The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1898
Page 5
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THE DES MOIKEB: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1898. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAtJL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at... 9:05 am No.3 departs at 3:68pm Freights that carry passengers— Ko.83 departsat 10:4Bpm No.71 departsat 3:20pm No. 66 departsat 8:30pm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No.4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers- No, if departs at 10:10 pm No.04 departs at 2:20pm R. F. HEDRIOK, Agent. CHICAGO & NOKTHWESTERN. South- Freight ..:.. 11:30 am Pass 7:05 am Mixed 12:lBpin Mixed 7:54pm North- Mixed , 7:05 a m Freight 12:15 pm Pass 2:40 pm Mixed 10:50p m Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 0:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Spring IB coming early. Miss Lola Randall is with the Algona Abstract company. The electric light question does not seem to be much discussed. Fred. Wehler of Milwaukee is the new jewelry man at Bowser's. Fifty people are with the dramatic company playing " The South Before the War." The State Register republishes John G. Smith's discussion of fish propagation in full. Frank Nicoulin has 20 land seekers this week. He sold eight quarter sections last week. The robins came Sunday. They are early, but they generally know their business. The Kossuth County State bank held its annual meeting Monday and elected the old officers. W. W. Jones came in Sunday from a mail route letting tour in Wisconsin forCowles& Murtagh. J. F. Nicoulin has the lumber ordered for the new armory ho is going to make the old skating rink into. The old settlers' sessional thelyceum comes Saturday evening. A fine program has been prepared. H. J. Wilson is now traveling for the Algona flouring mill in Wisconsin and is selling lots of flour. S. L. Aronberg, a former merchant of this city, has been declared insane and taken to Independence for treatment. Geo. Tiss, brother of Mrs. I. M. Finnell, was granted a permit to sell liquors at LuVerne at this term of court. Frank Irish over at Whittemorestole a keg of butter. He was caught at Emmetsburg and is now in jail here in Algona. Father Nicholls talked to the high school a few minutes Friday morning. He made an interesting and pleasing address. Walter Henderson is packing oranges in California and likes his new work. His family will go to the new home in the spring. Rock is on the ground for the Dr. Tribon house and work has begun. The doctor will have a pleasant and handsome home. John Galbraith is talking of coming home from Denver next month in the hope that the change will benefit him. He is still in poor health. Two loads of stone have been hauled to the Presbyterian church lots east of C. Heise's home. A new church there is docketted for this spring. Dr. Ritonour of Webster City ishome from the Klondike. He says all the gold country is taken, and that a new man stands no show whatever. Ed. Haines, who was put in jail up in Emmet for running a gambling house in Armstrong, is back to Algona. Ed. ought to turn over a new leaf. One New York firm has put 1,000 horseless cubs on the streets. It is to be hoped that they are quicker movers than we had at the county fair. The county agricultural society directors meet at Haggard & Peek's office Saturday. This is the meeting at which the county fair program is arranged. The location of the new Methodist church is not yet decided upon, but will be this week, The one idea seems to be to get a spot adequate to the new building's needs. It is beginning to be doubted if the new 25 per cent, basis of assessment is going to provide revenue enough. It is said that there will be a considerable falling off here in Kossuth. Rev. Hammerson of Whittemore preached an able sermon in Rev. Day's church Sunday evening. Rev. Day was at Whittomore to represent Elder Yetter at quarterly meeting. J. W. Wads worth went to Burt Monday to assist in inaugurating the new bank. C. D. Smith will be the local manager. Algona is sorry to lose him. The bank sets out with bright prospects. C. B. Hutchins will begin work on his new home in the spring. He will build just east of the Durant place on east McGregor street. He has several fine blocks of ground in one piece there. There seems to be a fatality aboul putting the new Methodist church al $1,800. The Capital had an item of that kind Friday. The fact is one member of the church has given more than $1,800. The " South Before the War" company comes with splendid recommendations. It carries a lot of people and the plantation songs, etc., will well repay all who attend. It comes March J4, next Monday. Dr. Sheetz is down town quite regu ly again. His general health is improving and with opening spring he will gain rapidly. His many friends who have missed him are glad to see him about again. Friday Perry Burlingame tipped over on the Tom Stacy hill with a cow in the wagon. No particular damage but Perry wanted his religious liber ties enlarged for awhile in order to ful ly express his feelings. Company F will hold ap election on 14, to fill the vacancy iaused by the expiration of Major Baker's term. Tho election for captain will not be held until after inspection, which is set for March 19. The city and O. W. McMurray had 10 get a surveyor to fix the line between ,he city lot and the hotel property. Surveyor Tellier did the job and Mr. McMurray tore out a shed to make room for the new callaboose. Judge Quarton has been Sitting in :ourt the past week with a sky blue jutton on his black vest. He thought 10 would sew on his own buttons, and t was a little dark when he went at the _ob. The judge says it is a good job of sewing, though. G. F. Peek has received the $200 rom the state for the county fair and t is now credited on the treasurer's }ooks. This gives the association a good working balance for next fall, and the fair will be better than ever. It will be a four days' fair. W. P. Jones has fitted up to do the )lggest machinery business this season n the history of the Wigwam. He ias a stenographer, Mrs. J. J. Cordlng- ey, and will give his whole time to out- Mde business. He says 1898 is going to >e a great year for Iowa. Lieut. Ward of Company F had an application yesterday morning for an enlistment before he got his breakfast. The young mnn said he wanted to be in on the ground floor if there was to be any fighting. He was promptly en- •olled and may get all the fight ho wants. The Cuban relief meeting Sunday >rought $51, which J. A. Brownell will orward to New York. E. B. Butler and Rev. Day made stirring appeals 'or Cuba, while T. J. Julian, Thos. F. Uooke and Harvey Ingham discussed some phases of the Cuban war. Tho music was exceptionally good. The declamatory contest arranged by ho Epworth league will take placo at court house hall the evening of March Eight contestants are enrolled. The medals may be seen at Bowyer's. The judges are from other towns and will be impartial and competent. Musical and other numbers are on the pro- ram, and a good entertainment will je had. Adults, 20 cents; children, 10 cents. The Long company played to good louses last week and gave good satis- "action. Saturday night a bicycle was jiven away, Mrs. R. M. Gardner of Plum Creole being the lucky ticket holder. The Estherville papers claimed that in their town the drawing was a fake. In Algona it was perfectly square, and the managers say it was qually so at Estherville. The Long company is well and honestly managed. E. G. Bowyer's brother in the naval department . WHS on the fated vessel Maine over a year just preceding his transfer to the arsenal at Washington. He had served with all the officers and nearly all the men on the ship when it blew up. He is now superintending making big guns and the force is working night and day. Mr. Bowyer has lately had a letter from his brother, but he expresses no opinion whatever about the Havana explosion. Marriage licenses have been issued recently to Henry Curtis and Jennie Montgomery, Philip Nelson and Katie H. Bolenius, Chas. Hanson and Christina Anderson, Nels Anderson and Olive Crawford, Frances Goodrich and Nellie Mulford, R. E. Richardson and Anna Miller, G. A. Stratton and Ethna Nyhart, Cady Gefford and Kate McKinzie, Alford Hanson and Daisy Collinson, Harry Helgason and Adelaide E. Austin, M. E. Silvins and Nora L. Toothraan, Thos. Storm and Clara Crandall. School election comes Monday and Mr. Gilmore has generously stepped out of the race for re-election. There is only one member to bo chosen and Mr. Butler will be supported by many friends of the schools. As president of the board he has held a position of influence in the school management, and is one of the best citizens Algona has for the position. Our public schools are a great credit to the town and the board ought to be kept in power as long as it continues in well doing. A school treasurer is also to be elected, and it has been suggested that Mr. Gilmore be chosen. It is a good suggestion. _ Kings. Buy your wedding rings of us. We give a clock with each sale. E. G. Bowyer, 'jeweler and optician, first door east of postoffico.-51 THE government officials have just asked Chase & Sanborn how much coffee they could furnish in case it was needed, and this firm replied that they could furnish 50,000 pounds a day foi an indefinite time. This speaks much for the quality of the Chase & Sanborn coffee. Walker Bros, sell it. GO to G. M. Johnson for foul seed separators. IT has been rumored that Hamilton is selling hog fence 30 inches high at 20 cents.per rod. You will find 5 kinds of fencing to select from at Hamilton's. DON'T fail to see our line of dried fruits. M. Z. GROVE & SON. PRAIRIE'S SHOOTING CASE, EAHM AND TWO OTHERS INDICTED. Trial Set for Tomorrow—The Burton Case Settled—Other District Corut Matters. ASK to seeChase& Sanborn's 35-ceni tea, equal to ordinary 50-cent. 46 Wedding Rings. Plump 18-karat plain gold rings a 95 cents a pennyweight. E. G. BOWYER, 47 Jeweler and Optician. IP you have idle money why no have it .where it will earn you some thing. Interest paid on time deposits 45 GEO. C. CALL, One Price to All, Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. E. G. BOWYER. Foum)-rA diamond set lady's pin Call at this office and describe proper MAPLE CITY soap a good thing a Grove & Son's. A FEW, settings of White plynjouth Rook egge fop gale. ti JPHNC. PATTESSON. The Prairie shooting case is set for omorrow. The grand jury has indict- d Albert Rahm, who did the shooting, and Robert Rahm and Frank Roskopf, lis companions. All three are in jail iwaiMiig trial. Attorney Dyer of Nevada is here to assist Attorney Curtiss n the defense. THE BURTON CASE. Court opened with the injunction uit brought by Holston to prevent the ale of stock mortgaged by W. J. Buron to B. W. Haggard. After three days trial a settlement was made by which Holston paid Mr. Haggard part jf the mortgage debt and Burton acknowledged judgment for the remainder. The actual merits of the matter were not passed upon. Clarke & ,'ohenour were Holston's attorneys and Sullivan & McMahon represented the laggard interest. WHALEN DISMISSED. Jas. Whalen, who was convicted of ™ape at the lust term, and then given a new trial by Judge Thomas, was dis- nissed by County Attorney Raymond, ['ho difficulty was to get evidence to orroborate the girl's testimony. Tho ilmmelsburg Democrat says: Attorney Jphoon defended Whalen and managed lissido of the case with unusual ability nd shrewdness. Hereafter when the £ossuth people commit grave offenses, hey should not attempt to fix the ro- iponsibility on parties living in Palo A.HO. FOR SELLING BEER. Deputy McDonald went to Germania Wednesday evening and captured seven iases of beer find Nick Mousel with hem. The grand jury wrestled with tfousel Friday and returned an indictment. Mousel has been an offender be- )ut what they have done and will continue to do. They have built up the reputation for handling irst-class goods. They are trade winners and are sought for everywhere. ore. SLANDER IN POCAHONTAS. T. S. Webb of Pocahontas had J. J. Bruce brought to the Kossuth courts, charging that Bruce had slandered him by accusing him of perjury in some insurance loss settlement. For some eason Webb was not, ready for trial and Bruce was here anxious for the bat- le to begin. Webb then dismissed his use without prejudice and will begin over again. Henley and Sullivan & VIcMahon are Webb's attorneys, Clarke & Cohonour for Bruce. TRIED FOR EMBEZZLEMENT. Monday and part of yesterday were spent on the Ellsworth trial. Ellsworth icted as advance man for the Modern Woodmen at Ledyard and collected ibout $100 that he failed to account for. He has since given a, note and paid up t is claimed what he took. County Attorney Raymond prosecuted and E. V. Swotting defended. A BIG ATTACHMENT. Some time ago John M. Stewart sought an agricultural implement busl- iess at Blue Earth City of Geo. W. Dhute, giving some $3,000 in notes. Stewart afterwards became insolvent and began disposing of his property in [owa. Chute attached and sues for what is due. Stewart alleges wrongful Attachment and a lot of unsettled accounts and lays oluim for big damages. The case wns begun yesterday, Clarke & Cohcnour for Chute. COURT NOTES. Tho old suit of O. W. McMurray against the man who put the heating plant in his hotel and in the court bouse has hung fire until this term. He gets judgment, but the defendant is doubtless worthless. He put the pipes in the hotel, but never put in th heaters. Two attachment suits against Whittemore's former merchant, Knoer, were dismissed. August Dinner's suit against R. N. Bruer for $3,000 damages wns dismissed. Bruer had August arrested over in California and brought home to settle up an old claim, and August said it was an unwarranted arrest. Sarah Pierce said some very uncomplimentary things about P. Beck and he sued for $3,000 damages for slander. He accepted $10 as a settlement in full, and Sarah took back nothing. Tho suit of Chas. Bronson against the Milwaukee railway for having his leg hurt on a stock train is continued. He sues for $10,000. Geo. A. Simpson of Swea City gets s permit to sell liquors. The Herald says: Mr. Simpson came here last summer, has borne a good reputation during his stay, and wo Imvo reason to believe ho will not ruin that reputa 1 u>i by an abuse of the privilege grantee him by law. A dog belonging to Wtn. Schulenburg ran after a pony out in Lotts Creek Mrs. Amanda N. Taylor was riding and she was thrown and seriously injured. Suit was brought for $1,000 damage, but the matter was settled out of court. Mrs. Taylor is daughter-in- law of Nyram Taylor. Frank Kessler, who rubbed off his partner's name from a crate of poultry and put on his own over at Wesley, was not indicted by the grand jury. He is not overly bright and did not intend to steal anything. Nursing. Anyone wishing the services of an ex perienced nurse with good references can obtain one by applying at the house on the southwest corner of biook 55, or at Wm. deary's for MRS. A. E. WILLIAMSON, 50t4 Box 503, Algona, Iowa. WE are still giving all the old bar gains and some new ones. M. Z. GROVE & SON. FOR time loans on real estate appl; at Kossuth County State Bank. GEO. L, GALBRAITH has commencec to receive his new spring stock o worsted dress goods. J. L. OWENS, Minneapolis, fanning mills for sale at G. M. Johnson's. REDUCTION in rates via St. Paul to Pacific coast points—from Algona to Portland, Seattle, and Taooma, fire class limited, $30,06, second class limj| ed, $25,0,6, THE- Good Enough Sulky Plow A plow which has not only created a great sensation among farmers, but also among manufacturers. It is a recognized fact that it is the best plow for the money ever put upon the market. It is an absolute and unqualified success. We have never had one returned and never had one fail to give satisfaction. THE NAME " DEERE " stands for the best. The Deere goods now stand and always have stood at the head of the best of reliable farm machinery. The above cut shows the Deere Model " B " Disc Harrow with pressure lever—the very latest thing out. The Deere Seeders are the neatest, nicest, and Dest-built seeders in the market. REMEMBER, The Wigwam Algona and Burt, are positively making the lowest prices on farm machinery of any firm in :he county. Especially low prices on Seeders and Disc Harrows. ALGONA AND BURT. Wilfrid P. Jones e SPRING. SPRING. New Shoes FOR Spring AT or improperly adjusted glasses, thereby risking total blindness? IS J^J HLj J=J S SI Carry No Stock, Glasses Ground TO ORDER Brownell Allred's EXCLUSIVE SHOE HOUSE, BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA, IOWA. SPRING. SPRING. Yon Just Swallow It. That's all you have to do. It goes immediately to work to find the sore place—the seat of disease—and sets about curing it at once. Orloff's Russian Grip, Cough and Cold Cure works while you sleep and quits only when you are well. If you commence early with a ten-drop dose every ten minutes it don't take long, either. EVEBYBODY PRAISES IT. House ol Representatives, Topeka, Kan., March 1, 1807.— It affords we great pleasure to say a word in favor of the wonderful remedy, Oiiofl's Russian Grip Cure. I have usecU<< exclusively lu my f ainily for three years and pronounce it a never fail ing and quick cure for any lung or throat trouble. ' /. WM. BI-AKS, Clerk of Judiciary Opn). 100 DOSES FQR 60 CENTS. 8V W. J, Heavy railroad and hotel bills must be paid extra in visiting eminent opticians in the larger places. W. F. RIPKE, OPTHALMIC OPTICIAN. Graduate Chicago Opthalmio College. The most difficult cases, and children a specialty. Lenses properly adopted, according to the Dioptric system, to the most difficult cases in the varied forms of Hypermetropia, Myopia, Aplmkia, Astigmatism, Anisometropia, Presbyopia, Spasma of Ciliary Musole, Strabismus, and Asthenopia. Do your eyes tire, ache, smart, or water? Do your eyelids get inllamed;* Do you have pain in the eyeball, orbit, temple, or forehead? Dp you become dizzy or have any nervous derangement that you cannot otherwise account for? If so then you should consult a competent eye specialist with a complete testing equipment, such as I possess, who is qualified to discoyer the exact nature and degree of the trouble and to properly correct it. I do not treat medically in any way. Such cases are referred to 1 respective family physician. The painless and scientific method of examination by Retinosoopy and higher prism work a specialty. Examination and consultation free. Office over E. J. Gilmore's store, ALGONA, IOWA. A "Rochester" Milk Pail Has no equal. Made of extra heavy tin, with extra heavy bail and ear It is made for service. When you need a milk pail the Roth- ester surely

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