The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1898 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 6
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' " ' ' that mfti-Ks ths boun , ,Alexl*eacli6 is buildin , , biggest tootnes lrr Iowa at tfnfiow ih , tie new biggest stock ofF uuut **»»o ouuuuiB»rctuiuu nn, vrunuiuif- toipt^po^B W isaue $6gb;o6b;bdS tinto toySt-^BWyfortgv^tKe war. This is no'dtl5f^nMHa'n^\goiia~ arranging foJIl^^Ho-^B •BUbsdritiea 'bfi a'lottg pehdetft 'dhslrfttViefcuing $17,000 'ten* did 'last WedneBday, ship tpj needed ffient indorses these local, offloiala fo arranging to pay ittterestf^Tbe :! eminent likewise Would Impose a great hardship by levying equal to paying day the war will ment should lediate taxes on dSllarll hA'pttblio *ecti* ._ -_ -. -Dually just to con- B. .Algona's^ $12,000 for electric [ghtris to bear seven per .cent. «,'>. ' ' MB 11 * 8 1B *° ' *"•> i'. l "'' &.i'if^V JOkt. t' ^ *-'' <|Bt Turn 4nQ8i A " Vi fpoke* -., to Algona's proportion of the ,$500,000,- $8s&£»5/ <« w3i,«\T7^«.>"'i/i"wj £nft$ii£3a -gSrWnV interest./ AK i$%U< ff ^WW^whrtk 1 ^-_*I>B/>JX- JKSH i^Cu;3.kiJJ*iuf" „— 'enas. Politics was to "hltatheart by «Which statesmanship waVto,be made effective. Se was past master'in the art, but be never lost sight of the end for the means. Asa 'statesman he is ^est known to the wofid; For fifty'years his views of the destiny of England; in so far as internal develdpements have been concerned, have been in the ascendabl. Disraeli made the Indian empire and enlarged the oolpnlal sway, but Gladstone directed'- thV'Warveilous progress' 'towards ' >y and whether in or out of Mhe inspiring cause. No fifty years are studded fuller with great .reforms in b,ehajf on the common peo- p^e. ^.Hory Mjhe' lories he grew to irlobgniae* 'the' e'sseutlal justice ft democracy, and in the flush of his career he quitted office. and deserted Lofd^ Peel.f .With ,tbe same fearless e^L.-JL_ _..>;_\.rf v . .H i -te .! \ a. 1 ,• ; Lake Qfystal, township in sHancock aourity carried the Oarnef rallway j tix by a yote of.1r8,t6 88, ESstherville has passed ah ordinance prohibiting <poultryf rrom"ruHHiatf'at jarge» and-proylding for the takinrup jDf.stray.hene. • , »• -* v . 'P6«Hon is being circulated In-'Winriebago ' courttyw '&gat« f . with ' 1 success. Kossuth- 'will . jaoubtless get a turn befprfc long. A' wind last 'week blew down Col. Ormsby's 'purk 'fendfl "and -WtWl'W* aBer,es,oape.r'fThe''IlBporter says' 'bhe has :been' shot. The >f rest ' in Algona, Pull stock of Bread, Pies, ^ Ahqafoll:lmetfHoitte.-mnde Cookies. Wedding Cakesia > .Specialty. Everything tihat,can,be foundjn .a, fitstelass bakery and restaurant 'is ' always to be -had of us. C. N. it is very doubtful whether the Hotel ' Ofl&ftnB;wm'be'- dpenfcd'Hh'fs 'rfftutf hot-ManaertAbell was u' '• , „_. ». W w.i was u'p last ''We'Alt looking ';ov6r , the-place laud isofth-e .be ----- — --- —--.„•«•« w«. UVUU9 Ul ULIO Lake ofHoials on,the question- of selling ' -_—, is considered remarkably The 817,000 Is fully equal to the share *.. j^i^a"!'""' •s"Lr:"i.:r .r/~;. ';' .. . . . of His b(mviotio^s |h^ .faced* In y preju^io^e ''offinsuflir End _ fan tSlalie a>!and*'fortiJ8- tice to Ireland, and crowned his noble career with a.farewell appeal ,for the i /U^JtKM.i ttjlt,Htl > * ffj'<. i ' i". "• f "-^ -'-ts bf all men. Nothing less ">:>'i' , after the days of coercion, the spon taneous tributes of all patriotic Irish- , -5-wv- 'J^ake -Mirror: Mrs. IChasi Kn^tsgn.lefA',|a|t i Friday 'for a Vlslt.of ',th her mqther ( in ; - l ~f at, ^he depot say i 'somewhat 1 rattled"as }rn VMA — J 1 ' _L'il.4- *»J ^ ' ' Oh fits way" to Vdnturai mer se'aid ,T. / , rv* r ,vx«ot*» j-fioi ivo. xvi i Utill V bHti'dottBges ofi the lEkb' sh'ore and'the ia'&f) grbund8"h'ave ^efitt 1 mtifo W- thie'QUttH^ '61ub i! btillcfinB ; vrfi'F ( i 1 -h n ) nn ^ 'S PROFESSIONAL. Ice Cr^am Parlor Aid lunch Room. Now,located jin old postofficeibuilding, one door 1 west of Jas. Taylor's.'' i ' ( ' i^ uocu rjuuiLUil lOrl btilld'ing'Trt'o'be'en- largedt-andthe'program'at'-thW'paVil- ,tb4l8^:KoiidB^V-Wlrt/lB.m*lnf i ;""•' /on|the'former issue, tWt'o'tSi'is 'muoh lefeder to the last. Athlete, scholar, |!fe"r'a v 8u'cce'ssful° season" 1 ^for'*our'nelfrhi ;<" V-, gre|ater.;*>.We locally issue'"tlj^se"bonds orator, financier, politician, statesman, jjbwlng ttfwn'is^niosi; flattering. ' ^' without ipriotest. ' In -^faot t mapy' voted he dame'in the weariness of his old age r . r • """ '• f *••' •—' ' " -t '> ;• ; forjane^ school house ibecause'the ex- to a home'he had kept saored, to a lover THE3 SIOUX CITy JOURNAL, ' perise ooljld be dlf|tributed through a J he had cherished, to the veneration of IjTwloe a week, four pages" Tuesday, series of'years'ijyjmeleins of bonds, who I children, and neighbors, and friends, pight pages-,-jPrid ay. ','The -b^sfand under nqtiroumsta^es would vote for who'k'newno stain upon his Private SS^hv A1 f n ^ ght / u \7 1 fi ;t0 ' r an ? ibi : -ta»llevi^eataito^aiBin ff themonev life. Whatendcould be more fitting? j? e aders f S* Sp/rJ^eJe'rWeek What example more worthy of preser- IjThe J Jo'urnal?s popularity 'is'"certainly A. m ^ . t\ <rw« i • _ . n Iirt«Vrrt r4fr*nA>l *t^%»-'J •A'" 1,. ^__ ^_/J 3 *_f>_ 1* H' 1 •*' T*l Finest Stopk in tke St^te. Besit /Quality,, Most Lowest Pripes. * i i ». 11. -1 i ual to ^raising the money in one or two r years? '"' The depiocrats v iti congress are pro- affairs. If a ^towri v .w ftalk atx&treofoing.proftt&of a losing spobu^ lationl What is good business sense ""' Juetif justifies t allkepr ft'^f'f 3(A J,"^-,' ".« '** r »v,ji,,. Towns that are well managed always to . vation? . What career more honorable? AB ,o. e . htetoy ,. ^ tt. „„, Gladstone will be revered. WWbBrrilwaysVs'u'bSoriber; '-"FeiTtures W the Journal: The news of the worldf NEWS ATOOOMMBHT, CLARKE «Sk COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT Office oypr First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block, DANSON & BUTLER, LA W. LOANS. LAiNJ)i Collections a specialty. Office oyer Gajbralthjs. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Ferguson bl jck. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LA W, Algona, lo.wa., ', THE UPPER DES MOINES has repeatedly called the attention of its readers lo the enormous expense of fire insurance, as shown by Auditor -McCarthy's state re. pdrtsf pStfeiSf y&foftra pay^frfirii' "Srie to f | tW-mnilOnif^dbliifrs for which' it^etb'no^ .' , repfirtt. 'sh'6rl stories, '''''' f '' Tennis df'subfibrlptfori :' 'Oh'e' -six ptjp ear;' t -''cetr v 'ot months,', 28 'cents' for; three 1 -months. ' wise Cleveland's administration out the na» ^^ai-wlvak.^.^iB,.^^ returns. Even r in years of great losses by fire-the" insurance 'companies^ do not pay mMpwdr^^r fcliSty (if. kmmoney re- ^I^SitL^ewtlremenlof tto running BlB, land ^Si v j wlfcther l?°tl i that ith" 'does fftt^nQe, fee Mt£ „..., _ ^tydf/tjfelmoney received in premiums. The past year they have paid baok.a very much smaller per wntfP 'Tlfc tdlftls' fOl"' thb a^atg ^e *4,30«,-' m paldritii-iprfenifutos, ^«t^s6l ^ceiv^d jbSfcldforlo s w6sjiiteaViag'ft,rte^mai*gm'W«the Mfflbaniel <ty§amwpf ?k\*& 0»*-p'f;a|l proportion, and proves conclusively, what common observation of, fire' losses In any, locality suggests.iYhaV'insurande^atds are higher than thVyWo%ct b'e'aia e$?&Wre$ ulated with any references to the actual Bstoi of Bance. M • • • ,. .; LOVEIJY LETTERS, i'".What lovely letters' 1 ! receive from Ma LATEST IMPORTATIONS in laces and muslins. Silks for .porters and draperies. Tapestry and rop,e. purtains. CHASE ;& WEST, 712-714 Walnut Street. DES MOINES, IOWA. p,efr;geratprs, Bajjy Carriages, S-tpyes, Carpets. J.,0. PAVMOND. B. V. BEED. E. 0. RAYMOND Raymond, .Reed & Raymond, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, fifflce over Purdall's store, Algona, FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNE-Y AT.LAW< Office overJCossuth County State F. L. TRIBON, M. D., " ' Hoineopathlel PffYSfCI4N ,-ANJ) 8PR&EON. Office ana r^ence^ in ^Boston »/• M.T»¥I <S *i "nt r I'Mfo* Don't take any chance on tracts of H. C. MeijiOY, M. D M ' " " P&Y8IOIAN AND SUR&EON. Office at resjaqncje, McGregor sjirpet. PHYSICIAN, AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. pnja aey, sttv^^We issuing dol- There It A\ M the agreed .'a$ ment to 1 viding " nenators% do pwi'ng] of, representatives has hingtop to submit an amend- to the'-'people prii- n of q^ft^d States i, If the senate env fpr dlsoui'- at there is flf ml m iJWA '&* swCmw»rof M*M !w"*« ' ' * (tebecjpin. ifffee at .,.. . en^e with their scholars, ol,d or ypung^ aljjheSr homes. of payable 'sixty .. , KMM »» oee ^t/ time this school ?»v^hed,ite spbolftrs ft\i needed y, tind WJU PQBtiniie to'do so in th'e ftti progressive wordj "Now," whloh Has bee,n the 'key, note to so npny *Bffuj oareerA; be your watchword, and r iy atj once fpr a a'cholarsblp in th'e National > School of•''Correspondence at 181"" fourth, AWrSoutb,' Minneapolis, Minn. REAL ESTATE LOANS, C. ,C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa. I Opera, House Block. P.HYS.ICIAN AND SURGEON; Office and residence over Taylpr'q. H. D. SPENCER, M. AND Sexton. Iowa. n In. j " •; • 'i i TRUSS One Hundred ' person who feRt to the MdtQ br)ng the f "? «PW W8WW atmUiDg- 81 J» ^fflJ^iP%J«LO>W. fit •as *w* A truss embodying the sym- •ilicity and durability of all other [russes, 1 and yet unlike any of 'hem.' ' ; The niost simple ' t^§V ^er.made, Is practically ind'e- ^tructible—wears forever. Made qn strictly hygienic,principles— . It,giyes J>erfe ( ct fr^edooj ^f ^c- ^^lii^^P/?^ \l^ slig'^^it 93l9Xft'! rpent 'of the truss, Doj3 ( s, tigfi take qqe'h^lf the gressyre to hold the rppture that ,the old styles take. Holdf the rupture easily, ye t t flrnijy an^ produced. "H DR. MARGARET E. COLES, 'Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, O«ce and resldenp'e In Boston, Qtetft, • IOWA. E. 3. GIIA'SIER; p'. p. s., DENTIST, PBNTIST, A. ,£, jjtlST, D. D, S. i deadening pain in ?OR,5 CENTS, SOHll & WATEBHOUSE, WATER OR NO PAY, u«* •e, wiwag^Uoii of fci! t^Br ' ^^^ ^^^"^- ^^^^P <^] HfHTJWt* "U'J> US*, ;^ 1% mmm\ *m9$fa jorMABK? iPEHiaiis W!—* HI**' \l- r ,3^* *' t) .<&. 1C r *^ ;8t,fcOWl«, t Mp, **«;»"f> 'V/'i> ',' ^' *. If' te&i iJit .«', p*P^fj-f^n^ff's p w'f 3 ' 'C'r'ft L./? T ? *,«,' ntfriM* M . i- 'i! v j*5 '.V<i 5j!t3 5 •!(•'. ,.4.^,

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