The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1898
Page 7
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BMS MOBTDSS ALGONA, IOWA W^BNIBBAY MAHOII 0* CONQRfeS§, ' SENATE. Washington, March 1.— The senate, by a |6te of 60 to 19,jdefeated the proposition » seat Henry W. Corbett as senator from Jregon. After disposing of the Corbett e the senate began the consideration of lie Alaska homestead and railroad right way bill and had not concluded it when |t adjourned. HOUSE. Sromwell, rep., of Ohio, introduced a esolution to appropriate twenty million dollars to be immediately available for the purchase of war vessels and for their equipment for immediate nse in case of ar with any foreign power with which I the United States may bo threatened. Re- fferred to naval committee. The house I passed the sundry civil appropriation bill rafter four days' debate. The most import- rant action was the elimination of the up- |propriation for representation at the Paris |exposition on a point of order. SENATE. Washington, March 1.— A resolution |was adopted providing for the erection at pome suitable place in the capitol of a tabs' let commemorative of the officers and sail; ors who lost their lives on the Maine. The bankruptcy bill and the homestead bill were under consideration, but no action was taken. HOUSE. The house entered upon the consideration of the Loud bill, relative to second-class mail matter. The bill is identical with the bill passed by the last congress, but its author gave notice of an amendment permitting the transmission at pound rates of sample copies up to 10 per cent of the bona fide circulation of the newspaper or periodical. This amendment removed much opposition to the bill. SENATE. Washington, March 2.— The senate spent another day in discussing the bankruptcy bill and the Alaskan homestead and railway right of way bill. Elkins attacked the Canadian Pacific, which ho declared was subsidized by the government to the extent of $200,000,000, uhd while drawing a million dollars a day from American business was antagonizing American railways. MOUSE. The house spent another day in debate upon the Ixmd bill relating to second-class mail matter. The speeches as a rule attracted little interest. SENATE. Washington, March 3.— During almost the entire session the senate had under consideration the Alaska homestead and railway right of way bill. One of the features of the discussion was a speech delivered by Vest of Missouri, in which he ridiculed the idea of homcsteading any part of Alaska or constructing railroads in that district. His motion to eliminate the homestead feature of the bill by striking out the lirst section was defeated. nousn. The Loud bill, to correct alleged abuses of the second-class mail matter privilege, which last year nassed the house by a majority of 144 to 104, was buried under an overwhelming majority by the house today. The vote was not taken directly on the bill, but on a motion to lay it on the table. By a vote of 103 to 119 the motion .was carried. I .SENATE. Washington. March 4. — After a debate lasting several clays the senate passed the bill extending the homestead laws and pro> viding for right of way for railroads in the district of Alaska. Comparatively little discussion of general interest was created by the bill. HOUSE Two more appropriation bills were sent to the president to-day, the pension bill and the consular and diplomatic, both of which went through their final stage in the house. This was private bill day. The most important action taken was acquies- ingin an agreement to make the bill appro priating about 81,200,000 for war claims approved by the court of claims under the provisions of thp'Bowman act a special order for next Friday. The claims carried by the bill, TiiO in number, are for stores seized during the war in the southern states. _ WAR IS UNAVOIDABLE. Trouble Between Costa Rica and Nicaragua Neiirlng; u Crisis. Nrew Yonk, March 5.—The Herald's San Jose, Costa Itica. special indicates that war between Costa llica and Nica- rag'ua is unavoidable. Costa Rica is completely cut oft' from telegraphic communication with the outside world. The He raid's correspondent writes from San .Jose that the wires from there to San Juan are in g-ood condition but the government refuses to permit the transmission of messages, commercial, diplomatic or otherwise. The situation is really grave, and troops are hurrying to the frontier daily. IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT DBS MOJNTCS, March 7.—The official controversy concerning our use of the words "Iowa Patent Office" in advertising was referred to the attorney general's department and the opinion given, favorable to us, approved by tho secretary ot the interior. The 1900 Paris World's Fair seems to be stimulating United States inventors to apply for foreign patents. The "Eureka Hlotter Hath Co.," of Chicagos for whom we have a IJnitct States patent allowed for their '•!< ter Bath," has ordered us to sec...!. British, French, German and Canada patents for their invention. Six joint inventors at Holstein, Ia, : for whom we have United States patents allowed for a'"Method of Making Calcium Carbide," and for an "Electric Furnace" for practicing the method have ordered us to secure twelve foreign patents for said inventions. Applications for patents abroac should, as a rule, be prepared in advance of issue of the United State patents, so they can be lodged in the foreign offices on the same day. the United States patents are publicly announced in the United States Oilicia" Gazette. Valuable information about obtain ing, valuing and selling patents sen free to any address, TJJOS. G. AND .1. RALPH Ouwio, Solicitors of Patents. Greater New York has 1,100churches .within its. limits, and over 130,OOC dwelling houses. An acre devoted to the culture o: bananas yields 133 times as much money as an acre of wheat. A treacherous wretch in Flemington N. J,, entered the stable of Solomon Gale, and poured nitric acid \ipon th eyes and ears of a valuable horse. The most remarkable echo in th world is that which comes from the north side of a church in Shipiey, Eng land, It distinctly repeats any sen tence not exceeding syllables. RECENT INVENTIONS* To assist In circulating pure air In », shop or factory the pulleys are cast ivith fan blades inside in places ot the ttraight spokes. A recently patented folding umbrella "iaa the tip and handle fitted with screw tockets, so they can be removed for tacking the umbrella In a trunk. In a newly patented pair of pliers the laws are semicircular and have notches cut at intervals to fit different sized utits, so the pliers can be used as a tvrench. For use in place of toe clips on a bl- :ycle a plate is attached to the shoe, Having a recess in which a projection the pedal fits to hold the rider's foot !:i place! Draughting compasses are being made with a flexible rubber suction cup nn one end to fasten,to the paper and dold the instrument while the circle is |>eing drawn. To hold crayons for blackboard or firawing work a tube is fitted with clamping jaws at one end and a sliding rod at the other end, to force the chalk Into position. Pneumatic pressure is used to ring a new door bell, the push button pump- Ing air into the tube, which has a piston at the other end to slide out and push the bell clapper. Crutches are being made with a hinge In the center, fitted with a socket joint, co they can be folded up when not In use, thus occupying half the space of (.he ordinary kind. To hold an ear of corn for eating a neat device is made of a wire bow, with a handle twisted in tho center and npring cones at each end to grasp the ear and hold it rigid. A handy garment hanger which can be attached to any collar has a chain In tb.5 center, with a spiral spring on either side and pins at each end by Wkleh it is fastened to the garment. Hatpins can not injure ladies', hats If a new attachment is used, consisting of a metal plate, with a number of holes for the pin, to be placed in the crown of the hat and keep the pin from breaking the straw or felt. To automatically extinguish the flame in circular burner lamps a round plate is set in the center of the burner on a npring wire, which can be pulled down by a button at the side to cover tho wick and cut ofC tho flame. SUPERLATIVE DEGREE. The largest mass of pure rock salt in the world lies under the province of Galicia, Hungary. It is known to be J550 miles long, twenty broad and 250 feet in thickness. King Humbert of Italy is the most heavily insured man in Europe, the amount carried being over $7,500,000. The late Czar Alexander III. was insured for $5,000,000. ! Wales is the richest part of Great Britain in mineral wealth. England produces annually about $10 to each acre, Scotland a little less than $10, but the product of "Wales amounts to over $20 per acre. f Some of the oldest trees in the world 'are to be found in Great Britain. The tree called William the Conqueror's oak, in Windsor park, is supposed to be 1,200 years old. The famous Bentley and Winfarthing oaks are at least two centuries older. At the Theater. Amy—How odd? ~| r Jack—What's odd? Amy—Do you see that girl two rowa in front of us? Jack—Yes. Amy—Well, I'll wager she's talking behind my back. National Grange. Hon. Aaron Jones of Elkhart, Ind., the present master of the national grange, In a recent issue of the Bulletin and Farmer, summarizes what the grange does, as follows: "It maintains and dignifies the profession of agriculture and insists on all the rights of farmers as citizens and taxpayers. It urges no warfare on other legitimate business and professions. It comes to the farmer and relieves him and his family of the isolation of farm life; it cultivates and enlarges his social nature. In its teachings, it takes in the home as well as the farm; it comes to the farmer's wife and daughter, and attempts to relieve housekeeping of much of the unpleasant and la- them. It counsels simplicity of living borious work that falls so heavily upon and the use of all modern conveniences In the home as well as on the farm." JTo'» There Sure, He—Do you believe that there is a man in the moon? She—Yes; in the honeymoon. It was Alphonse Daudet's habit to read his stories to his wife, in manuscript, and frequently amend them in accordance with her suggestions. Of her aid in this respect he has said, "Not a page she has not looked over, touched up, on which she has not thrown a dash of her fine azure and gold-dust." Hove to Cure KlK'uuintism. Our boolc lolls you. Mention this j>ui>erii ui book fret). Abbott liros., £M IJeurboni &u, Nothing emits a worse odor than a fallen name. Star Tobacco Is the Jeaaing Wand of the world, because it is tho best. In the Klondike region in midwinter the sun rises from 9:30 to 10 a. in., and sets from 2 to 3 p. m. To Cure Constipation Forever, 'J ukw Cuscarot's Caudv Cathartic. lUo or 2jc If <_'. ('. t'. lull to euro cU-UKvlstif vol'untl money. RHEUMATISM AND LA GRIPPE* A Kemody Which 1* Sure to Core Thes* and Mnny Other Dlgenftea. "fi Drops" is a remedy for rheumatism, neuralgia, catarrh, la grippe and kindred ailments. The manufacturers of "5 Drops" have many letters from those restored to health, of which the following is a sample: Paris, Texas, Jan, 9, 1898. Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co., Chicago. Gentlemen:—I write to accept the agency for your medicines. Will send you the ajnotmt mentioned in your letter, and please send me the remedies to begin with. I have some orders all ready. Please send as soon as you can. With many thanks to you and God, I am enjoying better health than I have for years. I feel as if I am spared to do some one else good now. Yours truly, MRS. M. J. JAYROE. During the next thirty days the company will send out 100,000 of their sample bottles for 25 cents a bottle. From the past they know that even a sample bottle will convince one of the merits of "5 Drops." Not sold by druggists, only by us or our agents. Agents wanted. Write to-day to the Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co., 167 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. This company is reliable and promptly fill every order. A CliaiiK" of KnerKy. First patent office clerk.—I wonder what has become of the car-coupler inventors? They are getting scarce. Second clerk—I think they are all at work on bicycle attachments. SPRAYING FRUIT TREES, The question of spraying fruit trees to pro- vent tho cleprediHlons ol insect pests and fungus diseases is no longer un experiment, but u necessity. Our readers will do well to write Win. Stahl 016 H St., Quincy, 111., uncl got his catalogue describing twenty-one styles of Spruylni; Outfits and full treatise on spraying the diltorenj fruit and vegetable crops, whicn. may uo liud for the asking and contains much valuabl* information. Trials are the up-grade lessons of education. Catarrh Cannot Do Cured with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the seat of tho disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. It was prescribed by one of tho best physicians in this country tor yours, nnd is a regular prescription. It is not a quack medicine. It is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly, on tho mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients, is vylmt produces such wonderful results in curing catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. P. J. CHENEY & CO., Props. ; Toledo, O, Sold by druggists, price 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Wherever uiere Js envy there is ignorance. SEATTLE, unquestionably best and cheapest starting point and outfitting station for Alaska and Klondike, does not ask or advise you to go, but you will find Seattle's facilities, stocks and experience unsurpassed and prices the very lowest. Washington state has Klondikes of its own. Seattle is the chief city. Strangers are protected by Public Comfort Bureau. Address Chamber of Commerco.Seattle, Wash. No man can do his best whose motive is not love. • Coughing T.enclH to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. No girl begins to know what love is till she begins to know that she didn't. TO CUKE A COLD IN ONK DAT. Take Laxative Bromo Qnlntno Tablets. All Druggists refund tho money if it.t'uils to cure. 2vo The way of life is narrow, but well paved. Kilui'ato Your Bowels Wltli discards Candy Cathartic, euro constipation lorcvor. 100, 2iu. 11 C. (J.(J. 1'ail driiKKlst.3 refund money. A holiday Is a day when most people feel less hollow than usual. Mrs. tVlnslow'H Soothing syrup For children tcuthluirsoitcMB tho Kimiti.i i<(hi.'en Inrtanv yb pulii. cui'titi wind colic. 20 ccutu a bottlo. THE LdVE THAT WON HIM. Three women fared on the road of lovfl That path exceedingly level; One) loved a man, one loved herself, And one was In love with the devil. The first one came to the mouth of the Pit, But her love made it an Aldenn; The third had wearied the devil so That he barred his grates to the maiden. To the second he open threw the door, Cried he:. "Come! Nothing hinders! "Tis yours is the love that wins by heart. Come! Rule my realm of cinders!" AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS, We tire nssertttVfr In tho courts our right to the exclusive use of tho word "CASTORIA," and "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," us our Trade Mark. I, Dr. Sntmicl Pitcher, ot H.vnnnis. Massachusetts, was thoorislnntorof "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same that has borne and does now bear tho fac-slmtlc signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This Is tho original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which has been used in the homos ot the mothers of America tor ovor thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and soo that It is "tho kind you have always bought." nnd has tho signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one has authority from me to uso my name except The Centaur Company of whicn Chas. II. Fletcher is President.. March 8, 1807. SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D. Trying- to love is an absurdity; love is spontaneous combustion. Smoke Slecigo Cigarettes. 20 for S cts. Deception is a viper that bites back and forward. Meanness is idleness in business. MM MNMAM CONQUERS BACKACHE. 9&W Women Who Owe •JTheli 1 Present Maopiiiess to Lydtta B. f4flk* • ham's Vegetable Oompotihd. A trick horse, which once belonged to a circus, is owned by Michael ,Carrigan, of Pitman Grove, N. J. The animal was missing one morning, and hours elapsed before his owner found him. He had climbed a ladder and was contentedly resting in the hayloft. FUKS. nriClNLKV VS. FJIEE SILVER. A battle of giants is going to take place this summer on 30,000 farms in America, not in talk or votes, but in yields. Salzer's two new potato marvels are named as above, and ho offers a price for the biggest potato yield, also $400 in gold for suitable names for his corn (17 inches long) and oat prodigies. Only seedsmen in America growing grasses, clovers and farm seeds and selling potatoes at $1.60 a barrel. The editor urges you to try Salzer's Northern Grown Seeds, and to Send This Notice with 1O Cts. In Stamps to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., for 11 new farm seed samples, worth $10.00, to get a start, and their big catalogue. w.n.b. Twenty-nine sheep introduced into the Australian colonies in 1788 are now represented by 120,000,000 of the finest wool sheep in the world. <;iv« tho Children a Drh)k called Grain-O. It is a delicious, appetizing-, nourishing- food drink to take the place of coffee. Sold by all grocers and liked by all who have used it, because when properly prepared it tastes like the finest coffee, but is free from all its injurious properties. Grain-O aids digestion and strengthens the nerves. It is not a stimulant, but a health builder, and children, as well ns adults, can drink it with great benefit. Costs about }i as much as coffee. 15 and 35c. Says the cynical old bachelor: "A woman will never acknowledge that she uses powder to make her face white; she puts It on to take the shine off her nose." The Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railway company has adopted a plan of handling locomotive ashes or cinders at terminals and divisional •points which has resulted in a saving of expenses. The device consists of large pans holding about 3 cubic yards each, which are placed in the pit and when full are moved by a crane to the car where they are dumped. The machinery is handled by one man and the results have been very satisfactory. A bill will probably be introduced in the British parliament prohibiting masters and mistresses, from exacting more than ten hours a day of work from domestic'servants. Don't Tolmcco K|iir nnd Mnolce Your l.ifo Jiv.iy To quit tobacco easily and forever, be, magnetic, full of life unrve and vigor, take No-To-Bnc, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. 'All druggists, f>l)c or $1. Cure guaranteed, booklet and sample free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. Every girl ought to he shut up somewhere till she is 30 and then married before she is let out. H Family MotUcino. Moves tlio bowels each ilay. In order to bo healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures siclc headache. Price, 25 and 50c. A long-tailed coat makes most any- shaped man look well. The devil first invented it to hide his tail. FITS Pormunonth'Oureii. Koflts or nervousness ivfter tirbti duy'n use ot Br. Klino'H (in:ut. Norvo Kuaturor. (Sond for FHKE 8U.OO Iriul bottle uml trotUisu. Bit. K. II. K.I.iNE,I/td.,931 Avcli St.. riiiladuliihiu, 1'u. Love is like the aurora borealis; it's pretty only because it's so dark all around It. Coe's Cough liuluara Is tho oldest and best. It will bivuU up a colil qu'U Umii nr.ytliiuic else. It is always lullubln. Try it. All the pictured of angels you see have their hair parted in the middle, but nobody calls them dudes. To lose patience may be to lose all. DEAR MRS. PmKHAM:—When I wrotei to you last June, I Was not able to do anything. I suffered with fcack-' ache, headache, bearing-down pains, pains in toy lower 1 limbs, and ached all through my hddy. Menstruations were Very painful. 1 was almost a skeleton. 1 fol-> lowed your advice and now am well and fleshy, and abl6 to do all my own housework. I took medicine from a • physiciatitfor over a year, and it diet not do me a particle of good. I would advise all suffering women to Write '. to Mrs. Plnkham. Sho will answer all letters promptly,' and tell them how to cure those aches and pains so common to women.—Mrs. C. L.WiNN, Marqilezi. Texas. I think it is my duty to write aifid let'yon know What your medicine has done for me. Fortwo years I suffered with female weakness s bearing-down pains, headache, backache, and too frequent occurrence of the menses. I was always complaining. My husband urged me to try your Vegetable Compound, and I finally did. I have taken three bottles and it has made me feel like a dlf^' ferent woman. I advise every woman that suffers to take your medicine and be cured.—Mrs. G.ABEETT LICHTY, 012 S. Prince St., Lancaster, Pa. I had suffered for over two years with backache, headache, dizziness, nervousness, falling and ulceration of tho womb, leucorrhcca, and about every ill a woman could have. I had tried doctors, but with no success, and it Bcemcd as though death was the only relief forme. Af ter using five bottles of LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and four packages of Sanative Wash, I am well. Have had no more pain, womb trouble, backache or headache.—Mrs. CLAUDIA HALWN, Cream Ridge, N. J. Before taking Lyclia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I was afflicted with female complaints so that I could hardly walk. My back ached terribly, in fact, I ached all over. Was not able to raise myself up some of the time. I had no appetite and was so nervous that I. could hardly sleep. I have taken but two bottles of your Compound and feel like another person, can now eat and sleep to perfection, in fact, am perfectly,well.—Mrs. Sun McCCLLOUOH, Adlai, W. Va. i LydiaE. Pinkham's VegetaWeCompoundjAWoman'sRemedyforWoman'sIlH ITo Had Ills KriiHoiis. Wallace—Why don't you go to work? You know that worry kills more people than work. Perry Patettlc—I've heard that. But nothin' on earth worries me so much as work. Mother (Irity'HSwvntl'owclin'R for Children Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse in the Children's Home in New York, Cure Fcvcrishncss, 'Had Stomach, Teething Disorders, move and regulate the Uowcls and Destroy Worms, Over 30,000 testimonials. THKV NKVKK 1'Air.. At all druggists, 2r>c. Sample FHKK Address Allen H. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. Learn to be contented and you will know how to be rich. Colorado Gold Field. Colorado is the banner gold-producing state in the union. Production in 3 897 over $20,000,000. This year promises to exceed $30,000,000. New strikes are being made every day. Nothing like it since the days of '49. Would you know all about these things? Then send twenty-five cents for a six- months' trial subscription to the "MINING WORLD," an eight-page illustrated weekly paper. Regular subscription, ftl.OO a year. The newsiest mining newspaper in tho world. Address "World,"' P. O. Box 1011, Denver, Colorado. Political fences are usually of the old-fashioned stake-and-r.ider pattern. Rev. Mary A. Hiliis tho note:! Evangelist writes: "1 gladly give my toHtimouy to the healing properties of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. My HOU had a terrible cough every winter for live yours and ho took dp/.ous of bottles of tho loading cough medicines but nothing seemed to holp him or rmiet his cough. But two ~i) ceut boxes of Dr. Kay's Lung Bairn has cured him, and it has also been a great relief to other members ot my family when nfm'ctod with colds." We are positive that Dr. Kay's Lung Balm and also Dr. Kay's Renovator have no equals. If you have any disease write us and give your symptoms and our physician will seiid free advice and a valuable OS puge book with 50 recipes and giving symptoms and various methods of treating liearly all diseases. Wo will also send a free sample of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm or Dr. Kay's Renovator. Address Dr. B. ,T. Kuy Medical Co., (Western Oflice) Omaha, Nob. An old toper says the sweets of life are always mixed with bitters. Ton WookH for Ten Cents. That big family paper, the Iij.t:sTitATEi> WEEKLY SENTINEL, of Denver, Colo.,' (founded 38!)0), will bo sent ton weeks on trial for 10 cents; clubs of (i, uOci; 33 for SI.00. Special offer solely to introduce the paper. Latest mining news and illustrations of scenery; also true stories of lovo und adventure. Address as above and mention this paper. Stumps taken. It Cures Colds, Coughs,' Sore >Throat,'- Croup, Influenza. Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure (or Consumption In first stages, and a sure relief In advanced stages. Useatonce. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Largo bottles 25 cents and 50 cents. AM CONSTIPATED, We hear it so often and thei<i ate lots of cathartics of all kinds, liquid and pill form, many of them good as far as they go. But there is only one with every quality of a perfect laxative,— Too much notoriety is like a blanket coat in hot weather. Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consumption cured me of a bud lung trouble. —Mrs. J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., Mar. !iO, 18115. Life is like a pousse cafe. By the time you get to the last layer you wish there had been more of the first. No-To-Hae for Fifty Cunts. (imirmitcuil lolmcco luibit oiiro. niuUus weak mou elioni.', blood IIUI-D. tile, ifl. AH (iriiiiulsls. Nature is hard to deceive, Made in tablet form, so nice to eat, perfume the breath, never gripe, perform their functions so pleasantly—ending in a cure. A booklet and sample free for the asking, ot you can buy a box for loc, 350 soc, at your drug store. Satisfaction guaranteed. 77 The Sterling Remedy Co. Chicago. Montreal. NewYork. Sold and guaranteed to cure To- Imcco Habit by all druggists. HALLET Over a Half Century Favorites. SOLD DIRECT AT FACTORY PRICES, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Write for Catalogue and Prices bo- fore buying. HALLET& DAVIS CO. Wabash Ave., Cor. JacltsonSU Factory Boston Est. 1839. CHIQAQQ/ W. Nc U. Des Molnes. No. n When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Taper. Every living thing has and Aches Every human body can be CURED of them by using ALA1JAST1NK IS \VHAT ? Al^bastine is a, durable and natural coating for walls and ceilings entirely different from all kalsomine preparations, made ready for use IB white or twelve beautiful tints by the simple additiou of water (latest make heiug adapted to mix with oold water), put up i» dry powder form, In Q pound package?, with full 4i- ss p» eyery package, WHAT Kalfiornines are cheap temporary preparations manufactured from chalks, clays, whiting, etc,, are stuck o« the wall with decaying animal glue. Alabastijae is a cement, which goes through a process of setting, hardens with age, can be re- eoatefi and re-decorated from time to tinje without having to wash and scrape off old gots before renewing. PftftJe? have contracted with you to do Alabas- tiiie work are f uruishius? cheap kalsomiues that will spoil your walls, send us a rumple, and we will advise you if it is our goods. If not, do not pay for your work, and we will help you bring the fraudulent parties and infriugers of our trade mark to justice. AUibastine Co., Grand Rapids, Mich, dealers are saying, "Oh, what a nuisance the wall paper business has become j how much time and investment it take and how little the profit I" How many painters and decorators who have lent their influence to push forward the wall paper craze now find their occupation gone. '£o all such we wou!4 says JJge, sell ajud fcdyot wte the durable ' " * where. Ask yovu H dealers for card TO Pou't buy a lawsuit or in; a cheap Ualsomiae. All mines are ohe« No Ae.aJ,ep ' kalso-

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