The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1898
Page 7
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ALODNA . THE (CB&N1C9. ; K. royal recipient i!s ihe, , 4=A monarch <u*ithingrs small; i wothintj too mean for him to And Qod he flnfls in all. fie draws all life, and all !t o«-ns, , within Ms soul's domain, , And frhere we .thought he picked ;tip Stones We find a diamond lain. -»-Mary Ely Pag-e, .in Boston Tran• script. Beware of the inah who makes .a •Specialty of advertising his own humll- 'Ity. Shako into Yonr ShoM. Alien'6 Sfoat-Ease, a powder ft* the feet, it cures .painful, swollen, sniart- Ing feet and instantly takes the stint out of eoTM And bunions. It's the greatest comfoaht discovery ot the Age. Allen's Foot-EJase makes tight-ftttine or new shoes ieel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, nervous, aching feet. Try it today. .Sold <by all -druggists and sho«» Stores. By mail for 25c in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy. N.. Y. Earthenware sleepers are in vise oa some of the Japanese railroads. BREAD, POTATOES and MILK. 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Of this number, about half were indefinitely postponed. Tho most important measure passed was Cheshire's bill granting additional powers to park commissioners iti regard to control of rivers abutting on public parks. In tho afternoon the senate pussea the house bills mnkinp appropriations for Glo.nwootl, the Stato Normal and tho Fort Madison penitentiary. They •went through without opposition or discussion, as all the fcppropriation bills have been disposed of thus far. HOUSE. 'The resolution requesting Secretary T-iong to christen 6ne of tho new battleships DCS Moines passed. Several appropriation bills: wore, passed just ns they had been received from the senate. In the afternoon several appropriation bills were passed, but aside from this no business of importance was transacted. SENATE. Des Moines^ March 20.— Governor Shaw sont, a message to the senate naming Messrs. Larrabee, Cownie and Kinno as members of tho board of control. Tho appointments were referred to a committee consisting of Senators Hcalv, Junkin, Trewin, Bolter and Hurst. Resolutions reqiiosting secretary of tho navy to christen :v battleship Dos Moines passed. A resolution providing for ilnal adjournment Thursday, March 31, passed. Keiuite apreed to conference report appropriating ¥25,000 to the Trans-Mississippi exposition. Bill requiring weeds to bo cut from tho highways passed. Tho joint committee on retrenchment and reform from tho house and senate submitted its report to-day. It readjusts almost tho entire salary list of state house employes. As a whole the change is in favor of economy. Reductions nro made to the amount of 85,020 and different salaries are increased to the amount, of iK.'.I.'OO, milking a net reduction of £2,820. IIOI;SE. The morning was largely devoted to tho consideration of appropriation bills, and several were passed, among them tho conference committee bill to appropriate $25,000 for the Trans-Mississippi exposition. Tho bill making it a penitentiary offonso to maliciously destroy fruit trees to tho Value of Ji50 on tho premises of another was passed. Bailey and Clossen secured an appropriation of $lfi,000 for tho erection of tho old people's building on the grounds of the Soldiers' Home at Marshalltown. SENA.TK. DCS Moines, March BO. — The senate passed appropriation bills aggregating $90.000. Most of these bills were bills that have already gone through the house. At tlio same time the support fund of several institutions were reduced materially. Tho salaries of tho superintendents of the various state institutions not now fixed by law wore also adjusted, Asido from tho appropriations tho most important bill passed since the boai'd of control bill, went through the senate this morning. It permits tho practice of osteopathy under certain conditions. The practitioners must hold a diploma from a recognized school of ostcopathv and must own a certificate issued by the board of medical examiners, for which a feo of $20 is to bo charged. Pcrsonsholdingsuch certificates are not to bo considered doctors aud arc not given the right to write prescriptions. The senate also passed a bill increasing from 1 to 2 per cent the tax on the gross receipts of express companies on business between Iowa points, expected to yield a revenue of $(5,200. Passed a bill appropriating $14,000 for the erection of a horn for old people at tho Soldiers' Homo.o Passed a bill to raise fJUOO.OOO revenues the coming biennial period to meet extraordinary appropriations and expunge the state debt. Fixed the salaries of tho superintendents of stato institutions as follows: Glenwood. $2,400; Eldora, SI .800: Council Bluffs. 81,500: Vinton, $1,200: Davenport. $1,200; Mitcthollvillo, $1,200; Knoxville, £000. The Council Bluffs salary is reduced $700. Confirmed thouupoitituients of Governor Shaw of tho members of tho board of control. Passed a bill to sell the arsenal ground to tho city of Dos Moines for $15,000 for a library and' provided tho money obtained shall bo used for tho purchase of a site for tho memorial hall. Passed the joint resolution reducing tho salaries of state house employes in tho aggregate of ?!5,000 annually. Passed a bill to pardon Theo. Bushick, sent from Mills county twenty years ago for wife murder. nousK. Tho house after a long debate passed the bill raising the limit of the feo charged for filing oC articles of incorporation in the ofllco of the secretary of state from SvloO to $2,000. The senate resolution providing for final ..adjournment tomorrow at noon was concurred in. The house passed a' 1 number of appropriation bills, among them one currying $100,000 for the Cherokee insane asylum. Young's bill authorizing the executive council to pass upon aud pay the New Orleans claims out of money appro- atcd by the Twenty-sixth general assembly, passed. SENATE. Des Moines, March 31. — The members of tho senate got into a tangle over the join resolution reducing the salaries of some ot the cmploves at the state house, which could not bo unraveled. The opponents of the resolution hung together and refused to permit the passage of the omnibus appropriation bill. Tlie general assembly could not adjourn until this bill ; ha'd passed. • • The majority of the day. was .whiled away trying to reach .somo agreement on the salary resolution so the omnibus appropriation bill could be passed. Finally the senate adopted the house resolution to postpone adjournment for one day. Among bills passed were the San Jose scale pest bill and the bill apportioning the stato into representative districts, fixing the ratio at 22,000. HOUSE. The house passed tho senate bill fixing tho salaries of those institution superintendents not already prescribed by law. Penick's cigarette bill was defeated. The joint resolution authorizing tho executive council to sell -the present arsenal site and apply the proceeds to the National Guard passed. The feature of tho day was the fl«-ht led bv Kay, DeWolf and Smith of Harrison to force from the sifting commit- too the Cheshire bill taxing fast freights. This effort was twice defeated. As it was seen that no agreement could be reached to-day on the bill appropriating monny for the salaries for state house employes it was decided to postpone final adjoiwnmcnt for ono day. Vk'oodford (Jots Ready to I.uuve. LONDON, April 2. — A special dispatch from Madrid says United States .Minister Woodford is making the necessary preparations to leave Madrid immediately in the event of a diplomatic rupture. _ ___ ___ ___ A Berlin jeweler has on exhibition the smallest watch in the world. H is only half an inch in diameter. Having 1 been wound, it runs twenty-eight hours. Its price is $1,250. An habitual tippler in Ogden, Utah, lately took so much whisky that it killed him. An obituary notice said that ho ''died full of years and honor," but the fact that he was full of whisky wa» pot referred to. 4 member oftlie IJentucky 'legislature-bus introduced aibill;tothiBeff«ct; "It shall be unlawful for any person to fire or discharge at random any deadly weapon, whether said weapon be loaded or H»td lines. 'Tret know Monkhouse, the c6letf«tt» «d -traveler?" . "Yes." * "Well, he had a terrible experience yesterday." "What was it?" "He was subpoenaed as a •witness in a case and was obliged for once to tell the truth." Great Benevolences. In large cities of the United Stales the condition of the poor is constantly being improved 1>y th-. benevolences of wealthy people. Sanitary reforms are sugg-ested'and carried out with earnestness, but those produced by Hostcttcr's Stomach Bitters in disordered liver, bowels or nervous system are very conspicuous. New circumstances often show ns what strangers we have been to ourselves. AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS, Wo nro assorting In the courts our right to tho exclusive use of tho word "CASTOBIA," and "PITCHEB'S CASTOKIA," as our Trade Mark. I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannls, Massachusetts, -was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTO1UA," tho salno that has borna and does now bear the fac-slmllo signature of C1IAS. II. PLETCHEK on every wrapper. This is Iho original "PITCIIEB'S CASTOKIA" which has been used In tho homes of Uio mothers of America for over thirty years. Loolc carefully nt tho wrapper and see that it is "tho kind you have always bought," and has the signature of CHAS. II. FU3TCHEK on tho Wrapper. No ono has authority from mo to nso my name except Tho Centaur Company, of which Chas H. Fletcher Is President. March 8,1807. SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D. Mexico has had fifty-five presidents Blnco 1821. Of these, sixteen have died Violent deaths. Some idea of the attention that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is now paying to its passenger trallio may be, gained from the fact that during the past eighteen months nearly 800 passenger cars received thorough and ordinary repairs, (iOO being repainted. Nearly nil of the equipment is now royal blue and most of it is equipped with Pintsch gas, tho Pintsch light being used on local as well as through trains. Men who nrelionest foFpolicy's sake are generally dishonest at heart. Kdncato Vom* Howclx With CiiHourotl Canny (.•fttlnirilo. euro ooiiHMpiii.lon furovor. lOo, •.•iv. II C. C. C. lull driiKKlHta rolnnd money. There arc about 1,900 breweries in the United States. OVMWOMEB WOMM Letters to Mrs. Plnkharu Prom Women Who Save S<ten fielpdd ffttMn Sickness or Health. frhe ordinary everyday life of most of out women is a ceaseless treadmill of *?otk« Sow much harder tho daily tasks become when some derangement of the female organs makes every movement painful and keeps the nervous system linstrnngl The^following letter from Mrs. WALTERS. BANTA, Sparkill, N. Y M tells the story of many women, and shows them how to get relief: "DEAR MBS. PINKHAM :—I cannot thank you enough fdr all LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound hasdono for me. When I wrote to you I had suffered for years with falling, inflammation and ulccration of tho womb; my back ached, and I was so much distressed I could scarcely walk. I was a burden to myself and did not care whether I lived or died.. "I have taken five bottles of your medicine and it has dono > wonders for me as all my friends can testify. I can now do my own work, and do not know how to express my gratitude to you for the good your medicine and advice have done me. I owe my life to Mrs. Piukham." ^ Mrs. Pinkham's counsollsoffcred free to all women who need advice about their health. Her address is Lynn, Mass. Mrs. P. II. HuTCiiciioFT, Kol lerton, Iowa, tells hero in her own. words how Mrs. Pinkham helped her: "DEAR MRS. PLVKirAM:—-I was in a very bad condition before I wrote to you and began the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I did not know what to do. I suffered terribly every month, when on my feet would have such a bcaring-down feeling, was very weak, womb was swollen, back achud, appetite was very poor, also had trouble with my head. I have taken several bottles of your Compound and cannot say enough in its lavor. It helped more than all the doctors." Lydla E. Pinkham's VegetableCompouna; a Woman's Remedyfor Womon'sHIs A Splendid Book for the Development of American patriotism, The Beautiful Life of Frances EWillard Written by Anna A. (iordoii. for ai years her private sec-' retary and most intimate friend. Official memorial volume endorsed by the W. C. T. U. . The Most Popular Book of the Century, : Size 8x10 inches, nearly 500 papcs, beautifully Illustrated.' Ketnll price, Cloth, $2; Half-Morocco.-52.75; De Luxe ttdltloi), J3'75- Bent postpaid on receipt of price. , *Solioltox*n Wan-tocl "JEt-vovywliavts. , $5 to JK per day easily made selling this book. Kxperlencc, not necessary; most liberal ternis; credit Riven; freight, paid; circular and lerms free. AVrite for outfit to-day, , MONARCH BOOK COMPANY, Dopt. 3O (ji'inTiil Agcntr 'or thn Uiilln'l Stnl™, KuRlaml, Cnnniln, Amtrnlln, etc. < ',111. IMilliKtiilplilii, I'll. Oakland, C»l,< Address nearest office. i y~8-Hl*-**-*»'*-*a'-»H>"»-<»-H>" .•^i,«<«i<H»-»-^-^-^-<>-HH»-j; Odf^^J&f *J B V soothing and subduing the pain. . nWwV « That's the way ST, JACOBS OIL ~« NEURALGIA, • J Get your Pension DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'FARRELL, Pension Agent, 1425 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. D.C. W. N. U. DCS Moines. No. 15—1898." When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Paper. There Aro Others. Miss Typely (coquettishly)—"Do you believo .that a profty g-lrl should work?" •Brokei-ly—"Well, that depends." Mif--.s Typely—"Depends on what?" Brokely—"On whom she works." Now Koutit to JIonHh. Little. Sragmnt,, ]>altitnblo tablets in «i dainty oimtnolod inetiil box, just vlsht for tbo vest pocket or tho liuly's purso. On the tablets are stamped tho letters l 'C. C. C.," Casciirct, Candy Catluirtic. 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