The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1898
Page 7
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t6 to l& ttoise Mli tra, ft gtodm- n, with the Chinese.-" toan doesn't fmt much ] h& watts till he hear* Say filie must get fee? shirt . little girt TtMetStaal tne "titter Vfetsria/' &*e *aid> ifl e&Hfie bf he* ilhisifattonV %egah to' feigft fit the ,tlftie & ttef, and site is Mtfiing ttfl*.'*; • "And can sfie ffiake'tt faiti, HutblS, wliefievier Sfafe WafitS to?" asfeed the little git! with gteat" interest. A wld&fr dati 'get evfril •With her sctS- otid vetittirfe -whett h& compares he* eookiftg With his mother's by cah&Ur blta with her first husband. "MY WIFE'S LIFE*' How I was the means of saving it rat* (attacked and the of consumption appear, then 'begins the struggle between affection and 4hat destitoytng disease which slays its 'thousands anmmllv. tt is a happy issue •to the struggje,when-disease is conquered •and health reitotcd. Such an issue does Hot always end ihe struggle, but it (did in <the»aaie of Mr. K. Morris, Memphis,Tenn., who saw His wife wasting and weakening •nd physicians helpless, and .then sue- igested the simple remedy that \v.r>eitght •the cure. He tells the story ihus: "Seven years .ago, my swiTc had a severe Attack of lung trouble which the .phy-- -•icians pronounced .oonsumptioit. T.he coiitfh was e*tremely distressing, «spe- 'Cially at night, anU was frequently attended with the spitting of blood. The 1 doctors being unable to help her, 1 induced her to trvTSr. Ayer'sCherry Pectoral .and was surprised a't the great relletf it igave. Before using one whole bottle a'he ' 'wasictired, so that now she is strong and uqUIte healthy. That this medicine saved tuy wife's life I have not ithe least doubt. a always keep Dr. Ayef's(Cherry Pectoral 'itnlhe 'house. Whette«er any o:f my family ihave ;a cold-or cough >we ms£ It, ;nnd are pfomptty *ttt*a. M --'Tt. WOR-RTS, Teun. The qnestiofl: " I« cousumptlon curable?" is still debated, and still debatable. It Is easy to say that this was not a case of consumption. Vet the physicians said it was. They should know. As -n .waiter of fact, Dr. Ayefs Cherry P«ctoral has wrought *o many similar cures that it seems to argue the ctirableness >of consumption,,In its earlier stngta, by tht use of this remedy. There is no tocuer medicine .for .pulmonary troubles than Dr. Ayer's "Cherry Pectoral. It gives.reliej in cases of Asthma, and Bronchitis,>wliere relief has been heretofore unattainable. It promptly cures Coughs and 'Colds, I<a Grippe, and all affections' -of the throat and lungs. ! aer«toJore, Dr. Ayefs Cherry Pectoral .has ibeen put up in Jull size bottles only, .nt ft.oo per bottle. To meet a world-wide demand for a smaller pack-' age, the remedy Is now put'up in half size bottles, at hall price—So cents. Write for Dr. Ayer's Curebo'ok (free) and learn more lot the cares effeotedby Dr. Ayer<« Cherry Pectoral. Address J. C. Ayen-'Go,,%owell, Mass. ADVICE 'by oiir Physician nnd a io nud a 68-pngo Free Book treating rucipos.nre^ the iionBotis why you-ehould write us. FREE ADVICE'uy our Physician and a FREE SAM. .of ourluorfiolrio and a 68-)ingo Free Book treating nil diseases with 56 uKccllont PLE Dr, Kay's Renovator • '• . * • q^.' ' • •. -'••' . . . • . ' . ', - QmtoH.tuo very ^vorgt.cuacH.of 'Dyapeusia, CouRtlpnLlon, Headache, Liver and IKlduoy diaeanes. 'fiend lor .proof .of i\t. Wo Guarantee It. Write Kll .ot your syniptoiuB. Di'. Ktty'B Renovator is sold Ify^damgglBts 'by nmll on receipt of i»rloo, 25 cents :aml $1.00. Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Westorn'Offico) Omaha, Neb WWWWWWM^^ WEHAVENO AGENTS Ibutlhnvo sold dlrect'to'tlic oon- iflumer for 25 years at whole- .aalo pcioea, saving him the idoalor'sprofits. Ship any. *whcn>; ;for .oxamination. Every thing warranted. 118 styloa of Vehicles, .S3 BtylM of Harness. Surreys, $50 to ? 125. Carria- sJgoa, Eliactons, Traps, Wagon, _, fittoo, Spring-Road and Milk ; Ho.TT. 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P:? turnipg tickets \vill be gogfl fifteen Ssys |rovn date of sale. H ~ Fpr full information cull on Agents Big KOur impute, or address the undersigned.. E ; 0. McCORMICK. WARREN )• UNCH. , Tr»f. Mgr. Asst. Ge»i. Puss. & Tkt. Agt x CINCJSNATI, 01UO. , Meption tlUa paper wl>eo ypu wrlta. _ TOW&IS r S?*Tff£4wVt%«lw E NEW BEATS THE OUD AS THE POMMEL Keeps both rider and saddle perfectly dry fn tt)e hardest storms. Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for i?97 Fish prand Pommel Slicker-It Is entirely new, If not for sale In your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass. IN 3 OR 4 YEARS AN independence is assured if you take up your home in Western Canada, the }an4 of plenty, pajwptoete, giving experience o| {ariners wkp have becowa growing wheat) yepprt? oj etc., andfuU information as on appUcfttion to Pepartoient Jnterioy, ?ana.aai o? to P. U- Murphy, ApWl 1-TH« Chahdl^ r^ no rBraeay Snort of ftbabhfte rndepen- fleflco. , PefWnS declared the blowing tic of the Maine was ah act , of wai-. Mantle and Ratlins favbred pl-onipt action ior in- aepettdence. , Sundry civil appropriation bill *a&ii36i&teel*a b«e%, HOtJSS. A resolution by Cfinhort allowing the ^i^ectton of fortifications on private ptop- crty passed. Consideration of the armv gpprdpriaiten .bill ifras defet*ed tifl Wednesddyi Hull introduced a bill creating ft military reserve force liable to active duty in time of emergency. District of Columbia business occupied the tost of the Cession. Washington, April &. — In the senate tCurtier, Harris and tCehtiey roitd6 speeches denouncing Spain and declaring for Cuban freedom, and placing the responsibility for the loss of the Maine on Spain. Chandler followed in a speech in favor of a declaration of war, declaring Spain has forfeited all right to consideration. Turpie spoke in favor of intervention 1« Assistance to the Cuban republic. The senate then took up the sundry ciril appropriation bill. * SENATE. , Washington, August '6.— Almost the on*ire session was consumed by the sun- ilry civil appropriation bill, it was prac- bically completed when laid aside at adjournment. An amendment by Mr. CuV> bm appropriating ¥1B,CK)0 to restore the banks of the Ohio river at Shawneetown; 111., recently swap* iawwy by flood, Avas udopted. HOCSB. After waftinp putiontly in the galleries dhd corridors .of the house for hours, many of them from 8.a. in. imtll. shortly before !$ p. m. th« lliousands who had come to hear she precident's Cuban message turned away weary, and disgusted at the delay. Never was there such disappointment at the capitol. The members felt ..t oven more keenly- than the spectators. The debate «n the .army reorganization bill continued luntil -ndlohrnnicnt, without action. ... SENATB . r>EAyashijogton, April ,7.— During consideration of the sundry civil appropriation bill Morgan declared that the appropriation committee had usurped power and warned Allison that the senate might dissolve the committee and distribute its business among ttoe .various committees of tho senate. AMison hotly retorted that he did hot crave the work and the senate might dissolve ttae 'committee at.onoo if it wished to. The bill \\vas finally liild aside und the senate adjourned till Monday. Housn. During t&o.considcration .of ithe hill for the reorganisation of the army. Lentz, an Ohio democrat made an assault on the administration, ..churging that the policy of delay was in rthe interest of .stock jobbers in Wall street, His speech icausod a pro; found sensation and was met <ivith an emphatic reply from General Grosvenor, who not only denied that there was.any foundation for the reports, hut hold Mr. Lentz up to scorn for alleging corrupt 'motives against the president. Before foe concluded ho expressed the opinion that war was was as certain, .-as that we would live until next week, unless . it was atpai;ted by Spain. . THAT ARMISTICE. Believed at \Vashlnpton That It 5« More Than That. -WASUIN0TON, April 11.—Despite of fieial reticence ae to the nature of ; the; dispatch received from. General Wood- fond, it is known beyond qxtestion tltait Spain has proposed something 1 more tha* a simple arnaasttoe. It is believed tfae latest Spanish proposal is that following a cessation of hostilities the Spanish troops shall be gradually withdrawn from the island' and the people «f Cuba be left to set up their own government in their own way. A cabinet HIeeting was held yesterday. BRITAIN TO SEND TROOPS. Two Thousand Additional Soldiers to Bo Quartered at Kingston, KINGSTON, Jamaica, April 10.—The war.'office in London has cabled to Major, General C. J, Hallowes, commanding the British troops here, to make provision for 2,000 men, who are to be added for the strengthening of the station. The additional troops will consist of drafts from the Leicester and Leinster regiments and battalions from the West India regiments in the Barbadoes and at St. Lucia. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. Dps MOINKS, April 11.— We collate the following matter of general interest from the commissioner's official report for the year 1897: Applications for patents received. 47,811; granted, including designs, 23,729; for reissues, 94; caveats, 3,1713; trade-marks, 1,046; labels, 60; prints, 20; total receipts for the year, $1,375,041.72; surplus, 8253,798,59; total surplus, $4,971,438.06. In proportion to population Con- necticijt is the most fertile .in production, having to her credit 1 patent to every 780 inhabitants. Massachusetts is next, having 1 to every 1,180. The lowest in the scale is South Carolina, which has only J to every 38,371. Iowa had, during the year 424 patents granted to her inventors, J to every 4,509 of her population. Nebraska had 10:3, 1 to every 0,406. To O. A. R., Wust Union, Iowa:— The only place a power of attorney, an assignment, mortgage, or any other document that effects the property right in a United States patent for aii invention, can be recorded to give legal notice to the world is in the United States patent office at Washington. Valuable information about obtaining, valuing and selling patents sent free to any address. Tnon, 11. QBVPIO & Co., Proprietors Iowa Patent Office, • The best golf sl/icks are now made in the United States. In England they outseU'ihose made in the British ls.lea. France proposes to spend $?0,OOQ,OQO in making tlie'lroris exposition of J9QQ worthy of the attention of these who can visit it- Since the Jnfliena, legislature aboU ished prison labpr there h^s beens an a,la»-ining increase of Jneajuty ajnong Jh,e convicts. A little girl in 'Connecticut sent one with noar he ho Uw it to the fggtfiiH m trift tM Wm&SL 61 wMfy mm, f , Bafflfed J&nlTnm uftSfatttMeMJ'fefllj ' Ati& tfe iJalltah ahd fevef Aftd ftet, After ttifc aSMftg Cf Vitin Mgifeti Af tfer th« huffy and »eat of Strlf*. Ths yearningf and tossing that hieri cafi tfaith that mocks, ahcl t&\f hopes denied, "fee Satisfied. When the feolden bowl is brokefl At the sunny fdttntatn side) When the turf lies green ahd cold abov Wrong and sorrdW ahd loss ahd loVe; When the great dumb walls of silettci stand N At the doo*d of the Undiscovered land; M r hen all we have left in our golden place Is an empty ohaif and a pictured face; when the prayer Is ended and the sigh Is sighed, I shall be satisfied. A I,onff Look Ahead. Politicians are even now Weighing the possibilities involved in the next presidential election. The papers are full 'of predictions as to the future which are somewhat too self-confident, But it is safe to say that a systematic course of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters will renew health in the bilious, matic-or nervous. A IUoderit Invention* Farmer— I took first prize fer milk at th' show. . Driver — How did you do it? Farmer — Waal, I showed a patent pump thet would git water without Model for Invention*. Inventors in building experimental machines usually have trouble in getting the various parts, such as crown gears, bevel gears, small tubing and the like. Those building inodela should address Sues &• Co., Registered Patent Lawyers, Omaha, Neb., lor their free catalogue of model stock. A 'Shocking ISxporlcnce. "I was fax an elevator once ttoat fell Ifteen stories to the basement." "Dear me; how did it feel?" "I was m&ver so taken down fn my .life." . • . ' ' . M«rit JMeiins Money Blade. You cjinnot .advertise money oiit of i>eo- ple's pocketiill the time; you may do it now and then, but if you don't give them something of .absolute merit in return, advertising wiil never prove successful. Tho iind of advertising that pays is advertise tug a f?ood thing. As it has merit the people will use it again mid again. Never has this been hotter illustrated than in the grout success of Gusearots, candy cathartic, that wo have been advertising lately In this paper. All druggists callCascarets repeaters, that is, people buy them, like thpin, and buy them again and recommend thorn to their friends. Cusoarots are Ruuranteed to euro constipation or money refunded, und are a delightful laxative and liver stimulant; the .best• medicine over made. We recommend all our readers to tay them. The rapidity with which a note becomes due depends entirely on whether your name apepars at the top or' the bottom thereof. Colorado Gold Field. Colorado is the banner gold-producing state in the union. Production in 1897 over $20.000,000. This year promises to exceed $30,000,000. New strikes are being made every day. Nothing like it since the days of '49. >Vould you know all about these tilings? Then send twenty-five cents for a six- months' trial subscription to the "MINING WORLD," an eight-page illustrated weekly paper, Regular subscription, $1.00 a year. The newsiest raining newspaper in the world. Address "World," P. O, Box 1011, Denver, Colorado. Over SOOcriminals have been executed in England since the accession of Queen Victoria. The-Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railway Company has changed its dining car system from table d.e hotc to a la carte, with tho result of increased profits, better service and greater satisfaction on'the part of the patrons. The cars arc open for business during the entire time they are on the train and the innovation seems to have met with the approval of the passengers. A map of Jerusalem in mosaic over 1,500 years old, has been found in Palestine. Wngjter Sleeper to West Haden. The Monon has put on a through Wtvg- nor sleeper til West Buden and French Lick, the popular sanitariums, leaving Dearborn Station every Saturday at 8 :80 j>. m., arriving at 0:15 u. in. Uegnlav trains every night and morning, viu Now Orleans, us boforo. City ticket office, 2&J Ulurk St., Chicago. Before long Florida will rival Cuba as a tobacco producer, |<lo<nt Cleau blood mattes a clean skin. No oeauty without it. Casearets Caudy Catuar* tie cleans your Mood »nd keeps it clean, by stirvjug up the lazy Ifrer ?md in'iviug «U impurities from the body. Begin to-day to banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cssottret*,— beauty for tew cents. AH drug* gists, batisfftoUou guaranteed, 10, as, 50o, JJootblacUs'are seldom seen on streets of Berlin, sweet aAdAttr&fctwe to All. The Wot Id !a nlled wltk 'sw^fei wotnfeft who trS Mid tick ffcttf tee IrMblft df the fefitfftife difa*t, . . she will Mlow Mrs. Se6 whfti Mrs. Craig isajra: Vegetable 'Cdtopdtttid think it is the fc6st»e'dicinefoy%oTiie 1 tS T,' In the world. 1 was" so weak and B6r¥» ', <"* ous that I thdlight I Cbtild notlivSffotft, - drte day to the next. ,1 had prolapsus uteri and ieucorth«&jftndth6ugiit that, I would die. I had dfag'ging' . pains iti fay hack, burning sen* , * satSon' down to my feet, afid so '< ' many miserable feelings. Pe6* , pie said that I looked like a dead ' ' woman. Cootors tried to cure me) hut failed. I had given up ,» When I heard of ihe PittkhaM ^ medicine. 1 got a bottle., 1 did .„ not have inuch faith in it, but \ thought I would try it, VfOA it W-| made a new woman ot m*e. I \ wish I could get every lady in \ the land to try it, for it did for me what doctors could not do.", —Mrs* SAI.UE CnAio, Baker's Landing, Pa. That Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is » ' safeguard of woman's health is clearly proven by the thousands of letters constantly being received. Here Is One from Mrs. W. P. VAI.ENTINM, 506 Ferry Ave., Camden, N. J.: , " DKAB MRS. PINKIIAM:—Before writing to you I felt very bad, had terrible sick headaches, no appetite, gnawing pain in stomach, pain in my back and right . side; was tired and nervous, and so weak 1 could scarcely stand. 1 was not able to do anything, had sharp pains all through my body. Before I had taken half a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, I found myself improving. I continued its use until I had taken four bottles, and felt so WelJ ' that I did not need to take any more. I am like a new person." - " "7" AsK Mrs. Pinkham's Advlce-A Woman Best understands a Woman'sllls iMAKES COIURSM) CUFFS STIFF AND NICE A3 WHEN FIRST BOUGHT NEW. .ONE POUND OF THIS STARCH WILL 00 AS FAR AS.A POUND AND A HALF OFAWOTHER8TARCH. . 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They are good for return passage on any Tuesday or Friday within twenty-one days, and allow fifteen days on the going trip to stop off and examine the' country. The cost for the round trip is , about the regular one-way rate, and. on same dates one-way tickets are sold ,, at about two-thirds of the regular rates. - ' For full particulars, write to' •''">"•', C. P. Atmore, G.P.A., Louisville,Ky., or Geo. JJ, Horner. D. P, A., St. Lopis.Mo. DYSPEPSIA " For six year* I was a victim ofd nepqla in Its worst form. I could eat nothing but milk toast, and at times my stomach would not retain and digest even that Last March I began taking CASCAKETS and since then I have steadily improved, until I am as well as I ' over was in my'ljfe," N - . DAVID H. MDIWHT. QANDY ' CATHARTIC Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Tasta Goo. Good, Never Sicken, weaken, or Gripe, lOo, 26c, „. CURE CONSTIPATION. .-, Kemcdj ConpaDT, Chlenpi, Monlrtal, Men Yort. ^41 TENT . ., CANVAS ''• '''' • "' ' CATALOGUE & PRJCE5,

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