The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1898 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 9
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THE UPJPEE BESMOJKE8: ALGOKA IOWA, WEDNESDAY MAY 25 1898 A LtK-k.f Olrl. ' Maud—"Clara .Highfly is just "the luckiest i.:rl." , JSdith—''She has many lovers?" Maud—"Ever so many, and she has only one little brother, and he was brought up in Paris, and don't know a word of English." Taxes are not paid by .the residents of Dornstetten, Wurtcmberg. The officials have been so honest and thrifty that the town for years has had its money so well invested that the interest pays all town expenses and leaves a sum to be annually divided among the people, amounting to about $25 each. A Family Matter. Proud Dame—("I do not see how you could think of marrying into such a commonplace family as that." Romantic Daughter—"Oh, I'm not going to marry into his family; he's go- in? to marry into our family." A Chinese gentleman always sends a pair of geese to the lady of his choice, 'and they are looked upon as the emblems of conjugal fidelity. This would be a pleasanter world if parents considered obedience as indispensable as dancing lessons. can be driven in or driven .out. Dr. Ayer's. Sarsaparilla drives disease out of the blood. Many medicines suppress disease—cover it but dqn't cure it. Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla cures* all diseases originating in impure blood by purifying the blood itself. Fqtfl blood makes a foul body. Make the blood pure and the>pody will be sound. Through the blood Dr. Ayer's SarsapXrilla cures eczema, tetter, boils, eruptions, humors, rheumatism, and all scrofulous diseases. ^ ."Dr. Ayw's Sarsaparilla wUs recommended' to me by my physiciatfns a blood purifier. When I began taking it 1 had yisingB/r boils all over my body, but one bottle cured me. I we Dr,.Ayer's Sarsaparilla the best blood mediaine, ma<#:/'—BONNEK CRAFT, Wesson, Miss. Subject Discussed by the Presbyterian Assembly, ANNOUNCEMENTSFROWNED ON DEATH IN THE WINDi Tlie ITiinal Forma of Sunday Kcorrntlon Arr IMsllnctl.v III Dlofnvar — GOT. Mount JR Appointed Yiee-MocU'rntor by Dr. nnilclllTr. FSTO&RCSf WHS cmuuu ifflo nim :5TiFF.*tffl MCE ts ma msn CHE tOWm 'OF THIS -STAROH 'WILL BSD ASFARft-5 AVOUNDWID A'«AUF -. OFAWf --OTH ER STARCH. «3.(LHUBINBtR BROSt?.. ^.KEOKDK;IDWA. WEWHAVEN.CDNN.^ IRONING MADE EASY. HAS MANY IMITATORS, BUT NO EQUAL. Tfiic Qtflrrli is p^ared " on 1 Ilia O till VII scientific principles, by men who have had years of experienc.0 in fancy laundering 1 . It restores old linen and summer dresses to their natural whiteness and impacts a beautiful and lasting finish. Tthe only starch that is perfectly harmless. Contains no arsenic, alwma 'or other injurious substance. Can be used, even for a baby powder. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT WfD TAKE NO (OTHER. TIE RESORTS SUMMER •are'MOST COMFORTABLY 1 reached via Shore ana micDiptt iSENDrFOR' HANDSOMELY ILLUSTRATE!* TOURIST BOOK. A..U.»SMITH,'Gen. Pass. <KTkt. Agt. CLUVELAK'D. C. K. Vt'ILBER, Asst.Oan. DcMB..A;et. CUICAOO. fly* I v> •«> w w u A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A (HfcMJSE- FUL JOF SHAME." CLEAM MOUSE WsIT-H SHIELD YOUR FROM IMITA-i TIONS Almost'every thin^aboui CX)LUMBIAS b Imitated exoq the material putinttiiem. Macbinss and Prices Guarantee __„_ POPE >St'G CO, HABTTOBIXOOMN. CATALOGUE Irae IfOtn any Columbia Seolcr, or by mall lor one a c«m« otnrap A Cheap Farm and a Good One. Do you want a good farm, where you can work out doors in your eliirt sleeves for ten months in the year, and . where your stock can forage, for itself all the year round? If so, write to p. Sid Jones, Passenger Agent, Birmingham, Ala., or Dr. R. B. Crawford, Trav- .eling Passenger Agent, 6 Rookery Building, Chicago, 111. Do you want to go down and look at some of the Garden Spots of this country? The Louisville & Nashville Railroad provides the way and the opportunity on the first and third Tuesday of each month, with excursions at only two dollars over one fare, for round tvip tickets. Write Mr. C. P. At- jnore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., for particulars. Do you want to read about them before going? Then send 10 cents in silver or postage stamps for a copy of "Garden Spots" to Mr. Atmore. W«l»r MIND CURE. TJie Grealtest Healing Power^n Earth, Day your rpiiejudioe.-asidei long enough t read tbie sworn testimonial of .a cure Urn miraculous : This ie toiceaitdfy that my -upper lip and n large portion of any inoae .wore outen.awuy wli 1 eaiwier'Of-eoipronaunced.ii.fllmnactev that phy sioians declared tho case Incurable and mo a dooaaed >mau. My-sltuutlon and feelings wei' bevoad'deseniiptiou, .whenJ heard of Mrs. Helen WilRUms.and her ipower over eveyy form o di^eaJBe. -Alftor i put.niyself'iindsriiher- raonia treatment itheieuUng of the.eaneer ceased and Bew ftesh bQean to gvow from -the edyes of it.. which gradually spruud ovpr tho cheeU until the umsiKhtly opening -was closed. Tlie nose at tills time is about completed, and the lip Is'.. I ami :[ttile -to pronounce her efforts a, -euaoess. My-Kenerul health is fully restoreii, aind I have sone to Mr/orlt again with my customui'y swength. This testimonial is gtven fucan^Umnhfui -heart, iuid:I am glad to add that mylnntli ,ta ljor-i.s ; so great tiiat I believe S'laeicuin euro any disc'use'undBr the sun. Ai\ this swas done wit'i'iut the use of medicines by mental treatment alone. Koqpectfully, .1. M.JJNGI.ISH. ^ubserl'lied;aiKl*wo.rii 40 befarcime'tliis first afy of Ma-rdi, 18H.7, Hit IJu-ytoiui. Fllii. C. M. UiKcaiAiU. Ju.. Notary, Public. I um acquainted with Mr. Knslish and can truly say teat this ciise is not onlyiti'uo in nvery particular, as set W.r.Ui by Mr. Hitgham, our uotury, bu,t itiiat .titie cure «,polten of. 1 must confess, suirpasses hiMiia-n eomprahinsion. During more than 46 fears of observation and experience I have met nothing like the above case. This coaiitrib.utJoiiis -voluntary. DK IS. IS, iJSAiyrroN. Sea Breeze, Fto., Mown ~, WOT% £ SjtJ.n° DlCU ' !- Sea iBreeae, Rla. t.. ^. Jr<»rs I , ) I have thousands of testimoai-als of other owes embracing every form .of -disettse., some of which are published i-ua pampblat called "The Miud Cure Treatment." Write to me for my terms, they are aioderute, and ask for "Tlie Miud Cur« Pamphlet." This is free to ull who want it. Address, WILMAN« *•*•* Rr^eze. Fla. AVinona Lnlve. Tnd., May 23.—What to do on Sunday was the question that most engaged the general assembly oC Presbyterians Friday. Two hours were passed in resolving and amending, and. then the matter was not disposed of. It will eohie tip again, pet-haps not until next year, because after the whole bunch of resolutions was voted to be sent back to the committee Moderator Hadcliffe said the commit- ee was not at the assembly. But its nfluence was there just the same and t emphasized the doctrine that the law of the Sabbath is a law of perpetual jinding obligations on men. Sunday newspapers, Sunday bicycle •iding and all forms of riding or driv- ng were deplored and all members of churches and members of the young people's societies and Sabbath schools were called upon to abstain from them and to influence others to adopt the same attitude. All forms of amusement should be avoided, such us excursions and unnecessary work and visiting. The Sunday opening of the irans-Missisfiippi exposition then got :he attention of the assembly. It took jut a few seconds to decide that the :ates in Omaha should be closed on th< Sabbath and earnestly to recommenc: the directors that they immediately announce the same to the public, so its conscience might be at rest. The Sunday talk was preceded by the Rev. Dr. Wiihrow's report on plans of synodical home mission administration. Dr. Withrow came in from Chicago at noon and returned at sunset. He brought harmony with him and the synod am-d home boards are going on with ihe missionary work hand in hand. The temperance subject found an opportunity to break in during the morreiing session. It came as a report from the special committee appointed to memorialize congress for an investigation of the'liquor traffic anfl will be considered next week. Resolutions of condolence over the death of William E. Gladstone were sent to Queen Victoria and to Mrs. Gladstone. Fraternal greetings to the southern Presbyterians, in session in New 'Orleans, were dispatched, as "well as greetings to the Cumberland Presbyterians, in session in Marshall, Mo. Gov. John A. Mount til Indiana 'has been chosen vice-moderator by .Moderator Radcliffe. HONOR TO_GU'DSTWE, Eulogies In 1'nrliaiuen.x—WlTl We UStrrieil iu VPcstniiiiBl<or Abbey. London, May 2£.—Eulogies fcrt Mr. Gladstone formed 11 lhist.or.ic-episode iin the house of commons -Friday. There were more members assembled than upon any occasion since Mr. Gladstone himself introdnc-td the home-rule bill. They filled every sent, dlusteroil an tire steps of the t-peateer'-s 'dais, ;nnU the peers' gallery wa& 'crowded with the foremost membwi, of 'the "house cJI lords. The Uniiteu States ambassador, Col. John Hay, an-fl ;;(M:t'he 'members'Of his staff were among the 'diplomats present. It is now virtnaTry-decided 'Cuat Mr. Gladstone's remains ^sha'll be 'interred in Westminster Abbey. The 'family do riot oppose the -nation's'desire, and the only direction ne Wft was 'that 'he should be btiritd at Hawarden -uri'less there snouild lie an 'unmistaka'Vile national ^'ish for a-n interment-at nihe abbey. MTB. Gladstone's forily object SB the natural -wish to '-5ue -buried r tn the same grave- <ltvoted *o 'her 'husband, and jt is nvmored .t'bKt ^arrangements are in contemplation -where'by 'this feeling need not prow KH iinssuperaUlt 'Oib- stacle to a "burial in it'iie labbey. A Score or More Killed by a C.f clone In Clinton nnd .Jnckson CntinttM. DES MotKSf". May 19.—A terrific cyclone swept through Cedar, Clinton and .lac-Uson counties in Io\va yesterday nfternoon. and crossing the Mississippi river near Savanna and h-'abula Junction devastated ti considerable section of Illinois and Wisconsin. .Below is n list of the known dead iu Iowa so fur ns it can l>e jriven at this time. A number of the towns visited by the storm nre close tog-ether, and the reports from different towns sometimes duplicated lists of the (lend, ns the losses of life were all in the country. Xo town was fairly struck by the tornado. THE DKAII. At Preston-—Charles I-'lorn, Mrs. Charles Flora, three children of tho Floras. At Quigley—William O'Marn, child of John Clark. At Kigffs Station —John Mnloncy. Mary Maloney. At Del mar Junction—Luke Muloney. Aba Allison, Mrs. John Allison, fatuity injured; Michael Maloney, Snuvcn Clcinonson. Martin J. lliues. daughter of Michael Iloan, son and daughter of Mnllory. At Brown—John Mines nnd family. Near Slanwood—Two fatally injured. Ni'nr .Savanna, 111.—Four reported killed. At Sltillmau Valley. 111., the home of Miiihiit'l Nelson was destroyed. Xclson, his wife nnd two children were killed. Two persons, muncs unknown, were killed nt Adeline, 111. Uicbnrd Reese, at llyron. 111., and Mrs. Frank C'hic- ester, nt 1'awjiaw, 111 , lost their lives. At Lanark. Jll.. tho poorhouso was blown down and twenty-five inmates were buried in the debris. The storm started near SUmwood, on the Chicago & Xorthwcstcrn railroad, in the eastern part of Cedar county. Two funnel-shaped clouds were seen to come tog-ether. The storm traveled in a northeasterly direction at a, hig-h speed. It took twenty minutes to pass from Lost Nation to Helinur, which was reached at 4 o'clock. It passed near the following' towns iu order: Considerably south of Mussilion, south of Lost Nation. Dclmar Junction, Brown, Rigg-s, Preston, and was next rc]K>rted near Savanna, III. CuNTOJf, May 20,—As near ns can be ascertained, the list of killed in Clinton and .Taeksou counties number sixteen, while a score arc injured. The property loss will reach away into the hundreds of thousands, that in the vicinity -of Dclimrr alone being estimated nt$100,000. Advices from Rockford, Til., show that eleven arc dead and two score Iwully injured in Ogle •county. 1:1 uimdreds of farm houses <wei-e wrecked and the damagxs is appalling. Another dispatch from Wansau, Wis,, shows that njincljoeii were killed at or near that iplncc while tlu«e are deuil at Antltig 1 ®. WliNSLiOW IS AVEN-GEM. Vllrcn'ITiinilrivl Kllli-d In «»» Attusclk on ^Ca-onl'iM'^iis by th« Matrl>h>'l»i."iitl. 'Kiev AVKST, May "JO.—Colonel Oriz of 'flic Cuban'urmy reported TJO -tihc com- mamler of the Mnrbleheud that l!00 Spaniards were killed and several hundred Wounded iu a soi'innd ^attack oil 'Ciriefut'gos \VedneMhiy by 'the Marblehead, "after the \Viu^.l-iv,v hud lioeii disabled. The re.sidi-ui.'es »f. -prominent .families are bcinjj xjsrtd.a-s hospitals. CGLADSTONE IS DEAD. Always tip m Zoology. Mfttnma—"Johnny, see that you gitrft Ethel the lion's share of that orangft." Johnny—"Yes, ma." Ethel—"Mamma, he hasn't given me any." Johnny—"Well, that's all right, lions don't eat oranges." Onr American Tollcy. The policy of this country regarding foreign complications seems likely to remain conservative. The Monroe doctrine will be sustained, but patience and prudence in official quartei-s will restrain public opinion. The wisest and most prudent course for the rheumatic and the malarious is to use llos- tctters Stomach Bitters. A Chicago seamstress dropped tears r.pon a wedding gown, and her mis- t-ess .at once dismissed her, saying, '•Ifc is \inlncky to have, a wedding dress stained by a tear." The seamstress called upon the prospective bride, and asked her intercession for reinstatement; but tlie haughty maiden spurned her, saying that the dressmaker had done right in discharging her." „"•'" ' filmkcT Into Your' Sliocn. 'Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or rew shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoo stores. By mail for 25c in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen R. Olmstcd. Lo Uov. N. Y. Nathan Willis, a colored man of Con way, S. C.. was recently executed there for the murder of a boy. He expected that his wife would be present at the. execution, but he learned that she had married another man soon after he was sentenced. Gross earnings of the Chicago Great Western Railway for the first week of May show an increase of $20,Sin.97 over corresponding week last year. The respective amounts were §107,307.!M and 880,881.27. The increase on the fiscal year to date is 8501,302.78. It is a wise man who never lets his wife know that he can put up shelves as well aa a carpenter. _ Hairs Catarrh Cnro Is taken internally. Price, 7Gc. iiiirgiivmrg "Grand *9ll\ Jluri" J'lisscfl A way.. IH-AWATiDKX. May !'.».—-William Ewart *Gliul.stoiu' tlied ;tt " -Vloek this morn- rjjrig. 1'Iis hist mo. .is were pc'iiucfnl ;aiul!he suffered JK> ;>:iiii. vVVunt European ^Intervention, il'joxnox. May :;::.- -The American cor- MfONpemclent of the Clironiiile telegraphs; fit is believed u fight between American and CiM'vem,'t> fleet, cannot be long. The new Spanish eabi- •Notildesires to forest he war to an issue, iitiis--said, with a view to evoking- in- ttervention by Kur«£>e:ui powers as iqnickly us possibly. Tho iutornul eeo- situatiou in ^'.miti i.s known to MEK./ • — . — our Minnesota JNur- _ sery Stock. 3 plans. LX G ood ptty,every week. Sturtnow and bo first in the Hold for ull summer The J u» ell Nursery Co., Luke CKy, Atiim. PENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS, MORRIS, WASHINGTON, o. a r B*»mln«r S. S. Tension Burem. fir Ifflu'c Rpnnvatnr . , Uli nfli 9 nCllvlHlUI) to cure dyspepsia, constipation, Hver and kidney discuses, blllgusuess, - • ' ' At arugflsts, 85o ana $1.00. __.._.___ __ quickrelieffttiUcui-eswoi-Hl &T ^emTfrn- Uoo^pMeRtlmoiiUta and Iff (lays' for itfae Washington, May 31.— lEU-e [force assigned to the PlviHjrprrwK .expedition has been increased by i'WtureghnentS'Crf infantry from t3ae regular -army. Ad'jt.- Gen. Corbhi last -nighx eerrt telegrap'li'it orders to the Eighteenlli -latd 'Twenty- third infaiitTy. mow IB 't-ainp :at l>fe\v Orleans, to proetted at tmee to 'San Francisco. They will r-ex/crrt to fhe commanding general at that -pnatot and will embark for the Philippine!; .as soon as supplies anil inoasporiatisjaa teaja 'he furnished them. Fear for th« Crew. New York, May 21.— It is fearetf that the crew of twenty men of the Norwegian bark Medusa has been drovmed. 'She sailed from Darien, Ga., April 25, for Grimsby, under command of Captain Hansen. May 12 the waterlogged and abandoned h'ulk of the bark passed ia latitude 34.02 and longitude 72.04, by ihe schooner Susie M. Ptimmer. to Kansas AVlieat. Topeka, Kan., May 23.— Discouraging reports come from the southern Kansas wheat fields. The continued wet weather has caused rust to set in and much damage has already been done. In three counties alone the crops will be damaged 50 per cent. Harvesting there will begin by June 10. Hoycott French (ioodtf. Cincinnati, May 21.— Patriotic feeling has risen to such a pitch here that leading women axe persistently refusing goods known to be of French manufacture. Merchants have found it tP their advantage to remove French \$- Jbels whoever practicable,, I'be. desperate. •;Tlic Ore-son Nuov ivl/n Huntl. WAHinxaTO.v, May A). — Secretary Tifciiff g'ave out the '.v-elcorae information 'that the buttle. .ship Oregon, the secMinllilar^est erai't isi the American •navy, ihiul snoeosit'iilly eotnpleteil her 'longitfip from Sun fr'r 3 . a .. c i riL . Oj ^ualcing 1 ;the I'jntire circuit of Ho>a:tli America, .mini ' ff. Whetli*- or not she has joinefl.Admirul Suuipwu'K ;ltH>t tliesee- •petit-ry\vtiuld not say. The -Oregon, left J'Vnnciseo ubout aix v/esks mgo. , Muy l.'i. — A .spt-jia-l di-sputch from iBiki'.bfiiloes tla.l-.eJ. I'Viilay -buys: Tike Aiaerioun battie.ship Oregoai ar- rivie.d -h.ene yesterday . All we'll.. Bhe iook 'Oil boiv-i'd :.'0ij totia of coal amid Bailed to-day. Her!:itttioii is iuo.t euu-r il'oio I>«|iurt». i.. M-iiy SI.—Senior Polo y Hernube tin-d hi* suite sailed on the Dominion line s,teu:nsli:p Dominion. The. senor refiu.ed to tulk with reporters. There are !il,i>i)o 'invwories in the world, and about :.'."».'lOO of tiieui are in German v. An automatic mac-i'.ina for tho manufacture of boxes i_s in use, and can turn out boxes of any size, from a cig>ar box to u box three t'eet s<iaaro, ut tho rate of 1,000 tin hour. Nearly all of the iulauJ. of Barbadoes is cut up into ssuall farms, a/nd the land is. very prolitie. The chief prochicts are biiyiir uud arrowroot. To make your boots, shine, rub thetjn with » ^Uce of an nearly ^17, Vi'Ukly »oli&h with, ifc ItiintcK. Sawftlclgn— I tell you what It there's some funny things happen this world. Keener— That's ft fact; ho-fr long ago did you happen in? THE DUTY OF MOTHERS, Daughters Should be Carefully Guided in Early "Womanhood. YHmt suffering frequently results from n mother's ignorance; or more frequently from a mother's neglect to properly instruct her daitghter 1 Tradition says "woman must suffer," and yoxing women are so taught. There is a little truth and a great deal of exaggeration in this. If a young woman suffers severely she needs treatment and her mother should seo llir.t she gets it. Many mothers hesitate to take their daughters to a physician for examination; but no mother need hesitate to write freely about her daughter or herself to Mrs. Pink-ham and secure the most eflicient advice without charge. Mrs. Plnkhain's address is Lynn, Mass. ) The following letter from Miss MAHIB F. JOHNSON, Centralia, Pa., shows what neglect will do, and tells how Mrs. Finkham helped her: "My health became so poor that I had to leave school. I was tired all the time, and had dreadful pains in my sido and back. I was also troubled with irregularity of menses. I was very weak, and lost so much flesh that my friends became alarmed. My mother, who is a firm believer in your remedies from experience, thought perhaps they might V-<?,ncfttme, and wrote you for advice. I followed the advice you gave, and used Lydia E. Pinltham'* Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills as you directed, and am now as well as ^ over was. I have gained flesh and havq a good color. I am completely cured of irregularity." Birmingham, England, turns out five tons of hairpins every week. MTU. \VlnKloWn Sootmnusyrnp Forchllilren tcethliiB-foftf"« "'<> truniH.i'iwlucea mniim iMU'.m.alluj'u pain, cures wind colic. 25 cents a bottler In Hamburg the authorities tax a dog according to its sizo. To Cure ConHt Ijmtlon orcvcr, 'J'nUo (Jnscnrol's Candy (.'allmrtlo. lOo or 35o If C. C. 0. lull to euro druggists refund mouuy. The dangerous character of a railroad in debt was unwittingly referred to by a coroner's jury in Missouri, who rendered this verdict: "The decedent came to his death by being struck by a railroad train in the hands of a receiver." Rain falls GML tl-ie eastern coast Ireland about 208 days in the, year. of "A Perfect Typo >of1tieMg best Order of Ejtoe/llenoo <in Manufacture,'' TryGrain=0! Try Qrain=O! Asl: you Grocer to-day to show you a package of GBAIN-0, tho new food drink that takes tho place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury ns well as the adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is mido from pure grains, and tho most delicate stomach receives it without distress. £ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee Insist that yonr grocer gives you QRAIN-O Accept no Imitation. Breakfast Absolutely Pure, Itelicious, 'Nutmtioiis. urethat yougot'tlie'Gonuine Article, unade.atilJORCHESTER, MASS, by W/A'LTER IBAKER .& CO. Ltd, 1780. FAULTLESS^ STARCH, ^*l THE BEST FOR Waists, Shirt Fronts, Collars, 'Cuffs iind Delicate Clothes. Read our Booklets, Laugh and Learn* W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 22—1898. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Paper. "Both my wife and myself have been u«tntr CASCAKETS and they are the best medicine we huvo over had In the house. Last week my wife was frantio with headache for two days, she tried some of yourCASOARETS, and they relieved the pain In her head almost Immediately. Wo both recommend Cuscarota." CHAS. HTEDEITOUD, I Pittsburg Safe & Deposit Co.. Pittsburg, Pa. Pleasnnt, Pnlatable, Potent, Tasto Good, Do- Good, Never Sicken, Weaken, or Grlpo, lOd 25o,£0o. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... Blerllng Rrmodj Company, Clilcajo, Houlreal, Heir York. 317 HO-TO-BAC i&'& ffi' Great Pomilar Offer' ------ UlVjdU lUJ/uiill wllvl i. jiurchUHO, Iu n —_.— single order, of dim hundred llioiisund (UIU,OUO) copies of UliH itckiiowledgvd iiuistervvork of the Century, wo uro now enabled to offer It to the public at fur less than the puhliHhertt' i>rices! The Funk & Wagnalls A STANDARD DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, { It Is Incomparably iho greatest, as It Is positively I lie latett. musi complete, and most authoritative new dictionary iu uxUteuue. It Is everywhere Ihe ENTIRELY N E W ^^™ a 'KasS&» II ls 110t FROM COVER TO COVER, ^"sio'ifor 8I1 y oilier work, but is the result of the steady labor of live years of over twelve score of the most eminent and authoritative scholars and specialists In the world. Nearly 100 of the leading universities, colleges and sciemilk' institutions of the world were represented on the editorial stall; 2U United States (loreriunent experts were also on the editorial muff. Over IMO.UUU were actually expended In Its production before a single complete copy was ready lor the market. The regular subscription price of the Standard Dictionary Is $18.00. Wo will now supply the complete work iu one rich, massive volume, eleisantly bound In full leather, prepaid lo any address at the astonishingly low price of (13 00 on ihe rollowlnf terms to responsible : jio.ojile: ' $1.00 CASH WITH ORDER And Kl per mouth on the 1st of each uioiitU until puhl. The Wellonury will bo Kom express prepaid on receipt of th& $1.00 cash payment, tliert'by giving purchasers nearly a full year s use of this great work before flual payment Full particulars by mull. Address, STANDARD DICTIONARY AGENCY, -Des Moines, Iowa LAUNDRY WORK MADE EASY KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH, It puts on that euumcl. glossy fliUsu that is so, desiva- hie. It makes Shirts, Shirt Waists, Collars and Cwfts look like new. Kerb's Enamel Starghis the most economical starch made. • It will do more work, do it with less labor Q,nd do it better than »ny other Jj[ it aoes pot give you entire satisf^otioo wow«y. J^ve« p««#iwg« 10 Jf yqar grocer

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