The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1898 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 10
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THE B3BB MOIKES* ALGOJSfA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 1898. a^iaiia^^ri.!!^^ jtuj.;..^.,^,.: -.--.J.-^:.^,!....^,..,^. -J-fi-.JJ-.;,,.-, •„.-.- „,.'.. ..-_.,-- ' ™ ^^ Q-reett Closing Out Sale $15,000 WORTH OF DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPS, Trnls, Mm, Finutnu Boots, 1 1 NTH II II Y RTH We are giving these bar sains for CASH ONLY on account of being obliged to make some changes and an U 1 1 I I L UULl ulll enlargement of our store room. The goods are in the way, and we have decided to close out everything pos_ sible before the 5th of July. Below we give a partial idea of our stock and the prices we are making. 50 FINE Percale Waists Sizes 32 to 40; regular prices SI, $1.25, 81.35, and $1.60. SALE PRICE, 69 cents. other waists equally cheap. LESS Than Regular Prices. Carpets, Mattings, Draperies, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Art Denims, Chenile and Tapestry Curtains, all will go at wholesale prices. Our entire stock of all-wool Ingrain Carpets at CLOTHING PRICE© UPSET. Our entire stock of 1,000 men's, boys' and children's suits, odd pants and vests now on sale at about the cost to manufacture. The most extraordinary clothing sale we have ever held or heard of. We quote a few prices: CHOICE NO. 1. !>0 suits of cheviot and mixed goods, strong linings, well made; sizes 34 to 42. Regular prlco 85, 80,87. gy Sale price CHOICE NO. 2. 50 styles suits strictly all-wool, In plain and fancy; all good styles, well made garments; regular price $6, $7, $C nn 87.60. Sale price.. UiUU CHOICE NO. 3. 50 styles tweed check plaids, cheviots, cassl- mero suits, sizes 30 to 42, regular prices, $7.50, «8.r>o, JD.OO go nr Sale price Oi30 CHOICE NO. 4. 50 styles of black and fancy worsted — Scotch mixture, lined and trimmed as well as any tailor made suit, In sacks and frocks, sizes 3Q to 42, regular price 80, J10, $11, $12, *i3, $14. gn nr Sale price UiUU CHOICE NO. 5. 50 styles In boys' long pants suits in ages from 12 to 18 years; good patterns, well made; rogul'r prices 84.50, $5, ' 8>f fin 4 " Sale price... *4iUU SO. CHOICE NO. 0. 26 styles of boys' long pant suits 12 to 18 years, all wool fancy, the best In the house; regular price $7, 98, 80, J10. 8C OK Sale price OiUU CHOICE NO. 7. 50 styles of boys' knee panta suits —good patterns, double breasted fancy cassimeres, ages 0 to 14: regular price $3, $3.50, $4, |r>. g Sale price When Roland Reed CHOICE NO. 8. 60 styles of boys' knee S ant suits In vestee or ouble breasted coats, good all wool best made, sizes 5 to 14 years; regular price 84.50, J5.50 aiid 80.00. $ Sale price 100 doz, men's and boys' Shirts in all styles and all colors; regular price, 50c, 75c, 85c, $1. Sale price, choice,,, 25 dozen Men's, Boys' and Children's Our Entire Line of Ladies' AT Wholesale 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50, $2.00, $2.60, etc. Hats played "The Women Hater" he must have worn badly fitting, ill-becoming clothes to put a man in such an unpleasant mood. For surely, with a stylish form-fitting suit, all men are on the best of terms with the fair, gentler sex, and It Is mutual on their side. No wearer of one of our new, better, "dltferent" Spring in blaclt brown and and Summer Suits can become a Woman Hater-qulte the contrary m Old0ic ' Dlown ' ana ... tans; regular prices, $1.00, $1.50, $1.75 and The Famous Label of The Make that'a Guaranteed. $2.00. Sale price, We show the largest Line of Ladies' Wrappers in the city, and the prices range at '1.35 GROCERIES. Sixteen Ibs granulated Sugar $1.00 Best Japan Tea .39 Good Coffees 12i Choice Coffee 20 Dried Fruits, per Ib 5c, 10c, 124 12 bars good soap for.. 25 Best Syrup 36c Climax or Spearhead tobacco 40c Battle Ax plug 25c All ground spices... ,25o Best Lye 7c Best broom 25c Arm & Hammer soda. 7c 500 YARDS Worsted Dress Goods, all colors, styles, and qualities, at the manufacturers' cost c\fz n prices. Black fancy brocade, 40-inch &OG All other dress goods in proportion. """"" YARDS Plain and Fancy Silks— 25c, 35o, 45c, 50c, 75o Handkerchiefs- Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries, Corsets, Hosiery, Dress Prints, Ginghams, Lawns, Percales, Muslins, Outing Flannels, Sheet- ings, Towels, Table Linens, Napkins, etc., 20 per Cent. Less than Regular Prices. 15O pair ladies' fine Vici Kid custom- made; regular sizes; retail , prices $2.60, $2.75, $3, and $0 [) A 3.25. Sale price'. 15O pair ladies'fine Kid Shoes; sizes 3 to 7; D and E width; regular prices $1.75, $2.00 and $ 1 f A $2.25. Sale price l.Jl/ 25 pair ladies' Kid lace; <j>1 all sizes. Stile price 11 2OO pair Ladies' Oxfords; <H tie. Your choice l. Children's Shoes VERY CHEAP-At 50c, 75c, 85c, $1.00. PAIR Men ' s and B °y s ' Shoes at Wholesal Prices. We have all styles, sizes, and widths. Yours for trade and low prices, JNO. GOEDERS. RESULT MAY BE SERIOUS. VAGNEB IS UNDEB $1,000 BONDS, Cutting Scrape at 1m Verne Turned Over to Himiboldt Authorities —General County News. The stabbing affair south of LuVerne promisee to be serious. Wagner, who did'the cutting, is under $1,000 bonds in Humboldt county. County Attorney Raymond was consulted in the case but decided that as the affair occurred in Humboldt it must be prosecuted there. Dr. Kenefick was called to Lu- Verne last week to consult with Dr. Laoy as to Myers' condition. It was thought that he was getting along and would recover. He was stabbed in the abdomen. Lu Verne Neves. Assessor Stone reports that there are about 70 in Lu Verne who are liable to military duty. Guy Hanna is a member of Company 1,12th Minnesota infantry. He left Camp Ramsay Monday with his regiment for Chiokamauga expecting to arrive tjjere Wednesday morning. K. M. Richmond in Texas, R. M. Richmond, the Swea City banker, writes to the Herald from Galveston, He says in part: I take a bath in toe gulf every day and feel that the ftir and salt water baths are helping my catarrhsil troubles more than my treatment at the hot springs. I expect to go from here to Houston, 50 miles worth, and from there to the much tajjjed pf new poatt city, PQl'J Arthur, an account of which I will give you in my next letter. In connection I will give you what I think of Texas in general. I expect to travel over the state and familiarize myself with it quite well before I return, especially the coast country. The Fourth at Germania. Standard: At a meeting of the business men last Saturday evening it wai decided that Germania would celebrate the glorious Fourth. A fine program is being prepared, and those who come to Germania this year will enjoy being present to one of those modern and clean celebrations. linucroft Register. Mrs. J. A. Winkel leaves Monday for a lengthy visit with relatives in Oregon and California, The directors of the fair association have substituted a consolation running for non-winners, in place of the $160 free-for-all trot at first advertised in the program of the second day's races, July 4. J. A. Cunningham returned this morning from his trip through Missouri, Oklahoma, and other southern states, He failed to find any land that suited him as does old Kossuth. Prof. Byers has been tendered the principalship of the Parker, S. D., schools, and will accept. Parker fi'as a population of a thousand or over, and excellent schools. : Svvew City Herald. Word comes from Andrew Rundgren that he and Axel Westrell are going to open a tin, blacksmith, and general repair shop at the Fenton postofflce. We hope they will coin all kinds pf wealth down there. O, O. Ekbolm of Swea township last week purchased the three lots east of 0. F. Buker's place and the three west of the Methodist parsonage, This in dicates where Mr. Ekhpljn will when he leaves the farm. His farm is rented this year but ho retains possession of the house and will not build and move to Swea City probably before next spring. _ Wesley Ueportor. Write it down — Wesley will celebrate the Fourth of July. Myron Pine is home from the hospital at Independence. He is looking better, and it is to be hoped he will continue to improve. Walter Eoht, the adopted son of N. A. Pine, became of age last week and decided tq shift for himself, which no doubt he is capable of doing. He has gone to Burt to learn the painters trade. In cleaning out his water tank the other day Peter Anderson was surprised to find something like 500 small fish in it. How they came there he can't tell unless they were pumped in from the well. The fish are from two to four inches long. onitor. Our creamery last Monday took in over 41,000 Bounds of milk. The quantity is increa^og daily. The total losses" in Kossuth county from the late cyclone will foot up to some $7, 000. , * Next Sunday will conclude Rev. %. B, Greenshields' connection with thV Burt Presbyterian church. He expects- to get away from here the following Sunday, going by way of Duluth, Minn., where they will visit with friends over Sunday, then set sail for Scotland. Wesley News. We are informed that a great many of the farmers around Wesley have planted sorghum cane. It is a good thing and it would be well if all the farmers would plant a little. The mill has been spoken for and by raising your own cane you will bo sure to get the best quality of eorghum. Fred. A. Corey and, J. Scott Stover • are repairing the old race track north of town. The grounds will be used for a base ball park and the track will be in excellent shape for bicycle riding and horse racing. J. J. Budlong and Chas. Falk returned last Friday night after having purchased 72 young cattle in the neighborhood of Muscoda, Wis. They divided the cattle and have placed them on their farms. Mr. Budlong says Wisconsin is the best country in the world—for scenery. Ledyard Leader. W. J. Smith was called to St. Paul Friday by a telegram from his brother, E. G., who is a member the 13th Minnesota volunteers, stating that they had been ordered to the Philippines and he would like to see him before he went. ABOHBISHOP HENNESSEY COMING. The Famous Dubuque Ecclesiastic Will Visit AlKoim Next Week. Archbishop Hennessey of Dubuque will be in Algona next week Thursday, June 2, for confirmation. The archbishop is one of the best known and ablest Catholic prelates. A HAND TORN OFF, A Young Man Digs Out au LTnflred must-Ills Left Hand Gone. A young man named Lumbard attempted to dig out a blast in a rock on the Henry Durant place north of Al gona. It exploded cutting away all of the left hand but the thumb and forefinger. He was brought at once to Algona and turned over to the assistant county physician, who sent for the county physician at Germania to come down and cut away the hand. The operation was performed yesterday. THE Wallace show have the finest horses of any show on earth. At Algona, Friday, June 10. SUNDAY SOHOOL OONVENTION. Large Attendance and a Very Profitable Session. The Kossuth County Sunday School convention was held in the Congregational church last Thursday. The attendance from out of town was representative of all sections of the county. For some time the county organization has been inactive and- the Sunday school work has hardly kept pace with the increasing population of the county. So the American Sunday School union has placed a missionary in the field to work Kossuth and Humboldt counties, in the person of Frank 0. Fave, who will soon take up his residence in Algona. His first work was the calling of this convention. The epidemic of measles interfered with local attendance. Able papers were presented on various phases of Sunday school work, and special mention is due the efforts of Mrs, -W. K. Ferguson, Mrs. C. S. McGregor, Miss Randall and Mr. Starr, The evening address was by Mr. J. A. Harlan, who supplied the place of E. B. Stevenson of Cedar Rapids in an able presentation of the merit and needs of the work. The resolutions endorsed the work of the new missionary, Mr. Fave and pledged co-operation with the state association and American Sunday School union. Reports show 49 Sunday schools, 2,280 pupils, and 312 teachers and officers in Kossuth county. An organization was effected with the following officers: President, Milton Starr, Algona; vice president, C. J. Doxsee, Algona; secretary and treasurer, Miss Lolla Randall, Aigona. These constitute the executive committee. The township work is provided fpv by election of township chairmen as follows: Mrs, Elsie Owen, Ban- croft; Mrs. C. X. Johnson, Swea City; W. A. Chipman, Burt; Perry Sparig- ler, Germania; W. L. Niver, LuVerne; Mrs. J. B. Rendall, Ledyard; Miss Grace Gaffney, Irvington; Thos. Heffner, Buffalo; Fred Anderson, Wesley; Mrs. Will Annis, Union; W. M. Bilsborough, Fenton. Vacancies to be filled by the executive committee. ALGONA'S SUMMER SOHOOL. An Excellent School for Teachers Will Open June SO and Last Six Weeks. A full announcement appears in this issue of the coming summer school for teachers to be conducted by Profs. Spencer, Brown, and Byers. It will open June 20 and will be preparatory to the teachers' institute. It will give special attention to those branches recently added to the requirements for a certificate and will fit teachers for their fall work. This school is a splendid thing, is in most excellent hands, and should be encouraged by every teacher in the county. There is promise already of a large attendance. The Local Markets. Wheat brings as high as $1.16 in Algona, and hogs $4.10. Oats and corn are off a little 24@25 cents each, Hav is still high. Excursion Ticket* to Sioux City Via the Northwestern line, will be sold at reduced rates, June 1 and 2, limited to June 4, on account of commencement exercises Morning side college Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Ry.-lOtl For Sale Cheap for Cash, Walnut bed room suit, table, chairs, baby cab, etc. Call at Mrs. M W MoCall's, Algona. THE great Wallace show owns the finest property ever built for a circus Every wagon a work of art and every horse a thoroughbred.

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