The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1898 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1898
Page 2
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THE UPPEK DES MO1N18! ALGONA IOWA. WEDNESDAY MAY 25. .1888,. ME HEWS IN IOWA STATE \VINS FintTT. I.fctJ-lnfe a Special Tux rp->n Instil-ance Cotnpnnird ( plic-hl. 1)ES MOINES, "liny 20.—The (mention ol the .1 tionitlity of th'c Inw for levying a special tax iipcm foreign insurance companies wnsup before Judge Holmes in a mild way in the shape of fe technical demurrer filed mid argued in the case of the Scottish Union National insurance Company of the U&ited Kingdom by their representative, Attorney McVey, and against 8tate Treasurer Herriott. The insurance company, which represents twenty others, paid the fees levied upon receipt of a notification irom the state authorities, but did so under protest, immediately thereafter filing 1 a suit to recover them and to test, the tax law. The case will b'e immediately carried to the supreme court. The foreign com panics claim that under the treaties had with this nation they are entitled to the same treatment as a local company, and therefore it is a violation of the amenities of international usage to override the treaty by legislating against foreign insurance companies. The question involved in the demurrer •was purely technical, and did not in- Tolve the issues in the case. DOWER RIGHTS. Supreme Conrt Snys They Cannot Be Contracted Away. DEsMoiSES, May 2:?.— In the supreme court at Dos Moines the decision of the lower court in the case of Edward Poolc vs. Emma M. Burkham, executrix, appellant, was aflirwied; opinion by Granger. Mrs. Mary M. Poolc died Jn DCS Moines county, leaving a husband and 318,000 in personal property. She left her husband, by will, $100. The executrix tendered him the bequest, but he spurned it, and brought suit to break the will and get his one- third dower. The court gave it to him, despite his agreement, dated Burlington, July 3, 1893, that when she died he would make no claim on her estate. The case presented the one question of whether or not a wife or husband can contract with the other about a distributive share of either in the other's estate. Before the adoption of section 2203 of the code of '73 dowel- interest could be the subject of such contract. KILLED HIMSELF. Prominent Business Man of DCS Jlolncs Takes His Own Life. DES MOINES, May 21.— In a fit of temporary insanity Clayton L. Baker, president and manager of the Baker Carriage company, of 114-10-18 West Walnut street, shot himself twice, death resulting instantly. The tragedy occurred on the third floor of the factory at 6.15 a. m. At that hour men working , in the factory below heard two shots and upon investigat- Jng they found Baker lying in a pool of blood on the floor. He had shot himself through the head twice with a revolver and lay on his back on the floor. The revolver had dropped to his side between his body and ai - m. A few feet a way lay his hut, ITe had evidently died without a struggle. OF BADGER ROBBED. IOWA'S TROOPS DEPART. , ;.-.. , ^- Bafe Cracked and 8630 Taken — The , f Thi?Y?8 Escape, FOBT DOUGE, May 21. — The safe in the Bank of Badger was blown open at 3 o'clock a. in. The safe and vault are a complete wreck. Tlio robbers secured $050, and, although the town was aroused by the explosion, the burglars escaped by means of a handcar to Fort Dodge, where the trail was lost. The bank was insured against Joss. United 'Workmen Changes. WATERLOO, May 20. — At the biennial meeting of the Grand Lodge, A. O. U. W. in Waterloo, action was taken admitting women as members with equal priveleges and rights with the men. This action is due largely to the belief that women are equally as good, if not Tbette?j insurance risks than men. The Cession also by a vote of }Q1 to 31 changed the name of the order #rpm the Grand Lodge of Ancient Order of United Workmen of Iowa to the Grand Lodge of Iowa workmen. The grand master workmen was also made an active worker in the field, and his sal- Wy so increased as to permit of his de- Toting his entire time end attention to the work, ^^ * WI 1 at I4sbon. MT- VEBNON, May 23.— The town of Lisbon, two miles east of Mt. Vernon, was the scene of an exciting shooting affray at 3 a. m. Fifteen shots wej" ^changed. Ipetween Might Wat<« vima ~ and two would-be ** Old Second Regiment, Xow the fiftieth TOTVH Volunteers, locates I>e* Molne«< DEI? M.OIXES, May 23.—Amidst mingled cheersand tears, the gallant boys of the Fiftieth Iowa volunteers left Camp MeKinley Saturday to go to the front to fight for humanity and their country. It was an impressive sight as each of the three battalions, one after the other, marched proudly out to board the trains that were waiting for them. It made a scene long to be remembered and is the first of its kind since the civil war. While there was no large demonstrations, there was a tensity of feeling manifest that is not often exhibited in the presence of a crowd. Each of the three battalions were escorted part or all the way to their respective trains. The Fourth did the honors for the Third battalion, which was to take the Northwestern train. The Third regiment did a like service for the Second battalion, which was to go over the Bock Island, while the First regiment,'with Col. Dows at their head, led the way to the Wabash tracks, followed by the gallant boys of the First. As each battalion moved at a different time, the Third regiment band was able to provide music for all, which it did in an acceptable manner, playing such pieces as ''The Union Forever,' 1 "Marching Through Georgia," "IJcd. White and Blue" and"The Girl I Left Behind Me.." The First battalion left at 11 o'clock, the Second at 10 o'clock and the Third at u:4.">. Stnto Federal Ion of T-.alior. DcnuQUE, May 20.—At the State Federation of Labor convention these officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, J. I 1 '. Byrne, Ottumwa; first vice president, A. S. Kchm, DCS Moines; second vice president, X. P. Collins, Des Moincs; third vice president, John Parr, Dubuque; secretary and treasurer, John S. Xagle, Du- buquc; legislative committee, A. L. Urick, Geo. E. Shaver and F. L. Garrett, all of Des Moines. Ottumwa was selected as the place for holding the next convention. Budd Wins at Kaunas City. KANSAS CITY, May "].—The Kansas City Star ctip, representing the wing shot championship of America, was won in the Missouri shooting tournament by Charles Budd, of DCS Moincs, Iowa. After the sixty-five men entering for the event had shot at twenty- five birds, there remained but five who had clean records. In the shoot off Budd killed fifteen straight winning the cup. JOWA CONDKNSKI). to hold ttp VK officer. The plate j n the vicinity of Vfeve badly shattered by g bullets^ "but aside from this no injury was done. The robbers made good tJieir escape, though Miller was »ble to secure a description of them. A complete outfit for safe drilling and b quantity of dynamite were left behind in their flight. _ Young JJJau Killed l>y » Train. , Way 17.— Frank Keeley, a ung ?nan, was arrested by g& BigUt-watch for drunkenness and the officer. Getting away, he to board the returning Rock -|Bl,an4 pxcwslon train and was thrown thjp wheels aod killed ** FPTMt ,--\VWlP attempt- Bishop Perry left $50,000 life insurance, an estate valued at $50,000, and 40,000 books valued at $00,000. If you are interested in retaining the health you have or regaining that which has left you send to the Coif ax Mineral Water Co., C'olfax, Iowa, for pamphlet on "Health, and How to Ptetain It." At Marshalltown recently burglars gained an entrance to D. S. Good's grocery store on West Main street by prying open a rear window. They attempted to open the safe, but were unsuccessful, succeeding only in breaking off the combination. The money drawer was then opened and $1.40 taken' tberefrprri, A get of Rogers' silver knives'and forks and soffib t°l>acco was also taken but nothing else, A destructive tsyelone swept through western and soutliei^i JtUUggold county a few evenings since. The storm swept away tb'j buildings of J. A. Millei'. liviu£ feast of Blockton, doing much damage. Mr. Miller.s daughter was severely injured in the lower limbs, both of which ,wcre broken, and Mr. Miller was badly injured by falling glass and articles picked up by the storm. The storm semed to lift after the devastation at this farm and did no more damage until it reached Maloy, on the Chicago Great Western railway, seven miles north of Blockton, where it wrecked the school house and tore the depot in two; many narrowly escaped with their lives at Maloy. There the storm rose again, sweeping away Vint Worthington's house, just south of town, and bftdly injuring an old woman whose name wftg unknown. Mai-shalltown dispatch: As the re-' sultdf 4 decision handed clown by the Iowa supreme court, four saloons ttf Marshalltown are closed, probably permanently. This Is the otttcom;^ of the saloon war which was begu^' ^ y ^e Anti-Saloon League and *' rt , ll { c ii ] ias waged foi 1 several montl-^ The-closed saloons are two o\Y^' edby ' Fi 1It Qifford and two bolon*»'; ng to Geo A . Bowman, On ft Chw^o of^haviug sold to minors Vere convicted by Judge Caswcll, issued an injunction. They did not close at once, and he threatened to ca\ise their arrest for contempt of court. They then appealed to the supreme court on a technicality^ but that tribunal affirmed the ilccisVon 'of the lower court, The saloons, \vei"e at once closed on receipt of a 'telegram wp Two ** announcing the result. Tito decision will prevent them from operating saloons under the mulct law ; at anyplace in the Seventeenth judicial district. H. Q, Curtis, of Atlantic, ALL OVER THE WORLD FIRE ON SANTIAGO. Btitnbnrd AMERICAN SHIP3. Thrfe Amcrlenn Wnr Ships That, City. ' \VAsnixoTON T , May 20. — News has just readied here that Santiago De Cuba has been bombarded. Three warsh'.ps of Sampson's fleet, presumably the monitors Amphitrite and Terror and the cruiser Minneapolis. approached the town Wednesday and under strong provocation from the shore batteries, opened fire on the fortifications. The first report of the i engagement comes from Spanish sources and states that little damage was done. The American vessels concentrated their fire upon Morro castle, which corresponds in importation to the fort of the same name nt Havana. Apparently the Americans escaped without injury, as no mention is imttio of any damage to the vesse in the bombardment. The navy partmcnt had cmlorotl Sampson to evj? the three oabtas •vv enter the watfcr :st Snntinsro, ntv<? American warships woro this work when thoy WOTV by the Spanish, who thus bombardment. The faol *Jhnt l3 reached Havana an A \vis thence to Madrid, to 3./onnoTi Ji-n to Washington, proves tliftt IJhf. ican ships wore u n s'.Tf cnssf nl IT. /• the cables. K is beliC'Ti-vl i>,jn sidcrablo dam ago "was tlofic. w fortifications. KILL ONE THOUSAND. Correspondent Insists Schley niid Sampson HaveUone to Meet Cert-era. WASHINGTON. May 31.—Although the navy department refuses all information, it can -be stated on the highest authority that Admiral Sampson and Commodore Schlcy have started to engage the Spanish fleet at Santiago, by way of the Windward ami Yucatan passages, respectively. The lighter ships will maintain a close blockade of the northern coast of Cuba, while swift dispatch boats are held at Key West to carry news of any important change in the enemy's ohm to Sampson anil ; Schlov. TORNADO IN ARKANSAS. S't-t- At t.raM St»ven IVrson* KIHci! and (.rent Damage Pone. FWKriKvu.i.v, Ark., May 23.— A U»nuuU> \vhivh pji.ssed through a p^> - - tum of northwest Arkansas did iin- itu-use dsuuaire te> ptvpvrty and oauso.l !h«» lU-nth of, at U-ast sovon persons. Uojx'-t.s k f tho lU-stnu'tion aro wminsr i« sX ••.»«[ I y aiul it is foatvil that U'.te; nU'taUs \vii.i, add U> the death list. HOW THEY WILL FIGHT. wm 'futk.v th .'; 1 *. *'U--,-«M to > ii^L', Ma,;. :.''.' * I'ettrr Himt* of r*-S I'trvrra. Uoth Sam {'.son's o ttetv. It is l>e- i-.utiiigv stud that 1 - Uir^vr crxusecs 'h tUvts to meet ll take t;ie nu>u\- -S Ml-. •C't.Jj/:; .•;i,..'• Eli 1 . Hot riglii in Manila 1 nnd Civil Gus VAxcotrvKn. May 00.—The Empross of ,] India brings news that a massacre of the rebels by the Spanish preceded Admiral Dewey's volley. An account from Manila says: The other day panic was occasioned in the city by a report that a suburb of Tondc had risen. All doors and windows were closed and a civil guard paraded the sreets. Tlio real cause of the panic was afterwards discovered to be a surprise by the civil guards meeting the insurgents. The civil guards opened fire upon the rebels and burst open tho doors of the houses. Tlie rebels offered stout resistance with long knives and axes, Imi, very soon settled matters. Seven natives were killed. Eight guards were wounded; of the latter two died. Subsequently sixty or seventy persons were captured and shot without loss of time. It is estimated that two hundred rebels escaped into the country. Two companies of the third native regiment also were sent in pursuit. Risings inBolinac, andSeamablcs have been siibclued. The Spanish troops have killed a thousand Indians and hundreds of woman and children. t. S..-, SPANISH FLEET LOCATED. Arrive Safely at Santiago do Cuba. MADIUD, 'May 20.—The Spanish squadron has arrived at Santiago de Cuba without accident. MJUNIID, May 20.—i a. m. The Spanish fleet on arriving at Santiago do Cuba found two American warships, which retired with all speed. The queen regent has cabled congratulations to Admiral Ccrvera. I'lool Again at Sen, '"NlAnniD, May SI.—It is asserted that Admiral Cevvera's squadron has left Santiago de Cubu. Insurgents Closing Jiti NKW YQIIK, May 21.—The World's special from Port Au Prince says: "information is received that Gomez, nt the head of 15,000 insurgents, is closing in on Havana. His advance guard had a skirmish with and put to iliglit 800 Spanish troops. Santiago de Cuba is menaced by 5,000 insurgents under Garcia." Death of Edward Bellamy. SPHINOFIKMI, Mass., May 33.—Edward Bellamy, the author and humanitarian, died early yesterday morning at his home in Chicopce Falls, in the 40th year of his age. Mr, Bellamy has been in feeble health ever since he flushed his "Equality," some eight months ago, HU ilciith was due to consumption. announced his intention of becoming ^ candidate for congress >jn the Ninth district. LThis makes 'two 'c^tt- i C&sis 'Cduiity 'flow in 'the Hon. Silus XVilSo'n ''having 'announced himself'& 'fe'w'days ago. Mr, Curjtis said in lite 'iarinOuneeraent thai if he is »ot the c'libtce of the Cast, county wjivejitlbk he will not embar caller candidate from Cass Wtodoulfe'dly wake a \vare candidates hav any v.-i wj.s cxMiiivueti to •&" i-:<•<.••.> ivvaxise of n Martod for she rh:Hpp:wc* yestonhiy morning-. Every ve.s*oi in the harbor blew nn an rvvoir to the bssr cruiser and the demonstration iKai'.c by the 0,000 soldiers gathered at the IVcsitiio was tremendous. The Troops for Dcwrjr. SAX FRANCISCO. May 20.—Nebraska^ contribution of mcu to the army, which is to be sent to Manila, have arrived. There are thirty carloads of them, numbering 080 men and officers. Another train load comprising 3GO more soldiers from the same state is detained at Reno, Nev., owing to the wrecking of another train. Report of Naval Battle, NEW YOUK, May 23.—The World and Journal both print specials from Cape Ilaytien saying that heavy cannonading was heard Sunday morning off Port dePaix and off Gonaives. Rumors are current that the Spanish were disastrously beaten. The firing took place at both points simultaneously about 0 a. m. Sunday. Worse Than Fighting Spaniards. CHATTANOOGA, May S3.—A train conveying the First Missouri infantry from Chattanooga to Chickamauga park was wrecked in a collision at Rossville station. One private was killed and twelve injured. The mil itary train was run into by a regular passenger train running at a hig-li rate of speed. ~ A CALCUTTA, Itiol In India. May 23. About 3,000 people took part in a riot which lasted two hours at Bhowauipoor, ninety-nine miles west of Bynaghpoor. Many of the rioters were injured, and they were finally dispersed by the police. May Come to Cuba. LOXDOX, May 23.—The Madrid correspondent of the Daily Mail says: "The government waits for results from Admiral Cervera before deciding as to the orders for the second squadron." Great Fire In a Prussian mine. DoitTMU.M), Prussia, May 23.—A great fire has broken out in the Zollern mine. It is feared that at least forty-five miners have perished. Another Spanish Victor^. MADRID, May 23.—An official dis nitch from Havana says: Two Amerian warships attempted to force an iiitrance to Isabels Sagua, (near the noutb of the Sagua river, Santa Clara province, on the north const). The ,roops were massed upon the shore and compelled the Americans to retire. Cervei-a \V\ll Return to St. Plertfk ST. Pitettftte, Martinique, May 23.—Ad- rtiral CerVcra's squadron, it is reported nu good authority, will retVirn to these waters for coal. It is Vaiown that a number of Spanish colliers are on their way to Port do Frame. Augu«tt talking Again. , May 'S3,—The Madrid eov- respondeiit 'rff the Mail telegraphs: • 'Governor'General August! has reaf' •flrmed toiv't 'he will distribute every ri'fle ahh 'cartridge he possesses flt^f e'tul Manila to the last." and ,„.._ curiosity was manifested by a'lady in Indiauapolis who tried to Ope'ii a dynamite cartridge •with : a fttat- pin. What she found in it has been told, as she has not yet to the scene of her ' Some contemptible thieves drained an artificial pond near Mowntato Lake Park, Cumberland, Md,, apd stole all the big fish, leaving the small •< die for lack of >vater. Sailors are so supen do uot like to trw&t tbewsptvps 'on Khip wbiph has & <sorps&on IjoftW. The shipping s-gefttfi therefore - H " freight on FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. RESATE Washington, May 1(5.—The de' at •> upon thewnr revenue measure wai begun in the neiiato today. The opening statement for the committed was made by Allison, of Iowa, the ranking member, in tlie absence of Merrill. It was estimated that the bill, as it came from the house of representatives, would raise about $ 100.000,000a year. An reported from the senate committee Allison estimates that it will raise?! 51,497,080. nousn. The house to-tiny received its first veto from President MeKinley anil voted unanimously to sustain the executive. The veto wns on a bill conferring upon tho court of claims jurisdiction in a private claim case of lone: standing. SENATE. Washington, May 17.—The bill was passed that the pny and allowance of the volunteers i should begin on tho day of their enrollment at tlio state camps; those L-oinp to tho Philippines to bo allowed to draw one month's pay in advance. Consideration of the war measure was resumed. .Tones, of Arkansas, presented the views of the democratic members of the llnanco committee, declnrinp it was the purpose of the democrats to impose tho wur tax upon property und not upon consumption. noi;sn. Tho lunisp hold a brief session. Two important bills, affecting; labor, wore passed, out- limitiiifr tho labor of persons employed upon jrovtM'iimimt works and in povenimont scmro to ci^ht hours daily, and tlio other providing for tho equipment of ;> unit-part |sait labor commission to consider legislative problems aft'octing labor. 8EXATI!. 4 Washington, May 18.—The feature of today's so'sion iu tho senate was the speech of Turpic, dcm., ot Indiana, upon tho war ivvoimo measure. Ho strongly contended that a bond issue was unnecessary, that, all the funds required for the prosecution of war could bo raised throtig'li tho proposed inheritance tax, by the tax on corporations, by the coinage of silver scipni- orairt'and by the issue of legal tender notes. HOUSE, The urgent deficiency bill, carrying in round numbers $84,000,000, of which'$3,000,l\>0 are for pensions,was 'reported by the house committee oil pensions. It was passed. SENATE. Washington, May 1!).—While several important paragraphs in the war revenue measure were passed over to-day for fuuire notion, excellent progress was made by the senate in the consideration of the bill. Two-thirds of the measure has been read, tho committee amendments generally having been agreed to. I1OCSE. After passing the labor arbitration bill as amended by the senate by a vote of 219 yeas to 4 nays, and experiencing ;i brief political tilt, the house adjourned this afternoon until Monday. SENATE. Washington, May 20.—In the senate the committee on naval affairs favorably reported the house joint resolution for the enrollment of an auxiliary naval force as an inner line of defense, with an amendment limiting the number to 8.000. It was passed, and consideration of the war revenue bill was resumed. GETTING TO BE A BIG ARMY. Volunteers to tlie Number of 103,000 Have_Been Mustered In. WASHINGTON, May 23.—One hundred and three thousand volunteers have been mustered into the service of the United States, according to the reports which have reached Adjutant General Corbin, and by the end of this week the officials hope every man of the 135,000 called for will have taken the oath nnd sworn allegiance to protect the United States government in its war with Spain. The mustering in of the regular army branch with a view to increasing it to 00,000 men, the war strength authorized by the laws, continues satisfactorily in all directions, though reports are not at hand to [indicate the precise number. INVASION I? is DELAYED. for be BHEVITJES. Jt is announced that William J. Bryan is to organize a third regiment of Nebraska volunteers «ml tender their services to the president UB soon as mustered. Governor Holcomb has issued him a commission as colonel with authority to proceed, and Mr. Jryan told the Associated Tress cor- that he wotild accept tli6 tolttVuission. 'The Russian ambassador to Kng- aud has been directed to vlemand rom Salisbury, it is reported, an explanation of Chamberlain's assertion hat Russia is ineligible for an alliance jecause of her perfidy* The prevailing opinion now is that Chamberlain's speech, in which he advocated an Anglo-Saxon alliance, was a grievous .ndiscretion. It has excited jealousies and resentment throughout Europe without promising to attsin any compensatory advantages. His indirect calling the czar "the devil" is sure, it is believed, to give-undying offense in St. Petersburg. Key West dispatch: The gunboat Wilmington steamed in front of Car denas again Saturday afternoon and in an hour's time finished up the work of demolishing the earth works, •bombardment completely destroyed >every vestige of the defense works. Jt is asserted that within * week the strategy board will be a mere reminiscence. A battle will wot be fought and planned iw Washingtioi) by the war and »ayy departments, officer in coameaand 9& the Secretary " Uncle Sam Says: Th!sts 01OKS : America's Greatest Medicine. It will Sharpen Your Appetite, Purify and Vitalize Your Blood, Overcome That Tired Feeling. Get a bottle oi Hood's Sarsaparilla and begin to take It TODAY, and realize the great good it is sure to do you. Hood's Sarsaparilla \3 America's Greatest Medicine. All drncclsts. Fierce AVnrrlors, These. "Biffwhack is organizing a regiment that ought to do great service." "Who's he got?" "One thousand henpecked husbands whose wives want to get rid of them and who are-willing to risk anything to get away." HomcBCckers' Excursions. On the first and third Tuesdays in, May and June, 1898, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway will sell round-trip excursion tickets (good for 21 days) to a great many points in South and North Dakota and other •western and southwestern states, at practically one fare for the round trip. Take a trip west and see what an amount of good land can be purchased for very little money. Further information as to rates, routes, prices of farm lands, etc., may be obtained on application to any coupon ticket agent or by addressing George H. Heafford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. Biggs—I'm all broken up. Dlggs— Then it's about time you mended your ways. Educate Your Bowelg With Casenretl Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forever. lOc, 25o. It C. C. C, fall drtiBClsts refund money. A Kaffir's religion consists mostly in singing and dancing. Saved My Life. President Insists on Waiting; Decisive Nuvnl Uuttle. WASHINGTON, May 2,'i.—It can stated on the good authority of the closest personal ana political friend of President MeKinley in Washington that ihcre will be no invasion of Cuba until after the Spanish fleet has been disposed of. The reason assigned is that in the event our fleet should suffer reverses, our troops in Cuba would be at the mercy of the Spanish. The supply of food in Cuba is so limited an army would not be able to exist. Hurrying to Join Sampson. WASHINGTON, May 21.—The Oregon, Marietta and Buffalo have picked tip the Harvard oft' Martinique and all four are hurrying to join Sampson's lect, .. -_ "'•"; '- I iHirtunt to Inventors and Owners of Patents. Iowa Pftlent Office. Des Moines, May .—In a recent decision in the circuit cuurt of appeals in the case of West- nghouse vs Hoyden Air Brake Co.. re- Latingto air brakes, occurs the following: "A claim which might otherwise be bad as covering a function or result, when containing these words (substantially as set forth) should be construed in connection with the specification, and when so construed may be hold to be valid. A process which, though ordinarily and most successfully performed by machinery, may also be performed by hand by simple manipulation—such, for instance, as the folding of a paper in a peculiar way for the manufacture of paper bags, or a new method of weaving a hummock—is a patcntable process though none of the powers of nature are invoked to aid." [TRADE MARI] Swanson Ehcumntlc Cure Company, Chicago. Dear Sirs: I cannot help writing to you to express my thanks for curing me by your wonderful remedy, '•5 DROPS." 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' "5DUOPS" cures UlienmatisnuSelatlea.Neu- ralffia, Dyspepsia, ISuekixcho, Asthma. Catarrh, SleeploBsneHs, Nervousness, NervotiK andNenralctcUcudnches, Heart Weakness, La Grippe, Creeping Numbness. Many thousands of similar letters received. The merits of "fi DROPS" | 8 undisputed with those who have tried It. Large bottles of -5 DROPS" (300 doses), 81.00; 3 bottles, »2.50. Agents wanted in new territory, Write us to-day. SWANSOM IUIKUMATIC OURK CO.. 107-100 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. m ljf\ W' *n w 1 HU BbOUt 1 Iklonbifce. powers of THOMAS •& 3. RALPH pnwio, Solicitors of Patents. scene of determined on this pl<aii ;aad lias issued p.r<Je*8 ij? this effect. In Moscow 350 specimens of wines were analyzed by expert chemists. AU but three of them were found to bo injurioiis 'decoctions. Two mules were struck by lightning at Elk Point, S. D.. and one ot them, fell'cai a 'boy and killed him. In -sosae 'of 'the New York hotels the. •waiters are tipped to "pu*xh" certain; ibrands 'of champagne. : Over 300,000 people in Massachusetts •are dependent upon tho cotton mills •for their living. T^jree-fifths ol the Spanish soldiers in C\»b.a-aiB under ty/vesty-fivc yetu-s ol £ The Burlington's Klondike |JJ folder is a veritable mine of in* information about tho gold-fields tl/ of Al'aska and tlie Yukon. It ffi tells how to reach them, when'to j* go, what to take, where to buy !»> it,what the trip costs, when the qii steamers sail, ami why ') r our JS tickets should read via the Bur$ liugton Route to San Francisco, \b Portland, Seattle, or Tacoma. ^J Sent for 4 cents in stamps. S| J. Francis, General Passenger Agt., jjj Ornuliu, Neb. m !»» w <n m m « m m ft AGENTS 20' piiges. O' It sells HUo "Hot Cakes." Kendall's Perfcc'tetl Receipt Book. -J' 1 pages. Over 100 llus illustrations. Hundreds of the best of prescriptions and receipts lor everything. To Live Agouti we will send a copy with, terms to ugeuts Fur 1O Hunts to pay postaKe. The Kendall Publishing Co., SaratOKu, Surluirs N V. TCinilCDCWANTKU 1UUU ueoclwa now to contract I tAunLlld for HUM tuiiu. Ofllcos lu 10 cities Union Teachers' Agencies of America* Plitsburg, Pa. A pn\nl«E» treatment. No ku'f <>. NyVloBtcr. l)r.W.C. 1'a MarBhaUtuwu, |uwa. fir llli >or uud ibruut

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