The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1898
Page 8
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THJ5 UPPER DE8 MOIKEB: ALGOJNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4,. 1898, TIE COUNTY W LIVE ffl, urstiMtfoB MAN AT? WESLEI, Notes *n*ri Ont to Be for Mote Than the l*roirtiseil Amounts—The General Itonntl-tip. A few weeks ago a man by the name of Miillaney came to Wesley for the supposed purpose of working in the Interests of the Iowa Mutual Fire association of Des Moines, a company of some repute. The Reporter says his whole method of working was a swindle. One of hie first victims was a Hancock county farmer named Marth living near Stilson. Mr. Marth wanted hail insurance particularly. Mullaney suavely told him his policy would cover any loss by hail, as well as fire, wind, cyclone and tornado, and that the premium would be $38.60 to bo paid in five equal installments. Two papers were made for him to sign. One he read and finding it all right concluded the other was O. K. also and signed both. His policy shows ho signed a note for $38.50, payable Doc. 1, 1898, and the policy excludes loss by hail. Alonzo Fox was another victim. Ho thought ho was taking insurance for live years for $300 on horses, caltlo and grain. Premium to be $12.50. When his policy came with copy of note his Insurance was for$1,000 and premium note for $32.60, payable Dec. 1, 1898, instead of five equal installments. of Mr. Peet will be missed from th streets and his accustomed haunts Their many friends hope the will lik it at Traer. liancroft Aegittter. J. A. Winkel is shellingforshlpmen 10,000 bushels of his 1895 corn. Whitestockings, the invincible quar ter mare so lone owned here, but late the property of "Gipsy" Wells, got Int a wire fence at Humboldt Saturday las and was killed. To the great inconvenience of nort; end travelers the Northwestern n< longer opens the Algona depot for th late train norlh^ and passengers ar obliged to huddle up in the 'buses. Loader. Geo. C. Call cnuao up Friday and put men to work setting out trees and shrubbery on his farms near town. George is making extensive and valuable improvements on his north Kossuth real estate this spring:. When Earl Stephens puts that new single harness on his long pacer and hitches him to that now buggy, it makes a pretty swell outfit, and Earl is the boy that can handle it in a creditable manner. Ed. Wood and Jas. Ward showed their patriotism by going down to Algona Monday evening and offering their services to Uncle Sam, through the Algona company of state militia. When they reached Algona they found that only drilled volunteers were being taken into the company, and they returned homo that night. Wosloy Reporter, A prairie fire destroyed the bridge near Peter Skow's place on Tuesday. •Supervisor Kunz went out yesterday to Investigate the matter. Theo. Bohn of Bancroft has leased the Hollenbeck building formerly occupied by H. D. Hodges, and expects next week to open up a short order restaurant and ice cream parlor. Ed. Templeton arrived yesterday morning from the east with a car load of young cattle". He drove them over to his farm south of Corwith. Mr. Templeton is a railroad man who has invested his loose change in a good farm which is the best kind of security. O Forty loads of lumber were hauled out for the new Christian Reform church. With the exception of the windows, doors and moulding everything is on the ground ready for work. It will be pushed rapidly forward. Wesley News. What is the matter with Kossuth county land when the grass is long enough to pasture on the middle of April? W. M. Colby has turned his colts loose in his blue grass pasture and they find plenty of new sweet to fill up on. Joe. Studer's little boy Leo, while playing near his home last Saturday evening about 7 o'clock, accidentally stepped on an iron rake so hard that one of the teeth went through his foot. Leo was running and did not see the rake until he was about to step on it and then he could not stop. The foot is swelled considerably, but he does not seem to suffer much from the injury. The Mason City girl that worked three weeks selling baking powder to get a safety that a Chicago firm advertised to give anyone selling three car^s of their stuff, was hot enough to warp her clothes when she got a big pin such as is used to keep the baby's bloomers on with. ___ Burt Monitor, The pulpit of the Methodist church on May 8 will be occupied by the pastor from Ledyard in the morning, and Rev. F. E. Day of Algona in the evening. The Wigwam people are putting up lots of windmills this spring. They have lately sold mills to the following named parties: John Anderson, A. H. Folsom, John Koepke, Will Banks, M. Shae, Albert Youngi J- L. Krappe, C. H. Dammann, Ellis MoWhorter, W. E. Grover. Frank Tubbs is no longer a resident of Algona, but has probably gone to Dakota. He sold his house and lot in Algona. It was reported thas in getting a check cashed at one of the banks he was paid $100 more than the check called for. It is also denied, and we are not able to speak with authority upon the subject. Give Horace tlie CUauce. Swea City Herald: THE UPPER DBS MOINES says it is hinted that J. J. Ryap may compete with Horace Mann lor congressional honors in Kossuth, James was in one contest with Dolliver and lost, and Horace should be given the field. Hnnnn's Troubles. Bailey: Phil. Hanna slid out of Porti Rico just a little "slicker" than he slid in. That Island never was big enough for Phil. The sharks used to gnaw hi toes nights when he stretched out and let his legs hang over, and when the Spaniards began to swell up, It crowd ed Phil, so he came away. He didn' have to come, he might have staid anc let the sea sharks nibble one end ant the land sharks the other, but Phil, go tired of garlic and pepper and wantec to come back where he could get the good old taters and meat of yandeedoo dleduin. _ J-iUVerne News. George W. Hanna is further itnproy ing his residence property by setting out a lot of trees. Goo. W. Hanna received a letter from his brother Phil, today. Phil and wife are both enjoying good health The government bus ordered htm to stay at St, Thomas on special duty. The Northwestern depot platform was crowded Tuesday when the Algonr and Etmuotsburg companies pussec through on a special train. Our bunkers, merchants, and all were there as well as the entire school. Swea mty Herald, Carl Miller djed at hie home in the south part of town at 12 o'clock Monday hight at the advanced age of 77 years and 3 months. Algona parties are scheming tp put a boat on the mill pond. They should do ep at once, Mr- W. B. Feet departed yesterday and Mrs- Pset will leave today for •Traer, where they expect to reside while Bay is engaged in business there, was $ good neighbor and has while the Stftlwurji jfo,r» Wlilttcmoro Champion. The school board mot last Friday evening and re-elected the present corps of teachers for the ensuing year. Prof. Bowers antl Miss Taylor have declined we understand. They have a host of friends who appreciate then conscientious, untiring work in the schools and who dislike to have them leave, but hope they may both secure more pleasant and remunerative positions. Algoim's Appetite. Estherville Democrat: The people of Algona evidently have a great appetite for bologna sausage. One of the Algona papers says 36 dogs have been killed in that town within the past 36 days. A Very Urave Mail. Burt Monitor: Hinohon is very brave now that he has just got out of the postoffice and is packing his trunk for a long visit in Europe. John Hart's Ball Playing. John Hart, the Swea City ball player, is pitching: for the Iowa City team. The Republican says he is better than the league pitchers. Missionary Convention. The following is the program for the missionary convention to be held in the M. E. church next Sunday and Monday: Sunday evening. 7:80—Missionary song service by choir- congregation. 8:00—Paper, Who Shall Give to Missiousl Mrs. F. E. Day. Monday morning. 10:00—Bible reading and missionary prayer meeting. Afternoon. 1:45—Devotional, led by pastor. 2:00—Paper, Latest News from Our Foreign Missionary Fields, Rev. C. E. Stevens. Paper, Missions in the United States, Rev. Frank Matthis. Address, The Missionary Spirit the Heart of Christianity, Rev. E. L. Benedict. Paper, God's Financial Plan, Rev. G. F. Whitficld. Discussion led by chairman. Paper, Woman's Work, E. L. Benedict. Evening. 7:80—Men's mooting 1 , by Rev. F. E. Day. 8:00—Missionary mass meeting. Address, Africa, Rev. G. F. Whitfleld. The Present War and Missions, Rev. F. E. Day. THE SIOUX CITY JOURNAL, Twice a week, four pages Tuesday, eight pages Friday. The best and cheapest, A delightful visitor anticipated with pleasure by its thousands of readers. Two papers every week. The Journal's popularity is certainly evidenced by its large and ever-increasing circulation. Bright, clean, and entertaining, It pleases all. Once a subscriber, always a subscriber. Features of the Journal: The news of the world, able editorials, scientific miscellany, reliable market reports, short stories, humorous illustrations, the latest fashion gossip. Terms of subscription: One dollar per year, 50 cents for six months, 25 cents for three months. A trial order solicited. Sample copies free on application. Address, Perkins Bros. Co., Sioux City, Iowa, Publishers the Daily Journal, $6 per year; the Sunday Journal, $2; the Twice a Week Journal, $1; the Daily Evening Times, $4. SEE dice. OUP new semi-porcelain. It is M. Z. GROVE & SON. ASK to see Chase & Sanborn'e 35-cent tea, equal to ordinary 50-cent. 46 USE Chase & Sanborn'a coffee— the cheapest coffee on the market. 46 WHY use inferior goods and imitations of coffee when Chase & Sanborn's coffees are cheapest? 46 IP you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something. Interest paid on time deposits. 45 GEO. C, CALL, A LITTLE of that fancy maple syrup left at Grove & Son's. OUR new white semi-porcelain is about as nice as china and only about one-third the price. M. Z. GROVE & SON, SHEET tousle—all the latest songs— 83* Oil- PlNOJWJy & PUOH. CONSTIPATION neglected or badly treated leads to total disability or death. liookv Mountain Tea absolutely cures cppstlpfttiou in all HB fortes, TWO NEW MM TAKE HOLE SLIGHT CHANGE IN CITY OPFIOEES Mayor Appoints the Library Board— Doings of the City Council at Saturday's Meeting. A number of important things wer done at the city council meeting Satur day evening. Mayor Chrischilli named the public library board, aj. pointed a new marshal, and the stanc Ing committees for the year, and th council elected a new superintendent c public works. NEW CITY OFFICIALS. J. L, Donahoo was re-elected cit, clerk without opposition. Mayor. Chrisohilles appointed J. J Cordingley as city marshal in place o L. Koran, and the appointment was sue talned by the council. W. V. Carlon was elected street com missionor over Jas. Phillips by the foi lowing vote: White, McMahon, Paine Chnpin, and Sayers for Carlon; Vesper Stebbins for Phillips. Chas. Foster, late of Burt, now u Ames, was named for superintondon of public works against W. H. Horan and was elected by the following vote White, McMahon, Paine, Stebbins hapin and Sayers; against. Vesper.} THE PUBLIC LIBRARY. Mayor Chrischilles appointed thefol owing trustees for the public library Thos. F. Cooke, Mrs. Wm. H. Ingham Dr. H. C. McCoy, Rev. Elfstrom, Mrs Milton Starr, Mrs. A. L. Rist, Mrs. W EC. Ferguson, Prof. Spencer, and E, J Muring)!. The following resolution was adopted Bo it resolved by the city council of the sity of Algona, Iowa, that the city tic :epl the donation of books offered by lie Monday club, and the donation of ;he Algona Library association o jooks, papers, periodicals, etc., foi .ho Algona public library, which jooks, papers, perlodicals^etc., are to jo placed in and become a part of the iublic library, and that the board of ibrary trustees are hereby authorized .o accept and take charge of said donations. THE STANDING COMMITTKES. F. H. Vesper was chosen president jro tern for the year, and the mayoi named the committees as follows: Ways ind means, Vesper, McMahon and Sayers; water works, Sayers, Chapii ind Stebbins; sewers, Morse, Paine anc White; streets, alleys and grades "'hapin, Morse, Paine and Vesper; (ire department, Stebbins, Sayers anc White; judiciary, McMahon, Vespei ind Chapin: supplies and printing, White, Chapin and McMahon; side- valks, Paine, Stebbins and Morse, SOME ROUTINE MATTERS. Petition of T. H. Latitry and others ivtts referred to the street and alley Committee to report at next meeting. Petition of Platt, Stacy and others 'eferred to sidewalk committee to re- jort nt next regular meeting. Petition of M. J. Kenefick and others eferred to judiciary committee to re>ort at next regular meeting. Constitution and by-laws of the Alona fire department approved. Re- ort of Chief Dailey refered to fire committee. SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS. Moved and seconded that the follow- ng approved bills be allowed and war- ants be drawn on the treasurer foi arae. Carried. 3onrd of equalization, 3 days S 27 00 ~. E. McMuhon, judge of election.. '. 2 00 '. W. Dingley, judge 3 oo . A. Thompson, judgo 3 00 D. D. Pettibone, clerk 3 oo . L. Donuhoo, clerk 300 V. Johnson room rent 2 00 . D. Pettibone, returning poll books 200 Uex White, judge 2 00 ~\ H. Vesper, judge 3 00 •Tax Herbst, judge , 3 oo \ McCall, clerk 3 00 . F. Laage, clerk 2 00 ,oom rent, first ward 3 oo \ Falkenhainer, judge 3 00 . L. Slagle, judge 3 00 i. A, Paine judge 3 oo V. J. Lilly, clerk 3 00 iV. A. Dutton 1 clerk 2 00 E. E. Sayers, judge 2 00 IL, B. Chapin, judge 3 00 ". Herman, Judge 3 00 , L. Edmonds, clerk 3 00 , F. Nicoulin, clerk 3 00 erguson ahd Cowan, Hamilton tap 25 00 erguson and Cowan, Murtagh tap.. 25 00 ohn Paul Lumber Co., lumber 41 02 fin. Miller, lighting lamps 3000 d. Schrader, labor on sewer 8 50 ohn Sweitzer, police servicas 10 00 L. Donahoo, for ditch diggers 88 34 :. Horau, salary 49 00 '. Grownwall, blacksmithing 6 85 . B. Hutchins, rebate sale of street 11 38 V. E. Naudain, freight and hauling 4 85 erguson Supply Co., supplies 1286 Valker Bros., oil etc 7 85 J. A. Ladendorff, meals 1 95 /I. Starr, printing ord. and pub 71 65 A. Hamilton & Co. lumber and tile 43 46 V.W.Baldwin, cartage 825 V. V. Carlon, street work 72 00 purbeck & Lambert, packing 80 efebure Ledger Co., supplies 950 fin. Kuhn, cartage 110 '. W. Hohn, cartage 1 40 W.Robinson, hardware 1141 V. D. Allen & Co. supplies 8 87 , L. Donahoo, services, postage, etc. 18 20 :. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight on pipe., 189 47 i. A. Tellier, surv. Call strees 5 00 r. G. Wright, freigbt and hauling... 5 90 rl. F. Randall, recording deed 75 a. L. Taylor, type writing 1 00 tandard Oil Co., axle grease 100 V. H. Horan, salary, etc 40 50 BO YEARS' EXPERIENCE qu TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS 4c, Anyone leading # nketcb and description may uleklr wwrtaln our opinion free whether an uirenuon luprobailjr patentable. Communlca- (too* (trfctl/ tx/nOdeutUU, Handbook on Patents* Muttfrte. Oldest tuceocy (orecourlnanatents. 1'ateote taken tnrouijh Munu 4 Co. receive nuci/jlnotke, Hltlicmt charge,Jo, the StKnlific flmcrican. largest <Jlr. Terms, »3 a leal ere. Dealer in Fine Furniture, Special prices on all furniture for next two week. We mention a few articles : Bed Room Sets $10.00 to $55.00 Couches, all styles 3.00 to 25.00 Book Cases , 9.00 to 35.00 Side Boards 15.00 to 35.00 Enameled Iron Beds 4.00 to 12.00 Dining Room Tables 3.00 to 15.00 Center Tables 2.00 to 10.00 Rockers i.QO to 25.00 15.00 Dining Room Sets ........................ 4.50 to Wardrobes ............................... 8.00 to 15.00 Mattresses ............................... 2.25 to Bed Springs .............................. 1-50 to .Baby Cabs ................................ 4.50 to 35,00 Beds ..................................... 2.00 to 7.00 Sewing Machines ......................... 15.00 to 46.00 8.00 2.50 Window shades and picture mouldings, easles and pictures. Our parlor suits will go very cheap. Upholstering and repair work neatly done. Undertaking and embalming. Residence fivo blocks south of store and one and one-half blocks east. JOHN ORONIN. ROSE WALL'S NEW BAKER Y. I have opened in Algona, in the Cordingley building, a bakery and restaurant, and cordially invite the eating public to pay me a visit. I shall carry a full line of cakes, candies, etc. Soda water and ice cream in season. My baking oven is new and built on the latest and most approved plan, and my baking will be found to be unexcelled. All kinds of bread kept freshly baked. The ladies are especially invited to call and get samples of bread and cake. Cigars and tobacco always on hand. G-ive me a call. * C. N. ROSE WALL. The Davenport Potato Planter. i A successful machine for cutting and planting potatoes—at The Wiswam, > Call and see it \ Don't take any chance on Abstracts of Title. My books ave thoroughly complete. None ut experienced abstractors hare ever written word in them. My work is done by compe- ent persons and Is guaranteed. Anything en- rusted to ine will have prompt and careful at- ention. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. C, SAMSON, Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block, WATER OR NO PAY. E% Artesian we« contractor. I have the only able steam drilling machine owneu in the ounty; sink wells for water supply for towns, Ities, and railroads. Speoia." attention to arm well work. Estimates made. I em- loy only expert drillers. Address A. P- >3fley, Algona, Iowa. SHEUY & PETTIB0NE, Monuments, ue before y°# contract. gallon of PURE UNSEED OIL mixed with a gallon of makes 2 gallons of the VERY BEST PAINT In the_WORLD for $2. 40 or of yeurpalntbill. Is FAB MOEB DUBABLB than Port Wares LKM> and is ABSotOTewr NOS POIBONODB. HiUMAB PAINT is made of the BBST o? FAINT MA- TEBIALS—BUCU as all good painters use, and IE ground THWK, YEBTE THICK. No trouble to mix, any boy can do it. It la the COMMON SENSE on HOUSE PAINT. No DBXTEB paint can be made at andis SoxtP CBAO?, FiHAMMAR PAINT CO., et.koula, Mo , gold and guaranteed by Dealer in Lumber, Grain, Coal, Paints, Oils, etc., IBVINOTON, IOWA. fl PROFESSIONAL. «—•"•y^s»«-> - .^-'*N»'-*rf«'^-\j«'^—^*>X»*-i^-s^- 1 . CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, Ia. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Ferguson block. E. V. SWETTING, 'ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. S. O. BAYMOND. ERNEST C. BA.YMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Block. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton, Iowa, DR. MARGARET E. COLES, ffomeopathie Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence in Boston Bloelc, ALGONA, IOWA, E. S. GLASIER, D. p. S f , 8VRQJSON DENTIST. Office over tlte State Banh, Algoua, Iowa. PENTIST, 4. I. RIST, D. D. S. l+oeal anaesthetic foi deadening pain in gums when extractingteeW

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