The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1898
Page 7
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TOPftM BIB MO1&B8: AMONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY MAY 18, 1898, iiiimi innfilntitlriM Citltt industry, fighters made Spain's Spain's bull fighters made money i last year. Mazzantini in sixtv fights [killed 168 bulls and made * 30(5,000 ! pesetas; Reverte's score was seventy- one fights, iCO bitlls and 270.000 pesetas, |.- while Gnef-Hta, with seventy-six fights and 147 bulls si > ghtered. earned 456,000 pesetas, or $91^000. .A ihihisterial looking designer made application for work to a No.w York architect. On being asked* in which line he had had most experience he Said that his forte lay in ecclesiastical architecture, but that he had occasionally done some "profane"' work. nf I*. "llave yon heard of that scheme of an Ohio man? He wants the United States war vessels made of rubber." "It wouldn't work. Yon could blow up a rubber ship with an air pump." Henry Allen Howard can do strange things.' He can stick hatpins through his cheeks, lips, and calves, drive nails through his feet and hands, anrt perform many similar wonders. He recently gave an exhibition at the Astor house in New York city, and demon- started that wc.imcis of the character above described cause him no pain. fs. A FRIEND'S ADVICE. And what it led to. It !s not a common occurence that a ffieudly word should be the means of giving nearly iorty years of happiness and health to the person heeding the advice it carried. This was the case with Mary Xlngard. At twenty-five she was dragging but her days in misery. At sixty-one she finds herself so active end strong she can do work that would shame many a younger •woman, and looks back on thirty-six happy, healthful years of industry. But Jet her tell her story: "Thirty-six years ago I had great trouble with my liver. The doctors allowed that there were tumors growing on it, nnd they blistered my side in au effort to give me relief. 1 was at that time earning my living ns a tailoress, but for five years, between the pain in my side nud the blisters I was iu constant misery, and •work was a drag to me, with no prospect of relief; fortunately for me, however, a friend advised me to take Dr. Ayer's Snr- eaparilla, and finally persuaded me to take a regular course of it. When I first commenced taking the Sarsaparilla my side •was so painful that I could not fastc'u my dress, nnd for a time I did not get any relief, but my friend advised me to persevere and relief was sure to come, and come it did. This happened, as I say, thirty-six j'ears ngo. My liver has never troubled me since, and during these years I have passed through the most critical period of a woman's life without any par ticular trouble, and to-day, at sixty-one yenrs of age, I am active and strong, and able to do a day's work that would upset many a younger woman. Ever since tny recovery 1 have taken a couple of bottle* of Dr. Ayer's Sarsatiarilla each spring, and am quite satisfied that I owe my good health to this treatment. I give this testimonial purely in the hope that it may meet the eye of some poor sufferer."— MARY I.INOARD, Woodstock, Otit. Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla has won its way to every corner of the world by the praise of its friends; those who have'tiicd it and who know they were cured by the use of the remedy. There is nothing so sit one as this personal testimony. It Ihtows all theories and fancies to the winds and stands solidly upon the rock of experience challenging every skeptic with a positive "7 know," Ayer's Sarsnpnrilla with its purifying and vitalizing action on the blood is a radical remedy for eveiy form of disease that begins in tainted or impure blood. Hence tumors, sores, ulcers, boils, eruptions and similar dis. eases yield promptly to this medicine. Some cases are more stubborn than others, but persistence with Dr. Ayer's Sarsnpa. rilla usually results iu a complete cure. Mary I.ingnrd began with a bottle, and went on to a course of Dr. Ayer's Sarsnpn- rilln. When she was cured she realized that a medicine that could cure disease could also prevent it. So she took a couple of bottles each spring and kept in perfect health. There are thousands of similar cases on record. Some of these are gathered into Dr. Aver's Curebook.a little book of loo pages which i.fsent frccbv the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Muss. Write for it. (MffiAL BOYMO& PfcESlDENf OF MAUOA PARK THE CHICKA- COMMISSION. "IRONING TVIAOE EASY." IIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM REQUIRES NO COOKING MES COLUffiS AND GUFFS STIFF AND NICE WHEN FIKST BOUGHT NEW ONE POUND OF THIS STARCH WILL GO AS FAR AS A POUND AND A HALF OF ANY O'OIER STARCH. (EOKUKJOWANEWHAVEN,CONN, This starch la prepared on scientific principles liy men who have lind yenrs of practical experience In fancy laundering. It restores old linen mid summer dresses to their natnVal whiteness and Imparts a beautiful and lasting finish. It Is tho only starch manufactured that Is perfectly harmless, containing neither arsenic, Blum or any other substance Injurious to linen und can he used even for a baby powder. For Sale by All Wholesale and Retail Grocers. ss 33 BIG FOUR ROUTE THE GREAT THROUGH OAR LINE TO CINCINNATI, ST. LOUIS, NEW YORK, * BOSTON THE BEST ROUTE BETWEEN Cincinnati and Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo and Detroit ELEGANT DINING CARS WARREN J. LYNCH, Aia't Gcn'l Paul, & Tkt. ARt E. O. MCOORMICK, Faascugcr Trutita Manager M. E. INQALLS, Presiduut. ENTON HARBOR NILCO LKHART GOSHEN 7000 BICYCLES carried over from 1897 must lie gacrijlced now. 1 . Now illtich CJruUc, all styles, equipment, guaran- 89.75 tp $17.00. lined \vhccls, latfl models, all mokes, S3 to $12. Weahlp on approval with- pout aeent payment. Write jnrif aln list and art catalogue „, US mmlfl". BICYCLE FREE lor eewbu to advertise them. Send for one. lilder aicenta •ftanved. LeanihowtoEarniiBlcyclcundmakeraouov. g. B. MEAD CYCLE CO., CHICAGO Cheap Farming Lands In Eastern Central Minnesota adapted to general farming, stock raising iiuil dairying In the best portion or Miu'uoKO'ui. These laiuU are .offered at -- "- TO SS5 PER ACKM NEAR AND CONVKNIJKN.T TO MARKMTS. People desiring fertile agricultural lands which will-furnish <jOOU HOBJKS nnd increase more rapidly In value than lands In any Other state address O. S. SWART*,,, 175 |iu8t Third Street, St. Paul, Minn. NEWPISCOVERYie'ves quick relief and cures worst for boolc oil testimonials and IU days' i, Dr. 11. II. (UIIKN'S BOSS.Atlunlo.Ua. Of, Kay's Renovator, MiuaUou, llvoi 1 und kidney diseases, biliousness, . (, etc. At druggists, 25o und $1.00. Answering Advertisement? Mention This Paper. I 6 fg at Frtsfeitt Charged tilth Important Work an » ftesutt of the Great Military Manocnterg at Thai Historic rinco. ENERAL HENRY VAN NESS BOYNTON, president of the Chickamauga Park commission, who is now in charge of the big military rende7,vous on that historic ground, retired some years ago from the chairmanship of the correspondents' press committee at the capital. For more than a quarter of a century the general was Washington correspondent for Cincinnati newspapers, and for years he was known as the dean of the correspondents' corps. Few correspondents at Washington have had a wider reputation than the president of the park commission. For twenty-six years he represented the Commercial Gazette of Cincinnati, a post he relinquished in 1891. Four years later he returned to the service of the big Cincinnati paper. He got his journalistic genius from his father, who was an editorial contributor to the Commercial Gazette and through whose influence the son obtain-, ed a place in the local department. General Boynton has done capable work as president of the Chiclcamauga "I have been using CASCABISTS for Insomnia, with which I have been afflicted for over twenty years, and I can say that Cusearets have given pie more re lief than any other remedy I have ever tried. I shall certainly recommend them to my friends as being all they are represented." I'HOS. QIUJMD, Elgin, ill. I Patriotic Sotit-cftlrft. I "War relics! War relics!" shouted a street vender. "Splinters from the Maine! Splinters from the Maine!" • "Are those genuine?" asked a clerical-looking man, as he glanced over the tray. "All genuine," replied the vender. "That's what the man who manufactures 'em says. All genuine, and patented in Washington, 13. C." Bills of Faro InFnfthlonnhlc Restaurants. The question has been quoted over and over again whether French and German dishes upon the bills of fare is or is not an improvement. Many pretend that before their introduction cooking was coarse. No bill of fare presents attractions to the dyspeptic, but even they can be cured l>y llostetter's Stomach bitters. been Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good. Do Good, Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe, lOc, 2io, fjQa ... CURE CONSTIPATION. .„ Bfmulljr f-oapanjr. t'likuio, Moutrfal. Nqn York. 810 Tfl RAR Sold and guaranteed by alldru(j- * I U'llAb gists W CT»B Tobacco Habit: »VONJ3S KB FATS TUB Jaaa *' Farm and Wagon SCALES. United 8t»ta| Standard, AH 0fe«* and AU Kinds. Not made by a trust or controlled by a combination, 'r Free Hook mid fries List, address f JUNOHAMT T,. V, A Horn Monopollfir,. "Willie, liavc you and Johnnie fighting again?" "Yes'in. We was outdoors playjn' we'owned the stars and secin' who could own the most, and he rung in a spyglass on me." Slmke Into Your SliocH. Allen's Foot-Base, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try It today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mall for 25c in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted. Le Rov. N. Y. TRIALS Of Mrs. Plakhato Says Standing Still is Ofce 6l Woman's Most Trying Ta&ks. ' flare you ever thought why it is that so many women or girls rather walk for an hout than stand still for ten minutes ? It is because most women suffer from some derangement of their delicate organism, the discomfort from which is less trying when they are in motion than when standing. So serious are these troubles and so dangerous to health that the laws in some states compel employers to provide resting places for their female employees. But no amount of law can regulate the hard tasks of these women, Cus-> tomers are exacting, and expect the saleslady to be always cheerful — and pleasant. How can a girl S cheerful when her back is "•— GENERAL BOYNTON. Park commission, and his assistance at the present time will be of high value to the military authorities. AARON BURR'S OLD TANK. Reminder of a Legislative Charter Trlch Exhumed in Now York. For the first time in more than one generation, Aaron Burr's old tank In Center street is on public view. The east wall of the building at the intersection of Center and Reade streets, in which it has been housed since the aqueduct was built, has been taken down to let the new Elm street through 'and the big tank on its stone foundation is in full sight. Many persons stop and look at it curiously in the course of the day. They have read of the •tank and its history. Their chance will soon have passed. A new wall is already being built, and in another day or two this relic of old New York will be shut out of sight once more. The tank was built 100 years ago by the Sham Water company, whose charter Aaron Burr engineered through the legislature of 1799. Masquerading as a proposition to introduce good drinking water into New York, at that time its greatest need, it was really a scheme to establish a bank in the city. There was only two here, and there was a strong political prejudice against chartering more. The trick was successful. The .bank of the Manhattan company grew great and powerful, and to keep up the pretense of being a water company, upon which its charter rested, the company dug a big well at Reed and Center streets and built the tank, to hold the water pumped out of it, This well is still there under the sidewalk, and the tank is always kept pumped full. The charter of the big bank rests yet upon it, though even the pretense of carrying water was given up when the aqueduct was built in the 40's. Opposite the well is 11 Reade street, the last of the old houses of a day when fashionable New Yorkers lived down town. Tradition has it that Aaron Burr had his law office in it. It even points out the spike holes in the wall by the door where his shingle swung in sight of his legislative triumph, but as to that there may be some doubts. Of the genuineness of the tank there is none.—New York Sun. A doctor says that children takes place they are asleep. the growth of entirely when Supremo Court Sustains tho Foot-East Triulo-niiirk. Jur.tice Laughlin, In Supremo Court, Buffalo, N. Y., has just ordered a permanent injunction, with costs, nud a full accounting o£ sales, to issue tiRninst Paul B. Hudson, the manufacturer of tho foot powder called "Dr. Clark'sFootPowdeiVaudaluo against a retail dealer of Urooklyu, restraiuiug tjietnfroni innldngor sollingtheDr. Clark's Foot Powder, which is declared, in the decision of the Court, an imitation and infringement of "Foot-Ease," thepowderfor tired, aching feet to shako into your shoes, now BO largely advortised and sold all over the country. Allen 8. Olmated, of LeRoy, N. Y , is tho ownerof the trade-mark "Foot- Ease," and ho is the ilrst individual who ever advertised a foot powder extensively over the country. He will send a sample FREE, to auyono who writes him for it. Tho decision in this case upholds his trademark nnd renders all parties liable who fraudulently attempt to profit by the extensive "Foot-Ease" advertising, in placing upon the market a spurious and similar appearing preparation, labeled and put up in envelopes and boxen like Foot-Ease. Similar suits will be brought against others mho ave now infringing ou the Foot-Ease trade-mark and common law rights. The Day of (he Cuckoo, Next Wednesday will be an important day to the maidens of Worcestershire, Eng. It is the fair day at Tenbury; also the day on which the cuckoo is first heard singing its song. There is a superstition that this quaint bird is never heard before that day, and as many times as it utters its call, just so many years will the single person who hears it remain unmarried. The same superstition prevails in Denmark, where the marriageable girl kisses her hand whenever the bird sings, at the game time asking the question: "Cuckoo! cuckoo! when shall J be married?" It js also the belief in some payts of England that whatever one is doing when the cuckoo is first heard, that they will be doing most frequently during the balance of the year.— Philadelphia Item. Real Reason of Trouble. Clearwater Gal—What was Nugglt Nuggins arrested for? Panhandle Peto —Fer not carryin' concealed weapons; •when de sheriff tapped him on de shoulder be \iruss totally helpless,— Puck. A blind bat avoids wires and obstructions as'easily as if it could see perfectly. ^_ A ClorfryniniiB Slory. Rev. .T. B. Wade, Morrison. Colo., writes: '•I am astonished at tho .mildness uud yet tho efficiency of Dr. Kay's Renovator iu moving constipated bowels, and in producing a regular natural daily discharge. ] have boon afflicted with constipation foi twouty-flvo yours." We know Dr. Kav's Renovator nevoi has luad an equal as a Spring Medicine,- 01 for clyspeusiii or any stomach U'ouble, constipation, liver or kidney diseases. Why not give us a chance to prove' it 1,0 you" Send address for our (18-page book of recipes and pcrscriptioiis. Several have said it is worth live and ten dollars, Druggists soil Dr. Kay's Renovator at tiuc, and $1, or six foi- $M, .but if they do no1 luive it, do not take, any substitute they muy say is " just as good" for it has no c(]tinl. If they do uoc have it, you can get it from us by return mail. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. An average of five hundred vessels daily leave the Thames for all parts oJ the world. llnii't Tolmrro fplt nnrt S'mokfl Your 1,11> Away To (put tobacco easily uud forever, be magnetic, full of life nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. AH druggists, 5()o or Cure guaranteed. Booklet nnd sample free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago 01 New York. There odiild not possibly be a white: city than Cadiz unless it were built o snow. Dropsy treated free by Dr. I-I. H. Ureen's Sous, of Atlanta, C!a. The greatest dropsy specialists iu the world. Rend their adver tisemeut in another column of this paper In Japan every workman wears on his cup an inscription stating his bus iness and Ills employer's name. My doctor said I would die, but Piso's Cure lor Consumption cured mo.—Amos Koluor, Cherry Valley, Ills., Nov. 28, '05, The widow of the Tichborne claim ant is penniless, and u relief fund i being 1 started, FITS PermanontlyCurou.WofltBornorvousnesBAfte Srst day's uno of Dv. Klinu'a (Jrent Norvo Boaioror Send fur FKKK $£.(>(> trial bottle und treiitinu 1)11. K. II. KI.IXE, Ltd..931 Arcli St., Philadelphia, 1'u. Every German regiment has a ehir opodist in its ranks. Iowa FtirniH forsulo on crop payment, 81 no' acre cash, balance '/i crop yearly until paid for J. ilulliull, Sioux City, Iowa. Mexico denotes the place or seat o Mexitti, the A/.tec trod of war. Kiluvute Your Ilnwrts WUli Caucarets ' Cuuily Cutliurtlo. cure constitution forever. Iflo 2ic. If C. C. 0. lull druKKlsls refund money. Every throne. heart has a thorn and 3)rs. McCnrly. Dentists. A. 1,. MoCurty—W. W. Mo Curly. Keusonv.ble rutos. Painless tilling uml ox trading. iHXJWul.St. Mutual phono711. JJesHoliiei About one-third of the streets Paris are ornamented with trees. o aching, when she is as- down pains? No mat* naturally, her nerves give be jailed by lassitude and bearing- ef how sweet tempered she is Way under the pain after a while. <l jfej£"^JMJj^ / Employers, however, don't want cross and snappy saleswo ^^ 'IB" ' men. Cheerfulness is very inportan'ii capital, and no one can be j » amiable when raclced with pain; If yoti are ill or. suffering, write without delay to Mrs. Pinkham, at iynn, Mass., and tell her all about yourself. Your story will not be new to icr; she has heard it many thousand times and will know just what you need. Without doubt, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help you, it hna done such wonderful things for suffering women. Do not hesitate to write her all tho little things that make you feel miserable. Your letter will not be seen ! any mnn, and Mrs. Pinkham's advice will cost you nothing. Rend this letter from Mrs. MAnoARET ANDERSON, 403 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me. " DEAR MRS. PiNnnAsi:—For years I had suffered with painful menstruation every month. At tho beginning of menstruation it was impossible for me to stand up for more than five minutes, I felt so miserable. One day a little book of Mrs. Pinkham's was thrown into my house, and I sat right down and read it. I then got some of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills. I can heartily say that to-day I feel like a new woman; my monthly suffering in a thing of the past. I shall always praise the Vegetable Compound for what it has done for me." AsK^Mrs. Pinkham's Advice—A Woman Best Understands a Woman's 1113 DES RflODNES MARBLE & MANTEL CO. Griuiito MomuiiciitH nndaWoocl Mnntolg, Specialties. DeS MolncB, lovin, «A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TQ SHAVE WITH." SAPOLIO IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANING; ICxplalnccl. "Mistuh Pinkley," said Miss Miami Bi'own, "what is dis here diplomacy?" "Well, I dunno whethuh I kin tru'ns- parify de question so's you'll see f roo it. But ef de lan'lord come rotm' foh de rent an' I says I am' gwinter pay, why, I gits put out.- But ef I tells 'ira ter come 'roun' nex' week, an' nex' week tells 'im ter come 'roun' ag'in, an' so on, dat's diplomacy." AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. Wo ore assertins in tho courts our rteht to the exoluslvo use of tho word "CASTO1UA." and "PITCHER'S OASTORIA," as our TradeMark. I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannls, Massachusetts, was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same that has borne und docs now bear tho fae-simllo signature of CIIAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which has been used in tho homes of iho mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at tho wrapper and see that it is "tho kind you havo always bought," and has the signature of CIIAS. H. FLETCHER on tho Wrapper. No one has authority from mo to use my name except The Centaur Company, or which Chas H. Fletcher is President. March 8,1807. SAMUEL PITCHER. M. D. Rain falls on the eastern coast Ireland about 1)08 days in tho year. Of MIND CURE. The Greatest Healing Power on Earth, Lay your prejudice aside long enough to read tbis sworn testimonial of it cure that Boems miraculous: This is to certify' that my upper lip and a largo portion of my nose wore euten uway wllh cancer of so pronounced a character that physicians declared tho case incurable nnd me a doomed man. My situation and feelings were bevond description, when I hoard of Mrs, Helen WilcMHis and her power over every form of disease. After 1 put my.'elf under hev mental treatment tho outing of the cancer ceased und new flesh began to grow from tho edges of H, which gradually spread over the cheek until tho unsightly opening was closed. Tho nose at this time is about completed, and tho lip is nearly lillcd In. I am able to pronounce her efforts a success. My general houlth is fully restored, und I have gone to work again with my customary strength. This testimonial is given from a thankful heart, nnd lam glad to add that my faith in her is so groat that I believe she cun cure any disease under the sun. All this was done without the use of medicines by mental treatment alone. Respectfully, J. M. ICNGMSH. Subscribed nnd sworn to before me this flrst day of March, IK)?, at Uaytona, Fla. C. M. ItiNciHAM. Jit., Notary Public. I »m acquainted with Mr. English and can truly say that this easels not only true in every particular, as set forth by Mr. Ulnglmm, our .n.atary, .but that tho uure spoken of, I must) confess, surpasses human comprehension. During more than '10 years of observation and experience I have met nothing like tho above case. This contribution is voluntary. uii K. K, DAYTON. Sea Breeze, Fla., March 2. I8U7. C. A. IJAM.OUGII, / <z Rr »p,p Fin C. C. POST, i SlCa Bree ' !e . * 'a. I have thousands of testimonials of other cures embracing every form of disease, Borue of which are published iu a jmmphletl called "The Mind Cure Treatment." Write to me for my terms, they are moderate, and ask for "Tho Mind Cure Pamphlet.;' i This is free to nil who want it. Address, HELEN WILIYIANS. Sea Breeze. Fla* Above wo have shown sketches of four valuable inventions which reap their owners fortiines. Inventors desiring 1 free information and patent books may obtain the same by addressing Sues & Co., Registered 'Patent Lawyers, Bee Building, Omaha, Neb. Air cushions made of paper are used by the Japanese. IH'iiuty Is ulocicl Dcop. Clean blood makes a clean skin. No beauty without it. Casearets Candy Cathartic cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver niid driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Coscorets,—beauty forteu cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed, IU, ~5, 50c. Western Australia is now tho only one of the Antipodean colonies that grants free passages to eligible female emigrants from the British Isles. Coe's Cough Ilalsum is the oldest uml best. It will break up a cold quicker than anything else. It Iu ulw'uys rellnble. Try it. The largest carpet in the world is in Windsor castle, being 40 feet in breadth. ^__ No-To-Uno for Fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobucoo hub t cure, makes NTOUU men stiimv, mood imre, SUc, *1. All unii^'lsta. Within the. Antarctic circle there has never been fouml a flowering 1 plant. Columbia Chain Wheel!, Hartford Biojoles, - - - Yedettt Bicycles. - $40 ind Pr, Kay's Lung Balm for and coughs, colds, throat disease, W. N. U, Des Moines. No, 21—1898. Wheu Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This 1'aper. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p^pllllppppjpjp^^jlg^pjp^^ -.—----- ...—..... - • .1... . ....—— 1 ~ .—. PUCK V CAMERA FOR 4x5 PHOTOGRAPHS Take? the Urgnt Size Picture for $5,00, Beplres No Focusing, —^ i 1 f Is covered with fine Morocco Leather, has Leather Handle, two Ml 1 C 1C V Tripod Plates, two large brilliant finders, It has one of the Jr 14V IV V new Fixed Focus Lenses and will make eleav sharp pictures. It is supplied with one Double Dry Plate Holdev »nd will > c ^W«adate Thre^ Double Holders. Complete hook of instructions with each Camera. Send 5 cents *n stamps fqv sample photograph takeix with Puck V Camera, SWEET, WALLACH & CO,, 84 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, KODAKS. CAMERAS ANP PHO; TOGRAPHIG GOODS OF EVERY

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