The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1898
Page 7
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•*" ?' ?*£ --—- -.™.—^^ IS robbed ot tlie tto'm 'tja«g**»t aetn&ttdM by fiftlnfB, a^ltBilfttitti •|ffSBs, unisatural gases sare generated; th , - Uftfa?e system fjesponds to the discdrd. . i ' A fffacticfl tUttsti-atiofc of the symptom ; ;*hd tofttU'etrf dyspepsia is furnished bj 'jtftlidase^i Joseph T. Vandyke, """ — " 'TOT^ St.'f ScMliiton. Pa. f fa telling his story. Mr. Vandyke says' Vi ty a ? ^t 8 a £° I*** afflicted with Wottble of the stomach, "*"" • Wihitih ( w&s very iiggra- '.%-fi.tiifj|i I had no appe- Hltfi, Could not enjoy myself at any time, and es- •$ Sdialiy was the trouble ,'B6ve"r6 when I awoke in ,<4h6 tnornihg. I did not fttfioW what the ailment was, but it became stend- *.<» -^ ghd j wftB ^ "t called In my family ' physician, and he ding- nosed the case as catarrh ., 'of the stomach. Hepre- ' ; fect-ibed for me and I had itciok nearly all of the medicine, but stl , > 'the trouble became worse, and I felt tha .my condition was hopeless. I tried sever i«U remedies recommended by my friend |wut without benefit. After I had been su' i fering several months, Thomas Campbel also a resident of this city, urged me t try Dn Williams' Pink Pills for Pal People. "He finally persuaded me to buy a bo nnd I began to Use the pills according t j directions. Before I had taken the secon 'box I began to feel relieved, and after tak ing a few more boxes, I considered laysel , restored to-health. The pills gave me new life, strength, ambition and happiness." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure dyspepsi by restoring to the blood the requisitecon stituetrts /or life, by renewing the nerv force'and enabling the stomach to prompt •iy und-properly assimilate the food. Thes mills are:a specific for all diseases bavin) fthetr 'Origination in impoverished blood o disordered nerves. They contain «v«ry [element requisite to general nutrition, t jrestore strength to the weak, good health -to the,ailing. i»?VM AimeDhod of casting, glass Iras been ' jjjjaevisedTDy which many more article •ban "be made of this substance tlian Tiithento. (Deafness Cannot Xto Cured • 'by'local applications as they cannot reac' 'the diseased portion of the ear. Ther|i •orilyone'way to cure deafness and that 1 i : by 'Constitutional remedies. Deafness i •caused by an inflamed condition-of .thentu •cous'lining of theEustachian'IXi'be. Whe ithis'tube is inflamed you luwe^a runfblin 'sound or imperfect hearing, ;and whertiita • entirely closed Deafness 5s Iflie result, an •unless the.inflamatiou cainibeta'keii'OU't an •this'tube restored to its normal condition ihearing will bo destroyed forever; riin -cases out of ten are caused hy catarrh ;which is nothing but an inflamed condltio: • of tho mucous surf aces. We will give One Hundred (Dollars io any case of Deafness ((Caused "by catarrh that cannot be cured %• -Hall's 'Catarr >Gure. Send for. circulars free. F. ,T. CHENEY; & co., Tciiedo,(O, Sold by Druggist ,75c. •Hall's Family Pills are ithe ibest. A French engineer/'it iie -said, 'ha • constructed a noiseless -cannon. I •will never become popular ior J?ourt •of July celebrations. pay to carefully (Bead 'the <de :scriptive advertisement >0f Alobastin .appearing , in this paper, ,explainin| •the difference between.those goods an< , ikalsomines. Consumers nshould bea in mind that Alabastine as unlike : the various kalsomines sold < on th imarket under ; different names. Ala bastine stands pre-eminent .and alon as a'durable wall coating, :and all con sumersiin buying should -sae'Jbhat th goods .-ore in packag>es ;ond properlj • labeled. ' '•'•./'•': ' ' The Tlnited '&tates is the ipnincipa tobacco [producing oo.un.try ;dn th< •world. • _ _____ i Shake Into Your Shoes. Allen's .Foot-Ease, a powder lor th< feet. Itioures painful, swollen', smart ing feet ;and instantly takes the sting •out of corns and bunions. It's the greatest .oomfort discovery of -the age Allen's -Eloot-Ease makes tight-fitting ,or new ehoes feel easy. It 1* a certain .cure for sweating, callon* ,and hot •tired, 'nervoaus, acfiing feet Try lit to .day. Sold !by all druggists ;and sho« stores.' By :mail for 25e to stamps Trial' package FREE, Addmess, Allen ;8. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. T. fft is proTja'ttly lucky that men ,can Brave their choice between, aaid bouse deaniing. Trouble. Kev. Geo. Brown, Emerson, la., awitos '•fieene time ago I tf«ipnd myself inn verj diatsfessed condfctaon from dyspepsia jj.&ver 1 ai-tiGle of. food seemed to ferment iu m; stomach and asquaote meal was a fosae-a-un net'iflff agony, so that ft f cured cancer <vt tlie stomach or some Kindred evil, but the us« of yaw Dr, Kay's Renovator aftei- two 01 tUiiiei&oses brought reflisaf, and three boxes straightened me outao that with rcaeou dWe wimdence I har*> mo trouble." "Stomach trouble", icnw be cured by Dr Kay's Bfcenoyator wh«n all other remedies fiiiL It renovates aud uemoyes the cause ivnd the cliaoase is eivued. As a spring medicine ict has no equal. For constiua. tion, I\Y&C and kidney dise,»«e .it effects a permanent cure, A valuable book senl fyee, . .; DrBggists sell Dr. Kay's Renovator at »5o and $1 , or six for $3, but if they jo not 'have ai, do not take any substitute they may say is just as good, wr it has nc qqual. Yon can get it from «s by returi; mail. Dr, B. J. Kay Medical Company. (Omaha, Neb. Careful measurements prove thai average euryatuve of tlie earth is to the statute mile. Tol)»f(» Spit ««« S'rookc Vonr Uft Awaj 'i« quit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic, full of life nerve and vigor, take ISfo-To-Bao, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. AH druggiats, 5Uc or $1. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago o? fork- Seulptorf say that the perfectly pro- orijoned mouth is three-quarters oi $h.e jeagth Qf the nose, , Wpflta prnoryousnef 9 »ttw r. Klln«'* Cveat Nerve Restorer ottle and troatia* average rate of wages in Korea for sale pn crop payment, 91 pei eH prop y eaHy until puJfl for Pity, Iowa, '• t , "; Of 5J,a8Q.braweri#i in ^he world 25, Washington, April li.-~Qnay wa& mat Ing a Speech fot immediate fdedgriition of the independence of the Cubans when the president's message was received, message was toad and at once referred to the committee on foreign affairs. Stewart criticised the president's policy Of intervention without I'ecojrnitfdn of independence. Butler, of South Caf-oliiia. presentee tt resolution declaring thd blowing up .oi the Maine to be ah act of war on the par! of Spain, recognizing the independence oi the Cuban republic, demanding the withdrawal of the Spanish forces from Cuba, and directing the president, if necessary, to use the entire land and naval force o: the United States to carry tho resolution into effect. Another message from the president, transmitting the Cuban consular refoorts, was laid before tho senate, and st ftfi-being read, was referred with the accompanying papers to the committee on foreign relations. HOUSE. The president's message after having been read, Was' referred to tho committee on foreign affairs, and the house proceed ed with District of Columbia business. SENATE. Washington, April 13.—Lindsay offered a resolution directing the president in his Cuban military operations to act in concer with Gomez. Mason delivered a speech declaring for war. Allen introduced a resolution declaring it state of war to ex 1st between Spain and the United State? nnd recognizing the independence of Cuba Pcttns made an argument regarding ' the authority to declare and prosecute war. HOUSE. The Cuban debate occupied most of the time. Lontz, au Ohio democrat said the president's message meant that the Unitec States should coerce the'Cubans into ac ceptance of Spanish scheme ot autonomv Hepburn denounced tho intimating of sucl ti policy as little short of scoundrelism Grosvonor., regarded as spokesman for thi the administration, said the message meant to use the iirmy and navy to establish & government independent o Spain. Bafley, said if the president hu< meant to'declare for Cuban independence he woiald have said so, and it had required all the ingenuity of Grdsvcnor to -torturi such-a n intcrurotatiou front his recoin inendations. SENATE. Washington, April ,14,—Tho Cuban resolution was received from tho house and immediately laid before the senate Addresses.were made by Senators Turner Hoar, OJurpio, Gray and Fairbanks. The most -significant event of the day was an Attempt to fix a vote, nnd the failure to do so<on account of the desire <9i£ many sen ators to debate tho resolution at considerable length. It is impossible to say when mvote will bo taken, and itbo iitmost thi 'friends of the resolution hope is to socun a vote by the end of the week. Senato Davis, in charge of the resolution, says hi •will ask the s_enate to sit continuously after the beginning of tho session ' to morrow unless an agreement to fix :u time for a vote can bo secured. I1OUSE. The most important measure passed was the Curtis bill for the 1'elieffff residents o the Indian territory. Jt .provides for tht settlement of question.* involving .19jOOO,00( acres belonging to the Chei'okees. Chicka saws, Creeks, Choctuws and Seminoles and now occupied by .800,000 white .am 00,000 Indians. It provides for the eject ment of 7,000 intruders upon .137)000 acre pf land. The lands a»e .to'bo leased-so ai to give each Indian ia shaa'e. .Minei-a lands are to be leased toy tho -secretary o .the interior, and cttiuens'in towns locatet on lands are to he permitted to ibny th titles to the holdings firom tho Indians. , SENATE. Washington, April 1'B.— tniM-semite apen the whole day in debit ting thO'Cubau roso lutions. During the day speeches -weft •delivered by Cullom, flDamdl, Berry., Till man, Wolcott, SpooiieavChilton, 'Jlcl'ler and Stewart. At 9.80 p. m., .hi a- porsonu squabble over the recent tiiip made oj Money to Cuba, between himself and Well ington, Wellington charged Money >witl speaking in the senate ;as the .agent .of a New York newspaper, when .after a col loquy Money said "You Ho" .to.the Mary land senator. ' Subsequently Money up'olo gkied'to the senate for using',unparlianieut ary language. AtlO:45;p. m. the senat< adjourned till 10 a. m. tomorrow. It ii. said an , agreement has been :reachcd to take a\yoto before adjournment tamowow night. HOOSE. QJheife was another lively .scene in the ihouso to-day. Bailey, nising .to iporsona explanation, said tlio sieeaik-er <\vae irespon sibleifor'Wednesday's scene. Hot .words passed 'between h.m and Dailnell .off iPenn sylvania, during which the house was keyed,IIPito a high pitch, .democrats and republicans. alternately cioering theii respective champions. Thoo speaker.closec the ineiflent by scoring Bailey severely, saying .he •was ready to nest iliis justification on itihe judgment of those >who witnessed it. U'he house tlum itook >up the private (cullenaar. , SENATE. Wasiatogtan, April 16.—Aifter another day's'deliate,,ttt 9:10 o'clock toiiiight .the Davis resolutions, those reported from the committee,on iforeign I'elatiou*, amended so as to UEcludeithe recognitiojiiof the republic of Cimba, wore passed-by ;a vote of 07 to 31, as a substitute for the I'eso'lutiens .adopted by ifihe 'house ot' representatives, The first vote WUK taken upou tbe amendment of the mlnoiiity of the foreign relations committee, which provided'for the recognition by the SJnitod Stateii, -'tof the nepublic of Cuba ME the true and lawful government of the iBlund." It was adopted—51. to 87. Eleven ^republicans, 28'demo- crats, 7 populisiis andiS silver republdcans, voted for -the jujnengment as pivapased, and 33 a/nfi {> democrats opposed It. Mr. D^'if itoen offered au amendment as an additSona'l section as follows: "Foiirth—That the Umit'ed States tae, by disejaims any disposition or iutentipn to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction or control ovief said island, except for the iiaci- flcatioBSliereof; and assatts its determi- nciitloi^ wrlien this is fteeouiplished to leave the government and isoutrol of the island to its peo)»lo." This was adopted without division. Morgan's substitute, declaring war against Spain, was defeated, 8!5 to 5, Hule, Allison, Gorman and Aldrich then delivered short addresses against the action jihout to be taken, after which the senate minority resolutions were substituted for tho louse resolutions by 4 vote of of CO to 88. Upon the flual vote to pass the resolutions the vote was. 07 foi- to 31 against. The senate then adjourned till Monday. HOUSE. The house transacted no business of importance aud at 1:40 adjourned till Monday. There was along hunt for tlie money cno^vn to bo possessed by William loey, y, wealthy farmer, 'who died (jany years ago in Sb,enj,n£Q county, N. X. It escaped the searchers until he other day, when severe} thousand dollars were found concealed in a tree ou the farm. Spectators ainasMdly watched Thorn- is G. Greene, a» insurance looker, as "--heg^n e^ing oyetei-p o» a bet, in ^astern hotel, ^ew York. Jn 30 hp h^4 eaten/ 228 • JUu$ i.vstevs. Qpe pf the s»e»tatore e»id '-, |( »Tpm,- yoqr !ep r 'W^ * ' Aft of BtUtf&f>and ^lisis Crbldty/*, ,„ ."Yes, tmf it, See'mS td natfi fond out When thfey t*efe marf!6rj»' s tt«« The 20 'centttty' Mil begift Jftti. 1st. 1901, and end with. 2000. People did not reckon" time, from A. 1). 1» ,bat Waited until about the SuOth year of the Christian craj ,F*oi>le tvho begin to take Hostetter's Stdmach Bitters, immediately after the-ftrst outbreak of dyspepsia of kidney trouble, will date theif etire from then. xvren often makes n dosicn nests, leaving 1 all but one unfinished and unused, Beauty |« Hlomt Clean blood makes a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cnscarets Candy Cathartic cleans your blood and keens it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver and Driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cascarets,— beauty for ten cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10, i!5, 50c. It is estimated that the hair on n fair head wottld support the weight of 500 people. Coe'ft CoogU IB tho oldest and best. It will brefck up a colil quicker than anything else. It Is always reliable. Try It. A doctor in France is not 'permitted to inherit property left to him by a deceased patient. A man can always tel wheln a girl is trying to look conscious and embarrassed. _ . Stal- Tobacco IB che lending 'brand of the world, because it is the best. Search any married man in "March and you will find a tape measure on him. _ _ Educate Tour BowolH With Cnficurcts Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever. 10o, 2jc. It c C'.C. full drugglstii refund mouojr. ITEMS OJB- INTEREST. Russia is increasing in population faster than any other country in tho world. Alutnimlrn typo for printing purposes is one of the latest novelties patemtcd. The river Jordan mnkcs tho greatest descent in the shortest distance of almost any stream. The phonendoscopc,ane\v invention, cohveys to the physician the sounds made by any internal organ, and enables hiin to decide whether it is healthy or not. In tlic order of superiority the navies of ; the word rank thus: 1, 'Great Britain; 2, France; 3, Russia^ 4, Italy; fi, United States; G, Germany; 7, Spain; 8. Japan; 9, Austria; 10, Netherlands. Immediately after Anthony Cm-son had been saved from* drowning-, in Centre Lake, near Angola, Ind., by Charles Freygany, Curson deeded Iris house ami lot to the. man who had saved him. Ten per cent. of "the icntire population of Chinatown-, San Francisco, are opium smokers, and their funds must be very low when they cannot each indulge in two -opium drunks -every week. The lantern-fly -of Surinam, -South America, has two -sets of eyes, to catch the light from all possible directions. The luminosity which gloves from the head is so brilliant that it is easy to read by it. In the early days of Rome the ladies of that city wore such heavy earrings that they made -.the ears sore, and sometimes tore twe 'lobes. There were doctors whose business was -chiefly to heal ears thus injured. In New York, water 'boils n$ .'SI'S -degree's Fahrenheit, in "the Himalayas, H8,000 feet above the sea level, it boils at 180 degree. The difference is caused by the varying pressure 'Of the at- moshere at these pojnts. An explosion iii -the office' <of the U. S. Express Company, at New Brunswick, N.. .T., started the employes who dashed for the .floor, thinking the report was due to a, -Spanish bomb. It proved to be a can -of- yeast. Each letter-carrier ftf India 'has a run of -six miles and at the end of it is re- lievad by another carrier, who at -once begins his i-un, Tfcus the mail is -can - veyed'Over upopulous -soctions Sin .oo>m- parotively quick time. • The raietric system has been .-adopted by 'the Russian government. The only important conutrles that have adopted ^the decimal system of weights and measures are the United States and tlie British Empire. A to'ora'Mesome.corn mequired tl»e .-attention <&f Mrs. Anne Milller, aged 7S, of Jersey 'City, and sh« proceeded to pare i£. While thus engaged she .caused the -earn to bleed, Blood-poisonaimg- resulted, anad the woman tdied. In the past .thirty year A, Mr. Stephen Phillips Boa* ibeen a magistrate of Kent England- He lias just resigned his office on aeeowm't .of the extension of the muzzling oinHei's to that oaranty. He contends that ana honest inag'istvato can fairly fine a poor man for imr/.- al£ng his dog, when hounds! the exclusive possession «pf the wealthy, are not inejhided in tlie .order. Seventeen pestle were observed in a church congregation in Dodge t-'ity, K«H«a.s. industriously chewing- gum while they absorbed the clergyman's sermon. The observer thus commented upon his discovery: "It c'luarly It nock* out the o}d theory that njan is » descendant o.f a monkey. This gum chewing habit shows that he descended from the cw." A "Thefe is A* WOiaan out' west carries her .Mtffed 6f gcrfta to an "How Is thai?" , "She says hgf blood is trolling be* cattse woman 18 «ot free." "But I don't see—" ; "Don't yott see that boiled blood must be free from germs?". AN t«> 'W'e At fi asserting ih tt* ctmf ts out rtglit to the exclusive nee of the \vord "CAStOraA." nnd "PITCHER'S X3ASTOKIA f " as our Trade Mark. • 1, Dr. Sntnuel Pitcher, of Hyanflls, Massa- Chusetti, was the originator of "MTCHEfc'S CAStOEIA," the satne that has borne and does now bear the fac-simlle signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHfiR on every •frt-apper. This is the original "PtTCHEtt'S OASTORIA" which has been used In the hothcs ot ihe mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carofUlly at the wrapper and see that It is "the kind you have always bought." iiftd has the signature of CUAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one lifts authority from me to use my name except The Centaur company, of which Chas H, Fletcher is President March 8, 180ft SAMUEL PITCfiER, M. D. The richest princess in the world is tho Crown Princess Louise Josephine of Sweden and Norway, married to tho Crown, Prince of Denmark. There are large tracts of coal lands neat- Meycrsdule, Pa., on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, which capitalists arc beginning to dcvelopc. A new road, about five miles long, has been pushed into this regipn and will soon be ready for operation. It was one of a mynber of small lines that are being built by outsido parties to develop hitherto inaccessible tracts of both coal and timber lands in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The telephone is in general use in Honolulu. The rent is very low—one dollar per month for dwelling houses and two dollars for btislness houses. , « Give the Children a Drink called Grain-0. It is a delicious, appetizing, nourishing food drink to take the place of coffee. Sold by all grocers and liked by all who have used it, because when properly prepared it tastes like the finest coffee, but is free from all its injurious properties. Qrain-O uids digestion and strengthens the nerves. It is not a stimulant, but a health builder, and children, as well as adults, can drink it with great benefit. Costs about M as much. as coifco. 15 and S5c, " Two neighbors in Ha'zleton, Ind., \vent to law about the ownership of a chicken valued at'sixty cents. Tlie litigation cost $40. A Missionary nrodlchie, 'Cleanliness begins within. If a man isn't clean inside, he is fur from Godliness. A constipated sinner is a stench in tho nostrils of tho Dioty. A man \yhoso food -soursin his stomach, and-whose liver is leaden, can't'help looking at the world hatefully with a jaundiced eye, and con- 'juring ur> evil thoughts iji'his troubled 'brain. Olcaninossof person begets cleanliness of thought. Cascarots, candy cathartic is the missionary medicine which purifies men's bodies and minds. Pure, fragrant, palatable, mild and positive, they iclean out tho intestinal canal, .stimulate tlie liver and strengthen the bowols. Then a man enjoys again feelings of charity and brotherly love for his follows and recommends-others to tako-Cuuourots and bo-as lumpy as h«. The king of Wurtemberg owns and runs two hotels in Stuttgart, and his profits on these enterprises amount to S02,r.OO a year. To Cure Constipation irorevor, Tuko C.ascarot's Ciindr Ciiilmrilo. Hlo or S5o 1C -U. -U.,<_:. luU loctiro druggists refund money. Aibout 4,000,000 copies of the bible are sold every year. Fifty years ago the sale was 600,000. Mrs. Wlnslow's Sootlilng Byrup For children tei!thln;;,sot tons tlio unmii.ii'ilm'eslnrtartt lcaUon,iU.lui-bj>aiu. cui-ea wind colic. 2fi cents u boHJa CKKJUICNT J5V15NTS. In the Emergency Hospital, Boston, :a four-inch buzz-saw, run by nil electric motor, has been erected, for surgical purposes. Twelve eggs sold by a Brooklyn •dairyman had among them five that were decayed. The purchaser return•ed them, saying that he wanted the product of healthy hens, ''These," said the purchaser, "must have been laid whea the hen was not feelinc- well. 11 A timid woman in Burlingame, Kansas, who fears the sight of a gun, saw one belonging to her son standing in th« sitting-room. She took it tip carefully, and, holding it at arm's length, was on her way with it on tho piazza, when she met a tramp at the door. Observing tlie guu in her hand, -the tramp fled, ibeggirtg her not to shoot. To win a bet, Lieutenant Moseiv 6f tlie Austrian! army, leaped into the Damibe at Ivlosteruenberg, in full unl- 1ovm and .swam to the opposite shore. At this point the stream is very swift, 413 yards in width, and the swimmer was ten minutes in crossing. Although the water was only three degrees wvj aero, the lieutenant experienced ill effects from the exercise. Viucenzo Jutok»,of J«ew York, found » bpttlje of ammonia, iii a building on which he was working, lie thought the contents were whiskey, and took a strong pull, in three seconds he felt that a firework display was going on in his stomach, A policeman threw him over his shoulder, and ran with him to a drug store, twelve blocks away. Hern the Italian was pumped out, and his internal fireworks extinguished. Exiled by LydlfoE, bmpdund-Sttaflg St&t^. froto Mf6. B. A. the coneiuering of woman's ctfeadefteni^, JFibfold Tflniofw. ' ' "" ' tfhe grotvth 6f the£e tttnldggiaBTaaly Ihftt frequ^otiy %df pfesfeliee Is fadi Su%* . ^eeied tiotil they are Iftf •••" 4 -" n "'**'*'>* rt ''" H "^" "* >™*~™ "<*—^-«^»™*>*-™«t*»»™**- advanced. 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I will tell you about it. J. had been in my usual health, but had worked quite hard. When my monthly period came on I flowed very badly. The doctor gave me medicine, but it did mono good. Ho Baid the flow must be stopped if possible, and he must find the cause of my trouble.. Upon examination he found there was a fibroid tumor in my womb, and gave mo treatment without any benefit whatever. About that time a lady called on mo and recommended Lydia ;B.. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound; said she owed her life to it. I said I would try it, and did. Soon after the flow became more natural and regular. I still continticd taking the Compound for some time. Then the doctor made an examination again, and found everything all right. The tumor had passed away t and that dull ache was gone." I/list Obstacle Gone, "Oh, Robert, the Inst obstacle to our marriage is removed! Papa says ho won't allow itl" "What's that? Won't allow it, and " "Oh, nothing happens In this house but what mam ma wants, and she and papa never agree!" Not Her Fault. Dobson—I think Miss Parkson a girl of matchless beauty. Hobson—H'ml She won't be matchless long if she can help it. Geography. Teacher—What is a mountain? Johnny—A pimple cm the face of the earth. Teacher—What is a volcano? Johnny—A boil. I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Consumption far -and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan, Plumstead, Kent, England, Nov. 8, I'S'JS. It is said that Mrs, Gladstone has never contradicted her husband. Smoke Sledco Cigarettes. 20 for Gets. The catacombs of Rome are to bo lighted with electricity. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acta gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly'beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known, Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading drug* gists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it, Do not accept any substitute, CALIFORNIA FIQ mi/P GO, SAN FRMQISW, OAL, , new «wr, THE FREIGHT, BEBTSCALEQ, LEAST ig^g^g jj:' N ° H A M TON , N . Y Or, Kav's Renovator «UA«ANTEKI> vii nuj o iiguviulul, to euro UyfcpeuiJu, uon- uluiftlon, llvor niirt nidpey aiheawii,, Wllousnoss, SLICKE WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don't be fooled with n mackintosh or rubber coat. If you wantncoat that will keep you dry In the hardest storm buy the Fish Brand Slicker. If not for sale In your town, write for Catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass.. "I suffered the torture* of the damned with protruding piles brought on by constlpa- ' tion with which I was afflicted for twenty years. I rau across your CASCARETS In tho town oi Newell, la., and never found anything to equal them. To-day I am entirely free from piles and teel like a new man." 0. H. KEITZ, 1411 Jones St., Sioux City, la, 'Pleasant. Palatable, Potent, Tasto Good, Do Sood. Never Blekon. Weaken, or Gripe, lOc, 25c, 50c. ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... Storting Itemed; Company, Chlcigo, Montreal, New York. .112 NOnTO«BA(! Bold and Kutiranteod by all drug- nil" D U'DHU uists to GVO.K Tobacco Habit o delight to da an enly friend! good turn, Tho'workluB parti ot^ .ANY AERMOfORl ' EXCHANGED' , [FOR A ROLLER „, . , ' BEARINO,«pbyr.riin. nlng, over-goiuj, overlutlbc, power' doubling, UP-TO-DATE '881 IMOTOR.8FT. FORS6; 12(1. for»l3;lo.(t.l I for »M. They run like a bicycle, end are nmcie likek'1 I watch, every movable part oa rollera. Ppublei geared 1 I mill ij<;wor. Tlio AermoUir ran when all otlierralllif litood itill, >nd made the ttecl windmill buiiuesj. I ITHE NEW BEATS THE OLD AS THE! OLD BEAT THE WOODEN WHEEL:) I Ou receipt of. amount, revlied motor (but not wheel I I or vone) will be «ent tf> replace old one then to bo I \ returned. OSer bubjoct to cancellation at any tlins. . It your old wheel is not anAermolor, writo for . t«rra« of iwap—new f or old—to fro on old tower,. ».Voucan put H on. iermolor Co.,Chicago.. 7000 BICYCLES -~- be eatrljlced now.' Now Jlteb #roa<?Mr 8 tyie W Msl £iuj £ ment, ouiwjw. '!7iV !<««?. SO.78 to nil makes, jjs to'SIS *eeMj> on approvalMfn- if acentpaynynt. Writ* Be»»oii to adTertiee them. Bend for one. nidef nitonti *»mcu. LeariUiowtoUarnuUicycloonamalioiiuoncv" K. B. MEAD CYCLE CO., CHICAGO Lands In pastern Central Mlnuosota adapted to goooral farinliiK, Klock raising und dairying I» Uiu beiit nor- tion of Minnesota. Tl*n«e liinils ui-o ollerou at KKOM »» TO mii I' 13 14 AVRK NUAR KAILliOAUS ANU fJONVUNI|«NT TO >M AIlKKl'S. 1'ouplo iluslrlug fartlluuKrlonltural lands wlilub, will funilBli GOOD 1IO7VJK8 un4 Inuroueu moro rupldly In valuu tlmn lunds in utiy. oilier tauto uddrens O, 8. 8WAHTZ, > ilO Ei»»t TliU-U Street, St. I'tnil, B|lnu, A ptDnleea treatment, Noku)(<), A B U Aff H SftHCER Dr. Kay's. Lung Baim f aS5 VV^N. U^es Moiq^s. No, When Answering AdverHsements This Taper, lousnoss i«4 tl.OO etc-, soon 4ecay», tt»d tho rubping and Bealinn? tueu vpmniencea, lenving tlie wall in u terrible r Think P{ having free would be dealer Jayeirs ot i»ol4lag Hour paste to verjnin. wjtfe paper to. h^de theni »nd to, absorb the »J,oist«jro pf is easy for aeji'»one to tliat Alubastiuo, the base of yvlaioM is ceroeut. that when applied (9 any clean B.olid surface yoea ihrougli u pvoccs,s of setting 904 prowti hor^l wHu age. should be d»r»ble, tb»{ is, not idmlt of rocofttiug from time to time witUout wa«tb and mrape oft its old co It i? easily plain tU T On account or tills \>m\ r«nute. manu- f»oturer» ot Uul^Qwines brund their products with spwe uvbltrury name, but the contents or the roiwUage sttli renjoirm balsowiiue. bastfwe to for sale by QtVfWt* »M Balers everywhwo-

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