The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1898
Page 7
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THE UCTKR MO1NKB.J ALGOJSi &, IOWA WEDNESDAY MAY 11, 1868, "What was the cause of that shootin' affray between the colonel and the editor of the Bugle?" "Printer's! error, as usual, sah. Editor tried to refer in a jokin' way to tfae colonel as a tank, and the printer got It yank." Five cars laden with California wine, In cases and barrels, were lately wrecked near Del Rio, Texas, on the Southern Pacific railroad. News of the disaster 1 brought about 200 tramps to the scene, and for five days they had a prolonged spree. • - It tnkcs Dolly goes visiting; for the first nine since she can remember and midnight finds her wide awake. "Dolly, deafest." says mamma, In despair, "why don't yon go to sleep?" "Please, mamma, 1 ain't, 'quainted with the bedclothes yet!" It has been estimated that there are between 150 and 200 women who are practicing dentistry in the United States. When the planet Mars is nearest the earth it Is 36,000,000 miles away. 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Ayer'a Sarsapa- illa than three of any other kind."—Mrs. A. F. TAYLOR, Englevale, N. Dak- Get Ayer's Sarsaparilla. •99 •99 REMARKABLE DISCOVERY . FOR FINE LAUNDRY WORK. REQUIRES No COOKING BY USING LAUNDRY WORK MADE EASY KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH, It puts on that enamel, gloggy flnlnh that is so desirable. It makes Shirts, Shirt Waists, Collars and Cuffs look like new. Keith's Enamel Starch is the most economical starch made. It will do more work, do it with less labor and do it better than any other starch. If it does not give you entire satisfaction your grocer will refund your money. Xnrgo package, 10 cents; small packages, 5 cents. If your grocer does.not have it, please send us his name and address and we will send you an ENAMEL STARCH RECEIPT BOOK for your trouble. Manufactured by KEITH ENAMEL STARCH CO,, CHICAGO, ILL. Ko.7T. Surrey Htracjs. Priao, J16.00. As Eoodtu Bella for J20, but havo gold direct to the go eumer for 25 years at whole- ealo prices, saving him the dealer's profits. Shipany- whoro for examination. l^rervttiinff warranted. 118 styles of Vehicles, C5 stylos of Harness. Top Buggies, ?3B to ?70. Snrreys, f 50 to ?125. Carria- es, Phaetons, Traps, Wagon- ottes, Spring-Koad and Milk ^ v ^B? nB - Send for large, freo Catalogue of all our styles, N-o.eoeaurrey. Price, with curtilni, lamps, «un. shade, apron and fenders, $60. A» good as cells for $!». ELKH ART CARRIAGE: AND HARNESS MFG. oo. w. B. PBA.TT, seo'y. KLKHABT, nu>. "THE POT CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK." BECAUSE THE HOUSEWIFE DIDN'T USE Eftflakes 6"fiilQ CBimbEng Easy. That is the verdict of those who have ridden them. Call on almost . any Columbia dealer and try one-. H won't cost you anything. , We continue to make the best chain wheels in the world. We use the same material and the same care in building Col- •urnbia Chain Wheels that we do with the Chainless. Columbia Chain Wheels Hartford BJcyclas, ' . Vedotto Bicycles, . . . . . Machines and Prices Guaranteed. " I havo been tiring OASOAKETH and aq a mild and offeoUvo laxative they are simply wonderful. My'daughter andl were bothered ivitn sick stomach aud our breath was very bad. After taking a fair doses of Oascarets we l.are improved wonderfully, They are a great help In the family." ' WII.HEMIINA NAOJJL. 1137 Kltteunouse St.. Cincinnati, Ohio. Pleasant,, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good, DC flood, Never Slokeu. Weaken, or Gripe, Wo,25o,60p. .„ CURE CONSTIPATION. ... (Morlluf HfWfitj Compon.i, riileato, Jlpotrral, Nfii ViirV. »1> •I if I fl I w • • B B 2; " *- v ~~" p " *--—""II I 91 1 1 lofttf Goodpay.everyweek. start now and we firstin the field for all summer Tho ,113well Nurscrv Do.. JLuke tiitv. flllmi. , yfi l\?y 8 ntfllVVQlUI) to euro UysHOIislu, con Btliiatlou, liver and kidney dlueiises, blilousuoss ' '• s.oto. At di-u^sUts, 25u ai'ul SI (HI, p INSION8, PATENTS, . HN W- MORRIS,WASHUiBTON,P.O, yriuelvaJ 1 Exssilwr v. p. J"cn»A«fl »»?•**«• • When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Taper. i, send for boo); ot testimonials and 1O (lays' treutrneiitl>'ree. I 1 ''.) 1 , n. UUKKN'S bU.\8,itiuoiu,U». A ptfuless treatment., Nokn'f<». No Plaster. Pr«W. O. J'fiyiie, , Io«u. for cQugbu, colds, Or, Kay's lung Balm '«£ .W Water ftusvcriuj Advertisements Ktadly TliJs I'apey. EL OVER THE WORLD MOSt TERRliLfc BAY AT MlLAM Klot* jQrtiate Into Refutation and Itfcslstftnee of Troop*. LtrOAJ?o, Switzerland, May 9.—It has been a terrible day at Milan. • A veritable battle occurred in the Via kimtraire. Thousands of tiles and chimneys were hurled from the roofs upon the troops, who were compelled to retire. A similar fight took place in the Via Torino, nhd it is believed that no fewer than 300 were killed and 1,000 injured. The postal telegraph offices have Veen closed and all dispatches of mail stopped. The public buildings are guarded and artillery has been placed in position on the Piazza del Duomo. Many fugitives from Milan have crossed the frontier into the Canton of Ticino and to Fontana. Eight thousand troops are quartered in the city. The reserves of 1873 and 188-1 have been ordered out. TROOPS AT SAN FRANCISCO. Six Thousand More Ordered Into Cninp Near Tlmt City. SAN FHANCIBCO, May 0.—It is obvious now in the light of Dewey's triumph at Manila, that San Francisco will at. once be the basis of important military and naval operations. Before many days six thousand men will be camped on the I'rcsidio reservation. It transpires that orders luivo been issued directing tho fourteenth United States infantry, now stationed in the department of the Columbia, to take station immediately at San Francisco. It is believed that further orders will be promulgated to assemble all the organizations of the Fourth United States cavalry nt the Presidio. Orders were received from Major General Merriam. commanding the departments of California and Columbia, instructing Colonel Morris, commanding the post at Presidio, to select locations lor tho encampment of six thousand volunteer troops from the states of Oregon, Washington and California. WILL INVADE CUBA. An Army of Occupation to Bo Sent There nt Once. WASHINGTON, May 9.—The Washington Post says: Between sixty and eighty thousand men will be landed on Cuban soil at once. The first section of the army to invade Cuba will be the 15,000 or 18,000 troops that, arc now assembled at New Orleans and Tampa. 'They are all regulars, and most of them are men -who have seen actual fighting on the plains. They are seasoned, disciplined, effective. They will be followed at once by another army of 50,000 volunteers, who will be concentrated ot southern points as quickly as the trains can carry them, and will be transported as fast as the necessary ships can be collected. It is estimated that it will take at least 300 vessels to carry the immense army to Cuba. THE BREAD RIOTS IN ITALY. Proclamation of Martini Law at Milan— Troops In I'oBsc.Bslon. ROME, May 8.—There have been serious bread riots at Milan, resulting 1 in a proclamation of martial law. Thousands of workmen barricaded the streets with overturned horse cars and furniture from pillaged houses, endeavoring to prevent the departure of the reserves who had been culled out for active service, owing to the many recent disturbances. There were several encounters between tho militia and the rioters. Three citizens were killed and several wounded. The troops are in possession of the main streets. Owing to the bread riots, martial law is proclaimed throughout Tuscany. FIGHT SAID TO HAVE BEGUN. Now York World Special Iti-pin-ls tho Vlente Kngugutl, Nn\v YOHK, May 0,— Tlio World lias received the following cablegram from George Uronson lion, dated' :it Puerto Plata, San Domingo, .May 8: ' ; The Dominican, officials report heavy cannonading' off this north of .Monte Crifjtia, about fifty miles from hero, It is believed that Sampson's squadron is engaging the Cape Verde Heel. Firing began at about <J o'clock this morning and was terrific. The American fleet was due to arrive, in Porto Ittcnn witters yesterday afternoon. The Spanish lleet was expected about the same time." DISASTROUS FIRE AT DULUTH. JIonscH l>«»troy«<J and Two Thousand J'coplu Home-lust*. Dui.imi, Minn., May '.(.—Fifty frame buildings on Minnesota point, just above the ship canal, were burned. An hour after the fire started 3,000 people were homeless. Tho fire took twelve frame store buildings fronting on lower Lake avenue, just below the "Under the Hill" district, uud swept from there- back to the lake shore. The district was populated by the poorest people in the city. To insure cleanliness iii the handling- of bread, the bakers of Berlin put each loaf in a paper bag just after it is baked. The most nutritious and strength- giving food is beof . It can bo eaten continuously longer thiiu any other kind of meat. . It is said that the blood of dogs fatigued by long racing, if injected into, the veins of other dogs, makes them show all the signs of fatig-ue. Twenty-five, hatloss bald men, }n uniform., parade London streets in n body with tl-e nuuie of a popular pointed on their liairless tit-nips. THE DYNASTY SHAKEN. Throne ftf Spfllit f hfe*|6n6d by it Iftr tTprlslnp. Lojmos, May 4. — A special dispatch from Madrid says the chamber assem* bled yesterday amid wild excitement, imparalleled in twenty years. The f till strength of the police was called out and the troops kept in the barracks under arms. There were scandalous scenes while Sagasta was speaking, republicans and Carlists hurling insulting, abominable epithets, filling moderate members with shame. MADRID, May 5. — The provincial outbreaks are assuming alarming propro- tions. The artillery has been ordered out. The troops were compelled to fire in "self defense." Owing to outbreaks, the province of Oviedo has been proclaimed in a state of siege. LONDON, May 5. — The Madrid correspondent of the Morning Post snys: "The government are aware that they cannot rely on the army. It is an open secret that a society has been formed within its ranks to put nn end to the humiliation Spain has suffered nt the Jmnds of her incompetent ministers. Judging from what one hears, terrible things may happen shortly." LONDON, May (>. — A letter just received from Madrid says that the Spanish dynasty as. well us the government is doomed. LONDON, May (5. — A bulletin from Vienna, says telegrams from tho Austrian ambassador at Madrid indicate that the queen regent is only awaiting a suitable moment to quit Spain without injuring the king's interests. LONDON, May 7. — The Vienna correspondent of the Daily Mail says: The Spanish qiteen regent has again appealed to Emperor Francis Joseph to xiso his influence in favor of Etiropean intervention. Count Golucbowsky, the Austro-IIuugary foreign minister, has addressed a note to the powers on the stibject. I understand that but for England's pro-American attitude certain European powers would have openly sided with Spain before the war broke out." PAHis, 4 May 9. — The Temps, commenting upon the situation in Spain, says: "When the moment comes, and it is not far distant, Spain must manfully make up her mind to inevitable sacrifice and seek directly through the United States or by recourse to the good offices of the powers, a solution of her troubles compatible with her honor as well as conformable with the laws of destiny." ItCHiilt of tho IJaUlo ut Mnnilii. NEW YORK, May 0. — A special to the New York Journal says: "This is the result of the groat fight in Manilla bay: Eleven Spanish ships destroyed and eight captured; four shore batteries at Cavite demolished; three forts at Corregidor island reduced; 400 Spaniards killed and 000 wounded. Spanish supplies lost and captured to the amount of $5,000,000. American loss, eight men slightly wounded; $1,000 damage." _ Troubled About Philippine!!. LONDON, May 4. — The Associated Press learns that Emperor William and Emperor Nicholas are very much disturbed as to the ultimate destiny of the Philippines, and some sort of immediate intervention is extremely probable. __ Day act for Troops to h'all. WASHINGTON. lUayJi. — The government lias secured the Pacillc mail steamer City of Pekin. now at San Francisco. She will sail May !I5 with coal, stores and troops for Manila. Wrecked Off Now South SVDNKV, N. S. W., May VI.— The British steamer Maitland is believed to bo ashore at Broken bay. The crew and passengers, numbering 08, are believed to be lost. Oregon Leaves liio Janeiro. BiiKNON AVUKS, May 5.—The Oregon and the Marietta have sailed from Kio Janeiro. JWKVITIKS. Four of a (.'arlist uprising lias eaiiscd the government to proclaim miirtial law. Secretary Long says Dowey will bo made acting admiral and* later nominated roar admiral. (Jovc-rnor Hlaok, of Now York, has c'oiumissoufd Col. Fred I). (Irant colonel of the Foiirti'i'nth regiment. It is said 1.hi! British ambassador, at Washington, Sir Julian Pimncefoto, will bo succeeded by Sir Thomas H. Sanderson, perinani'iit under-secrctary of t,tat c for foreign alt'airs, one of the most experienced diplomatic ollioials iu tlio British service. Key West dispatch: One of the most important captures made since the out* break of hostilities was that of tho Spanish steamer Argonauta, by the g-unboat Nashville, The Argonauta had on board Colonel Corijo, of the Third Spanish cavalry, his first lieix- teriant, a major, seven other lieuten- iints and ten privates and nine commissions officers. All were held as prisoners of war. The steamer also curried a large enrgo of arms and ammunition. Slio wus bound form Batanbo,, to Ciuufnegos. A correspondent on board the flagship Nuw York sends the. following: Learning that mines and earthworks were being built at Muriel, province of Pinur del IJio, tho nagihip moved izi that direction, accompanied by three torpedo bouts, but there were, no signs o£ a movement at Muriel and tho llug- ship proceeded to a point ten miles beyond Muriel. There suspicious were observed, probably Tho flagship fired three shots in that direction froiy one of her big guns. Tho firing however brought no response and tlio Hag- ship returned to the station. movements work on fortificutionti. DAW Of WOMAMOOB, fiafnest Words f rbia Mrs. jpififchato to Mothers Who and A Letter From Mrs. Dtmtnore, of SomervlUe, Mass. Th6 advent of womanhood Is fraught with dangers which even careftil mothers too often neglect. One Of the dangers to a young woman Is belated menstruation. " The lily droops on its stem and dies befote its beauty is unfolded;" or she may have entered into the perfection of womanhood with little apparent inconvenience or disorder of health. But suddenly th8 menses entirely cease. Mother, puberic malady is taking hold of your daughter, and quick consumption may follow t Take ifl stant steps to produce regular mefi* struation. , . : Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com» pound is certain to assist nature to perform her regular ditties, procure it at once; there are volumes of testimony from grateful mothers who have had their daughters' health restored by its use., If personal advice is desired, write quickly to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. I It will be given you without charge, and) it will be tho advice of abundant cxperi-j ence and success. i Read the following from Mrs. CHARLES DUNMOBH, 103 Fremont St., Winter Hill,I Somcrville, Mass.: j "I was in pain day and night; my doctor did not seem to help me. I could not seem to! find any relief until I took Lydia E. Pinkham'si Vegetable Compound. I had inflammation of tho womb, a bearing-down pain, and tho whites very badly. The pain was so intense that I could not sleep at night. I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for a few months, and am now all right. Before that I took morphine pills for my pains; that was a great mistake, for tho relief was only momentary and tho effect vile. I ami so thankful to bo relieved of my sufferings, for tho pains I had were sornethinjr' terrible." ' I lydlaE.PInkham'sVegetableComponntlsaWoman'sRemedyforWoman'sHls I A Itlonk Vrospoc't. Husband—"My dear, we will have to begin to economize right off." Wife—"Dear me! What has' happened ?" Husband—"Ever since the war. rumpus with Spain, cigars have gone up." Shiiko Into Your Slioeo. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tlght-fltting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 2Bc in stamps. Trial package FREE.. Address, Allen a. Olmsted. Lo Roy. N. Y. The greatest height ever reached by i balloon, was 26,160 feet; two of the ;hree aeronauts who made this ascent tvere suffocated. Rclncnte Vonr llnwclg AVItli OaxcurotR Candy Cathiirtlo, euro conatlpntlon forever. 10o, 'So. If a C. O. full druRKlflts rotund money. Through the cloud of imminent war i "prudent man forseeth the evil," but .hat does not hinder him from doing lis duty. Piso's Cure for Consumption is our only iiciliciiio for coughs and colds.—Mrs. (j. Bultz, 4«<J 8th avo., Denver, Col., Nov. 8, '05. Tho soil of Cuba is so fertile that in ome districts four crops a year are aised. COO'H Cough Bulsnm K tlio nlflmtnni] beat. It will break nj> a polil hau anything elKt). It Is nlwayu reliable. Try it. Much "To my mind Nero has been much; maligned. He might havo been worse. if he really wished to be cruel andl heartless." • "Haw so?" ) "He might have played the trombon* instead of the fiddle." . . ' Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, 75c. Discretion' is not cowardice, neither* is blatant volubility courage. To Curo Constipation orevcr, : Tnko utwearot's Cuntlr Oiitlinnlc. lUo or 250* If C, C. 0. full to euro dniKKlsls refund money. i The huge guns of modern navies caa be flred only about seventy-five times, when they become worn out. Man never makes truth; he only dis- 'overs it. . N. U. Des Moines. No. 20—1898. TryGrain=0! Try Qrain=O! Ask you Grocer to-day to show you n, packageof GRAIN-O, tho new food drink that takes the place of coffee. Tho children may drink it without injury as well as tho adult. All who try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. £ the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee Insist that your grocer gives you QRA1N-O Accept no Imitation. MAKES COLLARS «HQ CUfFS STIFF ADO NICE TOfST MGST NEW. ONE POUND 0? THIS STARCH WILL GO AS FAR AS A POUND AND A HALF OKAHrOTHEHBTAHCH. EOKUK.IOWA. NEWHAYEH.CONIU EASY, HAS MANY IMITATORS, BUT NO I-QUAL. is prepared on scientific jn'mci- ples, by men who have had years of experience in fancy laundering-. It restores old linen and summer dresses to their natural whiteness and imparts a beautiful and lasting finish, 'i'ho only starch that is perfectly harmless. Contains no arsenic, alum or other injurious substance. Can bo used eve^i for a baby powder. ASK YOUR CROCER FOR IT AND TAKE NO OTHER. I By vlrtiia of the unprecedented Si purchase, in u. single order, of ~~ one hundred thousand (100,- § * ledged masterwork of the Century, wo are now enabled?"UlVerTto the riubUc C u"fa» : | ieas than the publishers' prices! Thotisaudsof persons, who heretofore have not felt fe able to pnrpliHHo jt, will eaKorly woleomo tliia opportunity to secure at reduced price "Tlio £ S Greatest Achievement ot Modern Times," «.v4vu»vi.u t .»»vvi '""I THE FUNK & WAGNALIS OF THE ENQLIS« It is incomparably tho grootorf, r.s It Js positively th» (»». e»t, most Qopipleio, cna nci^o-itliorttntive, newdloUonary JnexiBtense. It iu evoryvvligro tiio ctftn ENTI RELY NEW PROM COYER TO COVER, and scientific inutitutions ol the world pn the editorial itaffi « Uniled 8t o weroalsoou t lie edltoriiil stuff. O I* la not a rpprtnt, yehe; h r , I ^ bsui ?? B fL ifylo bo tHo'pVMo'oTtUerary ATOM'tea." The llirtwit r , , wy has eoxue from all the great American and, British news- T-r-r- papers, ievie\r?. unlrerMtlee, and colleges, aa well as ,., „„„, ,„.—,„ an ana women everywhere. The regular subscription price oi (be Standard piutlonary is W8.W. Vi & will now ftUPply t}ie poiuplote wor$ iu on« Hob, mis. tivo volume, elagantly bound in full, loij^hor, propa4d to aay address M the astonishingly low prio«'_9f|_i?.00?on.tlbelqUowlnB $| *nn g| ' —-•*•-• * «w..'»*.* w* . rms to reBponsiWe people; . The Dlctionwy will be newtexprew prepaW on reoejipt g| the 81.00 caBfe paywen giving purchases nearly a luff year'? use p| ^ smt »prk bsfetfe 88»J P»y»eBt * \ T CY, Pes Moiues, lows, •„';/''' STAKDAP •;•*'/

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