The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1898
Page 5
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*>** •- Wv* Vi - s'' Tttl ttfttfitt DEB MOUSSE ALGONA, IOWA, Men's Nobby Hats in Stiff and Fedoras— $2.50 Hats for $1,50 15 doz Men's White Shirts- Regular price |i.oo, Red Figure Sale price 75c Child's Knee Pants Suits, six styles- Worth $3.00. Red Figure Sale price Boys' Long Pant Suits— Never shown less than Red Figure Sale price THE NEW ENGLAND'S 2TH SEMI-ANNUAL RED FIGURE SALE Will begin Monday, May 23d, and will continue until June ist. Three hundred men's suits, one hundred boys' suits, and one hundred and twenty-five children's suits will be placed on sale and all will be marked in plain red figures. On Lots of These Goods we will Cut the Regular Price in Half. This sale has redeemed the much-abused word " Bargain"—has given it a truer meaning, has established a standard by which other sales must be measured, and has cemented more closely the bond of union inseparable from a house whose constant your welfare—our success. The values are the greatest, the assortment the largest, prices the lowest. Remember the date—May 23d to 31st inclusive. O. B. DURDfVLb 6c GO. A Handsome Souvenir will be given away to all purchasers at the Red Figure Sale MEN'S BOOKFORD SOCKS- Always sold for 8c. Red Figure Sale price... 3c 25 DOZ MEN'S FEDORA HATS- Bought to sell at $1.50— Red Figure Sale price CHILD'S KNEE PANT SUITS- Worth $1.25. Red Figure Sale price... - Men's Brown, Grey and Mixed Cheviot Suits — worth $7.00. Red Figure Sale .pi-Ice...... , ..... Men's Clay Worsted Suits, a good bargain at $12.50. ...••7.75 Red Figure Sale price Men's Hobby Serge Suits— Actually worth $15.00. Red Figure Sale price *8.50 Men's Business and Semi- Dress Suits in clay and fancy worsted, worth $25.00. Rod Figure Sale $i Ct OO price Y l.O«ii-=. 25 doz Men's working Shirts-. Actually worth 350. Red Figure Sale price :.. ! 5pm RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL I,OOAIi TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at— No. 3 departs at Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at ••• No. 71 departs at No. 65 departs at TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at No. 4 departs at Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at -„ >r No. 94 departs at.....^.^^.Agentr CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. la^v:: 1 ^^ F S":::4i|pS JSa-'-.i-.-.-^liSSSSffii---^;^!-;? Arrive at Des Moines at 12:1G p. m., 6:1B p. m., and 1:20 a. m. ^ „ v , aM ^ Agent THE LOCAL FIELD. J. W. Hinchon's home is newly painted. A fine shower Saturday freshened everything. Olof Sjostrom and Ella M. Thompson . are licensed to wed. W. C. T. U. at Mrs. Horan's next Wednesday. Lesson 9. All teachers should keep the Algona summer school in mind. Grove & Son are making special preparations for the canning season. The Angells play all this week. They are a good 10 cent company. The farmers' milling company will be ready for business next Wednesday. The new Methodist church in Algona will cap anything in this part of the state. Rev. Dorward has located at Corwith. The Baptists there get a good, vigorous preacher. The printing of the county fair premium list was let to THE UPPER DES MOINES last week. J. W. Robinson's home has taken on a new color the past week under Jas. A. Orr's supervision. J. L. Edmonds is prepared to do most . "anything at his shop south of THE UPPER DES MOINES office. Henry Durant contributes an article •f to the American Field on game preser- '" vation, that is of value. D<A, Baker says more corn was planted in Kossuth last week than In any one week in our history. The memorial day committee is at work on the program. It will pay everybody to come to Algona. Rev. Suchow of Hawarden will preach Sunday morning and evening at the Congregational ch'urch. Bids for building the new church will be opened next Monday. It is hoped to let the contract then. Chas. Coan is just up from a severe attack of measles. Mrs. Henry Mason is having a run of the disease. The state bankers .meet at Mason City May 25, next Wednesday. Kossuth will he largely represented. The fishing season opened Sunday. Plenty of fishermen but not so many fish have been in evidence since. Mrs. Fred. Dormoy is rapidly recovering from an operation for append!' cltis. It was a very critical case. Thos. Little's boy was to have been taken to the reform school Monday, but came down with the measles. The sheriff was looking Monday for some gasoline stove cleaners. They jumped a board bill at Humboldt. The tax for the public library is not levied until next year. It is supported by private contributions this year. Dr. Bossingham has bought the Dr. Pride library and office furniture. He thinks of locating at Buffalo Center. 'Squire Clarke united DeRoy E. Cresseyand Marilla Mae Clarke in matrimony at the clerk'sofflce Monday. Mrs. Dixon, better known as Mrs. Lanjanski, and better known still as " Sugar Molly," has moved to Webster City. Mayor Chrisebilles together with the electric light committee went to Eagle Grove last night to inspect the plant there. The south side sewer is still a possibility of the season. The city will put it in if enough taps are secured to pay interest on the investment. Every- body who has now or expects to have use for a sewer ought to tap, and get the sewer matter settled. G. E. Hartwell steamed through Algona with his Wigwam threshing outfit yesterday. It represents about f2,00'0. L. F. Hudson is now agent for a big land firm and is out locating agencies. He has quit the cigar business for a while. J. C. Anderson's cash grocery is not so central to town as it is to trade. Mr. Anderson says his business is better than ever. The frame is up for Dr. Tribon's house, the Austin Willey house is enclosed, the M. Starr house foundation is about in. A telegram to Mark Boyle of a vacancy In Company F took him to Des Moines Saturday. Mark will make a good soldier. The program for the W. L. A. S. Friday afternoon is a paper on Antwerp by Mrs. M. A. Vincent; current news, Mrs. Nannie Setchell. The Northwestern is putting in a deep well at the stock yards. They are ^down 172 feet now. They will pump with a windmill. Epworth League social at court house hall Friday evening, May 20. Strawberries, ice cream and cake will be served. Come and have a jolly time. Perry Burlingame sold 22 steers to Moe Bros, yesterday at f4.25. They were fine cattle. The Moes take them four at a time between now and July 15. Regular meeting of A. O. U. W. next Tuesday evening. Work in the second degree. Also some important business to be transacted. Lodge called at 8 o'clock. The Company F boys wear a handsome button at Des Moines designed by Walter Tellier. It is very attractive. Sheriff Christensen came home with one on. Rev. Wheelright of Preston preached two able sermons Sunday for the Con- gregationallsts. Preston is the town Rev. Burnard went to when he left Algona. A. D. Clarke is fencing in the lot recently purchased of J. W. Robinson. The tennis ground is cut in two. The tennis players have not arranged for new courts. Mrs. Maud Cowan Schleicher hears that her husband in the Klondike is in good health and is over the pass. All the rest of the party have been sick more or less. The woman suffragists meet at Wesley next Tuesday and Wednesday. Adelaide Ballard and Margaret W. Campbell will speak. It is to be a county meeting. O. H. Bemis and Hilda L. Stinson, well known Bancroft people, are licensed to wed. Miss Stinson is sister of Chas. Stinson of Sheldon, a former Algona merchant. Grant Benschoter has bought the wagon Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lacy made their overland trip in last year, and is go up through Minnesota this fall for an outing. The Algona flouring mill shipped nearly a car of flour a day last week, and was behind on orders. It is doing a big business on the Milwaukee and Northwestern lines in Iowa, With the new lights and his new fixtures Ladendorff's restaurant looks inviting enough to tempt anybody. He has given Algona a city restaurant and deserves a liberal patronage, Olof Johnson was down from Estherville Monday. He did not go to Klondike after ail. He says his family objected and he finally concluded that Iowa was the real gold mine. Galbraith is to have one of his big ribbon sales. Galbraith is doing a big business this spring in silks, fancy dress goods, curtains and carpetings. His stock of ribbons is very large. The Courier had an item Friday about postmasters being ordered not to divulge war news. No such order has been issued. Postmasters have no more war news than anybody else, The patent medicine show company has been kept in Algona two weeks by the sickness of a child with the measles. The little one has been very sick. The entire company is at the Thorington. Buffalo township votes next Monday on giving a five per cent, tax to the Garner railroad. A new station is promised to be put in near the Buffalo creamery if the railroad goes through. Drs. Keneflok and Morse have been planning to attend the state medical meeting at Des Moines this week. Kossuth is entitled to five delegates. Fort Dodge, wants the meeting next year. The auditor of state has authorized the Farmers' and Drovers' State bank at Germania, Kossuth county. Its capital is $25,000. Mr. Geo. Wells is the president, and Mr. E. J. Seymour is the cashier. Rev. F. E. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morning will be, "Priest, Lovite, or Samartian—Which?" Evening, "A Plain Talk on Christian etiquette." All are welcome. The contract for carrying the mails from the Algona office to and from the depots has been let to A. Rutherford, he being the lowest bidder. The bids were sent in last week and the contract was let Saturday. Langdon & Hudson are now giving away a handsome monthly magazine to their lady customers. It is not an advertising circular but a reliable and interesting magazine. All the ladies get a copy each month. James Patterson has his new store room completed and has moved enough of his barrels, etc., out to allow him to display his big grocery stock to advantage. He has as handsome astororoom now as there is in Iowa. Durdall's big annual clearing sale opens Monday, and everybody knows by this time that his clearing sales mean some exceptionally low prices on good goods. Everything will be marked in big red figures. Rey, D. M. Stiles' theme next Sunday morning at the Baptist church will be, "Sins of Neglect." Subject for evening, "Honest Doubters." Those who find it difficult to believe the scriptures, "come, let us reason together." The Baptist ladies will hold their fair in court house hall tomorrow afternoon and evening. Dinner from 12 to 1:30, 20 cents; supper from 5:30 until all are served, 15 cents. Baby show from 4 till 5. All are invited toattend. Quincy Hudson writes that fruit is a total failure in California owing to frost, and grain is a failure owing to drouth. Thos. Earley writes that hay is $25 a ton. Thousands of California cattle are being brought to Dakota to feed. The school board will open bids on the school house bonds today. If they have a favorable offer they will sell at once and proceed to buy a site. They have not consulted at all as yet about the location, many different blocks are suggested. The post office department has now put in a daily mail to Fenton and Lotts Creek from Algona. It goes out at 9 o'clock every morning. Fenton and Lotts Creek are heavy mall stations and are entitled to the change. J. Laird is mail carrier. Landlord Frost of Whittemore is bound over to the grand jury. The testimony against him was taken Thursday before 'Squire Clarke in accordance with the new law. The breath of some of the witnesses spoke louder than their words. work for $2 a day. About 40 will organize. A count showed that Algona has 64 men who work with teams for day's wages. B. F. Reed is now a partner in the Raymond law firm, and the card this week in THE UPPEK DES MOINES roads Raymond, Reed & Raymond. Mr. Reed has had ample experience as an attorney and his wide acquaintance in the county will make him a valuable addition to this well known firm. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes them any amount of clients. The furniture store got a carload of new goods this week, a full account of which will appear next week. Mr. Cronin says ho is' selling so much it is hard to keep stocked up. During the past week he has made special orders for some handsome furniture. He can got any grade of goods his customers want, No onp need send away from home for anything. " CAMEO" canned goods are just the thing at this season. Found only at M. Z. GROVE & SON'S. . DON'T sacrifice your health by taking something said to be the same at Rocky Mountain Tea. There is nothing made that cures as quickly; 35 cents. CANNON CHOP tea is the best. Sold only by M. Z. GROVE & SON. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo.'C. Call, Algona, Iowa. WE will give you all a chance Friday and Saturday at our wide fancy ribbons, worth 30 to 75c a yard—for 25c. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. Everybody Come AND SEE AT ~—' James Patterson's. SEE those seed potatoes for i.oo per bushel. You will send off and pay two dollars. SEE that soap, ten bars for 250. SEE that soap, four bars of toilet for roc. SEE those garden seeds. SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee. SEE that 50-cent tea. SEE those egg cases—no eggs broken if you have one. SEE that 5o-cent syrup. SEE that five-gallon can of syrup for 1.50. SEE those five-cent prunes. SEE those five-cent raisins. SEE those five-cent cigars. SEE those fine apples. In fact there are so many things to see that it would take days to mention them all. Come in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that iny place is where you want to huy your goods. Youvs for business, OUR line of coffeescannot be excelled. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. THE price of a pretty face is one dollar—three packages of Rocky Mountain Tea. Brings red lips, bright eyes, lovely color. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. Your "Wedding King. Buy your wedding ring of us, we al- ways'make the bride a present, 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. OUR new plain white semi-porcelain is the neatest thing of the kind you ever saw. M. Z. GROVE & SON. WE are showing a nobby line of shirt waists and skirts. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. WHY use inferior goods and imitations of coffee when Chase & Sanborn's coffees are cheapest? 46 THE WIFE will enjoy her household duties a groat deal more and you will have less cause for complaint if you will stop talking "war" long enough to got up your screen doors and windows. The flies are sure to come, war or no war, and the sooner you get your screen doors up the better able you will be to resist this enemy. We have bought this year the best and heaviest screen door we could find, and are selling it for ONT3 DOLLAR with a heavy pair of spring hinges and a brass pull. Do not compare our door with the many light, cheap doors, made of poor material 'and glued together, on the market. Our door Is made for service. Screen wire in all widths, in both green and black. O. . JD022ISE3EI, HARDWARE. Eugene Tellier came home Monday. Gen. Lincoln said that under no circumstances would he allow a man to go to the front in any capacity who was over 45 years of age. Mr. Tellier had a good time at Des Moines, and would have been a tough and hardy soldier. Del. Carpenter and the oldest Nelson boy were the only members of Company F who failed to pass the physical examination. Del.'s eyesight was found to be defective, while Nelson was deficient in chest expansion. Company F lost less men than any company yet examined. Gen. Lincoln has ruled that the companies cannot have cooks, but that every man must get his own meals. Old soldiers say this is the right way. In war every man must be in shape to care for himself. It would be worth a trip to Des Moines to see some of the boys getting up a meal. All our readers should drop into the new Rosewall restaurant apd see how nicely it is fitted up. Mr. Rosewall has a full line of everything that goes with a restaurant, a fine soda fountain, etc. He is an experienced baker and can fill all orders on short notice. He has added a first class establishment to Algona. Algona is to have a labor organijsa- tion. Thursday the teamsters met and, decided to organize for higher wages. Horse feed is high, flour is high, and gtillawan ao4 team Is expected. tj9 We Want The Ladies to know that we are now more fully prepared than ever before to supply the wants they may have in Fine Millinery Goods. The styles for '98 are pretty, indeed, and we can -show you everything in the very latest. The safest plan is for you to call and see for yourself—we will assist you—we are sure we ca.n please you in everything, not excepting the price, Matson & McCall, Seamless Shoes. NO RIPPING to bother you. Just the thing for a working shoe and every day hard use. Men's, $1,75. Boys', $1,50. Youths', $1.40 Call and see them Brownell & Allred, Fine repairing. Boots and Shoes exclusively, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. DON'T BUY Nor place your order for A THRESHING MACHINE Until you see the MINNEAPOLIS. They have the greatest invention in the threshing machine line ever known, and you fll^ke a mistake if you buy before seeing this. SEE US,

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