The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1898
Page 5
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-ykM v " : 'v / -''*'' ' 'fr^'tttri^''ft^'ftf**ftt^ JLilMflj^" tffftCAGO, JfilWAtJtiSI! Ik S*. t , wisr. b. 1 dajrttftt fct ...................... .8 defftrtlS At ............... ,. ..... 9:06&in 3:68f)JH ;^x; < .................... 3:20pm d.65 depitftt at ..................... 8:30 pto • u*...*•*.•*.»*•.*»*,.,•>*v _:; ^ TT* NO. 4 departs at , 6:28pm i FWstglits that carry pftsseagefB— , .„ »o.7raeptat8at...... r. io-.iOpm No.94 departs at..,.. S:20pm B.g.HiiPBicig) Agetit. CffiCAGO A NOfcTtiWfcST&lN. Sotith— North— fifetght il!30amMlxt(d ...... 1:06 a & PUBS. 7'.OB am Freight 12:15 pto Mixed i2:16pfflPaflB 8:40 pift Mited, ?:64pffiMi*ed iOiSOpm Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. to., 6:16 p, in., and 1:20 a. m: THE LOCAL FIELD. Co rt sets next Monday. Plant a tree on Arbor day. A cold rain set In Sunday. The rain was needed. Prof. Forde has rented the John Grove home. Nels 0. Hanson and Jane Nelson are licensed to wed. > There are no new developements as to electric lights. ^ D. T. Smith Is getting up a new choir pfetty nk& Me- laid ay thought it w«g fun to travel about the tfotintry eudfa days as Monday foe waft welcome to It, TheGermftniaStabdar^saysJ "There are ft mimbet 1 of delihqaeut subsfiribefs oa out- book that ' shou) A be paid," Paid what, we wduld ask? That's the first time we ever heard it admitted that a delinquent subscriber was entitled to anything whatever. The W. C. T. U« will celebrate teach* ers' day with the teachers of Algoaa at the home of Miss Cramer .Thursday evening, April 28. This red letter day commemorates the birth of Froebel. Quotations on temperance or education. All Who are Interested are Invited. Director J. W. Wadsworth says he thinks It wise under all the olroum- stanttes for the state fair to go over a year, especially as Des Moines failed to put up $6,000. The directors were united in declaring that the fair would not be held unless Des Moines would give local aid. With the C*l ay Clement entertainment the old management of the opera house retires. C. H. Blossom, M. P, Haggard and Alex, White have been the active managers and are each entitled to full credit for the high grade of entertainments the people have enjoyed for five years. Prof. Spencer is on the progratfi of Northwestern Iowa Teachers' association which meets at Sioux City April BONDS ARE VOTED 310 i, ^Ave Boftfd Will I*lace tititidft ht Once ftttd S*e«lH> a Site ftffr Bulidliia 1M VleW. for the Episcopalians. Sheriff Chrlstensen took John Kleist f to the asylum again Monday. C. C. Samson and S. Benjamin have had their homes painted the past week. A. W. Wlnden leaves Algona to become cashier of a bank at Buffalo Center. The plans for the new Methodist church are still Incomplete in some details. The John Paul office Is about finished inside and out. It is a big improvement. G. G. Wright has the contract of excavating for the basement of the new Methodist church. The Congregationalisms will tender Rev. Sinclair a reception at the church tomorrow; evening. Recently 100,000 young lake trout from the fish hatchery at Manchester were placed in Storm lake. The Kossuth County State bank statement in this 4ssue calls attention to that solid financial institution. Dr. McCoy has an applicant for enlistment from Bancroft. He says nothing would please him so well as to go to war. Chubb Bros, bought several cars of feeding cattle at Clear Lake last week. They took them to their farm in Cresco Saturday. The Algona Milling company is making a specialty of good seed thisspring. Our farmer readers will do well to look over their stock. Capt. Foster of Company F is now lo- ,cated at Ames. He is again at civil engineering, being on the main line of the Northwestern. John Cronin, the new furniture man, has rented the Grant Ramsey hpme in the south part of town and will bring his family from Hartley. An $18,000 church, a $17,000 school house, electric lights, and a lot of new residences already 'begun promise well for Algona for a war year. The Upper Des Moines Editorial association meets at Iowa Falls Aug. 4-5. Harvey Ingbam goes to Iowa Falls tomorrow to assist in arranging the program. W. S. Kenyon of Fort Dodge, brother of F. A. Kenyon, the former Ledyard land man, is likely to be chosen to the district bench this fall. He is an able lawyer. The program for the Women's Li- brary Aid society Friday afternoon is a paper by Mrs. C. .A. Ingham, subject "Waterloo," Current news by the - members. The scheme to put a steam boat on the mill pond is being revived. It is more than probable that a neat boat carrying 20 people will be a summer attraction, Rev. F. E. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morning will be, "Why Should I Join Church?" Evening, ''Why I am a Methodist." All are welcome. The Grant Ramsey case has been settled out of court. Grant bought a $700 mortgage of Hoxle & Brunson given by Lund. It was bogus and Grant sued the firm that sold it to him. Monday was so stormy that only a few of the new directors of the Farmers' Milling company got to town, Another meeting will be called at which the officers of the company will be chosen. Frank Nicoulin came in Monday from the north. The land business has blacked up.a little, but he says a big immigration is pouring into all part| pf Minnesota. Land is still cheap and it is good land. The North western is going to run a series of excursions to Ames at low rates to allow people to see the state agricultural college. Agent Vesper should get a train from Algona. We will all go down- Editor Starr will add to the spring * building boom with a handsome re<& denee- A. M. Coan has the contract to build It. Mr. Starr has one of the finest tialf blocks in Algona and with hip pew house will be well fixed. Work will begin at once, j. w. Binohon is in Fort Dodge arranging for his trip to Europe, THE UPPBB PES MOJNES is not authorized to announce that be will wrap himself - fc W Wish, flag on the ocean so as to 21-23, tomorrow the opening day. Hi &ii fj\f^ uuiiiv/* »u>! v**v ... i* —.-. — D a paper is entitled "The True Teacher," and the discussion following will be led by W. Marshall of Mornlngside and Mrs. E. B. Wilson of Jefferson. It Is likely that B. W. Haggard's suit for $600 accident'Insurance will come on for trial at this term of court. Clarke & Cohenour are his attorneys, P. M. Curtiss for the ' Insurance company. The company refuses to pay for bis injury while getting on the train at Sexton, and says it is not liable. Elder J. S. Hart will continue his meetings in the Adventist church each evening during this week. Some special subjects will be considered. Wednesday evening, "The Great Day of Judgment." Thursday evening, "A Special Line of Prophecy For Our Time and What May We Look For." All are invited. It is hinted that J. J. Ryan may compete with Horace Mann for congressional honors In Kossuth. He still has his residence here and he would make a red hot issue of war, while Horace does not propose to let the present' hubbub sidetrack the real issue of social reform. It will be war against peace If these two meet in the caucuses. It is the general verdict that Clay Clement gave the best entertainment in the annals of the opera house. His play is fresh, attractive, true to life, and not over-drawn. The villian was a real life villian, and Clay Clement a real German baron with imperfect mastery of English: The acting of the entire company could not be criticized, while Clement himself is one of the rising comedians of the. United States. He was called before the curtain at the end of every act, and twice at the end of the third, when the entire company was encored. At the second recall he made a pleasant little speech saying he should be pleased to again visit Algona. The opera house will not hold his audience when he does. FOB sale or rent, good house and three lots. House has 5 rooms. Good well and cistern. Inquire at this office for particulars. y'our Wedding Bine. Buy your wedding ring of us, we always make the bride a present. 5tf DINGLEY & PUGH. LADIES, take a look at our new plaid , silks for shirt waists. GALBEAITH & Co. a boat >' £*. je^jrtv.,.'. f j jj ivrxA'i the safe »i@e if happen along, Bey. p,i M. Stiles will preach at the *WT..*/. «•. » w £ t 8v £ flay Burning ^vu^x The Beauty of Rolfr- a," In the evening the young peo* wlUerafluot the service, There i missionary program,, subject Silly P»etz was. in town Monday tfeJeugh ftp rain and m,ud to get a fuU- blftQaimUhehaJ Tfce hi»U bj$ toeei ..,. b,u,t tfee oare wwwJW WW flW t&e g$hep sferfignj, SHEET music—all the latest songs— 33i off. • DINGLEY & PUGH. We have some fancy New York maple sugar, just in. „ M. Z. GROVE & SON. THE QLABKE-ELLBWQBTH CASE. Judge TUomas Will Try the Noted ' Attorney 3?ee Case Next W.eeK, The Col. Clarko attorney fee case Is set for the first week of court and will come on next Tuesday. Judge Thomas will exchange with Judge Quarton, as the latter was originally one of the attorneys in the case. This Is the third trial in the district court, the supreme court having sent it back twice. The facts, which will be readily recalled, are that Col, Clarke was Mrs. Ellsworth's attorney in setting aside a divorce obtained by her husband illegally. The law provides that in such cases the husband shall pay the attorney's fee. Mr, Ellsworth refused to pay Col. Clarke and be accordingly sued, bringing the action in Kossuth county by attachment of Ellsworth's land, The jury at the first trial gave Col. Clarke a verdict of $2,600, The supreme court reversed the decision because the lawyers who testified to the value of legal services did not show that they were acquainted with the value of such services in Hardln county, where the Ellsworths live and where Mrs. Ellsworth hired Col. Clarke. At the second trial the jury gave Col, Clarke a verdict of $3,000 and interest, some $600 more. The supreme court sent the case back then because the judge did not rule that Col. Clarke could only recover what the same ser* vices be rendered could have been secured for- in Hardin county. This case has from the beginning attracted great attention because of the great wealth of the Ellsworths, of the sensational features of the divorce proceedings, Of the prominent people who interested themselves in Mrs. Ellsworth's behalf, and of the verdicts as to reasonable attorney's fees rendered by two juries. The third trial will he *• "lid with interest. The $1?,000 bonds asked by the school board were voted without much dlscussioh or much opposition. In spite o! slortay weather over 200 votes were polled, of which 156 were for bonds to 50 against. Five women voted, three for and two against, leaving the male vote 153 for to 48 against. The board will proceed at once to sell the bonds. Until that Is done no official action of any kind will betaken, Then a site will be selected and an architect chosen. It Is not likely that work can be begun until well on Into the summer, The board will nothurry any at the expense of a good building. Several sites are suggested. The two most commonly mentioned are the half block north of the present high school building, and the C. E. Helse lots east of Geo. C. Call's home. Others will doubtless be considered by the board, expense being taken into consideration. If the board cannot get a site at reasonable cost it will have property condemned and appraised as provided by law. The new building will be fitted up for the nigh school, and will therefore be centrally located to town. The school board Is composed of E. B, Butler, Gardner Cowles, Thos. F. Cooke, J. W. Sullivan, and E. V. Swot- ting. It is a good board, and its action will be deliberate and well considered. It is a board well qualified to give the town,a handsome and well equipped building for its money. TEACHERS AT WHITTEMORE. At the Whittemore teachers' meeting Saturday about 40 teachers were present In the forenoon and 60 in the afternoon. Excellent papers were read upon reading, the teachers' duty to the community, spelling and child study. Addresses were made upon history, grammar, and the use of mathematical blocks. One of the most helpful features of the meeting was Principal Bower's demonstration of theutility of Kennedy's mathematical blocks. The people of Whittemore furnished entertainment for the visiting teachers. Supt. Van Erdewyk may well feel gratified at the success of his district teachers' meetings. ARBOR DAY. Friday, April 29, Is officially designated by State Superintendent Barrett and Gov. Shaw as Arbor day. The Algona schools,will observe it with appropriate exercises. Everybody should plant at least one tree on ( that day. ' PATRONS' DAY. The teachers and scholars of the high school building have invited the patrons to visit them this afternoon. The regular school program will be followed, with some special features added. SCHOOL NOTES. The next teachers' meeting, to be' held in May, will be in Algona, Supt. Van Erdewyk intended to go to Lu- Verne next, but will hold the meeting there later. The high school piano fund has$46 to it credit. The Northwestern Iowa Teachers'as- sociation meets at Sioux City on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. Last year at Sioux City 1,000 persons attended. There are four of these sectional meetings named from their respective corners of the state. The Northwestern and Southwestern associations meet in the spring and the other two in the fall. The state association holds its session at the holiday vacation. • • Principal W. H. Brown of Wesley has been promoted to the superlnten- dency of the Lake City schools at a salary of $1,100. Ex-County Superintendent Donlan of Emmetsburg was a.visitor at the Algona public schools last week. ftock ttepfffi 68 th'e 1st, ^d and S&J. Tht-rn was'&ft n>g?age rflrbifthly fanf6 of 64 degrWS, Tbe average pf acipita 4 lion wa* 1>84 inches, which Is slightly Above the March average fof the state. The eastern counties received Much the heavier rainfall, Fort Madison reports 6.2! inches, and Marsha!town only .33 of an Inch. The highest wltfd velocity was 60 miles an hour at Sioux City on thsl4tb. Orders for Ice. All who want Ice should leave orders with Patterson & Son, Frank Wlnkel, or K J. Gil more. PETER WINKEL. ASK to see Chase & Sanborn's 85-oent tea, equal to ordinary 50-ceht. 46 USE Chase & Snnborn's coffee—the cheapest coffee on the mai'ket. 46 SWEET youhg girls often develop Into listless, worn out women. Mothers should give their loyed ones Rocky Mountain Tea, nature's remedy. Ask your druggist. •» MAPLE sugar—the genuine article—-^ direct from New York. M. Z. GROVE <fe SON. * , - - -_ .-.--PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Rev. Day went to Spirit Lake last week. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Doxsee spent Sunday In Rolfe. A. L. Peterson and family visited In •Livermore last week. Miss Amy Wallace is home from Chicago for a month. She will return. Mrs. J. G. Heckartis up from Eagle Grove visiting her sister, Mrs. A. D. Clarke. Miss Alice Reed, S. B. Reed's daughter, is home after seven months in Wisconsin. Mrs. M. M. Martinson, formerly Miss Stella Clenry, is at home from the Keokuk medical college, where she has been attending lectures. *• . Everybody Come xU£ ..x.-xK'-- -:,-'' u, '•• 1 ., "•"« -i, >£«$ f t AND SEE A' James Patterson's. „ those seed potatoes fo v t $1.00 per bushel Yoti Will send off and pay two dollars, SEE that soapj ten bars for 250, SEE that soap) four bars of toilet for toe, SEE those garden seeds, SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee* SEE that 5d-cent tea. SEE those egg cases—no eggs broken if you have one. SEE that so-bent syrup, SEE that five-gallon can of syrup foi^$1,50, SEE those five-Cent prunes, SEE those five-cent raisins. SEE those five-cent cigars. SEE those fine apples. In fact there are BO maty things to see that it would take days to mention them all. Come in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that my place ifl whore you want to buy your goods. Yours for business, ' oo "K. iook ' James Patterson. SEMI-LOOALNEWS NOTES, The Scandinavians of the Tenth congressional district have organized la political club. It will meet'* in Fort Dodge Wednesday, June 23. C.'J. Lenander of Bancroft is vice president for Kossuth. . -s- •*• -*• Prof. Curtiss expresses himself fa* vorably Impressed with the plans for a beet sugar factory at Mason City. A Chicago man agrees to erect a $50,000 factory In time for the season of 1899, one-third of the capital stock to be guaranteed, and paid in beets in two years at $4 per ton, and 3,500 acres of beets guaranteed. Mason City wants the first factory In Iowa, but has not yet accepted this offer. MBS. GALBRAITH has sent home feme of the nicest novelties ever shown in the city. . BILIOUSNESS is caused by a lazy Hyer, permits food to sour in your atom* ach, makes you cross. Rocky Mountain Tea makes you cheerful and well. ,Ask your druggist. IP you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you some* thing, Interest paid on time Deposits. 45 GKO. C, CALL. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Hutohlns are expected home from California soon. T. H. Connor, who has been occupying their house, will rent elsewhere. Mrs. C. L. Lund is home from. Chicago. It Is reported that in company with her mother she will go to Denmark this summer and make her home In the old country. The Baptist Young People's Union held a convention at Humboldt Sunday. Rev. and Mrs. Stiles went from Algona,, also the following delegntes: Mamie Clmpln, Alice Mlnkler, Pearl Fisher, Daisy Coombs and Charles Johnson. They had a very enjoyable time. Frank and Fred Butler, brothers of B. B. Butler, have sold their farm in Emmet county and moved to South Dakota. They took 25 young cows with them and will go into dairying largely. Rev. Butler will visit them soon if his health will permit the journey- Rev. Otis of Charles City was in Algona to preach Sunday, but refused absolutely when Rev. Sinclair returned. He was considered an applicant for the pulpit, but is reported to have said that he would not come here under any circumstances. The occasion for this sudden change Is not made public. Mr. and Mrs. John Galbralth are home from Denver. Howard Wallace also came with them, arriving this morning. All are In much better health and are glad to meet their Algona friends. They were In a big wreck west of Omaha, the engine plunging into the river. They were uninjured, but Howard's bicycle was wrecked In the baggage car and may be a total loss. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On shoi-t time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. NORTHERN grown seed wheat, pure seed flax, and choice timothy seed, can be secured from the Algona Milling company at reasonable prices,-2t3 ON April 1 the FJint and Pere Marquette steamer line resumed reglar service between Milwaukee and Ludlng- ton, and the Crosby Transportation Co, (D. G- H. & H. steamer line) will resume regular service between Milwaukee and Grand Haven and Muskegan, F, & P. H, steamers will leave Milwaukee dally except Saturday at 8:45 p. m. Crosby Transportation Co.'s steamers will leave Milwaukee daily except Saturday at 9. p, m.—3t3 r F YOU have floors,prepare to paint them now. There is but one paint to use, THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Go's SPECIAL FLOOR PAINT. Put on at night, ready to walk on in the morning. It dries with a gloss. It is put up full measure. IT is SOLD BY . . CL . • 3D035HSH, HARDWARE. One Hundred ONE HUNDRED four-piece quadruple plate Silver Tea Sets, gold lined, handsomely engraved, regular price #12 to #15. Defiance price for April only Tone up the table and have something new and nobby for almost nothing. This Is a cracker jack of a bargain for everybody and a heart breaker for our competitors. . SIGN OP THE BIG WATCH. Our Shoes Always Leave a Good Impression BECAUSE— They are built upon good foundation, of reliable leather, and are up to date in style and wear. THEY PLEASE THE EYE AND FIT THE FEET. Brownell & Allred, The Shoe Merchants, Pine repairing ana custom work. Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. ,W? .Wt so _ .lineof eatin striped we have just received. JJew York received at M. 45 Co. sugar, just real estate apply have your husbands buy a dress before they go to war with Spain, for it may be the last one. You can get any kind you want at DON'T be persuaded intotakingsome thing said to be just like Rooky Moun tain, Tea- There's nothing made it; $5 cents. Ask your druggist, ' "' V WHY use inferior goods and imitations of coffee when Chase & Sanborn's coffees are cheapest? i 40 WISDOM FBOM BAILEY. Bailey says If the Algona school house carries '* the clerk of the court will go right on issuing licenses unhampered." Algona is going to have electric light. It will probably be put In by local cap? Itallsts, That is a good plan, keep the money at home. Speaking of MoMullen and the Wesley Reporter Bailey tells how to edit a newspaper: "The fact remains that Mao. has made one of the best little county papers In Iowa, and run It himself, Just fts he—r pleases, which is the only rule on earth toiollow In running a newspaper." J, W, Wadsworth of Algona has retrieved his election bets lost last fall. He sold a seven-months-old calf at Webster City for $170. Good for Joe. When be let go the bear's tail he caught the calf by the caudal append' age with above results. WATO $15,000,' March, a Good The month of March was warper than usual, the mean temperature lor the state, as deduced from JQ7 station reoordj, being ?7-§ flef reel, Fort Ma*' Ison reports the highest mean, 44.6 de-r grees and Qsage the, lowej& t 9?-4 4* grees, The maximum, ,Jewperatttr§ registered. WM 78 aegrBN on the gQtb, &nji the at that his arrest in California was without warrant and in addition sets up 'as an element of damages that Mr. Bruer sold him an orange grove, making false and fraudulent representations, He sets his damages at $15,000. His original suit for false arrest was for $3,000 damages. _ ' • •' . WILLOWS OLOQ THE SEWEB, The Willow Hedge No*-tU of Norton's Lumber Yard Fills Up » Sewey Pipe. Last Thursday the Gilmore store basement was flooded by a set back from the sewer- The Gilmore pipe connects with the city sewer at the northeast corner of the Norton lumber yard and no trace of any obstruction cpuld be found until the main sewer was reached. Here it was found, that willow roots had filled the Gilmore pipe and had partially filled the city sewer. It was a difficult {oh to get them out. We Want The Ladies to know t^at we are fully prepared fore to supply the may have in Fine Millim Gooi FLAX SEED The August Dinner N, Bruer of Banjej?^ missed at the last term, el,court \& again on a new basis, jt seems was dismissed only because forced to trial srWle Q- w< , 4rg8» pjnger'sjftttgrnej^ was .wglrfr wf»

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