Richmond Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia on April 3, 1862 · Page 3
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Richmond Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia · Page 3

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1862
Page 3
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Coatireoa, Yooterday «a. member, of the »«». ot iiTea vestrrd . hsu*** 1 tn * tT »*•*• B *V Z rIZ mS room fonaerty occ.pted by alalia* U-. rad - *»*+£» the hall re.c, Tly vaeetedby the Honse cf Iteiegatea of ttIMRII J*» chant, aaeaw M M*« hfi|llH the Bouse witha ds*MO»*» somethiag. aad to discard the tMK all «i '> do-noibing policy which ha* 6,rei <tor* .!iata*> termed tta proceedings. Uf (|1 , gUli th«r* waa aa abundance. tat it w*« attended with nt least* semblance oS bsn-.nesi fa* nn>«t important bill under oonaider*- bob aswtetuay. aad probably the most import*-..! tha; has engaged the attention of voi ci seeati te the comraeacemeat of th* cession, was the bill reported by Mr. Garaett, from the <?. remittee of Ways aad Mean*, en- Matedaaaai o admit impoeta duty free—except such a* may be imported from tho Unite, i states uf America. The debates upon thla measure were interesting, perhaps able, a* both stdeo. Aa a financial question, it , o«*e*- hi 1.0 merit, at least so for a* ths. pre*, ent Uconcerned, and it was not eonteaued by its advocates that any benefit In that r* spect woald be derived from lie passsgs.— [| was supposed, however, by those who it, that th« policy reoomm*ad*d m'.ght ha sM iw egeot In propltUtlng th* pubftt sea liasßßl ot European Powers, a ssnti ment vti h to as rnuoh regarded InJCuglaad dud fauao* h» in tbe Culled or Confederate jStates ffaO iriends of free trade per s* of vouia* gave ihe bill their sanction, although .i w6sUsci.eted up-.-.: the floor of the lionae «vec 0} ~v" known advocates of that policy, that the u»t>t Incurred la tbe prosecution of ths war vrcuid.&t its teimlaatiou, require :. tar>lt for iU li-iUtdaUon. Tbe or; Ottei!to of the bill thought it calculated ta bAbos tk* tjovernment In a humlilating attitad* t«fore tbe commerctal Governmenu of turcp*. The meaeure, however, reoelved the sanction of the Bouse, and we give it as it passed that body i A l*n.i. to be entitled an actj to admit lm- IsjsCs I>cty Free—Except such a* may be mporied trOBB ihe United ttates of America Ssggjl Tht Gongreai of tkt Conftdtrau Mates of jutwfra do t**ct. Inatoll laws, and parts cf taw*. ••>' whiiu uu'.ies nre laid and collectett on foreign goois, wares, or marchandixs imported from foreign ore hereby fa* V>ealed— except tut regards those imported from it. (tatted States of America. Mac. i. ThUact shall take affect from and ktfter Its i>ass"«t«; but the provisions of this act eh>til not tpply to goods, war**, or merchandise, heretofore Importeß or now in bond. The following la v bill which passed the Hoo>9, provldin* for the protection of the frontier of tho State of Texas. It was advocated b/ the representative* of that State with h. t)rgr<ve of <■ a-uestnets which t*stifl*d their devotion to the Commonwealth which keBOXOd them with her eorafidecce. lt was introduced o? m.r. Herbert, of that State : i-.u Act to ..athoiire the Stcretary of War to rooeive teteth* service ef the Confederate States a Regiment of Volunteers lor the protection el i.iie frontier of Texaa. Uec 1. lit Con/rrem of tht Conftdtf at* State* do trrtft. Itsai thn Sccittaryof War ia hereby aut!i>.i!.?d to lecelve tn'o ths service of the Coi:frdera"e .-tates a reeiment ot volunteers that nre now la earns* in tbeState of Texas, for the prptcctioa of the frontier of said Steteagaiaat Ir.dlan depredation, regiment shall constitute a put of the Provision "i altar of the Confedera"estates, and t>e sußtoi l to the governing the some. Tin- M untitled in the Valley rteaStaunton Spt-uiu>r, of yeeterday, contotae ii Hat Of the Rounded in the hospital In that town—l4B in cumber. Among these are C»p'. fc» T Waltoc, Co. X, a.-d regiment, and Oapt. X- t- Cjwan.Cj. I. 37:hregiment 'me lataurdted on th-? Sv.h, one week after tte fl'3. Captain (Jowun was n high-toned and ctivalr us £.»n<.!etnan, and we deeply regr-t to iir-iiiic.c ibe fall of so noble a spi »Tt. frem Preston r;»tmty,and repre seated *-be count-' n few yesrs ago in the L- of the State. We hear IhatOapt Baford, of Bedford, bad I it -ii atoaad in flic thigh, which is thought ;...t t■ be darjgaiQUß. Col. Burks, of Beiford, coanuandipc the third ef ibnTlal legliaoill.ftel F&tton ; 424 regiment, Lteat-OOt, Littiztxotue • -b'M regiment, Col. «;.urrt*l'.; iri»b battalion, Major Munford— nad teres ballses -shot through his clothes but aaaajsefi nuAarii Lieut .-col.. Lasghorne :-; jh koraa shot under him. Theentlie waa engaged, except, perhaps, the -fa 1.«. ■.n ni, wMca, with Marye's battery, .. s Id to ti> ye tie en h«ld in reserve. Th I- I. idles' Del'euce Coinniitlt:c. \?*> axdstetaad that ths patriotic ladies who constitute the "defence committee,'' Witk -.;•• view of inoce&eing that most eff.c- BvWteaaeh of onr naval service—lron-clad steaafawx will hold another meeting in thi s ettf i>ii»>'- These meetings ore, we l> j . esWOtj q« tiey certainly are sacred ; hut ths d termination of the noble Southern amawa xaogfro them uuimation is all the" men Clearly expressed by this method of uoadacuag th 4 gioiious task. They will tneieb/ act with xuore effective energy, and the put pee* they have In view requires all theeauttoti thus evinced. Ladles who devote L-uit-. • .-X i-j such efforts never fall 1 Indeed, udles a***t a.tempt any good which they do aot a.tneve, & tl the history of triaunphant Koine, of struggling Greece, or cf aching apart* -nay, ri the whole world of heroic nations—te mil of examples of th* powers cf :-nii.l- prcwes- sitallarly exercised. We have itbij tuiilllßMoa.tkaa. tn the coasuaunatloa ot tb * v.oiK they attempt. W« are glad to Bote ate tact that the owner of the musical aaervei, Blind Tom, naa volunteored a benefit to aid their (fl'jrto. ara wa presume htack* Bxaata is one wlnca wkl te cheerfully follow-1' by all the other funusement managora who luive it la tneii power to contrlbnts matt' i;-ii> to tuts noly ciuw. The tedtaa, we are told, contemplate con>altiuxv.lh some of the most dlstlnguUhed .U).-i«oi cur navy. They are la earnest, and *iea.n to le£.?e no muans antrisd to further their obtest. It ie rumored that an officer, *h 1 -c name is nobl> with tke late i.a>*l ansßgemsut at Hampton Rood*,will ■jt> tendered tbe honor of conducting th* work art? perfecting. SB* 1 . The Gunboat Bund. We insert lb* pat-lotte response of Col. Bd> icnud Fontaine, president of the Virginia •j -uimi BaasbwAuV to tbe proposition fur building a gunboat ar gunboats for tbe d*. i-f-j.-r.-fc of BtcaasOUd. Ilia name will bs placed In haaorabla contrast with thotaof Messrw. Uhirlesti. Wallas* Bad Edmund Bußn, of fixated*, OoL Blaatoa Uuncyi, ct Kentucky, Mlltoa P. Garulgaa, of Tennessee, and others wao hive stepped forward In aid of the pro- - tact with aamteaagte generosity that needs no -lame'-i'ii.i. Let otAev* eeaatete th*aa. *mple. Col. Fontsine'a letter reads as fol lows- * BGivsaoAM, HAMorca, ApriTi,, lb*.. Hk the Editor $ uf the Dispatch, j Oa«r Sir—Aa you e*soi to be the organ for £aa*terU jrsuoecrlptlons for the proposed gun•Bat Rub mood." you will put my name wW'r-t.K $260. if the enterprise goes forward **Whp»>y, *nd It be neceearary; X Will double *T AUbotgb youarojaatlned " toying ter.-ei- a •• seeming IndUnronc* " |M i-k the etetoaoa of Ricbraofid to this m same*. <>t rrevectAon, if th* a?at or Woald call a **e .ivr, i 1 bj LBtoyua would fled lt other- , wise. J- ; law a BBtAM tfuptrty bolder in.tßk city, 2Pi*>not*aawarlto**»each. Evei-rei>lam W tea v mfederocy to steeply UtarOßtedTb do'^t-itiCiicnmcuc. Very reapoctf ullv, - B. FoatAiß.a. •m*n£rJ iMO ?** 0 '' mU l »«*" "»° »•»• ' aowa?il frj* v"* ,k *» *» «#aa, thou boil . &WrtUr k «V ito »«"-• .newsof two iMiaaea* la which ---•»---—-»"»-»-----.--------^»-"*»*-i-.-.»-*^-™-*-^-»-i-.-»-.-i-»-»-ii •«al. twtwaY Aaßßy Taw servtoM rendered by date g*Jl*ato ta tae Valley *f ▼Irginte have act only aad**red sim to tb* psagde of that moßob, bat etteltodth* edmirAtloa of hlaloot. attooool aad determlaed courage, aad ate taAcmtaahte energy, have oaaeaa them to quail i hater* hte command, aad to dread him with that terror of which guilty coward* ar* alone ssmooptlbta. A correspondent of the Philadelphia feeuvsr, writing from Wlncbsatsr, thaa apeak* cf th* Colonel la Its Issue of .tk* foot alt; Th* morning that our troupe An tared Winchester, at about half-past eight o'clock, a*e•rel houre after th* latently and a/tillery had evacuated the plane, Ucl Arhbydr*whto cavalry up la line oa one of the » wlßo ' p *.l streets, and than-* leisurely waited •**"*" A**ooUMthto wa* uoa*»h* gay* th* ord*r to aaareh, tea Colon*), aad Lteo tenon ta Lincoln, (* cousin Of the President.) and Mar ray, <su •*•• oaaatly oapTared) belag the la*t to teave labby ws* much detecwd, and ao unwilling waa ha to te.n»e thai when our advonc* op oaared upon the brow of th* hill ut the north Jnarf tbitowu, be waa slowly riding along the "treat, 1* sight, and not yet half way tnrouxb th* place. BAhbj's regiment to about twelve hundred tJong, well srmedaad well clothed, aad au Irs devotodte attacked to their commander, who I* a wealthy resident of F*io.*ier county, and knows not th* meaning of the word ••cowardice " Several of oar officers are anxious that he should be captured, merely to sue the aaaa, who, thsy say, haa beea fighting them all the winter In whatsoever direction they marched. i — ■ Foaaiuß Vassaxß at txb aiocra or tbbßio Gbauds -The Galvsston Newt, of th* 10th nit, has private advtoes direct from Brownsville, from which we learn that there are aow 16 foreign vessels loaded with meiohan- to Matamoraa, but none of thearare allowed by the Lincoln block aders to enter or to discharge their earg>es, unless the different foreign Consuls will give bonds that th* goods shall not cross the river Into Texas. Tke Conauta are awaiting Instructions from their respective Governments. Nearly all the churches of Barbour county, Ala., have tendered their belle to the Government, and every housewife ha* constituted herself aa agent for the collection ot braes. Cotton seed to recommended aa a substitute for ooffoe—two-thirds aeeu *-<d oa*«thlrd coffee—th* former to be washed and parched before t rinding, like coffee. The buildings of th* East Tennessee Unlv*n>>iy, at Rnoxvll!*. have been given up to the military for hospital purposes. Why do anßU*aa usually wear their sword* In the streets, while tallois neve' wear their eheara, nor bricklayers their trowels! Hugh Nelson, Esq ,an old and highly Yespec ted cltlssn of Petersburg, Va., died In I that dry on Tuesday tart. I •*<£. IN&»PEjTIjN» OF FLOUR In the Bv/clty of Richmond for the quarter ending April 1, 19*3: Family l,:ito barrels. Exura Muperfloe 1«M8 ' ** Extra (iia.ll) 410 *• Saperflo* 4* tk M Fine...J*. s,'*xg Middlings s,in •« Condemned... rte «« Total 70,553 «• ap 3-11 A. T. MITCHELL, D. I. I -* «— ...» ■ 1 i ■ ■ ■■-'. ■ tr*. M O T I O E — Fi RHT RBS'T VA. VOL9. Persons having letters for soy member of th* reg.meat, now sue. loted near Orange Oouxt House, o*n h&vs them dsllvsred at once by leaving them to Jay. at the office of Me-sra. Sebaer, Eohler A 00-. Osry street, ether* I will take charge of thsu, and tahe pl*atu:s In delivering them. G. A. EOL.TINB, ao»—lt* Oo ••£-." Istßect Vs. Tola. BSSS . ~,: ■„-»■:■--- -—:•' B±5C :" -„.: ■■ ■' ' ..- -w<s» a jl.u r AUst -Airjc) tor me aui**r> »«.r---m\f TEUY, s:stlo>*sd at Jamaatoern, tU , will be delivered to Mr. O. J Games, at Richmond Post Offioe T P WlLfflNftOß, sp 3—lw Oapt. C->c-! tt h .'en Battery. "rrr , ■ , . , , ■ , tSSBXSn »?K«JimX. iIOTICBM. auT AUCTION SALU CF VALUABLE XtMi ESTATE, THIS DAY.—The particular attention of the public is respectfully colled to the sale of valuable Real Estate to beto'.d at auotiox TO-DAY, yu.: l*t, at 12 oMock ii , to the valuable brick Tenement, or. the west line of lb A, between Main and Franklin streets; 2d, at one o'clock P M , to the valuable Lots pa the Norfb side of Franklin, between 25*1 and Sate afreets; 3 J, at same boar, to the vulaubte Lot on the r-ortb side otMaic, betuemn fib and 26th streets; and 4th,at 4J o'clock P. Sd ,to the lohandecme Lots on Brook read, ncr the residences cf Mr. Wm. Sledd and Mr. Wm Wayne. For further particulars see auction head. QODDIN A APPERSON, _op a—lt Auctioneers. aWWB IHVITE MtteaaW attention to lbs sals of those two vsiuabls Brick T--ih ncintg, on tie Horth tide of Broad otreet.tuxt to HonußMßb al Church, to take TBIB May. 6t4|o'clk P. M. For particular, see aoation Used. JAMBS M. TAYLO& A SOB, op 3 -it Auctioneer*. acai ■■ --' j "- ■ ' b AdT SPECIAL NO Tip E- We will continue our sale THIB MORNING, commencing at 10 o'clock. We hove yet to sell our entire stock of White Goods, v choice lot of Bmck Silk, Black Bombs sines, and Black Aapao*s> Also, a splendid lot of Dress Buttons and Em • broideries, Ac., bo. O INTER, ALVBY A ARENTS, E. B Ooon. Aact. [ap3-it ■ " 1 ■ - '■ 1 .' -.1 -»-■■•■ «■■ c* BaT\»UOTION NOTICE. — Attention U asked to my sale of Household aid Kitchen FURNITURE, PIANO, CARPET*. Ao., THIS MORNING, comm*nclnr at te o'clock!, at the residence of Eev A. M Polndexter, on Grace, between tat and 3d eta. THOS. W. KEf SEE, ap s—lt Auctioneer. jSBC ESTATE FOB jALE~ FARM OF to ACRES OF LAND, on New Read, near the Fair Grounds, for sale. We are authortaed to sail tbe valuable Farm, (in rear cf lb* farm recently owned by Robert a. Lancaster, Eiq ,) containing 40 acres, within three hundred , >irds at the new Fair Grounds. There has recently been erected on lt a new dwelling and an excellent barn. This Is really a beautiful location for a suburban residence. Apply to us. Taxxi—Accommodating. apd-«t QOUDIN A APPRRSON. \TBBY BEAUTIFUL BUILDIN& LOT. V on th* *a*t line of 3d,betweeo Gary and Canal streets, ter sale.—We are authortaed to sell that most beautiful lot located aa above, adjornlag the reddenoe ot Mrs C. S. Morgas:. Th* lot has a front of S2I feet, and a depti of 140 teat to an alley 10 feet wide*— This ta truly a moat beautiful lot in every respect. Apply to GODDIN A APPERSON, ap 3-at Aaotloneufu. OR HALE—My FARM, containing 100 acres; SO of whiob or* cleared, the remainder In wood, eight miles b* l iw the city, on th* Central road. The buildings constat of n large framed Dwell I eg. four rooms, two brick chimneys; Barn; Htable, and a well of good water In the yard. Thoee wishing to pur one* c will call on ap 3-1 w* THO i. W. P. GOODMAN. FOR MaSIfT. T7*OB RBBT-Ths neat iron Front Star* aad a» Cellar, n*x. above ths creek on Franklin street, su*table fcr any retail bu'lnaaa. Apply V. Ho. 4J Mala etr-*t, ta WM. WALSIT P. B.—Anx'.ms to slcss np my Ist* business, those tesebtsd wilt plasm call as abevs and s> tile. sp 3—"** w. W. JP°,£.£.£* -*a*«Umruoi* dWeLl***!! 1 HOUBB i reoeatly occupied by Cupt G. Oi*y, oa Oarr atreet, between 4th and »th etreete. Apply to j. j. B/mw ap 3 -*»» loj AUia atreet. OL AT FORM S J ALES. flft aale, three Platform SCALES, Fairbanks and others. In order, Weighing 400,1.000, and lbs. . ALkZaNDEtt NO IT, apS-g.» Ho. 6 loth street. ClOkX, 66K8 —We er« now taming, at m« J •••U* Pits, Chem-sfijld county, the fiaeet quality of bom Soft and Hard CCKB thn omas to this mariift. It to free frem etas*aadtheof• leeMv* popjlag qmllty. A trial U all that Is neeca-ory to soavtn*< the. most skeptiaal of Uabeteg sap* tor to aay te market. SOOT A fiMYTfI, Bftrah site Baste beak, ap*-Si* aarweoa Bte a»4 Ptb sts. fro* alUa- ¥ Oa* o* gloat's BUptta * gEWSG MAOBIMiBn. to In pti ft*t order, aad b«* besa used abeat »U xacauks. Oaa bs asaa st the Jewelry iur* *f 0. G WALTER a»t-ftc liloßrcadatresi. jT O A I -t'XM 4. five geattenacß can obtain BOARD, i 2Ezsusg*Zf&*m ■faagog at. »p P-P ■»--wwa*p*Bßn»--.-*-*-»- . i i i ji u**j-*->->-j-pp* -a TCTKQRAPHIO NEWiy, La4w Fartbocn matt tiiiafii V trwa> j Nonrotx, April S—Norther* paper* of the 1 tl, alt. hare hnen rcoMved Thry oont-tln < nothing n*w from Oaa. McCtoilan's departmeat. Fort Mouor wee still held by the B*. bsigarrteoa, five haadred etroag. q-u flurtl . ha* take*, commaad of kta army ta patooa, sad te flftesa aaitaa from Oartatk, Mtea., whore tho Boaoto or* onaeoaiißMßg largo j forces. It to stated taat Oaa Btauregard ax* i pacta a flght hourly. Th* firlag at Istond Mo. • 10 wo* contlsoad on Friday with great spirit | byte* Babels. Great preparations are mak- , leg by te* Confederates for a protracted aad i de ermtned detsvto* Tkey ar* moaattag a r\ lerc* number of heavy gun*, Iroaaladgua- j boa ;*• wore advancing dowa tao river. ottos aad tobacco from Souther* port* ' bed arrived te Mow York la consider*hi* j <4 an titles, consisting chiefly of the cargo** ot ta* pris* steamer Magnolls and ta* schoo - a*r Z*. valla. Tha atsaaualp City of New York had arrived at New York from Southampton oaths :*th nit., bringing thro* day* later aowo. la thedtaeasstoe ta Parliaxaeat relative to tho arrest of the Lieutenant of theflumter, It we* stated that bs bad not beea retaaead, but waa oa his way to America aa a political prisoner. Tao London News predicts aa aiatoet aaa*. lees war ta thla country, aad think* the to- ■ bullion wiU and In tk* die tatorahlp of a mill* tary leader. The Paris correspondent of the London Tim** says that th* rosea t success of th* Union troop* had created the belief among tha French merchants that th* war would soon •ed and commercial rotations be resumed. Authentic reports from tho North confirm the eecaao of the Nashville. The Ron. Edward H. Bast ha* keen appolntod Secretary of Stat* of lennssse*. Government securities a* ye declined at New fork one-fourth per cant. Exchange was quoted at US. The stock market, generally, was dalL aad price* declining. Cotton was steady. Seven hundred bales •old Saturday at 271 a?» orate. Th* Herald says that th* conspirators in th* Federal Congiees are every day becoming more desperate and violent A terrible disaster has occurred at the Pyrotechnic factory la Philadelphia. Some sixty persons were killed aad wounded. The owners of slaves in the District of Columbia were rapidly removing them. Th* Chattanooga Railroad has bee* repaired, and communication to Louisville restored. * Gen. Shields ta Improving slowly. Tho teat specie average of the bunk* in New York was g58,7a0,000. Tbeflsraidhasa long money article la which It says that Chose will soon want more Treasury notes, and th* cry will soon b* raised In th* North for mors currency. In London on the 17th. th* funds were steadily tending upward. Consols closed at s*J. The sales of cotton on the 18th and lath amounted to 12,0J0 bales, of which 8,«oo were taken on speculation and for export. A dispatch, dated at Fortress M nroe, auih alt., sty* that Gen. Burnslde had taksn possession of Beaufort. No resistance was made, and no property burnt. Tbe Lincoln gun moan tod carries a ball of 97 pounds, called "Lincoln pills, to be taken y the Merrtmac. • The American troubles excite great Interest in India. a British war ship anchored in Hampton Reads yesterday. The Federal officers en a visit to Foitress Monroe from Washington left this morning; heavy eelates were fired. Qr*«*«w*aßßßßawaa-888-aBBBaBa LOST. . LOST— ' --. A common black TRUNK, having va nosh cud a card, marked "Id. 0 A. KuftK, I7ih Gs. say},' 1 , The Trunk was cerer-ily to at Weidon, and placed In the baggage car On at ftieisbnrgit waa not w bo fonud. A* - ion havhur tlila Trunk will please forward lt to J. MAKOQVSk 91 Mala street, Wcßiatmd, MB* All erpenses will be paid by J. Maxchcse. «o 3 -9t* LOo'f— O* Broad streot, between Monroe i-.ud Madison, a Brown LINEN APRON, In the pocket of which was a Pocket-RyM and a Dogusrreotype. A liberal reward wav be given th* finder If left at this office. ap 3—lt* LOST— On Monday last, a small leather POOKET-BOOK, containing filS in notes Hnd two cappers; also, my Free Papers. A reward of tl will be paid far the papers, if left at tibia office. * ELTZABhTH STUDY. ap 3—lf A tree woman of color. To »T-Ou ixth March, my JraLaiß WZESEZ JL They were ta ■ pocket book with $5 la The nnder la welcome to tbe money If they deileer he Papers at thto ofie*. OBABLBS THURSTOH. •pit—lt* ■ A It— man ** aeAsr. iOSV— On Monday afternoon. 311 anvTaTeu of MONBT, containing about A24Q, mostly te Confederate bills, there ben g but one ot, two k notea of fOO eaoh. A hberai rew*H will bo n-itd for Its return to tke owner, at taU office. a* n-g<« |>UUND.— Left in my store a VALISE, §7 several months ago, containing sundry articles of clothing and a prayer book, with Michael E. Shea's nam* in lt. Ths owner will please come and prove property. mbSk—te R W."POWERS ■- B3S I ■ I ■ I ~:■■' I ■ •!■" ■ ■■ * c rVST RECEIVED. 6 0 pieces amerioaa Prints; SCO pieces English Prints; 700 piece* Fancy Lawns; .oo pieces Fancy organdies; Ito piece* Blsa. had Cotton; ItO places Slock Lawn*; Ito pieces Blank Prints; 79 places t neck Ginghams, 100 pieces Fancy Ginghams, 100 places Llnsn Chesme; M pieces Check Domestic; 2d pieces Black Alpaca; *) pieces Cotocodee; 50 piece* Striped Usnaburgs; ii.o doaen Coau'a Cotton, No. S6> too doaen Half Hose, all colore; , 300 dt men Ladies' Horn, all colors; •ao dcasu Spool Si:k. all colon; 200 doaen Oo ton Hak• ft, el 1 colors; 140 doaen Suspenders; 10 bales 4 4 Brown whirling, 10 bales S-4 " 6 bales Brown Jeans; s bales Brown Duofe; 4 balsa No 1 Osnaburgs; -ALSO,- A large stock of Ready-made Clothing and Furnishing Goods, at the new store, 333 Broad street, between Si and 4th, Richmond. ap3-»w* JULIUS BYOEL. TT\ISSOLUTI< N —Th* 00-partnerahlp ot II ELLBTT A WBISIGER expired by limitation «n the let dor *f April, IM3 Th* books and accounts will be fpaira at the old atead, Nd 137 Malnstreet. All poraous having claim* against the said firm ore requested to present them for sett lament, aad thoee In* d*bted ar* requested to make Immedln t* paymeat BUber ot tho nurtaar* are authoriaud i to use tin nam* of th* firm in liquidation only. THOMAS ELLErT, POWHATAN WBISIGER April 3d, 1*63. Th* under si* ned having purchased the interest of Thorn as El lett la th* late conoei v of , Bitoti. A Wetolger, wiU oontinne the business, at th* same old stand, Ho. U7 Main street, aad ! hopes, by personal atuutton, to merit the for* m*r patronage of the houssvaad the pubile generally. POWHATAIT WEISD3ER ap 3—St* NOTICE TO DEPOSITORS 1« TBE UHION SAVINGS BARK —In consequence of the teebiiity to unaf aad* of depositors, tao Board of Diroo'or* of the Union Savirj* Beak request all person* holding CERTIFICATES to present them for payment on or before ths lath lost., a* all in. i ♦ersst will oe-ae «n that day. OH AS. bTEBBJMS. Prs*ld*at I Blohsa*ad, April 3. UkM. ap 3- dtlsA - EUWot**a4aw>l p ~ FB>BH OYSTERS 11 Btevtetauaaaated te tateteg th* bto.kad*, a • '* >w a,.!!ffl !i * »"*—■ *>« fatt at axaw ' abb OTlSia7=fC ; i •aWpfS^^ ■ ar bbcx eaaaot ho awed. ■ LaTWBABATsXBJ, ( apt-** aßaajf qgiiiia, llteaTaßaVru, 1 W-w^»s--»»-»-w*-»»»«w*w*WJB*^BWSSBWJBBBB**BB*BnBnBB _la thto otty, oa Moaday, Mat alt., at d n'coa - Z • Jougkter •• Mr. Kobert C. BauawaV all of this city. Obituary. Dted, on Monday, March irth. in uu aoth year ,/bls Mr C. R CHfLDBBSB of Chnrlet'eevilla Ta. A good maa kas telton In leraal. Tha com. aaaaity will mis* Mm and th* Charoh wilt mourn. My la hte dOath bo th bar* snstsiaed a serious tea*. A <:hrtatiau awutteaaan, h« dledlamsatsd by all who knew Mm. P.cstratafi by a ••vers attack of paeaaaenla, he suffered excrntiatlng pain, bat endured hia suffsrings with Chrtatiaa fortitude aad r«- algaaUoa Me patiently waited fax ate anal ' summons, and was fully urapared to go when Gcd called. Ua th* eth day after his alckneaar hl* spirit returned to, God who gov* It Farewell, aay dear brother; wo shad hear thy role* ao more la the assembly of th* saints, bat with aagslic choir* thou art swelling th* notes of praise to ta* Saviour you loved aad praised sad worshipped her* Brother Ghlldremtouva** wifoaadslx little children. God of th* tathattesa, comfort th* heart of hte bereaved companion, and bless hi* children, that thoy may imitate tho worthy example of their ptoaa fatkar and me«t him in the home of the receemed (*> L. A. C. *-»------*W--W----*We--------W-W*WSW*WBBBBWJt WaX'nm n. __^ IAT AB'TED—To sail, a aloe little FARM JfY of i*t acree, at Amelia Coart-Bouee — Ta* plane v nlcsly fitted *p and entirely new. Th* dwellng to bull* oa th* cottage order, contains five good, convenient rooma, two paaaages, aad seven closets, and a aloe yard and garden, with all then ecessary out buildlng*. Th* place ta well enclosed; the cars pans her* twice every day for Richmond. This place will suit aay person wishing to live in th* country aad attend lo their bustness In Richmond. Possession given at any time. Address ''FARM," Amelia Court- Hon—,Va. apS—St» W- A « TM B — 8808 UIT 8 — lam authorised by the Screamer of Virginia to enUs'. compontot frem the Milttte. not mvafered la the Confederate ter vise, nor under anwehteg orders, to complete the tcth Msgbnant Virginia Volunteers, now in the Confederal*— the naaal bounty ef giO will bs paid to the men. flaawaw Bauauaug to raise acmpantea, or hcring ewmpantee already enlisted bnt not te say r»git»«nt, can eerrespoed witk ta* undwalgned at fftokmend. Va MAT. TTLM, Sp3-lm Ltou'enaars.Q*ten*l. tfiTANTED-A BLAcKSMIFat A good BLACXBMiIH to wanted, for the balance of to* year, by a gentleman residing a few miles la th* country, for which a liberal hire will be paid. Apply to CARLTUaV, CHuMBfeHLAIN A CO , No. 11l Main street; or to • ED. D. B* OHO. near ap 3-tewaw Exchange Hotel. WAATfiD.— To MEDIO 4.L STUDENTS*. Two additional BBATDENT 6TUOBMTB will be reeeteid at the Medical Go 1 ge Hospital. 1 b se who have attended a couraaof Lectures at the Oollege will have pief«rvno. Apply, aabaw ta person or by letter to L. 8. JOY allS, M. D , President of the Hospital, sp3-;t: Frsnallnet.. *bo»»7th. WANTED- To MI MB, lor the baton ceo? the present, and for the year IMS, irom lpo to 100 able-bodied NBORO MEN, To work at our Bloat Furnaces in itotetourt eoanty. Wanted, also. Furnace MANAGERS and COLLIERS. np 8-dAwts J. R. ANDERSON AOO WASTED- * DRUaI.YjEBS, FIFERS and , i -. . BUGLERS, for the xd Beg't Virginia Artillery,stationed lv the batteries aronnd Richmond, aptly Immediately at the headquarters of tho regiment, i*o 17, Law Building. apgasOt BO TANSILL, 001. Ooiad'g. WihTlu- ~"~ A good, t&lbtul NTJKSB For Children. None Baud apply nutate well recommended. Call at Mo. 10, Bxchang* Hotel and Ballard House. apS-3i» WASTED.- ' We wish to buy. for cur ewu vi c Four o. Aye young Negro BltYB cr HAN. from Id n> *5 y e*r« old apS-3i» A- Y. BTOKBB A OO.^ ANTE D~ MACHINISTS aid BLACKSMITHS, .For wbich tbe ktekext price.* will be paid. ap3--dtwts J, R AMDKBSON a CC. %;k ANTED—To ' VV PURCHASE, From fifty tv ono hundred Yonng MULES. ap 3-dAwts J. R> ANDERSON A CO. ta; AwteDVV To purchase, RICHMOND CITY STOCK Address "M. A ,* at the Dispatch office. apa-3t» WANTED- By a young man, Of sober, Induetri >v * habiu, a SIT OAT ION ir some respectsbi* buaineas. Good references given. If tfealred. Address "1 P. L." through Blebmoad Post Office. sn a—in* VV SITUATION. in a Shoe, QioihUig,** Qrooary store, by • young man exempt from military duty. The best ox referent' j given. Address 'Box 44." so *—MBO* Pet-rsbrrg Vs. WaNI'SU— B/ a young rgs<. a thorough pruciteal BOOR-KBBPBB, a altuatiou as such In aom*good henae In thla city. Ihe beat of reference* slvwn, if required. The applicant la aKb 1 pnuaaa, and would acoept a Mtcatloc wrltfolb Address '-T." Bispatoh offioe. spa ttflH* WANTED— CARPVNTRBS. Two hundred Ship Carpenters, to work at Richmond, wnnted, to whom tbe highest current wages will be given. Apply to W. A r*SAVES, Navy Department, mh 36—eodaw . Richmond. WANTED— rive nun red (TfAs ef -aX BABE at th* Blehmond Tannery, on Brook Avenue, for which I will pey fiß per cordalso, for Ooamnt *nd Spavlah Oak, and $6 tor Ked and Black Oak. Having purchased he entire intarea* la the shore Tannery, I chall continue the bastaeia en the oa*to system In my own auuxie.--. Persons having Bark or Hide, for sals will please call at the Tannery, or address me by mall, ataUnx th* quantity and qasJlty of each. 1 will pay th s highest market prices Bw tildes and Sates, either green or dry. I nepecefuly refer to J. W. Bey Bridge or M Altewya*. mb4—eodlm* _ LOUIS QIMaTJ. AMTBD--LARORBTMS — Th* itextoSktore having mad* an appropriation to enable the James River and Kanawha Company to keep open the navigation of tbe canal, and to improve the sluice navigation of Jama* and Jackson's rivers, from Buchanan to Covington, a number of laborers ore required for those purposes. Persons baring slaves to hire for the residue of this year, or for a shorter period, will please address the undersigned, at the office of the company, Blehmond. Va. WM P. MUHFOBD. Score tery Of the Jas. Rirer and Kanawha Co. mh SS—eodlw * ■» i iip .■»■ ' i * . . i i ii ». «KMfAWThFOBHIBR, TjM>R HIRE— JP A NURSB or MOUSE SERVANT, I have for hire, tor the batanoe ot 'be year, a yoang Woman, about 10 or 30 years old. whoa* eervleo* I can dupens* with. Aleo-A FURNTBHED BOOM for run*, suitable for two single gentlemen. Apply to R. H L. TJGHM, ap i-tt* Franklin, net Oth aad 7th ate. uR HIRE—By the month or for the r*T malndar of the rear, a very good and IBONEB. Sb**haa a child olx years old with he.. Oa account of this encumbrance she WIU be hired low. Apply o BROWN A MoCLELLAND. mhsA—3w On the Basin; iV-'B BaVHcuhand, " " ' ■*- VV ■ s-dcff«r wsale, aboai 600 lba OAAT BTBBL. k large ft". INDSruMB* A gesaral ascoi tms< t of PThBB. LAU A SBUaAN, Pita *at ufaesurara, on 3 -*.•- Ilk street, above Mate. I?RtNTIBO PApKB. 3S= - PRINTING PAPER* J net received, *> teams Printing Paper, 34xA9 iflso. Is dos. buck PURSES, various kind*. Also, for rant r a good PIANO- W. HAROBATR WHITE, apt-it* . lit MaJAstreet. TkQ«>dtaalarsu/laaas and tafiwmiilin loraoj. <tof " T^s^i^^sthTaffifteit"J****"* ofs/VA* Ak ft StVUßraUa; fefcg < .ZIHlf I Baal* Batavas; Ottt Bad Bflias AaUHast endßtoati* Itepwt, 0» MAIN atreet. apl 1 ■uaaaa-asßawa.l, siMh'aii.ii ■■ « w ---.. »** * * UAVAtar atevxaaMß, aUariwa Lasso*. > i Camp Bartow, nonr aVsAartckaburg, I : ' TO ALL WHOM t]ScBBR, » (kBTBCiAur Poem Caboicxa Votajvxaxr tk to Piato rack Oaaaavtat* axn Guarsvtu.BDlsrr.oT7-Recent legtotattoc ha rs»- rletwd It almo*t If not quite impracticable for companies now In serricMo return to Sooth ), . i irclira aad r*nrgaal»i therb. Moreover, J the Army of the Potomac needs our eervioss now. lttathsr*ror* proposed to raorgaalaa the BBOORB TROOP, aad to effect th* roar* ' isaindM bar* on ta* fluid. Ha term of eer- •» 1 vice ex.lrea oa te* sixth day of Jan*, at . which time those of It* namber who do aot feel that they onght to revolantear will be discharged and sept home. Meanwhile,as ail. who re enlist are allowed te chooee thasr fflahganles, I wUI reoelre Into th* Troop, as it stand*, sach rerolaateoro from dtabaaded ! composite* a* may prtaaat thr .native*, pro-' vlded they ere of good oharactar andooma ! furnished with s*rv.e*Bb«* bores*. A* scoff aa the**, together with the reroiaateere from the present members, reach the r equlstte number, the Troop will r*orge.n!i\ eieotlng thilr ! officers In conformity with tae Ceufaderat* , law*. Th* reorganisation may be effected by ■ tbe middle or teat of May; It will go late operation on th* fth of June. Applteante may communicate with me by addressing their letter* te Richmond, too* i forwarded by the Postmaster. They may report to me in person, after th* expiration of i their present term of service, by finding their i way to the camp of the Bamutoa Legion.— : Transportation can a* capered. JNO. F. LAN «ISA U, Captaia Brooks Troop. apt—lt* Hampton Legion. > KMJMtnTn FOB HAMPDRN ARrILLBRT. * recruits from Hanover county who ' hare enlisted in this company, will report at : tbe Recruiting '.flics In Richmond,on «th street, opposite to* Mew Market, oa Tae*- • day, the Bth Inst, at 11 o'clock M. Thee* from Spotsylvania will meet at the of ' John L. Jnarye, la Fredericksburg, on the ' same day, by a o'clock A.M., aad proceed,' under charge of a Seigeant, to theCrendexvons In Richmond. Those from I onto*, aad along the line of the Central rail oad, will report at th* stations on thla road recited i* their eeveral leave* of absence, on Wednesday morning, th* »»h aslant. In time to , take th* car* for Staunton. Every maa meat observe title order. Bo kind of ex<-u«* will be taken for n violation of it. It 'woald bs well for saob recruit to bring two btoxket* odd a tervtoeabls pair of ehoea or boots A , uniform cap, knapsack, haversack, canteen, thick blanket, two nnder-shlrts, and two . palia of woollen drawers wUI be furnished each recruit at Staunton. LAW. S. MA RTB, Captain apS—dxtAolf ' Bampden Artillery. .*/ ISA Z O V A V afl . Th* undersigned to eul'stldg a company of Infantry for the 20th Beglmeut Virginia Volunteers, ton* called the WISE ZOUAVES, In compliment of the memory of tho late Captain Wise. Th»e company will be Inatrncted by Mr. C. F Paidigon In the Zouave drill of the French Infantry, and tought by him the bayonet exercise. Being familiar la all its detail, and having aided Captain Car t in the translation of the French works on Bayonet Exercise, bus ability to lnstraot in that drill cannot be questioned. Militiamen desiring to enter this service . will apply to th* undersigned, on 13th street, one door above Main. 'Iheusu'.l bounty cf aoo will be paid the men when mustered into tne Confederate service ap 8-lm C F. PARUIGUN. tteaYY artillery; sTb^titutbs^ substitutes, si bstitutbs. I am autborixed by the Gjvernment to muster in substitute* Tbey will b* mustered tv daily. Those wanting submit utee.anrt subetltutee, will apply at my office, at corner 6" Franklin and 13th ctree * SAM'L T. BAYLY, Captain. apS-At* aj ÜBSTITUTESI ' O SUBSTITUTES 11 Three able substitutes may be had by immediate application, by letter or otherwise, to "G. F. U.," Norfolk, Va. Persons in want will state what service and what they will pay, Norfolk, March 16.1843. mh «!—6t p - */f EB wishing to jj.a the IW| OTEY BATTERY will report Immediately to the Cant-in at Camp Lee, (New Fair Grounds.) Tbe company ia now under orders and will leave in a few days lor'the seat of war. rohfc-wSt* ADJ*T & li*Hr». SSI tAL'Li OPt*iCß,l Btchniond, March xvth, 18fth i SPECIAL OBDKRM. »o. 73. [Extract | XXIX Army Bteratatters pub!toh*d nnder authority from the Wa- lie pa tmeat, are now on sale by the puhli.her, J W. tiando ph, Klchmocd, Va., at guftO, prise awtasantacd upon by it.- au thwitiaa. Officers of tha Army «ra thus iniornv ed, to eaahle them- to purchase, end acquaint t ham-elves w. ; ththe reqmrenunta of the rt>rviw. By command of the Secretary of War. JOHN WITHEES. mh 31—tit Asalstant Ad)t Oen*. ci. ~ " ABilT>llEM3EiyTtß ' "~^* RICHMOND VARIETIES THIS EVmNIMG, Apbil 3, SENEFIior MUsSli.4 Wrbs. PIZARRO; ox, txb DEvTH OF ROLLA. Bong JVliss Louise Clyde. tianoe ~ Miss M Partington To cor. eluded ah PERFECTION; in which Bias Wren w>ll sli.g the popular song of " Book me to steer. Mother/ tJaT See Programme, jfm - ■*> a rt i v c H ti'u f i 0 m o N . METROPOLITAN HAUL D Biowait Lessee. (Also, proprietor of Academy ol Music, New Orleans, La.) Lob idaliobt ."v. Anting Manager. MAXINIFICENT SOEm'aC AUTOMATIC SPECTACLEI Fire Bundled Thousand Life like Figures. LEB RALLORY*B WAR ILLUSTRATIONS. Benefit of the Ladles' National Defence Association, of Richmond. Ail ticket* sold by the above asscoiation are good fur rirtmlaalon at any advertised exhiblr tion. —- This great work of art, unsurpassed, of its kind, either In the Old or the New World, and which was exhibited to crowded houses upwards of Cue Hundred Consecutive Sights In N*w Orleans, Will be opened for tbe first tint* in this city THURSDAY NIGHT, !J7th MARCH. And EVERY NIGHT until farther notice Also, on Wsosbsoat and Sstoabat, at 11 o'clock A M-, i>r the accommodation of Ladle* and Juveniles. < The panoramic clews, showing gtimpsse of attractive localities in New Orleans; the departure of the Washington Artillery, and of rural Louisiana, and the beautiful moonlight seen* of Pas. Maacbac, were painted by an artist from sketches maue on the spot, and aoknotrlodged true and natural transcripts by th* press and cltlseus Tbe auditor has before his eyes perfect Views ot Louisiana .architecture, Prairie, Swamp, Sugar Plantation Lite. SOLDIERS' LIFE I* lllu.tre.ted in ths bivouac, the march, aad the after b tttte Th* PYROTECHNIC DISPLAYS Introduced In the exhibition of th* BATTLE OF MANASSAS, Th* Panoramic Views and «n-> number of figures Introduced are tiled. Among tit* most superb TRIUMPHS OF ART Ar* the loading and fixiag of a detachment of ta* WASHINGTON ARTILLERY and the WOUNDED OFFICER and hia FAITHFUL STJEED. Humorous Automaton* from time to time afford a striking contrast to ta* SERIOUS and PATHETIC. A foil Military Band In attendance nightly. Exhibitions EVBbT NIGHT, and Matinee every WEDNESDAY and oATURDAY, at 11 o'clock A. M. Admission, AO cents. Children aad aw i rants, half price Res *r red seats, » coat* Door* opsa at T o'clock. Curtala rteea at a. Tickets for sal* at tba Bookstores of West A- Johnston. Woodhoua* aCo , Bandolph A , Oo , A Morris. O. L. Bidgood. and at tao ] BcV-Obboo atta* HAH from 3 A. M till I F.M teAM-te " U-I L jL^jr r """- J - "~ r *i—'"_L ' 'i '' l I axtOtTfiß.—ra* hoaats and eaeoabta ef tae tale W An» of DAVIS * HDrORuAON wffJ bo ; fauadattawoMMa'Be waWui.Al*BAaaA<Vi. ' ii iiltii vtiU sad and *a*k* aa*awat wUhsßl da- l Mr. Wa. B. teAACitoeuteaaAharlAAdtoßßaao \ sa* wsw se-pws sbbwibbu ■• »-.. _ _ *GHB Jkyaß, •ahtk-Ua ' mm - mwmmmMmt R ' a MVuTTMNV SstaßVaTM. «■*» ißßii ■I, , t> „ l iia* ■ ■ i FfJTtrBB PAIS. ate eoDVtn*, APPMUAtVt, dmpknmn, 2fsTs^ X *2 > A^' , *** l »*r axb pcffaxaasrs , sm«*r a^ p £?i to *?* t '» MOJfßAT.a*b7th afft*^..^ Tli DSIfBM. emutrU, 0 3S W^7iL™s^2 U JffA • WT#n »ooa*a; the rear bulMlag, vrith kltchea ccaafotlcg, 0 .a---!?*■•?*.? ?%**' wtih twowater ctooete, bath room, (with hot acdcolAwawT) !TZ To, 'S'««« f?ai vaults, and aa taSuoa: l , brick stable oa the rear alley There to a te th* property,> which coaaecto with the stty culvert, aad which earrte* off *v*ry thtog aad keeps tke tot asrteotly dry. • Tawtis tw*fv« moatiu. for aagoilsbte note*. Inures( Wit •JK5 r# * a traat deed, or title r* talaed. The toxm tor IM3 to be paid by tho perchoesr*. GOODIM A APPBaUJOif. op* • fißoiloßcore XALUAbLM RuAL EBTAth o. Brook Avenue, and on Catharte* atrert, tor at Auction -Win He aoM ut auction, on li*. *'!?*•.' °?2 S*- 1 V * D * T « *««ar»-» AP*". IMI, at Sodcck P. M, Ok* va.uabte property at the corner of Leigh afreet and Broak Avenue, nowoccanted as a bakery ky Mr. snider «h* lot fronts loi feet oa Ltigh suest aaa 71 test oußrook Avon**. There to*good, sa*- staaaal brick derailing oa ta* lot, aid an exoelleat framed bake-shop. Atoo, Lot tlo. » la Bullock aad Harris's addlt'oa, froatirg *M teat on tk* south aid* of Catharine BUeet, funalng back 100 f**t to an alley. Txa«s- On*-third cash; balance nt 1 aad 3 year*, for negotiable notes, interest payable annually, secured by a treat deed Th* taxes and Insurance tor IMB to be paid by tbe purchaser. GODDUf A APPBRSON; *P 3 ABo^ioaaer*. ar jamma m. TdTLoa j i'ox. *«**. H OWE AND LOT FOA SALB AT ADHTIOM.—W* will aril oa MOM* ir . *, the ?.* day of April, oa th* premlea*. at *t o'clock P. A,th* ktritM HUUSB aad! Lo a' situated oa tk* snath aide of sum wood street, between Walnut and Park streets. The House has six rooms aad all access try oetbu 1 idlnge. Tbe lot front* oa Bteawood street. to tees, aad run* bach ito fs*t to aa alley. Tanas • One-thlra cash; th* balaaee at • aad IS monthi, ter negotlabl* notes, tutors*'. added, aad secured by tract deed*. Tax** ter 18*8 to ao paid by th* purohasar. JAB. M. TAYLOR A SON. aps • Aaetioa—r*. DESIR&BLk PRaMED HOUSE AND Lor os FaaaßAt Sraxxr, ir Sibxbt, • > 4sVOTiox —Ws Will sail upon he premises, on TUESDAY, tbe Bth day of April, commencisg at 4* o'clock P. M., the destjrabl* framed HOC. E,* north sid« cf Elmwood, near t) street, now lathececupancy ot A. -B Hall. It contatu* ssveral > gopd rooms, Kltohea, he., and adapted f*r a amall-auediamiiy, a well of water In the yard. Th« Lot fro nts 30 ft*t, tnd runs buck ISO test to an alley 20 te«t wide. Tbxmb -One-'.hud caah; the balance at c aad 13 month*, for negotiable notes, with intere-t added, and secured by a :ro»t deed. Th*purchaser to pay th* t«xes for IMS. JAMES H TAYLOR A bC'N, Auctioneers auT*lmmediately after th* above sal*, will be sold a large lot of GROUND, on th* north slds of -Wesiham Plank-rood, fronting 170* leaf, and running back on tke eaet line tr Parkatreet ITB feet, to an alley »o feet wide. It will be divided Into lot* of tao usual front ait. J. M. T a SON. ate* auctioneers, j A VALUaOLE at BiS»M tri AND ON J\ SHOOK AVENUB. NSAB TO BRO-D BTltßttT, A T AUCTION -W-' will s*JlUt,ontb* premise.', on THURSDAY, tho lO.h day of aprl. ommeueing at 4# oolocfc P. M., the valuabla three atory l-' Bouse, en the mst side of Brook Avenue, near to Brood street, and new In th* cecupensy of Dr. Dtllard. It Is adapted for any mcremt 1* bualnaaa. and has ample aeoonim> emioaa above for a large family; to supplied with gas sad water, «nd is la ptrf set order, having le*a r*osatly arreted. Ibe lot lea the oauai iront and depth, and 1 una bath to a wide allay. Tanas.-One-third essh; the balaneeat«and 13 months, for negotiable notes, with later*.t added, ana secured by a trust deed. To* nor chaser to pay the tax's aad te-arane* for 1664 JAMBS M. TAYL'/B A SON, ap3 Auctioneers. By BBPfrOODt/KKJCB, dusts , (84 Max* Bragg ) fJNUENITUBg, CHINA, OL&SS. AND I 1 CROCKEBY WAKE. TOBACCO, OIGA U , Ao.—On FBIDAY, April 4th, commencing at lt> o'clook, we will sell at Btcre, r. large 10. of desirable Goods. V.'c name in part— 1 splendid Mahogany Wurdioba, H splendid Drsesing Bureaus, l Mahoguuy Bedater.d, 1 Walnut Co 1 do Cribb Bed andMaltrass, 3 do Wat* ends, 1 Graver A Hiker's Sewing Machine, and a variety of other new and second-hand Fuintomu; White, French aad English Decorated Ten Sets, Colored Dinner Sets, Dessert Sets, Glaaa Dishes, Pis tee, Ac. REDWOOD A RGAfJH, ap 3—tds . Aootionears. Ay MICMAMO CAVTBOBN, Anst'r ACQ fIOM We wfU soil *t oar • tor*, c* F.KlDaV : tb*4h Inst., commaaei i(>. at 11 v vmtt k—• £0 hbds. prime ta ?I> .Joe ittw Orlssns SU- OABi 103 boxea Ground P*PPEB \ 5 bags Grata *c ; 3 box* MACS ; I e**BCASSIA; 40 bbls. and tlsroaa Meas aad Family BMBt* , 5 bag* ALCtPMaBi S5 kexkwMaamte*sur*d TOBAGOa TtRXS cf fUhs.-Casa. OH AS T. WOBT BAM A 00. gale to be ooadaate J by R CauthoKN, Aurt.' ap3--tda By DViiLQP, MOO CUB* «r C6.,~AMt HlOA*. O 'PffUi M iaASBBS. Ac. AT AUOriO* -Ui TUBBBaAY, the en last., commencing at iCj o'cUck. we will eail at tor suction store— u> hhda. Bagar, nun-teg from tut to ekoU* quality. 73 banßtosndonb*Ocfi*s. 10 bbla>Molaats. to sosks t^ait. Pepper, Ohg*r,Pim*nt«, Ac. TtOMS—ateak Ba'e witkout ra*«rd to weather. DU«I O/, MONOUAE A OG.. ap H A'-sti^eera. By TROS W t'EMSMM Auct ™ [Office corner ot 13th and Cary ate.] OI*TY-SIX BALES DAJfIAOED HAY FOR -SALE AT. Al'CTlOW.—Will a* sold on FRIDAY morning, April 4'b, commencing at 10 o'clock, on he B-slu M ink, to bole* 01 damaged Da Y. Trans -Cash on delivery THOS. W. REESRE. apJJ Aaottoneer. r—■-'■■i,v.„ .i , . 1 .aa, 1 ■■■ ... „, mj. SPRING IS CCBING-I reapeetfeliy c .11 the attention of Th* ladies to the fact that I have lately enlarged my stock aad assortment of goods, among which at. Baones; BeonstSliks, plain and checked; lilaetona, black and wklu; aad a large oeaortment of - Velvet and Bonnet Rlbo <ne, together with a number of artiolee not strictly in theMlHmry Hue; oil of which can be aaaa at No 30* Broad atreel. ap 3-lia* Mis* V. A. TEMPLBMAN UFFBJB AIO PU-JD i Btahm.nd. April i. 'fcterT i rpo THE RIORMO>D VOLUNTEERS. I Comeaandants ef compact.* raited fa thto cTy, whose awsbsra ar» siJated for th* war, will ptaase Bead a ear feet Sat of their respective somp* tee, with plsiai of reside*a* of eaek aaamber, tohl* cfltea, without»elsy, n o-e*r test aid aaa* ba properly dt.peaMd tq tbeD wive* and chldrsn. bAM'f. X BABBISOM, apS~9w Tr-ssnrar. IBGINI4 *ND RaiLßOAir-—PaoroaiLa ro* Nb*uo Otota* is* wUI be received until the 0 h mm. ter Linen Clothing for tbe negro** employ d on this read, via 1,100 palm Lin** Paula, l.ioo Oottoa irhirto, Address th* under•fgnsd, Lynchburg, Va. THOS. DOOAM CAD, *P*t-td » Qen'l Sup ; t. FOB oALE—A arjt-rato faaaay ~ ' O O O- R An elderly Kagr* Women, wlnteat e*JIA-o, wall ins.ructod to all ike teaaahas of family Co-king sa* an exeeltoat bra d maker, will be sola at a mceVate pi toe to asear* a good h«m*.— AM VJ'J L - ° ■*' ** • la " '*••. •» box aB, P. O apr-Ata TkTOtICE - Merrhaataaad othws reoaavtag IB tr*l*h» vlaßlrhmoud and Petersburg Railroad Oompany are hereby kotfnod & •coda ar* aot taken away tv twenty tear hour* after their arrival, th»y wiU bo stored at thwlr expaaaa aad risk. a <^n*rr*tohtAg*atß.a^^ rj& ioWtL AAHa gIT Bam*rTaaTlawaruußMtete^ T"fT »-™w»--spw-- - ■ —■. ' TrBJglaAT. mjU$.M- tAWs^j^gu fimm mmr m Moaameatsg tteercA,!* AaaWAWA^Bßflfc? V™£*%*yS/mßlff 4? *afaa*s% April. ceurjauMeaur at iji'MlSTf t_ BwVO aaaWaar ll bbbVVbbbbT JLaw above,aad naaapted inaial lii wTbbbbbwZ* * *.. *•*** •** aanVlxXS mandleg fin* r*ate .- •• • - mF Ta*bo*sMocmtamakw«tMg*BMhaaßlaßßte fortebte rooaao auoß, wtab Oanuuuf S AAXaft sfaattßaaaJfAaMr aBaaTsreBBBBBBBBBBBBBf bbbbsbbbbbbbbß bbbbbV ' m*rsio, BrelLteflMa'*, eoaauaAafl OB m rooms au*a, an*} all aatoaaary QajhppaaßsSr to a wed* story. ****•*•■€«» .s.^ —* •» aay aaytaaasy furfauWlfl Ma •wmiedatefl, *atela**«v*alMralßawSßaa**nu.M. ?sf •-•«.' racTABLAT M '^f TZyg yaurteatea at ■ *'*lr*h Ba*auatei>BaNssUfiasattM Mm A Bit aid- ef arceAasaweeaßteAaufl BateateawT ecd a«ariyosno*u*toTrteateOka**k. B treed* te teat aad i*aab**k UHatot, Tatate yd. *ad saeurad by • wast *x*A The UUtas to* "" - v i-Trjilitmikaaii • Jiff. M. TAILOB A *XMJLAmate. j^twa»n«sS& tamtoaaaltoy. ' " -.•»■■■* Taxus-As sacra. »>" J-BL T. A sasas, UIBA 1» ttODDBr A APPBaagB. ABafr*. TTALUABLB LOTS ox FBAMJUUBJ«■» TION—Win be cold at a*Bttaa. aa ttowa. Si** !2*£? 2 to aAvwrtawToa «M*V KV/tiSfolto^ l'That beautiful Lot on th* north aaa*at Fraaklla, between ftkh and atte saasu**. aaV jolatDg tk* property of Mr WUlsumllaW Trustee, fronting •* feet, remain* baoß tea fact to aa alley So foot wide. a. That valuable Lot oa tho aat ah oNteaf Male, between 34th aadMthstreeaa.<wMhaa aid blockam'th running bach Itt feet to n* aatey M teat WaaaT • These or* both vary valaaeto tote. Tbxbb.—Cue-third cash; bed*ncbat*tßaß*fi t reive months, for negotiabte u*taa> tetaoaal added, and ssoared by a Must deed. Vtte teaaa tor IMS to b* paid by. the purehaeer. QOdDiN rAJ^BBBOM. mh 17 Artiiaaiiia VALUABLE ARK X tRNMWBWT, Off thj* Wb»t Ui»» or lav*. Barwaflß Btasa AN» FkAXBLt* STKBXr*, AX* I* HiWS— BM L—B obßooox Hoao, moot Bacox htbbx*, Aaaa* too Yaxb* Btroxa vax «'•u>ou*ru>* Lxaaa, to* Sals at swotios—Will wsold Mamaatea, on th* premlaea, on THUBSDAT, tao at at April, IV a, at 13 o'clock M , taut lavaaaant well built brick touoaaeat toeated c* above. now in th* occupancy of Mr. W. te. Oawcwß and Mr*. Nancy Vast, and adjotalag Bte aaaa. done* of Mr. James Stetou. Th* toaattea ef .hi- rroperty is valuable** a basanea*esuaafl or private dwelling It has lately beea aaa to repair; ba* on It a Xl«oh*n,.wtth two new prtvle?, wood and coui bouses, aad a new hydrant. And on th* premises, at 4, o'clock P. M, IA beautiful lo's, frontlug on th* went aid* of Brook aofid, and on both MO* of Baeoa at., artjoining the reairl«aceof Mr. Wm. Simla, aad opposite to Mr. Wm Wayne's. Tbaae I*ttare elevated and beautiful, aad ar* aot oaky valuable for residences, but are awßooafi ta ha remarkably valuable on acoouat of the exoellent.brlok clay wita Which they abounA. Txrb's—line-third cash, or more, at tao option of the purchaser*; balance at f aaa Ml months, for negotiable not**, Intareat adetod, secured by a trust deed. The tea** aad tasuranee for 1803 to be paid by tbe i arnkiasia tiUDDIN A APPBRSON, mh te Aaetloamaaa. By E. B. COOK, ds releaser. r ARGK AND ATTRACTIVE SALR OP | 4 STAPLE AND FANCY DRYGOOaaB. Having deiwmload. for the praaeak to stem a* .in.- busteea , we shall, oa WCDNMr-DAT, tke 3B April, off*' at public aae'ton at our Trarannaau. corner of Main and 13th rtraete, the fate to eaaashtmee at 10 o'elk.uiir autiieatcea wlthent resarv*. TJ>t— ng n-rio lar§e porahsaaa In tk* atoathaaa tlur<ng itia p,.zt fall and wtetei,*ur Maeh cTnprisi" mwiy atylea of Goods that arc isarse and daalrabts W* anuunrate In para- Black Oro U*atetn*Bll**. Black Bombesins*. Blank Aloecas. Block Delaines. Black Eu*u«h Orapas. Heavy Irish Unsna Pine Fronting Linen. 3 4 and 4 4 Blsy UcO. White end B sak Beltaada. Fanny aad Black Omalnwrsa, > Btask Italian Oletks. • Black Worsted K»rg*s. Fine Frenuk Jssoasta. Black a id Goto: ad Ohal'laa, A 4 aad 8-4 Barege Asglais. - tireen. Brown b-4 Bte* V*B Bate***. Walt* Caaihrie* sad Jaseaeta, Swiss aad Mall Musltos. Doited aad Striped Hwtoa Maalka. Putid aad Chichsd Oamkrtos. Whit* and Oolorei kUrstUe*. lUnslaaa and Kseva Bete, Gambrle BdgtegsaaA Tassniaga Beal Thrtai I aaa sod Edgingv Oottoa and f Ilk Bsmdkasaaaors. LAaW and Gent's ii. 0. do. •White Bt eh, and Gray Oottoa Baaa • Misses' White and Colored Hoes. Man's Brown, Wh'te, sad Mixed Bees. Biak Oloves and Gantlets, Ladles' Thee** Glovea aad Baaullelk Men's Thread and Oattoa totevea. J BuipeedenandNeck'Tten . Linen Bosom Shirts. ' , Fancy d». do. •* Lloea Threads and Spool Oettcna. . Buy Bindings aad Skirl Braids Suipand.r. Cos*, and Veto Buttons. Sewing Bilk ant Cote Btadtag*. atepktes and Tobta facta*, . ' Maraallles aad Allanaals Qaßto. Tafietta aad Satin xTsboaa. and Bait •• Hocks end Eyes Pins and Mas dtoa. r ta* Ivory and Drortog Cocoa*. lr.ii a Bobber, Dies*! g, and Bound OaaAaf. Rok, Tootk, aad Shavteg B/uabsa "terta-laaawaua aad Pcskat-Ah k a Btnskskta aad TbreaJ Par***. Umbrsllaa aad Pwasola. Ac., Ac., A*., Aa, A*. .•„ „ °»* T ** AtVAY * ABtBTB B B Oooa. A aetltiee*-. aaktM BaT The above sate will bo ona Baaed PO- DaY. By T W. MMMIKM, da arte ia. fOAc* corger lirteanAOary atresia! HOUSEHOLD AMO XItXMaBN FCBftl. TUBE, AND PI A WO. FOt BALB .. 1 AUOTION -WlltsioUa. TBCBAB tV morning. Ap il 3J, •aa.nwjAlag at 14) c*ete**, a* :k* ra*i<Li.c) vi B*v. A M- r laauatei em Grace. between Ist and td eueete, (who tor- aoofcfrul« the city.) ha Beusahrld aad Bltehaa rdtuv, A*, fsatoitteg te part ef Bnscwood Caas MAMO. . AO*AB Bab'«-rop TABLES. Mahogany OB *I«M Bi a* eile CABPsrfl. ABM CUAIR*. As. A*. TBBna-Oa*b. THUS. W. * mmm *m_ '■■ » ' i ijii ITI ate B. B. COOK. An*. BJfTIU. BB BOLD, at th* Oaatteteaute at Uu clock M.,foartooa *** — •¥— HOBS B B. Amoagst th* tot two Ba* Mifaaß Beaafinßl w. s. wo »d. q'w»- --b. b. coca. Auct. mkaWS 'r . " immmmmmumm We redeaaa, ia earreat temate, tha atk y-atif* u *^^*Wß*aiaaOAß***i. to BWLi a tiß.>*Wcwo*ateiaF i -sTaWajS at received ky TUa**\waß*fi TC»att»Hß4rW>asjM7SaAte ißaa—**!**■ e88Fy.......^...A...Mai.*i.M aa set-ssbiw^-K^aßy--— *—' -' —-*—>-**^-** r -—*f— w w"ejias- • —ar

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