The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1898
Page 7
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THE 1>E8 ALGONA IOWA, MAY . frannte's indiscretion. Mrs. Bombazine Black is nn attraet- i*e widow, with a host of admirers. She is also the mother of abrijrht little girl, Fannie, to whom a gentleman who thinks he is going 1 to murry the widow, said: "You will love me. won't you. Fannie, when I am your papa?" "Oh. go "way!" said Fanhie. peevishly; "that's what every gentleman that has ever boon rug-aged to mamma lias said, and none of them have married her yet." Clioosltiff a Profession. "What are you going to be when you grow up?" asked tlio visitor "1 shall be a philantln-opist Oscar. "They are always rich.' 1 said Religion Into K;iMne*B. . s Youth—I have called for the amateur photograph camera I selected this morning. Photograph Supply Clerk (a member of the Y". M. C. A.)—Here it is, sir, all ready for you. Take it. my friend; but remember that every profane word you utter will be reported above. A Wise ting, Tramp—Hem! Good-mornin', mum. Nice dog you have, mum. AVliat d'ye call him. Housekeeper—He'll go to you without calling, quick as 1 loose this chain. Ilenuty Is Illonil Deep. Clean blood makes a cienu skin. Ho beauty without it. Cnscarets Cnndy Cathartic cleans your blood nnd keeps it'clean, by Btirrlng up the lazy liver nnd driving all impurities from the "body. Begin to-day to Danish pimples, boils,"blotches, blackhcnds and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cascarets,—beauty i'or ten cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed. 1U, •_'&, 50c. At thebattlc of Waterloo .11,000 men Were killed or disabled. To CnreCoimtlpnUnii orovnr, Tnko Cuscnret's L'uiirtv Cathartic. Hie or Vic If C. C. C. full to euro dm^'Ki^ts refund muuuy. In France, bicyclists use u whistle iu- itcad of a bell. Truthful >"ntlyp. "Why are you leaving here." asked the. prospective settler, "if the hind is sso productive?" ••I'll be hones' with yon stranger; I'm gittin' Mortg in years an' the plain truth is that the crops here is so doggone, big that I can't hau'lc 'em any more." llnd I'uy uncl Hard AVork. The bad pay and hard work of t ra incd nurses has often been made the subject of remonstrance by medical men. It is well for an invalid, before he needs n, nurse or doctor, to use llostetter's Stomach Bitiers if he has chills and fever, constipation, rheumatism, dyspepsia, or nervousness. Use it regularly. The tomb of Mohammed is covered with diamonds, sapphires and rubies valued at Jf:;,ri(.-0,000. ASTHMA^SJPROGRESS^ From Cold to Cure. ^ No relief in other remedies. There are many medicines that palliate asthma. There arc few that do more than relieve for u time the oppressed breathing of the suffe-cr. There are few diseases more troub.asome and more irritating than asthma. It interferes alike with business nnd with pleasure. It prevents enjoyment of the day aud makes the night a terror. A remedy for asthma would be hailed by thousands as the greatest possible boon that could be offered them. There is a remedy for asthma. Dr. J. C. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral 'has cured hundreds of cases of this disease, and testimonials to its efficacy from those who have tried the remedy are multiplying -with every year. The cases presented in the testimonials that follow, may be taken as exemplifying' the quick aud radical _ctiou of this great remedy. "About a year ago, I caught a bad cold which resulted in asthma so severe that I . was threatened with suffocation whenever • I attempted to lie down ou my bed. A friend recommending Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, I began to take it, aud soon obtained relief, and, finally, was completely cured. Since theu, I have used this medicine in my family with great success for colds, coughs, and croup."—S. HUTTBK, Editor " Relink " (Polish), Stevens Point, Wis. -"'While on the Gasconade River, Ga., I caught a severe cold which resulted In asthma. After taking doctors' prescriptions for a long time without benefit, I at length made use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was completely cured." —II. G. KITCHELL, Greenwood, Miss. "Some time since I had n severe attack of asthma, accompanied with a bad cougli aud a general soreuess of the joints and muscles. I consulted physicians, and tried various remedies, but without getting any relief. Finally I took Aycr's Cherry Pec. toral, aud in a very short time was entirely cured."—J. ROSELLS, Victoria, Tex. Dr. J. C. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is known the world over as one of the most effective medicines for the cure of coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, and all affections of the throat and lungs. It is not, as are so many cough medicines, a mere " soothing syrup," a temporary relief and palliative, but it is a radical remedy, dealing directly with disease and promptly hep-ling it. In response to a wide demand Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is now put up in half size bottles, sold at half price—50 cents. More about Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in Ayer's Curebook. A story of cures told by tho cured. Sent free, ou request, by the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. DBS MQBNES MARBLE & MANTEL CO. Granite Monuments uiulnWootl Mantels, Specialties. l)os Molncs, Iowa. INSURE IN THE AGENTS WANTED. *'DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN IS GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF. Our responsibility has been established by 21 years of fair dealing. In buying a You know your bicycle is all that is claimed for it. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. Catalogue free from any Columbia dealer, or by mail for one 2-cent stamp. •O Burlington Ifibutfe Shortest Line to Denver. I $ I Only line running- two through jjj fust trains daily. ||5| Afternoon train—Denver Lim- ft ited—leaves Omaha at 4.35 p.m. J}\ Arrives Denver 7.30 next morn- jj| ing, making-close connections for all points in Colorado, Utah, California, and the Pacific northwest. Night train—Penver Special- leaves at 11.05 p. m. Reaches Denver at 1.30 p. in. next day. J. Francis, General Passenger Agt., Oinuhu, Neb. 9» 9) W m m w Pttnneit b "Dactyl, I sec, is now writing poetical soap ads." "Yes; Imt he even hns to pay current rates to have them printed." AN OPEN LETtER fcTMOTHERS. We are asserting In the courts our risht tf> the exclusive use ol the word "CASTORIA." nnd "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our Trade Mark. I, Df. Samuel Pitcher, of Hynnnls, Massachusetts, was tho originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same that hns borne and does now bear the fac-simlle signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is tho original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which hns been used in tho homes of I ho mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and see that It is "tho kind you have always bought," and hns tho signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one hns authority from me to use my name except The Centaur Company, of which Chus H. Fletcher Is President. March 8, 1897. SAMUEL PITCHER. M. D. It's mutual. It's moderate* In cost. It's well miiiingcd. It's endorsed by tho best fanners In Iowa. It's successful. It's to your Interest to Investigate Its plan and terms. Address !•'. W. C1IKKKY, Prcs.. Des Molnes, Town. Students in n, Missouri school hnve formed an "anti-girl society," in order to leave the girls alone and to study. Many People Cunnot Drink coffee at night. It spoils their sleep. Yon can drink Grain-O when you plcnse and sleep like a top. For Grain-W docs not stimulate: it nourishes, cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like the best coffee. For ncrvonspcrsons, young 1 people and children Graiii-O is the perfect drink. Made from- pure grains. Get a package from your grocer to-day. Try it in place of coffee. .15 and L'iic. The assets of the life, insurance coin- panics of the state of New York on Dec. 31, 18!)7, were $J.,M4,0.-|J.,344. A atntlinOlHt. Pastor. Rev. P. Slagle, ' Pastor M. E. Church, Golden, 111., writes: "I was often almost crazed with pain in temple and eye. Have used two packages of Dr. Kay's Renovator, and think it an excellent remedy." "Stomach Trouble" can be cured by Dr. Kay's Renovator when all other remedies fail. It renovates and removes tho cause and tho disease is cured. As a spring medicine it has no equal. For constipation, liver and kidney disease it effects a permanent cure. A valuable book sent free. Druggists sell Dr. Kay's Renovator at 25c anil SI, or six for $5, but if they do not have it, do not take any substitute Miey may say is "just as good," for it has no equal.- You can get it from us by return mail. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Company, Omaha, Neb. It takes eight times the strength to go upstairs that is required to accomplish the same distance on a level. "How beautifully white and glossy your things are," said a young lady to her friend, who was Ironing, the other day. "How do you do it?" "By using Keith's Enamel Starch, dear," was the reply. "It is simply perfect, does not need boiling and puts on a beautiful enamel finish with so little trouble that it is really a pleasure to do the laundering. Their book of receipts for fine laundry work is exceedingly valuable and well worth studying. The population of England at the time of the conqueror did not exceed 2,000,000 all told. Complete and Scholarly. Professor W. B. Dwight, natural history, and curator of museum, VassalCollege: "It is the most complete scholarly, advanced, and remarkable book of its kind ever issued." See display advertisement of how to obtain the Standard Dictionary by making a small payment down, the remainder in installments. Put a great man in a little world and lie will manage somehow to make it bigger. _^ Kiluoiitn Your IlownlB Cimnir«t.4 Ciiiuly Cutlmrtln. euro constipation.loruvor. 100, 25c. 11 C. C. C. fail druggists refund money. The English language of today has no resemblance to that of 1,000 years ago. FlFtY-PIFTH CONGRESS. SEXATE. Washington, April 23.—The sendto passed the nnvul appropriation bill and took up tho army reorganization bill. An amendment was inserted in the nnval bill appropriating $5,830,000 to enable the «fic- retary of the navy to enlist men for the navy. Inside of twenty minutes the bill passed. When tho president's message was received it was at once referred to the foreign affairs committee. When the house resolutions declaring 1 war was messaged over the somite at once took it up and after debate extending over an hour and a half it was passed as it came from the house. HOUSE. Upon receipt of the president's message, the chairman of tho foreign affairs committee reported the following, which was unanimously adopted within one minute and forty-one seconds: "First—That war be nnd is hereby declared to exist, and that war has existed since the 21st of April, I8t)8, between the Unitcd_ States of America and the kingdom of Spain. Second—That the president of tho United States be and ho is hereby directed and empowered to use the entire land and naval forces of the United States and call into actual service the United States militia of the several states to such an extent as may bo necessary to carry tins act into effect." SEXATB Washington, April 20.—Tho president nominated AV. It. Dav to be secretary of state and John B. Moore, of New York, to bo first assistant secretary oC state, and the senate afterward confirmed tho nomination of Day. Senate agreed to tho conference report on the nrmy reorganization bill. Seventy-four private pension bills were passed. HOUSE The war revenue bill was reported to tho .house to-day and by an arrangement inndo the debate will begin to-morrow nnd continue at night sessions until Friday. At 4 o'clock ou that day the vole will bo taken. No business of importance was transacted. SENATE. Washington, April 27.—Stewart of Nevada introduced a resolution calling on tho secretary of war for an estimate of tho cost of arming and provisioning tho Cuban army until the Spanish army is driven out of Cuba. Allison said tho whole subject was covered by tho resolution already under consideration by tho proper committees of congress. Tho resolution was referred to the committee on military affairs. HOUSE. The general, debate upon the measure framed by the wnys and means committee to ancct the expenditures of tho war with Spain occupied the day. Dingloy and Bailey concurred in the necessity of raising hundreds of millions for ' this purpose. The section providing for 1500,000,000 of bonds became the target of the democratic and populistis opposition, and Bailey, in an hour's .speech, argued for an income tax which would raise $100.000,000 a year, the coinage of the silver seign- iorage nnd tho issue of $58,000.1)00 of legal notes as nu alternative proposition. Dingley declared that it was almost incredible that anyone could seriously propose in such a crisis that the government should rely for funds upon the proceeds of another law suit over a proposition which the supremo court had already decided against the government. The populists all vigorously opposed the bond proposition. Dolliver made the most notable speech of tho day. 8 EX ATE. WASHINGTON-, April as.—Butler of North Carolina introduced a resolution that the United States bonded indebtedness should not be increased, but the cos.t of tho war bo defrayed > bv tho taxing of incomes and the coining of the silver scignorage. It went ovor. After passing a number of bills to which no objection was offered the senate adjourned. HOUSE. The, general debate on tho war revenue bill closed to-night, after eight and a half hours of spccchmaking. The debate to-day lacked both spirit and interest. There was little discussion of Hie internal revenue iVaturos o_f the bill. The democrats continued their assaults on the bond feature aud their advocacy of the income tax. The latter was ridiculed as it substitute, proposition by the republicans. Addresses wore made bv Payne, Wheeler, Dockery. Pal/.oll. McMUien, Hopkins, Mann. McClcllan, Henderson, and several others. SIEXATE. Washington. April 20.—The report of the conferees on tho naval appropriation bill was presented aud agreed to. Tho measure, as perfected carries a little more than ¥57.000,000. No other business of general importance was transacted. The house passed tho revenue bill with only the amendments agreed upon by tho republican members of the ways and moans committee added. The motion of the democrats to recommit with, instructions to report buck tho income proposition as an amendment to the hill, was defeated, 184 to 17!i. A substitute by Bland to issue $150,01)0,000 treasury notes was defeated. Tho bill passed by a vote of 181 to 181, six democrats voting with thorepublicans, and two republicans voting with the democrats. "Bly wife bad pimples on Iter face, but she has bean tuktng OASOARETS and they have all disappeared. 1 hud been troubled, with constipation for some time, but after taking the first Cascaret I have had no trouble with this ailment. We cannot speak too highly of Oasearets." FKED WARTMAN, f>70a Qermamown Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa, Pleasant, Palatable.'Potent. Taste Good. Do Good, Never Sicken, Weaken, or drlpe. We, 2Sc, Me. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... BU'i-llnif lUraodjr Compnuf, «'lil<jgo, Houlrcal. Ken York. 811 Uft Tfl DAI* Sold and miaranteed by all drug- HIf" I U-HAll gists to VtntK Tobacco Habit. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yot promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to tho stomach, prompt _in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the moat popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try & Do not accept any substitute. FIG SWUP CO. SAN FRMQISQO, CAL, H. new YORK, «r.r, ATTRACTIVE WOMEN* of Etealth Makes Sweet fcispaeitioas and &&#$$ [EXTRACfS FROSl MRS. PISKHAM'S NOtE BOOK.] , _. *~ Woman's greatest gift is the power to inspire admiration, tespecland There is abeauty in health which is more attractive, to men than mere regularity of feature. To be a successful wife, to retain the lovo and admiration of her husband, should be a woman's constant stttdy. At the first indication of illhealth, painful menses, painsihthe 8Sde,headacheorbackache,secureLydiaE. Pinkhanvs Vegetable Compound, an d begin its use. This truly wonderful remedy is the Safeguard of women's health. Mrs. MABET, SMmr, 345 Central Ave., Jersey City Heights, l'N.J.» writes: "DEAH MBS. PINHHAM:—-i can hardly find words with which to thank you for what your wonderful remedy has done for me. Without it I would by thia time have been dead or worse, insane; for when I started to take Lydia B.'Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I was in a terrible state. I think it would be impossible for me to tell all I suffered. Every part of my body seemed to pain some way. The pain in my back and head was terrible. I was nervous, had hysterics and fainting spells. My case was one that was given up by two of the best doctors in Brooklyn. I had given up myself; as I had tried so many things, I believed nothing would ever do me any good. But, thanks to your medicine, I am now well and strong; in fact, another person entirely." 7 If you are puzzled about yourself, write freely and fully to Mrs. Pinkham, a* Lynn, Mass., and secure the advice which she offers free of charge to all \voincn.i This is the advice that has brought sunshine into many homes which nervous ness and irritability had nearly wrecked. Lydia E. PJnfeham's Vegetable Compound; a Woman's Remedy for Woman'sHls The Unite A^niti. "' Brown—You know they say that we are all sprung from monkeys? Jackson (eyeing him)—Il'm. I wonder you didn't spring a bit further. COO'B Cough Balsam is the oldest nm! liost. H will break up a colil quicker than anything else. It IB always reliable. Try It. Hawaii is without a trump, a beggar or a poorhouse. I never used so quick a euro as Piso's Cure for Consumption.—.T. B. Palmer, Box 117.1, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25,18»5. • The first life bout station in Great Britain was established in the year 1824. No-To-lsiic for Fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobacco luibit euro, makes wonk men BtroDK, blood liuru. Me, (1. All uruiiKlsts. R. Pinke, of Berlin, Out., claims ,272 relatives in the town. Slinko Into Your Sliouft. Allen's Foot-Base, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart-, ing feet and instantly takes the sting; out o£ corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age., Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c In stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen, S. Olmsted. Le Roy. N. Y. The number of lepers in Japan is estimated at 25,000. , Woflta or nervousness nft«i . _ no's Grout Nnrvu Restorer. Send for FUKE $!i.OO trial battle and U'imtlso. l>n. K. 11. KLlNie. Ltd..1)31 Areli St.. Philadelphia, Pa. FITS PormanonllyCuroii. W Sret day's lino of Dr. Kline Dried apricots arc California to London. now sent from WOLSELEY IS WITH US. Coimiiuniler-lii-G'hicf of lii-ltltili Army Says Undo Sum Will Win. LONDOX, May 1.—A prominent Englishman who believes in the justice of America's cause, and who is also of the opinion that the United States will certainly have n walk-over, is Lord Wolseley, the comniiindcr-in-chief of the British forces. During a dinner party conversation Lord Wolseley drew a parallel between Cuba and Crete, saying: "While England interfered in Crete on moral grounds, the United States has both moral and material justification for intervention iu Cuba. I believe- the quality of the American army and navy is so much superior to Spain's that the Americana will Juivo no difficulty in defeating Spain's .ships and '.and forces, which are their equals or superiors on paper onlv." WADE; IRONING REQUIRES NO COOKING MAKES COLLflRS AND GUFFS STIFF AND NICE AS WHEN F1KST BOUGHT NEW ONE POUND OF THIS STAKCH WILL CO AS FAR AS A POUND AND A HALF OF ANY OTHER STARCHo NEWHAVEN.CONN KEOKUKjOWA This starch IB prepared on (scientific principles by men wlm have had yours of practical uxpcnence Infancy laundering. It restores old linen and summer dresses to thotr natural whiteness and Imparts a beautiful and lasting llnlsli. It la the only starch manufactured that Is perfectly harmless, containing csitbev ursculCi oluui or any other substance Injurious to llueu and can bo used even for a baby powder. For Sale by All Wholesale and Retail Grocers. In Kautcru Con ral Mlnviosola adnuted to general I'uriuHiK, utook HI..>IHB umt dairying Iu the best por- tlon of Minnesota. Th«»o lands are offered at FROM «» TO WB I'Jill ACKE H%II,K(rADS AND CONVENIENT TO M AKKETS. People deslvln« I'ertllougi-UmHuvivl luiids wliloli wllUunilsli UOOP HOMES au4 luorgase wore rapidly in value tlmii lands Iu anr otUer state uddr<«8 <>• S. BWARTi*. 17(5 EttSt TUU-a Street, St. Jfnul, BIluu. Dr, Kafs Lung Balm X or UIK) coughs, colds, '(!'• 'iE§TSCA».E, JONES OF BINQHAMTON, N. fov book at tentlinanlttla l»ud 10 U».V» fr.n. "• W. N. U. Dtt? Moines. No. Vurlc. The Paris; has The l*;iri« at Now KK\V VOIIK, April 30.- arrived i n. t his port The average vast of an outfit for tho Ahiska.ii gold fields is #2;>0. To this must be added the fare and the sum be paid for freight. A fresh-water well on -Sanibel Island, Florida, was about to be used for irrigating- purposes, when it ?iiysteriously changed to sulphur water. A tricycle cab is in The passenger sits in over the two wheels 3 in front, on u The driver a nd Berlin, scut sits works the over the rear wl pedals. Kvcry Prince of Wulos is considered of age immediately after birth, and a chair is placed for'him ou the right ol the throat in the house of lords. By virtue of the unprecedented j purchase, in u single order, ol j one hundred thousand (100," ! 000) copies of thin acknow-; \vo are now enabled to offer it to the public at far | 1 GREAT POPl)UR_QFFERi lodged maoterwork of the Century, \vo are now enabled to offer it to the public at far lees than the publiahsro' prloeo! Thousands of persons, who heretofore have not felt able to purchase it, will eagerly welcome this opportunity to secure at reduced price "The tf*Kj».»4.A.»4. A*ililAtforvican4' f\f MrkHAPn TltYinja.." Times THE FUNK & WAGNAULS ictionary QF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. It la incomparably the greatest, as it is positively (ha I at. oit, moot coinpleto, and r.ios 1 ! n:)!i:orUativo, new dictionary in existence. It IB every wjipio the ptandard, ENTIRELY MEW —"^^ It is not a reprint, rehash TO qovisB, ' the steady labor {or 11 vpy ears oJ over twelve score of iha 'moot eminent and authoriiativo ocholarsand »pectali»,alu the world. Nearly 100 of the leading universities, oplleees imd scientific institutions of the world were represented on the editorial etaff; 20 United States Governmontexperts •werealspon the editorial staff. Over $900, 000 were actually expended iu its production before a siaglo com- S lete copy was ready for tne market. Never was any iotionary welcomed with such groat enthuiiosm the ' world over. As the St. James's Budget, I.oadou.deelareH, , "It is tho admiration oi Literary Eugland. ... It should bo the pride of Literary America." The highest praise' has come from all the great American and British nevvB- » papers, reviews, uuivercities, and colleges, a,s well as 'of intelligent men wm women every where. The re^lw subscription price of i?U.% is WS.OO. We MU wow sum> y the qomplete work giving pnroSwcn nearly ft ftUTyeM r s we of this grail W9rfc STANDARD DICTIONARY AGTOt Pes tyhw, Icwa,

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