The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1898 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1898
Page 10
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ttPEfitt'BE8 MOIKESJ ALGONA, IOWA, WEBK&SDAY, MAKOtt 2, 1808. to Be llfcid on IVifctidfty, Mnrch 14— Statement of the District's Financial Condition. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the qualified electors of the Independent District of Algona will be held at the sheriff's office on Monday, March 14, 1898, for the election of one director and a treasurer, and the transaction of such other business as may legally come before it. Polls will be open from 1 to 6 o'clock p. m. C. M. UOXSEE, Secretary. FINANCIAL STATEMENT. RECEIPTS. Teachers' fund— Cash on hand 8 B37 30 From county treasurer 7,37010 Semi-annual apportionment 05fi 43 Tuition 223 85 $0,005 83 , Contingent fund— Frohi county treasurer 83,030 12 Use of school house 2500 Sale of school house 03 00 Sale of brick 4 69 Overdrawn 4310 Warrants out 1,070 53 85,14244 School house fund- Cash on hand 8 053 50 From county treaHurer 5 73 Overdrawn 15850 FENCE FENCE OSTEEDS IT. 81,11770 DI81IUHSEMENTS. Teachers' fund- Paid teachers 87,078 75 Cash on hand 1,117 08 80,005 83 Contingent fund- Overdrawn last report 8 11050 Paldforcoal 1,27028 Paid janitors. ... 73000 Paid secretaries 50 00 Paid treasurers 5000 Paid water rent 5425 Paid for blackboards 235 25 Paid for books 407 45 Paldfor seats 30803 Paid Insurance 80 00 Sundry expenses 1,74078 85,142 44 School house fund- Paid Interest on bonds 8 350 20 Paid Cowan, Hal. on contract 707 50 81,117 70 The board estimates the amounts necessary to maintain the schools for the ensuing year as follows: Teachers' fund 88,500 School house fund 2,500 Contingent fund 4,000 You likely do not want to undertake dyeing your old garments, because you have made failures, but this WHS with the old-fashioned package dye, that one package colored wool and another cotton. Putnam Fadeless Dyes color all •kinds of fibers at once. You simply boil the goods with the dye and they are made new. You cannot fail in this. Sold by E. & P, drug store. A LOT of fine Rose Comb Brown Leghorn roosters for sale cheap. GUY GROVE. USE Chase & Sanborn's coffee—the cheapest coffee on the market. 46 Bank of Denison, Denison, Iowa. First National Bank, Horton, Kansas. Commercial Bank, Avoca, Iowa. State Savings Bank, Red Oak, Iowa. BEAD MAT LEGAL NOTICES. -''^rf^^ I N^^^^^VX^w'^y% - ^ w rf^u>«^X%.^- ELECTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that at the regular meeting of the city council of Algona, Iowa, held on Fob. 20, 1808, the following resolution was adopted: Be it resolved by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, That the following proposition be submitted to a vote of the qualified electors of said city at the municipal election to be held March 28, 1808, and that the same be hereby ordered published in the Upper Des Molnes, Algona Courier and the Algona Republican for four consecutive weeks: Shall the city grant to any private person, flrrn or corporation the exclusive franchise for the purpose of furnishing the city forty 1,200- candle-power arc lights at a cost not to exceed 84.50 each per month; the city reserving the right to purchase the plant at any time at actual cost? D n For granting an electric light franchise. Against granting an electric light franchise. Attest: 3. T. CHRISCHILLES, Mayor. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. 50t4 ORDINANCE NO. 21. An ordinance vocating that part of Commercial street between Block No, 120 and Block No. 137, Call's addition to Algona, Iowa. Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the city council of the city of Algona, Towa, that that portion of Commercial street between Block No. 120 and Block No. 127, Call's addition to Algona, Iowa, be and the same is hereby vacated and the land declared to inuure to the benefit of Qeo. Slmpkius and M. B. Chapln in the consideration of the sum of 875 paid to the city of Algona by the said Geo. Simpkins and M. B Chapin. See. 2. To more fully carry out the purpose of this ordinance be it further ordained ttiat the mayor and city clerk be empowered to execute a quit claim deed releasing to the said Qeo. Simpkins and M, B. Ohapin any interest which the city of Algona may have in that portion of said street herein vacated. Sec. 3. This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon the publication thereof. J. T. OHRISCHILLES, J, L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. Mayor. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. Sealed bids for the erection of a. church will b . e J^5 elved at tne German-American bank, Whittemore, Iowa. Plans and specifications may be seen at said bank after Friday, March fulg 08 ' all(1 a" bids must be in by March 15, 1808, The building committee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. A bond or certified check for 8300 must accompany each bid as a guaranty that satisfactory'bond will be furnished if contract is let. By order of Board of Trustees Whittemore M, E. church. 5 "t2 JOHN F. SHAIBUS, Secy. STATE OF IOWA, OFFICE OF AUDITOR OP STATE, ANNUAL CERTIFICATE. FOB PUBLICATION. PBS MOINBS, Iowa, Feb. 31, 1898.—Whereas, The American Bonding and Trust Co. of Baltimore City, located at Baltimore in the state of Maryland, has filed in this office a sworn statement of Its condition on the 31st day of December, 1897, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4, Title 9 ot the Code of Iowa, relating to insurance companies; and whereas said statement show s that said insurance company has complied with the laws of tills state relating to insurance,' Therefore, In pursuance of law, I, 0. G. Me- Oartby, auditor of state, do hereby certify that said insurance company is authorized to tracsact the business of fidelity and security Insurance in the state, by agents properly appointed as required by law until the 1st day of March, A. D. 1899. I further certify that the statement shows— J, The actual amount of paW up capital of said company Dec. 31, 18S7, to fee.........*;. ',. .,........8600,00000 a. The Aggregate amount of the assetsoisaflcompany peo. 31, J867, to be..... 805,12000 3. The aggregate amount of liabilities of said company, Including the amount required to safely reinsure all outstanding risks, pec. 31,i807,tObe , ., 689,44630 4. The aggregate income of eaid Company tor the year 1897 to be 181,97817 5. The aggregate expenditures of i 123.75580 «tim«nywfcpwgf I have hereunto »m>- imynameana»£B*e4 tbe seal of my - *— -—j '-a-j.-"!.*--^ written . A RELIABLE CONCERN. The Little Traveler Fence Machine Company Sell 700 Machines in Steele County—Their Honorable Business Methods. [Oioatonna, Minn., Journal, Dec. 10, 1897.] The agents of the Little Traveler Fence Machine company, who have been doing business in this county for the past six weeks, have practically completed their work and have met with a gratifying degree of success. The device which its agents have been introducing is one which commends itself as a practical fence builder, and it will save those using it a great deal of time and considerable expense. The fact that during their short stay in Steele county the agents have sold 700 of their machines, plainly indicates that their advantages are patent to everybody, and that the Little Traveler Fence Machine is particularly well suited to the needs of our farmers. In the adjoining county of Olmstead, 800 were sold in two months, and so far as we have heard the Little Traveler Fence Machine has in every case given entire satisfaction. The company is a reliable one. It was established in 1892 in Kansas, with a capital stock of $25,000, and the manufacture of the Little Traveler Fence Machine has rapidly developed into one of the leading industries of that great state. The men who are connected with the home office are prominent and well known as men of integrity and honor. Its president is Mr. M. Cahill, and its secretary and treasurer Mr. E. F. Madden, president of the First National bank of Hays City, Kas. The factories are turning out 150 machines a day, but so great is the demand for the Little Traveler Fence Machine that it is impossible almost to promptly supply it. Mr. L. D. Fowler has had charge of the work here, and he has proved himself a thorough business man, upright, energetic, reliable, and straightforward in hie methods of conducting the affairs of the company. The gentlemen associated with him in introducing the machine have shown themselves worthy of the public confidence, and the success they have met with shows in how great a degree they enjoy it. Generally it pays a farmer to beware of peddlers and traveling strangers and it is therefore all the more gratifying to know that the rule does not apply in the case of the agents of the Little Traveler Fence Machine company. They can be relied upon to live up to their contracts and those dealing with them need have no fear but that they will conform to any agreement they may make.' Although Mr. Fowler and hie corps of assistants are about to leave the county, the company will continue to do business here, For this purpose they have established a number of agencies in, different parts of this and the adjoining oountiesand. have secured as representatives a number of the most progressive of our farmers. A Jiet of these agents appears in another column of this week's Journal. Per- eon.* wishing to examine into the merits, ol this machine cannot do better thancppauU ' Best Thing I Ever Saw. OWATONNA, Minn., Doc. 4, 1897.—To whom this may concern: I have purchased of your salesman, D. A. Grimes, one of the Little Traveler Fence Machines and have built fire rods of fine galvanized arch top fence, which I built at a cost of 49 cents a rod, 4 feet high, and think it the best fence I ever saw. I have u large amount of old barb wire on ray farm which I intend to weave up into hog- fence. I find it makes the cheapest, best and most durable fence for stock I have ever seen. The machine is easy to work and is something that I can recommend to everybody. Have found the company good, honorable men and square in all their dealings. WM. GAMBLE, County Commissioner. TAKE NOTICE. Among the Following is a List of 50 Purchasers in Fayette County, Iowa, From Feb. 2 to Feb. 13, 1897. All Farmers Want It. OWATOXNA, Minn., Dec. 4, 1897.—L. D. Fowler, Superintendent The Little Traveler Fence Machine Co.: I hav bought one of your fence machines o your salesman, D. A. Grimes, and fini this machine is what every farme wants. It is easy to work and you can use up all old material on the farm such as barb wire, barrel staves, stick or any material going to waste, and with five cents worth of wire per roc can make a first-class hog fence. Thi fence can be made on uneven ground and the fence will be perfectly tigh where manufactured fence cannot bi stretched; and I highly recommend thi company and their salesmen as being good, honorable men and upright in their dealings, aad will say to all m farmer friends, this is the machine we all need, as the price is within reach o all. Yours respectfully, E. C. BURK. The following cuts show the Little Wonder Combination Tool. Seven tools in one. Just tho handiest thing the farmer can have on the furm. It comprises a bolt holder, wire plyers, screw Just What They Say It Is. ELGIN, Minn., Sept. 17,1897. Mr. L. D. Fowler—Dear Sir; The fence machine I purchased of your salesman, C. W. Fifield, is all that it was represented to be, and is what every farmer needs. Your son Robert built me 1<% rods of 4-foot fence and was just one hour and 50 minutes building it. It is the cheapest and best fence I have on my farm. I have taken pains to see quite a number of my neighbors who have purchased your machine, and I find every man well satisfied. I cannot say too much for The Little Traveler Fence machine and the company. M. A. COON. MORRIS, 111., July 17. 1897.—For the information of those interested in fencing I desire to state that I have purchased and put in a lot of diamond meah fence at a cost of 40 cents per rod. My attention was afterwards called to the Little Traveler Fence machine and the various kinds of fence constructed with the Little Traveler, by far the cheapest and best fence, quality considered, that I ever saw. Fifty-two rods, arch top, strong, handsome and durable, cost $26.20, Too much cannot be said in its favor. STORY MATTESON, JR. MOBKIS, 111., July 17, 1897.-To whom this may concern: I have known Story Matte- eon, Jr., for the past 20 years ana have known him well and he is one of our prominent farmers and what he says can be re- a. A. CVNNSA, First National Bank. From Arkansas. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Jan. 29, 1897.— To whom it may concern : W. C. Kincaid and Orville Williams built for me a circular wire fence with iron rails and posts around the yard of my dwelling in September, 1895. The job is entirely satisfactory. The fence stands today in as good condition as it was when it was when it was built. It has not been necessary to repair it and it has been of no expense to me whatever since it was built. Respectfully, R. B. DAVIDSON, Attorney for St. L. & S. F. Ry. Co. driver, wire splicer, hammer, wire cutter, nail puller. A novice can make as flue a splice as an Id line man, which is alone worth the cost f the articl'e. It is manufactured and sold nly by th& Little Traveler Fence Machine ~ ik^F^'wr 1 John Boale, J. G. Rembold, T. W. Swale, G. L. Doty, V. E. Dye, Wm. M. Doud, J. B. Lindsay, Geo. Lusson, Fred Vallmeck, Jos. Bodensteiner, A. W. Kimball, J. H. Overbeck, M. A. Richie, F. M. Whitely, T. R. Parker, S. C. Helms, M. H. Fussell, Jessie Holtzman, G. D. Torrev, James Nicholas, J. Stepp, F. V. Bogart, Albert Krueger, Robert Byrne, E. B. Earle, Wm. Cross, C. J. Yates, C. L. Curtis, H. M. Carmichael R. F. Thompson, P. R. Ketchum, Rickart, David Turner, E. H. Lootnis, G. H. Hackman, Frank Tatro, J. Wickam, E. H. Miller, Clms. Monnahan, A. M. Albright, T. W. Potter, Fred Langerman, G. R. Gage, Mrs. P, Stearns, A. M. Fauss, Tom Jones, • R. Sherman, G. Leyh, H. J. Loomis, John Wier, Wm. Pleggenkuhle, John Minger, F. S. Durfey, Bert Spatcher, Tim Killerlain, Phillip Bartholm. A partial list of machines sold in Kossuth county, Iowa: Mr. Osterhaut Sold Eight in Two Days APPLETOX CITY, Mo., Jan. 12.—Little Traveler Fence Machine Company. Gentlemen : I have been out about two days trying my luck. Sold eight and feel pretty well over the prospects. If it goes as well in the future I will devote my entire time to the business. I have built the best hog fence I ever saw at a cost of eight cents pei rod and I purchased all the material. My pickets cost me $1.25 per thousand. The machine works like a charm. D. B. OSTEimOUT. ELLIOT, Iowa, Aug. 16, 1896.—Mr. E. F. Madden, Secretaiy, Hayes City, Kansas. Dear Sir: Is the Little Traveler Fence machine introduced in Nebraska? If not please send terms as I would like to do some business for you in that state. My Brother, Ed Dahlstead, has taken an agency 'or you and he seems to be well pleased. I enow you are a reliable company. Yours ;rulv i OSCAR DAHLSTED. DOVER, Minn., Jan. 20,1898,—L. A. Bick- tord, Esq., Metz, Minn. Dear Sir: I vrote you some time ago but as I have received no answer I concluded that the let- er did not reach you. I have been selling ence machines in the territory I got of you astfall. Have had splendid success. Sold as high as five in one day. It is a thing hat every person needs and being so sim- 3le it is easily understood and appreciated. Now if the company concludes to put on any more men in the spring I would be very glad if you would apeak for a place for me as I am certain I can sell machines. Hop- ng you will do as I suggest, I remain Yours truly, M . A. KEPNEM, Dover, Minn. Wm. Frink, Will Stark, James Johnson, M. E. Southard, Chas. Bell, H. F. Dyer, Peter Thompson, C. M. Peterson, David Cady, A. W. Smith, Wm. Andreg, Henry Bell, Rudolph Buminghas, F. G. Strandberg, Henry Lammer, Mike Denhert, Robt. Kain, Daniel Farnst, Grant Benschoter, W. H. Kuhn, Wesley Dodd, A. J. Lehman, S. E. Stevens, C. P. Anderson, H. Ward, W. J. Patton, James Patterson, Mike Armetor, J. Culver. Wm. Dehnert. J. H. Thompson, P. L. Bamvost, J. H. Safford, Fred Kluss, Chas. Hager, C. W. Blake. Frank Shultz, Domenick Court, H. F. Bailey, E. A. E. Laage, J. Stewart, F. Z. Weifel, Ole Peterson, E. Brushoff, L. E. Krantz, List of our agents and townships controlled by them in Kossuth county, Iowa: Wm. Andreg, Garfleld township in Kossuth county. C. W. Blake, Wesley and Buffalo in' Kossuth county, Bingham and Orthel in Hancock county, Iowa. Fred Kluss, west half of Fenton and Lotts Creek in Kossuth county and Independence in Palo Alto county, Iowa. Wm, Denhert, east half of Fenton and Seneca in Kossuth county and Denmark in Emmet county, Iowa. Bert and Wm. Frink, Riverdale, Sherman, and LuVerne in Kossuth county and Maeor in Hancock county, Iowa. E M. and James Johnson, Humboldt, Vernon Grove and Lake in Humboldt county, Iowa. L. E. Krantz, Irvington and Prairie in Kossuth county and Boone and Esstn in Hancock county, Iowa. C. G. and F. G. Strandberg, Union, Plum Ireek and Portland in Kossuth county, Iowa. Ole Peterson, Swea, Harrison, Ledyard and Lincoln in Kossuth county, Iowa. THE LITTLE TRAVELER NGE MACHINE GO

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