The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 7
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£-.dilii j £•'_- *'&1 * SEE I*-!- & *>£ „ .fail?. Everybody Come James Patterson's. s&, ^ .Vlf-5- , 'fiffifi th ose See 4 potatoes for 1,00 per bushel, You will send off attd pay two dollars. (JU B that soap, ten bars for 250, BE that soap, four bars of toilet for loc, 3SE those garden seeds, JEE those lawn seeds. §EE that ten-cent coffeei SEE 'that 50-cent tea, §EE those egg bases—no eggs broken if you have one. SEE that so-cent syrup. SEE that five-gallon can of syrup for 1.50, SEE those five-cent prunes. SEE those five-cent raisins. S@E those five-cent cigars, j those fine apples. r/ f/In fact there are BO many things to see that it would take days to mention them all. tone in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that my place Is nere you want to buy your goods. Yours for business, Bfitlf< geeoftd ligoteiiani i^imlflkttons to lha iieft OmlSefB, TM$ will M fighters. The Johtt Pafll eottf«My has ia ad- fllliofi 16 ftrttl^ of, the »«* houses In town sold Sam Steusey tttmbef for a blg$i,00tib8ftt In ShWttaf township, to Mft UaMel lot a big addlttda to his house, td Mf. «6tK# fdf A big b**n Otf hl&fartfleastoflmfigtah, and to Sullivan & MeMahon, who are putting a $1,000 house on their farm west of Al- Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. Summer RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. ' CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at ...................... SlSSSS No. 3 departs at ...................... 3!68pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 93 departs at ................... No. 71 departs at .................... No. 65 departs at ..................... TRAINS BAST. i No. 2 departs at ...................... No.4 departs at ...................... 6:28pm .. 1 o No. 94 departs CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Mi«d-::::::: 1 7;5^SMixedV.:::: 1 o-:|6pm Arrive atDes Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m., and 1:30 a. m. F . H . VB8PEE , Age nt. \ THE LOCAL FIELD. Mrs. D. T. Smith is seriously sick. Wallace's great circus comes June ,10. . Hans Wieberg and Anna Wallen are licensed to wed. - . 'The daily mail to Fenton and Lotts Creek began Monday. ^The A. P. Hall restaurant is being repapered, painted, etc. Everybody will welcome the Wallace circus. It is a good one. The Workmen's field day wil be held iat the fair grounds, June 17. Frank Potter is planning to build a .„ new home in Hobart for himself. Everybody turn out next Wednesday and help fix up the fair grounds. Brownell's spring shoe display is the .finest he has ever made in Algona. Work has begun on the county fair ^premium list and it will be out soon. $ Algona ladles sent the Company F •b'oys a dinner Saturday, for Sunday. .The thermometer got up to 90 degrees Monday. The hot season is on. Galbralth will show a lot of fine drapery silks Friday and Saturday at very 1 lo'w,'prices. ' The Cronin furniture store is filled >up with nice things, and the new stock 'is not all in yet. The city council has an ordinance on explosives and their handling through its first reading. Geo. E. Clarke went to Des Moines last eyening. He has a matter before the supreme court. John A. Hamilton has a poem in this issue that it will not only delight, but pay everyone to read, J. W. Sullivan went to Des Moines yesterday morning to argue a motion before the supreme court. Jas. Crawford and Miss Flora Roupe, young 1 people from two of Lotts Creek's • best known families, will wed. Wm, Andorfer and Mary A. Garman had a big wedding in Prairie yesterday. It was a great social event. A tramp broke into W. H. Reed's barn Monday night and stole about 30 pairs of shoes, He had a lot stored there. Mrs. R, F. Hedriok and daughter Annabel came from the south Monday, They have spent a very pleasant winter in Georgia. • The heavy rains of the past week have sent vegetation booming. Crops never looked so well in the history of the county. Rev. Mason, who preached in Algo* na some Sundays ago, is elected as chaplain of the Forty-ninth regiment at Des Moines. The rainy evenings last week made the attendance at the opera house rath? er light, The Angells are a gopd pom- pany lor the prices they play at. The Ruthven Appeal says Bprace Mann "is well ppsted pn national af» fairs," but intimates that there will be ptbers in the field fpr the nomination. J. E. Paul is up from Des M,oi«es, He says the Yepmen are growing rapidly, having npw 8,800 members. He will move his family to Pes tion is how many of them have been gotten on the remonstrance. Misses Mable and Ruby Smith graduate at the state university of Minnesota next week Thursday. Their friends in Algona have received handsome engraved invitations. Until June 1 the Kraft Clothing house is making big May sale reductions. Now is the time to fit up for Memorial day and the Fourth, and Kraft's is the place. Read the announcement of the summer school for teachers In this issue. This school will be a feature of the summer. Many of our town people could profitably attend. Archie Hutchison has sent a sample of what he says is quack grass to Prof. Budd at Ames and asked him if it can be exterminated. He says he found a farm in Kossuth literally covered with it. 'Squire Clarke had D. J. Long before him Thursday again and fined him $10 and costs. Dan had been up about the school house frightening the children. He is getting old enough to know better. There is no place the new school house could be put where it would be a more noticeable improvement than where the old "ark" is. There is no prettier location for it than the Heise lots. Geo. C. Call Is opening a street from the Fred Dormoy place east to the Catholic parsonage over normal hill, and will build a side walk along the three blocks. It will make a marked improvement. One of the bidders on the new Methodist cburch wanted more time and opening bids was put off until Friday of this week. It is hoped that a good bid will be in and that the contract will be let at once. Fred Clarke, only son of A. P. Clarke, has beett dangerously sick the past week, He had an attack of measles ahd caught a slight cold which brought on ah attack of typhoid pneumonia. He was ttot expected to live at one time. He is still very low. Fred is popular with everybody and many kind wishes are expressed itt Algona for his recovery. Joel Taylor has been confined to his bed up in Union for six weeks. He is now getting a little better. Last week his neighbors turned in and ploughed and planted 26 acres of corn for him. They will also cultivate the field for him, if he does not get up. Joel is one of Kossuth's well known early comers, and has a host of friends who will all sympathize with him in his misfortune. There will be a bee at the fair grounds next Wednesday for the purpose of moving the buildings and fixing up generally. It is proposed to get some of the barns out of the middle of tbe grounds and put them back by the fenceout of the way. The bee to build the fence was a big success two years ago, and this ought to be equally so. Let everybody get his muscle up and turn out. The arrival of a bouncing boy at the Geo. C. Call home Sunday morning has brought joy to parents and grand-parents, and has been the occasion of hearty congratulations on all sides. Both mother and child are well, and George is feeling splendidly. May the little man flourish as everything else is flourishing this glorious spring is the cordial wish of THE UPPER DES MOINES. "Uncle Steve" Petttbone has been slowly falling in health forsome weeks, and Saturday had Dr. Chesley of Chicago come in consultation with Dr. Coles, who has been attending him. The Chicago expert commended Dr. Coles' treatment, and says that "Uncle Steve" will (jetoutagnlnlf no new complications set in. "Uncle Steve" is past 71 years of age and sickness pulls him down. He has a host of friends who will wish him speedy recovery. Invitations have been received in Algona for the wedding of Ed. N. Taylor, son of Mrs and Mrs. Joel Taylor of Union, and Miss Mary V. Patterson, which is to occur at Curlew, June 1. The bride is the daughter of one of the wealthiest farmers near Curlew, and Ed. has built a neat home where they will live. Ed. is running Auditor Calkins' lumber yard at Curlew and is successful young business man. At the Central School Buildin ALGONA, IOWA, une 20th to July 29th, Mrs. J. R. Jones, Mrs. Lenette Butler, Mrs. H. O. Madson and Mrs. W. H. Ingham went to Wesley yesterday for the women's suffrage meeting. Tonight Mrs. Margaret Campbell addresses the convention. a point when in town to cast an eye on that Buck's steel range that Doxsee is going to give away. They should also read Samantha Allen's advice in this issue of THE UPPER DES MOINES. The tennis club finds that Mr. Clarke's improvements will not interfere with their present courts, and will soon be ready for the spring exercise. They expect to be represented at the West Bend tournament next month. The'wedding of Dr. Tribon and Miss Frost occurs at West Be'nd tomorrow, The Advance in noticing it says: The Algona papers speak in glowing terms of the groom to be, and Advance readers know that Miss Frost is worthy of the best. D, 0, Welsh of Webster City is arrested for selling drugs without a permit, and his drug house is going tocon- test the Iowa law. This Is the same statute JohnGoedderts and Joe Yooust of Sexton are arrested under. They also intend to fight. Work will begin on the old Mclntyre house in July, Mr. Bushnell will take off the rooff, raise both stories, build a new upper part, put in foundations, water, heat, etc., and make a modern home.' It will be a conspicuous improvement to that corner, Many congratulations will go from Al- gonu. A roll of carpet felt was opened at Wesley and part of a burned fuse and some old letters belonging to J. A. Hamilton were found. It was thought that some trace might be found here of the fire bug who burned so much of Algona two years ago. Mr. Hamilton, however, explains the matter fully. Last Fourth of July he got up a big fire cracker and used this roll of felt. He afterwards sold it, to the Wesley yard and part of the old fuse was still in it. Iowa Falls friends have heard from L. J, Rice. The Sentinel says he Is located at 1529, Washington street, Phoenix, Arizona, and that he has bought a house and three lots. It adds: Mr. Rice has been confined to his home for some time with muscular rheumatism. Mrs, Rice says In a letter to friends here that Phoenix is a very nice town of 16,000 inhabitants, with ten miles of electric light wires, three banks, 'good stores with large stocks, a United States Indian school, and is of course the capital of the territory, The place offers good opportunities for money making. Money loans on real estate security at ten per cent, and competition is sharp in all lines. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile In the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. ;S 'GALBRAITH & Co. will have a special sale on drapery silks, golden drapery and silkolines Friday and Saturday. SHEET music—all the latest songs— 334 off. DlNGLEY & PUGH. s • WANTED—A girl to do general house work. Inquire of Dr, Morse, " CAMEO" canned goods are just the thing at this season. Found only at M, Z, GROVE & SON'S. WE have made a big cut on carpets. Call and get prices, G. L, GALBRAITH & Co. The design of the school is to help prepare lor teaching arid to enable teachers to meet the requirements of the recent law, which requires first-grade teachers to pass examinations in civics, economy ics, algebra, and natural philosophy in addition to the common 1 branches. It is intended to arrange the program so as to accommoh date the individual needs of teachers as far as possible. The, .instructors will have the use of extensive apparatus. Especial primary instruction will be given, Good board has been secured at $2.50 to $3.00 per week, with a few places at $2.00. Tuition is,one dollar per week, invariably in advance. Address either W. H. BROWN, Wesley. N. SPENCER, Algona. J. R. BYERS, Bancroft. ' \ V'i "- V*'w* "'•$ . ' J$ "' i«& , ^'Hi ; j, M. pally has received the $2,600 allowed him by the legislature, It oame all in one draft and be has it now ojj deposit. 13e says be thinks be will Jmy a farm with it. The rejBpngtjcanoe in the Uanpoqfc county-seat fight has to be filed t rpw. v Tbe petition bj,e b,e,eu fije4 • six op seven John Goeders is making a big clearing sale until J.uly 5, to get ready to enlarge his store. He wants to reduce his stock so he can handle it easier, Goeders has a big stock in all lines, and when he advertises reduced prices it means an actual reduction, Tt will pay everyone to give him a call, The school house bonds were sold last Wednesday at 44 per cent, with a $200 premium, This is the best sale of bonds of like kind yet made in Algona, and, we believe, is the beet in northern Iowa. Jtis a remarkably good sale. This gives the board $17,800 to do business on, and business will .begin. Rev. Suchow of Hawarden preached two of tbe best sermons at the Congregational church, Sunday, lately heard in Algpna. In the. evening be discussed tbe benefits of the present war, He has been in Hawarden eight years. He is not a, candidate for the Algona pulpit and it is .dpwbtful if be pan be gPt to opme £ere, , Lieut, Ward after passing sxamina- tlpnbythe United States surgeon at CamjrMoKinley was drppped out by tbe iPWft Wgepp, wbP fPttfld traces pf variopss vejps. Lieut, Ward ' was »uoh mfot weight, but that ajpne " '" have he.ep overlooked, Hie oom< 1 ' 'ttbe first Iteutawunr ysr IP you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something, Interest paid on time deposits, 45 * GEO. C. CALL,. CONSTIPATION neglected or badly treated leads to total disability or death. Rooky Mountain Tea absolutely cures constipation in all its forms. GALBRAITH & Co, are showing the largest line of silks for shirt waists that was ever shown in the city before. Call and see them, PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Dr. Cplby spent Sunday with Mrs. J. J. Wilson. . Wm, Cordingley and J. W. Hinchon sailed for Europe Saturday. Mrs. Lulu Clarke McCoy returned to Minneapolis Monday after a pleasant Algona visit. ' Mr. and Mrs. Grant B. Stover are up from Burlington visiting at Rev. Day's. The latter is a cousin. Mrs. A. P. Hall went to Hampton last week as delegate to the state meeting of Congregationalists. Auditor Calkins and wife are at Marble Rock visiting his parents. They will go to Preston, Minn.', before coming home. D, W. Tallman and family of Franklin county are visiting at the M, N. Phillips home. They like the looks of Kossuth county very much. Miss Nettie Herrick, a former Algona teacher, is now principal in the famous Guthrie county high school. It is the only county high school in the state. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riebboff start* edfor Oregon Monday after a very pleasant visit. Mrs. John A. Winkei went with them and will visit on the coast. Guy Scott is home from Des Moines. He has finished his course in the law school and will go back in October to pass examination before the supreme court. Mrs, Douglass came from Des Molnes yesterday to visit her brother, J. W, Robinson. Mrs, Dayton and Mrs. Morning of Cedar Falls are visiting Mrs. Robinson, Mrs, Thos. F, Cooke goes to Des Moines today to visit her husband, He and Company F may leave Pes Moines Saturday. Miss Josie Gullioksen, a sister of Mrs. O.B. Durdall, who has often visited in Algona, was married at Albert Lea. Minn,, yesterday. Mrs. Durdall went up to be present. Prof, Spencer and Supt, Van Erde- wyck attended a big educational meeting at Emmetsburg Saturday, both taking part in the program. They go to Forest City in two weeks. Chas. W. Rist of Hobart was in Minneapolis last week to see his son-in-law, who is off for the war. His daughter returned with him and will make her home here while her husband is gone. Samantha Sends Josiah Back. I was. bizzy -mendln' when Josiah cum homo h9me Saturday nighti so I didn't look up when he cum in, and the first thing I khowed I heard something crash I and I was sartin my Bramy eggs that I hot-to set under old Speck an' what cost me 50 cents an'express, was all busted open. I screamed (as some wimen do) an' Josiah jumped like he'd been hit with a Spanish torpedo. " Josiah Allen, what hev you dun?" says I when I-got my broth. " Nuthin',"says he, "only sot down them flat irons." •'What kind of flat irons did you git?" savs I, (tryin' to cam myself, for I hadn't had a new flat iron in 25 years), "O, Mrs. somebody's, I dunno," saya he, " Potts'?" says I. "I guess so," says he. "Wallow, Josiah," says " »* »,r.* T -. y^u*d^'t*ware'out'your iims runnin' to the stove all the while. .^They're lots smoother on the bottom, too, an 1 nickely all over so's they can't rust, an' the handle is always cool an'can't never brake." "Wai,"says I, "'you .pan, take them back or not, jest as you like, but if you don't I'll iron your shirt busum with the rollln' pin agin, an' you know Parson Eatum is cumin 1 to dinner to- morrer." Do you know, Josiah didn't do a thing but pick them irons up, <tai<e 'em back and make the feller give him back his munny, an' then .he went- an' got a set o'the Asbestos Lined Sad Irons of CL . . HARDWARE. Making Money BY SAVING MONEY in buying your Boots and Shoes at headquarters. It will do you good to see our line of Spring Footwear, Colo'rs and Black. Oxfords, Slippers, Button Shoes, Lace Shoes, Latest effects in Vesting Tops, etc, ' ' Fine repairing. DON'T sacrifice your health by taking something said to be tbesarae at Rooky Mountaito Tea, There is nothing made that cures as quipkly; 36 cents. CANNON CHOP tea is the best So}d pnly by M. Z. GROVE & SON, first mortgages, Money— Oa second mortg ages.- Money— On short tiwe, Money-^At lowest rates. Mpney— Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa, OVR line of coffees cannot be excelled. ' M. fpaj fa ordinary &(hfient, $8 Mrs. Nannie Betchell paroe home Saturday from Minneapolis. She says Carl was surprised that she should not feel pleased at the prospect of bis go* ing to war. She speaks in the highest terms of the Minnesota guards and pf the officers in Carl's regiment- Lieut. Ward and Privates Brooks, Dally, and Halvorsen came home Sat' urday. Mr. Ward was rejected on final physical examination. Geo. H. Brooks came back to cure lor his family, not being needed in the company m m,uoh as at home. Halvpr&en and Pally not taUep for other reasons, iB^pfn^fiCT^mmP ,~ ,«..„. ~~ THE costumes worn by the, ladies the great WftUaoe shows were«& Jy Imported fojp them frqm, Paris Brownell & Allre'4 • Boston Block, ALGONA, IQWA. '" \ ' ' Exclusively ' • Boots and Shoes, " DON'T BUY Nor place your order for A THRESHING .« W *#>*>•'' Until you see the MINNEAPOLIS. T^y bave^f greaffltftf—""" tion in the threshing machine line ever.,In9WJ3, &»<; mistake if you buy before seeing this, i£E U&

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