The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1898
Page 5
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THE OPPBK BE8 MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 1888. Everybody Come AND SEE AT" James Patterson's. those seed potatoes for $1.00 per bushel. send off and pay two dollars. You will SEE that soap, ten bars for 250. SEE that soap, four bars of toilet for roc. SEE those garden seeds. SEE those lawn seeds. SEE that ten-cent coffee. SEE that so-cent tea. SEE those egg cases — no eggs broken if you have one. SEE SEE SEE ISEE ISEE SEE that 5o-cent syrup. that five-gallon can of syrup for $1.50. those five-cent prunes. those five-cent raisins. those five-cent cigars. those fine apples. In fact there are so many things to see that it would take days to mention them all. •'Come in and see for yourself and I know you will go away satisfied that my place is where you want to buy your goods. Yours for business, Cowles' Block,' No. 8. James Patterson. , _ , ... , , , , , , Pip Men's, Boys' and Youth's, fj|||| Ladies' Misses' and Children's Spring Footwear. NEW GOODS, NEW STYLES, NEW COLORS. We are just receiving them and can show some of the nicest shoes in the market. For your wants in footwear always consult Brownell & Hired, The Shoe Merchants, Boston Block, Algona, la. Pine repairing and custom work. The Wetmore Truss THIS TRUSS MURDERS ME I I WEAR THE WBTMOBB TRUSS A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any ol them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles— no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect .freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where It is placed. The cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other truss before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J, Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. •RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL THAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 9:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:58p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 10:4Bpm No. 71 departs at 3:20 pin No. 65 departs at 8:30pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 tioparts at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 10:10pm No.94 departs at..... 2:20pm R. F. HBDEICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North- Freight 11:30 a m Mixed 7:05 a m Pans 7:05 am Freight 12:15 pm Mixed 12:15pmPass 2:40 pm Mixed 7:54pm Mixed 10:50 p m Arrive at DOS Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent, QALL OPERA HOUSE- ONE NIGHT—WEDNESDAY, MAECH 30 AIDEN mENEDICT AND MISS OLIVE WEST, Supported by a company ol superior excel lence, in AIDEN BENEDICT'S Fabio Romani A romantic melodrama of surpassing excel lence in the eighth year of its successful performance. Greatest of Stage and Scenic Effects. MISS GRACE HUNTER, In her great Fire, Serpentine, and Spanish dances. THE LOCAL FIELD. Don't take any chance on Abstracts of Title. My books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors have ever written a word in them. My work is done by competent persons and is guaranteed. Anything entrusted to me will have prompt and careful attention. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS, C. C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block, Ed. Patterson of Patterson & Son is sick. S. C. Spear has been on the sick list the past week. A touch of winter made March seem natural yesterday. A. H. Phillips and Emma O'Brien are licensed to wed. A little rain last week broke the ex ceedingly dry spring. J. M. Cowan is building an addition on the I. M. Finnell -house. Company F has not decided yet or the date for electing a captain. There were 133 Klpndikers going or one train Frank Nicoulin was on u| north. Elmer Wilbur has added a hand some new hydraulic barber chair to his shop. The sun crossed the line Monday The days are now longer than the nights. The roads were never better in the history of Kossuth. This is an excep tional spring. Emmetsburg is lucky in getting W S. Wilcox. He is a genial and populai business man. Remember the Lowell Concert com pany entertainment at the Methodise church tomorrow evening. L. Witham was in town Monday look ing and feeling quite well. Ho has been sick nearly all winter. Work has begun on the old rinl building, and it will soon be as fine an armory as any company in the state has. T. W. Sarchett has moved to towr and is now occupying his handsom cottage east of the Northwestern depot. Word came to the H. J. Gilbert home Monday that their daughter Louise who is working in a town in Georgia, i very ill. Everybody should help Monday ti put our public library on its feet Give Mr. McElroy a chance to do some thing with it. Will Salisbury went to Wesley Mon day to boss the mechanical departmen of the new paper. The first issue i due tomorrow. Auditor Calkins is making Algona headquarters for his big carriage busi ness. He distributes to his various oi fices from here. E. P. McElroy has been on the sicl list. For the first time in several year the reading room was not open oil' evening last week. D. Hine will be 80 years old toraor row, In spite of some temporary ill ness he is as vigorous .as ever, and i good for the 100 year mark. J. F. Lacy and his son are buildin, some good feeding sheds around thei barn. It will greatly increase thei facilities for caring for teams. Frank Niooulin is the busiest ma: we have. He is taking about 20 lam says town was week and Kenefick be ready to Minnesota a week. He ie"never struck anything like it. The Ladies' Missionary society of the Baptist church will give a Chinese tea and social on Friday evening in the parlors of the church. A cordial inyi- ation to all. Do not fail to purchase tickets for he concert to be given by the Iowa College Glee club and Amphion orches- ra, at the Call opera house, Saturday evening, April 2. J. Bourcey, who has recently sold his arm north of Wesley, was a pleasant ,aller Monday. He says he is going to ake a look at Minnesota, but may not move permanently. Jo. Markl's boy east of ilaying ball the first of the iro'ke his collar bone. Dr. patched him up, and he will or the real ball season. The river above the dam is full of dead fish. One man says there are 10 The fish have filled the water way to the mill. They evidently mothered under the ice. Rev. V. K Day's theme for discourse next Sunday morning at the Methodist church will be "The Rational Basis or Faith." Evening "Sowing and Reaping." All are invited. The program at the Women's Ibrary Aid society Friday afternoon will be a paper by Mrs. J. R. Jones, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Current news by Mrs. W. E. H. Morse. Will Kain is much bettor than re- jorted last week and it is expected now 1ia,t he can bo brought from Iowa City Saturday, He has a combination of typhoid fever and blood poisoning. Tickets for the glee club and orchestra entertainment will bo on sale at the isual place—E. & F. drug store—at 9 o'clock Thursday morning, March 31. lome and secure tickets. Admission >0 cents. The Northwestern fast train from 3es Moines to St. Paul will be put on about May 1, if at all. The hitch is in jetting the consent of the managers on ,he line north ofElmore. The train ought to be put on. The Grinnell Glee club which sings n Algona is one of the finest companies of musicians that ever came to Algona. Frank Tellier is one of the eaders and was instrumental in bringing them to Algona. The acetylene light plants to be put in by John Goeders, Kraft & Co., Srownell, and Patterson & Son have Deen shipped and are expected today. These stores will be brilliantly illum- nated before many days. Tho Krafts have located their seventh store at Fort Madison. They had Mason City in view, but have finally gone farther south. They now have ane of the biggest systems of stores in Iowa. They are business men. The location of the new Methodist church has been decided, but will not be announced till tonight. THE UPPER DES MOINES guesses it will go up where the old church is or on the Gilmore lots, the old Dr. Barr property. The concert by the Iowa College Glee club, consisting of nineteen excellently trained voices, and the Amphion orchestra, twenty-seven members, will be the musical treat of the season. Do not miss it. Call opera house, April 2. C. J. Miles has left Algona. Hi* father and he have bought a drug store at St. Ansgar and will take charge of it. Both he and Mrs. Miles have made many friends in Algona, who will regret that they fool compelled to leave. Aiden. Benedict, who comes next weelc with his Fabio Romani, was principal of the Algona high schools nearly 20 years ago. He wrote his play himself and has had a remarkable run with it. It will be played in Algona for the 2002dtime. Stone is on the ground for a handsome new home for Archie Hutchinson. He will build on the corner south of Wm. K. Ferguson's, just east of Geo. L. Galbraith's. He will put up a very fine home, one of the substantial additions for 1898. David E. Raney and Miss Adda M. Sample have joined hands for life, They are both among the county's best young people. THE UPPER DES MOINES has no particulars, but joins with many friends in wishing them a long and happy life. Major Davidson of Muscatine and Capt. Olmstead of Ninth U. S. cavalry inspected Company F Saturday evening. The boys were out in force and made an excellent showing. They are prepared to startle the Spaniards if they ever got at them, Henry Adams, who has been in the Sheetz' store some time, will shortly buy a drug store. He had one in view at Sheldon, but finally decided not to take it. He is a competent druggist and the town where he locates will gain an excellent business man. Miss Nellie Smith and Miss Gertrude Nielsen closed their schools in Wesley township last Friday. They gave two of the best entertainments ever given by country schools. Miss Smith will teach the Shoullz school and Miss Nielsen will teach at home in the spring, At last Friday night's lyceum F. M. Curtiss talked vigorously of municipal corruption, and Dr. Kenefick of the necessity of strict sanitary precautions, while Mayor Chrischilles very entertainingly discussed old world city government. It was a city management program and was very interesting. Sheriff Christensen says that Rahm, who is in for a year at hard labor, should be put on the poor farm. He says he will be responsible for his safety, that Rahm wants to work instead of lie in jail, and that on the farm he can be of use to the county. The suggestion is a good one. Hah in is a good worker and it is in the interests of good health and good morals and reformation to put him out where he can be busy. A big audience was out Sunday afternoon to honor the memory of Geu. Neal Dow and Miss Frances E. Willard. Mrs. Emma C. Dodge presided gracefully and fine music was provided, a solo by Dr. Rist being especially a_ppre- ciated. Rev. Day was eloquent in hie talk on Miss Williard and Rev. Stiles gave a very interesting sketch of the life of Gen. Dow. Mrs, Horton, Prof. Spencer, and Mrs. C. A. Ingham talked on appropriate subjects, ll, vra8 an ex- cellent program, and one worthy of the great names that were honored. In spite of the incipient blizzard last evening the court room was well filled for the reading room picture sale. A splendid program was given after which D. A. Haggard presented copies of some very high priced drawings, sent to the reading room by the Ladies' Home Journal company at a nominal cost. The bidding was lively and everybody got a picture. The sale will net probably $25, which will go to new books for the library. The Methodist church location will be settled tonight at a specially called quarterly conference. The local committee held meetings Monday and yesterday and have agreed upon a roport. The building proposed will be of stone to cost probably $18,000. It is a copy of one in Sterling, 111., which was visited last week by Roy. Day, E. J. Gilmore, F. S. Norton, and W. C. Danson. They say it is a beautiful structure and one that Algona may well feel proud of. C. L. Davidson, the dead railway commissioner, was a resident of Algona back in 1871 and built the house now owned by Mrs. S. D. Hamilton on Thorington street. He frequently visited here, attending several grand army suppers. He had many friends, and they all sorrow at his untimely death. His last trip to the county was in connection with the crossing stopping place north of Bancroft. Mr. Davidson lived in Algona about two years. The next county teachers' meeting will be held at Whiltemoro April 16. The meeting at Wesley was a big success. Mrs. J. D. Mason, wife of the Congregational pastor, gave a very fine paper on the relation of the community to the school. Prof. Spencer is also highly complimented on his discussion, and A. F. Bacon. About 100 were out in spito of stormy weather. Supt. Van Erdowyk feels much gratified at the encouraging success of these gatherings. Mart. Pierce was down to Algona Monday for the first time in five years. He is now past 78 years old, and came to the county in 1800. Ho is halo and hearty, nil things considered, and his conversation is as spicy and entertaining as it used to bo when he lived over west of Algona. He says the town seems to him to have grown half since he saw it last. He lives up wostofLed- yard and Is spending his declining years pleasantly. Mart, ciime to Iowa in 1854 and his reminiscences would make a readable volume. The court house was well filled for the declamatory contest last Thursday evening, and the audience listened to some excellent declamations. Tho judges were Supt. Van Erdowyk, Rev. Stiles, and Rev. W. H. Schmidt of Burt. Theirmarkings weroon gesture, position, expression, and articulation, 10 being the maximum for each, or 40 as a total. Out of a possible 120 from the throe judges, Helen Carroll, who lives nearBurt. got 104, Fred. Clarke 103, Ernestine Day 102, Jessie Parish 10H, Nellie Robison 100, Irwin Wilson 98. Archie Hutchinson made a neat little speech in presenting the medals to Miss Carroll and Fred. Clarke. Another contest will be given before long and will be looked forward to with pleasure. In spite of bad weather the Red men had a pleasant celebration last Friday evening. The public exercises were held in Odd Fellows' hall, where A. H. Allen gave the address of welcome. Music by the harp orchestra and a solo by Fred. Fuller preceded the address by Dr. Wiley of Des Moines, which was heartily enjoyed. The banquet was spread in the old postofflco room by the ladies of the Degree of Pocabontas, after which Mrs. Keffer of Des Moines instituted Minne-Waukon council No. 25 of the Degree of Pocahontas and installed the following officers: Mrs. S. B. McClollan, prophetess; Mrs. R. D. Gilmore, Pocahontas; Mrs. W. V. Carlon, Winonah; S. B, McClellan, Powahatan; Mrs. Wesley Dutton, K, of R,; Mrs. Geo. Hackman, K. of W.; MissJSTola Flnnegan, first scout; Mrs. Hattie Stephenson, second scout; Mrs. Elsie Cady, first runner; Mrs. A. P. Hall, second runner; Mrs. L. H. Mlllen, first councilor: Mrs. Will Ladondorff, second councilor; Mrs. E. W. Hackman, guard of tepoo; Mrs. Will Potter, guard of Ifcrest. The banquet was an elegant spread, The Redmen and Red- women know how to do things right. Now is the season for canned goods. We have the largest line and the best assortment in Algona. M. K. GROVE & SON. HIGH-GRADE CLOTHING w it Kraft MM Coi E have opened a first-class tailoring shop at DeKalb, and carry 400 samples at our store. Our Mr, Creswell has had two years' experience taking measurements for the largest tailoring house in Davenport, Iowa. Anybody wishing tailor-made suits will consult their own interests by calling on us. Owing to the large amount consumed by our own stores and our facilities for getting work done at a low rate we can furnish first-class tailoring at about 25 per cent, below the usual local tailors' prices, and if you want cheap tailoring, sample-book work, we have the Garden City Tailors' sample book and can furnish suits at from $8. 50 up. Kraft Clothing Co. "Mf\N WORKS From sun to sun; A woman's work is never done." That was so in days of yore, But up to rtato 'tis true no mcn-e. As time rolls on the fashion changes, Wheu womon use DUCK'S Stoves and Ranges. Man's work Is still from situ to sun, At noon a woman's work Is done. There may not be much poetry in this, but there is a grain of truth. Tho women who are using Buck's stoves and ranges are better armed for their conflict than Uncle Sam is. They aro made of nothing but the best of material, which insures durability. Their perfect baking qualities please the housewife; their economical use of fuel pleases the husband, and the words of praise from those who use them pleases the merchant. What more could any of us want? Any girl under 14 years of age who cuts out this ad. and brings it to our store will be given a large package of sweet peas free. CL H^E. HARDWARE. War! War! You won't havo to go out of this spring to buy a carpet, and look at Galbraith's carpet ment. Algona Just go depart- YOURSELF and lady are requested to be present at ,1. A. Hamilton & Co.'s yard whenever you want any kind of hardwood lumber, wagon stock, posts, fencing, wood, sewer pipe, brick, or tile. 62t2 ORIOLE prunes in 5-pound tins are fine. Try them. M. Z. GROVE & SON. One 'Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. E. G. BOWYER. GALBRAITH & Co, have received their new stock of ladies,' .misses' and children's fine shoes in tans, chocolate, black, and ox blood. DON'T fail to see our line of dried fruits. M. Z. GROVE & SON, ASK to see Chase & Sanborn's 35-cent tea, equal to ordinary 50-cent. 46 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. A FEW settings of White Plymouth Bock eggs for sale. t4 JOHN C. PATTERSON. While reading of the '' Maine" disaster, do not lose sight of the main fact that J. A. Hamilton & Co., Are leaders in Hardwood Lumber, Wagon Stock, Sewer Pipe, Brick, Tile, Wood, Posts, and Fencing. Everything we sell is the best of its kind and bought in car lots. J. A. Hamilton & Co., Paint Your Buildings c5 With Heath & Milligan's paints. The most durable mixed paints on the market. The Lisk piece is warranted, replaced. ANTI-RUST WARE is the handsomest tinware on the market. Every If it rusts bring it back and have it Use Baker Barb Wire. The lightest and the strongest wire in the market. These goods are found only at J. W. Robinson's, You can get a chance at our new fancy wide ribbons on Friday and Saturday for 25o a yard. GALBRAITH & Co. WHY uae inferior goods and imitations of coffee when Chase & Sanborn'e coffees are cheapest? 46 NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection BusinoHs.- Ofllce over Algoua State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of Now York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass or New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAIUY, DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med oineg, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. QET WATER OR NO PAY. Tke undersigned has a complete Steam Gable Well Drilling Outfit, ^ud solicits the making of deep or shallow wells on the terms ubove stated. D. R. FRAZER,

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