The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1898
Page 7
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!s> worst color for the . Taylor and Paul I?. of ilPargo, wore engage'!. anE wsre tmtfSif 'town for a few days. Th»y esr<rtran#«tt 'the following tcle- .famsg and thoughtlessly signed them .fey their initiate only. "Dear Kellk!:-"~CJom<j home to me. P. -15. Q. • "Dear Paill:---Am coming, my love. ft, I. T. ' Men who are honest for policy's sake afe generally difthonest at heart. . There are about !l,900 breweries in 4he United States. they of theic 'married "BtHe-~"And .married?' i—-"Yes; each <?lse." I The rapidity with which a. -note bfr- j coines ihie depends entirely cm whether .•your name apcpars at the tQp or tlift .bottofii t hereof. Astronomers tell us that In our Polar pyetem there are at least 117,000,000 of nil sizes. •has It. is said that Mrs. Gladstone •never'Contradicted her husband. DOCTORS DON^T DENY IT, The frank testi modty of a famous physician. When Tit. Ayr •minounc«<1 lti« Sarsapn- till* to tin- worlfl, lie nl mice found the t>liynlc1ati« Ills friend*. Stich u remedy wftfi wltnl tlit-y hfld loofccil for, and they were prompt to uppntcifilr its merits ami prescribe It. Perluip* no meillcliie—known i« n pntent medicine — i« so Ktnernlly nd- intnisterfcd aiul pritscrilicd by physicians as l>r Ayer's Sarsapatilla fur blood diseases, nnd <fls>'-nsrs of Ihf skin Hint indlcnle n. talnlril'condition of the blood. Experience hno proved it to be a spcc-iln; in siicli dl»en«e», and sores ot >lo«K M'.andiiiR:. old «lcer«, chronic rl»rumntlsin. and imiuy ,other like forms nl disease have yielded lo ( 'the pri severing use W We. Ayer'B S(irsnpar. •MlaiiUerotliernifdicf«c»h!idtiUerly f-.nled. Thr lestimonUN rcci ived front physicians , to the vulne of this r. 1; medy would lillii 1 -voltimc. Heir; isime teal nigncd 1>V Rich'd II. r^awrcQce, M. U-, Brilllmorc, Md. ._• til c««u r< Jo'1>cnv testimony ,10 LIU nut. c.-.:. which yottr prepnriition of •Bnrsnpnrilln has had "in the tt t-ntinent of cutaneous and other diseases arising from * vitiated condition of the blood. V.'ere it necessary, 1 tnljflit c»vc you the -names of *t -least fifty iniHviduaU who have bjen cured of lotic-slaiiditii;- complaints Ktmply *t -least fifty i cured of loii(r-s , tiy the administration of )>r. Ayer'st-arsti t>a<t;illa. One verv remarkable instanc xvns thrttof n miite old woman who had lived Bi'Cntonsville, ncnr thlscily. Shchad.becn rsn- r afflicted with-the rheumatism for years, and had taken as she had informed me, more than one hundred dollars' wor.lh nf medicine to obtain relief, yet without nnv beneficial result. I advised her to try f. Ivollle of Dr. Aver'-s Sargaparilla and told her that if it failed,to do her pood, J would icfiuvJ the money. A short time aftet- •»-n!<).. J. Inarncd thnt-it had cnrcd her, and a neighbor of hers similarly afflicted was alsornlirclv relieved of his complaint by its us?:. This is the universal result of the jidminislration of -,ymir Snrsapavilla. It , is without exception, the best blood ptiri- I iier with which 1 atn.acquainted." Then- i--, no other flimilnr medicine can show a. similar record. Others have imitated the remedy. They can't imitate the record. Or. Avev's Sarsaparilla has the friendship of the physician and the favor of the fivmily, because H .cures. U '' llfill ; s all promises made for it. It has healed ! thousatwlKof people of-Che most malignant diseases that can mutilate nianlcum. NolhitiK lias ever Mipc-ncedcd it and not i-, intr ever will until a •medicine is made that can show a record «f cures gt eater in number nnd equal in -wonder to those wrought bv Dr. Ayer's fiarsaparilla. l)i. Aycr's Cur'ebook, a story of cures told by the cured, is sent free on request bv the I C. Aver Company, Lowell, Mass. \\ rite lor it. BY USING LAUNDRY WORK MADE EASY KEITH'S ENAMEL STARCH, It ivnts.on that enamel, glossy finish thafc is so dcsira- lile. It makes Shirts, Shirt Waists, Collars and Cuffs look like new, Keith's Enamel Starch is the most economical starch made. It will do more work, do it with less labor and do it better than any other starch. If it does tiot give you entire satisfaction yoac grocer will rofaad -your niitmey. l,ar£e finckngc, 1O ceut«; small paeUncr*', 5 cents. If your procor doo.» snt linvo It, nlpnw? spnd us his name jind nrtdreps nnd wo will seed you K NAM EL STAKL'Ji IJKCKll'T JSOOK fcr your troulili-. Uimuib.-.tuix-il by KEITH ENAMEL STARCH CO., CHICAGO, ILL. Our responsibility lias been established by 2 J years of fair dealing. In buying a Hartford or Vedette You know your bicycle is all that is claimed for it. POPE MFG. CO., Harfferd, Cbrni. Sc«t fycsa iay CofeaiKi 4>ej£er, or fcy nuii foe ooi 2-c«ii siss^i WEHAVENOftSENTS -l, Jill:, i.i ^iiu IT. &, PSUST. ai«?sr. H ALLET OAVtS a* 1 StUUllfcCimtt. sHli»ffiiiJliSl«tiitilKiminiiliSilUmitt— illiisaHiiiXiiii'tiitvV!." a«uiir, wrtltt 11 &.JI. li<O>.V.liJfe, iWii :wuU niuilUinu ... ^ H1M? MmiiJUm. Sii (iiiauiwinn'«>,v,n>WtU»KlJ toJu.iww' -' tiCUV .mill ,V. ittiuit. ;|t ;cmi^ njy^ipi j \W'»iUr UMi ft*i'-' unltaiu*. sat* T& the in the Smith BRIGHT HOME-MAKES A MERRY HEART* 1 * JOY TRAVELS ALONG WITH SAPOLIO ONHMEL SUCKER France -wiich followed the Bevocatlon of the Edict ot Nantes the rebels or Camisards as they were called, h*d for leader «, very daring aftd oiis man fc&- tiaane ,tekti Cavalier. One of his remriahle achievement* has been thus describe*}: The castle of Servas was one of the most imprefe- nable of the -royal strongholds, and the Camisard rhiof formed the determination of taking it. For this purpose he resorted to strategy. Disguising a body of the insurgents in royalist uniforms, he selected six of the fiercest and moat disreputable-looking of his men, whom he manacled as if they were prisoners, and having placed ,them in the middle of his troop, led them to the village of Plans, near Servas. There he called for the headmen ot the place, and stated "that he himself was a king'* officer, a nephew of M. de BrbRlle, thfct by the help of God he had captured the Camisard ruffians whom he had brought as prisoners, and wished to place them in the. caslJe of Servas until such time as preparations for their execution or torture might, be completed." The commandant of the castle was communicated with and willingly assented to the entry of the pseudo- nephew of M. rle Broglle and his men with their captive, into the castle. He Invites Cavalier to supper, and while that meal is preparing, walks with him on the ramparts, pointing out the while their strength and the impossibility of any Camisards of the neighborhood making a forcible entry, or any prisoners within its walls an escape. At supper the Camisard leader, in his character of a persecutor of Protestants, plays his part to perfection, while the officers vie with one another in attentions and politeness, wishing not unnaturally to make a good impression on one enjoying the confidence of two such great men as MM. de Baville and BrogHe." Cavalier, it must bo understood, had shown letters from these gentlemen—letters which he had captured from some royal troops. "Of a sudden the young officer rises from the table and draws his sword. 'Monsieur,' he cried, addressing tho commandant, 'you did me the honor during our conversation on the ramparts of declaring that no Camisard could either effect an entry into this castle, or, once within its walls, escape alive. My presence here proves the contrary, for in me you bo- hold Jean Cavalier, the Camisard chief, and these," he continued, pointing to his men, who were now swarming into the apartment, "are my followers, soon to be the masters of this castle." IE the fight which ensued the Camisards proved victorious. T?ie garrison was for the most part put to the sword, while the .attacking party having first secured what booty they could, set flr* to the castle and then retreated with their spoils to the mountain fastnesses which served them for strongholds. This exploit of Cavalier's, were if. not | a well-supported historical fact, imgh'. j easily be deemed to t« nothing but fiction." Cavalier, it is perhaps worthy of adding, entered the British army at a later life where he ( himself; and in his old age was ap painted governor of Jersey. and somfi tailors chnrtro more for making lilack than colored clothes. This fart has inrtncc-tl American schoolmasters to atmndou tho time-honored "blfteicbonwV The best board is n li'nt nny soft iwUow do, nceordinp to the light, available. The chalks should be ft •clear, sky blue, with cnnnvy-onmjfc and .clear', •dut-k jjroon for extra oolors. AGAIN IN DEF.SAND, Newspaper readtrs, of a few year.? batfc w*fre incje famEHar v/jr.h the- can:? o£ Zalla-sSs shac Ehs.5 ot Maxtni. Zatts.- cjw-a I'. Vr&f-a iifc.s ilaitis bE* w r:? fe-id jist iiCjg*ltt«-r iit* EESlij'ji nsied in ssrivai wafers •srsr^ (CCKS'i-U sffiai tfeeiij id5'i«:« a EffiSK "5U5 ".fet fe'it. S.'C- r*^T5'?S 2s- >i!i ia JCA.M.!nr'IE Z&!L.E4,3-E (off iiJi-s ttttaiBJ.biii',5 1 pairtaiHUdiii li; lliimAt 1 :il nr.2i:uw:w,,' MjJAtlilti W fflSKi fit :ii .1131 ftiar, V«wc. Old Doctor — How <lo you jyct nlong with your husband now, Mrs. NTnjrnirc? Mrs. Mng'nire— Vory nicely, thank ye. lie's dead. The "mineral wraith' 1 "f nowly found mining regions Inrpely run by syndicates IK in too mnny instances n fable. The products nearer homo nri> surer nnd promise more rewnttls. Xo one, will go iimcwnrcleil in tho matter of improved health -who vise rejrnlnrly JTostettcr's Stomach Hitters for mnltt- ria and dyspepsia. ftfd tlfgred to fbr thte feconotny of tFheir Uto Blood- Mr*, Wattscm , , Etow Slio Ws* In Sl.vle In Dealer — 1 nmsurc, inndnin, yon could look the city through, and not, find a. handsomer unrrinjje limn this. Mrs. IVAviioo-'-Oh. itV.s linmlsomc enoup-h, but, looks too eomfortnhle to \>c .stylish. M>- iv Invention*. At. no llrvso ?s vetifnftii fnWf> 3lttW*» tfl of (»«iTwiwR tlmn nt, the *'Turn «f L!ft>,'' Tin; grpivt \vnnt, in wotnjm'a s.vM^fu \"\ Ability to profx't'ij niiJustUwlf to | >ntUHt>ns. TI\«M»«U«»t, monlh1y ( «f Is im\v bi-inp «lhnJulshp»l nnfl t»nvvlt % «\ Into tluv lunly fin* Uu- Mtp|0y ftn«l of Jt» !«,!« r y«hrs. y .your ntot lu>v'(i.<?nrl,v wiro. Hho Vim tics. TltlsflHtio rt'ttn-u to jvnt'xvt'il Ju>»H!i nntl Thnt, so mnn.v n-«jnt«u full tt> tliliu'hfin^o thntt linp|>lly, In t\\\ Injf itiil, morly to liu-k of crin 1 , lint. <u )ffh<" riiiuM*. ',1'horo K lioxvcivci', iio «Vi'!im« for Itfiiin'iinuo \vhc»n (JKp(»rlo!3('tVl.,M' ^> vico Kan lie yotirn froo of (Ul t'«i(*.|, ; '\ Wriln to Mm. iMnldmm, lit, ).ynw, ' MIIHH,, ulir bus hi'lncrt Ri'cnti iMimlicvM of women Mii'i'i-nhftilly thrtni/j'h tUt< of l.ifr.iiml M|K\ will help you , •;, I'iiiiihniii'M Vi.'ufNifliitV I'oit poiinil \n tlm lii-',t, lonlo fin 1 itti'rino II. \\nfl(n luirntnnit>u,'il,v ii)i" on nil thcso ovi'i'\vt'i»ii(.fhti wgntift, ))*• \iffonitc.'i llii- Imily mill drtvt'rt n(V ilm bhtcH, fiend ililn Idler from Mrs. lltir.i.A WATOOV, r.:M VlYst. Mh St., OlnclniHvtl,Ohi<v " DKAII JMjia, 1'iNKiiAM:- J hnvo TKMMX uiilnjf Ij.vtlln, I 1 !, IMnkliiuti'rt Vi^tM.nlilt'i Compound for somo tiino tltiriittf the c'liauyo of Mff, tnul it, 'I HIM lii'i'n n iiiivlm 1 of Hfu nnto Hid T. can uhonrfnlly iwominonil ynur nifilirim: t,o nil wonicii, ninl 1 know it will plvi) jicriiiuiii;ul, ivlicf. 1 would lit- fjliu'l to n^ltitc my (',\|H<»'!CIHO to n.ny fiiiffercr." Ask Mrs, Plnkham's Advice—A Woman Best Dndcrstanrts a WomeinM UK* 1 Mrs Kllzabelli London, of Omnbri, ftns just obtained a patent, throiJKh Sues & Co., for a .combination rako mold and egR poaneher. Inventors desiring frno information In reluMon Lo patents should nrI:lniR3 fttu-.s K-. Co., Attorneys at I-aw, J.eo l.'iilldliiR, ^luahn, Xeh, \Vit.b ("ion. llosecrans dcnrt, tli^ f-on- fedcrat-y as wrll as tin; union i't without si living f.'nncnil wlto cuirnritin'tci! i in one of the, ba.ttlcs of thf; v.'itr. i Alt I::illfor Ha.>n. The eilitov of titf Hivfsrtfin, Tov.'.i, Iti'l'.-- (ii-iiijc-it v. i i',i--,: "I am imlf'rl p!cr!!,cil fn !i:> vc. fvi'tfu'd for stotiiiich \.ri*itiii':f-* •"•)'; of tai' 11:1.1-1 !.oi'ril)If: i|i u '.','t",(i.s llc^h i/i )i"ir UL I }i;\<\ liV-.n :ifi!'u:'C'i v.iTii llii; t.rrittijli: '>,;• fvu;' v'-.i;'• MI- inr.Tf! i'i :ia ai",;i':iva!':,l •oriii, asu'l!i'Ini; list; t s-.l t.vvo . i\'>\ • i',;:.!:r,t:n!'iii',r I Uad ttrc;'.trn'riil, from r.<i'.f:>\ : ).!iV.-ivi;it:s f!•>t.-Vfliff^; V S!f. '.•>r:;iiil.if.-*. I l<(^(i!'. j £>:Uiii;r v/or-^' arifl v;ar-?.i:. lif'.t b'-cztti". i :tlir,o.'.T »:!,V-: C '!'.H I ? v >!r': ;: v(\ in M ri-Utv ;.i. t'»r- ; SEARCH "O.C.HUBINQER BROSC? IRONING MADE EASY. HAS MANY IMITATORS, HUT NO EQUAL. print'.]' w, by men \v)io hnvo Imrl yd».rs (>1 In funny Iftuwiorlntf. It, liii' ii] Aiim/fiiif rtrfif.fjce to i liuir natufiit v/MtfiricfiMnrir) !?np(it'f.« (i, IwattUfiil null Ift.fil.iriff lirtJ^Ji, '}'!><,' only f)t.n.n:li thnl i« perfectly }<ii.r/nln««, »KI atv.niric, itltiit> or ot/lioC ii<- jw'iottn Miljstjiriofr. Csio bfS nrtfiil tivfln for H, 1; ( 'il>y pov/Ocr'. A5K YOOf! OROCCR FOB IT AND t/!K8 NO OTHEft, F.iii'e. f.t'.''L:tiy. I V. ;\:. i;;!!ii(-'.il to '.r; Kay's U-^ov/U');'. Ai'ttr •,;.',•,•.: .1' •-\f-".i-.\ !>ac;:.i2f: j , I ? rt.v'.tifiiiv IV^ir.:? :i :.!•••,-},- \» -.. f ',i'-\\f:*c. ^irr.-.It/f ' .sv-';!.'!'^.\'-».;•".'•"-.•^'.'-"; Vuiir:'.'"." .\»r.\n, '/ 1,1 ":Tl alt f/.h':." J>:Y»'.'/ff: a i«i i i s I u a J ;.• J i IK lit I llil I i I j (! 11J H «4.1,11.., «,< i T- . wv.wi i."|'iT.r, >'» H;M» n*;i*-jii*yf* p ,*fiy,pA moat«r«orl< o-f tho Crtntury, wn hrt Wiv/ onftdifO i/; offer it l<» tfi<i |/fit;J(c «t fdr tiles* tfton the publfefiorft' pfirttis! 'I'h'iijron'lnol pxrKofiii, wii ( * J/irf«ii«vf(5Tn hftyitJiotft'it, l^S BS/Je Jr>|/orrrhaiwi tt, fill ^BKirly vt>U-orri<; tiiii n|>t'<>rltjnlfy tofticiittv m refl if rrcd tdftfjj "The *S Crcattet Achievement of Modern Timcc," THE FUNK & WAGNAUS iaodanl Dictionary OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, It. ixtiMt, (W It.Js ntl »n)ttfli < i*«t<v9, fin ii. f!«l«f,-j,-ifto. .H In «¥fryf.'lii)'o tho i.t ! ENTIRELY Nf.W. u~* , 1PPOM COVCft TO COVER. I tti« steady Inbor frit fl"e }"•*? [ t,h« wrick! }{':K,n'.'\V> fit tht T* is net« tepflht, tehM\t work, hun l« MM fesim st <n s'/srfwtlVB 1 twitti *f<h# . if tiift Wflf Icl |« pl«! 9 ("J i<: _ A s ttv« ^iitV A(ri'B»f;».-" ' I* -in Shftteurs-wVi-fr r.^rthlrt p-wp.iv». :. Uffjlh WISH <if 3'iiffi ws ft? mnJ. Acliii'fl DM.f! BlTIfWARY >. c* (this jji' . t* ra«(fa. ,v,M(. r r, tttm- £i^i:v ; i '• f '.--*• y::'=MH,i-, 't^'.ti*-^'. !i*lli(V Wlniil' U'..i:i.,J". '!. .-"VI s . :>.:!. i'l,^! ,">'i> •n^T 'Vi^\i'^vr!1 i'ii. ^ :i -,;;i^l i''v li.^iiM^n' ti.:;l"'il Vi'" J !»:l'Jl.-! H">!,r ".ti.|-'i-1i r:.i'.»''. !tjtl'.>,!:p. !.", rf'.rtiS',, I'j-V ",r.!i'!f !!':l) ll !h v'!U,;^ li-.v.*-;: :liK;lil!'l!i"..iV.{' U-i't i'Vi,- i;ii)A! pi, ::.;;)'(?'»•„ l!i;!'.Uf.. i)il!."V 'i=f>.. i'.iU^'irih.*:^'!.! •'•Irtif l!i".r,. 1': T?:<».'Kw ,V. Sf. 1"'-;r,!'>i:|y,,!' ,-,r ,- fi-'rwi-ri '-fto. U. ui ! A.yi-.-\ I'li-.-ffi lV.ii' : ." i'-i f / l';,-!.vi.-. -.). irii.jrn'ii'i-ii--rtv. in I'.niiili'jn. i A,:^.',;r fii-sf. SMiT.''! IP. tins year if.. IFinsJl. iSiiaiisa.' Sfttwats tt iiM», .iiiiwi';, \viiiiitJit IJmwia- nifat ai (ffiaiM8JBi!>JiiiiJBi;,"' Wlufl. Win. tucui tctf fiB-H: «ninjii«' itaiiiw.ui aensii*' ««»jM men liurati- .-Htii in yrimif \v.irJii! anuiit ^wiiHiiltf,, :wnU wwidill IJn- iiniviHit- te iiaiuuttft iJi- Ki»w IPii'uI. JEofateyui ;w a*«i!O<!t«fc rtli«'- i46kituM«"S uff m mrilwiiHioi itfam- iim WU* t«tutill»»iui liHiniimiiiiiw;, ihi a'i (tunt!tkii!Hi!t'ii5ni S?!i(U!{i'. ; , wililitjii uyyiimyi: i Usnij. iitf D«!iill Wiv ikf; rwili! I !ku5.wai. iiM't'iiW !>K, llviwuMuit;, a wilwn iirtfc i-l5iiiuiit(«? Sham- aff tfflif ounra UiH^vutt HUB- amna«iiuiitrfl Utf 1 fJU* inuHtt f: i* filin only (.•.oiisiiHiptioi 1 . ,. F':i., A'nv. 0r, Kay's 'afflhtlea W 8'>1'H H ; y(«8. t i Thompsan't Eyar Waitr f,fi« >i<*'flC.fV .iilil, .^.illlli.' V^.Mh' f'i'i'^ ? V.IV ::',' HHi-.i'lM SH'wli S.'iV's^ft*. >/« L'.J'.-f l.U»U\x,t Hf.ii v',%.f,*f, t-f>>t-h '• :'ir;<*i» ^' .nilt^i'^- ^i^^.l ,', ; ,-^k«^ . *U v (fcV,.!:VfJi«!U, '.(«•••: 1-fW. <»i'A'5,l« fi-f'«' »;lvv.i>-j;-'» ,vj Say Burlington," City, , Spokane; tJio seeijia, City,

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