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Richmond Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia • Page 2

Richmond Dispatchi
Richmond, Virginia
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THE DISPATCg. TRPEStfAT MORNtWQ. JANUARY U. MOTICK TO 1 1, fsr the DtsHTCH must be handed br nftrrnotm. in onler to appear the nextdsy.

Tbe heavy preemre of upon the colttaM of onr will not admit of their reception the hour named. ft AORNCY IN NORFOLK. WM. VOCTKR. Rdq the A rent linr the Daii IHwatch la NorfM.

the clrcntetlon of the paper there taring Increaaed to an extent demanding per mul attention to iU distribution, the collection of duee, Christian "Tat or the Claims ofCbristUnity on tfce delivered at funeral nf W. tbe Flnt Pretbyterlsn Charch.Richmond, Ry Rer. T. V. Moore, Fmocmom.

Tile discourse Is handsomely printed. is one of the best we have erer seen, from its eloquent and echolarlv anthor. The text Is St. Mark 15, 43, "An honorable which also waited for fbe Kingdom ofOod." In admirable discourse. Dr.

prrx-ee-ls to show Christianity, '0 far from incwisistent with the legs! profession, (M some suppose) has some peculiar claims npon It; that, ao fsr is tbe religion of the Rllde from being an impediment in a lawyer's way, it is a thing be has peculiar reasons for embracing; and that whilst it a high tribute to professional chtrscter, that he is "an honorable that climax is only reached in that ehnrncter, when we can also waits for the kingdom of God." That portion of the sermon which trests of "the important relation that the Bible holds to the history of law," strikes ns as peculiarly interesting and instructive. Dr. Moore shows that not only tbe moral law delivered through the niouth of Moses, bears tbe mark of perfect wisdom and of inspiration, which mankind have never been able to change or to improve npon, bnt that in the civil and national law of the which was Intended for them alone, will be found mnch that is ralnable in the civil and common law of later We wish that we bad space to transfer to our columns the specifications of tbe various particulars in which the Mosaic laws have been surpassed by the enactments of any code, especially In regard to personal rights, and the transactions of ordinary life; the greater humanity of Hebrew legislation the Hebrew equivalent to the by Jury, and sensible regulations for the transmission of property the counterpart of tin checks and balances of our own constitutional law which Misted in the admirable adjustments of the llabrew Commonwealth. Suffice it to say that I)r. Justly maintains that tbe Hebrew laws have mingled with all the later flow of human history, and come throngh Babylon, Persia.

Greece and Rome to the legislation of all modern times; that the "foots of the mighty system of modern law Teach not merely to the dark mould of the Middle Ages, tior to the pittars of the Forum, nor the rocky base ofthe Areopagus, but until we And them twisted in living and in- separable embrace aronnd the fire clad rocks of Sinai." This excellent discourse is in all respects worthy its distinguished and esteemed author, and of the solemn occasion on which It was pronounced. Fair for St. Josephs Orphan Asylum The ladles of St. Peter's Church are now holding a Pair on Governor street, to enable St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum of this city to provide accommodations for the increasing number of orphnns whom their beneficent kindness has rescoed from poverty and suffering, and is preparing to become usefnl members of society.

The number of orphan children In this asylum is forty-five, a number which has compelled the excellent ladiet who have them iu charge to put up additional buildings, and it Is to aid in defraying the cost of these, that the elegant Fair on Governor street, has been gotten up. We feel that 110 appeal is ueceasary to tbe humane and benevolent for assistance in such a cause. Whilst there is a great difference of religious belief is oue point upon which they all agree, and that is, that no kind of faith which docs not bring forth fruits of charity aud of mercy, will avail at that tribunal in which every art of compassion done to the poor, the sick, the prisoner, for Christ's vaka, will be regarded as doue to him. What objects so stir up the fountains of hnnan sympathy, its young cbildreu, deprived in their most tender years, of their natural protectors, the little barks drifting helplessly about 011 the bleak shores of life, without pilot or compass? Who would not, if he could, call down to earth Him who walked on the waters of the stormy lake, and rescued the apostles from threatened iuvoke him to tread the angry billows of this sea of human sorrow, and with His own beneficent and almighty band, guide the orphau voyagers to a baveu of iecurity? Who would not rejoice once more to see this good Shepherd, rescuing those lambs from the wolves of poverty and vice, anil carrying them in His bosom Yet, all these, the benevolent and the merciful may do, in stead, and He will regard it as done by Himself. Sorely, charity bestowed under such auspices, as the deputies of with such a recompense in view as He has himself held out, is rather a privilege than a duty, and will verify the words of Holy is more blessed to givr than to receive." A holy apostle has said, "Pure religion and undented la to visit the fatherless and the widow in their affliction and to keep thyself unspotted from the world!" Let us then visit the fatherless children, by aiding the Orphan Asylums ol our city, both male and female.

Let us pluck from the gloomy caves of destitution and ignorance, "many a gem of purest ray serene," which shall be an ornament and blessing to society, and throw a ray of Instro upon the dark valley of the shadow of death. Attractive Objects. We beg to call the attention of our readers to the Stereoscopic views advertised by Mr. Jn so doing, wo are conferring a public benefit, for, apart from the pleasure derived from beautiful works of art, there must be a great saving of time and money In foreign travel, when every man can bring all the classical localities, renowned landscapes and magnificent specimens of architecture, which Europu boasts, within his own doors. To see the Alps, St.

Peter's, Paris, Windsor Castle, or auy other object of European interest, through this stereoscopic medium, is quite as good as seeing them in reality. Most of our readers have seen the stereoscopic likenesses, whereby the daguerreotype picture viewed through glasses, is enlarged to the size of life. The nmbrot.vpes of foreign scenes aro In like manner magnified, and every minute feature of the landscape brought out, even to the very ruts of the carriage wheels. The anow-covered glaciers, the cities, rivers, monuments and churches of the old world are before you, accurately reflected in the faithful p.mbrotype, and looking as large and natural as life. It is almost impossible to particularize among so many striking objects, but the Coliseum, gt.

Peter's, and the Cathedral of Cologne, are worth going to to see, and certaiuly to Morris's to buy. We had never imagined that there was anything in the works of man so tran sceudently beautiful as tho Cathedral of Cologne. In Prctrhlng. The of State itrxet-tbe Wall street of most havo considered the Rev. Mr.

Kinney Homewhat pi rsonal, if tho be correct report of his remarks The Rev. Mr. in a on "Moral Honesty," at Boeton, a fair evenings since, says: "(lo down on State together all the moral honesty there to be found there, gi'e it a thorough sifting, and what a mournful spectacle would tarn npto view!" He farther dis-onrses on "Funeral Sermons:" "I eometimeg wlah people attend their own Could sonic men hear the eulogies pronounced upon their characters for moral hon after their deaths, how they whould shr'ck and bowl they lay in their coffins." University Literary We have received the number of the I'niversity Literary Magazine. It is really aa al mirabie number. There are some capital things in it.

We congratulate tLe young gentleuieu connected with it upon tbia brilliant beginning of the year. The Concert To Night. laat grand concert to night! as have a house like that of Tuesday night, the largest and most brilliant assemblage of the kind that waa aver eeen in Richmond. The great pianist equalled himself on that occasion, aud Vleul temps drew down thunders of applause. One more opportunity, and only one, of the most magnificent musical treat that Richmond has ever enjoyed.

fAU or little farm in Ooocbland couuty, 2ft miles froiu Richmond, on the river loQtalntug high land, and not a tree ou It, was aold a few ago, at private sale, by Meriwether N. Lewis tp Col. John M. for GRNBRAL AHHKMBI.V OF VIRGINIA BENATK PROCKKOINOS. WiimwiTt W.

WR A communication was iitjHwd infirmliisf the Seus(c tbM it had Senate's amendment to charter of (he Lt aebburg Company, and paaaed extending the charter of the Whirling Bank. HiUt Ra- smend an act incorporating the Bank of Danville. To amend an act (or the construction of a canal from Nor(h Landing to Fllsabeth River. Releasing the State's interest in Jacksonville and Dent Mountain turnpike road. Releaalnr the State'a interest in that portion of the Floyd Court and Hlllsville turnpike lying between Jacksonville and Hlllsville.

Amending an net releasing to the counties of BmlM and Roanoke the interest in the Lynchburg and Salem turnpike, lying in thoae counties. To incorporate the Coal River Railroad Company. To Incorporate theOnyandotte Rirer Railroad Gimpauy. The committee on the Renter's office, made ita report, which ordered to be printed. of Mr.

Mi providing for the payment, to the Farmers' Bank at Norfolk. Interest on certain notes held by it after their maturity. By Mr. Fauqnler, of releasing to the county of Fauquier, the State's interest in the Leeds Manor By Mr. Bhaxxon, of changing the time for holding the circuit of the 18th and the Valley Agricultural Society.

To authorize the circuit court of Orange to decree the sale of certain devised to Lucinda Connelly and others, by Km. Smith, dee'd. To establish a Savings Hank in Piedmont, Hampshire county. To establish an election precinct at the same place. Incorporating the Salt Sulphur Springs.

Incorporating the town of Jacksonville. Floyd county. Authorizing tbe of franklin School, Chesterfield, to invest the of the school. To extend the time fur Mary Nicholson and Win. N.

Holstead, to apply for the correction of the erroneous assessment of their House hill to amend the act providing for the construction of the Mechanicksburg and Wytheville turnpike. On motion of Mr. Claiborne, the Kansas resolutions introduced by Mr. Coohiix, yesterday, were called up. In calling them np, Mr.

C. said that even if the Lecompton constitntion contained the frauds mentioned yesterday by the Senator from Augusta, he shonld vote for the reception of Kansas with it. and luave to the federal judiciary the detection and prevention of those frauds. F.ven if it contained the odious tenets of the Mormons, there nothing in ttie constitution of the United States to reject it. He thought the resolutions shonld be adopted.

We owed it to those gallant Democrats of the North who had so freely sacrificed interest to principle, that we should stand by and encourage them in the position they had assumed on this question. The following are tbe resolutions: Rfnolrfd. By the General Assembly of Virginia, the conclusion to which the President of the United States has arrived, us expressed in his recent message, in favor of the admission sf Kansas into the Union under the Lecompton constitution, is just ami right. 2d. Henm-fd, That Congress has no right to look farther into the constitution submitted by the State ot Kansas, in its application to be admitted into tiiis Union, than to see that the said constitution is Republican in its form.

3d. ifrwrftwi, That it is due to the peace and harmony of this I'nion, that Congress should speedily admit Kansas as a State under the Lecompton constitution, without further conditions. Mr. Thomas asked a division of the question, which was done, and the first resolution was taken up. Mr.

Denials was opposed to the first resolution, because it seemed to endorse, yet not endorse the action ofthe President. It was faint in its praise and doubtful in its eulogy. lie was also opposed to the second resolution, ami would offer the following as a substitute for the series: Jiisolvai, by the General Assembly of Virginia, That so much of the late annutil message of the President as relates to the admission of Kansas into the I'nion, with the Lecompton constitution, under all the circumstances couuected therewith, is right and proper. Mr. Warth favored the original resolutions.

Mr. Stuart had prepared a series of resolutions to offer this morning, but finding from the feeling of the Senators that no substitute would be tolerated, he would not offer them. He saw that the dominant party had converted a national question intoa party question, aud in doing so they had treated the minority as aliens, and had excluded them from their consultation. Comparing dates, he thought he understood very well that these resolutions had been drawn up in caucus in reply to a letter which the executive of the State had lately written, professing to speak the opinions of the Democracy. Conceiving it, therefore, to be a family imbroglio, he would adopt the priuciple of non-intervention, aud ask to bo excused from voting on all questions, arising out of the resolutions.

Mr. Coohill defended the resolutions at some length. Mr. Dknkalk withdrew his substitute. Mr.

Douolass, in reply to Mr. Stuart, said that if the resolutions contained found principle and strict truth, he could not see what injury they could sustain from having been the offspring of a caucus; and he would appeal to the gentlemen of the opposition not to withhold their support. He would vote for the resolutions, not as a rebuke to the Executive of Virginia, for uttering his sentiments in his New York letter; but as a counterblast to the opinions there expressed. Mr. August said that giving his vote he did not wish to be understood guilty of the presump tion of rebuking the Executive for the expression of his opinion, an act to the performance of which he had a perfect as the expression of his (Mr.

individual opiniou. Mr. Johnson offered the following resolutions, as substitutes for the Ist and 2d resolutions of the aeries: 1. That the present attitude of the Administration in regard to Kansas, is approved by the General Assembly of Virginia, and is believed to be the geueral sentiment of the people of the State. I 2.

H'snlmi, That it is the simple duty of Con- Kress to admit Kansas into the Union, us she has chosen to present herself, with the Lecompton Constitution, at once, absolutely and unconditionally, nave only the requirement of a republican form of government. Mr. Beale contended that there was no shadow of necessity for the substitute offered by the gentleman from Bedford. It enunciated no general principle. Mr.

B. also appealed to the Senator from Augusta to reconsider his resolution. Mr. Sti in reply, stated the disadvantageous position the minority from consultation with regard to the resolutions before them, and called now not, for deliberation, but for action. Spetlking of the 2d resolution, he cited an instance which might occur, in whii of the extreme Northwestern States, settled ers.

who had not tho prejudice of adopt a constitution placing the white and black races on an equal course of action which might send a free negro representative to the hulls of Congress. Mr. Drud Scott decision settles that point in declaringa negro not a citizen of the I nited States, therefore, he could not sit in Congress. Mr. decision has application only to States where the laws make a distinction between the white and black races.

Mr. not Utah be admitted into the Union, and the very nest week hold a Convention and engraft in its constitution the monstrosities they now practice. Mr. gentleman is right: but that fact would not deter me resisting its admission as long as practicable on leg il grounds, and iusisting that at Itiast when Utah came inits constitution should be acceptable. Mr.

Stuakt concluded by saying that had the majority offered to meet tho miuority for consultation, not as Democrats, but as Virginiaus, hk would have cheerfully gone iuto it, and acted with them in the fullest manner. As it was, lie should remain silent. The members who were In that caucus stood here bound to vote for the resolutions as they were, and it wonld be useless to attempt to modify or change them. Mr. Old denied that he was bound by the action of the caucus.

He asked if the opposition had not held a caucus and concocted certain resolutions thereat amp bell, like the gentleman from Powlia tan, (Mr. Old,) was not bound to vote for the resolutions, nor was anv member on the floor. If others more acceptable were produced lie wonld vote for them, lie asked the minority if tfiey had any resolutions, to introduce them. Mr. Floyd did not feel bound by the action of fhe caucus, ami was prepared to vote for more Acceptable resolutions If they were offered.

Mr. Thomas spoke at some length with regard to the exclusion of the minority from consultation. and the consequent injustice done He would confess that the "opposition" members last night held a meeting, as stated by gentlemen but considering the previous action of the majority, they knew it would be useless to invite them to participate. Mr. T.

concluded by offering a series of resolutions, the substance of which follows Ist. Denying the rhrht of Congress to refect the application of a territory to be admitted as a State into the Union, in consequence of its constitution not having been submitted to a direct vote of the people. 2d. Denying the right of Congress to reject tue app icatton in consequence of theadon ruf V'T hlaTpr )'- port of the social system of the State; affirming that it is the imperative duty of Congress, to admit Kansas with the Lecoiupton constitution unless it contains provisions in violation of the constitutionl Of the United States. 3d.

That plan or the admission of Kansas into the Union, which i Imposes conditions ori her people after the accept- I auce by Congress of her constitution, is dangerous to the peace of the Union, by continuing the agitation of slavery, and is subversive of the lea ling principles cf the Kausas Nebraska bill. 4th. The General Asteuibly of Virginia would hail the ad mission of Kausas with the constitution, provided it is not obnoxious to any of the objections stated,) as a renewal of the spirit of harmoiiy and conciliation which gave birth to the Union, oth. Urging the necessity of withdrawing thesubject of slavery from the halls of Congress, and confining it to the Mates where it properly belongs. The vote was then taken on the substitute offered by Mr.

Johnson for the first lesolution of the series. It was defeated. Ayes, 12; nays, 30. The substitute of Mr. Johnson, for the 2d resolution.

was then voted down. Ayes 14, nays 29. The vote was theu taken ou Mr. Thomas' substitute, aud resulted as follows Armstrong, Bradeu, Caldwell Uaughtery, French, Hubbard. Johnson, McKen- Key, Marshall, Rives, Smith; of ami Angust, Beale, Brannou, Bruce, Campbell, Catlett, Claiborne, Cobb, Coghili, Coleman, Dcueale, Day, Douglas, Floyd, Fuuften, Oatewood, iluddleeon, Layue, Logau, Ntal, of NmO, of Old.

Paxton, Richmond, Tnlfctwro, Thompson, Warth, Wooding and A qwwtton then (WW tip Mr. Coq hill's rotolvtlont, follow a. Ambler, August, Bruce, Oampbell.CatleU, CogW. ltonrfaM. 0., tewood.

Uvne, Logan, of NaiL 011 ton. Richmond. Taliaferro, Thompson, Went, Wooding and On motion of Mr. Flotb. the adjourned.

HOUSK or DKLKOATE9. WtwmtnY, Jno. 13,15 W. Prayer by J.R. Jinm.of Jtffli otbera.

authorizing tbe county courta of. Angnsta and Albemarle to purchaae from tbe Btaunton and James River Tnrnpike Company rights, privileges, conferred by act. To establish of tobacco at Dibrell'l Warehouse. In the city of Richmond. Incorporating the Rank of Williamatown in the county of Wood.

To incorporate the Preaton Rank or Virginia, at Kingwood, in Preaton conntv. the petition of Samuel E. Lee, askine that a license tax i.e refunded to him. Of exempting from taxation parsonages held and for the maintenance of public worshiti. Of exempting blind persona from the prohibitory tax impoaed on pedlara of Htsolvtiont of Mr.

Bass, of requirinK turnpike to keep their roads in order, tinder proper penalties. Hy Mr.Chris tian, authorizing jndgmeutfl on fortbconiinn to be taken by the of the Circuit Courts in their office, at rnlea, subject to revision by the Court. By Mr. ARxrvr, authorizing a loan uf (SSI to the Fairfax Male and Female By Mr. C.A»xa»AT, of branch road of the Richmond and Danville Railroad, to pass through the of Halifax, Franklin and Roanoke, to intersect the Virginia and Tennesse Railroad, in Roanoke county.

Ry Mr. Osbockxe, of making it the imperative dnty of the commissioners of the revenne in listing property for taxa place the owners thereof upon oalh, under a penalty of $150 for and every failure so to do. Ry Mr. Cartkr, of Russell. ararnding the form of the poll books in elections, and the manner of registering the names of voters.

I.ynrhUurg ami North fMrnlina motion of Mr. Yancey, the bill to incorporate the Lynchburg and North Carolina Railroad Company, was taken up, whereupon he offered a substitute for the same. On motion of Mr. Martis, the said bill and proposed substitute were laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed. The Lirutmanl Senate bill to provide for filling vacancies in the office of Lieutenant Governor, was taken up.

the unfinished order of the day, and Mr. Massie. of Rockbridge, being entitled to the floor, addressed the House on the topics presented by a consideration of the subject. At the conclusion of his remarks, on motion of Mr. Uarboir.

of Cnlpeper, the bill was amended by striking out that portion which provides fur tilling vacancies in the office of Commissioner of tbe Board of Public Works. On motion of Mr. Christian, the House adjourn ed. Dinner to Gen. understand a dinner will be given to Gen.

Walker by some of the citizens of Richmond and members of the Legislature, this evening, at the American Hotel. Nine o'clock is the hour fixed for the From all we learn it will be a most interesting occasion. The foregoing information was received "after our outside form had gone to press, when it was too late to correct the statement in the local column, relative to Gen. Walker's departure from the city. Norfolk Herald records the death of Mrs.

Mary Dale Gore, at the advanced age of 90 years. She was a native of Princess Anne, and sister to the late Capt. Wm. Dale Woodhouse of that county. Their ancestors were among its earliest settlers, one of whoso descendants was the late Commodore Dale of the American Mrs.

Virginia Tucker, consort of John R. Tucker, U. S. Navy, died in Norfolk on Monday last. Mrs.

Mary D. Gait, mother of Dr. John M. Gait, died in Williamsburg on Suuday. Firk of dwelling of Aaron Warner, situated ono utile south of Romulusville, N.

took fire and burned to the ground on the night of the Bth inst. Mr. Warner's three oldest cbildreu perished in the flames. The pareuts, with their youngest child, were absent on an evening visit. The News from the Mexican journals and letters received by the N.

0. Picayune, It appears that the recent revolutionary proceedings of Comonfort, assisted by Gen. Baez, in the city of Mexico, had been received with much disfavor in many of the interior portions of the country, and a large number of States had openly declared iu the most violent manner against the new order of things. Many ofthe principal towns, including Vera Cruz, had also joined in opposition to a formidable military coalition was in process of organization to assist in the movement against him. Iu several portions of the republic, troops were already in motiou, aud another change in the executive power appeared at the date of the latest advices to be imminent.

More Musical are gratified to learn that Mile Clarisse de lie ranger, a vocalist of high reputation, will giva a concert at Metropolitan Hall next Monday evening. It is said that she possesses a beautiful, clear sophrano. besides rare cotnic powers, which enable her to invest her concerts with the most delightful attractions. Madame Pelham, who is associated with M'lle Beranger, is also spoken of as an accomplished vocalist. her English ballads being rendered with remarkable sweetness and effect.

A combination of talent with personal beauty, as in this instance, must be influential in securing a large attendance. The Approaching Twenty-Second of Fhkruart. The indications are that tho military display, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Washington Statue, in this city, will be very fine. The Governor, we learn, has issued orders to all his aids to report themselves in uniform at head'piarters on the morning of the 22d. Major General Taliaferro, of Gloucester, will be in command.

Dfhth or Hon. A. M. regret to record the death of A. Monroe Savage, of the Ten nessee House of Representatives.

The sad event took place at his residence, in Fmithville, De Kail) county. Tennessee, on the 24th ult. The State Senate and House, the bar of the Fourth Judicial Circuit, and tlia Warren Lodge of Free-Masons, respectively held his death as a deep loss to his State as a citizen, a legislator, and a soldier. Ths Methodist Ciiracn and the recent session of tho Mississippi Conference, at Brandon, Bishop Early presented the resolutions of the Alabama Conference, recommending the striking out of the general rule against "selling men, women and children," Ac. The Conference concurred ia amendment by a vote of "0 to 7.

Another Racer regret to learn, from the Savannah p.ipers, that "Engineer" has broken down in one of liis fore legs, since his race of Thursday. Col. Hester has met with a succession of misfortunes, having lost Lucy Phillips and Humming Bird within a month, and now Engineer is ruined and Shcckoe sick. President has appointed Thos. J.Albright, of Pennsylvania, to be Secretary to sign land patents, vice George W.

Jones, of Virginia, deceased Savannah notice that Sue Washington was tt winner of the four mile race at Savann on Saturday, beating Moidore and Tampa Peninsula gives the following items of intelligence with refcreuce to the ludian war: Capt. KendricVsCompany Mounted Volunteers, and Capt. Thompson's Boat Company, were mustered ont of service on the 30th ult. Cnpt. Johnston's Company Mounted Volunteers, and Capt.

Mickler's Boat Company, were mnstered ont of service on the 31st nit. Cbl. Rogers, with five hundred men. was in Big Cypress. The Indians lately surprised two volunteers of the Fliridi Regiment a short distance from camp, one of whom they killed.

House Blown Up wrrn a Km of learn from Capt. ltislier, of the steamer Empress, from Minden, Claiborne parish, that on the night of the 25th, a keg of powder was placed under the house of Mr. John beneath the chamber whero Mr. his wife and two children were thero exploded, blowing the building to atoms, and severely ininring all the inmates, though singular enough, none were killed. The office of the Louisiana Herat was also destroyed.

Two of the negjoes of Mr. Chaffer were arrested on suspicion of having perpetrated this diabolical crime, and of them has since made O. Vkaytuu. Mr. Hart's statue of Henry Clay, now under his hands, at Florence, it is said, will be sjieedily completed.

It is stated that there are ten times as many newspapers printed in the tiermau language in the United states as are in fierroany. Miss Angela Sefton, a daughter of Mr. John Seftou, has been playing an engagement at the PitUburg theatre with success. The Kentucky Democratic Convention endorsed the I'renkient's policy in regard to Kausas, fllibuttrrinui, Ac. The board of of the Cheeapeake and Ohio canal have resolved to remuin in office until their term expires, in Juoe.

John P. Jewett A the Boston having adjusted their financial troubles, resume rULBORAPHIC WHWB. UPORTID DAILY DISPATCH. CONGRESSIONAL. Wwittwrote, Mr.

Wisconsin. Introduced a jottl resolution 01 thanks toCom. Paulding. lor his conduct in tto Walkwr affair, and proposing to nt Uim a madal. Mr Brown, of notict ot to offer an amendment.

the by of Pauldiog'a iuvaaion of Nica ragua to Walker. A lonf? dfbtt? took on the rwolation in reterence to the restoration of naval offiwrs. acgrieved by of tlie late Retiring Board, It which the Board wart severely handled. Xhla resolution was passed few days ago, but yesterday rescinded, and passed again to-day, with aji amendment, striking otit provision that officers on the active list should not increased beyond the number authorized by law. day was consumed in discussing the President's message.

Tbe debate involved the merits nf the Central American and Kansas questions. Mr. Montgomery, of was in favor of sending Walker back, to be tried by Nicaragua. LATER FROM HAVANA AND MEXICO. Jan.

13. steamer Isabel arrived this morning. She left Havana on the 10th inst. Sugar flnu at unchanged rates. Molasses declined.

Tlie late Arm of Drake and Company, drew tbe $100,000 prize in the Havana lottery. An English steamer, from Mexico, reports riots and rebellions in that distracted country. NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. Jan. National Agricultural Society met in the Smithsonian Institution today.

There were no delegates from the Southern States. Hon. Marshall P. Wilder, President of the Society, made the opening speech. RVMOKED DEATH OF A MUSICAL CELEBRITY.

Washington, Jan. have reached here, probably by way of New Orleans, that Amodeo, (5f Maratzek's Opera Troupe, had died in Havana of Yellow Fever, and that Brignoli was sick with the same disease. The rumarsconnot be confirmed by the Isabel's advices, at Charleston, as the wires are not in operation south of ilmington. MARINE DISASTER. Savannah, Jan.

10. -The brig Terpsechore. from Kio de Janeiro, with 2700 sacks of coffee, has been wrecked on Beach and her cargo lost. Things In Norfolk. OF THE RICHMOND DAILY Norfolk, January 12th, 1858.

The music-loving portion of onr community are all excitement, and anticipate a '-most delightful time''at the grand openingand dedication of Johnson's new and beautiful Hall, by Thalberh. on Friday evening. The sale of tickets for his first and second concerts will take place to-morrow, at 10 A. at Mr. C.

Schwarzkopf's fancy store. Tbe correspondence betweeu Mayor Fergnrson and Commodore Dornin, continue to attract tbe attention of our citizens. The Mayor urges the removal of, or provision for Walker's men, and protests against theGovemroent or its officers landing in our corporate limits, any set of men who are likely to ''become chargableto the community." Two sons of Neptune appeared before his Honor this morning. They appeased Madam Justice by leaving in the treasury $3. The receipts of corn to day have been light.

The market is firm, with an advance on mixed and white. We quote yellow G9a7o cents; white and mixed HO cents. We notice a large number of vessels in port whose busy crews are handling freight of almost every description. Our harbor is dotted with sails of almost every clime, wliocome to bear away from our warehouses the flour, staves and heading, cotton, that is gathered at this point. Lovick P.

Allen committed suicide by hauging himself with a handerchief. at Greenville, Bntlor county, ou the fith inst. Pecuniary-embarrassments are assigned as the cause. "SH Ttlkr A Co. call the attention of the public to the new style of Ambrotypes just introduced at their Gallery, Main street.

These works of art throw the old style of Ambrotype aud other types in the shade, and are calculated to create a new era in the picture world. Ttlkr A Co. will charge btit.V) cents for the new portraits.and have facilities for taking Soo likenesses daily. 139 Main st. Ladies' Cork Sole Gaiters and Quilted Shoes, just received at Alex.

Hill's, ja 127 Main street. ft Ladies' Fur Lined will find very superior articlo of Ladies' Fur Lined Quilted Shoes, at Alex. Hill's. ja 127 Main street. Ladies' Embroidered to hand, a large variety of Ladies' Embroidered Slippers, new style and patterns, of French manufacture, ja Alex.

Hili, 127 Main st. Mioses and Children's Embroidered beautiful lut of Misses and Children's Embroidered Slippers, just received at ja Alex Hill's. 127 Main st. SPECIAL NOTICES. Dinner to Gen.

Dinner in compliment GEN. WALKER, will place at the American Hotel THIS EVKXING at o'clock. Subscriliers will fiud their tickets at the Office of Hotel. Persons wishing to Hibscribe, can procure tickets at the same place. The receotion room will be appointed out to gentlemen at o'clock.

Special attention public is requested to the sale of Household Furniture, Carriage and to take place at the residence of Mix. S. K. Sh-lton, corner Z7th and Grace street. Church Hill, THIS at 10 o'clock, ja 14 E.

15. COOK A Aucts, Ari't Whiskey, rhis Morning, by I. A O. B. DAVENPORT.

To tiie Voters ok District No Henrico respectfully aniionrce myself a candidate tor tlie oftice of CON ST A made vacant by the resigna'ion of Mr J.w-ph O. Mettert. Should it be your pleasure, fellow-citizens, to elect me, the duties of the oftice shall be discharged with promptness and fidelity. ICO. W.

THOMAS. Klection Pav, the L'-tli present month, ja Club ror Kent Fir- ITU BE FOR BALK AT is requested to the sale" of the Club House furniture, nrtd tbe Renting of the House, Tins MORN-IMI, commencing at 111 o'clock, at the corner of loth and Main streets. TIIOMAB W. KEEBRE, ja 11 Auctioneer. ffia?" Spildino Fund adjourned meeting of the Stockholders, will beheld at Saunders Hall, THIS EVENING, at 7'j o'clock.

The stockholders are requested to be present, or send their proxies. K. MCCARTHY, Secretary. HayArcTioN attention of bricklayers. is solicited to our sales of Bricks, Fixtures, Tools, at our brickyard, on Main, 22dand 2id (THURSDAY)morning, at 10 o'clock.

IRAKI'S A SHINK, ja Aik tionetrs. subscriber asks the attention of Ladies and Oeutlemen, to his sale to take place on SATURDAY morning next, at Id o'clock, aed would those in want of such goods, to call and examine them previous to the day of sale. See advertisement. ja 11. W.

QUARLES, Auct. fig?" Powers' well as his inimitable Ambrotypes are now being sought after by even body. are cheap, and are such Pictures that ran be appreciated by those who are judges. I'OWKRS is now the oldest established artist in this ritv, who has been successfully operating here for the last seven years, and his Pictures have always lieen good. His Photographs are worthy of notice.

Call and see Pictures of the members of the legislature. I'll Main street. ja Braikj's Great THE ARCTIC I JMMKNT DEFIES ALL COMVETITJOS. Thousandth who have usekl it, altirrn that it is A QRKAT IMPROVEMENT on DR. OTIIKR MMMHNTS, 111 the cnri' of RHEUMATISM.


MOULDS. TUMORS, CORNS. For HORSW and MPT erternally. nothing exceeds the ARCTIC LINIMENT, lu curing: sprains, sweney. SCRATCHES, HALLS.

TItRUSII, RINGBONE, or any Sore or Swelling, or En'-'rcemont of or Muscle. Price rente ami for mill, medium anil large sized hoi ties. For by all PURCELL, I ADD CO, ja Wholesale jjgT Tnr Tkhtti Lkcture of thr conrsc before the Young Men's Christina Association, will bedelivered by W. T.Ww ey, of Moi gmtown, at the United Prcsbj terinn Church, (Rev. Dr.

Read's.) on FRIDAY evening, the mutant, at o'clock. in their Sec ular Influenced' Member 1 con rrocure tlieir season at the Rooms of the Association. of admission mav be procured at Meade 4 Baker's, Laid ley hiusoit's, the Exchange Hotel, and principal 23 cents For for SI. Special are selling off our entire stock without regard to cost. L4DIKS" ja 30 Broad street.

Lack Capks and Bridal Vei's, to order, Stamped Collars for working, ja 13 LADIES' BAZA AM. meeting of subscribers to the CivpiUl Stockot the ASHLAND IIt)TKL and MINERSL WELL COMPANY, will take pursuaucoof the act of iucorporatloa, at the Central Hotel, 'u Kam car of Kiciiuoud, ou Tuer Jujr, the Mb llj-Uut, at 0 click, I'. M. ja Id MARRIED, At AlhoJwond. Baltimore county.

Md. on Sit Ifc'VM of AlVjrhany county, Md to GA3BIE. daughter of Jmi. J. Hewett, Kwj.

HApfli Oil 17th of Bell Isle, Mrs. FRANCES KKLLKY, 35 years. funeral will take place from her husband residence at Bell Trie. TO-DAY, at half 10 o'clk. The friends of tbe fnntilx invited to attend.

ATTENTION VIRGINIA RIFLES ffk Attend ft regular Drill, at Military Hall. nf (THURSDAY) evening, January a Jl precisely. Br order of the Captain. H-it V. HAOEMBYKR, O.

S. THERE WILL BE A PUBLIC Temperance Meeting at the Methodist A Church in Manchester on FRIDAY JCVKNING next, l.Mh instant, at 7 o'- clock. Rev.K M. PETERSON and others are to address the meeting. Tbe members of Lafayette Division am requested to meet punctually at their Hall at o'clock.

The of Sister Divisions of Richmond are invited to meet with them. MULES sx. vonng and well broke MULEB. tlie.own<»r« no nse for them, tliey will dispose of them on very reasonable They ran be seen at the at sble in rear of Mr. 11.

CRl'VlPSrfaidence, on Marshall street, beyond Brooke ATenue. CRUMP A A FOR possession given the laree FRONT ROOM over the store or Mr. Keeling, on Main next door to hnililbiir. corner of Main and streets. It is a very desirable location for a lawyer a or doctors office, or lodging loom.

Apply at this office. ja 14 HS.VRT THW ATT. J. R. J.

H. Ct.4*K. of P. Edward. of Halifax.

of Halifax. HPHWEATT, FAULKNER CLARK, J- COMMISSION MKRCHANTS, 13th Sirvf, Richtuoitd, 1 irffittui JO" Advances made oil produce. ja 1 VfOTICE persons having claims against the estate of John Womble. dec'd, will present thein for settlement, properly to 4 odwig-oed; and all to viil JOS. H.

CRENSHAW, Exr's. IVM. H. LYONS, ja CO SHOE DEPOT, 129 MAIN STREET, RICHMOND, take pleasure in announcingto the citiseiw of Richmond and the surrounding onintry, that (hey have taken tlie Store No i Main street, forvierly occupied by Mr. llavid Walsh where they infr nd to keep constantly on hand a'well selected stock of Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Trunks, have inst opened a neb and varied assortment Of Roots Shops and Walters, for Ladies', Gent's, Misses', Boys' and Children's Wear.

Our Goods selected from the best manufactures and at he lowest market prices, we hope, by diligence and strict "attention to our business, to merit a liberal ph-ire of petronage. HARRIS 129 Main street, jf Shoes and Gaiters made to order, at the shortest notice, and at the lowest prices, l.v ja 14 A HARE CHANCE. subscriber is aliout to eng in a different business, and will sell low the Arbonr Restuarant and elegsnt new Bowliuir whole inst refitted. But a small capital requi.vd. Apply to ilr ja Corner Main andJl2th a ts.

O-PARTNKRtfHIP undersik'ued havn this day fonr.ed a co-partnership to prosecute the TOKAOCO MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, at the Factory lately occupied by Messrs. Allen A Preston, under the name and etyfo of JOHN T. ALLpjN A CO. JOHN T. ALLEN.

CHAS. CAMMAN. Richmond, Jan. 13,1 R.W. ja ON TUESDAY, about 10 o'clock.

ROGE. an old lady about 75 or ho years of age, left "her son bouse, on Clay- street, above Ist, ostensibly to pay a visit to a friend. Hot not returning in proper season, led to enquiries, which cause her friends to fear she has lost her way, as she speaks but very littleJEngliah. Any information in reeiird to her, left with her M. A.

ROGE. at Mr. Aotoni's, St. Nicholas Saloon, or with Mr. L.

J. BOSSI KUX, wijl he thankfully received. BLACKSMITH FOR rior Edge Tool Blacksmith will lie sold on reasonable terms, to remain in the city or Apply at CAKY fcTRKET JAIL. ja Boarding. --Mrs.

leath, on southside of Main iitneet, half snuiro West of Fair can sr-comm-slate two families witli pleasant rooms and board; and, also, a few yoong men. ja CT. SHELLING J. L. WALKER offer their servites lo the Richmond public, under the firm of A WALK Eli, tor the collection of claims, tiring out negroes, renting: houses, an I conducting Akcncy Business.

Ail matters entrusted to their hands shall receive prompt attention and itn anstiiate settlements. Office aud streets, Church Hill, where one of the firm will Hfvays be in attendance. May be also. atSam'l Ht-stim's, on I'oail nearCarv to 11 A. M.

Jfcid to SP. M. ja hnri CIGARS, 1,000 pound? of HEWIU'G TOBACCO, and rm lbs. of SMOKING TOBACCO, for sale at low prices. The subsi riber, desiring to dii continue business, offers for sale his superior stock Cigars and Tobacco.

in lots to purchasers, itt greatly reduced pri'-es. sums of less than cash, and for sums t-V) mid upwards a nenotiaMe note at four months'date. CHARLKS RICHLAHOSON, Corner of Main and 10th ia 11 3 doors above the new Cnstom House. WM. D.

IRBY and W. M. WOODWARD will sell at public auction on the of Junuarv, their entire STOCK, for c.ish, comprising 9 Horses. I Snlk'-v, Stable anil fixtures, on Franklin street, between 10th and 17th streets, ja UST RECEIVED at the opposite Columbian, and at the Old Market JOO ba'es HAY, light weights 100 bushels clean OATS. Also, on commission, bbls FLOUR.

Always on hand, a supply of OFFAL, Ac. ja A3. THOM.AB. I) INI NO ROOM'S ER VANT FOR HI RE. I have an active yournt man, accustomed to waiting in a dining-room, who is a capable 'nouse servant, for hire.

CIIAS. A. ROBK, Attorney at Law, Opposite Whig Building. OFFICE RICHMOND INSURANCE January iI, la s. undersigned, at his in the same building and on the sanio floor with Messrs.

Isaacs A Tfivlor. N. E. corner of Main and Hth Richmond, Va, is now prepared to take FIRK RISKS for the ALBEMARLE IXSURAA'CE COMPANY OF CHA HI. TTESI 'ILL THE HOME LVSCRAXCE CO.WNYOE AEII YORK.

Capital and surplus of the farmer about Capital and surplus of the latter about IU can foftly Mh (''im pan fits at midprudi nfly manngnl. He will be happy to Insure tor both, and will a'so provide FIRK, LIFE and MARINE INSURANCE for those who may be disposed to patronize him, in other good oflices. friendly visit to me at my office, where we can converse freely together, may result, and I trust tcil! result, to our mutual benefit. pay me such a visit. THOS.

M. ALFRCEND, )a Oen'l Ins. Agent. strong Able A bodied larm hands or wood one dining room man servant, (has been accustomed to driving, and working in the garden also.) and onfceoofc. washer and ironer.

Applv to TUO'3 J. BA4IRY. Agent anil Collector, Nc Wall street, between Main and Franklin sts. UOR have for hire tomen of good character, who can ash and Iron well, and a No 1 pastry cook and and one sprightly Boy, 15 ytars old, to waiting in a dining room. For goad the prices will be moderate.

Applv to C. B. LIPSCOMB. Coal Office, 14th street, near MayoVi Bridge. Tremendous sacrifice--greatl EST BVRGAINS, KVRR OFFRRWD.

AT I.E--VY'B OLD ESTABLISHKD DRY OOODS STORK No. MAIN can ftiad there nice Irish Linen at worth cents: Bonnet Ribbons, from cents to 37), cents, worth per cent, more; Dlniitr And Cambric Bands, at extremelv low prices; Collars at fi'icents; Boys' Linen Collars only cents, worth lis cents; fine Cambric Sets Collars and Sleeves. line Cuniltric Cotlnrsat werth f2 A large nnd excellent essortment of Cottonsand Line its kept ronstantlyon hand, and sold very low. Dkm't forget the place. SPECIFIC, for "Chronic Thrnsb and for sale bv E.

Druggist. CEMPLE'S FLEET OIL, for sale by Ml' t. PIOOT. Druggist. RECEIVED at (he NEW URAN- A "Pis'iite Colnmbian Hotel, s- lect HPO I'l! laVrrn slorc re Prepared, tlw compound Syrup of the I phates or Chemical Food, an article now extenhifplt inedly Northern J' JOHNSTON Druggwts.

IJAIR received 17 Phalon s. Ballard's, Mathews' Batchelor Chrlstadon's Liquid Hair' F. JOHNSTON BKO Druggists. ITELMBOLD CON CEN RATED A fttJID EXTRACT OF sunply of tills popular prepar.ih received by RRO, Druggists. 700 LBS VENISON, Very ih ii by ja u.

p. ToMPKINU BRO. MERCHANT'S INSURANCE STOCK, XTA 10 shares or saW. Apply to i- E. 11.

SKINKKR A Ml Car st. OVEHINQ'S A WHITE BUOAR; Loteriia's Crushed sale by I. AjU. B. DAVRNPORT.

nOTTON btles Union I Mills, for sale I. AO. B. DAVRNPORT. I MARINE INTELLIGENCE.

am. vy A SAILED, Mwmtr Keltey, Philadelphia. and 'ISoopHatwn nod Mfliy, Bridgetown, In hilftlt. BMg Breww, OntcrVrHgc, from ItrkivMt. IVrnanibtteo ult.

Poiir I anaon Dmn. Drinkwater, from HKniMM, at Boston loth inst. AMUSEMENTS. RICHMOND THEATRE. Fourth Night of the DISTINGUISHED TRAGEDIAN.

Mr. Henry Who will appear This Rreninf in hia great DON CJtSAR DK Thnrnday Kvenlng, Jan. 13, be presented the popular Drama of DON C-E3AR DE BAZAN. OR, A MATCH fOR A KINO. Don Ciesar De H- Jordan Medler Hight.

Toconclnde with the (treat play of beaiciiampkj OR, THE KENTUCKY TRAOEDY, Circle andPanjnefteW eta. (no extra charge for aeato.) Family Cirrle Eastern (Jallery.elpreaalr for Boya. only cU. Western Gallery 25 eta. Gallery wTrta.

Doora open at 7 o'elook-Orertorec cmmence at tie fore preeiaolr. Box Office open from 1" untu 2. Hnd from nntllft. E. Mr.

Henry Loraine, Has honor to announce that his BENEFIT WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY EVENING, Jan. 15, 185 S. On which cccaalon he will appear in TWO FAVORITE CHARACTERS! The performance will commence with fhakiprart' splendid historical play entilled CORIOLANX7S. CAIUS MARCH'S (Surnamed Coriolanus) Mr. 11.

LORAINE. With the late Douglas JarroM'a beautiful Drama called BLACK EYED SUSAN, "ALL IN THE DO WAS." WILLIAM. (A Min-o'-Wars-Mitn) Mr. 11. LOR 41NE BOX OFFICK NOW OI'KN.

ja H-lt ARMORY BAND respectlnlly announce to the public that they are now prepared to furnish the latent and liest MUSIC of the day for BALLS. PARTIES, Ac. Sir. R. LOERMAN, the well known and popular having liecome a member of the ARMORY HAND, they feel confident that their STRING BAND will be second to none in the city.

The figures will be called by Mr. J. M. MELTON JAM Kb B. SMITH.

nnmbercf from two to ten ja STHALBERfi'S LAST CItAND COXf'ERT, THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, At METROPOLITAN IIALL. Henry Vieuxtemps. The following eminent Artists will appear jointly with Mr. THALBERG YIEUXTEMPS, Madame BERTHA JOHANSEN, Miss ANNA KEMP, LEHMAN. HAFPLOCKER.

Mr. THALBERG will perform FANTASIA "MOSEE," (by request;) "Tarantella;" Fruhlingslied," (Spring Soug;) Concert Valse. and DON GIOVANNI, for VIOLIN and PIANO FORTE, with Mr. VIEUXTEMPS. Mr.

VIKUXTEMPS will perform "Fantasia Apnsionata," "NORMA" FANTASIA ON ONE STRING, ami the Duett DON GIOVANNI, with Mr. THALBERG. Mad JOJLANSEN will sing Alias "Niobe," Traviata.and Duett with Miss KEMP. Miss KEMP will sing "KATHLEEN MAVoUR NEN," Briudisi, Borgia, and the Duett "NORMA." with Madame JOH ANSEN. Mr.

LEHMAN will sing the Grand Aria Trovatore, and Don Giovanni. price of admission baa tixod Choice and reserved seats, cared, not secured. The sale of reserved seats continues to-day, at Mr. Woodliwuse's Bookstore. Doors open at 7Concert commences at ja 2t THALBERG'B GRANirpf gfeMf-JMAXO celebrated iu- 1 Hstruinent, on which r.

Thulberg performed, at in this place, and which was selected by him from the renowned Ctlickering Factory will lie offered for i-ale to the highest biduer, ou FRIDAY morning, the instant, at 11 o'clock, at the Metropolitan Hall. The l'iano has the endorsement of Mr. Thalbers. NATHANIEL CARUBI, ja Agent for Chickering A Sons. BALL! A BALL will lie given at the Virginia Restaurant on Aih street, New Market.

UJMfcou MONDAY EVENING.January l-th, 1-V. Tickets for gentleman and lady, $1 Sil. Supper included. Music by the Armory Rand. P.

postponement on account ol the weather. It. EMERSON. a Proprietor. RAND VOCAL CONCERT.

MAD'LLE CLARISSE DE BERANGER, The celebrated Prima Donna of the German Opera, and Court Singer to the King of Prussia, will shortly give, here a GRAND VOCAL CONCERT, Assisted by PE and other eminent Artists. This celebrated Cantatrice possesses a beautiful, clear Soprano voice, which her to render trie most difficult roulad-s graceful, like aidiowerof pearls. Mivl'lle is also gitted with the rarest comic humor, mingled with the moot attractive and coquettish manner. From tiie high position ol this lady, we may expect a brilliant entertainment, such as our people have rarely bad an opportunitv of enjoying. ja i rX 1 hereby give notice that my 4th jtjL lIALL will take place at my Schcol Room, at Saunders' Hall, on Foushee street, between and THURSDAY F.YKMNG, Jan.

14th, IVW, at o'clock Admission 50 charge for lad ies. Tlie Scholars will meet TO-NIGIJT, and on! SATURDAY NIGHT as ii-ual, for practice. ja IAjRKNZO YV. FRAZF.R. LOST.

LOST yesterday, a Gold Cameo SI.KKVfi BUTTON, with a lyre on the set. on Main street, between Ist and 2d streets. Anyone findinc the same and leaving it at this office, will ba rewarded. Clay street, between Brooke Avenue and tilt stroet, a handsome Itlark Silk LaceVKIL. The tinder will be suitably regarded by leaving it at the Dispatch office.

ja OST yesterday, twwen our store and tliw Hank of Virginia. C. Hart well's NoTK, payable to Kent. Payne A or to ourselves. The finder will confer a tavor by iug at the Dispatch office.or at otir Btore.

CIIILKS A CIIJSN fcKY. ja Seven Dollar Note, enclosed If a bl'l paid Geo. M. West. Tlie finder will rewarded by leaving it at our store.

N. JONKS A 0. SQH HE between the anil Richmoud, on Thursday even tti UICKkT containing in money, a on James Meador, for with various otlier nnd Receipts, for whi'ii the (loiter can receive the st-ove reward and my best re- Sards by leaving it at this office, or PI int. is'limine ittrwt, R. B.

MUMFORD. Dr. Moore's Church, on day last, a French Worked CUFF. Any one having the will confer a favor by levying it at our store. JOH SON II AR camion the public against or receiving two Bonds.

Nos. ami C-mpoos attached, of the Vir gima (central Railroad Company, assaul Honda are our property and have teen mislaid or loai. jni-dtf HA XALL A CO. 2'id cither at Mr IWvfn'i in her Yard, or thTf and 4 Ifc-tarhod I KVKR "ATCH.No. M.

.1. TBbivi. the ixuncor M. MITCH BLL, Ja Uk the r.ip of thf watch. A rensc'iablo reward will jwiid toritg to offi.

e. de WWD FOR mbfcriber liaii tor sale jno rorda OA WOOD, about three wHeo Irom Uichiiiond, lied by two excellent romta. Any per win wUhinic to purchase the whole or a part, he will low Had 011 liberal WM. CHRISTIAN, ja AND COAL for rale on Dock Street. to the Uaa Ilouae.

ja flllL. T. JOHNSON. have TIIOMAB aaent to carry tm the bunineaa of BLACKSMITH and and hope that lortuer cuatomers will th. ir iwtmn- Me.

ia B. W. LKIUH. Th. would reapectfully and earncatly requeat all pernoiw ludebtea to hliu to iosuu (ot ward and itettle inrui up.

Intending to removeftom the city, 1 am compelled to make tliHi urtrent te.jue.t_ jAall cbuuta i Dw CflttectWm. lie ran be aeeu at "ia old place of bnainom. No. Main street. Rlcb- j.

w. ormVus. ORANGES, ORANGES, Sweet Havana Oranjre-. tor gale ANTiINI. pRUSHBD at 12 1-2 WILLIAM T.

KINO, I WANTS. WANTED married man aUMe, ar.W is of situation CSerk. He feeia himself capable of set of Books, fnnrfiir inca awt of ordinar dntleaof an office. Patlafcct-iry references run ti Hon Rich mon.J, meet with prompt attention. ja W- ANTED IMMEDIATELY, hfo tbrea firsf-rate RILK and STRAW MILLINERS.

Apply at S.C. I hire for the present year, in to hands to work a farm, or at a Fnrnarwin Applr at theTRKDEGAR FOUNImY. WANTED- A geod COOK, WABJIKR and IRONK.R H. B. KKI'I'LRR ja 'trust.

M-'mk sffrtu'' tlon ia either Ct.KRR SALESMAN. COLLECTOR had considers' Me experience. Bflt (Itjr TrlrmiM J. It. Richmond.

Va. ja AN EACM hes hue ri her wishes to employ OLD KTKI.D BCTIDOL VSTKR, to teiw-h children to iwl, sisl cypher; Grammar and Geography. School coxmence the Ist day of March neit. A middled uijkl nun prefrrwl Applr to JNO A JKTKR, Jotersville P. Office )l Amidi i (MM Va first-rate COOK, without Incumbrance.

foe the present year. ItooAire HRKWS' RAHKKY. js Corner TV" shares Bank Stork. 13 PURCKLf.J^CO subucrihera wiiih to Tin or Flfreen Coal PH bottom to till nn number, which a price will siren, and aatwfactorr for the payment of hire quaiterly. The I'iU are In lmttdii rannot taken better care thau at Applr to Pol.

JOS. T. TOMPKINS. JOnX FAR RAH, the Company's Agent, at the Y.trd.or to JOB the Fits. ja to work on rnwn'i wear.

MARCUS HARRIS, In 3 Broad stn t. SITUATION, by man, who has as In dry house in this city for wvrM years. He Is also a good honk keeper. a n't the (itman laugnage. Best of city irfrrmcp given Iress L.

Richmond P. O. ja situation as MANAGER IN A TOBACCO a Gentleman who a fair knowledge of Tobacco jind a perience in management of Negroes. I( will accept moderate for a limited time. Apply to ja SMITH A MADDUX.

WANTED TO MI the Coal able bodied Men. to work on the snrfac and underground. Also, a few for the Coje Yards, in thin city. la JVO. .1.

WRRTII. Agent WANTED, A wish to employ immediately, a young lady, to take charge ofaa-nall school at my house. One quillfted to teach and Music Address WILLIAM PRIDDY, Negrofvsit I'. 0., Hanover county, a. ja WANTED SALESMAN for a ket garden, a few miles from the city.

Atsingle man preferred. Must be well ja W. N. GARDNER. hire for the nrxt year, a first rate dining room SERVANT A toy about the age of preferre.l.

Apply to de3l-ts WOMBLE CLAIBORNE. first-rate Cook, Wanher and Ironer, without incumbrance. WOMBLE CLAIBORNE, de No. 11 Pearl at, AND WM, HURLEY'S Exchange Office. No.

Main street, opposite the St. Charles Hotel. ROOMS over his office for FOR RENT. de purchase, '2000 of gaod STAVE TIMBER, on the stump, either by the cord or acre. 11 must be either oti the Canal or River, or convenient to sopie'if the leading into Richmond.

Apply at the Richmond Barrel Factory.corner Byrd and llth sts. an ONE HUNDRED fflL. YOUNG MEN for the UNITED STATES MOUNTED SERVICE, toserve in TV Nebraska, California. Texas and New Mexico. Pay from $11 to 122 per month.

Horses, accoutrements, clothing, food and medical attendance lnr- Dished free of charge. For further information, apply at the Rendegrons, Franklin street, opposite Metropolitan llall. Richnond.Va. B. H.

ROBERTSOti. Ist Lieutenant Dragoons, oc dts Recruiting Officer. WANTED, BROGUE MAKERS. I wish to hire from six to ten BROGUE MA KRSi ti addition to those which I have bail the present year either by the pair or year, for such as will suit I will give as much as any one else, but I do not want those for who I shall have to pay lure for and learn them the ti ade. nt de3l A LEX.

HILL, 12: Main st. URIDGFORD CO. Have in store and for -a'etn Jots'to suit purchasers. lames fiver Hydraulic CEMENT, CEMENT. Rockland LIME, Calcined PLASTER, Ground PLASTER.

Plastering HAIR, Sattea TATHS, Northern HAY. Lump PLASTER, No. I and 2 HERRINGS, A LEW IVES, MACKEREL; Pi ime BUTTER and Mercer POTATOES. ja 8 ffATE NOTICE. DEVEBE.

the sittal young FORTUNK TKI.I.KR. ill rf ceive its usual at hfr on Broad between mtil 2il. over a saddle and lmrrcn store. Lost lovers, unfaithful husbands, ntnlm or lout, all recovered through her magical power. I'tices from $1.

ja FOUND on my premises, for or (our bark. 1. MmriiiiiM law ami now Sow and litter of The ownt will please come, pay cliargts anil take them aw ay, or th.y will UMposod or according to law WM. II CLK.MMITT. ja 170 Main at.

GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN W. JONKS. DKNTIST, would announce to thu-e wishing teeth rxtmaw, that lit- now has superior to any others ever used. 'flic simplicity and perfection of their adaptation is snch toreador the extraction of the teeth almost painless, In iiiu the tooth tht Jirnt trial, never breaking it. mangling the or injuring the mrro-iudtng parts.

All other Filling, Cleansing, and Teeth, uently anil thoroughly performed. Offi opposite Corinthian 1 on Main street, ja I HI). tfRS. GUARD OK THBM rt JAXtunv 12, MM. fjj Assemble at the State Arrnony oo II THIJRBDAY.

January lttli, at o'clock, I'. Every member must be present. of the greatest importance ill brought More company. By order of J. DIMMOCK.

Captain. D. T. Cvrtm, 0. 8.

ja GEATB, raCompany Drill, at Military Hall, on FRIDAY next, at 7X o'clock, punctually. II By of C-aptain Kihott. JOHN RIWJKRS.OrderIy. FOR LYNCHBURG -To on TIIIRSDAT. The canal boat THOM JOHNS will leave alsive.

For rmgtit, nppljr to H'M At yv-d. tkvk it. STRAYED OR IS. 11. stable, on Franklin street, a dark, bar hor'e Mtl.K on Saturday evening.

1 will a liberal reward for the said Mute, or for anv information eo that I can t'et him airain. WM. 11. GORDON. R.

11. fUrm s'. Jjf ESCAPED FROM ITS CAGE, jgHfcornrr of Ciry t2th street, on TURS DAY. a MOCKING ItIRD the bird is ir mnch pi hy owner, a very libern! reward ill bo paid for it--' ret'irn to this etlien. QAS CKANDALII KS, of 2, I and lights, of patterns; Brarkettn, ilanta, ti ls iu'-t reeehiMt ntid tiios.

a 1 7 Main at T)LATED TK.A ch wi nu'l plain 'T" thoee In want of MWtMIiR JunNoMe, we ofT-r mdeetlnn nt HU I.K LK VS vrr Main at, COLD SLA CUTTEHB. Ptidilmg niliU, Tea Ml lie, Crtiml Bnakd, Spire Cork Chat'ipnrne Opened, Mi Kt YEAST ENTIRELY SUPERSEDED by tmi Vi I' TaH'i Unking li JTi-piwtor. tor aale by i. rjOOI) Bi'TIKR 26 t. KINtjL.

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men. 11 St, SUWua..

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