The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1898
Page 7
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THE MS MOINE& ALGONA, IOWA, WM)MlBI)AY, MAKCli 16, 1808. m TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 9:05 am No.3 departs at 3:58pm Freights that carry passengers— |No. 93 departs at . |No.71 departs at .................... |No. 65 departs at ..................... 8:30pm I' TRAINS EAST. No.2 departs at ...................... 1 2 : 'Hj am •No. 4 departs at ...................... 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 7ff departs at ...... .............. 10:10pm No. 94 departs at ................... .. 3:20pm B. F. HEDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight ... Pass ......... 7:06 am North- .11:30 a m Mixed Mixed. 7:54pm 7:05 a m Freight 12:15 pm 12:15pmPass ........ 2:40 pm ........ Mlxea ...... 10:50 pm .... 0 p Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 t>. m., 6:15 m., and 1:20 a.m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. She very There was heavy snow east of Charles City last week. Agent Vesper was a Mason City visitor last Thursday. Wheat seeding began last week. It has been pushed this week. The poatoffice at Trvington has been elevated to be a money order office. Dr. Glasler is booked to build a home this spring and A. L. Peterson also. Perry Wilkins has been quite sick lately. Some fears are felt that he will not recover. Harvey Cook has been appointed postmaster at Hobart. He will be a good official. The Wigwam has been getting the Gilmores a handsome delivery wagon. It is a beauty. O. B. Durdall Is at home in the Cowan brick house. He has fitted it up yery handsomely. The new city well proves to be a success. The oily his two wells, each better than the old one was. Geo. Urch, living east of Algona, fell from a ladder yesterday, breaking his right arm. Dr. Tribon was called. There was a big house out for the "South Before the War" Monday evening. Everybody liked the darkies. The Whittemore fire was watched from Algona Saturday afternoon. It rolled up a big smoke that was plainly vi&ible. Mrs. Ostrum, mother of the tile makers, died last Friday of old age. was past 80 years and had been feeble. T. J. Julian got 20 cents for his butter last week when the Elgin quotations were only 19i. He ships the product of his dairy. Henry Larson, former butter maker at the Algona creamery, was in Algona last week. He is butter maker at Shafer, Minn. The "Real Estate and Farm" is a new paper in Morris, Minn., in which John Grove figures largely. It is a booming sheet. W. E. Bradford says the county seat fight in Hancock is warm, but it looks as though Britt would win out. Britt is making a big effort. Assessor Crammond is getting on with his work, but says there is a great deal to do under the new law. He says being assessor is not holding a sinecure. Marriage licenses have been issued tb A. H. Phillips and Emma O'Brien, Peter Wagner and Anna Sovereigns, Lewis M. Sampson and Sophia B. Markla. Dr. Garfield is gaining rapidly again. He is on the street about as vigorous as ever. THE UPPER DES MOINES expects to see him on a bicycle before the season is over. The crayon lecture was well enjoyed by those 'who heard it. Prof. Little spoke in the school rooms in the afternoon and gave the students some samples of his work. J. R, Dutton of Cresco, who has been very sick in California, is much improved. A letter was received by his son Saturday saying that he will soon be about as well as ever. Clay Clementcornes early next month. Keep an eye on the date. His company opened McVicker's opera house in Chicago the present season. The same company will play here. Some fine pictures will be sold for the benefit of the library book fund at court house hall, Tuesday evening, March 22. Free admission and pictures will be sold at auction without reserve. P. M. Cowan and Miss Ella Walters were married at the Methodist parsonage last Thursday eveningby Rev. Day. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes " Peach" and his bride a happy and prosperous life. The " South Before the War"_ company objected strongly to coming to Algona when they found they could not switch their cars from one track to the other. How long is Algona going to put up without a " Y"? As soon as spring opens the city should see that its order about the Northwestern hotel is carried out. Having the building out in the street is an eyesore and the earliest opportunity should be improved to get it back. Thirteen out of 60 towns in Iowa between 1,500 and 3,000 in population paid more for their city school teachers than Algona did last year. Eleven paid their principal a higher salary, while 13 have the same salary we do, $1,200. Mrs. Wm. Wagner died Monday of heart disease. She was only 23 years of age and leaves two young children. The funeral was held yesterday, Rev. Buchanan officiating. The Wagners live a mile east of the D. King farm in Irvington. Algona has a branch of the state property owners fire association. J. A. Hamilton, W. P. Jones and John Walker are the board, while O. B. Durdall is director for Kossuth county. An offer of $200 is made for the detection of any firebug. A lot of Emmetsburg 1 toughs came to Whittemore Saturday to have a big time at the fire. Word was sent ahead of them and they were arrested before they had gotten very drunk or had stolen much. One young hoy, said to, belong to a respectable family, was oar* ryiog a pair of brass knuckles, a re- volver and a razor as part of his regular equipment. The lot was kept in jail over night and then sent home. Some stealing is reported, however. The Algona Opera House company received sealed bids, March 10, for the privilege of renting opera glasses in the opera house, and the contract was let to E. G. Bowyer and B. W. Haggard for $60. Dingley & Pugh, who have heretofore had the privilege, made no bid. The new Methodist church may be located on what is known as the Plumley corner, north of Dr. Morse's home. It is very central to Algona now, and will be more so as time goes by, besides being a sightly spot. All the churches at present are very much on one side of town. T. H. Conner has plans drawn for the big new Catholic school building at Bancroft. Father Schemtnel will superintend a six-room building to cost $6,000 or more, and to be one of the handsomest school buildings in the state. It is expected that work will begin this spring. Married, at Algona, March 9, Miss Jennie Montgomery and Mr. Andrew Curtis, Rev. Day officiating. After the ceremony they returned to the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. J. G. Vogen- thaler, where dinner was served. Only the intimate friends of the bride and groom were present. School election passed off very quietly Monday, Forty voles were cast and E. B. Butler received them all. Mr. Butler has been one of the best members of the board Algona has had, and the re-election is a, deserved compliment. E. J. Giltnore was elected treasurer to succeed L. J. Rice. This also is an excellent selection. •A curious mistake landed a young man fresh from the old country over at Hobart. He was billed for Hubbard, but he couldn't speak very plainly and the station man sold his ticket for our western neighbor. He could not talk English and was strapped. C. E. Heise attended to him and got him aboard for his real destination. Mayor Chrischilles states that the city council is not bound by any one proposition to put in electric lights in case a franchise is voted. It will then determine on the number of lights, the location and upon the contractor with whom it will deal. The vote will be on the single question, shall theeouncil contract with anybody for lights? Aiden Benedict, Algona's old-time school teacher, will be here March 30 with his Fabio Romani company. He has been here often before, and the mere mention of his coming will fill the house. Miss Grace Hanter will Intro duce her celebrated fire, serpentine stereopticon and Spanish dances ir which she has no equal on the Arneri can stage. The Algona Klondike company con sists of J. W. Hinchon, Dr. Morse Col. Spencer and his brother, Dr Sayers and Frank Hedrick. It has put up $600 to grub stake Wm. Gardner, a Washington friend of Col. Spencer's and an old miner, who is about ready to start for the gold fields. The Klon- dlkers expect big returns from their investment. Kossuth county has an average of 7.7 months of school each year. There are 47 male teachers and 243 females, males paid $36.47 a month, females paid $32.03. There are 3,667 males of school age, 3,269 females. The total enrollment in school is 5,320. There are 196 school houses valued at $138,152. There are 18 male teachers with first grade certificates, 122 females, 30 males with second grade and 121 females. Four males and two females hold state certificates. Mrs. J. M. Farley kindly showed a party of Algonians through her handsome home at Whittemore Monday. From basement to attic it is complete, as well built and handsome as any in Iowa. Mr. Farley had an eye to good work when he began and the result speaks for a good plan and good supervision. The basement is 10 feet throughout, a home in itself. The plumbing is as fine as there is anywhere. His heating apparatus is perfect, in fact it is an ideal home. He spent about $6,000 on it, which means that no pains were spared. T. H. Conner drew the plans and he may well feel proud of the result. Col. Spencer was called home from the south suddenly by the death of his brother in Washington, who was journal clerk in the senate. He was 58 years old and visited in Algona last summer. He was one of the oldest employes of the senate, having first entered the service in 1862. He was regarded as one of the ablest parliamentarians in the United States. Frank and Mrs. Hedrick left Monday for Rice Lake, Wis., where the burial took place. The mother of the Spencer family was south with the colonel and it was partly on her account that the trip was made. Many friends will regret the sudden death in Washington. Blue Overalls for 40c IE CAN MAKE A NEW MAN OF YOU • *• I Blue Apron Overalls for 40c I A Assortment of Neckties, 15c Our Sprint; Line of SHIRTS Is larger than ever. Prices from I5c to $2.00 ITH one of our stylish suits and a nobby Spring top coat-a man you* II be proud of. An investment in our kind of clothes pays dividends of self-respect. The difference in cost between being badly-dressed and well-dressed is so slight it's surprising any man will hesitate. EVERY ONE OF OUR HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX GARMENTS IS GUARANTEED. It will outwear ordinary clothes, will not cost any more; to begin with and is a great deal cheaper in the end. ... "... ••• ••• HART, 80HAFFNER & MARX. Men's Suits for $3,00 1 Child's Suits for 75c I Boys' Suits for $2.50 Dou't fall to see Our Spring Line of Hats, GUARANTEED CLOTHING. Tf anyone tells you that he can sell the same quality of goods for less money than the New England, don't take their word for it. They would not hesitate to tell you any kind of falsehood in order to get your money. No misrepresentation allowed in our store. One price to all. Money paid back for goods returned. Call and see the largest and finest stock Seeing is believing. Yours truly, I Linen Collars for lOc in the state. DURDRLL 6c GO. Men's Suspenders for lOc We Say Buy your wedding rings of us and we will make the bride a present, and we didn't have to copy it from our would- be competitors, neither have we evei seen an ad. like this (except those copied from a jewelers' journal during the holidays) that we would care to put oui signature to. We are the originators of the above proposition in Kossuth county, and we do not raise the price so much on every ring that we can af ford to give you a clock. If the price is not raised on the ring imagine what a nice, reliable clock you wouid ge with a solid gold $2 ring! This might be a good thing to spring in an insane asylum to quiet some of the pernmnen guests, but it is just a little on the cy clone order for the intelligent people of Kossuth county. There has been a hot time in the olc town for our competitors ever .since the sign of the Big Watch went out, anc the above ring advertisement only serves as proof of what we have hereto fore stated, that we lead and others trj to follow. Remember we are head quarters for our line of goods, and w duplicate any catalogue price on earth Come and see us. 52 DINGLEY & PUGH. CARPETS and curtains. You can ge most anything you want at GALBRAITH & Co.'s. RING up No. 44; order a cord of dry wood; J. A. Hamilton & Co. will doth rest. 52i2 PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. •Mrs. C. C. Samson's father visited her last week. E. J. Murtngh is expected homo from tlio west this week. Mrs. W. H. Ingham goes to Omaha Monday to visit her daughter. Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke wont to Minneapolis yesterday to visit her daughter. Horace Goddavd is Vmck from Fort Atkinson from a two months' visit. Frank Simpson of London, Canada, visited liis cousin, C. O. Simpson, last week. Claud Nicoulin is home from school for the spring to help his father in the land business. C. B. Matson is back from Chicago, where lie went to attend a gold mine stockholders' mooting. Mrs. Jas. Patterson and Mrs. Rev. Sinclair gave a pleasant reception to their friends a week ago. Col. Spencer writes from Cuthbert, Ga., mt the climate is delightful. He says it makes him feel young. Miss Louise McCoy has been visiting Irs. Cornelia McOhesney in Iowa City. >he went down last week. Rev. Day went to Emmetsburg Monday veiling to consult about the state Epworth League meeting he is arranging for at Col- ax. Rev. Dorward's daughter, Lillian, now drs. P. C. Pratt, who has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Isaac Grove, returned o her home in Sheldon. Representative Farley got home Sunday morning to view tlie remains of his store at iVhittcmoro. He returned to Des Moines esterdav. He says no one can tell when he legislature will adjourn. Howard Wallace expects to come home his spring. He has so fully recovered rom his pulmonary troubles that the doc- ors tell him he can stand any climate. He as been in Colorado two years. Judge and Mrs. Quarton had an invita- ion to attend a reception in Des Moines given by Gov. Shaw to the legislature, and decided to accept. They went to the city ast evening and will return tomorrow. The Methodist building committee are ilanning a trip to Sandwich, Hi., to view a jhuvch there that they contemplate reproducing, and to study architecture in general. They have a dozen .or more plans already, but have decided on none. The matter of location is still unsettled. Miss Mary Kain started for Iowa City ast night called by a telegram from Will Hinchon which stated that Will Kain was dangerously ill with two physicians at hjs bedside. The telegram did not state what was the matter and the family are greatly alarmed. • It was the first hint that he was lot in his usual health. Later word is that ie has typhoid fever. YOURSELF and lady are requested to be present at J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s yard whenever you want any kind of mrd wood lumber, wagon stock, posts, fencing, wood, sewer pipe, brick, or tile. 52t2 SEE James Patterson's ad. this week. NEW shirt waists—nobby, new styles. GALBRAITH & Co. which inducement upon the part of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. will no doubt bo greatly appreciated by those who are thus bonnfltled. For further information apply loany agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry., or to J. H. HHund, general freight agent, Old Colony building, Chicago, I11.-5013 LADIES, take a look at our skirts— from §1.25 to $0.00. GALBHAITH & Co. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. A FEW settings of White Plymouth Rock eggs for sale. t4 Joi-iNC. PATTERSON. USE Chase & Sanborn's coffee—the cheapest coffee on the market. 46 THINGS TO EEMEMBER. "Mf\N WORKS From sun to sun; A woman's work is never done." That was so in dayH ot yore, Unt up to rtato 'tis true no more. As time rolls on the fashion changes, When women uso BUCK'S Stoves and Ranges. Mun'B work Is still from sun to sun, At noon a woman's work Is clono. There may not bo much poetry in this, bub there is a grain of truth. The women who are using Buck's stoves and ranges are better armed for their conflict than Unole Sara is. They are made of nothing but the best of material, which insures durability. Their perfect baking qualities please the housewife; their economical use of fuel pleases the husband, and the words of praise from those who u'so them pleases the merchant. What more could any of us want? Any girl under 14 years of ago who cuts out this ad. and brings it to our store will bo given a large package of sweet peas free. c. iisd:. HARDWARE. Anyone wishing the services of an experienced nurse with good references, can obtain one by applying at the house on the southwest corner of block 55, or at Win. deary's for MRS. A. E. WILLIAMSON, 5014 Box 503, Algona, Iowa. WE are still giving all the old bargains and some now ones. M. Z. GROVE & SON. FOR time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. apply REDUCTION in rates via St. Paul to Pacific coast points—from Algona to Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma, first class limited, $30.06, second class limit ed, $25,06. A LOT of fine Rose Comb Brown Leg horn roosters for sale cheap. GUY GROVE. Deduced Freight Rates For Settlers In order to encourage the movemen of settlers and land buyers from Illinois Wisconsin, Iowa and eastern states to Western Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Co. has very materiallj reduced its carload rates for emigran movables, so that farmers who hav purchased lands in Western Minnesota South Dakota and North Dakota oa take all of their belongings with the to their new homes at small expense Madson & Hanson have moved to ooms over Sheet/,'. Declamatory contest tomorrow eveti- ng at court house hall. The lycoum comes Friday evening Ms week, instead of Saturday, The Rodmen banquet will be held in lie old postofflce room Friday evening. The equal sulTrago club will meet ith Mrs. C. A. lugham tomorrow at p. m. Remember the reading room picture ale. Works by the best artists In the vorld will be sold. W. C. T. U, will meet with Mrs. rving Dodge next Wednesday. Equally study, lesson seven. Company F will have inspectiou 'Sat- rday evening. Olmstead and Major Davidson will be here. There will be no preaching in the Jongregatiomvl churcli Sunday morn- ng. Rev. Sinclair is still in the east. Look over the advertisements this veek. They are all new for the spring eason. You will find some bargains. The Sunday school workers of the iounty will meet at the office of C. J. Joxsee on Wednesday, March 23, at 4 'clock p. m., for the purpose of reor- •anization. Durdall has a groat stock of spring jlathing and the brand of his goods speaks for their excellence. No better •eady-mado clothing is put on the mar<et than the H. S. & M. brand, Rev. F. E. Day's theme for morning discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday will be "The Gospel, the Prophet of Comfort;" evening, " The Twilight of the Nineteenth Century." All are invited. The Baptist church will give a public 'eception for their pastor, Rev. D. M. Jtiles, and family, at the home of M. B Jlmpin on Friday evening. All those desirous of meeting the pastor and 'amily are most cordially invited to attend. Services at the Baptist church nex Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., conducted by the pastor. Rev. D. M. Stiles, Morning theme, "Consecration," even ing, "Elements of Authority in Jesus Teachings," Sunday school at 10 a. m. Junior union at 3 and B. Y. P. U prayer meeting at 6:30. WHY use inferior goods and imita tions of coffee when Chase & Sanborn'i coffees are cheapest'? 46 THE nicest line of dried fruits you have seen in a long time is now to b' seen at Grove & Son's. WHAT do you want for your 10 cents Dyes that do not fade, dyes that wil stand washing, dyes that will stand sweating, dyes that each package wil color more than any other. Then buj Putnam Fadeless Dyes, lOc a package Sold at E. & F. drug store. IP you have idle money why no have it where it will earn you some thing. Interest paid on time deposits 45 GEO. C. CALL. TUe City Caucuses. The First ward republican caucus, to now tnate %_oan«a*te tor_councllman,^wiu be hel at W. W- Nycuw'8 office, 7:30 p. Eft. March 17, 1888, , E0GKNB TEULH5R. Carria Implements, Seeds Full stock of everything needed on the farm, at or improperly adjusted glasses, thereby risking total blindness? SXO-ZEZT IS 3=> IBB! a 3H Hi ESS. I Garry No Stock, Glasses Ground TO ORDEK Heavy railroad and hotel bills must be paid extra in visiting eminent opticians in the larger places. W. F. RIPKE, M. O. OPTHALMIC OPTICIAN. Graduate Chicago Opthalmio College. The most difficult cases, and children a specialty. Lenses properly adopted, according to the Dioptric system, to the most difficult cases in the varied forms of Hypermetropia, Myopia, Apbakia, Astigmatism, Anisometropia, Presbyopia, Spasms of Ciliary Muscle, Strabismus, a,ncl Asthenopia, Do your eyes tire, ache, smart, or water? Do your eyelids get inflamed? 09 you have pain in the eyeball, orbit, temple, or forehead? Dp you becoino dizzy or have any nervous derangement that you cannot otherwise account tov'f If so then you should consult a competent eye specialist with a complete testing equipment, such as I possess, who is qualified to discover the exact nature, apd degree of the trouble and to properly correct it. I do not treat medically in any way. Such cases are referred tq their respective family physician. The painless and scientific watbod of examination by R,eti«QS$ppy and higher prism work a specialty. Examination fto4 fiqai^^tioa ivse, QERqe pvey

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