The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1898 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1898
Page 9
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CTPMt BIS MQ1H1& AMQNA IOWA, How These Girls, Etc. He—What a smiling countenance iiss Maybud has. She—Yes. Who -would have thought ier old enough to have cut her wisdchn Beth? A New flew. Bride—Here's a telegram from papa. Bridegroom (eagerly)—What does he ay.? Bride (reading)—"Do not come back, jlnd all will be forgiven." A holiday is a flay when most people Jeel less hollow than usual. Great Aim. "It tvas the aim of my life,'' said the man with a satisfied sigh. "What's that?'' "Brought down four ducks nud a sand crane at one shot." An alarm clock, which is intended to convey a strong hint to lovers, has been invented by a gentleman in Dublin, who has a charming daughter. At 10 o'clock it strikes with a startling clatter, then two little doors open, and out comes a mule figure in a dressing gown, holding in his hand a card bearing these words: "Good Night." German Statesman Praises United States, the They save a daughter from blindness. CUBA WILL BE INDEPENDENT, Chicken Had fin Alibi. "Won't you try the chicken soup, judge?' 1 asked Mrs. Small of her boarder, not noticing that he had gone beyond the soup stnge in his dinner. "I hare tried it. madam,''replied the 'the chicken has proved an When a father writes that yours " is the best medicine in the world," you can allow something for seeming extravagance in the statement if you know that the medicine so-praised, cured a loved daughter of disease and restored to her the eyesight nearly lost. The best ined- icinc in the world for yon is the medicine that cures you. There can't be anything better. No medicine can do more than curc That js why j ohn s . Qoode, of Orrick, Mo., writes in these strong- terms: " Dr. Ayer's Sarsapnrilla is the best medicine in the world. Mv daughter had a relapse after the measles, due to Inking cold. She was nearly blind,and was obliged to remain in a dark room all the time. The doctors could give her no relief; one of them directed me to give her Ayer's Sarsaparilln. Two bottles cured her completely." The thousands of tcstimonjals to the value of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla repeat over and over again, in one form or another the expression: "The doctors grave her no relief; one of them directed me to give her Dr. Ayer's Sarsapnrilla. Two bottles completely cured her." It is a common experience to try Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla as a last resort. It is n common experience to have Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla prescribed by a physician. It is a common experience to see a " complete cure" follow the use of a few bottles of this great blood purifying medicine. Because, it is a specific for all forms of blood disease. If n disease has its origin in bad or impure blood, Dr. Ayer's Snrs- aparila, acting directly on the blood, removing its impurities and giving to it vitalising energy, will promptly eradicate the disease. The great feature of Dr..Ayer's Sarsnpa- rilli" is the radical cures that result from its use. Many medicines only suppress disease —they push the pimples down under the skin, they paint the complexion with subtle arsenical compounds, but the disease rages in the veins like n peut-up fire, and some day breaks out in a volcanic eruption that cats up the body. Ayer's Sarsaparilla goes to the root. It makes the fountain clciin and the waters s-re clean. It makes the root good and the fruit is good. It gives Nature the elements she needs to build up the broken down constitution—not to brace it up with stimulants or patch it up on the surface. Send for Dr. Ayer's Curcbook, and learn more about the cures effected by this remedy. It's sent free, on request, by 'he J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. EASY: "IRONING REQUIRES NO COOKING MilKES COLIJRS AND GUFFS.5TIFF flND HIGH ONE POUND OF THIS STAHCH WILL GO AS FAR AS A POUND AND A HALF OF ANY OTHER STARCH tB 3.C.HUBiNGERBROS.C9 KEOKUKJOWA. NEWHAVEN,CONN. Great trailer of Conservatives In Europe Says .Spain Is Uankrnpt and fractlcat- ly Friendless—Denounces the Crneltles In Cubn. New York, March 21.—A cable dispatch from Friedrichsruhe to a New York newspaper says: Prince Bismarck Friday gave an audience to an American newspaper man. The prince's utterance on the Cuban question is, without doubt, the most important that has been made in Europe since the war for the independence for the island began. Bismarck is the very citadel of conservatism in Europe. His voice is the voice of the sober second thought of the old world. "McKinley has shown superior statesmanship by calming public excitement," he said. "The exaltation of the American mind concerning Cuba is not quite understood in Europe,, yet it is true that there are Spanish jingoes as well as Yankee jingoes. "The Spanish standpoint is medieval. Spain's atrocities in Cuba, her misgovernment at home, and her treatment of captives in Montjuich fortress are fresh in our recollection, Spain is today on the very verge of bankruptcy. She cannot rely upon any support, except, possibly from France or Italy. "When the German emperor spoke of the Cuban question recently ho did not refer to a war between the United States and Spain, but to a settlement in money. We Germans condemn war as impractical. We sympathize with the grievances of the Cuban insurgents. "1 prophesy that Cuba will soon become an independent republic by diplomatic means." Bismarck has been confined indoors for twelve weeks. He is somewhat pale, but his eyes were bright and his spirit high. He smoked a long pipe. A delegation of old Schleswig-Holstein- ers called on the prince Friday, and he congratulated them on the fiftieth anniversary of their separation from Denmark and the abounding prosperity under the beneficent rule of the fatherland. judge; alibi." Innocent Children Sacrificed. It is estimated that one-fourth of the human race die before attaining their fifth birthday, owing to our changeable climate. And there are thousands of adults that stomach complaints arc reducing to confirmed invalidism whom Hostetter's Stomach Bitters would promptly relieve. To find his place and flll it is success for a man.—Phillips Brooks. 8400 FOU NEW NAMES I The Salzer Seed Co. want suitable names for their 17-inch long corn and White Oat prodigy. You can win this $400 easily. Catalogue tells all about It. Seed potatoes only $1.50 a barrel. Send This Notice and 1O Cts. In Stamps to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., and get free their great seed catalogue and 11 new farm seed samples, including above corn and oats, positively worth $10, to get a start, w.n.b. There ova almost 400 in the United States, mineral springs fitlOO Howard, 8T-1OO. The reader* of this paper will be pleased to learn that tlioro is at lenst one dreaded disease that science lias boon able to cure in nil its stages and that is Catarrh Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive euro now known to the medical fraternity Cntnrrh being a coustitutlounl disease, re quires a constitutional treatment. HnU'H Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf ncet o£ the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, nud giving tl.t patient strength by building up the con stitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so auich ftutl in its curative powers that they offer Oni Hundred Dollars for any case that it fuili to cure. Send for list ot testimonials. Address P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O Sold by druggists 75c. Hall's Family Pills nro the best. MAftCM 28,^ NERVES OF WOMEN* Extracts From Letters Received by Mrs. ««1 am so nervous and wretched." "I feel as if I should fly." How familiar hese expressions are. Little things annoy you and mako you irritable. You cafa't sleep, you are unable to lift ordinary burdens, and are subject to dizziness. That bearing-down sensation helps to make yoti fee t l miserable. You have backache and pains low down in the side, pain in top of head, later on at base of the brain. Such a condition points unerringly to serious uterine trouble. If you had written to Mrs. Pinbhattj when you first experienced impaired vitality", you would have been spared these hours Of awful suffering. Happiness will be gone out of your life forever, my sister, unless you act promptly. Procure Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once, and begin its use, then write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., if there is anything about your case you do not understand. You need not be afraid to tell her the things you could not explain to the doc- 1 tor, your letter is seen only by women and is absolutely confidential. Mrs. Pinkham's vast experience with such troubles enables hex' to tell you just what is best lor you, and she will charge you nothing for her advice. MKS. JKNNIK BIEELY, Youngdale, __ . Pa., writes: "•••' "DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:—Will you kindly allow me the pleasure of expressing my gratitude for the wonderful relief I have experienced by taking your 'Vegetable Compound. I suffered for a long time with nervous prostration, backache, headache, loss of appetite, a heavy bearing-down feeling, also burning pains in the groins. I could not sleep, was tired all the time, had no ambition. Life was a burden to me. The pains I suffered at times of menstruation were something dreadful. I thought there was no cure for it. I saw your advertisement in the paper, and my husband advised me to try your medicine. I took five bottles, and now I am well and happy. Your medicine saved my life." A Million Women Have Been Benef Itea by Mrs. Pinkham's Advice and Medicine This starch Is prepared on sclentl'lle principles by men who hnvo had years of practical experience in fancy laundering. It restores old linen and summer dresses to their natural whiteness and imparts a beautiful iincl lasting llnlsh. It is the only starch manufactured that Is perfectly harmless, containing neither arsenic, alum or any other substance Injurious to linen and can be used even for a baby powder. For Sale by All Wholesale and Retail Grocers. Ono Fire Victim Ititttovnrod. Chicago, March 19.—One -body, that of William J. Wilcox, secretary and treasurer of the W. A. Olmsted Scientific company, was recovered from the ruins of the Ayer building yesterday. This brings the number o£ recovered bodies to seven. How many human beings were buried in the ruins of the burned building may never be known. Some of the bodies will never be recovered, for they will be reduced to ashes before the burning timbers, which have been consuming them since 11 o'clock Wednesday morning, will have been quenched. 1'liiffun Klots In Indlii. Bombay, March 21.—Two hundred and fifteen new cases and 216 deaths from the plague were reported Friday. Five Europeans have been attacked. The Mohammedans at Hubli, on the South Mahratta railway, hearing of the riots in this city, have decided to resist the plague precautions and operations over the line. The volunteers have mobilized and the infantry has summoned, but as yet there has no conflict. Russia's standing army, which comprises 800,000 men, is the largest in Europe. Ulnny People Cnnnot Drink coffee at night. It spoils their sleep, You can drink Grain-O when you please and sleep like a top. For Grain-O does not stimulate; it nourishes, cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like the best coffee. Fomervouspersons, young people and children Grain-O is the perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer to-day. Try it in place of coffee. 15 and 25c. In Australia spring begins Angus! 20, summer November ;.'0; autumn, February 20; and winter, May 20. Bicycles STANDARD OF THE WORLD, One Price to All Alike. We agree to maintain the list prices on Columbia, Hartford and Vedette bicycles published in our 1898 Catalogue, throughout the season ending October 1st, 1898. Columbia Models 50 and 51, Bevel-Gear Chainless, $ I 25 " " 47 and 48, Tandems, . . . 125 " " 45,46 and 49, Chain Wheels, . . 75 Hartford Patterns, 7 and 8 50 Vedette Patterns, I 5 and 16 40 " " 17 and 18, ...... 35 POPE MFC, CO,, Hartford, Conn, [.Catalogue free from any Columbia dealer, or by mail for one 2'ceat stamp/ "A FAIR FACE MAY PROVE A FOUL BARGAIN." MARRY A PLAIN GIRL IF SHE USES been been been Gladstone Is Worse Again. Bournemouth, March 21.— The following bulletin has been issued with respect to Mr. Gladstone: "In the absence of any improvement in Mr. Gladstone's condition it has been settled in consultation that he should return to Hawarden next week." Tits bulletin is regarded as having only one mean.'ng. It is understood the facial rains have returned and will no longer yield to the usual remedies. mother Gray's Sweet 1'owdors for Children Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse in the 'Children's Home in New York, Cure. Fevcrishncss, Bad Stomach, Teething' Disorders, move and regulate the .Bowels and Destroy Worms, Over 10,000 testimonials. THKV KKVKJi FAir,. At all druggists, 25c. Sample FUEE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeUoy, N. Y. London advertisers employ sandwich girls in gay costumes to parade the streets with'their advertisements. nnquestiouav>;y best and cheapest starting point and. outfitting station for Alaska and Klondike, does not ask or adviKO you to go, but you will find Seattle's facilities, stocks and experience unsurpassed find prices the very lowest. Washington state has Klondiken of its own, Seattle is the chief city. (Stranger* are protected by Public Comfort Bureau, Address Chamber of Commerce.Beattlo, Wash, Col.ioy.t di Vaca explored the Gil a river country in ]"i35. and reported Unit the natives were dressed in cotton garments. Ask for Allcn'B Foot Huso, A powder to shake into your shoes. It cures Corns and Bunions, Chilblains, Swollen, Nervous, Damp, Sweating-. Smarting- and Callous Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, :.T)C. Sample FR'EIO. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Lcltoy, N. Y. "Harry, do you love your little baby brother?" "What's the use? lit, wouldn't know it if I did." Appropriate. "Whnt did that egotistical Mr. Close ecucl your sister as a wedding present?" "A paper of pins, inscribed: 'I hope, you appreciate my many fine points.'" Don't T«4ftMo Xpit nnd Miiokn Ynnr Mfc Away To quit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic, full of life nnrve and vigor, take No-To-Bnc, tlio wonder worker, that makes weak men stronp;. All druurgists, 5l)c or SI. Cure guaranteed. Booklet aud sample freo Address Sterling lletno'ly Co., Chicago or New York. The gems in the crown of Portugal are worth 88,000,000. Those iu tbe royal diadem of England are valued at 81',800.000. TO CU11K A COLD IN ONK DAY. Tuko TjiixaUvo Bromo Quinine Tablets. All Di-ut;«lsts refund the money If it falls to cure. ;J All refined gold is not alike. Australian gold, for instance, is distinctly redder than that from California. The Ural gold is the reddest found anywhere. It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore ThroatVCroup. In- Iluenza. WhoopingCough, BronchitisaftgAsthma. A certain euro lor Consumption in first*!-'—- andasurereliefinadvancedstages. Use a;. , You will see tho excellent effect after taking lirst dose. Sold by dealers everywhere, ' bottles 25 cents and 50 cents. 5OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' They stop work, cost money, give pain. O It costs little to cure 2 them right away with It saves time, money, misery. Q §odooooobooooc5oooooooooooooooooooooocxx>oooooooooc>ooo I WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Pon't be foole4 with a tnncklntos.h or rubber coat. If youwantacoat that will keep you dry In the hardest storm buy tho Fish Brand Sllclcer. If nptfor sale In ypur town, write for catalogue to A. J. rQWER. Boston. Mass. Their Visits Are Halifax, N. S., March 21.— Gen. Montgomery Moore, commnnder-in-chief of the British land forces in North America, has started for Washington, on what he calls a social visit to Ambassador Pauncefote. It is understood here that Maj.-Gen. Gascolgne, commander of the militia forces of Canada, is now in Washington as the guest of Pauncefote. Their visits are considered highly significant. _ On tlio Wuy to Klondike. Burlington, Iowa, March 21.— It is believed defaulting City Auditor Fear is en route to the Klondike. He expressed a trunk to Seattle two weeks ago. It is said that he gambled heavily in grain and at cards, and his defalcation will probably be much heavier than at first supposed. Experts are examining his books. IMiiio Disaster hi Spain. Madrid, March 21.— A terrible explosion took place Friday in the Santa Isabel mine at Belmez, province of Cordova. Seventy corpses have already been recovered and many more are as yet unaccounted for. Stun tun I'd ton AuijulltcU. Osage, Iowa, March 19.— By a verdict returned Friday evening Stanton Pelton was acquitted of the embezzlement of Mitchell county's funds and altering records. ____ Dauntless Crow Join Ntivy. New Orleans, March 21.-rThe crew of the filibuster Dauntless, seventeen in all, finding their occupation gone by the seizure of the boat, have joined the United States navy. Vetoes the Golit-t'outrat't J»1H. Frankfort, Ky., March 21.— The governor has vetoed tbe bill makU>s invalid contracts payable in gold. Cciuglilngr T.eiKlx to Cniibimintlon. Kemp's lialsum will stop tlio cough at once. Go to your drug-gist to-day and get a sample bottie free. Sold in :.';•) aud 50 ct-nt bottles. Go at once; ilclayb are dangerous. In every million of people in the world there arcs 800 who are blind. Does Yoar Wife Suffer?! • ; Millions of ladies Buffer from constipation I and now the long-looked for boon of health, t so nice to eat, so pleasant of action, so ccr- '. tain of relief, you will find in 4 A booklet and sample free for the asking, 2 ! or you can buy a box for IDC, 350, 500, at 3 | your drug store. Satisfaction guaranteed.(79) | I Sterling Remedy Co. Chicago. Montreal. NewYork. jjj '' ormanentl.vOui'fcn.H'ofitH or nervousness after Lilly's UHO nf Dr. Klinn'tt (ireut Norvu Itcstoror. Kunil For FKBK ft'i.OO trial liotlle ami troutino, JJit. H. 11. Ki.lNu, J.UI..U31 Arch St.. rhiluiluli'lu.i, 1'u. 'Mam- churchfi-oors, like, little fish, only nibble at the bait. I know my life was saved l>y Piso's Cure for L'oiistiin'iitioii.—John A. Miller, Au Sable, Michigan, April :2i, 1805. A life-bout made of pumice stone has been tested. It continued afloat with a loud even when full of water. How to Cure Klumnmtisin. Onrlionk tells yon. Mention this paper anil wn send '.ulc ii-ue. Alilmtt lii'os., ;)3I Ucarburu St., Chicago. The Chinese dictionary compiled by Va-cut-shof, 1,100 years 15. C.'.. is the most ancient of any in recorded history. C'oe's Cough ISiU.Htim Is I ho olJetitttiHl best. It will hreak up a c tlmu ur.ytliinii clsu. It is always rollablu. NO-TO-BAC Sold and KiiuruBLued u> cure Tobacco Habit U7 uil drugfflst& Wo wish to gain 150,000 new CUB- nnu heuoo offtir " 1 PUR. 13 1 Pk s . Early 1 " Eorllc 3 Day. Radiuh,. tomoru, " •" C.12 ' Spring Turnip, uatKeUBeet, .._ liiamnrck Ououmbor, lOc I lOo , Idol lllol Oaoou Victoria Lottuce, 16o i Kloudyko Molou. If'O Jumbo Ginnt Onion, loo Brilliant Flower Suodo, 15c Q 1.00, for 1-1 cents. . Abovo 10 pkga. worth $J.UO, we will ruiiil you (rco, togothur with our icront Flaut nncl Bocil Catalogue •upon reociiit of thin notice and 14c. nostuge. We iuvite your t • when yon once try . you will never got aloni postu Know .uvite your trade aud r on once try nivlzeru never got along without them. Potatoes at n.Itbl.OatnlogaloaeBo. No.iv. u "A. sii.zEH scKi) co., Li raossK, tria. •old qukkel Try it. Trials are the up-grade lessons of education. Mrs. Winslow'sSootlilnssyrup For children teething *nftoi)K Ihu KUinK.reUYUros inatlwt^Uuys pain, cui'tia wind uolic. 'itj cunts u botllo. WORTH OF PREMIUMS TO BE GIVEN AWAY Over a Half Century Favorites. SOLD DIRECT AT FACTORY PRICES. | Satisfaction Guaranteed. Wrlto for Catalogue nud Prices before buying. HALLET&DAV1SCO,] Wabash Ave.,Cor. Jackson St., Factory Boston Eat. 1839. CHICAGO. I EXCURSIONS TO THE FREE GOVERNMENT LANDS OF WESTERN CANADA, Wliore twenty-fire and thirty bushels ot wheat ire grown to the ae.'-o, will be personally conducted ny a Canadian Government repre- seutati /e on 23d and 30th March and 6th April, touring St. Paul oa these dates. For par- liuulars us to the spe- i inlly low passenger uud fieigut rates uuply to O..11. 6UJUPHV, Stratford, Iowa, orN. BAB- "'HOLOMEW. 306 Plflh St., Des Moires, Iowa. Cr.uudlan Government Agents. Tim llnesc New HOSCB, (including hardy RAMBLERS,) Carnations, Chrjs- anthemunis, Giant-llowering Cannas, Etc. Also best iiimllty FLOWER SEEPS. lllustf'd Catalogue Jvee, PLANTS SEEDS DUBUOUE, IOWA. WITH DR, SETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLER, U. S. Cn.plt.ol Souvenir Spoonn, Scarf Pins, Rluevo ButlouH uml Wntcli (,'lminn. Suva tht! M'tiltrso Cross on Oiitslclo llox. You will llml a, Premium certifli'iUo around each bol^ tie. Seud tlio ccrtllluuto uud urosst-s to tho Dr. Soth Arnold Medical Corporation, Woonsocket, R. 1. AH DriiKglHtft mid Country Stores. 00 •V»VW»> \ OATS Bushels WHEAT 231 WHEAT 40 ° Bushels II tO) A Bushel 1 lluw to Brow Wheat at 4Oe it bu. ami 381 1 husi Outs, 178 bus. ISarley, ami 1000 i bus. Potutoi'ti per wore. See our great o»t- atoicuo, nmlltxl you with 11 Kami Seed buuiplvs. upon receipt ot iliia notice uml Ida titaiups. Sulzur Boocl Co., 1.1* Cvosse, WiM» "W.B., address tin u postal to ,T. ., ht'u uril, 111., for free droular lllustrutlub' tUa moat humane, pruiltable. practical ancUatlgfactury metUud of mishit:, huudllut', feeding uiul keeping Uuovvu to luiBbaiuluieu. ' There tiro 1,428 characters in twenty-four books IMokuns wrote. No-To-Bno for Fifty t!t-uts. (jtiurumot'd tutiuuuu hub I euro, imikes \voak men fctuiui', hlooU pure. OOc, It. All aruineUtti. PiNSION Get your Pe«^Q» DOUBU QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRBtL, pe.nslen Agent, England is now consuming' quantities of American ijltite. Star Tobacco Is tbe teaoiug brand of the world, because it is the best. "Ho once told mo lie could marry any girl lie picawcl." "And lias he?" '•Well, hi; hasn't managed to please any yet," The greatest preserver of yowth in the worl4« Never 9, single gray hair—no

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