The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1898 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1898
Page 2
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^4 .jP18 MOINES! ALGONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY. APttlL 6. 1898, ME.-MS IN IOWA FAVORABLE FOR SENI OM SED. Moltte« Ba§lncg* Men Looking Tar, Ward to a SncecMfnl Cm-nival. I Dfcs MotiSTES, April 4*—At a meeting neid at the Commercial Exchange for the purjpose of considering the guarantee asked for by the directors of the fetate fair, the Serii Om Sed came up tot frequent consideration. It was fevident that the most favorable sentiments we«*o entertained toward the carnival. Various plans for making 1 the entertainment a success were suggested. Everybody agreed thai it Would be easier to raise $10,000 for the Seni Om Scd than 85,000 for the fair. In case the fair is not held, it was generally agreed the Seni Om Sed should be held. Plans are suggested for a week's carnival of all manner of amusements. These include raws and tournaments of all kinds, base ball, foot ball, band concerts, fireworks, parades and a bewildering variety of brilliant features. ANOTHER CARLOAD OF RELIEF lovrn Cnban Relief Committee Sends Another Cur. DKS MOIXKS, April 4.—The second car load ot supplies for the starring Cubans has been sent from DesMoines. It contains 20,000 pounds of corn meal, 12,000 pounds of bacon, 200 bushels of beans and other general supplies to make 40,000 pounds. This is the last relief to be sent from this section. The car will go over the Chicago Great "Western to Chicago and thence over the New York Central to New York. G. S. Perry, of the state committee, said that arrangements have been made by the committee to meet all contingencies. If war eventuates between the United States and Spain and it is found impossible to send on the supplies to the Cubans, they will be sold in New York and the proceeds •will revert to the state. LICENSE ISSUED. ftEOENtSELECTEE. Joint Canctn at the i,«*l«iatitf6 mid to Select Them. DBS MOIKKS, March 31.—At the joint legislative caucus the following were elected trustees of the Agricultural College: First district, Hon. S. It, Watkins; Second, C. L. Barclay; Fourth, Addis Schermerhorn; Eighth, W. H. Pcnick. The following were selected regents for the Stale University: Second district, U. W. Cable; Fifth, Maj, W. A. Higley: Sixth. Judge W. D. Tisdale; Eighth, Hon. IT. K. Evans; Ninth, Shirley Gilliland. There were chosen on the board of dircctore of the State Normal School at Cedar Falls, \V. AY. Montgomery and Perry t). Rose. To fill vacrncy on the board of trustees of the School for Feeble Minded at Glenwootl. caused by the recent resignation of «T. E. Wiekhnm, .Dr. F. M. Shriver. IOWA CONDENSED. DPS Mollies Man TVIng Dental Board Cnso in District Court. Dns MOINES, April 4.—H. O. Dixon •will receive a license to practice dentistry in Iowa. Judge Bishop rendered an opinion in the district court to this effect. 'Dixon sued the state boani of dental examiners to compel them to issue to him a license. They had refused to issue it on the ground that he had not been practicing legally ill the state. He showed to the court that he had been doing regular business as a competent practictioner Judge Bishop said, however, that this caso and its decision, was not to be taken as a precedent in all cases of this kind. HARRIMAN IS NOW PRESIDENT. State Agricultural Society Elects Three New Officers. DBS MOINES, April 4.—The directors of the State Agricultural Society elected Senator W. F. Harriman of Hampton to succeed John Cownic as president of the society, Mr. Cownic retiring to become a inemBer of the- state board of vice president to succeed Mr. Harriman, and G. L. Johnston of Maquoketa was elected a director in place- of Mr. JohnstonQof Humboldt. The directors decided to give the city of Des Moines ten days in which to raise the $5,000 to guarantee the holding of a state fair this year. LATE CONVENTION. Democrats Decide to Walt Till War Matters Settle. DES MOINES, April 2. — The democratic state committee decided not to decide on the date or place of holding the state convention until the second Tuesday in May. It is understood that the members of the committee think the result of the wars and the rumors of war in the east, and the policy of President McKinley in mak- »ng war, ought to delay the holding of the state convention because of the influences that are liable to play on the congressional elections. Moore's Shortage Increased, BOONE, April 3. — The investigation of the books of ex-County Treasurer Moore by Expert Andrews reveals a further shortage of $1,890. The matter will be formally presented to the board of supervisors and acted upon by them at the April session. It is believed that this cleans up tho books and all the crookedness has been tin- earthed. The bondsmen will be called upon to meet "tho deficiency," This makes the shortage near $10,000. Moore is now in Fort Madison. •Coon Rapids robtofflco COON RAPIDS, April 2.— Thepostoftice sit this place wus burglarized, the safe doors being blown to atoms. The miscreant secured about $75 in cash, a gpodly supply of^stamps and other valuable papers. Entrance wus gained through a back window, Injured Ju a Runaway, CHAISES CITY, A prill,— Mrs. William Collins was terribly injured in a runaway. She was thrown fully twenty feet from the buggy. Her condition is fell Doud. April 1.— Andy Bichurt of place, fell dead in front of the bank. Apoplexy is supposed fee/the e^use. The deceased was an n4 highly respected citizen and been •» yesjijent of this county years. J.~-'4.'he l?-year- accidentally Thieves broke into the postofiice at Grand Junction recently by prying open the front door. They made a thorough search, and all they got for their trouble wns S.I.60 in stamps and few pennies. No search is being made for them. On the ground that M. E. Lewis, his son-in-law, induced him to deed away his property by representing the instrument as his will. August Van Dc- steeg, of Sioux county, wants the court to set aside the transfer. He made affidavit that as he cannot rend English, he asked Lewis to write the will'as his amanuensis, and that the latter drew up a deed instead. The property is worth $50.000. Near Murengo recently the wife of Charles Holclcu wns instantly killed by the accidental discharge of a shotgun in the hands of an only child, a daughter of 12 years. Mr. Holden had just returned from an early duck hunt, and, placing tho gun in a corner, sat down to his breakfast, the wife sitting opposite. The child picked up the gun and it was instantly discharged, the charge passing through the heart of the mother. The gun was of the hammer- less kind. At Keokuk a few days ago Mrs. John Singleton created a sensation by leaving her baby on the bed, slipping out of her clothes and out the front door in a nude condition. Stripped of every stitch of clothes she walked through the most fashionable part of town to the business street, where a policeman, stopped her by throwing his overcoat around her. She was taken home in a buggy. She had been acting quccrly for a week, and her mind is so completely deranged that she will be removed to the asylum. At Des Moines recently Judge Conrad made an order directing the sheriff to go to the Anamosa penitentiary and return to Polk county Betsy Smith, where, according to the order, she is to be confined in the county jail until such a time as she can be tried again on the indictment charging her with murdering her husband, Michael Smith. In reality, the making of the. order is the beginning of the end of the Smith case. Betsy in all probability will never be tried again, as the witnesses in the case have become scattered andean never be got together again. She will therefore, in all probability, be set free. Ottuinwa. dispatch: Mrs. Bcck- with, mother of Warren Bcckwith, son-in-law of Robert T. Lincoln of Chicago, who is signed to pitch for tho Ottuinwa club in the Western association, called on Secretary Russell and begged that tho contract be cancelled, offering to pay all expenses incurred. She stated that a position had been se- lured for Warren in the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy offices at Crcston, and his father-in-law, as well as her family were much humiliated by his persistent efforts to play ball. She said Lincoln had agreed to help his son-in- law if he would agree to settle down. The release wus granted. Bristow dispatch: By the overturning of a lantern in a large warehouse filled with baled hay the most disastrous fire in the history of the city was started at 7:30 p. m. For a time the flames threatened to destroy the entire city, but by hard work by the local department and assistance rendered by neighboring towns the fire was confined to that portion north of the Chicago Great Western tracks. The following property was totally destroyed: Large grain elevator und warehouse, property of W. L. Luse, Minneapolis; warehouse and u large quantity of cement, stucco, and baled baled hay, property of Coonley & lllen- fritz; city storage building, containing hay and grain, property of Coonley & Illenfritx; in tho Luse elevator was stored a large quantity of grain belonging to L. D. Shaw, all of which was destroyed. Tho Great Western depot caught fire three times und wus badly scorched. The loss, which can only be estimated, will undoubtedly reach $50,000. , $35,000 to loan at once upon improved town properties. Good agents wanted, Iowa- Deposit & Loan Co. DCS Moines, In. Send for pamphlet on health and how to retain it, by Colfax Mineral Water Co., Colfax, la, Kl i us Doty, of Cfidar Rapids, has been indicted for criminal libel uttered aga^uat Judge Win. U. Thompson. Poty stated in a circular that Thompson was drunk on the bench. In an interview Congressman Hull, of Iowa, chairman of the military affairs committee, ,said: ''There is no question now that the Maine was blown up by £ Spanish mine; that the ship was anchored over u mine; that the mine w^s placed there by iardsaijd eontrpl wa%,,fl.$ tho Mpanjish officers by its which is ftll tho couto^wh'iifb; could htyve>; 1 in Cuba by ALL OVER THE WORLD SPAIN'S REPLY* An Entirely Unxntlsffictory Reply to the President's Demand*. WASHINGTON, April 8.—Following is the abstract of Woodford's cable: It inform the government that Blanco has revoked the rcconcentrado order in the western provinces of Cuba; that Spain has placed at his disposal SOOO,- 000 to assist the country people to return with success to their labors; that Spain will accept whatever assistance j to feed and succor the necessitous that | may be sent from the United States in accordance with the plan now in operation; Spain proposes to confide the preparation for an honorable and stable peace to the insular parliament, without whose concurrence Spain will not be able to arrive at a final result, it being understood that the powers reserved by the constitution of the central government are not lessened. SPAIN'S DESPERATE CONDITION Boyul Futility Octtliifi; Hearty for Hasty Departure From Martrlrt. BKKT.IN. April 4.—The German ambassador at Madrid reports that the Spanish royal family fears nil outbreak and prommciamcnto from the AVeyler- itcs. and the Carlist movement is becoming more active. Everything is prepared for flight. The boy king will be taken to San Lucas I)e Bariracdas, Andalusia, where a yacht is kept ready for sailing. The replies to the queen regent's letters asking the intervention of the European powers have been wholly unsatisfactory. EARTH TREMBLED. SENAftf. Bes Moines, April 1.—A rccolntich wns adopted pledging the president and the nation earnest support in the event of war With Spain. The Senate then took up thfi items of tho joint resolution fixing the salaries Of the State house employes, and the resolution was adopted. The omnibus bill was then considered. To this bill bad been added an item appropriating $500,000 to be used in case of war. The executive council is also trivcn power to issue and dispose of sufficient amounts of warrants to provide the necessary funds. The bill Wns passed without discussion, the vote being 84 to 0, every senator present voting aye. At 6:05 tho senate adjourned without day. HOUSE. A resolution endorsing McKinley for his position in respect to Spain and Cuba was passed, only Sheefonn and Proctor voting no. The bill by Stewart providing that tho president and vice president of tho Stnto Agricultural society shall be elected from tho board of directors and shall hold for two years was passed. The general appropriation bill, providing for the regular expenses of the state house, was then passed. In tho afternoon the house adopted unanimously tho general appropriation bill, containing the ridor appropriating foOO.OOO to bo iised in caso of war, and adjournment was then taken sine die. SPAIN HELD FOR MAINE. Flr-tY~r-|r-tH CONGRESS. Havana Harbor Horror Included In Senate C'ommlUcc K Indictment. WASHINGTON-, April 4.—The full senate committee on foreign relations practically decided to accept the recommendation of the sub-committee for a resolution to recognize tho independence of Cuba and recommending armed intervention if necessary to secure it. Whether the Maine affair will be the chief cause of hostile action is not yet decided, but, at any rate it will be dwelt upon by the committee. History of The IVorBt Kiirl.liqtmlco In California. SAX FKANCISCO, April 1.—The city and northern part of the state were severely shaken by an earthquake shortly before midnight. It lasted forty seconds. Houses were swayed and windows broken. The naval hospital and government sawmill at Mare Island were wrecked. Thjcre was no loss of life. Owing to the damage by the earthquake, work is temporarily suspended at Mare Island navy yard. Seventeen hundred employes are idle. Only two buildings escaped damage. READY FOR ACTION. s at Key West Are Cleared of All Tliulr Woodwork. KKY WKBT, April 1.—Every prcpara- ;ion for action has been taken by the warships. All woodwork was stripped oft' exposed spots and sent ashore. The wood pilot houses on the cruisers were taken clown. To a certain extent, interior woodwork was alsorcmpvcd and sent ashore. Even the sailors' wooden boxes were removed from some of the ships. The entire licet is now ready to sail at fifteen minutes' notice. Kmergcncy Message Sent. AJ/IIANY, April 1.—Governor Black sent to the legislature an emergency appropriation of SI.000,000 as a contingent war fund. Immediately on receipt of the message a bill confirming the suggestion was introduced and passed unanimously by both houses and sent to the governor, signed. The national guard of the state is now prepared for war at a moment's notice/ Spain's Answer at Hand, WASHINGTON, April 1.—Spain's answer to the president's note was received last night. While no statement is issued yet it is rumored that Sagasta states that the queen regent and the premier and the cabinet are powerless to cede territory and time is asked for action by the cortes, which will not meet until April i.'4. Ail Irish Land lilll Kejectcd. LONDON, April 1.—The house of commons, by a vote of 243 to 138, rejected the bill introduced by M. J, Falvin, an anti-Parnelitc, to amend the land laws of Ireland in favor of the tenants, and including the restoration of the evicted tenants. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT. ISSUE IS MADE UP. Spain and the I'nitod States Quietly Prepare for War. WASHINGTON, April 4.—The issue between the United States and Spain is made up. No further notes will be exchanged and President McKinley will lay the situation before congress Tuesday. Whether lie will make a recommendation or leave congress free to act is undecided. I.eo May Bo Assassinated. , WASHINGTON, April 4.—Fears arc ex- ' of the republicans copy- Alice DKS MOINES,/ April >!2. —A right has been granted to Mrs. Uolehan, for her dress cutting system. We have secured the issue of the French patent to Gcorgo W. Cox und 13. E. Sinull, of Stuart, Iowa, for the Electric Fire Engine tested in our city last week and have applications pending therefor in other foreign countries. In 188i.', the writer sketched a harvester and binder on the inventor's farm, near Eddyville, that cut wheat and automatically formed gavels and bound them with straws picked there- from as the machine advanced. The inventor while bonding down to watch the operation lost an eye by the contact of the moving pui't. Lately, the same man, \Vm. 11. Gray, has triumphed in producing- a corn harvester that cuts and binds satisfactorily and overcomes difficulties that have heretofore defied the efforts of all competitors in the art. We have secured a plurality of patents and a multiplicity of claims covering allolemcntsand sub-combinations of his invention for which the essential generic claims were allowed last week. Valuable information about obtaining, valuing and selling patents sent free to any address. Titos. G. OIIWIG & Co., Over (50,000 oil wells have boon sunk in the United States. Presents at a Norwegian wedding are as various as Mrs. 'Poodles' coU lection of auction bargains. Every guest is expected to bring one. They range from crockery to kegs'of fish, from doormats to tubs of butter, sacks of potatoes, etc. Debtors in Sio-m, when three parrewre, cftn be .seized by the credr to work out' ,/o,v\ ld , i/Ms wjfe v ;j>j.' vmtU pressed that General Lee may be assassinated when congress acts. Senator Morgan, of Alabama, says: "If such a crime should be committed the country would never be satisfied until our soldiers should plant the stars and .stripes in M'ad rid and make the Spanish nation a reminiscence of history. All Europe and all hell could not stop the southern people; and the northern men would go with us." Spanish Torpedo Flotilla. WASHINGTON, April 4.—Advices from Madrid state that the Spanish torpedo flotilla has just reached the Cape tie Verde islands. As it has taken the flotilla nine days to reach these islands from the Canary islands, it should, going at the same rate, require twenty- six days from now to reach Porto Kico, Maryland Republicans on Money. ANNAPOLIS, Md., April 2.—The Maryland house of delegates, with a republican majority of twenty, 'failed to pass a joint resolution endorsing the financial policy of the national administration. When put to a vote only forty-one, of the sixty-seven republican members voted for it. Appeal to IDurope. MADKin, April 4.—The ministerial organ, El Globo, in a leading article, infcrentially confirms the statement that the foreign' powers are using every effort to mediate between the United States and Spain, and that peace is lilcclyjo result. )f Kngland Wants CoiifeBKlong. PKKIX, April 4.—The British minister has laid before the Chinese foreign oftk-e the British demands for compensatory concessions for the purpose of maintaining the balance of power in tho east. To KcleaHO Kcconcentradoes. HAVANA, April 2.—Captain General Blanco has issued a decree directing the end of the reconcentration in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Havana, Mataimis and Santa Clara. Another Spanish Torpedo Squadron. MADIUD, April ].—1'ais says orders have boon issued to mobilise all the Spanish warships, and that another squadron is being prepared for sea at Cadiz. miKVlTJKS. Spanish advices say the elections for the popular branch of the cortes have passed off, on the whole, quietly. The indications arc that tho government of Senor Sagasta will have an .enormous majority, estimated at 300 of the 433 seats in the congress. It is said orders have been issued for the transfer of the Twenty-fifth regiment of infantry to Dry Tortugus. The fact that this regiment is made up of colored troops is regarded us quite significant in showing the purpose of tho war department to concentrate colored troops in the vicinity of Cuba, inasmuch as it is recognized that the negro is better ublu to withstand the Cuban climate than white men. There are three other colored regiments in the army, with un aggregate strength of over !i,000. London dispatch: Forty rapid-fire five-inch and six-inch guns, completed by the Arjnstrongs and destined for the United States, will be shipped immediately. Lieut. Colwell, United States military attache, has started on a tour of Germany, Austria and Belgium in an endeavor to purchase guns. The Upited States military attache at Berlin, Lieut. H. T. Allen, after scour- Jug the cpuntry, reports that UQ guns ore pyo«ur*ble iu Gerwiiy. The . were beg w », a,»d th»t eowcerh is unable to sell a,»y |o the United States. SENAtS. •Washington, March 28.—As soon as th« report of the Maine court of inquiry and the president's message had been read they were 'referred to the foreign • affairs committee without debate. HOUSE. As soon as the preliminary business was disposed of the report of the Maine court of inquiry, accompanied by a message from the president, was presented and read. There was an outburst of applause when the message was concluded. It was referred without debate to the committee on foreign affairs. The death of Representative Slmpkins was announced and the house then adjourned. SENATE. Washington, March 20.—In the senate, Rawlins, of Utah, introduced a joint resolution recognizing the independence of Cuba and declaring war against Spain. Senator Foraker offered a resolution for Cuban independence. Ho spoke of the delays caused by tho De Lome incident and the Maine incident, bnt declared that the Cuban question would come up whatever was done with the Maine. Frye introduced a resolution reciting the condition of Cub& and directing the president in his discretion to take steps to drive the Spanish naval and military forces from tho island. Rawlins. Foraker and Frye resolutions wont to tho foreign relations committee. Mason followed the introduction of the resolutions with a war speech. Ho said that if ninety of tho victims of tho Maine had been senators or sons of senators we would not have been forty diivs in declaring war; yet the lives of all Americans were sacred alike under our law. He declared ho was for war. The galleries vigorously applauded. Tlio resolution for tho importation free of duty of military supplies passed. HOUSE. Marsh of Illinois, chairman of the house committee on militia, introduced a joint resolution declaring war between Spain and the United States. Mercer of Nebraska introduced a Cuban resolution similar to that introduced by Senator Foraker. Tho liouso devoted the whole day to tho consideration of the bill to pay certain claims for stores and supplies furnished to tho union by loyal citizens of tho south during tho war. SENATE. Washington, March 30.— The situation in Cuba wus only referred to incidentally. During the consideration of tho Alaskan bill, Wolcott, chairman of the committee on postofflces and post roads, made a remarkable and caustic arraignment of the secretary of the treasury on account of the secretary's flippant treatment of a request made by Mr. Wolcott's committee. HOUSE. A wild and uproarious scono occurred in the house to-day, when Bailoy, tho democratic leader, attempted to fovpe the hand ,.,,__ upon a proposition to WOMAN AND THE WHEEL* from the Oaiette, Delaware, OMo. , The heaHhfnlness of bicycle riding £(».women is still ft disputed question between eminent physicians and health reformers.! ' Used in moderation it surely creates for women a means of out-door exercise, the (benefit of which all physicians concede.. Used to excess, like any other pastime, its effect is likely to be dangerous. ' The experience of Miss Bertha Reed, the geventeen-year-old daughter of Mr. J. R. Reed, 385 Lake St., Delaware, Ohio, may point a moral for parents who, like Mr. and iMrs. Reed, have experienced some concern for thoir daughters who are fond of wheel-. Injf. In the fall of : 00 Miss Bertha who had ridden a great deal, began to fail In an ttlttrmiug manner. She grew steadily paler and thinner, and it appeared she was going 'nto consumption. Rest and quiet did her absolutely no good. Aphyek cian found her pulse at 104—tf ivery high rate.: {Thinking this may have been due to temporary - nervousness when he closely, but her pulse continued at that rate for two weeks/ He-was satisfied then,from her high pulse nnd steadily -wasting condition that eh9 was suffering from anosmia or a bloodless condition of the body. 8lie became extremely weak, nnd could not stand the 1 least noise or excitement. In this condition of affairs they were recommended by an oldU friend to get BOIUO of that famous blood medicine. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale, People. They did so, nnd almost from the, first dose Berthn began to improve. She- continued to take tho pills and was by, means of those pills made entirely well, and' more grateful people than her parents cannot be found in the whole State of Ohio, i Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have proved a boon to -womankind. Acting directly on' the blood and nerves, they restore the requisite vitality to all parts of the body: creating functional regularity and perfect harmony throughout tho nervous system.' Tho pallor of the cheeks is changed to the delicate blush of health; the eyes brighten; the muscles grow elustic, ambition ifl creased and good health returns. When a man begins to suspect thai he is a fool it will not be 'long before he knows it. overrule the speaker and pass a resolution recognizing the independence of tho Cuban republic. He was cheered in the crowded galleries, but tho members of the majority refused to support him. When tho vote Was taken, only two republicans—Messrs Achcson and Robbins of Pennsylvania- broke from the party linos. The house spent tho day on the naval appropriation bill. Several times tho Cuban question came up und each time tho galleries cheered tho speakers who favored immediate action. SENATE Washington, March 81.—Iu the senate pending a vote on tho motion of Fryo that a resolution reported by him from the committee on foreign relations yesterday asking tho president for Cuban consular reports ba recommitted to his committee, Allen, of Nebraska, mudo> a speech in favor of Cuban independence. Lodge reported from the committee on foreign relations a bill directing the president to purchase the Danish AVcst Indian Island St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, or any of them for naval coasting station und appropriating £5,000,000 for the purpose. HOUSE. Three speeches which stirred tho assemblage in the house to its depths were made today by Grosvenor. of Ohio, which, it was assumed, spoke for the administration, and who practically pledged it to the cause to free Cuba; Mr. Bailey, of Texas, the democratic loader, who announced the democratic position as for free Cuba, without war if it could bo avoided but with war if necessary; and Mr. Johnson, of Indiana, who spoke for peace, declaring that it was our duty to go ' to tho extreme in magnanimity in order to avoid the horrors of war. Littlo progress wus made in tho naval bill. SENATE. Washington, April ].—The scuuto spent almost tho entire day in tho discussion of tho resolution reported yesterday by tho senate committee on foreign relations for tho acqusition of tho West India islands owned by Denmark, am' tho session was closed by the practical withdrawal of t.Jae resolution by Senator Lodge, its an'>7r. Ho stated that tho debate had developed such a wide difference of opinion in the senate where there had heretofore boon such unanimity that he would not further press the matter at a time when the president needed the support of all senators of all parties. 11OUSK After an exceedingly turbulent session of six hours, the house passed t'uo naval appropriation bijlund then adjourned until Monday. The war spirit was manifested in all tho speeches arid overrode the naval committee itself by increasing tho number of torpedo boats and torpedo bout destroyers to twenty-four, the bill us reported providing for but twelve. Tho umondmrmt ot Cannon, chairman of tho appropriations committee, to reduce tho number of battleships to one, wus buried under an overwhelming majority. Cannon, during tho course of tho day, announced the belief of a majority of the members that wur would bo upon us within a week. Colorado Gold Field. Colorado is the banner gold-producing state in the union. Production in 1897 over .$20,000,000. This year promises to exceed $30.000,000. New strikes are being made every day. Nothing like it since the days of '40. \Voulc you know all about these things': Then send twenty-live cents for a six- months' trial subscription to the "MINING WORLD," an eight-page illustrated weekly paper. Kcgulai subscription, Sl.oo'a year. The newsiest mining newspaper in the world. Address ''World,'' P. Q» ]5ox 1611, Denver, Colorado. Wrongs never grow strong enough to right themselves. (ioriniui.v'H Vigorous Way. BKKI.IX, April 2.—Germany has commenced diplomatic representations to Spain relative to Cannumabalcasc, and tho German cruiser Gcien has been ordered to get ready to proceed tf6 Cuba if satisfaction is not quickly forthcoming. On March 18 a German confined in Santa Clara was burned und four persons were killed. Auutrltt to Swell Its Navy. VIK.N.XA, April 1.—The Neue Freie Presso announces that the Austro- Hungariun government intends to ask for 45,000,000 to 00.000,000 florins for the purpose of increasing the strength of the Austrian navy. The Chinese have a god for every disease—oven for the mcas).«,, A gentleman bought an orchid in London for $100, and was told that it would produce a white flower. He cultivated it for two years, and then a purple blossom came forth. He sued tho vendor and recovered «S50 and costs. A startling telegram came to Jolm ainw, of Randolph county, Virginia, pppgratulating him on his recent mar- «'i;^t esrne froin the old, folks and thus; "Please ftqeept tho con- iatulations of the whole Beware of Ointments for Catarrh t!>at Contain jM«rcury, as mercury will surely destroy the .sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering it, through tho mucous surfaces. Such articles should never bo used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians us the damage they will do is tenfold to the good you can possibly derive from thorn. "Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, contains no mercury, and is tu- ken internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure bo sure you got the genuine. It, is tuken internally, and is mude in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by druggists, price T5c per bottle. Hull's Fumily Pills ure tho best. Don't -waste today's strength fighting tomorrow's battles. A Cheap Trlclc. To manufacture a cheap kalsoiuiiia stuck on the wall with glue, claiming 1 it to be the "same thing:," or "just as good" as the durable Alabastine, or to buy and sell such goods on such representations would seem a cheap . trick. Some resort to it. To be safe, buy Alabastine only in packages and properly labeled. Put a great man in a little world and he will manage somehow to make it bigger. From Jtiiby In the High Chair to grandma in the rocker Grain-0 is good for the whole family. It is the \ong-desired substitute for coffee, ^ever upsets the nerves or injures the /igestipn. Made from pure grains, it is x food in itself. Has the taste and appearance of the best coffee at M the >rice. It is a genuine and scientific article and is come to stay. It makes for .health and strength. Ask-your 'grocer "or Grain-O. There are in India 200,000 widows ;ged between 9 and 14 years, and 80,100 less than 9 years old. Jteauty is nloocl Deep, Clean blood makes a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascarets Candy CatUar- tic cleans your blood and keeps it c'ean by stirring up the Inay livor nud driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to bullish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads and that sickly biliouscoinplosion by talcing Cascarets,—beauty for tea cents, Alldruf? gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10, ii5, |j()c; So many people talk at random that half of what is said never makes a hit. Wagner Sleeper to West Umlcn. The Monon has put on a through Wa"- ner sleeper to West Biidon and French Lick, tho popular sanitariums, leaving Dearborn Station every Saturday at 8-aB p. p., arriving at 0:15 a. m. Kegul'av trains every night and morning, viu Now Orleans, us before. City ticket office »3" Clark St., Chicago. ' The contended mind has a continual feast. Coughing I.piMls to Coiikiunptiuu. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cou«*h at once. Go to your druggist to-day ' and got a sample bottle free. Sold in »5 and 50 cent bottles. Go at onoo delays are dangerous. Kind words, like fragrant flowers are admired by all. • ? ov J jll !, lg ai $ ? hest 'WseasoB Plso's Cure is the best modiciue we have over i sod Mrs, J. L. Northcott, Windsor" Qnt" CanT To be thoughtful for the comfort of others is th.e surest w , y to B v6moS pu? own. Got,', •„'•• i, ."f"?l«t'-n*.

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