diseases, billgusuess, iaatiches, etc. At druggists, 2So and ?1.UO. «1 DO MY OWN WOE&* t • „ So Says Mrs. Mary Rochlette 6i titodeti, Jtf ev* Jersey, in this Letter to Mrs. PInkham. and " I was bothered v/Sth a flow 1 would be quite annoying at times, at others would almost stop. ' ' I used prescriptions given Me by my* physician, bat the same state of affairs continued. "After a time I was I taken with/ a flooding, ' that I was | obliged to ' keep my bed. Finallyj in despair, "I gave up my doctor, and began taking your medi- ~ " cine, and have certainly been, greatly benefited by its use. 1 ' Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound lias indeed been a friend to me. " I am now able to do my own work, thanks to your wonderful medicine. I was as near death I believe aa I could be, so weak that my pulso scarcely beat and my heart had almost given out, I could not have stood it one week more, I am sure. I never thought I would be so grateful to any medicine. " 1 shall use my influence with any one suffering as I did, to have them use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." Every woman that is puzzled about her condition should secure the sympathetic advice of a woman who understands. Write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass.. and tell her your ills. W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 23—1898. Dr. Kay's lung Balm jgs NEWDISCOVERYjBlvoa quick rolfof and euros worst eaviM. Bend for book of tc«t!mon(al8 and 1O clavf)' treatment Free. Ur,n. u. uiwKN'S soNS,AUinin,'u». i Get your Pension ___ )DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRELL, Pension Agent, 142S New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. D. C. USSEMTC It sells like "Hot Onltos." iton- e3l(3K.I<3 I 9 dull's Perlootetl Receipt Book. 20'! piines. Over 1(K) lln.3 illustrations. Hundreds of the best of proscriptions and roaelpts for everything. To I^lvo Ag<mtH we will send a copy with terms to nizonts For 1O Oonta to puy powtivgo. The Kcnclull Publishing Co., SiiriHoeu SDriiiB-s. N. Y. BEST SCALES. LEAST MONEY JONES OF BINGHAMTON N. Y. carried ovor from 1897 must > J« tarn-Weed now.; Now llleu tirade, aU styles, t equipment, gruaran! . $9.75 to $17.OO. dwhoelfclateinadBhi; all makes, $3 to $|2. WeiMp on approval wttK. —routacent payment. Write » uurauln lint and art catalogue . -..„»,.. ,, 0 model*. BICYCLE FREE foy jeoson toI advertise them. Bend for one. K. B. MEAD CYCLE CO., CHICAGO Combined Experience « of 21 Years, Columbia Chain Wheels, - $75 lUrtford Bicycles, - - . SO Vtdottc Bicycles, - SiO and 35 Machines and .Prices Guaranteed. wmvjt Great Popular Offens - • — , --------------- -.-. -- u single order, ot one liundreil thousand (lOO.UOU) copies of this acknowledged nmntnr\vork O f the Century, w* iiro now enul)lud to offer it to tue public at fill luBBtliitu the pulilUhert,' prlcea! The Funk & Wagnalls STANDARD DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, 11 Is Imtoiuimrubly iho tfi-eiuost, us it, Is positively tlio lutost, most complete, and most uutliorltutlru new dictionary In existence. It Is everywhere thii ENTIREIX NEW,-— "«KB!Ss&». ll ls " ot » «>• FKO» COVES TO COVER. !&».# other work, but Is the result of the steady luboi" ot Hvo yeiii-s of o\ er twelve spore of the most eminent und amhodtalhe scholars und specialists lu (ha world. Nearly 110 of the lending universities, colleges and si-lontlHi! Institutions of the world wen represented on the editorial stuff; 20 United States Government exports were ulso on tho editorial uair. Over twm wore uutvmlly expended lulu production before u single complete copy WHS ready for the market. The regular subscription pi-Ice of the Btundurd Dictionary ts $18.1)0. We will now supply the complete wprfc in one rich, unisslva volume, elegantly bound In full Jeatier, prepaid to any address ut the astonishingly low price of *!»,«? on the following terms to responsible people: $1.00 CASH WITH ORDER AI»I »} per month ou, the let of eaoh month uwtll IWia. The IWcHonary will h2 sent express prepaid on receipt of the It.OQ cash paymcut, thereby giving purchasers nearly iifuU ye«r K use of this great wort before dnkl payment Full particulars by uiall. Address, STANDARD OlfTjQIMJIY A6IHCY, -Pes Moines, low*.

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