The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1898 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1898
Page 4
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m I* P0te& BY INOMAM A i to Subscribers. jiftftopy, 6n«fr*ar jj 60 E« copy, six months 75 jh« copy, thfeft months 40 Sftntto anr address at above rates. . Batnlt bjr draft, money order, or express or- Ijer M our risk. JBfcteg otadvefttging gent on application. MSMOINm* ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 1898. tti^iiatiaiiJ«ijiiiiaiiiiliilliiiMIBMii«i8—^^ -..-,..,_...,.^.,,,^ . JJ ..,,. .„ ....„..._ .. . ... „.. --. •• --~~^~-~—t change ol place, but the society would gain an efficient executive officer if it should select hltn. STILL STO WAB. The report of the board of inquiry into the Maine disaster was received by the president last Friday, and by him transmitted to congress Monday. Its contents had been, so accurately forecasted that its publicity conveys no new information. It says the Maine was blown up by a submarine mine, but falls to attach responsibility to anyone. President McKinley also sent with the report a message which is pacific in tone and which makes nij reference to Spain, The responsibility now rests with congress, and telegraphic reports this morning indicate that that body is not likely to restrain itself longer than tomorrow. The feeling in Washington is intense, and if congress takes such action as now seems probable, war with Spain is more than likely. The trouble will come as the result of a resolution declaring for intervention in Cuba, and recognizing the independence of the island, several of which were introduced in the senate yesterday. Altogether the situation this morning looks decidedly warlike. AID OOMMBfrT. Gov. Shaw appointed Senator Palmer to succeed C. L. Davidson on the state railway commission. The commission Is now merely a clerical body, with very little work to do. Secretary Athsworth attends to most of the business. The Vinton Eagle has waged a vigorous and unceasing war against the board of control. Bro. Murphy his record clean. proposes to have THE STATE CONVENTION. The state central committee has named Dubuque as the place and Sept. 1 as the date for the republican state convention. The selection of Dubuque is a pleasant compliment to a very nice city, but is without justification otherwise. All conventions should be held at Des Moines for the same reason the legislature meets there, because It is central. This plan of junketing conventions is a survival of pioneer times when the court house moved every time a new treasurer was elected. LABBABEE, KINNE, COWNIE. Gov. Shaw arose to his opportunity when he selected the members of the state board of control. No act of his administration will redound more to bis credit. It will stand out in the annals of Iowa politics as one of the great actions of a great governor. If every succeeding governor does as well the board of control will be one of the great reforms. SCHOOLS SHOULD NOT OBJECT. It is probably fortunate for the educational institutions of the state that they were at the last moment put under quasi-supervision of the new state board of control. This board, if it at all fulfills the expectations of its promoters, will have very great influence in determining the biennial outlay of , the state, and if the schools had been left out entirely they might have found it more difficult than ever to get ade-. quate support. The new board, acting in good faith, will easily be impressed with the needs of the institutions it has close supervision of, and might make demands upon the legislature that would use up all available funds. It is fortunate to that extent, therefore, that the new board will have to take the schools into its accounting. It is impossible that the schools can fare any worse relatively under a single board than they have heretofore with the appropriation committees. It is almost certain that relatively they will fare better. No board of three fair men can acquaint itself with Iowa's standing among the western states either as regards its university or normal school system and keep up the cheese paring policy that has heretofore prevailed. The very first report of the new board •will, we predict, make a more liberal apportionment to the schools than they have been in the habit of receiving. It is predicted that the entire man- President Gates' sensational charges against the American school book concern have proved to be unfounded, A verdict of $7,600 has been given against the Kingdom Publishing company, which sent the Gates' 1 pamphlet out, for libel. The jury was out only half an hour. Gov. Shaw did right In refusing to recognize any of the candidates who scrambled to get Railway Commissioner Davidson's place before his body was cold, Burrell says with vigor: Nothing could be a disagreeably vivid object lesson, or more plainly show the vulgarity, the cheek, the brazen impudence of office-seekers, than such rushes into print as Sioux City and Rock Rapids made, advertising personal ambitions and wants In the pale face of the dead yot uncofflned. The lust for office is, indeed, the shameful list male prostitution extant. It makes a man as disreputable in modest eyes aa auy strumpet. The office doesn't seek the man any more—ho rages after the office, and gets so frenzied, with passion he bawls out his candidacy before his predecessor Is under the daises. The editor of the Boone Dally News has been in Washington and gives his Impressions of Congressman Dolliver. At the end of a long and complimentary editor ial he says: " It would be nothing short of a national calamity for Iowa to loose such men as Dolliver, Hepburn and Henderson, in fact any member of the delegation. Prosperity is hero, and why not keep it here. The best way to do it is to elect a republican house this fall, and not loso all that we worked and struggled for In the campaign of 1800. By all means Hon. Jonathan P. Dollivor should be returned to congress without even a dissenting voice. The News is for him teeth and toe nail." The State Register falls into error when in speaking of the new board of control it says: "The new law will save the state considerable money by largely reducing the number of trustees and officials in Des Moines during the sessions of the legislature, at the expense of the state treasury. " The total expense of the trustee system, covering all'the visits to Des Moines, has been less than $14,000 a year to Iowa. No one pretends that the single board will not cost more. The only reduction there will be will bo in the number of patrons of the Des Moines hotels. The tax payers will put up more than over. beets and the establishment of a sugar factory in this part of the state. The Waterloo Engine company is making a horseless carriage. A party of gentlemen in that city will use it in a round trip to the coast. Orleans, the incorporation the Hotel Orleans is the center of, has 20 votes. They had the hottest municipal campaign Monday of any town in Iowa. Estberville Democrat: Farm hands are a scarce article over in Kossuth county. As high as $25 per month Is being offered, and no one to accept the offers. The B., C. R. & N. railroad will build a new round house in Armstrong this spring. The Journal did notlearn how large It will be, but is to be built of brick. This Is good news to Armstrong, Win. Hawley Smith gave his lecture on "What to Read" In Blue Earth City last week. "Bob" Burdette comes to Emmetsburg in two week. T. H. McBride lectures at Humboldt next week. Will Sterzbach, brother of A. W. Sterzbach, is at home at Emmetsburg from Excelsior Springs, where he has been treating for kidney disease. The Tribune says: He Is looking rather thin, but is feeling better than he has been. E. N. Bailey, who holds TO KEGtJLATJE BARBERS, SUN MAKES GAME Of DfiE'IDEA, , unique nlace In the northern Iowa newspaper field, has bought out Thos. A. Way's Interest In the Brltt Tribune and will go It alone. Bailey is equal to two or three newspapers all by himself, and we predict a continuance of success for the Tribune. An Emmetsburg woman was hugged and kissed so hard her false teeth fell out, were broken, and she sues for dara- nges. Editor Branigan must report whether the explosion was caused from without by alive torpedo, or within by the firing of gun cotton, before either damages can be claimed or war be declared. Representatives of the temporary tennis association formed at West Bend Inst year met at LI vermore and perfected a permanent organization to be known as the Northern Iowa Tennis association. Delegates were present from Humboldt, Esthervllle, West Bend and Llvermore. A. C. Brown was elected president; R. H. Case, secretary; and LeRoy Greeley. treasurer. The West Bend Journal says: A tournament will be held at West Bend August 13,14 and 16. Gov. Shatv Appoints Larrabee, K1M- ne, and Cownie for Board of Control-Other News. The legislature has spent some of its time on harboring as a fine art. A law was proposed establishing a standard hair cut and prohibiting anyone from practicing at either until tonsorlally proficient. Barbers were to be put along with the lawyers, doctors and school teachers, with a diploma tastefully framed to insure the feelings of the tender-skinned. The same law has been proposed in New York. The Sun says it is right but it does not go to the logical conclusion: "We are of the opinion that if the state is going to have anything to do with the barbers' business, it ought to take absolute charge of It. All barber shops should be made state, barber shops. Nobody should have his hair cut or be shaved in any of them except in the presence of a jury of experts appointed by the POLITICAL NOTES, Le Mars Sentinel: Tt is confidently asserted that the east four counties of the district are already solid for Thomas. They are Dickinson, Clay, Buena Vista and Sac. J. P. Dolliver was invited to give the annual oration before the Chicago Iowa club next month, but was unable to accept on account of the amount of work In Washington. Bill Nye once said of the newspaper: It is a library, it is an encyclopedia, upoem, a history, a dictionary, a time table, a romance, a guide to political resume, a ground plan of the civilized world, a low-priced multum In parvo. It Is a sermon, a song, a circus, an obituary, a shipwreck, a symphony in solid brevier, a medley of Ufa and death, a grand aggregation of man's glory and his shame. It Is, in short, a bird's eye view of all the meanness, the joys and sorrows, births and deaths, the pride and poverty of the world, all for a few cents, This office is in receipt of a book entitled " The New and True Religion. 1 ' It is so seldom that new things are wholly true agement of the educational institutions will be vested in the new board in the end. If, as seems likely, the new board is compelled to leave the matter of laying plans and directing the development of all the institutions to the superintendents and executive heads, this will not be a calamity to the schools. Qn the contrary if leaving the schools in the hands of individual boards is to distinguish them at the expense of other state institutions and to excite prejudice the sooner the change is wade the better. What the educational institutions need IB the financial encouragement they are receiving in neighboring States, Every year Iowa falls further behind. If the recommendations of a single board of control will open a runway through the generous impulses of fuoceeding legislatures, by all paeans let the single board have supreme nutllprjty, that this title is engaging, and the book is attractively bound. The author has a preface, then a creed, then an exposition, and finally a biography of himself, whioh presents, as we understand him, the real deity. The author's creed has 22 items. It covers everything about which an opinion could reasonably bo formed, from the origin of the soul to restriction on the propagation of criminals. One item of his religion is that no law shall be put in force until a court of last resort hus declared It " easily comprehensible." A rule like that applied to books would take the author under the fifth rib. The author says it is a crime "to seek to change the belief of those whose faith in any creed gives them happi- Senator Funk says that Judge Thomas will be the most influential opponent of Congressman Perkins in the Eleventh district. Mr. Funk's name was mentioned for this position several years ago, but It seems that he is not in the field this time. Alton Democrat: Lot Thomas is reported to be worth about $5,000 only. He thinks he can be nominated for congress. Why, Lot's entire fortune won't pay the "extraordinary expenses" necessary to a successful manipulation of a congressional convention. Des Moines Capital: In all this fight for the board of control Senator Funk, chairman of the committee on waysand means, has kept himself constantly In the background, pushing his associates forward to do the talking. In the distribution of bouquets the senator from Dickinson should not be forgotten. He has all the time been the power behind the throne. 'Fort Dodge Post: Congressman Dolliver believes in war if necessary to save Cuba, according to a Washington special. Mr. Dolliver says that intervention on humane grounds will place our action upon a moral level that would command the broad sympathy of the woj-ld. We could afford, he says to waive all questions as to the Maine If the board does not fix the responsibility for the disaster on Spain, in order to make the great issue. Carroll Herald: It is not necessarily the speech maker that becomes Influential and effective in the legislative state and including an astronomer, a physician, a dermatologist, a trlcholo- glst, a photographer, a decorator, a professor of the shampoo university, a surveyor, a weigher, a surgeon, a court plasterer, and a populist. It Is almost superfluous to say that when the state takes up the barber business the right of private shaving, recognized in the present imperfect stage of civilization, will disappear, like the right of private war." 4- -f- -4- Gov. Shaw appointed Ex-Gov. Larrabee, Judge Kinnie and John Cowrie, president of the state agricultural society, members of the new state board of control. Neither one was an applicant. The governor selected them himself on account of their eminent qualifications. The appointments are received with universal commendation. Ex-Gov. Larrabee accepts the two-year term, and Is chairman of the board. Judge Kinnie is appointed for four years and John Cownie for six, •*--*-•*• J. M. Dally of Algona gets $2,500 for the injury to his hand in the Fort Dodge explosion. •*- -t- -H The legislature has passed a primary election law. It will allow any county that wishes to to hold primary elections. Anybody who offers to vote can be questioned under oath by the judges and can be fined $100 If he attempts to vote Illegally. -s- -H -5- The people will get a chance to vote this fall on giving every county a representative in tha legislature. By a vote of 35 to 13 the senate adopted the joint Whelan resolution proposing to change • the constitution in regard to the make-up of the house of representatives. The resolution provides for one member from each county, and one additional member for each county whose population is more .than three-fifths in excess of the average. In effect it would make an increase of ten members in the house, nine of whom will come from northwestern Iowa. A limit of 115 members is provided. The number of senators is left unchanged, representation to depend upon population. The single board of control will take charge of the state institutions July 1. -f- -s- -s- The state fair association gets $6.000. Editor Doxsee of the Monticello Express gets after it with a sharp pencil: If the legislators will only turn Cownie and the state fair down, and compel those having it in charge to either col- Everybody Come , AND SEE AT "~* r James Patterson's. SEE those seed potatoes for Ji.oo per bushel. You will send off and pay two dollars. SEE that soap, ten bars for 250. SEE that soap, four bars of toilet for ice. SEE those garden seeds. SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee. SEE that 5o-cent tea. SEE those egg cases—no eggs broken if you have one. SEE that so-cent syrup. SEE that five-gallon can of syrup for $1.50. SEE those five-cent prunes. SEE those five-cent raisins. SEE those five-cent cigars. SEE those fine apples. In fact there are so many things to see that it would take days to mention them all. Come in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that my place is where you want to buy your goods. Yours for business, 1 1 ji 1 Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. Paint Your Buildings With Heath & Milligan's paints. The most durable mixed paints on the market. The T ISk ANTI - R . UST WARE is the hand. J -rf ia -'*- somest tinware on the market. Every piece is warranted. If it rusts bring it back and have it replaced. Barb Wire. The lightest and the strongest wire in the market. These goods are found only at J. W. Robinson's, Pioneer Hard-ware. LAND EXCURSIONS ARE RUN EVERY TUESDAY . BY THE ness." We are specially happy in our creed at present, and we hope the author will have confidence enough in this item of his creed to feel consoled when he learns that his book has gone into the waste paper basket, when he could have saved eight cents in postage by dumping it himself. Gov. Larrabee was opposed to the no*lr» V\nait^ r\-P nn».4-.. n i " • single board of control. IN THIS public library telephone hall. In the board of control contest, that has at -last been closed in the senate at Des Moines Senator Funk measured up to the full stature of statesmanship. He showed himself to be a good tactician, a skillful parliamentarian and master of the situation at all times! He made no set speech, and partook but little in the general discussion, but he directed the fight and so far as his colleagues can see made no mistakes He Is not an orator, but his plain business talks and hard sense make him a leader of any body of men of which he is a member. His personality Is perfectly admirable. .Vinton Eagle: One of the benefits of keeping a man in a legislative position a series of years is seen by the influential position occupied by Senator Funk of Spirit Lake. While the Bugle has been bitterly opposed to his position on the board of control it is not so blinded by prejudice but it can see the great merit in the man and the deserved influential position he occupies among his Tflllnw onnnfmid TT« V»«« «- i . .. fellow senators. He has an'honestyof pupose in whatever de does that commands the respect of every man whether a follower or opponent. The senator is a worker in the strongest sense of Iowa Falls voted on a Monday. Fort Dodge gets a second exchange. The Emmet county fair comes Septem- tv?L v,» ber!8-}5. p °°l" u w then his arguments are concisely ,JffS."T^W^^^ niranai^ " I ,. V , -«w »vtW4*QVOU OOU0O Ul the word and only occupies the time of —i- when i(i i 8 necessary and will resign bis preel deupy pf (h. e 9tate agricultural society ~- a Yiee Freeidjit Hftrr}m,an will eup offered, Mrs. Senator Punk winter in Des Moines. last weak, The Wesley News is has spent the! She returned I THE MONTH'S MAGAZINES, out. It is a I ,.,. ,. .<&QBe», A bfitej- man' for the flaos cpjuoi fce. found than j, w, ,»r^ja>, fllreejoi' f rpm gpseuth, He Is & pew director, but hp been' for several ^are cotjnwtea with tbe etute society ' J -^*W«BVttlW, .^flp »0 '-#Pi WMswerlh Each number of Soribner's for 1898 has marked the beginning of a new feature ffsawasir *~»»«|^=-rer E ; B s a T1 .. „ ... fiSL 1 ?-^™"^ Obtain Mahau> 8 fin F^Y? 1 Episodes of the H i, Mr. VYyokoff's new Li vermore Gazette: Two Mieaea i ?,-'>> v S9»SSL? fJfWp?? 4 s ^ w»«» &££ « thejr Bister, the Bob Purdette lectures at Emmets- fe"^.^ 1 ,^,}" 1 ^ *K »«splpe 8 pf the QhrJetlftn Endfla,vof gpoiety, it ,.,,«.,„ the feasibility Church budding, | Dav¥ OTT,* •>•.*•! jftQ proauctioo <?' ~"**"O *•* »•• v"tv*£^u v\j DlUilDI IvLJl" lect their deficiencies from the city that reaps the benefit, or abandon the fair, they will confer a favor upon the tax payers of the state of Iowa. We'have already expended enough in keeping alive a fair that has been burdensome because of the inefficiency of. those having it in charge. -f- -T- -T- It does not seom to be generally known that the general assembly has already amended the law permitting boards of supervisors to place county funds on deposit in banks and receive interest on the same for the benefit of counties. The Capital says such is the fact. The bill is entitled "An act to amend section 1457 of the code." The following-words are added in the fifth line of -section 1457: "And the county may receive such rate of interest on the money so deposited as may be agreed upon by the treasurer, board of supervisors and the bank." The bill originated in the senate and is known as Senate File No. 10. It has passed both houses, been duly enrolled and was approved and signed by the governor Feb. 28. -*--'-»- -*J. M. Farley was elected to the legislature on several fad issues, one of whioh was a scheme to have first and second class railway fares, fully set put in resolutions by the convention which nominated him. But Mr. Farley has not been a faddist at Des Moines. He paid no attention whatever to this second class fare scheme and actively pushed but one measure that was "reformatory" and that was the anti-pooling and scalping resolution, which under existing conditions was endorsed by the great majority af the people. Mr. Parley has been a business member of the lower house, on the appropriations committee very liberal and level head- 2?™* affords THE UPPER DES MOINES pleasure to commend hie service to the.county, inasmuch as it very vigorously opposed bis election. A WABIJgE TOT A Gwwan 08 Tears Old Offers Aid toMoKJuiey. A 68.year.old German living in West Bend, named Johns, has written a letter to President MpJCinley offering to fcr^ 1 ? 0 men rea(3v for war. President MoKinley writes tfack tfcat he will call on him when the time comes. Johns' father went into the civil war at 72 rears of age, The Johns " " food fighting blood. Frank Nicoulin Land Company, Minnesota and Dakota Ligs, ^ HALF FARE PLUS $2. A Little Assistance At this season of the year will be cheerfully given in the selection of your house paints. The Sherwin-Williams Paint s£- -fisms, > tgtmum o /liVly* """.H, 00 " 1 cany-mixed paint madn and this could not have been done if it h?d ?°t been an honest paint. Everycan is I ^U_^'CL ZM: HARDWARE? NSURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Buslness.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. r of New Yor '• M. BAILEY, or on aaje at white and yellow, Grove $ Sou's, now We'offer prices and highest grades, means thorough " all the way through. lowest We are especially strong on Sasb. Poors, Cement. Stucco and Lime! LUMBER. CO- **rirfr?rw»^ ' i

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