The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1898
Page 8
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THE UPPER MX AlOJMt-tt -ALOOfrA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APHIL 6, 189a ALL AfeOUT BIG KOSStJTH, BE?. PLtJMMER 18 EXONERATED, Unfortunate Notoriety for tile Wesley Pn&tor—MM. Stewart's fie- General Notes. Wesley is torn up over a Methodist church division. A couple of ladies charge Rev. F'luuimer with undue familiarities, and while the church exoti' orates him the gossip is unfortunate. A church committee consisting of Presiding 1 Elder Yetter, Rev. Day, and Rev. J. W. Southwell of TCagle Grove were over last week and made a full and careful examination. They found that Rev. Pluminer Imd been indiscreet in some ways, but that there was no foundation to the charge of immorality or of anything of that character. Rev. Plumtner is a pleasant appearing young man and gets an unfortunate notoriety. _ Doutli of Mrs. Goo. Stewart, THE UPPER DES MOINES briefly noted the death of a Kosauth lady at Armstrong last week. She was the daughter of Mrs. O. F. Hale, and the wife of an early resident of Rlverdale. The Armstrong Journal says: Her maiden utime was Georginna P. Steel. Deceased was born in Vermont, July 21, 1801; came to Kossuth county with her mother the following year. Her father died when she was only a few mouthsold. She was united in marriage to Geo. Stewart July 20, 1878. Seven children were born to bless her homo and now mourn the loss of a tender and affectionate mother, and the husband mourns the untimely death of a kind and loving wife. The funeral was conducted by the Eastern Star lodge, of which deceased was a faithful and consistent member, exemplifying the principles of the order in her daily life. The services were held in the Presbyterian church Friday afternoon, and all that was mortal was consigned to the bosom of mother earth.' Peacefully let it rest in the hallowed ground where it was placed. _ Kurt Monitor. Rev. Day gave an excellent lecture last Friday night at the M. E. church. The Burt hand rendered excellent music. Mr. Schonover, Mrs. Ed. Shaeffer's father, who lives at Seattle, Washington, is here for a visit of several weeks. He says Seattle these days is nothing but a surging mass of humanity ready to take passage for the Klondike. Geo. E. Marble's sale last Saturday was attended by a good crowd and on the whole things sold well. Of course many things went cheap, while many things brought more than they were worth. Ono item among the latter list was a nearly new 15-cent hammer purchased from Bourne's racket counter, which, when put up at auction, was bid up to 40 cents. Win. Witty was arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriff McDonald up at W. W. Alcoru's, for forging a §175 note alleged to have been signed by John Simpson of near Whittemore. Witty last week tried to pass the note at the Farmers' Savings bank, and it is understood got only $10 on it, He worked for Mr. Simpson a year ago last summer. He has been at work for Alcorn since last January. A queer freak of lightning took place Sunday morning at Robert Leason's. Lightning struck a telephone pole, which was across the road from the house, shattering and scattering it in every direction, and at the same time affecting Mrs. Leason in the house. The family were at breakfast and Mrs. Leason was walking from the table to the stove. She fell to the floor and was unconscious several minutes. There were no marks of any kind to indicate that the house had been struck, and \ the other members of the family did not feel the shock in the least. Swea City Herald. G. F. Thomas was hauling sand last Saturday for the foundation of his new elevator, and work will begin as soon as the mason is ready. The contract for building Olof Pearson's new house was let to C. J. Anderson and Johnson Bros., and work will begin at once. There are 47 male and 243 female school teachers in Kossuth county. If the young fellows did not keep picking • out the best looking and the too-nice- to-stay-single ones the girls would soon extend their number to 500. W. H. Countryman returned from up on the Blue Earth river, between Elmore and Blue Earth City, last Saturday. He lived in his tent and trapped for mink, skunk, and other fur bearing animals along the river, meeting with fairly good success. W. H. is an old hand at the business and generally gets what he goes after, but he failed in an attempt to catch a martin. He caught several coon. • . WUlttemore CImmpIon. , Mr, and Mrs. F. M. Taylor and daughter and Mrs. Guy Taylor were visiting in this city Thursday afternoon, E. C, Merrill had about 2,500 cigars stolen during the fire and hopes the » persons who have them will enjoy them. They were good ones, mostly ten centers. , Mi's. J. O. R&wson has made some very fine maple syrup from trees on their farm this spring, The editorial family received a sample of it and pro^ . uQuuoed it the sweetest they had ever t'eeted. : • J. J. Eisentraut was here the first of the week in the interest of the Iowa Architecfual company of Des Molnes lie figured on plans for F. C. Grope jqjan, T. F. McGovera, A. E. Lien com pany and E. Chdsobillos. Wesley Ueporjer. ert, tfce 0-year»ol(J son of Charley ,r of Buffalo, township, who was «efl,||p Iowa City to haye his jaw oper- . , W improving qwite ly. When he went down his face was so swollen that he had to remain a week before, he could be operated on. Near ly two inches of the jaw bone was taken out and a plate inserted in its place The operation was a delicate one, bu it is believed will prove successful Last year Mr. Meyers paid out upwards of $400 in having the boy treated by various physicians, and this spri Charley Reibsamen and other friends by popular subscription raised a sufficient amount to send the little sufferer to Iowa City. Every contributor wil be pleased over the happy results. It means something to be pricipal o: the Wesley schools, as we glean from Tuesday's Sioux City Journal that J. H. Quick, who at one time weilded the rod and taught the young idea how to shoot, in our school, WHS elected mayot of Sioux City last Monday on the democratic ticket by a majority of 1020over his opponent. But it is not always that Wesley's ex-teachers turn their attention to polltics,;as A. A. Siefert is studying theology and acting as a local preacher, while Frank Barsalou is « full-fledged Methodist minister. It is hard to surmise what Principal Brown, our present incumbent, will aspire to should he sever his connection with our schools, but we hope something as high as an editor or governor. Gerinnnlu Standard, The friends of John Cirksena of German Valley are circulating a petition to be sent to Governor Shaw, asking his pardon from the penitentiary at Anamosa. He was sent there for for gery by the last term of court, for which it is claimed he is not guilty. Over 100 names are on the listand more will be added soon. Harley Johnson of this place and Miss Ada Rhinohart of Algona were united together as man and wife Sunday nfternoon in Buffalo Center, at the Cooper house, by Rev. Packard of the Congregational church. They are both known In this county and their many friends offer congratulations. Mr. Johnson has possession of the old Link farm four miles north of Gor- raania, where they will go to house keeping. Bancroft Register, J. E. Hudson is looking, over the much advertised che u> IHIKN "f Minnesota with a view to making some speculative purchases. There is a profitable' field for investments there. N. A. Martin arrived here Saturday morning from the land of roses and oranges to close up his business and property interests. His stay will proba- aly be somewhat prolodged. Will Cruse of German goes to Chica- o soon to arrange for the manufacture of the new swinging stacker which he and his brother Tom recently invented. The commissioner of patents writes them that there is nothing in the office ike it, and hence no obstacles in the way of securing letters patent on it. It .s something of practical merit and we lope the boys will realize handsomely on the product of their genius. Mail for Swea City and Armstrong is now pouched 1 north at 3:15 p. m. and transferred at the crossing to the B. C. R. & N. west at 6,35, thus reaching those towns the same evening. There is also a saving of 5 to 6 hours time in sending mail for Germania and Buffalo enter that way. The evening passen- ,er west on the Burlington also transfers mail for here from Germania and points east as far as Forest City to the 3:55 mail on the Northwestern. JjuVerne News. When will Algona have the electric lights they voted on? Fred Stussey will soon commence work on big large barn in Sherman, which he intends to build this summer. Then we suppose a-big dance. LuVerne Rebekah lodge, No. 405,1. O. O. F., will give a" MeasuringParty" at Larimer's hall next Wednesday night, April 6. Supper will be served from half past 5 on. It will be a pleasure, Beyond all measure; To welcome you hearty, To our measuring party; But before you start The essential part Is to count up right Your feet In height. All we dare ask For this generous repast, Is just five cents a foot. And each extra Inch, If any, Will be taxed at the rate Of <i single penny. Union Township Notes. C. B. Hoflus moved his household goods'hnd farm machinery to Traverse county, Minn., March 23. The family expect to go this week. J. W, Wadsworth, Harvey Wadsworth, W. F. Jenkinson, W. H. Bailey, and Rod Jain were at the Edwards short-horn cattle sale at Webster Cltv, March 29. The calf J. W. Wadsworfh sent down was struck off at $175, but through some misunderstanding was put back and brought $170. W. F. Jenkinson stopped at Eagle Grove and visited D. H. Palmer. Dan runs the Standard Oil company's wagon and is doing very well, liedyurd louder. Last Thursday Harold Soltow and Durwid Lonie, boys about nine years old, went out in Mr. Lewis' pasture with their air gun on a hunting expedition and in order to have ammunition they took with them a loaded gun shell and after pulling the wads and taking the shot out, Harold, while looking into the shell touched the.powder oil' with a match. There was a sudden flash and his face was most frightfully burned. He has since been under Dr. Lowder'a care and is getting along nicely atpres ent. It ie a common every day sight to see a gang of boys from eight to fifteen years old going off out in the country armed with an old shot gun or rifle that is a load for them to carry, for a hunt If the parents of these boys will allow them to continue this practice they must not be surprised if they get wort some day that their boy has been sho 1 and either killed or maimed for life An old gun is a dangerous plaything. As evidence of the high esteem in which ehe is held in .and around Led yard, Miss Lillian Hall was presented with a very nice invalid chair at the so chibio in the Grannie store building las Thursday evening, Mayor Wieuw mak ing toe presentation, speech }n which he tqld B»r it was a gift from her man; friends who wished, to do something $i imilu; her iwlbwny through life more plenSHiit. Mi«s Hall, who is 16 years c^d. tins np.vcr liad any use 'of her lower InubH, thus ranking it necessary for someone to ctiVry her from place to plnci-; hut though crippled as she is, she .taken Uie bright view of everything 1 find always IIHS a kind word and a smile for everyoneand everyone is her friutid. This cluiir will enable her to move about the bouse or yiird at will and not be wholly dependent on Rorne- one to morn her about, which will make it a grout deal more pleHSont for her nnd Busier fur her parents, Mr. and Mr^. C. (i. Hull. She is very miich pletised with the gift and in the conclusion of this article Lillian and her parents wish to extend their thanks to the remembering friends. ?r»/lo»te» of Indian CnlrorBttle*. I think that the sorrows of a child less wife in India are not nearly so great as Mrs. Steel describes them to be, simply because of that "curious resignation, that impressive acquiescence •which," she says, "does more to separate east from west than all the seas which lie between England and India," and because, even if the barrenness of the first wife necessitates the marrying of a second (with a view to the future performance of religious rites), there can bo no jealousy between the two, for to them "marriage has for its object the preservation of the hearth fire, not the fire of passion, and the jealousy which is a virtue to the civilized is a crime to these barbarians." Mrs. Steel, I fear, has also fallen into the common error (it would have been a marvel had she not) of assuming that every graduate of an Indian university is a prig. The Indian graduate is also the pet aversion of Mr. Budyard Kipling. But both are wrong in their assumptions. In the discharge of my academical duties, not so very long ago, I came daily into contact with more than 700 undergraduates of the Calcutta university, and I did not notice in them as a class any particular priggishuess, anything which would differentiate them in that respect, say, from English varsity men.—Academy. Floating Up a River. It was a vexed question in 1890 whether the Pilcomayo river, which flows for hundreds of miles from the Bolivian Andes to the Paraguay, might be used as a commercial highway from Bolivia to the ocean. Our countryman, laptain Page, settled this question BO conclusively that no further effort to utilize the Pilcomayo is likely to be made, and in this work, that cost him his life, for he died of his privations after being hemmed in for mouths by hostile Indians, he devised a plan for steaming up river when the water was so low that his vessel was stuck in the mud. He was determined to go still farther, though his little steamer, which drew only 18 inches, rested on the river bottom, so behind the boat he threw up an embankment of earth clear across the channel, backed it with palm trunks and brushwood, and before long the water had risen a couple of feet, and the little Bolivia was able to go on her way four miles before she stuck again. Then another dam was built, and this process was repeated seven times, and with the aid of the dams the vessel advanced about 85 miles above the highest point she could reach at the natural low water stage.—Harper's Round Tablo. Court Foots Who Owned Whole Towns. Hitard, who was attached to Edmund Ironsides, is the first court jester of whom we have record. He owned the town of Walworth, a gift from the king. He held it through four succeeding reigtis, and before leaving England for Rome, where he spent 'i.'-s last days, he presented it to the cnuruh, placing the deed upon the altar oi" the cathedral of Canterbury. Gallet, Galet or Gollet, a native of Bayeux, was one of William.the Conqueror's jesters. He was attached to William when only Duke of Normandy and saved his master's life by disclosing a plot for his assassination. Berdio was another. He is enrolled in domesday hook as joculator regis and lord of three towns, all rent free, and five oaruoates in Gloucestershire. Bahere was jester to Henry I, and William Pioulph, or Pi- col, jester to King John, Master Henry, who, it is thought, may be identical with Henry of Avranches, the poet laureate or versificator, was jester to Henry III.—Amelia Wofford in St. Nicholas. Conclusive, A doctor on tour through the highlands came upon a fair sized village •where there was no brother praotition er. Surprised at this and anxious to learn how the people got on without one, ho took the first opportunity to in quire. "A doctor!" said the old woman whom he accosted. "We need nae doc tor." "And what do you do for medicine in the case of illness?" pursued the man of medicine. "We need nae medicine either. We jist keep whusky for the man an tar for the sheep,'' replied the old woman. The doctor admitted that a glass of whisky might be good enough in some cases, but not always. "A woel," readily responded the old woman, "if ae glass disua dae we gie twa, and if twa disua dae we mak' it three, and if that disna dae they were gaun tae dee onyway." — Scottish Nights. Did She Ever Live In. Boston? A young lady of Buffalo who wanted something that would keep her stock ings up where they belonged thus addressed the terror stricken young store clerk: "It is my desire to obtain » pair pJ circular elastic appendages capable 01 being contracted and expanded by means of oscillating burnished steel appliances th,a(i sparkle like particles o| gold leaf set with Alaska diamonds and which arc pti}i»«4 for keeping i« position the habiliment of the lower extremities \yhioh innate delicacy forbids we to m.eptio». "-frBujfajo (.WyO Voice. Pretty New Shoes Easter THE LATEST novelties and best goods in the rrtarket in Men's, Women's, Boys,' Girls,' Children's and Infants' Boots and Shoes. You always get reliable goods and lowest prices of Brownell .& Allred, The Shoe Merchants, Boston Block, Algona, la. Flue repairing and custom work.- Have just returned from Chicago with the newest and most complete line of..... Milliney Goods hey have ever before shown ; al- 10 fancy silks, nets, chiffons, etc., or fancy dress fronts. Newest Things in Neckwear and toilet accessories the market affords. Don't fail to call upon them at their Easter Opening, April 7, 8, and 9. Don't Do It. The policeman has an eye on you and might get you With a Club. We mean that you who have horses should never let them go Into the warm weather without being clipped. WE CLIP HORSES by machinery and do it properly and at right prices. Your horse will thank you for rernov ing his long coat of hair for the summer. CHAS. J. BROWN. SHELLY & PETTIBONE, MARBLE Head Stones, * Monuments, j3F"See us before you contract. ^Mothers! ns discom- I forts and *• dangers of child-birth can be almost en-| tirely avoided./ WiueofCardui^ relieves expectant mothers, It gives tone to the genital organs, and puts them in condition to do their work perfectly. That makes pregnancy less painful, shortens labor and hastens recovery after child-birth, It helps a woman bear strong healthy children. has also brought happiness to thousands of host's barren for years. A few doses often brings . joy to loving hearts that long for a darling baby. No woman should neglect to try it for this trouble. It cures nine cases out of ten. All druggists sell Wine of Cardui. Ji.oo per bottle. For advice In cases requiring 1 special directions, address, elvlne symptoms. the Ladles' Advisory Pepartment, 1 ' The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chatta' . gf,Jeff«rson,Ga.,i»ys! »'When I ftrst took Wtae pf CMdul e had been married three years, but cowl hree years, .??i.h»ve any children, "The Dutch Boy" The Wigwam THE GERMANIA, BETTER KNOWN AS "THE DUTCH BOY." Algona and Burt, the best cultivator for the money in the market. [t will pay you to see it* Wilfrid P. Jones. ALGONA AND BURT. The Wetmore Truss THIS TRUSS MURDERS ME I I WEAR THE WBTMORE TRUSS A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles— no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where it is placed. The cheapest high-grade trussyetproduced. U is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other truss before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. PROFESSIONAL. •^^^^•^•-'^-Wl^-XX-Xrf'-NJ—fc^^^-^^-^^-irf-V. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office oVer First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Qalbraith's. SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxie-Fei-Kuson bljck. E. V. S WETTING, ATTONEY AT LA W, Algona, Iowa. J. C. RAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. Don't take any chance on Abstracts of Title. My books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors have ever written a word in them. My work is done by competent persons and is guaranteed. Anything entrusted to me will have prompt and careful attention. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. C. C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. 50 YEARS' EXPERIENCE TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHT'S &C. Anyone pending a sketch and description u pent free. Oldest wjenoy for seOUrlD8JPQ.terifsT Patents taken through Munu & Co. receive special notice, without caarge, iu the $ci«n(ific ~ A handsomely illustrated weekly. _..i_ii— -^ •___..«_ '--irnnl kiUUlt — WT-J-VT. TT — by all new«aqulorH. "jrf culutlon of any solentlSo lourual". Tonne year; four mouthfl, Jl. gold ft " feWWt f olr. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton. Iowa. DR. MARGARET E, COLES, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence in Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D. D, S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank. Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A. L. RIST, D. D. S. W Local anaesthetic foi deadening pain in gums when extracting teelh. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. purposes only. St«,tlo:a««3r. WATER OR NO PAY. Artesian wen contractor. I have the cable i steam drilling machine 0eie -

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