The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1898 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1898
Page 2
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OTM2 M M01NES. ALGONA IOWA, WMJNlSDAY MAftOH 30. bV YOUtt OWN VARD STICK,"TMB SUBJECT. ft Interesting and Indtrtirtlvc Ulsewnrfi fnkcn froin ST!»tthC*r VII, ft, n» iFol iottrd: "WlUt Wfiafc Mftnunto tun Mntc It Shall He Menstirol to You Again." ' i In the greatest sermon ever preached —a sermon about fifteen minutes long According to the, ordinary fate ol speech- a sermon on the Mount of Olives, the preacher, sitting while he spoke, 'according to the ancient mode of oratory, the people were given to tonderatand that the sanio yard-stick that they employed upon others would life employed upon themselves. Measure others by a harsh rule, ami you •irill he measured by a harsh rule. Measure others by a charitable rule and you will be measured by a charitable rule. Give no mercy to others, and no mercy will be given to you. "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." There is a grcait deal of unfairness In criticism in human conduct. It was to emitc that unfairness that Christ uttered the words of the text, and my sermon will be a re-echo of the flivino sentiment. In estimating the misbehavior of others, we must take into consideration the pressure of circumstances. It Is never right to do wrong, hut there are degrees of culpa.hi'ity. When men misbehave or commit some atrocious Wickedness we are disposed indiscriminately to tumble them all over the bank of condemnation. Suffer 'they ought and suffer they must, but in a. difference of degree. In the first place, in estimating the misdoing of others, we must take into calculation tho hereditary tendency. There is such a thing as good blood, and there is such a thing as bad blood. There are families that have had a moral twist In them for a hundred years back. They have not. been carc- fiil to keep the family record in that regard. There have been escapades,' and maraudings and scoundrelismB and moral deficits all the way back, whether you call it .kleptomania, or pyroma- Jiia or dipsomania, or whether it he In a milder form, and amount to no mania at all. The strong probability is that the present criminal started life with nerve, muscle and bone contaminated. As some start life with a natural tendency to nobility and generosity and kindness and truthfulness, there are others.,who. start life with jnat the op-, posite tendency and they are born liars, or born malcontents, or bom outlaws, or born swindlers. There, is in England a school that is called the Princess Mary school. All the children in that school arc the children of convicts. The school is under high patronage. I had the pleasure of beinp- present at one of their anniversaries, presided over by the Earl of Kintore. By a wise law in England, after parents have committed a ce£- tain number of crimes, and thereby shown themselves incompetent rightly to bring.up their children, the little ones are taken from under pernicious influences and put in reformatory schools, whero all gracious and kindly should lose that investment I have of »y own property five times as much, and if this Inveatment^hould go wrong, 1 could easily fnake H up; 1 could five times make it up." With that wrong reasoning he goes on and Biakes the investment, and It does not turn out tlufte as well as he expected, and he makes another investment, and strange to say stt the same time all his other affairs get entangled, and all his other resources fail, and his hands are tied. Now h6 wants to extricate himself. He goes a little further on in the 'wrong ihvesttnenit. Ho takes a plunge further ahead, for he wants to save his wife nn>d children, he wants to save his influences shall be brought upon them. Of course the experiment is young, and at has got to be demonstrated how large a percentage of the children of convicts may be brought up to respectability and usefulness. But .we a.11 know that it is more difficult for children of bad parentage to do right tbaji for children of good parentage. In this country we are taught by the .Declaration of American Independence that all people are born equal. There never was a greater misrepresentation put in one sentence than in that sentence which implies that we are all born equal. You may as well say that flowers are born equal, or trees arc born equal, or animals are born equal. Why does one horse cost $100 and another fcorse' cost $5,000? Why does one sheep cost $10 and another sheep cost ?GOO? Difference In blood. We are wise enough to recognize it in horses, in cattle, in sheep, but we are not wise enough to make allowance for the difference in the human blood. Now I demand by the law of eternal fairness that you be more lenient in your criticism of those who were born wrong, in whose ancestral line there was a hangman's knot, or who came from a tree the fruit of which for centuries has been gnarled and worm- eaten. It is a very different thing to swim •with the current, from what it is to ewini against the current, as some of : you have no doubt found in your summer recreation. If a man find himself Jn an ancestral current where there is good blood flowing smoothly from generation to generation, it is not a very great credit to him if he turn oivt good, and honest, and pure, and noble, He •could hardly help it. But suppose he is born in an ancestral line, in an hereditary line, where the influences have been bad, and there has been a coininr down-over a m,oral declivity, if the Juan surrender to the influences he will {o down under the overmastering gravitation unless some supernatural Hid be afforded him. Now, such ». person deserves not your, excoriation, but your pity. Do not Bit with thq lip curled in scorn, and with an assumed air of angelic innocence looking down up- PR such moral precipitation, You had better get down on your knees and Srgt pray Almighty God for their rescue, a»d next th&nk the l<ord that you Jiavo not been thrpwn under the wheels of that juggernaut. Again, I have Jo remark that in our the misdoing of people home, ho wants to save his membership in the church. He takes one more plunge and all is lost. Some morning at 10 o'clock tho bank door is not opened, and there is a caul on the door signed by an ofllccr of tho bank, indicating that there, is trouble, and the name of. the defaulter or thn defrattder heads the newspaper column, and hundreds of men say: "Gnoil for him;" hundreds of other men say, "I'm glnd he's found r;ut sit last;" hundreds of others say, ".lust as I told you;" hundreds of other men say, "We couldn't possibly Jiave been tempted to do that—no conjunction of circumstances could, ever have overthrown me.;" and there Is a gupcrahuudanc:! of indignation, but no jiliy. The heavens full of lightning, but not one drop of dew. If God treated us a.s society treats that man \vr would all have been in hell long ago. Wait for the alleviating tiriumstou- ccs. Perhaps he may have been tho dupe of others. Before you let all the hounds out from their kennel to maul and tear that man, find out If he has •not been brought, up in a eomtnerc'al istablislimcnt where there wns H v/iong system of ethics taught; find cut whether that man has not an extravu- t wife who is not satisfied with hi < lonest earnings, and in the temptation :o please her he is gone into that ruin nto which enough men have fallen, and by the same temptation, to make a procession of many miles. Perhaps ome sudden sickness may have tonch- id his brain, and his may be inbalanced. He Is wrong, he is awfully wrong, and he must be condemned, but there may be mitigating circumstances. Perhaps, under the same temptation you might have fallen. The reason sonic; men do not steal two hundred thousand dollars Is because they do not get a chance! Have righteous indignation you must about that man's conduct, hut temper it with mercy. But,,you, say: "I am sorry that tha innocent should Buffer." Yes, 1 am, t.oo—sorry for the widows and orphans who lost their all by that defalcation. I am sorry for the business men, the honest business men, who havn had thoir affairs all crippled by that defalcation. I am sorry for the venerable bank president to whom .credit of thai bank was a matter of pride. Yes, I am sorry also for that man who brought all the distress; sorry that he sacrificed body, mind, soul, reputation, heaven, and went into the blackness of darkness forever. You defiantly say: "1 could not be tempted in that ,way." Perhans you may be tested after awhile. God has a very good memory, and he sometimes seems to say: "This man feels so strong in his innate power and goodness he shall he tested; ha is so full of hitter invective against that, unfortunate it shall bo shown now whether he lias the power to stand." Fifteen years go by. Tho wheel of fortune turns several times, and you are in a crisis that you never could have anticipated. Now, all tho powers of darkness come around, and they chuckle and they chatter and they "Aha! hero is the old fello'v who was so proud of his integrity, and who bragged he couldn't bo overthrown by temptation, and was so-uproarious in his-demonstrations-of indignation at the defalcation fifteen years ago. Lot us see!" God lots the man go. God, who had kept that man under his protecting care, lets the man go, anri try for himself the majesty of his integrity. God letting the man go, the powers of darkness pounce upon him. I see you soma day in your office in great excitement. One of two things you can do. Be honest, and be pauperized, and have your children brought home from school, your family dethroned in social influence. The other thing is, you can step a little nsl'/s from that which is right, you can only just go half an inch out of the proper path, you can only take a little risk, and then you have all your finances fair and right. You will have a large property. Yon can leave a fortune for your children, and endow a college, and build a public library in your native town. You halt and wait, and halt and wait until your lips get white. You decide Only a few strokes of the But, oh. how your hand another man swear. Toil pride yourself on your Imperturbability. You say with your mannf:r. though yon have too much good taste to say it with your words: "I have a great deal more sense than that man has; I have a great deal moro equipoise of temper than that man has; I never could make such a ptierlie exhibition of myself as that man has made." Let me see. Did you not say that you could not be temptfd to an ebullition of temper? Some September you come homo from your summor watering place and you have inside, away back in your "liver or spleen, what we call in our day malaria, but what the old foll;t; called chills and fever. Yon take quinine until your earn nre first buzzing Lenitives -and then roaring Niagaras. You take roots and hnrbs. you take-everything-. You get well. Bui. the next day you feel uncomfortable, and you yawn, and you stretch, and you shiver, and you consume, and you suffer. Vexed more than you can tell, you ran not sleep, you can not eat. you can not. bear to see anything that looks! happy, you K;J out to kick the cat. that Is asleep in the. sun. Your children's mirth was one.? music to you; now, it, is deafening. You say: "Boys, stop lhat. racket!" You turn back from June i.o March. In the family and In I ho neighborhood your popularity is 95 per fo.nt off. The world says: "Whnt Is the matter with Hint disagreeable man? What a woebegone countenance? ! can't, bear the sight, of him." You have got your pay at last—got your pay. You feel just as the man felt, that man for whom you had no mercy, and my text comes in with marvelous appositGiu'ss: "With what measure ye mete, it .shall bo measured to yon again." In the study of society I have come to this conclusion, that the most, of the people want to be good, but they do not exactly know how to make it, our. They make enough goifd resolutions to lift them Into angelhood. The vast majority of people who fall are victims of circumstances. They are .raptured by ambuscade. If thoir tempta'.lons should come out in a regiment r.n-1 fight them in a«fair field thay would go out in the strength and triumph of David against Goliuh. But they do not see the giants, and they do not see the regiment. Temptation comes and says: "Take these bitters, lake, thlti nervine, take this aid to digestion, take this nightcap." The vast majority of men and women who are destroyed by opium and by rum first take them as medicines. In making up yoiir dish of criticism in regard to them, take from the caster and the cruet of sweet oil and not the crust of cayenne pepper. My friends, this text will come to fulfilment in some cages in this world. The huntsman In Farmsteen was shot by some unknown person. Twenty years after the son of the huntsman was in tho same forest, and he accidentally shot a man, and the man in dying, said, "God iu just; I shot your father just here twenty years ago." A bishop said to Louis XI of France: "Make an iron cage for all those who do not think as we do—an iron cage in which the captive can neither lie down nor stand straight up." It was fashioned—the awful instrument of punishment. After a while the bishop offended Louis XI, and for fourteen FEMJSrtNB FACT AM> Twenty-nine girls of the reform school at Beloit Kas., were recently baptized. Charlotte Crane is about to take up a new role—that of housekeeper in the drama of life. Query: Do prayers in -Elizabeth Cady Stanton's women's Bible end with "A women?" A woman brakeman on a Western railroad is said to be giving perfect satisfaction. The trained body, the trained mind and the developed soul are the heritage of the new woman. Tim Modern tlpiicnition of Men. Physically men tire better to-day than'ever. Our college youth are as a general thing magni fit-lent .specimens. The constitutionally weak and nervous can greatly increase their strength and restore the nervous system by the, efficient iihl of Hos- tctter's .Stomach Bitters, which also removes dyspeptic and bilious troubles. Nnndcil NoinnMiliiff 1-nrRi. 1 . Aunty Chloe— Hold on dab, 'Cindy! Whad fo' yo' beat Mose? Luclndy — I done ax him fo' a button-hook, an' de lump o' brack trash handed me a croquet wicket! AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS, We :irn nssertlnp in tho courts our right to the exclusive IIKO of tho woril "CASTOBIA." and "PITCHER'S CAHTOHIA," us our Tnule Murk. I, Br. ^iimucl Pitcher, of Hytinnis, Massa- cliusctts, TVIIH the originator of "PITCHEK'H CASTORJA,'' the snniu Unit has borneamlcloes now bear the fac-similc Bitrnaturo of CHAS. H. FLETCHIOH on every wrapper. This is the original "PITCHKK'S CASTOKIA" which has lieon used In tho homes of Ihe mothers of Amerlon for over thirty years. Look carefully at tho wrapper and sec that It Is "the kind you have always bought." and has the signature of CHAS. H. FLKTCHKK on the Wrapper. No one has authority from me to use my name except The Centaur Company, of which Chas H. Fletcher Is President. March 8, 18»r. SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D. Hopeful Words to Childless Women The darkest days of hushanT^T^T^T^en they come to look to a childless and desolate old ago. • Many a wife has found herself incapable of motherhood owing to some great lack of strength in the organs of generation, fencli a condition is nearly always due to long continued neglect of the plainest warnings. Frequent backache and distressing pains accompanied by offensive discharges and generally by irregular and scanty menstruation, indicate a nerve degeneration .of the womb and surrounding organs, that unless speedily cheeked will result in barrenness. Read Mrs. Wilson's letter: DEABMHS. FIXKII.AM:-—Noonecould have suffered from female troubles more than I. 1 had tumors on the womb, my ovaries were diseased, and for fifteen years I was a burden W'//, to myself. I was operated upon W/lll three different times, with only temporary relief; also tried many doctors. Lydia E. Pin It- ham's Vegetable Compound was recommended to me by a lady friend, and after taking four bottles I wns like a new woman. I had been, married nine years, and had no children. I now have a beautiful little girl, and we feel assured she is the result of my taking the Compound.—MAV B. Witsoy, 323 Sassafras St., Millville, N. J. Modem seienee and past experience have produced nothing so effective in treating diseases of the female organs as Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound and Sanative Wash used according to special directions. If you know any woman who is suffering and who i.'i unable to secure relief, or who is sorrowful beeause she believes herself barren, tell her to write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., arid ask her advice. The thousands of Mrs. Piukham's cures are all recorded for quiek reference, and a reply will bo promptly sent wholly without charge, that will direct her what to do. Mrs. H. BLUH.M, 4!MO San Francisco Ave,, St. Louis, Mo., writes:—"It"nas been my great desire to have a ba be. Since talcing your medicine my wish is fulfilled." Whether a woman loves a man or not he Is her lover if he dares tell her he loves her and is heard with attention. Stiitoof Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucas County, ss. Frank J. Cheney makes outb that lie Is tho scntm 1 partner of the firm of F. ,T. 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The young who avoid the region of romance escape the title of fool at the cost of a celestial crown. have fallen frpjn high respectability and usefulness, V ve njunt tftke |n,|q con, #Jflei<«utiftn thje conjunction pf clrcuro " In pjn<? .vfao goes notify $ 8 eg ijpt of ten a W J$ ijBV^«6Bt. JJ to riak it. pen now. trembles, how dreadfully it trembles! TliD die is cast. By the strangest and most awful conjunction of clrc'.nn- stances any oue oauhl have imagined, you are prostrated, Bankruptcy, commercial annihilation, exposure, crime. Good men mourn and devils hsld carnival, and you see your own name ,U, the head of the newspaper column in a whole congress of exclamation points; and while you are reading the anathema in the renortorial and editorial paragraph, it occurs to you how much this story is 'like that of the dafalcation fifteen years ago, and the clap of thunder snakes the window sill, saying: "With wh»t measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.'" You lopfc in another direction There ie noting like ebullitions of years lie was in that same cage, and could neither lie down nor stand up. It is a poor rule that will not work both ways. "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." Oh, my friends, let us be resolved to scold less and pray more! What headway will we make in tin judgment if in this world we have been hard on those who have gone astray? What headway will you and I make in the last great j\i;\-?ment, when we must have mercy or prfish? The Bible says, "They shall have judgment without mercy that showed no mercy." 1 see the scribes of heaven looking up into- the face of such a man, saying: "What! you plead for mercy, you, whom In all your life never had any mercy on your fellows? Don't you remember how hard you were in your opinions of UIOKR who were astray? Don't you remember when you ought to have given a helping hand you employed a hard heel? Mercy! You must mis-speak yourself when you plead for mercy here. Mercy for others but no mercy for you. Look," say the scribes of heaven, "look at that inscription over the throne of judgment, the throne of God's judgment." See it coming out letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence, until your startled vision reads it and your remorseful spirit appropriates it: "With what measure ye mete, it shall MotlKir (iniy'HSivoetrowdei-H fin-Children Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse in the Children's Home in New York. Cure Feverishness. Bad Stomach, Teething Disorders, move and regulate the Bowels and Destroy Worms, Over ]0.000 testimonials. T'IIEV XEVKR FAIL. At all druggists. ;.>:,c. Sample FREE. Address Allen S. Ohnsted, LeKoy, N. V. Last year the French consumed over 20,000 tons of tobacco. O'l1, WHAT SI'J,IOM)I1) tiOJ-'KEK. -Mv. Goodman. 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