The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1898
Page 5
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THE IJPFEft BEB MOIlSfjaBt ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1898, .. . .... _... ...... . ..... ... .„_.;. :: ..- ..„...- —^^^^.^.J_;gJT^^^u J £iA^^l...^ L ^.-.. ......... -.-, I.,-..-..,-. -..--.-. i • '--'- J .--,•„-- --•-,,-, ,-. ;y, T . ,y -y. -, f,,-\ -- ,,,• ;ji..J.-.-J-S-K^i. .-ajJJ,-.V,JJJJ.-*- — fi i" "ir" f i" n "'' '-*- ' *>.*-~...-*>..-.»..A-i--«^--at. .•> _-~-~ ,-, ~ .,- V, ,.,.,--„ a, ..-..„,.. ,.___, -. \ Lot 5415— Men's Suits. A very handsome fancy •worsted suit; a fine brown '* ^check. The -tailor's price, $40.00. Our price. Lot 5566— Men's Suits. A dark blue serge, just the thing for summer; richly lined throughout. The tailor's price, 835.00. Our price Lot 6079— Men's Suits. A new creation; a fancy corkscrew worsted, In a veiy dark brown, with a faint plaid. The tailor's price, 830.00. Our price f YOU WANT A FINE SUIT IME and sec these new styles in three buttons cutaways and Prince Alberts, made fend war* ranted by Hart, Schaffner & Marx. For superb tailoring and finish, fine fabric and linings, graceful, easy fit and handsome appearance, ... ... WE HAVE NEVER SEEN THEIR EQUAL. Remember, our Furnishing Goods Depart* ment shows the correct neckwear, shirts, gloves, etc., to be worn with such clothes. HART, SOHAFFNEfi ft MARX. GUARANTEED OLOTHINQ. Lot 860 — Men's Suits. A black clay •worsted for slim men. Every special Crequlrement Is met In this garment. The tailor's price, $30.00. Our price Lot 1315 — ~~K*.-' , 0 . en s Suits. A fancy worsted in dark grey ; Florentine serge lining; a business suit In ev ery respect. The tailor's price, 835.00. Oxir price Lot 5443— A Covert Cloth Top Coat In a dark tan- sleeves lined with satin; horn buttons, welt seams. The tailor's price, 825.00. #1 O °° Our price JL fc».= Men who are in the " habit" of having their clothing made to order should inspect our new " Spring and Summer Suits" We can show many new features that will open their eyes in Specially Tailored " Ready-to-put-on" Clothing. New England. O. B. DURDf\LU RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL, LOCAL TRAINS WEST. n _ n( _ No. 1 departs at No. 3 departn at Freights that carry passengers- , No. 93* departs at. 10 45pm No. 71 departs at * 9n " m No. 65 departs at TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at a No. 4 departs at Freights that carry passengers— No. 76 departs at * No. 94 departs at £-j^— 6i) Agen - t . CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Nortll — ixed ...... 7:05ain Freight ..... 12 :1B p m . _ Freteht ....11:30 am Mixed Pass . . . ... . 7 :05 a m Arrive at Dos Molnos at 13:15 p. m. m., and 1 :20 a. m. THE LOCAL FIELD. H. F. Watson has reshingled and otherwise repaired his house. Wheat is worth $1 in Algona, oats 26 cents, corn 25, barley 30@35. Silas Roney of Irvington got his face badly cut in a hay press one day last week. W. A. Dutton shipped a carload of 'eggs Friday. Eggs now bring eight cents. The Congregational pastor at Emmetsburg will preach in Algona next Sunday. The new public library board is well calculated to manage the library successfully- About half the public school scholars are out of many of the rooms. Measles is the cause. Mrs. C. W. Parker has been in Bancroft the past week, called by the illness of her daughter. The Congregational ladies give their May breakfast tomorrow morning. Get up when you please. A little branch of the cyclone Saturday cut across and blew down two big barns south of Bancroft. Dr. Sayers, Alex. White and F. H. Vesper have acted as committee to organize the electric light company. The spring rains have been the making of crops this season. We have never had a more favorable prospect. Regular meeting of A. O. U. W. next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Very important business, All members come out. Clarence Benedict, oldest child of E. N Benedict, who used to clerk for Earley, is dead. He died at Elgin, 111., of consumption. E. C. Tuttle came home Monday. His age was against him in the close competition. He showed his bravery by offering to go. C, B. Matson is home from Chicago and will be here two weeks. He is doing his gold mining over in the real gold country lately. ^ Kossuth has 12 delegates in the republican state convemtion. Last year the county had 16. Last fall's political cyclone knocked off four. The week's weather bureau report shows that Iowa is all right. Corn planting has begun in some places. The state generally is reaay for it. The Monday club-has been generous in donating its books to the public library. It has a library easily worth $1,600. All the books will now be free. The boys at Des Moines get $1.60 a day as long as they are national guards. It is not until they are accepted by the United States that they drop to $13 a month. The Northwestern mail from the south in the morning comes now at 7:30 o'clock instead of at 7 o'clock. The trains pass at Irvington instead of at Algona. Guy Taylor cleared over $100 last week at a big shoot in Waterloo. He is now at Eau Claire, Wis., for a big tournament. Guy is getting into the front rank. Constable Haokman went to Whittemore yesterday and brought Landlord Frost to Algona charged with selling liquor and keeping loose women at the Clifton hotel. The W. C. T. U. will hold a mother's meeting next Wednesday at the home of Mrs. F. D. Calkins. All ladies who wish to join in these meetings are ooi> dially invited. L. Witham says he saw the cyclone that went over part of Palo Alto county Saturday, Two men were killed at '" a few miles vest of West Bend. It was a destructive storm all over the northwestern part of the state. Prof. Lilly takes Ed. Richardson's place as tuba player in the band. The professor is a professional. He is a lucky addition, for a good tuba player is hard to find. This is the season when silks are going to be the popular thing. Gul- braith's store has as fine a line as can be found in most cities. His show windows are only a hint. Anew napthalaunch that will carry eight people will go in on tbe'mill pond soon. The owners will he known as soon as the boat arrives. It will be brand new and a beauty. Geo. W. Hanna was up last week. He says he heard from his brother Phil, not long ago. Phil, enjoys the excitement, but says the consular fees have fallen off amazingly. A great many, friends of the Horan brothers will regret that they are to drop out of the city service. They have been exceptionally faithful and competent, and leave a good record: One of the Gillingham boys, a son of the old lady who burned, was drunk and insulted some ladies Saturday, Fred. Fuller filed an information for his arrest. The Gillinghams are a tough crowd. Marriii'ge licenses have been issued to Frank Schichtl and Anna Hellmnn, Martin Rammer and Tracy Stein, Fred Jentz and Ida Mittag, Jos. Elsbecker and Katie Vaske, Frank Davis and Grace Baser. Rev. F. E. Day's theme for morning discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday will be, "God's Bankers." In the evening will be a special service at which Presiding Elder Yetter will deliver the address. The Methodists have advertised for bids to be in on the new church by May 16. They expect to see work begin early in June. They have contracted to have the old church torn down and moved by April next year. The Baptist pastor will take for his theme next Sunday morning "The Christian's Underpinning." Evening: "The Friendship of Jesus." Union memorial services at 3 p. m. in honor of the martyrs of the Maine. The program prepared for the W. L. A. S. is a paper by Mrs. Minnie Drake, subject, Brussels; paper by Dr. Margaret E. Coles, Ventilation and Sanitation. Meeting at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon at the reading room. Rod. Jain, the Portland pioneer, picked up his drag one day a week ago to look at it and when he put it down he placed one tooth squarely on top of his foot. He was in Algona Thursday and was walking like an old man. Durdall is making a specialty of the Hart, Schffner & Marx clothing. That brand means the best made, as inquiry of any clothing house will satisfy the buyer. When H. S. & M. is on a suit ife means that the buyor gets what he pays for. The Wigwam is putting up -Monitor geared wind mills this week for Andrew Miller and Fred Miller, two of Kossuth's substantial farmers. The Wigwam has sold a carload of these mills from Algona and Burt during the past 30 days, Rev. Mason of Green Mountain, who preached at the Congregational chui'ch Sunday, was a classmate at the state university of Miss Jessamine L. Jones and of J. L. Bonar. He is a vigorous and brainy young man, but Is not a candidate for the Algona pulpit. Geo. C. Call made a big land deal last week. He got the Culver section in Lotts Creek south of the P. J. Walker farm. He will break the entire section at once and sow flax. He bought at what everybody calls a low figure and will make a handsome profit. Jt will delight the ladies to call at the new Rosewall bakery. It is elegantly fitted up and the product of the oven will ornament any table. Mr. Rosewall has put in a first class restaurant and is already getting a good patronage. Give him a call for luck. The new armory for company F is figuratively speaking left in the air by the war. Mr. NioouUn is completing the work, but does not know what he will do with it if company F.should be gone a year or two. If a new company is organized it will doubtless take it. The new opera house company met last evenipg at F. W- Dingley's office and elected directors for the ensuing year as follows: Theo. Chrisohilles, Geo. E. Clarke, 0. 0, Samson, J. W. Wadsworth, O. B. Durdall, • J. W, Su.l livan, and Hardy Buell. The board will elect officers from among its number. It is a good hoard. The Cronin furniture store is now fully arranged and prepared to do business, as the bargains elsewhere noted testify. Mr. Croniu Is adding to his stock'every day and is giving Algona a ligh-grado furniture store, with prices is low as the lowest. Call and see his stock. A. R. Specht is the new clerk in Sheetz' drug store. He was once in •Yank Heal's Wesley store, but comes low from Marion. The s Wesley Reporter says: Mr. Specht is a trust- vorthy young man and we are pleased to have him in this neighborhood again. The Algona Harp orchestra season s over. Mart McCall will spend the summer in Chicago perfecting himself on the harp. The other members will emain in Algona. G. W. Cady will ceep the band up to its usual standard, which means that Algona will have the best. At the Baptist church next Sunday ifternoon at 3 o'clock a union memorial service will be held in honor of the victims of the Maine disaster. This Sunday has been set apart for this serv- co all over the land. Good addresses ind good music will be prepared. All ire invited. The county board allowed Dr. Kene- ick's bill of $5 for going out to see if lahra could be brought to jail when iis shooting scrape occurred. At the ast session before the board doubted if ie was entitled to it, but finally concluded that he was. The doctor says ie earned the fee all right. Brownell's shoe store is now full ength and he and his family are occupying the Archibald house west of Am- jrose A. Call's. The new store is as mndsome as could be wished with the new lights and all. Mr. Brownell has iven Algona a high-class shoo store ind in the new room can still better display his large stock. Mrs. Hester A. Cleary, wife of Henry leary, died at the home of her daughter in Burt, Mrs. Platz, last Thursday ind was buried in the Portland cemetery. She was born in Ohio of Irish •mrents some 00 years ago. She has seen a sufferer for some years from iver and stomach troubles, and she has been a patient sufferer. Mrs. N. L. Ericksen, who used to live n Algona, wife of Nets Ericksen the druggist at Milford, started to go down the outside stairway leading from their •ooms over W. H. Minor's store, hav- ng the baby in her arras, and in some manner tripped and fell to the bottom of the stairs. She was picked up un- :onscious, but had suffered no permanent injuries. The bnby was unhurt. Mrs. Betsy Norton suffered a para- ytic stroke last week at the Robert Benderson home in Riverdale, and is not likely to recover. Mrs. Norton, if she lives, will be 93 years old next Tuesday. She has been one of the pioneers of Kossuth and every old settler knows her. She has been vigorous all her life and even extreme old age has not been wholly unenjoyable. Three cars of excursionists came from the north Sunday and three were filled at Algona. Like crowds went from all along the line, the Northwestern carrying 4,500peopleto Des Moines. In all 20,000 were brought in and 50,000 went to the fair grounds to see the soldiers. They found the boys well and happy, and already a fine looking army. The train reached Algona about 2 o'clock Monday morning. Lawyer Curtiss went to Des Moines to see his younger brother, who is enlisted from Ames college ia our Company F. When asked how he came to join company F he replied that Capt. Cooke was the best officer in the brigade, and that company F was to be the crack company. Adjt. Gen. Lincoln brought his own boy and put him in Capt. Cooke's company, and company F is filled up with Ames students. The second military company will meet tonight. It held a meeting Saturday evening at the court house and elected M. P. Haggard chief drill master, C. C. Samson treasurer, B. F. Grose chaplain, and H. J. Hjerleid secretary. The enrollment now is about 100 and a dozen of the latest army regulations have been ordered. The idea is to get a second company from Algona in case the national guard is filled to take the places of the boys at front- It will make some of Algona's citizens realize that time is flying to learn that Miss Lela Benham and Miss Mabel Stough, Y, U, Stough'e daughter, are both manned in Minneapolis, Miss Benham married an officer in the national guard last Sunday, the cere Everybody Come AND SEE AT' James Patterson's. SEE those seed potatoes for i.oo per bushel, You will send off and pay two dollars. SEE that soap, ten bars for 250. SEE that soap, four bars of toilet for loc. SEE those garden seeds. SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee. SEE that 5o-cent tea. SEE those egg cases—no eggs broken if you have one, SEE that so-cent syrup. SEE that five-galjon can of syrup for 1.50. SEE those five-cent prunes. SEE those five-cent raisins. SEE those five-cent cigars. SEE those fine apples. * In fact there are so many things to see that H would take days to mention them all. Come in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that my place la where you want to buy your goods. Yours for business, Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. mony being hastened by the cull to war. Miss Slough's husband wo arc not informed about. They wero both attractive girls when last known in Algona, and both have many good wishes from hero for long and happy lives. One Algona member of company F is home with a dishonorable discharge. Ho came into camp one night an hour late, with part of a bottle of whisky in his stomach and part in the bottle. He asked one of the young boys if he would like a drink of coffee, and in the dark got him to drink. Next morning he bragged about it. dipt. Cooke stripped off his uniform, dressed him in a $1.60 suit of clothes and bought him a ticket homo. He did right. The parents of the younger boys need have no fear so long as they are officered as at present. It seems that E. W. Goodtier, longtime clerk for Call & Cowlos, and later for Ambrose A. Call, has deserted his nmily, Algona, and a long list of cred- tors at one and the same time. Ho is estimated to have borrowed nearly 11,000 that there is nothing to show or, and if rumors can be relied on is one of the smoothest confidence men Algona has harbored. Mrs. Goodner, who is a sister of C. E. Davenport of Lho Deposit & Loan, has taken stops to secure a divorce. Goodnor was an effl- iient business man and had no difficulty n getting work. What he did with lis money is a puzzle to those who cnew him best. The public library has the following new books: Story of the Birds, Baskett; urious Homes and Their Tenants, 3eard; Hildegarde's Harvest, Richards; Three Margarets, Richards; Hero in Homespun, Berton; Quo Vadis, Sien- dowiez; Hania, Sienkiewiez; Under ,he Cuban Flag, Ober; The Ready Rangers, Munroo; Marching With omez, Flint; Pomp of the Lavilittes, Parker; Standard Bearer, Crockett; "eneral's Double, Kinz; Big-horn treasure, Cargill; Helen's Babies, Habber,on; Girl's Book of Treasures; Fairy Tales, Grimm; Natural History, Wood; Annals of Iowa; Report of Superin- .ondent of Public Instruction of Iowa, Sabin. A May Kroakfnst. There will be a May breakfast given n the Congregational church parlors Thursday morning, May 5, from 6:30 to to 9 o'clock. Price, 15 cents. MENU. Oat meal and prearn. Ham and eggs. Brown bread. Fried potatoes Sweet pickles. Hot biscuit and maple syrup. Doughnuts. Cookies. Tea. Coffee. Summer Comfort In the homo cannot bo realized without some arrangement for cooking without heating up the big cook stove. Outsido of natural gas nothing has yet boon invented that equals the gasoline stove for summer use, and in gasoline stoves the "Quick Meal" stands at the head, and as a result more "Quick Meal" gasoline stoves are sold than any other gasoline stove made. We have on hand a nice assortment, and it will pay you to look thorn over and see what a good stove it is if you contemplate a purchase. C . HARDWARE. To RENT: A house and two lots near ;he Northwestern depot. For particu- ars call at store. JNO. GOEDERS. SHOES, shoes—black, tans, greens, 3rowns, and oxbloods. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. THE price of a pretty face is one dol- ,ar — three packages of Rocky Mountain Tea. Brings red lips, bright eyes, lovely color^ _ FOR .time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. Your Wedding Buy your wedding ring of us, we always make the bride a present. 5tf DlNGLEY & PUGH. Jusi' received another new lot of rugs, curtains, and portieres. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. TO RENT: Rooms oyer my store; rent very cheap. JNO. GOEPERS. REMEMBER " Cannon Chop Tea." It is worth remembering. M. Z, GROVE & SON. Orders for Ice. All who want ice should leave orders with Patterson & Son, Frank Winkel, or E. J. Gilmore. PETER WINKEL. IF you want sometning nice for t summer dress see our satin stripec ohallies and fine organdies. GALBRAITH & Co, WANTED: 5,000 dozen good, fresh eggs in exchange for dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, and groceries. JNO. GOEDERB. WE have just received a large line, o tapestry curtains. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. DON'T sacrifice your health by taking something said to be the same at Rook; fountain Tea. There is aQthiog jjaad tjja.1, eures, as ' Fits Everywhere, Pinches Nowhere. Those superb novelties in Spring Footwear. Slip in and try on a sair. See how pretty they look and how lovely they fit. Up-to- date Footwear—you get it if you buy of Brownell & Allred, Boots and Shoes exclusively, Fine repairing and custom work. Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. We Want The Ladies to know that we are now more fully prepared than ever before to supply the wants they may have in . Fine Millinery Goods. .. *x The styles for '98 are pretty, indeed, and we can show you everything in the very latest. The safest plan is for you to call and see for yourself—we will assist you—we are sure we can please you in everything, not excepting the price. Matson & McCall. The Wetmore Truss THIS TRUSS MUKOBKS 111II. I WEAR THE WBTUORE CLEAN, PURE- FLAX SEED Can be obtained from the A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles- no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly ami surely. It stays just where It Is placed. The cheapest high-gvade truss yetpvoduced. It is absolutely guaranteed to tit aad hold the lierula with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other truss before trying this For sale and guaranteed by > W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, v ALGONA, IA.

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