Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on February 14, 1959 · Page 11
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 11

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1959
Page 11
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' -, - - ' ' , Salem Only a Struggling Village, a Century Ago pV p.- r i When Oregon's first state governor, John Whiteaker, took his oath a year before Oregon was admitted into the Union a century ago, Salem was a struggling village. This lithograph, made in 1858, looks north from hill Slavery Big Factor (Continued from Page 1.) state legislature, governor and officers. But they waited nearly a year and a half for Congress to admit Oregon to the Union. The constitution was approved by the people who also voted down a proposal to permit slaves to be held in Oregon. They also refused to permit free Negroes to live in Oregon, i ' Now Oregon waited for Congress to act on statehood. But Congress was torn and busy with events which eventually led . up to the Civil War. The admission of Oregon was a sort of political football in Congress. The anti-slavery group feared admission of Oregon .would give the pro-slavery element added voting strength. : And even at borne voters went to the polls with the speeches of the pro-slavery and anti-slavery champions ringing in their ears. .Voters also were warned . of the cost involved In accepting statehood. On the other hand a potent argument in favor of statehood concerned the expenses Oregon citizens had incurred in raising military expeditions during the recent Indian wars in jthe teritory. It was argued that if Oregon entered the Union the United States would pay lhu pliimt ThH hnn nrnvMl false. Federal Grants Seen Others contended that with statehood would come grants of federal lands to help construct railroads and other necessities to progress. Pushing hard for admission and i leader on the scene was the poetical group called "The Salem Clique," whose outstanding spokesman was Asabel Bush, founding editor of The Oregon Statesman. Meanwhile, despite delay in Congress. Oregon prepared for coming statehood. In 1858. a year before statehood was actually achieved, two legislatures were elected a state legislature and a territorial legislature. Both met and tunc- MmMtfl Hit AiAn't At mivh A state governor. John Whiteaker Route of Centennial Motorcade Today CENTENNIAL r f - ' CCD 11 IQKQ - ' - 1 V FEB.I4-I959 ' SALEM, OREGON . .-; V ":-jf vl:.- -n;!- m ' r"TY,c j. V : ,1 1 t U r , 1 , ' Vl ! U '" V . . " . ' ' ' ?" - :.. I . Il'-J . r TrT' r7stt' r wfc..c -I- t ? 1 ' - - l j : - r-H:fT-. ' J service ::-v -; ? ' 1 '-i : , n&s bp3--' :,l "'''- , , . i ; , - - t. Ht tx Z , 4 , '; - ! j L ii-M- ,- -, ir.... . - - , i 1. -:i T4T j - . I i . - - 1 Li" : ft ' -" m ' 1 . i L jl , j t;.yA v , : .. nr.. f ...... , t fc::j-:;i-- 2) ' A c t f it , ; J- r ' :-.:' r 1 ! : .;: ( - , H:i:f.;i;n -j; -' - ; ' ' ' " POST; ;:: ' I , , i y. l . .... ' ' ,. . ofcc ::i.i:?,1n jj f;: j !'! 1 . . -Jj 1 1 : e J c 1 . - y?:4 i . : - " "xlx i,.. -r- . :-s . : . ;. . :;' "'::::;': -, r i i . m i p i " ":r h I j : i. . . .couNTt :J:;1 - . ' i'. - v-t-l? : . : , couit UJs.i ; r ' F 1 ' : ( "I ' " H5"$c f -) 1 , m k' h' t q 1 - J 1 .(. 1 f --' -; y.-l t , J , ; HU,a tat.S - I' ; - - j - ' ' ; - lij , , -n p - I" ' d I 1 ( ! J I , --r! ? rr : i v r-. t i .:..-." r- ' "''. ,;. t , t t SALEM, ? I - - ' 'PIT -'' - i i -il , L .J, ,1 j . Li 4' and two U.S. senators were elected. Gov. Whiteaker was sworn in July 8, 1958 a governor without a state by Judge R. P. Boise, grandfather of R. Breyman Boise, current Salem businessman. There were the usual false reports. On June 29. 1858, The Statesman printed a letter dated May 18 of that year from -Joe Lane, 100-Year-Old Article Points To Rich State On Feb. 15, 1859, the day after Oregon achieved its struggle for statehood an editorial appeared in The Oregon Statesman by Editor Asahel Bush. Bush, who worked for admission into the Union but who on that day did not know his efforts had succeeded, . wrote that Oregon was "not a paradise on earth." He mentioned the cold, rainy winters and hot summers. Then be said: "But there is do country in the world where the earth will more abundantly reward careful and industrious tilth. In short, although Oregon is far from being the Arcadia which it is represented by some of its letter writers, it is a pretty good country, and will bear a favorable comparison. Tor resources of every kind with any new country." i v Cyprus Presidency Eyed LONDON! (AP) The exiled Cypriot Archbishop Makarios HI is coming! here next week from Athens to take a top hand in a three-power conference called to endow Cyprus with independence and peace. .There is speculation that the bearded, 45-year-old primate may become the first president of the projected Cyprus republic. PARADEROUTE' OREGON in Oregon Statehood Vote teritorial delegate in Washington: Dear Bush. The bill for admission of Oregon passed the Senate 36 to 17. All right, in the house." All Not Right But all was not right in the House, because Congress adjourned in June with no action. When it reconvened, the House School Children Eat History Lesson in Salem Salem school children ate their history lesson Friday. In line with the observance f Oregon's centennial of statehood, their cafeteria monn wns made up entirely of foods they might have eaten if they had lived here 100 years ago. All were foods that could be obtained fresh or stored in the days before refrigeration. The mens consisted of baked fish, boiled whole wheat, battered tamlps, raw ratabaga sticks and sou-dough French bread, with carrot podding for dessert. Pilot Leaps to Safety; Jet Hits Reservoir COULEE CITY. Wash. (AP) A 35-year-old pilot parachuted to safety just before his jet plane crashed into the equalizing reservoir of the Columbia Basin project near here Friday. The pilot, Maj. William F. Uhknan of Los Angles suffered minor bruises and lacerations. The plane, an F-104 jet interceptor from Larson Air Force, was on a routine flying mission. j : ? i LmJ: r -wHtTrj-j wTf? ' y n-rf - - near present South High Street. South Commercial Street bridge over the millrace is at left. Photo is from collection of early-day pictures belonging to R. Breyman Boise of Salem. passed Oregon into the Union Feb. 12. 1859. The vote was 114 to 103. The story of Oregon's trail to statehood begins on a June day in 1846 when the U.S. Senate ratified the international boundary agreement between this country and Great Britain establishing what is now the American-Canadian border at the 49th parallel. Organized Hunt For Lost Plane Is Called Off After a week of intensive air and ground searches by more than 200 persons, the State Board of Aeronautics called off the organized hunt for a lost Church of God of Prophecy plane. Aircraft from Salem, Lebanon. Springfield and other cities have covered all possible crash areas in the mountains several times without finding a clue, George Kreitz-berg, Salem area Air Search and Rescue director, said. The 4-place Stinson Station Wagon was piloted by Jim Miller, 25, of Ashland, and carried his 14-year-old brothers, twins Roy and Coy of Turner. They were lost Friday afternoon in a Cascades snowstorm. Kreitzberg said pilots will be held on standby in case another lead turns up. Meanwhile, ground parties organized by the Church of God of Prophecy searched an area north of Silver Creek Falls again Friday without finding a trace of a distressed plane beard last Friday over the area. Centennial Events on Radio, TV Oregon's Centennial events in Salem today will be on radio and television. Stations reported these broadcast plans Friday: Radio KSLM, Salem, live broadcasts 3:30-4:30 p.m. Saturday from Capitol rotunda and 9:30-10 p.m. Saturday from Centennial Ball at Marion Hotel with latter broadcast featuring description of those ar riving for party. KBZY Salem, live broadcast 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. direct from Capitol rotunda, part of a 38-station net work across the state. Television KOIN-TV, filmed ex cerpts of Saturday afternoon's pro gram at Capitol during 10:05 p.m. news program Saturday night. KPTV-TV, film program 10:30 a.m. Sunday, showing celebrations at Salem, Astoria and Portland. Huge Crowd Expected for Nixon Today One i of the largest crowds in Salem history is expected in the Capitol area this afternoon for the Oregon centennial program and motorcade . featuring Vice Presi dent Richard Nixon. Police will "freeze" the Capitol Mall area at 1 pjn. to permit organization of the 3 p.m. downtown motorcade carrying Nixon, Gov. Mark Hatfield and other dignitaries. A Centennial ceremony will folio wat 3:30 p.m. in the Capitol rotunda. 15.0M PoMiblo Predictions of today's crowd along the motorcade route " (see map) ran as high as 15.000. Police Capt. Lee Weaver said "intense" traffic congestion is anticipated as swarms of out-of-town folk come in for the glittering program. Traffic in the Mall area will be blocked off at two points. Traffic on Court Street will be directed north on Winter, while on Che- meketa cars will not be permitted west of Capitol Street. Barricades Installed Barricades were installed Friday night prohibiting parking on Cbe- meketa from East Summer to West Summer and on Court between West Summer and Capitol streets. Police Chief Clyde Warren said any cars and that in- dudes legislators' found parked i m m : J -M . . in we loroiuaeii areas m is morning will be towed off. From its starting point, the motorcade will go south on State to Liberty, north on Liberty to Center, east on Center to. East Summer, south to Cbemeketa. west to west' summer and south on west Summer to the CapitoL' Trr-vvr y Prior to that time settlers had established crude, mutual-protec tion bodies at meetings at Cham- poeg and at Methodist missions near and at Salem. Admitted as Teritory On Aug. 14. 1848. President Polk signed the bill admitting Oregon as a teritory. A bill to admit Oregon to the Union was considered at the first territorial Legislature opening in Oregon City on July 16, 1849. But it was laid on the table and similar moves failed in the next few years. When the Legislature moved to Salem, the 1852-53 session was held in the basement of the Oregon Institute on what is now the Willamette University campus. A state hood bill got through the House but was defeated in the Council (the Senate). - Sessions Shifted The 953-54 session was held in a brick building, (later known as the Nesmitb-Wilson, Rector building) on the west side of 200 block of North Commercial street. One session was 'held in the home of J.W. Nesmith. located in what is now the general area of the northwest corner of Commercial and Trade Streets. The Supreme Court met in 1852 in the Bennet House, a well-known hostelry located on the northwest corner of High and State streets. Referred U People ' It was at the 1853-54 legislative meeting that a bilU was finally passed referring the statehood question to the people for a vote. In the June, 1854 lection it was dfeated 4.079 to 3.210. It was again defeated in the 1955 general election, but only by 415 votes. The 1858-57 legislature met in the Hohnan Building, a brick structure standing and in use on the northwest corner of Commercial and Ferry streets until razed seveal years ago to make way for a car park. It agin submitted the sttehood mater to the people. This time. June, 1857. voters approved (7.617 to 1.697) for going into the Union and for calling a convention to frame a constitution for the new state. Oregon Pony Express Rolls Into Astoria ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) Oregon's Pony Express rolled into Astoria with the mail late Friday. The 40 riders and two stage coaches carried mail that. will be stamped at special ceremonies here Saturday. The stamps will be in honor of Oregon's 100 years of statehood, and the Centennial Celebration activities will include an appearance by Vice President Richard Nixon. The Pony Express set out for Astoria Tuesday from ' Portland. The express made ' slew . time through driving rains Friday, -but was escorted into the city by a big crowd and a mounted posse. Several plans for railroads to transport goods from the east coast to west coast in Mexico and Central1 America were begun in the 1880's, but proved too expensive. Then someone thought to dig the Panama Canal.' Sunday KOIN-TV (Channel 6): 12:99 Noon Sunday Armchnlr Theatre "Heaven With A Barbed Wire Fence," starring Glenn Ford and Nicholas Conte 8:99 n.m Small World A discussion of the question "If Lincoln were alive today, would he be a Republican or a Democrat?" 8:39 p.m. Twentieth Centary "The Incredible Turk." The first filmed biography of Kemal At-aturk. 8:09 pjn-Ed Sullivan Guests: Wayne and Shuster, Jane Mor- : gan, Dody Goodman,- L a 1 s e Rainer, and Flaviano La bo. 9:99 p.nv GJS. Theatre Ernie Kovacs stars in "I Was a . Bloodhound." . . 9:39 p.m. Alfred Hitchcock - "Morning of the Bride." starring Barbara Bel Geddes and Don Dubbins. A new bride anxiously anticipates meeting her : mysteriously elusive mother-in-law for the first time. 11:09 p.m. Richard Diamond. Private Detective (Premiere) Richard Diamond, is hired by a wealthy woman to locate her ; son. . 11:99 p.n Showtime ea Six "Margin For Error." starring . Joan Bennett. KGW-TV (Channel 8): 11:43 a.m. Give Thee Peace The Catholic Church. Father tastia PaylngM lUUimi Newt Scrvtco HUBBARD Three persons were injured, one seriously, when their car was struck here Friday morn ing by the Shasta Daylight, Southern Pacific's passenger stream liner. The accident occured at D street crossing. Taken to Salem Memorial Hos pital in Salem by Wood burn ambu- Second St., Wood burn, his father, Arthur, 43. and John Harner. 14, 1260 N. Pacific Highway, Wood-burn. Hospital attendants said young Bass received neck injuries and facial cuts. His condition was fair, but he was showing im provement late Friday, attendants said. The father has neck and head injuries, but was in good condition. Harner was treated for minor hurts and released. Historic Site on Snake Becomes Oregon Park One of the state's most historic sites on Farewell Bend of the Snake River officially became a state park Friday. To be formally known as Fare well Bend State Park, the spot is comprised .of 46 acres deeded recently to the Highway Commission by Idaho Power Co.. plus 16 acres already owned by the state. As a state park, the site will commemorate the bend in the Snake made famous by immigrants who as that point saw the river for the last time on their trek to the Willamette Valley, according to State Parks Supt. C. H. Armstrong. Comes at Session 1 . . Establishment of the new park came here Friday at a session of the Parks Advisory Committee. beaded by Chairman William M. Tugman of Reedsport. In other -business, Tugman's group suggested that Armstrong schedule a meeting with the County Judges Association and others to establish degree -of authority of cities, counties, state and federal government in establishing public parks. The question of authority came up as a result of a proposal by State Sen. Richard Groener of Clackamas County, who requested that the committee consider Elk Rock Island near MQwaukie as a park site. The committee is favor able but the question is whether or not .this park should be de veloped by the city or county. Princess Chosen LONDON ( AP) At the request of Nigerian officials Princess Margaret, now, 28, has been named to represent the royal family at celebrations of Nigeria's passing from colony status to nationhood next year." Centennial Calendar Many activities are being planned by mid-Willamette Valley area educational, social and business organizations in connection with Oregon's Centennial Year. A list of events made public to date follows: Feb. 14. II, 17 Salem public school historical pageant, at North Salem High School. Feb7 J4 (Saturday) 1:30 and 8 p.m. Feb. IS at 8 p.m. Feb. 17 at 8 p.m. Feb. 14 Centennial Year officially opened. ' (1) 7:30 ajn. Afl faiths prayer breakfast. Senator Hotel (2) 3:00 p.m. Visiting dignitaries' motorcade, downtown streets. ' (3) 3:30 p.m. Centennial ceremony at Capitol rotunda. (4) 4 to 6 p.m. Elks Club Teen-Age Dance. (5) 8:00 p.m. Private dinner for visiting guests.' (6) 9:00 p.m. Grand Centennial ball at Marion Hotel, j Feb. 23 and 28 Pageant at Chemawa Indian School North of Salem. March IS Oregon Folk Dance Festival March 23-28 Ladd it Bush Bank 0th birthday celebration. March 28 Marion Hotel 90th birthday celebration. Television Highlights Robert C Mundt (a former Salem boy). 12:39 p.m. Northwest Indian Culture "The Women Spin and Weave".- 3:99 p.mvGreat Decisions "Are We Realistic About Communist Power". 3:99 patv Panl WincheO and Jerry Maboney Comedienne Alice Pearce Joins Paul Winch-ell and his sidekicks. . 7:99 p.m-Yn Askeel For It Takes viewers on a visit to Call-- fornia's Highway Patrol Academy. A small cult of hobbyists who search ancient cemeteries for strange epitaphs. 19:99 p.rflv-Racket Squad "Fools Rush In". ' . 19:39 p-m. Meet McGraw Young woman . dies during the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans. . 11:09 The Search" 'Montgomery Clift. Ivan Jandl Story of a young male refugee who is befriended by an American G.I. KPTV (Channel 12): : 11:09 ajn. Rente Eternal "The City of Peter". 11:39 a.m Pro Basketball T h e St. Louis Hawks vs Minneapolis '"-Lakers. ' ' ' 8:91 n.m Amerkaa Legend "A State police said the injured trio believed they bad cleared the rails but the train hit the right rear wheel of the car while traveling 70 Woman Fined for GENOA. Italy (AP) It cost a Genoa widow 2,000 lire S3 for having a .22-caliber pistol in the bouse but nothing for a multi-barrel ack-ack cannon in the attic. The judge ruled the pistol : was Marion County Public CIRCUIT COURT Nicholas Caspar and Hilda Cas par'vs Edward R. Cunningham and others: Decree orders mortgage be sold- on property in question to satisfy amounts allegedly owed. Valley Credit Service Inc. vs Or- land W. Green as Salem Meat Co. Plaintiff awarded $324 judgment for amounts allegedly owed. ; Merchants Credit Bureau of Sa lem, Inc., vs Paris C. Schaberg and others: Complaint seeks $2,000 judgment and foreclosure of wort gage on property in question. Credit Bureaus Adjustment -De partment, Inc., vs William Dotson Complaint seeks $1,215 for amounts allegedly owed. State vs Earle C. Moorehead Jr.: Preliminary hearing set for Feb. 16 at 3:30 p.m. on non-support charge. Pioneer Truck Rentals, Inc., vs Jonel C. Hill. Public Utilities Com missioner: Complaint seeks sus pension of PUC order concerning mileage fees and penalties. Frank Junta as Frank's Produce vs Sam Buschke and Vernon O, Tracy: Judgment awards plaintiffs judgments totaling $5,753, interest and attorney fees for amounts al legedly owed. DISTRICT COURT James Ross Beamah, 21S Winter St SE. preliminary hearing set for Feb. 17 at 10 ajn. on charge of receiving stolen property. James Douglas Mount, 2120 Cen ter St. NE. pleaded guilty to charge of violating the basic rule, fined $95. Richard Clayton Johnson, 4155 Center St. NE. pleaded guilty to charge of failure to dim headlights. fined $10. Jesse McNeil, 610 Commercial St. NE, jury trial continued to Feb. 17 at 11 a.m. on charge of driving while intoxicated. Dale Ernest Rock. 441 23rd St NE, found guilty on charge of drhr-, tag with operator s license sus pended.: fined $70. PROBATE COURT Elmer P.-Knauf estate: Order closes estate.. . . George A. Bressler estate: Order closes estate. In the matter of change of name of Ronnie Vaughn Kisler: Name changed to Ronald Vaughn Hollo- day. Medal for Miss Walker star- ring Maura Murphy. 3:39 p.m. Salem Sunday Matinee "Adam and Evalyn", starring Stewart Granger and Jean : Simmons. ' 5:90 p.m. Omnibus "The Medium," starring Claramae Turner, Lee Venora, Jose Perez, Beverly Dame, Donald P, Morgan and Belva Kibler. I 8:09 p.m. Francis Sunday Theatre "The Magnificent Amber-sons", starring Joseph Cotten, Ann Baxter, and Agnes Moorehead. 7:39 p.nv Buddy Bregman Malic Shop (In Color) Guests include Steve Allen, Jesse Bel-vin, Thomas Wayne, "The Continentals", and "The Three G Notes". 8:99 p.m Steve Allen (In color): There'll be a guttering array of talent when Steve presents the Photoplay Magazine Gold Medal Awards on his show. 9:09 p.m. Dinah Shore Show (la Color) With Craig Stevens, Vera Ellen and Andre Previn. 19:99 p.m. Leretta Yenng Shew "Marriage Crisis", starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Jack Lord. 11:90 p.m. Academy Theatre "Casablanca", starring Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey, Paul Hen-reid, Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. ;' Statesman, Salem, Ore., Sat., Oops Car; 3 IrOaair miles an hour. Police said the train legally operates up to 79 miles an hour through' this area, State police said the impact split Pistol, Not Cannon an illegal weapon. Of the cannon, an invention of the defendant's late husband, be said: "It was a souvenir of the family. The factor of aifecuon must , not be overlooked." Leonard Harl McMahan estate: Order sets March 23 at 9:15 a.m. for final account bearing. Nellie J. Clark estate: Order closes estate. . Hilbert C. Tasto estate: Order Sunday's Television Log KOIN-TV. KGW-TV. 8; HOUR 00:00 00:15 8 KOIN KGW KPTV Cartoon Club " ICartoon Club (Wunda Wunda Vc. of CalvaryjVe. of CalvarytBrcadbasket 0 KOIN KGW KPTV Lamp to Feet Wunda Wunda The Answer Lamp to I wunda wunda IThe Answer m KVAL 1 toil New York (New York stow com. wortsBODiUora. O KPTV Christ. Selene IBack to KVAX Christ. Science Thru Porthole I Faith Frontiers! Faith KOIN KGW KPTV KVAX The Life Bible Puppets Rome Eternal Wisdom (The Life Your Trouble Rome Eternal (Wisdom 1 KOIN I sow 2 KPTV VAL Armchair Thea.JArmchalr ttei. xown ciau met. xowa uau inaian i;urair uiuuan umore Pro-Basketball IPro-Basketball (Pro-Basket ball (Pro-Baiketball-Pro-Basketball (Pro. Basketball pro-Basketball Pro-Baiketball 1 KOIN Great Plains Great Plains H. K. Smith KGW FeUow ' Citizens Fellow -Citizens Viewpoint KPTV . Pro-Basketball tPso-Basketball (Dan Smoot KVAL Pro-Basketball (Pro-Basketball (Bowline 2 KOIN Com. Perform. (Com. Perform. (Jaycee Difest IJaycee Digest KGW orld Report world Report " Teenarama Teenarama KPTV Tomorrow Stars 'Tomorrow StarslJet Jackson Jet Jackson KVA1. Bowline; iBowlinK IGt. Decisions Ct. Decisions KOIN The Last Word (The Last Word (World of Ideas World of Idea" aft KGW GL Decisions , GU Decisions fTBA TBA KPTV . Amer. Legend Amer. Legend - (Sunday Mat. Sunday Mat. st KVAL Sanday Mat - IStindayOlat. ISunday Mat. Sunday Mat. 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T (Colt 45 Theater IOW KPTV (Dinah Shore (Dinah Shore av KVAL iKOIN KGW KPTV KVAL Rchrd DtamoadtRchrd Diamond fWhafs My LtnerWhafs My Lin Racket Sou ad niacket Sou Leretta Young Loretta Young (Loretta Yowng (Loretta Young KOIN srr:te Showtime en S (Showtime Chan- S Plvhae irhan. s Plvhse IChan. S Plvhs Chan. S Piybse KPTV Academy Thea. (Academy Thea.Academy Thes,Acaderny Thea KVAL Theater Royal Theater Royal . Theater Royal Theater Royal (Editor's nets: The Statesman and times as nrovlded ky radio and the programs are changed without ee responsieie lor tne aeeeracv nrmn.t Sunday's KSLM lt KGAT IP KBZV 14SS KOIN t7t KGW 42 IGON lUt FMs Megacycles KOIN ma; KGW1HJ . HOUR 00:00 00:15 . KOIN News IStudio ft KGW ChnsT Action Christ Action w KGON News-Musie Religious KSLM Melody Journ'yl Melody Mum'ylMuslc k(iat . Ed Sullivan 7 KR7f Nwwk.nrl,r wwunaif KOIN World News (Paul Carson KGW Vce. ofN-AJi. (As We See KGON News-Music Music ' KSLM Cons'v Baptist iSalem aveaa. 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KGW Buzz Masters - Buzz Masters 4 KGON Meet Press (Meet Press KSLM News IMusie 5 KGAY HI-FI Variety KBZY News-Monitor KOIN 'Johnny Dollar KGW Buzz Masters KGON News-Monitor (Hi-Fi Variety Monitor (Johnny Dollar Buzz Masters Monitor 6 KSLM, Music KBZY News-Monitor KOIN Hsve Gun IDrew Pearson Monitor (Have Gun Buzz Masters Monitor KGW Buzz Masters KGON News-Monitor cai.M ii.iim Theatr 'Marion Theatr I Music 7 WKBZY News-Monitor (Monitor KOIN news-Miiier , muca ainwr KGW Paul Harvey pverse aa KGON News-Monitor Monitor KSLM Family TheaterlFamily Theater Beyond Stars V f KOIN . World Tonight gig Shew I KBZY News-Monitor Monitor UHUVf uiurcn swrvic vnurco Berne KGON News-Monitor Monitor KSLM Beyond Stars KBZY News-Weekndr, KOIN News-Show Beyond Stars Beyond Stars Weekender Weekender (Studio-Science (The Bis Snow ivtusie IMuslc (Family Altar - IBiily Graham 9 KGW - Music KGON Family Altar . - KSLM Hr of DedsieelHr 1 KBZY News-Wkender Weekender - KOIN News rushes Mus Mfroor. 0KGW Music . I Music KGON Catholte Hour Catholie Hour mm KSLM 1 KBZT Sign Oft News-Lat taw rLste anew 1 KGW News-Must IMusie I KGON Great Albuma (Great Albums Feb.. 14, 1959 (Sec. II)-11 the auto open. Witnesses reported all three riders were thrown from the wreckage. . The crossing has an unobstructed view in both directions, although no mechanical device. The train was whistling , as it approached the crossing, police noted. The Impact damaged steam hoses and other fittings on the front of the locomotive, police re ports showed. - Records sets March 23 at 9: IS a.m. for final account bearing. MARRIAGE APPLICATIONS Elmer Ellsworth Masiker, 50, laborer, and Vivian Winifred Foster, 52. clerk, both of Dallas. t KPTV, 12; KVAL-TV. 13 00:30 00:43 Dateline: UJJ. Wunda Wunda (Breadbasket Feet Look Up St Live Look Up Lhro (Com. Workshop 'Oom. Workshop (Oral Roberta Oral Roberta Oral Roberts f jpral Roberta (Today's Faith (Today's Fatth Workshop Com. Workshop Com. Workshop God tFaith Frontiers I Faith FrontMfS Frontiers) jChristophers JThe Pastor Pro-BasketbaQ (Pro-Basketball (Christophers Give Peace IPro-Basketban ProBasketbaU Thea. (Armchair Thea.lArm chair Then. H. X. Smith Viewpoint fU.N. News Bowlinf i20th Century 'Cent. Stones 20th Century ... ICent Stories IFrancis Thea. - (Francis Thea, PresslOzzie A H'niett Ozzie A Harriet! Bachelor Dad (Bachelor Dad Frands Thea, (Buddy Bregma (Buddy Bregman (Wagon Train (Wagon Train (Wagon Train - (Ed Sullivan (The Lawman iF.d Sullivan IThe Lawman Steve Allen Steve Allen Steve Allen (Steve AUea lAlfrd Hitch cockAlfrd Hitchcock Target ITarget (Dinah Shore Dinah Shore (Dinah Shore Dinah Shore ad Meet wieoraw iMee mcotiw iBadse 714 IBadse T14 ITneater Royal rbeatcr Royal on 9 l?howtlme on 9 (Showtime en 9 pnbllshea in teed faith the rerraaas TV stations, bat eecanse emimes notification, B. 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