The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1898 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1898
Page 6
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*. 3*,fitHH.f4 ifSt •? — iX4jV%( •***,•' \ Accorded Any At .WASHINGTON* *fc £>;i*;v v ,'', • - t*'V t*«4*i4~ tfjit '-' * - - i si $-$/; I *fc»t t >w:': ft*** dtt *hf)Jr Afttiott—- fretti M*« llcfin fclo»n tip ' - WftSkih&tOtt, April ii.---lPerfect prevails at Washington, and everybody M flftfl of It. People are Worn otit with ttfs'fitrain aftd excitement endured dur. |ing the last few WeekSj and gladly Wel- jCdnle the 1 opportunity to get ft little '.tfest between now and Monday. * V "fhiSfe liate been no change in the Cuban situation. There is but one thing which can prevent war between $he United States and Spain, and that IB-for the latter government to back &oWu from its present position. Should HVoodford send a message saying that Sagasta will grant an armistice until i$tay 1, and will submit to the cortes, jwhidh assembles-April 20, a recom- . pendation that the Cubans be given 1 - "'their independence, McKinley would ask congress to consent to the delay. •McKinley expects such a message, but it is doubtful whether congress would iwait longer if such a proposition should be received from the Spanish prime minister. The senators and representatives are Wearied and disgusted, and are in no ihnmor to give Spain any more time. The outlook, therefore, is that war is 'certain. Spain cannot at present make tray concessions Which would lead to (peace. All she can do is to make (promises. The constitution of that gov- jernment expressly provides that the queen regent cannot, without the consent of the cortes, alternate, cede or exchange any part of Spanish territory. ( 'If for any cause the president fails to send in his promised message next Monday, congress will probably take the matter out of his hands and pass a resolution directing armed intervention, with a recognition of Cuban independence, or it may go to the extent ' pf declaring war against Spain, basing Us action on the Maine disaster. TO CALL FOK MILITIA. War Department Prepare* to Secure i • Auxiliary Force. Washington, April 11.—Now that all preparations have been completed for ' mobilizing the standing army west of the Alleghanies and east of the Rockies In the Chickamauga National park at .short notice, the army administration 'is taking the final steps to secure a strong auxiliary force from the national guard organizations of the several states. A letter has been addressed to the governors of the states requesting them to assemble at once all the regiments of state troops in their armories. The .adjutant generals of the states are asked to ascertain personally from the militiamen thus assembled hOw many will volunteer their services for the national, defense arid to make a muster roll of those, to be forwarded as poon as possible to the war department. The war department has thus adopted the policy of regarding the state organizations as under no obligation to perform military service outside their states. Whether this policy will be followed in case the country becomes in- ^olved in a desperate struggle in which a very large number of troops are required is not certain, for the question 'of,the president's authority to mobilize , the 'militia organizations for service '. 'outside their states is a mooted one, , ,aHh9Ugh , the preponderance of legal { opinion is in favor of such action by th'e president. The best assurances have been received by the army administration that the country will be amply provided •with volunteer troops in case of war. Including the general assurances of assistance which have come from the governors of the states representing the national guards and the offers of thousands of organizations and individuals to enlist, the department reckons that 1,000,000 volunteer soldiers can be depended on }n emergency, FEIW MAY BIO BLOWN VI', IV, r THat the Boat In Destroyed. 'Washington, April 11.—It was rumored early .tblfj morning that the United States lighthouse tender Fern, »ow in Havana harbor, has been b}owtt up, ; 'The'navy department had no in- on the subject, and. it was to verify or disprove the rumor, • The Fern was at Havana to bring (General Lee »way and he has been spending his' nights on the vessel. ; , Byery effort to confirm the story of the deptyucpon qt the BVW was nwde, >egujf. Newspaper corre,- wtiUaed,air available jneans ,wt>£"}< m^m>W* fi itbej ; a-refutation »pr r «on» U&iM$m&te\rt t h * rtprWw runlor - Pw ]y , *%&to;«rf|«tefi» wjwt w * e w™*** 1 ^'^"®ble,ajt ffffyapa, but w»s given little jjlJS*«!— *-~«..™ J Vl.«. «»i*» f . . * L. 'i " > * .? - jvMttol -»jn9%! and tfrffligisif, so to the IhWffeate of the tmttia States, M i*iii fe* bemuse erf the re&tiitteis i»Hia, 'it la tbe aitt? bf ifaft sheflt to lat'e*i«H!e *M fesWfe Aft td thfe Maifte, the pfeSldfefit sets! m. the feet that the gpMiBh gov-' ^friiaent ha's ftdtvJSirfce titie itaine Was} Destroyed, either tfifdtigitlte diplomatic! repf&Sefitdltve ' 1ft ' Waahinglda or} through tie AfiriSflcah, repif6se1it&Uve! ift Madrid, disavowed the responsibility; for the destruction. . The discourtesy; of Sflftin la not trying to locate the re^ 'sponsibility is referred to, aftd hef pro-' test agaiftst being held responsible is Characterized as mere diplomacy. The message does not extend a single* encouraging word to the cubatt republic. Intervention should come first and; the matter of government afterward.; No recommendation is made, but the' president concurs fully with the proposed action df the committee on for-' elgn relations, who will presbnt warlike resolutions. SfAlN MAKKH FIRST WAHMOVJS. Starts Her Formidable Fleet trmn Cadi/, for the Cnnarlen, Washington, April 11.—Spain's formidable offensive and defensive squadron, which has been mobilized at Cadiz, left that port Friday for the Canary islands. Minister Woodford notified the state department of the movement of the fleet, and when the information was referred to the navy department it Was considered at a meeting of the strategic 1 board, which assembled in the office of .Assistant Secretary Roosevelt. The departure of the Spanish vessels from Cadiz is regarded by officials as the first development in Spain's plan of operations. The second development Is expected to occur when the torpedo boat flotilla, which arrived some days ago at. the Cape Verde islands,, leaves its present. anchorage to meet the coming Spanish squadron. The fleet which sailed from :Cadiz is the most important factor with which the American navy will have to deal In the event of war. It represents the supreme strength of Spain,'the most formidable force she is now able to gather to defend her home and her colonies from an enemyj- TKUCE AORKKI) TO. Sjmln Siild to llavo Decided Upon an Armistice In Cubn. New York, April 11.—The Herald has; the following dispatch from Madrid; "Spain has Indicated her desire not! to engage in war with the Unitedi States by agreeing, it is understood, to; the armistice suggested by the pope and advocated by France, Italy andi Austria. "It is the expectation that the queen regent will issue a decree to-day formally proclaiming that an armistice has been granted. "It will then be necessary for representatives of Spain to confer with Gen. Gomez, the oommander-in-chief of the' Cuban insurgents, to learn if he is willing to accept the armistice. "It is understood that the pope will extend his influence to the Cuban's with a view of getting them to accept the armistice.'' First Stuto Culled On. Indianapolis, Ind., 'April 11.— The first . warlike step in this state -was taken Friday in an order to the Indiana militia to mobilize at the fail- grounds, near, this city, on Wednesday next, and to be prepared to move to any point that .may be designated by the secretary of war. The military forces consist of 3,000 infantry and three batteries, hut it is not now believed that the quota demanded of this state at first will call for more than one regiment and one battery. The latter will be battery A, which is known as the Indianapolis tight artillery. The First regiment of the National guards will also be selected for services if but one is required. Drafting u Win- Itevemie Bill. Washington, April 11. — A 'war "" '- enue measure, Introduced i gross as soon us war with Spiuu is declared, is being drafted by treasury officials and' members of the house ways and means committee, Among > the things practically agreed upon is an increase in the tax on beer from fl to ?2 a barrel, and a large increase in the tax on manufactured tobacco, including cigars and cigarettes. Bank checks, bills of exchange, drafts, deeds, mortgages, and other paper of this class, patent medicines, and nostrums, in all probability, also will be added to t'he ligt. Ceuborsl>li> More , Madrid, April 11.— The cabinet met Thursday night and held a three hours' session, The greatest secrecy is observed regarding the proceedings of the meeting. The Correspondence Ksp^na declares that the consideration of any peaceful solution of the present situation will involve a reconstruction of the' cabinet. The censorship of dispatches is be- coqaing more rigorous. Milking West, Plft., April jll.— • Americans wjio iarrjyeft qn.>be Mjanprpve fropi jja- Friday report the situation in tne Cub.a#. clpftal t*s most criti0al, an,d~say t, thrjBgtB wpre, M%$» Ppsly that If MlB&rpJOM'etW'aea sfce woujij sjjf- a, tyjp gtoite 'tp tfeat pf th> iiij, F, JUeWfls Q? be, jiw4 gp^sh'p THE 66NERAL ASSEMBLY HAS t»6NE. A farefnlly fM^nred Retlew of this law* Enacted by the ttire tfnst Adjonrtied The following is the conclusion of the legislative resume begun last week: Ten thousand copies of the road lawa were ordered distributed. Sioux City has authority to levy & tax to pay for her Water works. Sewer end pavihg con tractors may be required t6 keep their work in repatf one year or longer. t __ . The Eighteenth judicial district, Composed of Linn, Jones and Cedttr, was g-lven ano'ther judge. The Twelfth district, composed of the counties of Butler, Bremer, Floyd, Cerro Gord», Hancock, Mitchell, Wlnhebago and Worth, was given another judge. Corporations organized to build beot sugar Industries do not -have to pay the Incorporation fee. Air currents In ooal mines must be within fifty feet -of ithe working force unless 'by permission of the mine Inspector. CHles were empowered to provide for the examination and licensing of stationary engineers. Notai'ies In other states may acknowledge deeds for Iowa parties without sending 1 certificate of authority. Fraternal life Insurance societies must 250 members before they are authorized to do business. For street fighting purposes a lower grade of gasoline Is permitted to be used than for other purposes. ptece in the &tt& cltyy Mp. Tfi* ttfmh 1 - *""" five days riotf6§. or Counties may levy a .the Insane fund. mills tax for The penalty for delinquent taxes be- on April 1, instead of March 1. kt*p«ct 641 tiSed !hlfte4 and to tor llliiminating coal for violation," The penalties for selling or transport- Ing hogs dead of disease were applied to purchasers or dealers as well as sellers. Town councils are authorized to appropriate money by resolution Instead of orddnance. The maximum 'fee for filing articles of Incorporation -with, the secretary of state shall be $2,000; the minim-urn, $25: for corporations of $10,000 capital and $1 for each additional $1,000. The executive council must pay the oldi New Orleans, exposition claim pro rata out of the $12,000 appropriation made and the 'final date for filing 'and settlement' la May 3, 1898; Counties may receive such rate of Interest 011 moneys deposited In banks as may be agreed upon by the treasurer, board of supervisors and the bank, The terms of office of park commissioners in: cities of the flrst class and special charter cities of over 20,000 were made two, four and six yeara from' the flrst election, the full term being six years-. A remedial act empowers . the proper pfflcors to take acknowledgements of all Instruments.. requiring such acknowledgments. There was no provision in the old law empowering, notaries public ,to acknowledge articles of Incorporation. The State Agricultural college was empowered to buy forty acres of land! adjoining' the college for the purpose of figricultuTOl experimentation. The board of supervisors in counties having a population of 30,000 and 1 over was left to the discretion of the board of supervisors. A 1 )] railroad! companies operating in Iowa were exempted from the fines BIT:! penalties provided for failure to equip their cars with safety automatic couplers, from 1 January 1, 1898, up to the time of talcing effect of the act which granted an extension of the time for such equipment to January 1, 1900. The time for performing labor on highways in cities and towna wa» lixed at from January 1 to September 1, instead of June 1 to November 1, as under the old law. Boards of supervisors in, counties having 1 a population exceeding 40,000 m'ay allow the clerk of the district court $5,000 as compensation and for clerk hire. Park commissioners nroy : now be elected in cities of 25,000 and over. The old law plaeodi the population at 40,000 and over. School funds In tlie hands of, county treasurers belonging In common ta all the schools of the county can only be drawn -through the county auditor, he' being compelled to advise the •treasurer' of ihe amount due each school corporation, and the last named officer paying' the apportionment of each in the man- iver .authorised by the' present law. Cities of 25,000 and up to 35,000 may have a police matron or not, a,t the pleasure of the mayor, and clUes of a, larger population are required to have but one such officer. No railroad or other corporation In exempt from liability for accidents to Its employes by reason of and contract of insurance, benefit ov relief entered ln<to prior to the death or injury to sa4d emplpye. This is the Temple amendment, There shall not be manufactured or sold aa raw Unseed oil any article which ,1s not wholly ithe product of comnjerci" ally pure linseed or flaxseed, nor shell any article pe mixed or sold 1 as boiled linseed oil which has not been Ueatecl to »t least 2g5 degrees Fa^njiell;, Fifty to $50,0. finea are provided for violations. The cpnlrftctp of flll, budding a«4 loan opmipianiea operatjng In the '§t*te. pr^pr to, the p»«sage of tfte building and loan )ftW4n 18J« Were legalised, ,Tftis'vaU- d.a<ie9 Wfteft debt t of pTopertf thereof Is fouftd Icr be e*4ftipt o* fiot liable, the g^-rniShee Shall to aifcehaffcCd ifta to that part wWcft is eiempt ot not liable. . . 4 Tlie compensation of sheriff* fo* feeding prisoners in the county jadi shall be fixed by the board of StiperviSOiS, but fthall not exceed 12^6 cent* for each mettl, and not to exceed three meaia shall be charged for in twenty-four consecutive houfe. A't the general election in 1898 the constitutional amendment Is to be voted upon giving each county one representative and each county having a population of 1 3-5 titties the ratio two representatives, but none more than two. A constitutional amendment was passed providing for biennrfal elections. This measure must pass the next general assembly, before being submitted to the people. The first election under the new plan will be held in .1902 and every 'two years thereafter. The proposition makes all the necessary changes lit various offices to comply with the change. The total state tax for 1898 end 1899 will be $3,000,000. Taking this tax with the other state revenue It is expected' the state w/:il be ou't of debt on the 1st of January, 1900. Husband and wife, may be compelled to testify against each other where one is charged with transferring property to the other to defraud creditors. The following changes were made in the support fund of various Institutions: School for the deaf, reduced from $21,000 to $18,000 and $33 per pupil, three times a year Instead of four. College for the blind reduced from $40 to $35 per pupil per quarter. Davenport orphans' home reduced from $10 to $9 per month per Inmate. The support fund for the soldiers' home was increased from $10 to $14 per month per inmate and the appropriation for salaries was discontinued. The maximum charges for the support of patients in the hospitals for the insane were fixed as follows: At Independence, $12; at Mt. Pleasant, $12; at Clarlnda, $13. Salaries for superintendents of state Institutions not heretofore fixed by a statute were fixed as follows: Feeble minded Institution, $2,400; deaf and dumb Institution $1,500; college for the blind $1,200; orphans' home $1,200; girls reform school $1,200; boys' industrial school $1,800; Industrial home for the blind $600. Consent for pardons to the following life convicts was given: Bernard Kennedy of Duibuque county, James Johnson of Pottawattamle. The old arsenal site In the city of Des Molnes was ordered sold to the city of Des Molnes for $15,000. " Express companies must pay a tax of 2 per cent upon the gross business done in Iowa instead of 1 per cent'-as formerly. •* General appropriations, $776,707.08. Of the 'general appropriations $500,000 is for Immediate use incaseofwar with Spain; $50,000 for emergencies at home, and the remainder, $226,707.08 to cover the expenses of the miscellaneous items In what is commonly called the omnibus bill. The usual law" for the -apportionment of the state Into representative districts was passed. It makes no' change in the present districts. County superintendents must submit itemized statements of expenditures of the county Institute fund to the county auditor. The auditor must .approve the accounts before drawing warrants for the same. The etymologist of the state experiment station Is charged with the duty of preventing the Importation of any nursery stock Infested with the San Jose scale. He may appoint assistants and pay them reasonable compensation. He Is empowered to collect a fee of ?ii to -$15 for the inspection of any nursery, made at the request of the owner thereof, and if found free from such scale, shall issue a certificate .to that effect. He may establish quarantine regulations over any place where the stock is found infested, It shall be unlawful to sell nursery stock unless accompanied by the certificate of this : officer. The provisions of the law in- relation to shipping shall not apply to shipments to points within the county. The president and vice president of .the state agricultural society must be members of the board of directors and shall .hold offlcevfor one year. The directors shall hold for two years. The board shall elect a secretary and treas-i urer from outside their membership, who shall hold office for one year. The transfer of real estate .'by partition must now be made a matter of record in the offices of the auditor and recorder so that the same may be entered for taxation to the persons to whom It belongs, To bp eligible to the office of county superintendent the person must be the holder of e state certificate or diploma or a certificate from a county superintendent in this state. •re school house sites adj&in tte ctrfttvftt«sd tends of another, the dlrec- toi* stoUl to&intatft a lawful fence between the saJj! s»te and thfe adjoining hind. f he sftatft fifth and gam* warden has authority to sel^e flsh and gan«i taken contrary to la.w, as well as sfilne, traps or 'contrivance used by such violators, and, sell the sahie. Such disposition shall not 'be made until after a hearing has been had before a justice of the peace. No black baes or wall-eyed pike less than six Inches in length shall be taken from the water. Any person holding a diploma from a legally Incorporated and regularly conducted school of osteopathy may practice Ih the state. A college within the meaning of the law must be one where the course of study comprises orte term of at least twenty months or four terms of five months. -.each in actual attendance, including instruction in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, histology, pathology, gynecology, obstetrics and theory and practice of osteopathy. Persons holding certificates to practice osteopathy are not authorized to prescribe or use drugs in their practice or perform major or operative surgery- APPftOPRITIONS. Industrial school. Kldora . .......... .. Penitentiary at Anamosa .......... 42,828.00 Hospital for Insane, Clarlnda.... 24,86o.OO Industrial home for blind, Knox- vine .......................... . ....... lfl.000.00 Pish and game warden.. ..... . ..... 9,000.00 Hospital for Insan'c, Independence ........................... ..... 14,875.00 State Agricultural society ......... 5|0 !M! Orphans home, Davenport........ MOO.W Iowa exhibit at Transmlssls- sfppl exposition .................... 20,000.00 Industrial s chool for girls, Mltchellvllle ..... ................... 2,900.00 State university, departments, and Income, annually.. ........... 10,000.00 State university, library, repair «nd contingent ..................... 11,000.00 Hospital for Insane, Mt. Pleasant .................. . ................ 10,500.00 School for the deaf, Council ,„_„„„ Bluffs .................... : .......... 4,OoO.OO To reimburse Bremer county for support of orphans in Or- plmns' home ........... ............. 2,444.00 To catalogue and classify books in state library ................... Inaugural ceremonies ..... . ......... Relief for county and district agricultural societies ............. G,30.>.40 Salaries of extra employes of the Twenty-seventh general assembly ..... ......... ' ............. S.oOO.OO Supplies contracted for by the executive council ................ •• 21,000.00 Salaries of clerks for executive council from September 30, 1897, to April 1, 1898 .............. ..... ... 1,250.00 Gas, coal, lee and sundries at cupitol ...........' ................... 8,000.00 Supplies and contingent expenses 1 which executive council should deem necessary prior to April 1, 1898 ................. .. .............. 3,000.00 For 15,000 railroad maps of Iowa. 1,000.00 Special teacher for Llnnlo Hague-wood; the deaf, dumb and blind girl at college' for lillnd ......... ..... ............ ...... 1,000.00 Relief of James Dally, Injured by cannon at National GuariJ encampment at Fort Dodge.... 2,500.00 Historical building .................. 3 °'°M College for the blind, Vinton.... 7,000.00 Penitentiary, Fort Madison ....... 14,120.00 Institution for feeble minded children, Glenwood ...... . .......... 9,000.00 State Normal school, permanent support increased from $11.000 to . ________ ..... . ...................... 2S.500.00 State .Normal school, contingent, increased from $3,000 to .......... 6,000.00 Hospital for insane, Cherokee.... 100,000.00 Agricultural college, balance, from last year undrawn..... ........... 9,57u.OO Agricultural college, for carpenter shop ............................. 5,000.00 Traveling library, annually ....... 2,000.00 State veterinary surgeon, annually, Increased from .$3,000 to. fi.000.00 State Normal school, repairs, II- __ brary and teachers ................ 14,000.00 Soldiers' home for old people's home and storage house ......... 16,000.00 Benedict home, Dea Moiries ....... 5,000.00 School for deaf, Council Bluffs, to pay its debt .................... . 5,000.00 Smith-Emtnert contest ....... ...... 310.00 The word "rightfully" was stricken from the section allowing an officer to hold, property on attachment, The object was to prevent «.ny person from taking such property from an officer j whether "rightfully" held toy him or not. The state's copyright on the revised code shall not apply to parts of code to be sent out in pamphlet form by state officers. «!$ t the «>»ndi :w\ W) ,*$ 1$ isse. ^ j on !<i r««- .^•#on.T Mff9 ***, m M?. If for any reason the full number of grand jurors required is n.o/t secured from the twelve persons so constituting such panel', the court shall Issue a venire to the sheriff eonamanding him to srpnraon from the t>'o4y of the county suetf number of duly qualified persons as may be necessity to complete such grand Jury for the tera,"$ndl $b,e same shajl be filled from -the' persons so summoned, . ^ The state board of medical examiners are «l)o\ve3 prjrit{n£, 'postage- ^nd oth«r necessary ojjo^ r OH i^Ctgr^.ia^y .__ , . , T witp. toe stpprw&l 9f $b9. sQverwr, for wj|04js apt^ ij(e in^p^pl^r $o ^pppjntUiS i§>miB(Wj*^ pS i*« mm$ s^ -te affl^>-ttfe»«r «fr»-,«n«aiie t» -the. CDREENT EVENTS. The hair on most of the dolls madd in Europe comes from the Angora goat. The number.of clerks in the United States had quadrupled within the past twenty-five years. Handkerchiefs to the number of 328,500,000 are annually worn out by. the people of the United States. Female commercial travelers in Berlin make their rounds on tricycles, which are arranged to carry samples of their goods. A recent decision of the supreme court of Indiana declares that a wife may recover the money lost by her husband at gambling, A fall caused Louis Bender, aged foui years, of Blpomfleld, N. J., to become cross-eyed. Two days later hs fell again, and this second shock caused his eyes to resume their normal condition, A wild man, who was running amuck near San Antonio, Texas, was captured by cowboys, who brought him up suddenly with the aid of a larjat. Spurious coins are legally made in China. They are used to put in the coffins of the dead, and the superstition prevails that they make the dead happy. Clocks and watches are seldom used in Liberia. There the sun rises, all the year at exactly 6 a. m,, sets at 6 p. m. and is vertically overhead at noon, Public ovens are established on most of the residential streets of Japanese cities, where people can have their dinners and suppers • cooked for them at trifHJng expense. E[igh hats h^ve been denounced from the pulpit by Rev. A, IS. Smith of Defiance, Ohio. He thinks that the ladies ought to have more sense than to weai them in church. • • German canaries excel all other can aries as singers. A canary of Germany has been known to continue a single trill for a minute and a quarter, wit) twenty changes of note in it. The treasurer of ,a Georgia town ly skipped, and the town f\mds were missing <at about the same time. A local paper described 'the, defaulter as "six feet tall and $10,000 short." The lantern fly of Surinam, South America, has two. sets of eyes, so as to 'catch the^tght from al) directions.. Its light is that of the ordinary fire-fly, bu 'VrV,-* m m >& it is mw* wore brilliant, - - in Pteek, Bohemia, bit rejSlflej^t, find hydrophobia, tb.e autbQrjtieg . ift the to.wn/Should A Uttte pet <Jo§[ tAje PuphPSS of. "" dejntae. it h&4 cftrrjle4 res.ujt of ft seriQU.s depute , -A^.^cJierJft ijyjbHp m? «#4 a fatal \ 'afterwards that eyery'dog 1 belonged to, jJiefl re before its pye, the " Spring isjhe Ti When Impurities in thfc Should fie Expelled CH 2* ^Mw«t*w»» •••»•* — Best Spring Wedlclne In winter months the perepirttioty profuse in summer, almost Ceases T. throws back into the system the ties thftt should have been ~-,-. .~-, f through tha pores ot the skin. This ana , other causes Makes the blood ifiipute m spring. Boils, pimples, humor* fcnd t eruptions then appeal or sotae serious disease may take its start. H _ Sarsaparilla is the remedy for impa«i ; blood in all its forms, as proved by It* j marvelous Cures of blood diseases. 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Try it, . Any demagogue can talk patriotism, but it takes a man to live and vote It. ' •—• - v -, No-To-Uac fov Fifty Cents. • • Gimrnnieod tobacco luiblt ciuo mukos weak men •tiuntr, blood puiu. iOc, tl. All pruuulste. -• I Rarely, indeed, is a blue-eyed person.-, found to be color-blind. Smoke Slctlac Clanrettes. 20 f Traffic through the Suez Canal in 1897 was the smallest in fifteen years. Go to your grocer to-$ay /-.'J^ ,and get a 150. package ofr/--' > It takes the place of cbf« ^" fed at ^ the .cost, '' • Made from P ure grains It"" is nourishing % n $ hfe'-alth'" ful. - • 'Mii&i t:' m !j. etc, '•" PlbO;S CURE FOR 4 »tfi •-•* *>P ' *i*H

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