The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1898 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 4
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THE tfPPEK DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 1898, HESE GO TO THE FRONT, OOMM.ETEBOSTEB OP ooMPANt F, Stotr the Boys Ettfoy Themselves Iti Camp— All Trades flnd Professions Represented. [Special Correspondence,] CAMP McKiNLEY, May 24— The Fiftieth Iowa infantry volunteers left for Tampa, Florida, Saturday. We gave them the best kind of a send off, and though they were very glad to go one of them expressed the wish of them all when he said just before getting on the train: "When We get up on the firing line, we would like awful well to know that the rest of the Iowa boys were behind us." But of course this Crack-the-whip, pig-in-the-pen, sack racing, boxing, wrestling, and in fact every sport indulged in by the American boy from infancy up, is taken part in and really enjoyed by the men and boys of the Fourth regiment. Tugs-of- war are very popular, and a base ball nine is talked of in the Fourth. But not least of the amusements here is the music which takes place of the sports as soon as It gets dark. A company without a quartette or a mandolin club is an object of pity. The old songs seem to be the favorites and "Annie Laurie," "Home, Sweet Home," "America," and the stirring songs originated during the last war, can be heard in almost ally of the barns every evening. These amusements are some of the things that go to make life more enjoyable here, but undoubtedly the things of all things that the boys most enjoy are the letters and papers from home. Those who Cannot take time to write to their brothers, sons, or friends In the army should not be honored by having them there. Address them to Company F, Fourth Regiment, I. N. G, WILL FOOT UP TO $75,000, BIG IMPBOVEMENTS NOW IN SIGHT. Algona Will Astonish itself for War if ear In the Number and Character of New Buildings. »«»*»»»»»»»«»»+»»»»+»»++»»+»»»»+ THE WEEK'S WAR NEWS IN BRIEF. 1 REAT excitement was caused Sunday by a telegram that went over the wires announcing that Schley's fleet had sunk 12 Spanish boats and captured two in a battle off the coast of Hayti. The telegram was officially denied. Monday at Washington. A telegram yesterday announced that the Indiana and New York were sunk with 800 men, and the Spanish fleet was wiped out. This also is officially denied this morning. The Spanish fleet arrived safely at Santiago, on the southeast coast of Cuba. It left after coaling. What its destination was is merely surmised. It was announced yesterday that the remaining Spanish fleet would cross the ocean at once to attack our coast cities or join the Cuban fleet in battle. : , The first regiment of Iowa troops started for the south Saturday. It is the Second regiment of the Iowa national guards, and the Fiftieth regiment of Iowa U. S. infantry. The Fourth regiment will go Monday, and the other two as soon as they can be mustered in. Gov. Shaw has authorized the organization of twenty-one new companies in Iowa. could not be and in all probability the Fifty-second will not see the boys of the Fiftieth again till the end of the war. We do not know yet when the rest of us will go, but from the work being put on us by the regular army men in charge, we would judge that we would get away sometime this week. Company F is in its usual good health and spirits and we are all very anxious to leave for the front. Lieut. Ward was relieved of his commission as first lieutenant Friday on account of his inability to pass the physical examination. An election was held Saturday to fill the vacancies caused by Captain Foster's resignation and Lieut. Ward's relief and the following were elected: Captain, Thos. F. Cooke; 1st lieutenant, Jay E.Randall; 2nd lieutenant, M. J. Walsh. CAMP MCKINLEY, May 22:— Following is the complete list of the men who will go to the front under the name of Company F, Fifty-second regiment, Iowa infantry volunteers: Captain, Thos. F. Cooke. First Lieutenant, Jay E. Randall. Second Lieutenant, M. J. Walsh. First sergeant, A. E. Daugherty. Quartermaster sergeant, Roy Carpenter. Sergeants M. N. Peterson, Charles H. Taylor, Elbert B. Tuttle, Chas. A. Cohenour. Corporals, E. C. Stratford, Geo. Spongberg, Clarence Yetter, Ray Wortman, Roy Alcorn. Artificer, John R. Larson. Wagoner, William E. Stahl. Musicians, Raymond Ward, Milton E. Miller. Privates, John B. Adams, Rudolf M, Anderson, Mark Boyle, Charles M. Best, Joseph S. Bestenlehner, George C. M. Barge, Henry J. Bruhns, Ellison E. Blackford, Fred N. Cronan, Guy C. Curtiss, Ernest L. Carey, Milo V. Chapin, Arthur R. Craft, Homer G. Davison, Henry M. Dally, William E. Day, Harvey C. Friesner, William A. Green, Harry Gosnell, William H. Gilbride, Arthur J. Ganfleld, Harry Hulsizer, Charles L. Johnson, Benj. F. Kreamer, Arthur Lincoln, Monroe C. Miller, John W. Minkler. James J. McGuire, George E. Nelson, John Peterson, Chester A. Roscoe, Edward Richardson, Ernest C. Raymond, Alba J. Seeley, James T. Smith, Lawrenzo Stahl, E. C. Morphew, Claude F, Spring, Walter E. Tellier, James T. Tanner, Merritt A. Turner, Leslie A. Tlllotson, Frank E. Tour, Charjes S. Thomas, Francis A. Underwood, Edgar J. Winkel, John Wood, Jr., William C. Woolsey, Clarence Cuppert. They are all bright young men of excellent habits and the soundest of constitutions and will do their full share of the "scrapping" when they get a chance. Almost every trade and profession is represented in our company. One is a shoe maker and his rear rank man is a bank clerk. The school teacher, harness maker, attorney, . at law, traveling man, farmer jau^ deputy postmaster all answer " here'* "to their names at roll call, swap smdking to- 4~f+4 Camp McKinley, Des Moines, Iowa, and if they are never received it will be no fault of yours. JAY E. RANDALL. War Notes. The Webster City company lost 16 men on physical examination. Alfie Chapin and Ben Haggard were setting up the cigars in our barn last week. Mayor McVicar of Des Moines gets up a company under the governor's new order. Col. J. H. Sweeney of Osage organizes a new military compay, also W. S., or " Billy," Culbertson of Carroll. n°' A - Weaver, who organized the Court of Honor in Algona, has gone to Des Moines and joined the Webster City company. There are 165 Scandinavians in the four regiments at Des Moines. They were given a banquet by their fellow countrymen of the capital city. Among the organizers of new com- P a " le , 8 if "Pa" Smith of Scranton. Pa" told good war stories at the Algona editorial banquet, and is a fitrht- er. & The box of eatables sent to us by the Algona people was very much enjoyed by all the boys, and if the senders could have seen how greedily and speedily the boys got on the outside of the contents of that box they would send a box every week. The much talked of "livingflae" was presented to a small crowd on the grounds here Friday afternoon. The rain kept the crowd away, but did not hinder the production of the flag It was something grand. About 2,500 children dressed in the three colors were seated in rows in a building built like an amphitheatre and all the troops passed in review in front of it. Jas. Tanner writes to the Wesley Reporter: As for Company F, we were not behind on anything. Capt. Cooke has received a fine set of field glasses compasses, etc. They excel anything in the four regiments. Company F has frequently been complimented on its efficiency, consequently I will not occupy space with any eulogy of its merits - JAY E. RANDALL. Algona has $75,000 of Improvements in sight for the war year. This is by far the most important spring the town has ever had in the way of new buildings. The new church, new school house, electric lights, sewer, and Milwaukee railway work are added to a large list of fine new homes already well along and contracted for, while rumors of business houses still float in the air. An estimate of the cost of some of the work runs up a big total: Methodist church $30 QQQ High school building !!!!'! 17*000 Electric light plant .'. ia 000 South side sewer 2 000 A. Hutchison, residence......'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 4*000 M. Starr, residence 8*000 Dr. Trlbon,residence '.'.'.'" 2*500 Austin Willey, residence 2 000 Geo. Bailey, residence ] 000 A. C. Redfleld, residence ' 1 000 Milwaukee depot i ooo Louis Leasing, two residences.'.'.'.'.'.'. 2* 000 Dr. Glasier, residence 2,000 MILWAUKEE DEPOT IMPROVEMENT. The Milwaukee company is making one of the notable improvements of the season. It has begun at Sexton and is raising its track from six inches to two feet with gravel. It has a surfacing gang of 60 men at work. The depot grounds at Algona will bo raised six inches all over with ' fine gravel, which is being hauled from Whittemore. This will give it one of the best as well as handsomest yards in Iowa. The work will extend west of Whittemore. LATEST ABOUT THE NEW CHURCH. The bids for building the Methodist church will be opened Friday. It is expected that they will come within the limit and that the contract will be let at once. The church is arranging to pay cash for everything, which will give it the benefit of inside figures. ELECTRIC LIGHT MEETING TONIGHT. The city council met last Wednesday evening for an informal discussion of the report of the visiting committee. It was decided to devote another week to securing information, and the council adjourned until this evening. The council expects to decide upon what is needed, get prices on first-class machinery, and then present the total to the stock subscribers. It is being ably assisted by Supt. Foster. SOUTH SIDE SEWER. Prof. Lilly will at once survey the possible outlets for a south' side sewer, and determine upon the most feasible course for it. As soon as his work is done the matter will be submitted to the south siders to see how many will subscribe for taps. It will rest with them whether the city puts in a sewer or not. SCHOOL HOUSE LOCATION. The school board will do nothing until the money from the bonds is re- The May Bargain Sale -AT- Kraft Clothing Co.'s CONTINUES TO JUNE 1. A great many have already availed themselves of our extraordinary cut prices on seasonable goods. A bargain is a^ bargain only when it is an article you need at a price less than what it usually sells at. We are making Regular July Clearing Sale Prices on new, clean goods in May. Join the happy throng and get a bargain. We won't you a bargain fiend but will cheerfully show you a bargain the first thing and send away rejoicing. Kraft Clothing Co. call you JOS. MISBACH, Mgr. WILL BE DULY OBSERVED. ALL IS KEADY FOK MEMOKIAL DAY Rev. Day to Deliver the Sunday Address—Col. C. A. Clarke the Speaker for Monday. (This is an Advertisement,) ceived. Then it will at once select a site. The regular meeting does not come for two weeks. If one is held sooner it will be on special call. No consultation as to site has been held. The Chris Heise lots on Dodge street are very favorably considered if they can be had reasonably. The block west of the water works is offered, A. C Scott's half block north of the Thorington is also offered. There is still talk of the half block north of the Central school house, also of the half block the old ark is on. Price will cut a good deal of a figure. The board will act with deliberation. GOEDERS' NEW STORE ROOM. Immediately after July 4 John Goeders will take out the west fronts at the rear of his present store building and brick them up, take out all partitions and the stairway, and make his front room extend the whole length of the lot. He will put in windows along the west wall higher up, giving him one of the largest as well as lightest stores in the state. Mr. Goeders is carrying a stock that cannot be favorably shown in less room. THOUINGTON HOUSE CHANGES. O. W. McMurray will put a gasoline plant in his hotel the coming He has repainted and papered now painting on light month. on the inside, and is paper " rs, and share More Companies to Orffanzle. Gov. Shaw has ordered 21 new military companies organized in the state. New companies cannot under the law be organized without his permission. He has selected towns which have not had companies in the national guards. His idea is that in case of war and loss in battle it would be unfair to have an undue proportion of young men from one locality. The towns which can get up companies are: Rolfe, Carroll, Jefferson, Davenport, Guthrie Center, Nora Springs, Des Moines, New Hampton, VJnton, Scranton, Iowa Falls Mason City, Audubon, Sioux City (cav- r, -V; ™ Newton ' Osa e e > Fontanelle, Britt, Mt. Vernon, Rock Rapids and Cherokee. None of them are guaranteed a call to service nor admission to the national guard. They are to be used only iri*case President McKinlev issues a eecpnd'eaU for troops. bacco for the daily with each other the '"s'weets" received from home. JAY E. RANDALL. CAMP MoKlNLEY, May 20:-^To say that the boys in Camp McKinley were enjoying themselves would be expressing it very mildly. Little would one think to watch them that each had left a comfortable home and many an excellent position to come here and sleep on straw, eat bacon and carry a musket. The barns in which the Fourth regiment are quartered are each about 100 feet long with a door at each end. They are in a circle around »large ring in the middle of which is » flag pole. Thig ring, which is finely carpeted with grass, is the "pi ay fround" of the regiment. Here every evening the boys congregate for sports OfftlUinds. Some will pjimb the flag $tas, while others will be having a foot ground the ring, A BMIO from . company will pften he blind-fold, ana ftfter they are all turned around ,swee, will be Ceased ft»4 first. J 4e£0ra^ Trouble j n tlle Delay is reported in getting the Fourth regiment, or 53nd U. S., Iowa {nfantry, into shape on account of the the outside. He is making the Thorington into a modern hostelry. IMPROVEMENT NOTES*. Judge Quarton is putting a second story over all the rear part of his home, adding materially to the convenience as well as looks of it. J. B, Winkel has put two big plate glass windows in the front of his house The Rutherford house is freshly painted. J A. D. Clarke's home is being painted. Some big barns and sheds are being built on the Ingham farm west of town occupied by E. J. Mathews. Mr. Mathews will run a 40-cow dairy. Wm. K. Ferguson is building a 60[°, ot ^ ho T 86 of a PP r °ved pattern on his Willow Lane farm. The excavation is made for the Hutchison home. The foundation is about 26x50 feet. A feature of the home will be a very large and handsome veranda. Mr. Hutchison has plans for one of Algona's handsomest homes. Austin Willey proposes to have a warm house. He sheathed it inside and out with flooring and laid mortar between the double floors. The foundation is in for Mr. Starr's residence. Dr. Glasier will begin building in July. Dr. Tribon's house gives promise of being very handsome and very well arranged. ington. Everything is In readiness for the Memorial day services Sunday and Monday. The Sunday services will be held in the opera house at 11 o'clock. Rev. Day will be the speaker on that occasion and the other churches will join. The exercises Monday will be held at the opera house at 10:30o'clock, Col. Chas. A. Clarke orator of the day, and the exercises at the cemetery will occur at 2 o'clock. SUNDAY PROGRAM. Memorial Sabbath, the Sunday proceeding Memorial day, has become a national occasion as meaningful and sacred as Memorial day itself. The entire land gives place to the national religious festival. Algona churches will unite in the observance of this day next Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m. at Call opera house. Special music is being prepared will be a notable gathering. Rev. F. E. Day the Methodist pastor will deliver the sermon in the program, of which the following is the outline: Instrumental. Invocation. Hymn, America. Prayer. Scripture. Anthem. Instrumental. Sermon : " The Nation of America." Hymn. Benediction. Postlude, "Liberty Bell March," Sousa. MEMORIAL DAY PROGRAM. The committee on arrangements has reported the following outline of Monday's exercises: Comrades, ex-soldiers, Womans' Relief corps, and Sons of Veterans will meet at G. A. B. hall at 10 a. m. and from there march to the opera house, where the exercises vyill commence at 10:30 sharp. Music, instrumental solo, Miss Irene Rhoner. Invocation, Rev. Stiles. Recitation, Miss Abra Robinson. Solo and chorus, Walter E. Fordo and glee club. Address, Col. Chas. A. Clarke, Music, glee club. At 2 p. m. procession will form on State street in charge of Comrade D. A. Haggard as marshal, assisted by aides, and will march to the cemetery, where the graves of the nation's dead will be strewn with beautiful flowers by the school children and others. When this is completed all are requested to gather at the soldiers' lot, where there will be recitations and singing by the sch.ool children, which will be an interesting part of the program. All are cordially invited to join with us in this beautiful service to keep in remembrance those who did what they could that the union might be preserved. All members of the Grand Army of the Republic, ex-soldiers, Woman's Relief corps, and Sons of Veterans, are requested to meet at the G. A. R. hall on Sunday at 10 a. m, to attend memorial services at the opera house. Rev. Day will preach the memorial sermon. Come out. All who can furnish flowers for memorial day, cultivated or wild are requested to leave them at the rink Sunday evening or early Monday morning, so the committee on flowers can arrange them in boquets. COMMITTEE. The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea, Consolidated fence along their way Keeps them from wand'ring and from danger free. Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight, And all the air a silent stillness holds; Voices of cattle, sheep and swine unite, The strength and beauty of their fence unfold. Save that from yonder ivy-mantled tower The moping owls to Hamilton complain Of selling fence that has superior power, While they do work and advertise in vain- how LIIC y CONSOLIDATED FIELD FENCING Is made in 16 different styles and is guaranteed to turn all kinds of stock. (Moth Ing but Large, Galvanized Wire, of the Best Bessemer Steel, used In Its construction. & FENCE THAT ALWAYS KEEPS ITS SHAPE. The hinge Joint at each Intersection of the wires makes an adjustable fence and prevents stay wires from bending. The crimp in the strand wire provides for expansion and contraction and prevents stay wire from moving out of place. MANUFACTURED BV Consolidated Steel and Wire Co., Chicago. FOR SALE BV & C0 - have J' ust ordered their FOURTH of Consolidated fence for Algona this year. This shows county farmers appreciate a good thing when their minds he"r ample But knowledge to Page, Rich with the spoils of life did ne'er unroll. They bought fence made with wires of smaller gauge, And consequently now are in the hole. well Kossuth I LI Fine Furniture. We have an elegant line of Bed Room Suits, Ladies' Desks, Book Gases, Tulowettev, Extension Tables. Funny Jiockern, Miters, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Iron Jieda, Springs and MaltrKHncH, Matting and Carpet- inn, Window KhadcH and Fixtures. Something nuw lu couchoa ana bod springs. Undertaking and embalmin. ing and embalming. fom ' blocks John Cronin. SHERIFF'S SALE, Notice Is hereby given that by GEO, HOLLQWAY'S LIVELY OHASE, It is a big addition to Thor- rejection of Capt. City company. Pomeroy of a Sioux failed entirely on Physical examination, but tried to hold bis place by political influence. The company chose a new captain, but part pf it threatened yesterday to quit if he wascommiesioned. It is thought the 52nd will be mustered in tomorrow and will leaya Pee Moines Mqnday, ' An outfit of Dubuque roofers are putting gravel roofing on the Algona State bank, the A. P. Clarke block?and Chrisohilles store. They will also roof a building in Bancroft. 'Gravel roofing is one of the best cheap roofings for flat buildings. . • Charley PJumley is having liard hall repainted and ~ throughout. It will be as neat as could be wished when he ie done. S. C. Spear is having the building painted. The kacys a,re putting up enough feed barne to hpld nil the teams that fiftroe to the olrows. £ Rew row }e going in tbie ••"">'- e his bil- refitted Ho Gets Back n Valuable Colt a Texas Land Trader. Some weeks ago Geo. Holloway traded a colt at Bancroft, for which he had been offered $500, to one Slater, for Texas land. The agreement was that George should hold the horse until he was satisfied as to the title of the land, but before the deal was done Slater managed to get possession of the horse, which he took to Des Moines. George sent to Texas to find out about the land and learned that no such section of land existed. He at once began to look for Slater. Slater had writen to Bancroft giving Webster City as his address and while he was not in Webster City, it was at the telephone office there that track was got of him. George put in a week before he got his horse back. Webster City reporters got hold of the story and sent out a lot of sensational stories to the daily papers. of Mrs. Grove, wife of J. V. Grove. Unit and real SE«Sn? kn °wn, eefoiidautB, In favor of 'K W JplalntllT, i will offer at public stanton. plaintiff, I will offer at pub < saleito the highest anil bunt bidder, /or'cash at the door of the court hotiHo In tlio town of Algoua, county of Kotmuth, Iowa, oil the istl day of June. A. D. 1808, botwooii the houruTo 0 |o'clock a. in. anU'4 o'clock p. m. on saidI cUiv XSS £ l ; ov «'».. J-. V. Qrov$>» an offi right, ..... described and Internal In and to real estate, Hltuatud lu county, to-witT Lottto. Savon. Htook No. Forly.ftiur the in. of stild day. " ''' °' clock P- Witness my huiicUhlH aist day of Mil OUDINANCK NO. 22. AN OBDINANOJa uuieudluu Suction 0, Ordlu- ^ We Want The Ladies to know that we are now more fully prepared than ever before to supply the wants they may have in Fine Millinery Goods. The styles for '98 are pretty, indeed, and we can show you everything in the very latest. The safest plan is for you to call and see for yourself—we will as- ist you—we are sure we can please you in everything, not excepting the price. Matson & McCall, Bicycles Repaired, Lawn Mowers =^- D Sharpened, Saws Filed, J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Two doors south of U. D. M. office. LOOK TO YOUR EYES. ... . Opthalmlo Optician. •mJSh.7.! ?« p t¥ n la the eyeball, orbit, temple or

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