The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1898
Page 5
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CHICAGO, Hlt,WAUK*B A ST. PAOL. i l ' •«. i def&fts 8:68<pttl , w ae1>arttfit ........... ......... 10:46 Jtifi ttorth- >il:30amMl*fid , *»., 7:06 atB Mixed... ..... 12:151) to Pass. . Mixed. ....... 7i5*pm Freight i) raBB.,i. ..... » Mixed 10:50 :05am -.16 to to -.40 to in . .. Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. OPERA flOUSE- AMa. THURSDAY, APRIL 14, Manage* 1898, sh6t the Cflftsnef. H66M fcs&tt gtVefl his liberty by the unanlfirtirusconseht o< the inhabitants fbr feat* h6 Will try to explain It to some one else. Services 6f First dhufcb of Christ, Scientist, Sunday 10:45 a. tn., Friday 8 p. m' ftt Odd Fellows' parlors. Subject next Sunday, "The "transfiguration of Jesus. 4 ' Louis Lessing has bought the corner east of the 3. F. Lacy home and will bttild a house the same size as the one he la putting where the Grove bare used to be. Pearl Pugh flashed a tray of diamonds last week that made one's eyes ache, fie sold nearly $600 during one day. the largest diamond sale ever made in Algona. County Physician W&ud drove from" Germania to the poor farm yesterday. Once was enough, He has arranged with a local doctor to take cafe of this end of the county. TheB. V. P. tf. will give a hot biscuit and maple syrup social at the Baptist church parlors Thursday evening, April 14, from 6 o'clock until all are served. Ten cents. John Wallace sent the editor a lot of Georgia grasses Saturday, which were hung In the postoffice, |le is already an enthusiastic believer in the dairy possibilities of the south. Horace Mann says the democratic state central committee decided not to call a state convention yet, but took steps, towards getting a free silver les Moines. $%$^*^3^P*tf ^T^y'T.;, • - ''* ''. '*> .aJjLiffi -fjL.'^ i. Af'jMt^. ^ ^ ~- MR. CLAY CLEMENT. In his remarkable personation of In the Idyllic play, the New Dominion, with an .exceptional su; The production and cl ... „ company. laracterlzation everywhere accorded the highest praise, as being the BEST IN DRAJIATIC ART. Prices 81.85. 81.00, 75c, BOo, 35c. THE LOCAL FIELD. Marshal Horan has shot 36 dogs. It is tolerably safe to assert that spring is here. The school teachers meet at Whittemore Saturday. Whittemore is building a $2,500 Methodist church. John Cran acid Elsie J. Toothman are licensed to wed. Regular meeting of A. O. U. W. next Tuesday evening. Vote for plenty of room and good room, for the public schools. The real " breezy time" show was after the equalizing board got on the stage. '.'••• The Equal Suffrage .club will meet with Mrs. Flora A. Jones tomorrow at 3 p. m. T. H. Lantry's home is adorned by a brand new veranda across the west and south sides. The Ladendorff restaurant will be moved to the old postoffice room in the Heise block. Carl Wauge and wife have gone to housekeeping in the home west of the Jordan House. » W. A. Button is shipping from 300 Algo-' to 350 cases of eggs a week from na, 30 dozen to the case. The W. C. T, U. teachers' meeting to be held at Miss Cramer's has been postponed until April 27. Dr, McCoy says Gen. Miles, head of. the United States armies, was snowed in in 1878 three days in Algona. E. Telller 'is out again, none the worse for his accident of last week. He is good for a dozen Spaniards yet. David Gilmore has sold his interest in the J, F. Gilmore store at Spencer. J. F. Gilmore takes in a local partner. Rev. J. J. Lace of Clear Lake and O. K. Maynard of Britt were in Algona Monday morning to see Elder Yetter. The foundation is being laid for the Austin Willey.home. It will be a substantial addition to the north part of town. C. C. Samson bought and moved the Henry Mason barn last week. Henry talks of putting up a house where it stood. The "Breezy Time" company gave the best specialty performance .ever in Algona. They had lots of new and clever business, • W. F. Mullioa has sold his machine shop to Slyter & Soberer, -who are in possession. Mr. Mullioa has not decided what he will engage in. Dp, Keneflok has bought the lot next tq the public library and will build an office. The doctor has picked out the heat business location in town. The Methodists will have the plans for the new church completed this week, In the meantime Geo. M. Bailey Is getting bis buildings off the site. The high school declamatory contest Algona used to participate in was held at Webster City Friday, It is report' ed as the warmest contest in years. Mrs. M»wd Sohleiober learns that one young man with her husband in Klondike is dead. He came from Garner., Bow he died is not knpwn. A4#is Scberiflerhorn, one pj the le&ders of th» farmers' institute in A!* gpna a few weekg ago, is lying at the t of death at hie home in Oharlee , dally paper In Des Nick Mousel has been to Algona to get his beer selling case settled, the Bancroft Register says. He Is not so anxious to stand trial as he was, as the mulct tax Is a lien on his building. Clay Clement and the same company that will be in Algona tomorrow night opened Maovicar's theatre in Chicago last fall and played three weeks. Macvicar's is still Chicago's leading play house. ' Dr. Sheetz was at Emmetsburg last week to be examined by the board there In connection with pension matters. Dr. McCoy accompanied him. Dr. Sheetz is amply entitled to all he may ask. A West Bend boy was showing the youngsters how hard he could hit a base ball. By some mischance he hit Jos. Dorweiler's little boy on the head. The wound Is sewed up and will leave an ugly scar. Geo. C, Call's riding horse venture seems to be making an inroad on bicycle enthusiasm. The horse cavalcade now reaches a dozen or more, and is growing. Tt looks good to see riding horses again. Those who miss seeing Clay Clement tomorrow evening will miss seeing one of the great actors of the present day. The opera house is under as big a guarantee to secure him as it was to secure Keene a year ago. < Rev. F. E, Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morning willbe "Average and Ideal Christianity." In the evening the pastor will give the lecture on China, postponed from April 3. Dr. McCoy asks us to call attention to the requirements for enlistment in the volunteers. All applicants must be between 18 and 45 years of age, physically land mentally sound. There is no expense attending enlistment. The Wesley Reporter says it has at some time answered slanderous attacks on Wesley made in THE UPPER DBS MOINES by its correspondent. That is news to us. When and what did the Reporter get after with such a sharp stick? Rev. Talbot, the Episcopalian rector, is an enthusiast at golf, the great outdoor sport in the east. Golf requires about 80 acres for a field and ought to be suited to this section. If enough can be secured to go in Algona will wht bts held frext TtfetKiftt evening at Odd Fellows* plarltffft at 7:80 Sharp. All members reqweted to be* pf-esent. A local question of much interest is whether the national ' gparfl would be given preference over volunteers in case of war. Gk)v. 9batf saysi " The national guards will be the first Iowa troops put in the field. They are ready for Service, regard themselves as part of the national army of defense and are entitled to precedence over volunteers in case of a call for troops." This is as It should be. The boys have kapt In drill, and should have the honors. Of all the faculties by which individuals have risen in prominence above their fellowtnen this power of concentration was marked. It alone centralizes his powers, and by bringing into action upon one defense after another at length finds himself victorious Oh the summit of the highest citadel and gazing with complacency back over the pitfalls and dangers which he has succeeded tn avoiding. Should you ask htm the cause of his success while so many fell battling around him, he would answer: Central" Iztng my purposes and pushing them forward with a .determined resolution has brought me forward to the goal and to my ideal. Several years ago a number of the largest manufacturers of wire in the United States associated themselves into one company, known as the Consolidated Steel and Wire company, with headquarters at Chicago. They concentrated their entire energies and experience and capital into the manufacture of the Consolidated Woven Wire fence. Concentrating all the good points that could be applied to a fence, eliminating the weak points peculiar to all previous attempts, they produced an article which has no superior and one which speaks for itself wherever Introduced. They placed the sale of this fence with J. A. Hamilton & Co., whose first order was a full car load. The entire car load has been sold in less than one month— before the fencing season has fairly commenced. The second carload is now on the way. If you have not seen this fence J. A. Hamilton & Co. will be more than pleased to show it to you. _ J- A. H. mm mm m $17,006. FOR NEW SCHOOL HOtJSE Atffi SITE, Next Monday to A Special Vote da the £f Meat Ta* Levy. The vote on Issuing bonds for a new school house will be taken Monday at the sheriff's office, polls open from 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock p. m. The board consulted Judge Quarton as to the statute and finding that the law is the same as it was when the special election was held for issuing bonds for the Third ward building, issued the call which was published last week. . The general talk Is in favor of sup* plying school room as fast as it is needed. Issuing bonds distributes the cost, and there is nothing gained by delay* ing a year, Which Is the longest period the schools could go Without being seriously cramped. The board at present are paying 812.60 a month for the Baptist church room and have to move all the school belongings every Wednesday and Friday to clear the place for church services, The room is without blackboards and other school conveniences, water closets, cloak rooms, etc., as all rooms not made for school purposes are, and there is no economy in attempting to put up longer than necessary with such accommodations. An impression prevails with some that school taxes are already high in Algona. Following are the levies for each of the towns in the county, showing that Algona is taxed least of all: Teachers. Oont. S. H, Algona, mills ........ 17.0 0.7 5.0 Burt, mills .......... 10.8 8.2 6.0 Bancroft, mills ...... 19.8 8.7 0.4 Oorwlth, mills ........ 20.0 8.0 3.0 Ledj ard, mills ........ 0.2 4.8 0.4 LuVerne, mills ....... 18.0 8.0 Wesley, milts ........ 18.0 11.0 Whittemore, mills... 23.5 0.0 Went Bend, mills ..... 15.0 10.0 will Everybody Come SEE AT " " inrrr * ir James Patterson's. BEE those seed potatoes for $i,oo s per bushel. ,Yott send off and pay two dollars, SEE that soap, ten bars for 250, SEE that soap, four bars of toilet for 100. SEE those garden seeds* SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee. SEE that so-cent tea. SEE those egg'cases-—no eggs broken if you have one. SEE that 50'cettt syrup. SEE that five-gallon can of syrup for #i.50. SEE those five-cent prunes. SEE those five-cent raisins. SEE those five-cent cigars. SEE those fine apples. In fact there are so many things to see tbat it would take days to mention them all. Come in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that my place is where you want to buy your goods. Yours for business,. SHEET music — nil the latest songs — 3fc off. PINGLEY & PUQH. WE make window shades, all sizes, to order. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. „,_,., 0. Patterson's daughter, Essie, is one of Algooa'e skilled pen picture artists,, She has some samples of as handsome pen drawings as one often .,_-..„ a very awkward man. recently shot a dog; asd in explaining the. accident to the, dog's owner, 1 ^'waip, Iberia showing the 'hgwtbe Jsraply ijc,p.|jrrg(J he *$» > have golf links this summer and be in the swim. The horse thief O'Neil, caught at Burt by Deputy McDonald, Is an old offender. The Emmetsburg Reporter says he had only been out of the penitentiary a JFew weeks. Judge Quarton sent him up'for forgery from Esther- vllle three years ago. His real name is McClelland. Next Sunday, at the Baptist church, Rev, D. M, Stiles will speak in the morning on s "The Mission of the Christian," evening, "The Divinity of Christ." This is the other side of the Saviour's character from that considered last Sunday evening. Young people especially invited. Court meets April 25, Judge Quarton presiding, Judge Thomas will change with him to try the Col. Clarke attorney fee case, Judge Quarton having once been an attorney in it. Geo, E, Clarke and Judge Carr will represent Col. Clarke, Sullivan & MoMahon and R. M. Wrjght ef Fort Dodge for Ellsworth, The Methodists made such elaborate decorations for their Easter festival that they came near converting those present that the old church was good enough, Everything was very handsome, and Rev. Day's Easter sermon was one of his ablest, In the evening the sabbath school gave a very enjoyable concert, Judge Quarton is a member of the program committee which is arranging for the coming meeting of the state bar association at Mason City, July 6. An effort is being made to have ex-Presir dent Harrison present. Gov, Shaw is already engaged for the meeting, which is to be one of the season's events in this part of the state. O. B, Dnrdall has bought the lot south of TB;E UPPER DES MOINES of' flee the Platt carpenter shop is on and will move bis gasoline tank to it, getting bis lighting plant on bis own land. He has during the past week arranged to light the Langdon & Hudson and adjacent stores from this plant, and will move the small plant in the rear of the HoxJerFerguson block to his home for use there, The Degree pf Honor and A. O. U. W. held, a joint open meeting last evening and installed, the new officers of the Degree. Mre. Anna Mosier of Des Molnes, grand, recorder, and Mrs. Skegg of MarspaUtown, » deputy, were here and asfieted in the wprk, These ladies will oe here two, or three days in the interest of the lodge. Eleven new We have some fancy New York maple sugar, just in. M. Z. GROVE & SON. For Sale. A new milch full-blood Jersey cow. Inquire of C. M. DoxSEE. THE Plirish wheel livery is ready for business. Good wheels for rent at prices that are right.—3t2 BILIOUSNESS is caused by a lazy liy- er, permits food to sour in your stomach, makes you cross. Rocky Mountain Tea makes you cheerful and well. Ask your druggist. • IF you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something. Interest paid on time deposits. 45 ^_ GEO. C. CALL,. EXPEBIMENTIM WITH LIGHTS. Aleonn Is Trying AH Kluds-Notlitng New About Electric Lights. Nothing has developed new during the week as to electric lights. It is the general impression that local capital will be subscribed for a plant to be put in and managed by the city. The new acetylene plants are running in Goeders,'Kraft's, Brownell's and Patterson's. They give a very pleasant light and are estimated to cost about half a cent an hour. As the lowest estimate on electricity is three quarters of a cent an hour for 16-candle power lights acetylene |is evidently cheaper. In Webster City, where the city has for years had electricity, two acetylene plants have been put in. Durdall is still adding to his list of gasoline patrons. He guarantees his lights not to cost over .one-third of a cent an hour, and they are at least 30- candle power. Eight lights in the postoffice burned $1.25 of gas during March, which is cheaper than kerosene, The gasoline lights have been put into many towns that have electricity. Unless something new is found out to the disadvantage of these gas lights, electricity seems doomed as a commercial light. It is the only light for streets and big halls, LADIES, have your husbands buy you a dress before they go to war with Spain, for it may be the last one. You can get any kind you want at GALBRAITH & Co,'s. NOTICE: Lost, in Burt, a note bearing date April 15, 1896, amount $50, Iven by Harry Dalzell to John Hanna. 11 parties are warned not to buy said note. Finder will please return same to Thos, Hanna, Burt, Iowa, and be reasonably rewarded, THOS. HANNA. FANCY New York maple sugar, just received at M, Z. Grove & Son's, & CO, carry a nice line Dodge shoes. Come apd of the Fort see them, which ivas th.ew «T wra'bmhip °* Jbe DON'T be persuaded intotakingsome- tning said to be just like Rooky Mountain Tea. There's nothing made like it; 35 cents. Ask your druggist. GET your wheel repairing done at the Parish shop. Good work and at modi erate prices.— 3t2 _ Goop lady'9 wheel for sale cheap, or will trade for boree. See Pari8h.-^-8t8 ASK to see Chase & Sanborn's 35-cent tea, equal to ordinary 50-pent. 48 tfee young girls oftejn develop to listless, worn out wqmjBp ehqulfl (five their }QYfJ Te», USB Chasa $ Sanbprn'e oofjee cheapest coffee on the market, f ( t r "vt , f 'If, v wi^&vV^ /•• ^^m-^i Mi 11.0 8.4 10.0 The school enrollment is now 714 divided in 14 rooms, an average of over 50 to the room. Over-crowding rooms is bad in every way. It exhausts the teacher, exhausts the supply of fresh air, takes too much time and attention for governing, and leaves too little time for working with each scholar. The best results are reached with an average of not over 35 to the room. The Third ward building has about the right attendance. The main building is over full. The gain in school attendance is about 40 a year. Many think the town is not growing, but the school statistics speak for themselves. A new building with eight rooms will satisfy the demand from eight to ten years. The schools under Prof. Spencer have taken on new life. He has energy, ambition and enthusiasm, and his corps of teachers is as good as any school in Iowa has. Very few will consider it good policy to hamper the work by poor accommodations. Equalizing the cost over a series of years makes it unimportant whether we build this year or next, and we might as well act in time. Everybody endorses the board in leaving out of consideration the old normal building.. It was discarded 15 years ago as a public school building, and it has not improved any with age. Statement by President Butler. To the Editor: I wish to state briefly the position of the school board in the matter of submitting the proposition to bond the Independent district for the purpose of building a new school house. The last weekly bulletin of the public school gives the total enrollment at 714; the number of rooms, including the new room just opened in the classroom of.the Baptist church, 15. This makes the average enrollment for each room a trifle over 47. The high school room is now practically full. Owing to the enlargement of the course, there will be no graduating class this year. There is practically no room for the class which will be promoted to the high school at the close of this year. These considerations furnish all thear- gument necessary to demonstrate that added accommodations are necessary. There are three ways in which the board can meet this demand for additional room; First, by renting. If we adopt this plan it is certain that in less than two years we shall need to occupy at least four rented rooms at a cost for rent and extra janitor service equal to or greater than the Interest on the money required to build a new house. In addition to this is the fact that any rooms the board can rent will be without closet facilities, without blackboards, without proper ventilation, poorly heated and poorly lighted. These facts have had a determining influence with the board as against the proposition to rent. Second, by fixing up the old normal school building. Estimates made by the board indicate that it is very doubt ; ful if $3,000 will put this building in shape to meet the requirements of the district for the next three years. At the end of that time we shall be In the same situation we are in at present, and shall have expended money enough to pay the interest on the cost of a new building for the full time the bonds would have to run. The norma I school building is not in a suitable location for use as a public school building; it Is old, and was long ago practically condemned for public eohool purposes; it is without any proper system pf heating and ventilation; is hard to heat, and poorly lighted. These facts seem to the board conducive that it is not the best business policy to expend money in fitting up this building. Third, building a new building. This is what the district will eventually do. The board thinks it would better be done now than after $3,000 have been spent in temporary expedients. It ie the purpose of the board, if the tax be voted, to build an eight-room building, which it is expected, barring any extraordinary increase in population, will answer all the requirements of the district for eight to ten years. This plan requires a larger immediate outlay, but bonds can be sold bearing not to exceed five per cent, interest, »p4 pay' went can be extended pver tea years. The district will he mere than oQinpe,n< sated for Jhe Interest which it will pay on these bonds by the added efficiency can h fl given the woi-k when, quarters, suitft. . to Wfei9b ft»? <Wff.SMSS8*V.>. *v •••* *:S . ,,,, : ^^-.aEsseKT 1 <:A TF YOU have J^ floors.prepare to paint them now. There is but one paint to use, THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Co'S SPECIAL FLOOR PAINT. Put on at night, ready to walk on in the morning. It dries with a gloss. It is put up full measure. • tr is SOLD BY . C. HARDWARE. One Hundred ONE HUNDRED four-piece quadruple plate Silver Tea Sets, gold lined, handsomely engraved, regular price $12 to #15. Defiance price for April only. . ... Tone up the table and have something new and nobby for almost nothing. This Is a cracker jack of a bargain for everybody and a heart breaker for our competitors. SIGN OF THE BIG WATCH. for Spring and Summer Footwear are very popular. We have some of the finest goods of this kind in the market, and can show you some very pretty novelties in this line. We invite you to call and inspect our stock of Boots and Shoes at any time. We will gladly shoyr you the goods whether you buy or not. We are thoroughly prepared to meet your needs in the line of Footwear. Brownell & Allred, Pine repairing and custom work. Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine Furniture, PICTURE FRAMES AND -Jlr •HT rrc '- REPAIR WORK. f\. M, OOf\N, Undertaking and Embalming. W? are esc It does not pay to fool with dynamite or irresponsible "dealersMbey both make « a loud noise and somebody gets h,urt! j/ Buy your lumber of us and get it quickly « and RIGHT! We offer you lowest prices and highest grades, Joftn Paul, means thorough reliability-^ all the way through, LUMBER-CO

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