The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1898
Page 5
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THE tJPMSE DEB M01K1S: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAftCH 30, 1898. Men's all-wool Covert Oloth TOP COATS. Elegantly made and tfimmed. Wholesale price $7; retail price $10. <b|s; Our price for fifteen days. . .CpU Only 30 coats lett. Come quick. Lot 7070 — Men's all-wool Black Clay Worsted Suits- Guaranteed fast color. Regular re tail price $12.00. Our price for fifteen days. . . . Lot 5038 — Men's all-wool Fancy Cheviot (guaranteed) Regular retail price $9.00. Our price for fifteen days .... <X±A. Lot 3554— Boys' all-wool Fancy Cheviot Suits. Regular retail' price $3.00. Our price for fifteen days. .. . Lot 3637— Boys' Suits which we guarantee to wear A No. i. Regular retail price $1.25. Our price for fifteen days ---- ..... iy K x> TO OPEN THE SEASON PROPERLY We have decided to make a special effort to introduce our large stock. Such a display of mer* chandise, either in quantity or variety, has never been approached in Algona. True to our policy to sell cheaper as we sell more, bur prices were never so attractive. We believe our stock of clothing today is not surpassed by any in the state. It has been our object to collect a stock without a peer. But this will not give any idea of what we have for you. You should come in the store to fully appreciate what stock and prices we have to show you. The style and make-up are up-to-date, as H. S. & M. clothing is considered by all leaders of fashion superior to any in the land. This peerless stock we wish to fully introduce, and in the 15 days from April 1st to April 15 ought to bring everyone interested in fine clothing to our store. Goods just as represented or money refunded. New England. Durdall & Co. GARMENTS Over 700 Knee Pants, 100 TJp. We have a very large assortment of 25c Ties. Our price for 15 days 10c. Boys' Fancy Shirt Waists in different patterns. Regular retail price 3$c, Ouf price for fifteen days, ..... Men's Fancy Suspenders* Any other dealer will ask you 2gc« Our price for fifteen days ......... Men's Heavy Blue Denim OVERALLS, Regular retail ;' price 6§c. Our price for fifteen days ...... . ' Nelson's Rockford Socks. Regular retail price 8c. t Our price for fifteen days ---- . ..... A Fancy Cotton Sock with ribbed top. Regnlar retail price igc. Our price for fifteen days K *> RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No.l departs at 0:05 am No.3 departs at 3:B8pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:45pm No.71 departs at 3:20pm No. 66 departs at 8:30pm TRAINS BAST. .No.S departs at 10:45am No. 4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 7f departs at 10:10pm No.94 departs at 2:20pm R. F. HBDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTEKN. South— North- Freight 11:30 a m Mixed 7:05 a m Pass 7:05 am Freight 12:15 pm Mixed 12:15pmPass 2:40 pm Mixed 7:54 p m Mixed 10:50 p m Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPBB, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Fabio Roman! tonight. Judge Quarton is holding court at Emmetsburg. B. W. Haggard has been on the sick list during the past week. John Sifert and Evf K. Hasz were married by Rev. Day/ j,st Thursday. W. H. Nycum w<ll be back in Algona this spring. His health is still poor. The date for Clay Clement has been changed, at his request, from April 12 to 14. Father Smith, well known in Algona, after a winter in California is back to . Emmetsburg. Many friends will greet Aiden Benedict tonight. He had a wide acquaintance while in Algona. Hort Nebergall is up from Eagle Grove again. He says the Grove is a lively burg, and that he will return. Judge Quarton cleared 97 cases from the court docket at the last term. That is a pretty good spring house cleaning. ,. Louis Lessing is building a large '• V house on the site of the old Grove barn. \ 'He is using up the lumber that was in ""that structure. The mail is now transferred at the "junction north of Bancroft, which will prove a great convenience to the people in that immedia'.'e locality. Hobart gains a good citizen in W. B. Bossingham, who with family complet- - ed moving to that place yesterday. He has been an Algona resident for ' several years. Rev. A. M. Haggard, cousin of D. A. Haggard of Algona, is state secretary of the Iowa Christlon convention. He dedicated » Christian church at Pocahontas last week. The Milwaukee road hauled the fire companies to the Whittemore fire free. The city council of Whittemore has * published resolutions thanking the railway and the fire boys. Patterson & Son's acetylene lights are now working nicely and the plants of'John Goeders, Kraft Clothing Co,, and. Brownell & Allred will be set up at x>nce and p"»jt in operation. It-is learned that Mrs, Geo. Stewart •died and was buried at Armstrong last Saturday. She was a daughter of O. F. Hale of St. Joseph, and was 36 years •of age. Further details are not at hand. Seats for the Grinnell Glee club en' tertainment, to come Saturday evening, •* will be on sale at the E. & F. drug stoue tomorrow morning at 9. Don't • mi&s hearing the famous company. I* AB one of the best. I The Methodists decided by unani- |mous vote to locate the new church on 'the Gijmore corner, for which they 1 pay $?,600. Harvey Ingham buys the lot the old church stands on and it will be torn down early next spring. S. B. MoClellan buys the barn on the new Methodist church property, paying $125, When it is removed the bare lots will cost the church people $1,765. That is over $800 each, and is a pretty stiff price for Algona residence property. • , Under the new railway assessment for Iowa the Milwaukee is assessed at $6,000 a mile in Kossuth, the Northwestern at $5,000, the Burlington at $2,000, and the Minneapolis at $4,000. The assessment on the Northwestern J8 a raise from last Mayor ChrisehiUes and b. .$ city coun- pil are entitled to much credit for getting the city cyrdinances in convenient shape. The job has been a hard one, (Nearly ail have beep rewritten and all . have beeu revised, Mayor ChriscM!* lee has done rauoh of the work. The following item comes from ingtOR. They evidently consider a sprt oJ suburb of Algona: Con- gressman Dolliver presented a petition of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of .Boone and numerous other citizens of Algona, favoring the passage of the anti-seal ping bill. Emmetsburg gets $3,000 a year from saloon licenses. The Ruthven Free Press, which is in position to know, says: It cost the tax payers more than $3,000 last year for justice and constable lees and board of prisoners who were arrested on the charge of plain drunks. The old skating rink has been so thoroughly remodeled that its builder wouldn't know it. The sides are about ready to plaster and it is celled overhead, and when done Company F will have the finest armory in the northwest. They have a five-year lease of the building. Young Carmody, the boot black, was taken in last night for too handy use with a revolver. He fired at some boys near S. C. Newcomb's, where a party was in progress. Nobody was hit, but it might have been a serious matter. It is high time some of the young toughs like Carmody were dealt with severely, The school board held a meeting Monday night and decided to secure a new room somewhere. Prof. Spencer found on inquiry that about 35 new students were expected in the central building and Miss Stephens found 15 in the Third ward school. It is likely that a room in the Baptist church will be taken. Every home owner who has any use for a south side sewer, either immediate or prospective, should promptly respond to the plans of the city council and get the main sewer in this spring. Now is the time to settle the sewer question while the city is in the mood for it. Let everybody arrange to take a tap, even if he lias no immediate need for it. Geo. M. Bailey has bought the old Dr. Barr house and will move it to his lots south of D. T. Smith's home. He has two months to get it away from the new church site. He pays $610, which gives him a cheap property when he gets it fitted up. The boys have been quizzing George considerably about what he will do with his home when he gets it ready for occupancy. J. W. Wadsworth shipped a 700- pound short horn calf Jo Webster City last week and went down yesterday to attend the sale he is in. The calf is from the cow he bought last year and has exactly 100 pounds a month to show for his age. The sale was a big one and all the stock offered was highly bred. The Wadsworth calf was one of the finest animals exhibited. W. L. Joslyn and Dr. Rist now know what is meant by a "wild goose chase." Out Monday for their usual constitutional they discovered a wild goose on the Ambrose A. Call farm a short distance from town. To all appearances the goose had a broken wing and a happy thought occurred to them—they would run it down. After they had followed it for a mile, more or less, and when they were almost in easy reach of the coveted prey, his gooseship suddenly picked himself up and flew north, and for all they know he is flying yet. Court meets again April 25. The jurors for the term are Henry Bierstedt, J. A, Samson and Chas, Baas, Whittemore; Lars Lorenson, F,. H. Goodwin, H. J. McChesney, Burt; Wm. Willingdorf, SweaCity;M. Mammoser, L. E. Kunz, C. P. Chapin, Nels Larson, A. Studer, Wesley; W. B, Zahler, Armstrong; W, C. Ehlers, S. D. Platt, G. Cowles, Jas. Seeley, Algona; N. R. Robinson, Hobart; S. T. Dakin, Elmore; Ed. Farrell, H. B. Whitman, Ledyard; J. L. Green, Livermore; C. E. Hand, Center Chain; H. J. v Slyster, Elmer Bunken, Germania; M. A. Young, E. M. Miller, Bancroft: Gal. Rippentrop, Wm. Smith, German Valley; Fred Zwieful, LuVerne. School Notice, Patrons desiring to send primary pupils to the public schools should do 90 next Monday morning. Children who have never attended school will be admitted only diii'ing the first two weeks of the coming spring term, commencing Monday, April 4. N, SPENCER, Supt. MAPLE CITY soap a good thing at Grove .$ Son's. A FEW settings of White Plymouth Rook eggs for sale. t4 JOHNO. PATTERSON. Now is the season for canned goods. We have the largest line and the best assortment in Algona. M. z. GROVE dp SON. USE Chase & Sanborn'e coffee—the cheapest coffee on the market, 46 OITY TREASURER'S REPORT. Tho Financial SliowliiK of the City IB Good— Some (Jnsli on Hand, City Treasurer G. F. Peek submits the following report of the city's financial condition for the year ending March 1: CITY FUND, Cash on hand last report $ 1,771.11 Received from county treasurer, taxes 3,270.27 From justice lines 20.00 From billiard licenses 150.00 From other licenses 51.50 From marshal, dog tax 04.00 From sale of city warrants 800.00 From city cleric, sewer taps 200.00 From sals of Commercial street be- teen blocks 120 and 127 75.00 From sale of iillej'H on blocks 244, 245, 240 03.50 From street commissioner 11.10 Total S 0,515.48 Paid warrants $ 5,795.32 Cashou hand 720.10 Total $ 0,515.48 WATER I'UND. Cash on hand last report Received from county treasurer, taxes From water rents From sale of lire pump From sale of warrants From city clerk, overdraft — From transfer of warrants From sale of funding bonds..., From Interest on same $ 497.50 3,702.51 1,025.00 25.00 2,000.00 5.24 180.05 0,000.00 43.33 Total $14,140.10 Paid warrants $11,830.03 Paid interest on same 517.112 Paid interest on bonds 500,00 Cashon hand 1,292.24 Total $14,140.10 IF you want any kind of drapery, silkolines, golden draperies or anything in that line, you can get them at Galbraith's. SEE our line of bed spreads from 75c to $3. GALBRAITH & Co. The Markets. Market quotations this morningare: Wheat, 80@85c; oats, 2Hc; corn, 20c; barley, 25c. One Price to -All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. E, G. BOWYER. DON'T fail to see our line of dried fruits. M. Z. GROVE & SON. ASK to see Chase & San horn's 35-cent tea, equal to ordinary 50-cent. 46 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa, IF you expect to buy a carpet this spring call and look over our stock while it is complete. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. OUR line of dried fruit is as complete as ever. M. Z, GROVE & SON. IP you have Idle money why not have it where it will earn you something. Interest paid oh time deposits. 45 . GEO. C. CALL, Wedding Kings, Buy your wedding rings of us. We give a clock with each sale. E. G. Bowyer, jeweler and optician, first door east of postofflce,-51 REDUCTION in rates via St. Paul to Pacific coast points—from Algona to Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma, first class limited, $30.06, second class limited, $25.06. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. THE NEW ORDINANCES. The New Book Is Out-What It Con. talus and Where It May Be Had. The new ordinances, under the title of " The Revision of 1898," went, into effect Saturday, March g6, 1898, after having been regularly adopted by the city council, and published in pamphlet form, according to Section 687, Title 5, Chapter 3, code of Iowa of 1897, which section provides that ordinances may be published in pamphlet form, without newspaper or other publication. The pamphlet contains 129 pages and copies can be secured at the office of the city clerk by any person upon the payment of 25 cents per copy, The book contains all the ordinances of the city of a general or permanent nature, properly indexed and so arranged that any particular subject can be easily and readily found. The new code of 1897 provided Jp.r numerous changes in the government of cities and towns, and the new ordinances were drafted in conformity with the new requirements. One of the important changes, made by the council in the revision, was to abolish the office of superintendent of water works and create In place thereof that of superintendent of public works. Tho duties of the incumbent of the latter office will cover those of the superintendent of water works, with the exception of collecting water rents, and will also include the management of the city sewer system. Hereafter all water rents and charges for tapping the mains and thd public sewer will be collected by the city clerk. Another important provision under the new ordinances requires plumbers, after having obtained licenses, to report to the city clerk all extensions, attachments, or connections made by them in connection with the water and sewer systems of the city. In addition to the ordinances the pamphlet also contains a complete catalogue of all the officials since the incorporation in 1872, the rules and order of business of the city council, and the rules and regulations of the beard of health. J. T. CHRISCHILLES. THINGS TO REMEMBER. Fabio Roman! tonight. Clay Clement April 14. W. R. C. meets tomorrow night. W. C. T. U. at Mrs. F. D. Calkins' next Wednesday. The city council meets as a board of equalization next Monday, Regular meeting of A. O. U. W. next Tuesday evening at 7:30. Also degree work. Tho Equal Suffrage club will meet with Mrs, M. A. Setchell tomorrow at 3 p. m. The Congregationallsts will give an oyster supper at the church tomorrow evening. The lyceum comes Friday night, to give all an opportunity to hear the Iowa College Glee club and orchestra Saturday night. ' Durdall edits a large space call attention to his big stock of clothing. Note his prices, too. They will make people come to Algona to buy clothing. The Kraft Clothing Co.'s fifth semiannual opening occurs next week Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is no place like Algona to buy clothing. The Adventists will hold quarterly meetings commencing Friday evening, April 1, and continuing over Sabbath and Sunday. All are cordially invited. Meetings conducted by Elder J. S. Hart. Rev. F, E. Day's theme at the Methodist church next Sunday morning will be "The Common Sense of Religious Blessing." Evening lecture, "China, the Land of Mystery and Wonder." All are cordially invited. Services at the Baptist church next Sunday, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. rn, Morning theme, " Where Are the Nine?" Evening, "The Sanctuary of the Mind." Young people and the unconverted are especially invited to the evening service. Hancock's County Seat right. The contest between Britt and Garner is getting hot, Britt wants a vote this fall on moving the county seat, and offers a $5,000 site and a $25,000 courthouse. Garner wants no vote and is remonstrating. Britt is about in the center of the county. Here are a few of the Garner Signal's references to Britt: "In 1896 Britt had a big political blowout with Senator Allison as orator. They rented a big tent from Des Moines for the occasion and agreed .to pay for its use. The agreed price was not paid and there has been pending in our district court for the past year a suit against some 15 of the Brittcourt house guarantors to recover pay for the use of that tent. "Britt! Britt! beautiful Britt! It took a six-horse team to haul an empty wagon through Main street this week. It could well be named Mudtown. "It was reported last week that Ed. Bailey and Wes. Aldridge came near being drowned in the lake covering Britt's court house site during the first spring rain of the year. Their well' known dislike to water was a * deader' on the report and is was giyen no credit* "An examination of the records shows that Tom Way owns the equities in about 130 feet along Main street in Britt and this explains why Tom is thinking of building a new court house in Britt. Tom would be able to unload his equities on the boom, He has been out in the country getting farmers to sign the petition, and will probably go out later to tra4e his equities for their farms." I tch esttlts eaped, By Handling the Best Goods. We have them and will be pleased to supply you. Langdon S 3 Hudson. TBL/BPHONB NO. IS. SEMI-LOCAL NEWS NOTES. Judge Wheelock G. Veazey of Vermont, who died last week, was a second cousin of Haward Robinson of Algona, first cousin of his mother. Mr. Veassey was at one time member of the interstate commerce commission, commander of the national grand army, and judge of the supreme court of Vermont. •*••*••*•' B. J. Thompson of Forest City will leave in a few days for a trip around the world. He will sail from New 'York on the steamer " Fulda" for Gibraltar, and will spend six months in Europe; then go east through Egypt, India, China, Japan, Hawaii, and California. Mr. Thompson has a literary turn of mind, and has promised some interesting descriptions to local papers and magazines. -H -s- -t- The Waterloo Gasoline Engine company is at work on a novel piece of machinery- It is a gasoline engine attachment to a light covered wagon in which a party of pleasure seekers will make a trip to the Pacific coast and return this year. The projector is E. H. Harts- took, a Des Moines man who is spending some time in that city, and his companions are five gentlemen of Waterloo, It is the plan of the party to leave Des Moines as soon as the roads are in fit condition, their destination being Portland, Oregon. They will visit the Trans-Mississippi exposition at Omaha, and then proceed through Nebraska, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park and Oregon, and return by way of Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The wagon to be used by the Des Moines party is alight, trim vehicle, provided with a waterproof cover and side curtains and cushioned, seats. In the rear part is located the seven-horse-power engine which will propel it. -j- -*- -7- A Winnebago boy has written to G. L. Pray of Webster City, He wants to enlist in the national guards and is ready enough to go to war, but there is an obstacle in the way in the shape of his girl's absolute and emphatic refusal to grant her consent. He says that if the government will only fix things with the girl he will enlist for a full terra of three years. The young lady undoubtedly thinks that a live lover beats a dead soldier. •4- -fr- -*• Senator Funk, who is also secretary of the Spirit Lake Chautauqua, informs the Estherville Republican that the program for this year is nearly completed, and while it will be shorter this year than usual it will not have a cheap feature about it. Conwell of Philadelphia, who so ably entertained theCbau- tauqua people the first season, has been engaged for this year. Geo. W. Peck of Milwaukee, author of Peck's Bad Boy, will give one of his popular lectures. Miss Gargill, the elocutionist, who has captivated the. audiences the past two years, wJil t Jljjj on band again this year, put "04^ for a short time, It is confidently j|;pi.cted the management will W. J. Bryan for a the Chautauqua hind past, talnipgan Men's, Boys' and Youth's, Ladies' Misses' and , Children's Footwear. NEW GOODS, NEW STYLES, NEW COLORS. We are just receiving them and can show some of the nicest shoes in the market. For your wants in footwear always consult Brownell 8: Allred, The Shoe Merchants, Boston Block, Algona, la. Pine repairing and custom work.—-—«••«•!•*. Don't Forget that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at rea* sonable prices; also GOAL of all kinds and grades. Goods delivered to any part of the cjty. I. L KIIIBAIiL

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